At Heritage, we fight to protect you from government overreach and regulation–something that has gotten way out of hand.

Our founders would not recognize our government today; it far exceeds the size and scope they envisioned.

Too many departments and agencies have expanded and taken on functions that could be better performed by the private sector, state government, and local government.

Heritage is committed to bringing America’s federal government back within the boundaries drawn in the Constitution.

Recently, a joint effort between Heritage, the Trump administration, and our conservative allies in Congress and throughout the country will bring our federal government more closely aligned with the vision of our founding fathers.

Experts here at Heritage created a Blueprint for Reorganization, a special report that was submitted to the Office of Management and Budget, to make this vision a reality.

The Federal Reorganization Project’s description highlights Heritage’s Blueprint for Reorganization. Your support directly fueled this effort to reorganize and minimize the sprawling state of federal government.

OMB Director Mulvaney has stated that the administration’s plan for federal reorganization will be hardwired into the 2019 budget, which will be finalized in 2018.

Heritage has both the plan and the people – both currently on staff and alumni in the Administration – to make real changes in the federal government, create economic growth for citizens, and make our founding fathers proud.

Supporting Heritage creates more opportunity not only for ourselves, but also for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you for all you do.

What federal agencies would you like to see shrink or be eliminated?

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Jim McCoy - November 17, 2017

The Depts of Education and Energy should be completely eliminated!

Andrew J. Copassaki - November 17, 2017

Go back to Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare. Eliminate EPA and Energy

Dan Baerthel - November 17, 2017

Zero-base all federal agencies and require each to defend their programs based on constitutionality, whether they provide a competitive and efficiency advantage of state or local control and operation, and conduct a cost/benefits analysis to determine keeping the department, and each specific program and necessary employees.

Robert Wayne Brady - November 17, 2017

Cut I.T. funding for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration Directorate of Information Technology by at least 65%.

Ed Hall - November 17, 2017

Office of education: Reduce functions to publication of best practices. Return all other functions to the states where they belong. EPA and BLM: Return functions AND land to the states where they belong, keeping our national forests and parks under federal management. Reduce personnel costs with hiring freezes that appropriately match the regulations that have already been tossed and/or are expected to be tossed.

David LaVergne - November 17, 2017

Environmental Protection Agency and the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Defense, and the IRS should be done away with along with FED..

Randy Hammett - November 17, 2017

EPA should greatly downsized. It’s has already damaged the auto industry and our energy alternatives. Money can be better spent on the aging electrical grids.

Tony Justus - November 17, 2017

My, off the top of my head response is: National Defense, including border security are issues for the National Government. There is likely some value to issues between the states, such as interstate commerce issues as originally established by founding fathers. Most everything else should be returned to the States to manage. Certainly, Education, EPA, Agriculture, HHS, Interior and HUD to name a few. they all should have to justify their existence and show they are efficient.

Jim Hoyng - November 17, 2017

The function of Education is reserved to the States. Eliminate it entirely from the Federal Government. Dept. of Energy and the EPA can also be eliminated. Since most of us don’t trust the Federal Reserve or the IRS, consider eliminating or drastically reducing them as well.

Kevin Jones - November 17, 2017

Eliminate Education and Energy Departments. Substantially reduce EPA and FERC. Tax reform is key to reducing IRS.

Donald Bowers - November 17, 2017

Eliminate Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, EPA, HUD, FEMA and Federal Reserve. Replace the IRS with the FairTax. Consolidate INS, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA – all Federal Police Activities into one organization.

V. Maguire - November 17, 2017


And reduce 3/4 IRS

Consolidate FBI and CIA

Dan - November 17, 2017

1 – Education Dept.
2 – IRS
3 – EPA
4 – Federal Reserve
5 – HUD
6 – Labor Dept.
7 – Energy Dept.
—-Among others

Alan Scott - November 17, 2017

What did our Founding Fathers tell us? Never ever let a government get into your lives again and grow by taking fromour workers because governments have no brain,no way to make a living, so must take it from the workers (or not be able to grow). What is the difference between a BOEING worker and a Federal “worker”? The Boeing workers creates and sells REAL WEALTh AND NOT ONLY INSIDE OUR COUNNTRY but they sell all over the world and thereby bring new Capital INTO our Counmtry. People in government broduce no real welth at all, insteadthey have to get what theyu need from the workers in our Country. Further, previkous generatons of adults tried to run this Country such that when the kids turns come, they inherited a sound, debt free economy with the least possible government to hold them back and borrow from! WE have forgottten where reality lies. It lies in having a competitive, lower Prices to get more sales in competition so we can raise our standard of living in spite of GOVERNMENTS and for our KIDS to inherit a sound Economy with minimum governmentn (It was given only two things to do: (1) Keep a militia, (2) Represent us in Foreign Courts. PERIOD! Further, in just 91 years (my age is 91), we have quadrupled our numbers of humans here when we only had 2 Billion when I arrived here in 1926 and it had taken thousands of years to get that 2 Billion here; Noone seems to see or understand what is happening here now relative to 1926! And it is our kids who are going to take the mess ahead because so few understand that we are the only species given an INTELLECT, not just a basic mind thaht only knows to grow and keep alive, yet few out here use INTELLECT (and thoughtfulness vs selfishness).

Jack R Duke - November 17, 2017

Eliminate Education, Energy , and EPA depts. also, reform IRS.

Paul - November 17, 2017


John Wier - November 18, 2017

Dept of Education
Dept if interior (let states manage the parks and forest)
IRS (7% on all gross profit above 30,000)tax
No mater where the income is earned
Reduce or eliminate EPA

Sarah Bell - November 18, 2017

Get rid of ALL duplicate programs wherever they occur. Eliminate Education and EPA outright.

Ragnar Liljequist - November 18, 2017

The IRS and State Dept/

Gregory Homyer - November 18, 2017

1 – Education Dept.
2 – IRS
3 – EPA
4 – Federal Reserve
5 – HUD
6 – Labor Dept.
7 – Energy Dept.
8 – Dept of interior

Let the States manage the issues whenever possible.

Kevin W Ezell - November 18, 2017

Dept of Education is one that should be eliminated. Energy should be cut back and it scope be limited to production and not pushing Energy Codes. Congress should not be full time and they should not get Health Care other than what the Veterans get. We have allow Congress to become the new “Monarchs” of our natiion.

WILLIAM DUNBAR - November 18, 2017

education and HUD

Eric Cole 32 - November 18, 2017

Having worked as a senior federal manager at the US Dept. Of Health and Human services, I was appalled to learn of all of the wasteful programs that go on!! Many of which are implemented by our own Congress! The point being that in addition to completely elimating the Dept. Of Education and drastically reducing the size of the IRS and EPA, a review of policy regarding purchasing programs implemented by Congress must come center stage! How we will ever tame This giant beast of a government remains to be seen! Thank God for the fine work being performed by the Heritage Foundation!

Eric Cole 32° KT - November 18, 2017

Having worked as a senior federal manager at the US Dept. Of Health and Human services, I was appalled to learn of all of the wasteful programs that go on!! Many of which are implemented by our own Congress! The point being that in addition to completely elimating the Dept. Of Education and drastically reducing the size of the IRS and EPA, a review of policy regarding purchasing programs implemented by Congress must come center stage! How we will ever tame This giant beast of a government remains to be seen! Thank God for the fine work being performed by the Heritage Foundation!

Ty Davis - November 18, 2017

Department of Education
Department of Energy
Internal Revenue Service
Department of Labor
Environmental Protection Agency

Marcella Dellaposta - November 18, 2017

Dept of Education because they have ruined public education. I think education should be private and we should have a voucher system.

Bill Franklin - November 18, 2017

Department Of Education!! Ed. is a state isswue!

Valerie Blakeslee - November 18, 2017

Oh, boy, the founders are turning over in their graves on this one!!! Let’s just go back and stand by our Constitution and wipe everything else right off the chart for starters. We should have all our elected officials serve term limits, go through each agency and eliminate most of them and eliminate throwing money at problems that have resulted in no solution. If businesses, large and small, operated the way our government is run, they’d all be bankrupt. It’s a great thing when the feds use other people’s money (i.e. the taxpayer’s) until you run out of it—then they just regulate us more and/or just print it. We all operate with a budget in our private lives—and when circumstances change we have to eliminate what we can’t afford and stick to the basics—and help ourselves first, before we can subsidize our neighbors. I’ve had to get loans and pay them back. If any government agency can’t be solvent—cut it back or eliminate it.

Alberta Wamslwy - November 18, 2017

I agree with Dan Baerthel, Jim LaVergne & else image the Department of Education

Timothy R. Buttner - November 18, 2017

Recent elections in Virginia show where this constant bureaucratic build-up is gong: cut every one of those cabinet offices ten percent per year (except Defense) for at least five years. If all those geniuses have to go back into the private economy, think of the benefit to the nation…

Franklin - November 18, 2017

The department of education should be abolished. Let the individual States handle education.

erb Hoppe - November 18, 2017

Eliminate Education, HUD, Have deep cuts in DOE, EPA,IRS,Labor, FED and Interior.

Jerry Metcalf - November 18, 2017

Review all federal departments and is it required by the constitution if not be gone with it.

Jeffry Porter - November 18, 2017

The Federal Department of Education should be eliminated. Education standards and content are better handled by States and local municipalities. Ever since this departments creation in the Carter administration education standards have gone down forcing those who have the means to pay for private or parochial education or home school.

Laura Evenson - November 18, 2017

Eliminate all depts not constitutionally required (not many are) and replace the IRS with the FairTax.

Nancy Shaffer - November 18, 2017

All agree: the Dept. of Education is unconstitutional at the Federal level. Work should be done at State level. Eliminate EPA and Dept. of Energy, HUD, FEMA, Replace IRS.
Every department must present constitutionality of any new item and review all existing activities by the Constitution.

William Coates - November 18, 2017

I have downloaded your 239-page Blueprint For Reorganization, and will read much of it. The Table of Contents is a really good target list, which would greatly reduce the annual deficit. It will require a Senate and House majority without RINOs, so I won’t hold my breath. The items you would eliminate are all unconstitutional to start with. My pet hates are PBS, NPR, the National Endowments for whatever, FERC, FEC, Legal Services Corporation, CFPB, and all climate research grants. All federal regulatory agencies should be advisory-only, making suggestions to Congress for laws which could then be constitutionally debated before passage.

William Coates - November 18, 2017

P. S. The Constitution does not empower the federal government to own vacant land. The Dept. of Interior should be parceled out among the states, which would be responsible for managing those resources. They would do a much better job of resource management, and create some meaningful jobs and useful resources.

Alan Butts - November 18, 2017

The federal agencies I like to see dismantled are the ones the Constitution does not mandate i.e.Education,Environmental Protection Agency and the rest of the Alphabet agencies born out the Nixon Administration.

Judy Cunningham - November 18, 2017

Because of my teaching background, I can only speak thoughtfully to drastically cutting and eventually eliminating the federal Educ Dept. I would like to see responsibility for education returned to the states. My personal experiences (I am 73 years old) with local, state a federal ed depts, left me with very little respect for the federal government’s activity . If they were doing the job needed, we would NOT rank so low when compared to other countries.

Dona Troyer - November 18, 2017

Dept of Education

Charfles Dinkel - November 18, 2017

Eliminate: Energy, Education, EPA, HUD, FEMA. All others should be scaled back at least 10% for each of the next 5 years and made to justify their existence. Replace the IRS. While we’re at it quit funding the UN

Timothy Parkinson - November 18, 2017

My pet peace has always been the dept of other agency has done more harm to our country than these folks.economically the fed reserve is in first place. Bottom line the Constitution authorizes 4 cabinets ie State, treasury, defense and justice every thing is null and void.Afterwhich the states take over. Ironically we’ve been bought out with our own money,subsidies, grant and overreach.Also the graduated income tax system is totally illegal,the word “uniform” was used in the Constitution for a reason plus the 16 amendment was never properly ratified by the states , what a sham ! Thanks for listening

Tom Maijala - November 19, 2017

Dept of Homeland Security – return to the way it was before creation; immigration back to State Dept. Dept of Education – a function of state/local government. Dept of Transportation – merge highways & air traffic into Commerce Dept, eliminate the rest. No Dept of Agriculture – transfer food stamps to states if they want it, food inspections to Health Dept. Remove Human Services from Dept of Health; phase out social security & medicare by attrition leaving the legacy to Dept of Treasury. Dept of Energy – what do we need it for. Dept of “Urban Renewal” – this is a function of state/local government. Dept of Labor – let states handle it if they want. Collect taxes from the 50 states for general revenue instead of 150 million individuals. Also use excise taxes & duties for targeted revenue. Total revenue would decrease to less than half. Would rather pay more taxes to state/local governments than to the feds.

chris reo - November 19, 2017

Eliminate the EPA and Dept. of Energy. Replace IRS through tax reform, FairTax.

Monte Alkire - November 19, 2017

The departments of Energy and Education should be eliminated. The IRA and the EPA should be drastically reduced. Federal crop insurance should be eliminated and turned over to the private sector. We must stop subsiding Ethanol, currently subsidized in the field, building the plants and at the pump. Thank you.

Bill Weldon - November 19, 2017

Eliminate the Dept of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. Reduce and overhaul the Internal Revenue Service. Continue to clean house in the Veterans Administration. Cap all Federal Departments and Agencies spending not to exceed 20% of America’s GDP.

Bill Weldon - November 19, 2017

Eliminate Dept. Of Education and Environmental Protection(?) Agency, reduce all Federal Depts. and Agencies annual budgets not to exceed 20% of the United States gross domestic product.

Linda Perruso - November 19, 2017

Education is funded by both federal and state taxes. Determine a reasonable (??) per student cost and allow parents to spend their allocations for K-12 education. Max 12 years per person. Residual can be spent on higher education or vocational. This has all been discussed many times but my new twist would be to eliminate the earned income tax credit for participating families.

Mary Cutler - November 19, 2017

I think we should shrink the EPA and IRS. Eliminate the Dept. of Education and Welfare and Energy Dept.

Stanley Clare - November 20, 2017

I think anyone can come up with at least 3 agencies that need to be eliminated. I would say: Energy Dept.
Education Dept.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - November 20, 2017


Ken Blackburn - November 20, 2017

Reduce the size of the Vice President’s plane from a 747 to a 787.
Eliminate the Education Dept. All education should be controlled by the states. Eliminate all social security payments paid 59 people who have not worked. Create other welfare agencies to help the non-workers such as Indians, disabled, SSI, relatives of workers. This will highlight and reduce these kind of payments.

Bob Forney - November 20, 2017

Eliminate the EPA and Department of Education. The individual states can handle education. The track record of the EPA speaks for itself. Once tax reform passes, greatly reduce the IRS and replace the Commissioner. Eliminate the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Tim Beck - November 22, 2017

The Depts of Health & Human Services, Education, Transportation, Agriculture, Energy, Natural Resources & Environment, Community & Regional Development; Science, Space & Technology – these are all for the States and We-The-People, not the federal government. Eventually, once this program is transformed into a means-tested welfare benefit, we should also transform the Social Security Administration.

J Nat Prince - November 26, 2017

Look at org outputs, if not useful to receiving org, eliminate positions associated by outputs. Screen for duplication across organization lines and downsize accordingly. Also, look for these same duplications / unnecessary outputs in and between civilian and contract organizations. This will drain a lot of the swamp.

Nick - November 27, 2017

Eliminate Bureau of Land Management ! Use of “wild lands” should be utilized and protected by those who live and utilize the lands owned by the “People’ not the Fed. States should manage the lands within their boundaries, not a Washington Federal employee working in a DC “Swamp” thousands of miles from the resources that is not accountable to those who love and utilize the lands.

Jim Jess - November 29, 2017

Eliminate Education, Energy, Commerce and the new Consumer Protection Bureau. Mick Mulvaney should shut it down. EPA should be deprived of its rulemaking authority and those powers should be reserved to the states per the 10th Amendment. Redundant agencies should be eliminated. Tom Coburn had developed a list, I believe. And the Army Corps of Engineers should lose much of its power. Its power over water resources should revert back to state governments. Statistical functions deemed needful should be combined into a Bureau of Statistics, so Labor and Commerce departments can be eliminated. The Dept. of Transporation’s functions dealing with roads should devolve back to the states, with the exception of any national defense mobility needs, which should be handled by DOD. Gas taxes should be returned to the states where they are collected, as this is not a federal responsibility. All health care agencies should be phased out at the federal level and these powers should be administered by the states. These are just a few ideas.

Carl P - December 9, 2017

Eliminate Education, EPA, Energy, Labor, Agriculture, CFPB Interior, DOT, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, OSHA, HHS and at least 50% of IRS and DOJ
Privatize as many services and programs as possible (example ATC)
Consolidate all intelligence agencies
SS funds should be in a trust fund used for SS payments and not for any other entitlement programs
Eliminate welfare programs
Block grant Medicaid funding to states with reductions over 5 years to zero
Eliminate unemployment funding to states and make states responsible for their own unemployment such
that states that are financially managed responsibly do not subsidize those states that are not and are going bankrupt
Eliminate funding totally for sanctuary cities
Eliminate funding for nonessential services, programs and organizations

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