The Senate this week approved Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) to be Secretary of State by a 94-3 vote. (Kerry voted “present.”)

Historically, secretaries of state like Condoleeza Rice have worked to protect American interests and the cause of freedom across the globe. The question remains though: will Secretary Kerry use his office to promote America’s interests and correct our foreign policy drift?

A recent report by The Heritage Foundation expert Helle Dale shows that John Kerry is President Obama’s ideological twin:

The bad news for the United States is that Kerry is President Obama’s ideological twin and can be expected to enthusiastically embrace the Obama doctrine and continue the Administration’s pursuit of arms control, international treaties, and climate-change agreements. This is a classic liberal agenda, which will only lead to a further erosion of American global leadership.

The Obama Doctrine, as Dale describes, is not good for America. We must be strong throughout the world, not by overstepping our bounds but by doing what is good for America and the rest of the world.

As Dale says,

For all the applause directed at outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she failed to put an imprint of her own on U.S. foreign policy, which has been directed largely from the White House and adrift for the past four years. We will see if Kerry carries more clout in the job.

Do you think that Secretary Kerry will do a better job of upholding American interests, or will he make us weaker? 

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