Last week, President Trump named Heritage’s own election integrity expert, Hans von Spakovsky, to his newly formed voter fraud probe.

Initiated by an executive order earlier this summer, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was created to investigate instances of voter fraud in the 2016 general election. According to President Trump, the investigation will look into fraud amongst those who are illegal, those who are dead but still registered, and those who are registered in multiple states.

After eight years of the Obama administration’s blatant refusal to enforce federal election integrity laws, it is time not only to enforce but to gain a deeper understanding of just how widespread this fraud is.

According to a Heritage report written by von Spakovsky and John Fund:

This refusal to enforce the law came despite a 2012 study from the Pew Center on the States estimating that one out of every eight voter registrations is inaccurate, out-of-date or a duplicate. About 2.8 million people are registered in more than one state, according to the study, and 1.8 million registered voters are dead. In most places it’s easy to vote under the names of such people with little risk of detection…

Our honor system for voting doesn’t work. We don’t know how big of a problem voter fraud really is because no systematic effort has ever been made to investigate it.  But the public doesn’t think it’s as insignificant as the media insists.

Read von Spakovsky and Fund’s full analysis of the significance of the voter fraud probe>>

And as this article from The Hill notes:

When The Hill reached out to the Trump transition team in November to ask for information backing up Trump’s claim that he would have “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” a transition official sent The Hill a document that cited von Spakovsky’s research among others.

Read the full article>>

The appointment of von Spakovsky is a testament to the extensive work he has done throughout his career, specializing in voting and election issues including campaign finance reform, voter fraud, and election administration. A former Commissioner at the Federal Election Commission and Department of Justice official, von Spakovsky currently runs the Election Law Reform Initiative at Heritage.

Thanks to your support, our experts like von Spakovsky continue to research and promote conservative principles while achieving positions of high visibility.

Read more of von Spakovsky’s work on The Heritage Foundation website.

How would you crack down on voter fraud in the United States?

Comments (154)

Tom Coopat - July 7, 2017

Voter ID for EVERYONE, EVERY election!!!!!!!!!!
No exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!
Come on America, Wake Up!!!!
Except dems and RINO GOPers love the current fraudulent system.

Mary Spicer - July 7, 2017

Send evaluators to each state!

Bill Butterworth - July 7, 2017

Require the states to upgrade the technology used in the election process. Federal grants might be required for this. I’m sure the NSA could help with this problem if needed.

Require photo IDs at the poll – almost all the states have a tamper-proof driver’s license already. For those who don’t drive, provide them with a tamper-proof photo ID when they register to vote.

Jerry Metcalf - July 7, 2017

With a iron fist and withhold fed funds.

Ananta Gopalan - July 7, 2017

Heritage Foundation should offer to buy voter rolls data at the States’ refusing to hand over their rolls. Then, hand them over to the Federal commission.

Trudy Slater - July 7, 2017

Voter ID for citizens. Prevent CA from giving illegals drivers licences that are misused. Support investigations of voter fraud.

Bob Green - July 7, 2017

Start by requiring each state to clean up their voter rolls – removing the deceased and those who have moved out of the jurisdiction. Send in federal teams if the state refuses to cooperate. A photo ID should be required, and it should include biometrics too…like India and Mexico use to preclude voter fraud. “ONE identifiable and identified individual who is also eligible to cast a ballot in the election being conducted equals ONE legitimate voter.” — Me

Harley Hunter - July 7, 2017

It is an absolute must that tamper proof photo IDs be required. You certainly need it when you fly, drive a car, legally buy booze, etc,etc.
The lunacy of the left on this issue is only cuz they want to rig the vote for the democrats, something they have repeatedly done for years & we all know it!

Larry Dunham - July 7, 2017

Require voter registration to end 7 days prior to the elections. Photo ID ie pass port, state ID, etc and item showing current address. It is easier to prevent voter fraud than it is to find it.

Jeff Howard - July 7, 2017

Valid ID, address verification, and sworn statement regarding eligibility to vote; finally prosecution of those inelegible to vote, with hefty fines..

Bob Green - July 7, 2017

Recently, Judicial Watch sent out a Special Report on the voter fraud crisis in the U. S. It included a 20-page transcript of a panel discussion that included Mr. Spakovski as one of the panelists. It is a very interesting read, but I don’t know if it’s available on the web.

Curtis Jones Jr. - July 7, 2017

Arrest the Attorney Generals in the States that do not comply with the requested information. Start arresting the blockers.

Jeanie Artis Adams - July 7, 2017

Send auditors to every state. Get ALL the dead, illegal immigrants and impostors off the rolls.

Bill Butterworth said it much better than I could. Thanks Bill!

Jane Cox - July 7, 2017

Voters show picture ID.
Review past voting lists to mark off all dead people and illegal voters.

Chris White - July 7, 2017

Investigate and prosecute anyone and everyone caught violating voting laws!
The more votes involved, the more time in jail for the perps!

Bill Gaumer - July 7, 2017

Photo ID containing citizenship status and current address. Not much different than the State ID or Drivers License voteres already have.

James Green - July 7, 2017

Where we vote in Redondo Beach you have to be a registered voter and your name ect is in a printed book where you have to sign in to vote. It should be that way everywhere.You also have to show evidence of who you are.

Ronald Stokes - July 7, 2017

a picture ID with valid proof of citizenship

leonard g lyons - July 7, 2017

Voter fraud prevention is a must.A fraud vote would negate a legal vote, and we are a country of laws, so WE THE PEOPLE make all VOTERS legal. Secretary of States, clean up your voter poll records or get out of town, or go to JAIL. Thats how I feel about this VOTER FRAUD, AND FAKE NEWS. Come on President Trump, lets clean the SWAMP, leave no logs un-turned…LGL

Thomas Zampano - July 7, 2017

I suggest rewards for information leading to conviction. Any illegal immigrant found guilty be deported immediately. Any activist found guilty be prohibited from future work in this type activity.

David A. Fogal - July 7, 2017

If anyone is caught voting illegally or is assisting anyone to do so, he should pay a substancial fine and/or receive a mandatory jail sentence. [first time offenders are not exempt]

Barbara Frederic - July 7, 2017

Have everyone who votes be required to show that they have the Real ID on their drivers license. We have to go through presenting our documentation including birth information, physical address verification and social security card in order to obtain the Real ID so we can go through security at an airport in 3 years. So it would be a simple way to document who is a a citizen with voting rights and privileges.

Edward J McCarthy - July 7, 2017

I am in favor of a picture I.D. renewed every 5 years. This bull that minorities don’t have a way of getting their card is bull. I’ll bet you they didn’t have a problem getting a card for welfare, food stamp, cell phones and Obamacare. If a person needs a card for them things, they could get a card for voting. Unless the bad people like cheating to win an election. Not like President Trump did HONESTLY.!

Bill Coates - July 7, 2017

Post office address changes should be sent to county clerks monthly, for use in updating voter rolls. Obituaries are less useful, no addresses, similar names can cause confusion and need research.
If the voter rolls are clean, fake ID’s are less of a problem.

Gary Timco - July 7, 2017

First, I would require that a Photo ID and one other ID be present, such as Either a Drivers Liscense that also has a photo.

Sam - July 7, 2017

Congress must enact a law which makes voter ID mandatory. Furthermore, no automatic registrations. Additionally, severe punishment for voter fraud.

Larry Becker - July 7, 2017

Require states to issue tamper proof photo voter ID’s when legal residents register to vote and require those ID’s to be shown before voting. At the same time, implement programs that will ensure that all legal residents have convenient opportunities to register to vote and subsidize the cost as necessary.

Ken Wicker - July 7, 2017

All states should copy word for word Indiana voter ID law already determined to by valid by the Supreme Court. Next, all drivers licenses for felons and non-citizens are required to have a bright orange background. Finally, all persons involved of voter fraud, or tampering of any kind such as invalid registrations etc, will lose their voting rights forever and they can never be reinstated by any court. Also, they can never receive any government benefits of any kind forever regardless of their need.

Michael Smurthwaite - July 7, 2017

To eliminate voter fraud, require all people to have a state-issued picture ID when they vote. Many states already offer picture IDs other than driver’s licences. Why not make it nation-wide? MBS

James T Bryson - July 7, 2017

Please be a bulldog for the American people.

When the POTUS encourages illegal aliens and voter fraud, both areas feel protected and entitled. 2009-2016 was a period of fraud and lawlessness. Stand up for an honest disclosure by the states.

Jean Schweitzer - July 7, 2017

Require a photo ID. Don’t give licenses to illegal aliens—or at least make them different from legal residents’ licenses so they cannot vote.

Mark Anglin - July 7, 2017

If President Trump accomplishes nothing else, I think this is the most important. The power in America’s government is supposed to belong to the people, and the people’s only access to this power is through the vote. It simply must represent the actual will of the people. Early voting and absentee voting are especially suspect to me. Perhaps registered voters should be sent a voting form, without which the burden of proof of eligibility rests with them. Positive identification is not too much to ask of a citizen, either.

Chris - July 7, 2017

Voter ID should be implemented. There is no discrimination. If voter ID is discrimination then so is the Driver’s License! I have a voter ID from Illinois. I use it every election and told that it is not needed. I ask them every time. ” Are you sure I am who I claim to be?”

Richard Singletary - July 7, 2017


Howard Fechtner - July 7, 2017

On conviction of voter fraud, one year in federal prison and $5000.00 fine. Second offence, five years in federal prison, $20,000.00 fine.

Isaac Ocansey - July 7, 2017

We need to crack down on voter fraud because our elections needs to be fair and just. By justifying elections we lower taxes, gain access to better healthcare with reduce premium and create an energized environment void of an unwanted health disparity and a secure social security. President Trump stands for these instances mentioned. We should make it a must to check voter fraud, so as to make President Trump’s agenda for America a will be event. And our notion for protectionism should be a cornerstone, for as to achieve prosperity void of illegal immigration, and other deformity that do not stand at par with our mode of protectionism.

David - July 7, 2017

Cut off federal funds to any state that will not comply with the federal mandate and cooperate with the investigation.

Charles L Perry - July 7, 2017

The sword cuts both ways. I think the commission, if objective enough, may find fraud also in the elimination of voters from rolls in many counties and states for frivolous reasons. Perhaps, that’s why 40 or more states are resisting transparency. Transparency would show the omissions (slipping or allowing someone to fraudulent vote) by the state as well as the commissions (people improperly removed from the rolls and disenfranchisement).

Robert J Earl - July 7, 2017

Concentrate on states willing to participate in a study of voter irregularities. Get those states to apply existing law to violators and publicize the results.

Tom Lanners - July 7, 2017

Valid State issued picture I.D. In Minnesota where I live, you do not even need I.D. If you have a utility bill and someone vouches for you, you can vote.
This is how Al Franken stole the election the first time he ran.
Minnesota is probably one of the leading States per capita in voter fraud.
I really do not like living here, except for my adorable grandchildren.

Kathleen - July 7, 2017

Voter Fraud I believe is systemic – these are my own (thoughts I have nothing to back this …did you ever notice that not one person says anything about Funeral Directors) this is just commonsense most of them are probably honest due to filling out tax forms but…

Judith A Poole - July 7, 2017

Require all Registrars of Voters in each county to delete their voter rolls. Invite voting age citizens to reregister, producing birth certificates or naturalization documents as proof of citizenship. Thereafter, require legal ID at the precinct and reregistration if a voter fails to vote in an election. Suspend all vote by mail programs.

Richard Singletary - July 7, 2017


Richard Singletary - July 7, 2017


Barbara Tunget - July 7, 2017

Ok, having been married to a Marine, USMC LT. Col. Retired for 28 & then working at the Naval Air Weapons Center, China Lake for 25 years….I have no clue on how to do this as we were not ‘allowed’ to be political. This is a town of aprox 28,000 people so i think a good place to start would be to check our records to make sure there are no illegals, or dead voting before 2018. So how do i do that? Where do i begin? I’ll send an email to the Mayor to see if she has any ideas.
Yes, a photo ID should be required, that is a must. Let’s just do it!!!
Please do not print my personal info on this, you don’t even need to print my input as info, let’s just do it! This is America right? So let’s just you and I DO IT!

Jo Carole Potter - July 7, 2017

The form for voting in federal elections should be a federal form which requires the voter to state his place of birth and proof of US citizenship,
such as US birth certificate, US passport, or naturalization certificate.
Registration should be required to be done only at state registrar offices.

William Jackson - July 7, 2017

Easy! Require a Birth Certificate/National American Certification ! Requiring the same information as to each states Drivers License !

Carol Kitson - July 7, 2017

Support True the Vote – – with both funds and learning how to use their tools to check our local voter rolls. Also, require that states issue valid photo id to all citizens, with distinctive markings to designate that a holder is a legal citizen (and therefore eligible to vote in federal elections). Also volunteer to work in elections. There are too few conservatives helping to run the elections. When only one party is providing all the election workers, it is too tempting to cheat. Our presence helps stop cheating. Talking about it alone will not stop it. We must be willing to go to areas where there is a concern about voter fraud and insure that elections are being run free and fair.

James Schultz - July 7, 2017

National bar coded voter ID’s

Harry Weisberger - July 7, 2017

Reinstate on voter registration forms the inclusion of specific date, state and jurisdiction in which the registrant was born or naturalized. Otherwise, as is the case now, it is difficult if not impossible to verify the citizenship of a registrant.

Walter Finley - July 7, 2017

Jail time for all envolved!

Ted Miller - July 7, 2017

California starts voting 2 months before the election. More than 50 percent of votes are from absentee ballots. Very few of them are checked. Furthermore, anyone from anywhere can buy a very good fake drivers license there for 100 bucks. The only reason Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump is because she won California by four million votes. If it wasn’t so easy for illegals to vote in California, she would have lost the popular vote. We need to have a national voter ID law. We already need to show proof of ID to fly or even to cash a check. We also need a much shorter window for allowing absentee ballots.

Sam Wilson - July 7, 2017

Require everyone get a voters I.D. card. You have drivers I.D., insurance I.D., military I.D., social security I.D. and most honest people do not argue about these. All I.D.s should have a photograph. If you are a legal citizen you should have at least 2 of these I.D.s

Al W. - July 7, 2017

Require govt. issued photo IDs at the polls. Remove the requirement for an voter list posted in each polling place which is updated by official poll workers to show who’s voted (Calif.) Drop the Calif. “motor voter” law where every driver licensed at the DMV automatically has their info sent to the ROV if they state they are eligible to vote, but with insufficient info attached to data sent to the ROV to enable them to verify the legality of the claim. Drop the CA drivers license for illegal immigrants. Require ROV to compare voter registration lists against available death info (from Soc. Security and local vital records).
In Calif. voter fraud has even been encouraged by elected officials, as one famously said in a public forum including illegal aliens “You don’t need ‘papers’ to vote”! She denied the obvious meaning.

I served more than 20 years as a poll worker, and MANY citizens that came to vote were incredulous (some even quite upset) that they didn’t have to show photo IDs to vote, and that we couldn’t ask for them. “Trust, but verify!”

Forrest Bong - July 7, 2017

You won’t be able to do anything until you, “DRAIN THE SWAP, ALL OF IT!
Then you can think about correcting all of the. Not just voter fraud, illegal activity by the Gov and members of that Gov in DC.
Also get rid of “ALL OBAMA’S APPOINTEE’S, PEOPLE HE HIRED OR HAD HIRED. That is part of the swap. The ones that are elected to replace the “DC Criminals” must be willing to follow the Constitution Of The United States, or leave town.

Lenwood Nelson - July 7, 2017

All of the earlier posts are good and should be investigated. Alas, most are directed toward criminal activity on the part of the Voter. More consideration should be given to the administration of those in Government who are in charge of managing the election process, most proceedures should be based on State/Federal laws. They should, independently, be monitored to insure compliance. It’s pretty much a year round task and includes a lot of technical savy which changes every hour. Every computer can be cracked,
Voting machines should be updated to prevent corruption. Backup systems, paper, etc. should be implemented and used to assure accuracy and honesty.
In one State I know of the State Supreme Court is in the process of hearing a case where votes may have been lost and back up systems aren’t in place to be able to verify.

G. ALLAN BARNES - July 7, 2017

To eliminate voter fraud, 1st require photo I’D and/or fingerprint. 2nd have death certificates made available to voter registration centers. 3rd have at least one year at hard labor for each offence, as the official door prize for violating voter laws. 4th take action that hits home or otherwise gets the point across better, like but not limited to: invalidate drivers licenses, cut welfare/disability payments, student loans, visas, bar them from getting loans, ad infinitum. That should get point across to those who try to game the system. There’s a saying that would say that’s trying to make the point the hard way. However, some people are stubborn, obtuse or down right dishonest and this would address this problem.

Robert S. Allen - July 7, 2017

Before 2020 Primaries, encourage states to mail every registered voter (and federally fund) a return postage paid form to fill out and return showing driver’s license or other ID and signed declaration of US citizenship.
Maybe other info also. Anybody not returning the form would have to vote provisionally.

Ronald Minor - July 7, 2017

Enforce the laws on the books and imprison people caught in illegal voting. Fines should be max allowed by law and this action should be widely shown through media to use as a preventative measure to at least slow the tide. If a few people actually got long prison sentences, others would think twice before taking part. They didn’t worry before because the corrupt Obama “judicial” system refused to do anything about it. Gee, I wonder who benefited from this abuse?

Willie J. Theiler - July 7, 2017

Each registered Voter should receive a Voter Card with Photo from the local Election Board. This Card should be collected at the local Voting Station after receiving the Ballots for safe keeping and handed out again for the next voting time to the lawfull Owner.
We have access Cards for Libraries, Bank Accounts, Hospital Access etc. why not for the Voting Boots?

Jeff J Traylor - July 7, 2017

Require verifiable tamper resistant photo ID for every voter!!

Rita Misero - July 7, 2017

I like what Barnes and Robt. Allen have to say. There is a real problem getting dead people off lists and keeping track of people moving. Maybe voter services should get copies of death certificates. The moving problem—anybody know how that can be solved? That is probably one reason there are duplicate registrations in different states. There should be a national data base. I do door to door stuff and these issues are frustrating–dead people and people moving.

Glenn Nelson - July 7, 2017

Mandatory picture I.D. must be first. Voters should also be required to update their infomation every 2-4 years, which would help to keep the rolls clean. Also, include the True the Vote organization in the federal remedy needed.

thomas getz - July 7, 2017

It is sensible to have voters show a valid form of identification to verify who they are prior to voting, any number of other routine activities require this. Liberals want the maximum number of votes, regardless if they are legal voters or not

Christine Gruber - July 7, 2017

You must show a valid ID with a picture and be a legal citizen of the United States

Robert S. Licata - July 7, 2017

Force, by law, the registration of all folks who come to the polls or preregister if not, they cannot vote! Pretty simple and don’t accept liberal crap about holding voters of little means from voting! Stop the crap! Truth rules in this country have you forgotten? All polls in the USA should be computerized with no exceptions!

Sinclair Doggett - July 8, 2017

Have everyone apply for an ID card that must be presented before voting. Kill vote by mail, like my state Oregon! ID card can be used for all sorts of things where ID is requested. Drivers licenses don’t have any ID value.

George Gragg - July 8, 2017

I agree with all of the goals of correcting the many faults in our election system with one caveat. From what I have heard so far, they are asking for far to much personal info to be handed over to federal agents. The deep state has proved time after time that if the info is available, they will use it for nefarious purposes.

Craig Steen - July 8, 2017

Living in CA presents a real challenge as not only the governor openly defies federal immigration law (“you’re welcome here legal or not” & the attempt to create a sanctuary state SB 54) but our own state and federal representatives won’t even answer emails when queried about the illegality of potential voter fraud especially with DMV voter registration for illegals. Republicans need to become more vocal and put on their “big boy pants” and support Trump’s efforts publicly to shine a spotlight on this growing problem. With projected population in the US to increase to 535 million by the end of the century because of ballooning illegal and legal immigration, the Dems. are counting on legions of new voters who after receiving a multitude of entitlements, will reciprocate by voting them into office by any means necessary.

Kathy Russell - July 8, 2017

To make our elections completely honest, require thumbprint registration and voting @ election verification. If it can be used on a phone, it can be used for elections easily. This will avoid illegal use of SS #s.

Bill Oelfke - July 8, 2017

Identify a voter by putting their index finger in indelible red or blue ink when they vote. That will end voting more than once.

Patricia Leepa - July 8, 2017

Only US citizens shall obtain a state issued drivers license/ID card. Said card can only be issued via a US birth certificate, US pass port or US citizenship papers. This license/ID card must be presented with the application when applying for a voters registration card. Only persons showing a valid state drivers license/ID card shall be eligible to vote.
Non citizens who need a drivers license, shall receive an International drivers license stating their country of citizenship.
For persons not able to get to the location for obtaining the ID card, a mobile unit could be sent to the persons location for registration purposes, present the proof of citizenship as stated above and when an absentee ballot is cast, it must include a copy of the ID card.

Tim Hobbs - July 8, 2017

It is crucial that CA, NY and IL, to start with, be compelled to cough up their voter records. A lawsuit by DOJ might work. In these 3 states alone there may be enough illegal votes to have given Trump the popular vote nationwide. CA encourages illegal immigration, then hands out drivers’ license which enable illegals to vote. Dems counter with charges of “voter suppression” which is a ruse. They are endangering our country in efforts to build Dem voter rolls in the knowledge that most illegals will vote their way.

James J Dietz - July 8, 2017

Only English language on all instructions and ballots. I would ask democrats to tell us what is racist about voter id laws and which race of people is too dumb or incapable of obtaining such id’s. Let the democrats hang themselves with the answer.

Thomas Schindler - July 8, 2017

First is valid voter ID.

Richard Rogers - July 8, 2017

I am the retired District Director for Immigration in Los Angeles, Ca. I have a lot of suggestions on how to eliminate some of the voter fraud registration by ineligible aliens. In 1996 there was a major fraud registration fraud perpetrated by MALDEF in Orange County, Ca. That cost a congressman the election.

Duane - July 8, 2017

There has to be a method of holding
state gov’t responsible for keeping
the voter registration records up to
date and requiring voter identification
means when voting. Provide means
of transportation to the polls as needed..

Toby Wintersteen - July 8, 2017

Heritage: Needed Voter ID Law Actions and Changes

Ask voters to check and see if their deceased relatives, living non-voters (young, apathetic) in their family, or recently deceased friends are registered both before and after the election OR IF THEIR ID is still active- their ID account should be marked deceased. Proper ID IS A MUST TO REGISTER AND TO VOTE, but ensuring that voter registration docs are marked for current residence and changes in eligibility is important too to prevent other fraud in their name.

Toby Wintersteen - July 8, 2017

But we must also ensure this does not turn into an universal ID system.By restricting info as perhaps confidential, FOUO, need to know or something along those lines.

Robert Small - July 8, 2017

Constitutional amendment. Require each state to certify that voter roles are purged of illegal voters at least every two years and require photo ID at the poles.

Melissa - July 8, 2017

Contact local FBI Division to report evidence of registration fraud. Registration fraud leads to voter fraud, but need to establish evidence trail.

Sonie Thompson - July 8, 2017

Here in NC, Voter Integrity Project was formed and found multiple incidents with many inaccuracies in addresses, people who voted twice under different names, fake addresses and old out of date voter lists. Voter ID was repealed in NC! Voting is such an important responsibility, we must have current voter ID, and a task force who uses new technology, like states take care of drivers’ licenses. ID is a must!!!! ID is required for almost all business activities….let’s move into the 21st century.

Richard de Grasse - July 8, 2017

Require voter photo ID.

Anne Brook - July 8, 2017

The most important issue this administration can tackle is voter fraud and it has to happen now to ensure the American people select a president with one vote each.

Laura Evenson - July 8, 2017

Require photo ID and proof of citizenship at the polls; and preregistration by a certain date to be able vote. No exceptions. Registration on voting day is littered with loopholes and fraud. People should have to plan ahead for the privilege of voting. This should include people who have just moved residences except for the small percentage of people who move on voting day. People who move know their new address ahead of time, and should plan accordingly to preregister in their new precinct (if that’s not possible- it should be…this issue reeks of fraud) if an election is coming up. ‘Vouching’ for another person is ridiculous. Being required as a judge to “take a person’s word’ for various things is ridiculous. I’m an election judge. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve stopped what I can. I’m a judge for this purpose. I even have had to stop fraud attempted by other election judges. I could say more, but I agree with everyone else’s great ideas…like clean up the voter roles;

Andre S. Gorzka - July 8, 2017

All the comments made are excellent. You could make a few bucks helping to start fights at election centers when I was a kid in Jersey City. Individuals have admitted to voting 10 times or more (some right on TV) in Philly. It been made a joke by many. (There has to be penalties.) Everybody knows it goes on. Ask the heirs of JFK and Sam Giancana (IL) and Santo Trafficontti (Fla.) & Carlos Mechello (N.Orleans) etc.

Carl Distenfeld - July 8, 2017

Two of the more important aspects of a democratic form of government is a free and absolutely fair press, and a voting system that reflects the needs and views of its citizens. Voting fraud must be ended, and ethical changes to the media as well..

Robert Hahn - July 8, 2017

Sirs: Hello. Besides getting voter state-certified photo ID for all voters, in every district in every State, please consider working another approach for a U. S. Statute for voter legislation reform, simultaneously. Namely, the Federal Election Commission must make mandatory by U.S. Statute (Federal law), that every State submit a certified confirmation that State is “Voter Photo ID-Compliant”. That confirmation is based on the requirement that all voter districts submit to the State, certification of “Voter Photo ID Compliance” for every registered voter in that district. This is a “top-down” compliance certification. For any State not submitting a certified compliance [all States’ Voter ID Compliance certifications status will be verified by the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice], NO Electoral College votes will be counted for that State in a Presidential election and NO “popular votes” counts will be counted for the non-compliant districts in that State. For States not compliant, which means select districts are not compliant, those non-compliant districts will not have votes counted for any Congressional, Senate, and primary elections. With the so-called majority held by the GOP in the House and Senate, NOW is the time to pass this vital legislation that is outlined in this message. Thank you.

June Wilson - July 8, 2017

I would pass a law making it mandatory to have ( Voter ID with your picture). To me,that’s the best way to crack down on voter fraud !

Carol Stewart - July 8, 2017

Photo ID-tamper proof
Social Security Card ID
Voter Registration Card should have a photo of the voter. Tamper Proof

As far as checking for Voter Fraud
Need to check social security numbers to be sure person is not deceased., and if is, when. All states should be made to comply or lose funding. Check for duplicates of same person in different states.

Bonnie Clarke - July 8, 2017

We need to require proof of citizenship before registering or voting. We registered in Florida but there was no requirement to indicate we were citizens. We had drivers licenses as soon as we bought a house here. We could have just as easily registered at that time. There is a process, when you become a citizen, to have your license changed to show you are a citizen so those licenses should be checked at the time of voting digitally.

Dee Dudas - July 8, 2017

Photo ID and arrest for anyone who votes as someone else. No illegals get to vote. Get all the dead people off of the voter rolls. This used to be done by the people at each polling place but now only done in Springfield in IL. from where I am from.

Dr. Sharon Pins - July 8, 2017

I was a victim of election fraud. Where can I go? Received mailed notice 6 weeks after that my vote did not count! I’ve voted for 40 years, am an adjunct PhD professor, have valid DL license, lived in same home since 1998. Confirmed my active status in the system with Denton County, TX two weeks prior to early voting. Was told at the poll I was not in system because did not vote in the 2012 election. Filled out 6 forms and envelopes in pink, green, white and yellow and was sent to a “special” booth. Four of us were held in this manner at the time I voted. Help!

Robert Laing - July 8, 2017

A majority of the states use voter machines manufactured by a firm owned by George Soros. These machines are most likely programmed to transfer votes from republicans to democrats.

Sherry Hewitt - July 8, 2017

I think it is very important that potential voters show ID. It seems to me that we must update our technology in order to follow the paths of voter fraud.

Marilyn Kirkwold - July 8, 2017

I would have a Federal bill that said that every voter, whether state or federal elections, would have to show a voter ID to cast a vote. There is NO reason why requiring an ID would be against anyone. (I need to show an ID jus to see my doctor!)

Jaime L. Manzano - July 8, 2017

Establish a national identification system, accessible with individual consent, by authorized public needs, e.g., voter eligibility.

David Brantley - July 8, 2017

First deport all illegals. They are the front line of voter fraud for the democrats. Then the remains players will be easier to identify and prosecute. Considering the large number of illegal votes identified in Virginia can one even imagine how many there are in California. Democrats like the governor of Virginia actively protect these fraudulent elections and should be prosecuted.

Mike Hill - July 8, 2017

While I normally support most all of the actions by the Heritage Foundation, I find that I am opposed to the Commission.. I have always considered the privacy of the ballot to be a basic safeguard to our democracy. I do not want my voter information turned over to any Commission.

Betty Giebel - July 8, 2017

Require that voters provide a government issued ID before voting. ID’s are required to board airplanes, for opening bank accounts, by employers, etc. It is common sense!

PJ Schulker - July 8, 2017

I have said for years that OBAMA is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. I hope that some day he will be thrown in JAIL…I still struggle with how the powers to be allowed him to run for election without PROOF of citizenship and ALSO how he can be registered in Conneticut for a social security number but has NEVER lived there. Every time I hear the name OBAMA I want to REGURGITATE! ! .

Reverend Lydia Lynne Fuller - July 8, 2017

I agree with Jerry Metfcalf.

Shari Bradley - July 8, 2017

I think we all agree (those of us that want integrity) that the photo ID requirement is an absolute necessity. In this day and age, voter data can certainly be accurate to exclude illegitimate voters. I am so glad Pres. Trump has brought on Hans von Spakovsky, to his newly formed voter fraud probe.

Robert Appleby - July 8, 2017

Not having read all the comments before making this comment, I hope I am not duplicating. The best that I have heard is to require fingerprint registration, and then use fingerprint machines at the polling station. Finger prints also would work with absentee ballots.

Robert Appleby - July 8, 2017

Of course fingerprints do not address the issue of people registering in multiple states. In high transient areas, the voter rolls are probably not correct around 10% or higher, so it is difficult to maintain voter rolls accurately.

Cheryl Grosser - July 8, 2017

I do mail-in voting so not sure of the current procedure at the polling place. I do know a drivers license is required if enforced. This poses the problem of someone illegal using someone’s else’s name and license and identity, also illegals receive a drivers license or ID. Being the fingerprints and more confidential statistics and data are sent to the Secretary of State from DMV, they need to work together with cooperation in solving this problem. Also Vital Statistics reporting on deaths should be streamlined along with the Secretary of State doing their job. The people in charge of the polling places should be vetted as well. All this should be stream-lined. Remember self-accountability.

Arthur - July 8, 2017

I support the Commission’s goals; however, I have serious heartburn with ALL the data they are requesting the states to provide. Some of this info does not appear to be voter related at all, which puts it into the category of “too much information” in government hands.
On the other hand, states should not be allowed to refuse to cooperate with the Commission’s goal — voter fraud. However, as noted above, I believe some of the requested information is not applicable to the Commission’s focus and if changed perhaps more states would cooperate without resorting to legal action.

Dave Roman - July 8, 2017

All states must upgrade the technology to use computer recognition at the polls. Federal grants might be required for this.

Require photo IDs at the poll – almost all the states have a tamper-proof driver’s license already. If they are not on the file as a voter then use a provisional ballot.

Mike - July 8, 2017

It takes a willingness to investigate and prosecute voter fraud cases and that doesn’t always happen in big liberal cites and states. If the prosecutor chooses not to prosecute, then there is no voter fraud!

Barbara Sinks - July 8, 2017

I was a poll keeper during Kennedy’s
election in Riverside Ca You can not believe
the people registered in mail boxes
25 to 30 in one box alone We called about it They told us they would purge the polls after the election ???????? Some of
these could could not speak English!
I worked again during the elections
in San Diego County Obama elections
same thing I had hoped it had changed
We had proof & still they told to lrt
them vote!

Barbara Sinks - July 8, 2017

On line voting with ID & Email
thats connected to web site &
Address & phone #

Barbara Sinks - July 8, 2017

WE should all be preregistered every
election With emails Drivers liciences
address a card would be sent to that address You do not vote without card ID
only good for that election

F. Michael Russo Jr. - July 8, 2017

Clearly, there exists adequate rational evidence that a serious effort to identify the percentage of voter rolls in all states to highlight such errors as deceased individuals, multiple voters registered in more than a single state, illegal non citizen voter registration, convicted felons (in states where such individuals may not any longer vote must be collected and compared prior to all future federal elections and a report verifying those discovered errors sent to the governors of each state with suggested reforms or steps mandated to correct and update such registration rolls. We are aware that numerous states are resisting/refusing to provide voter registration rolls. We find such a refusal quite astounding and incredulous and should be specifically addressed asap. Since we believe voter registration rolls for all states is considered public information and are often sold to firms or other entities at a price, refusal to provide those rolls must be overcome and promptly. Regardless of political affiliation, party or any other designation, this investigation is critical to reassure the voting citizens that there is NOT rampant fraud or abuse currently within any state or voting process. No argument or rejection of such a rational voter roll review should be accepted or allowed, regardless of party state or political affiliation. heritage should support and or join in the non partisan review process to insure 100% unbiased outcome and results. Thank you for asking for feedback-

Dalton Windham - July 8, 2017

Focus on red and purple states where info should be easier to obtain. Then use results to force the issue with blue states. Use justice dept. to use any legal means to obtain needed data.

Larry Kloepping - July 8, 2017

Voter ID is the only way to control illegal voting, but you must have up to date voter registry’s to make it valid. This and the lack of immigration enforcement are two biggest threats to our country.

Ruth Rasmussen - July 8, 2017

I would do just what the president is doing: check the voter rolls for illegal immigrants, dead people, and multiple registrations, plus voter ID requirements. And may I say, it is about time someone does this!

Stephen Palmer - July 8, 2017

voter identification for every US citizen who wants to vote. No ID no vote

CHARLES FISENNE - July 8, 2017

a commitment at the voting room

Mary Laforet - July 8, 2017

FINALLY!!! This is long overdue!!

Cs BEELMAN - July 8, 2017

Federal ID card to be issued at voting age or when be comming US citizen,Used to be scanned to print out ballot. Encrypted to individuals information.

Jim bishop - July 8, 2017

Chicago Mayor is superseding all the “valid” photo ID thoughts by developing a city ID card, issued by the City, which can be used to shield the sanctuary status and locally control other uses such as voting, welfare payment card use and many local benefit and welfare programs in use by Illegals and otherwise undocumented payees. This City ID will be used for many unintended situations as supposed verification of Legality and accepted by al lot of uninformed people counting on a gov. ID as worth something – this will become an open and Chicago backed program, so you know it will be very very corrupt. Don’t let this type of ID system start up by the sactuary cities.

Mr. Lew Lederman - July 8, 2017

1. Purge all voter rolls of people who are dead, have moved, are illegally in that jurisdiction or should not be on the rolls.
2. Require all voters to have a state or federal issued legal voter id’s in order to vote.
3. Investigate and prosecute illegal document processors that create illegal documents.

Ken Struttmann - July 8, 2017

I agree that a photo ID[ a plastic like credit card] should be used for every voter including a “legitimate” copy of the ID for absentee voters.[ We must use a Medical Card photocopy for our insurance to cover doctor’s visits costs, etc.] I would add an additional feature of requiring the voter to put their ID card into a reader, like we do with our credit cards, that could be verified against a National Voter File. The voter file could be updated daily with information from all the Federal and State Government systems we have, including Social Security, Welfare,Immigration, License Plates and Drivers’ licenses licenses etc. Require that every State transmit their updated voter registration files before elections also. That could be used for absentee ballots.[Note: Many other people have commented regarding updating voter registration files.] I assume that Heritage reads/considers all “comments” . Thanks Heritage. Let’s get it implemented before the next election.

Ken Struttmann - July 8, 2017

One additional item to my comments. Could the “photocopy” be scanned and matched to The National Voter File.?

Robert Lindner - July 8, 2017

Require proof of citizenship when registering to vote (birth certificate, passport, certificate of naturalization, etc)

jack kurtz - July 9, 2017

photo id.

peter e Bentivegna md - July 9, 2017

support Judicial Watch and get voter ID cards passed in all states. Drivers licence OK My Son has down Syndrrome and has a state ID. Looks like a drivers license and he votes!

Winston Irvin - July 9, 2017

Our country is badly overdue for a national ID that is foolproof / tamper proof and should be used to vote, acquire a drivers license, get a passport, get credit cards, etc.

The whole idea that, which has prevailed for decades, that all someone has to do to wreak havoc on your personal life is to acquire your social security number is ridiculous.



Art Merrifield - July 9, 2017

Voter fraud challenges the very basis or our democracy. The only reason anyone would not want it has to be based upon the destruction of our democratic society. Positive tamper proof voter ID should be mandatory for all elections and all states should be required to have a picture identification process. Those ineligible to vote should have picture identification cards and/or drivers licenses that are color coded for quick recognition of their voting status. To make this effective it must become federal law and carry stiff penalties for fraud. All states should be required to clean up their voting registration process and be subject to auditing. States found not in compliance should be subject to fines and/or loss of federal funds.

Julia M. Williams - July 9, 2017

I have read a lot about voter fraud at the poles but who is looking into the procedures for voter registration. If the registration itself is flawed, how can procedures at the time of voting be successful? Who is investigating voter registration procedures?

Phillip Hermes - July 9, 2017

I would expect that the major voter fraud involves non-citizen Latinos in the US.
I would pick out voter precincts with substantial Latino populations, like in CA or New Carlisle, OH, etc. Then I would check into all the Spanish surnames on the voter lists. Are they Citizens?

william schmidt - July 9, 2017

People who don’t abide by the current election laws should be held accountable, including losing their job for their poor performance. Someone needs to be replaced to follow the laws that govern this issue.

JOHN EMMI - July 9, 2017

No state shall be allowed to register it’s voting results in a federal election without an active documented program of U.S. citizen voter ID requirement.

Martha Hall - July 9, 2017

Must have a valid ID to be able to vote.

Carole Dudley - July 9, 2017

The stakes are too high for the future of America to depend on the “honor system.” Of course we must update our voter lists and purge them of the deceased and those who have moved, etc. Who is willing to have his vote negated by a fraudulent voter? Voter I.D. is a necessity for citizens to protect their voting rights and responsibility.

Joel Coulter - July 9, 2017

Dear Ed:

This was written by a friend of mine regarding how the IRS system supports ID Theft for Voter Fraud.

Largest know theft of identity in the USA.

I first learned about the Identity theft of American citizens Social security numbers Two years ago, when I led the Identifiers Group at the FCC TAC. While I was researching a replacement for the current phone number system and looking for a method for a new globally unique identifier system to replace the phone number system. I started off by contacting the other large unique identifier systems such as the SSN, IRS, Voter Registration and the group working on Medical record portability.
What I found surprised me. Instead of finding a solution I found a major problem. First, I found that IRS had changed its software to be able to track multiple people using the same SSN. The IRS software was modified to distinguish the original owner of the SSN as well as to allow others with different names address and different W2’s from different employers to all use the same SSN.
I know from working with the government agencies and OMB that no funds would be given to modify the IRS software to accommodate this illegal theft of Identification. Someone high up at the IRS must have misused funding or reported the software update as something else. There will be a paper work trail to follow and there is a software programmer somewhere that was paid to make these changes.
It keeps getting worse. I next talked to the voter register in Winchester VA. I was informed that through a loop hole in the laws that what they suspected as non-us citizens were registering to vote in order to obtain the necessary two forms of id needed to obtain a Virginia Drivers License.
Currently in Virginia you can register to vote by signing a form swearing that you are a USA citizen and that you have not been convicted of a felony. Then the only check and balance is that they require the voter registration card be mailed to a physical address in that voter district. Once they receive the Voter registration card they can go to DMV with the three stolen SSN and their voter registration card and apply for a Virginia driver’s License.
Once you have a license or government issued photo ID and a voter ID now the non-US citizen or anyone who wants to change their identity can vote in USA elections, Open back accounts, take out loans and buy land and houses. Using this same method, they also have the ability at any time to use a different SSN and establish as many Identities and Voter ID as they chose.
I believe this all started as a way of circumventing the E-verify system. Currently the E-verify only notifies of a duplicate SSN when it is put in by the same employer. The reason for this is to prevent that w2’ business ID number so the same business does not have employees with the same SSN. It would look suspicious if 20 people working at the same MC Donald’s all have the same SSN.
I also think that the IRS also uses the different W2 employer number as a unique identifier as a way of keeping track of the Legal SSN owner and the stolen SSN user.

What to Do with this Information.
First the US Justice department needs announce the start of a massive Identity theft operation to protect American citizens.
Then request the master IRS File the EFS file of all duplicate SSN numbers and there W2 employer ID number.
Cross check and see if they have registered to vote or have obtained a driver’s license or other forms of government Identification.
Then arrest all of those who have illegally obtained voter id card driver license or other forms of government ID.
Then cross check all those with a voter ID to see if they voted in any USA elections.
This would be the largest ever ID theft enforcement operation in USA history.
I assume that most of the people arrested would be Illegal aliens but the investigation would not be aimed at any one group it would be aimed at those who stole SSN numbers and registered to vote or obtain drivers licenses or government ID’s.
My current estimate is that there are close to 15 Million duplicate SSN numbers in the IRS master file.
If only 35% of those using stolen SSN register to vote and voted in the presidential elections that would have amounted to more votes than the difference in the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential elections. 3.5% would be 5.250.000 votes. That is more than enough votes to change the upcoming congressional and senate elections. So, it is very critical that this must be stopped before Imagine what would happen if 50% percent of these non us citizens voted

Judy Wagner - July 9, 2017

As an American I have both the right and duty to vote. It’s how I get to voice my opinion. Only currently registered, legal and alive should get to vote. Photo ID/Voter ID. Those who abuse the system are prohibited from future participation. And, yes, those who wish to control and exert power over the rest of us will oppose all efforts to clean up the system. I liked that suggestion that funeral directors should pass on names. Maybe cemetery overseers should too….

Jim Demonbreun - July 9, 2017

Common sense, like requiring a photo I.D. to vote. Each state must do their part. ( Like any state that won’t shape up there voter I.D. mess, is the new home for all nuclear waste.,HaHa)

Shelley - July 9, 2017

Photo IDs. Drivers licenses. Electronically the IDs should be tracked so they couldn’t use a fraudulent ID with a different address so they could vote at another house poll

Rosecleia Coura Cummings - July 10, 2017


Julia Williams - July 10, 2017

Did I hear correctly that California was issuing driver’s licenses to illegals? How can voter ID prevent them from voting? Maybe when registering one has to show proof of citizenship in some manner. I have heard the Social Security numbers are being given to illegals as well! How does one fight that? Please arrest and deport all voter frauds and that might be a deterrent.

Christina Price - July 10, 2017

The Office of Elections in states where voter fraud is proven should be penalized in such a way that continued fraud is terminated. This may include prison sentences and fines for election officials who held office during the time of the fraud. Getting dead voters off the rolls is the least that should be done. Federal law requires this.

Cheryl Grosser - July 10, 2017

The illegals obtain California drivers license but it is different from the legal citizens, how I’m not sure. Some drive without a license or use someone else’s.

Claudia Essma - July 10, 2017

At the very least, require photo ID at the poll.

Tom Malley - July 11, 2017

Require photo ID. In New York State, non-driver IDs are available at Motor Vehicle Dept. Photo IDs are required to purchase alcohol or tobacco, so most people have them anyway. Require coroner or whatever local official that certifies death to forward a list of deaths to appropriate Board of Elections weekly or monthly. A National list of all registered voters organized by states, on spreadsheets, so people registered in more than one state can be identified.

David Miller - July 13, 2017

I gathered government data giving numbers of registered voters in each Michigan county then I compare these figures with US census figures of voting-age population, and subtract out census figures of non-citizen voting age population. It turns out that in more than half of Michigan counties, the number of eligible voters exceeds the voting-age citizen population. Michigan has lost control of its voter rolls.
I would like to publish this, and run comparisons for other states, as a way of encouraging a cleanup of the system.

James Schmerbauch - July 14, 2017

Clean the registration rolls periodically.
Require identification at the polls.
Limit early vote by mail to 30 day.s or less.
I vote by mail, but it seems that is an easy way for fraud to succeed.
Forbid automatic voter registration with driver license renewal; voter registration should be a commitment.

Ruby Zwijack - July 15, 2017

Driver’s licenses marked with US citizen vs non-citizen.All other ID’s marked the same.

Phillip Coffman - July 21, 2017

The top recommendation from both the Brennan Center for Justice at the University of New York School of Law and University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds is to return, nationwide, to paper ballots and backup paper records. [Sounds old fashion, but I believe it worked in the ‘good ole days.’

Carlo Coura - August 12, 2017

The best way to prevent vote fraud is ELECTION BIOMETRIC SYSTEM.

Mary Nixon - August 12, 2017

I believe that voter fraud is one of the most important issues that we can address in this country. It has been ignored and encouraged by the democrats, as they are the ones who benefit from it. I believe we have to totally change the lax ways we vote and change it by requiring all voters to provide authentic identification. If necessary, it may be that we start over by gutting all current records and require new methods which require all registrants to provide authentic I.D’s. That way the voting dead would be gone along with illegals. A major job, I know, but worth it in my opinion. Our vote should be protected.

Robert - August 12, 2017

Permit no ‘refugee’ to naturalize until they have been a green-card holder for a minimum of 20 years.

A G Peterson - January 5, 2019

involve the League of Women Voters

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