The Senate this week approved Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) to be Secretary of State by a 94-3 vote. (Kerry voted “present.”)

Historically, secretaries of state like Condoleeza Rice have worked to protect American interests and the cause of freedom across the globe. The question remains though: will Secretary Kerry use his office to promote America’s interests and correct our foreign policy drift?

A recent report by The Heritage Foundation expert Helle Dale shows that John Kerry is President Obama’s ideological twin:

The bad news for the United States is that Kerry is President Obama’s ideological twin and can be expected to enthusiastically embrace the Obama doctrine and continue the Administration’s pursuit of arms control, international treaties, and climate-change agreements. This is a classic liberal agenda, which will only lead to a further erosion of American global leadership.

The Obama Doctrine, as Dale describes, is not good for America. We must be strong throughout the world, not by overstepping our bounds but by doing what is good for America and the rest of the world.

As Dale says,

For all the applause directed at outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she failed to put an imprint of her own on U.S. foreign policy, which has been directed largely from the White House and adrift for the past four years. We will see if Kerry carries more clout in the job.

Do you think that Secretary Kerry will do a better job of upholding American interests, or will he make us weaker? 

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George - February 1, 2013

Why not name Jane Fonda, instead?

Art Robinson - February 1, 2013

Do you think that Secretary Kerry will do a better job of upholding American interests, or will he make us weaker? Will he do a better job, I hope so but I don’t live in la-la land so if past performance is an indication of future achievements, I’d say it doesn’t look good for the ole U.S. of A.!

Mitchel Wolf - February 1, 2013

Kerry will unfortunately make the U.S. weaker.

Mark Wood - February 1, 2013

Based on how much he supported President Reagan’s military policies, I am confident Secretary Kerry will be able to do his best to make the US weaker.

Don Chesnel - February 1, 2013

Kerry will be a trainwreck for this country. I am totally disheartened by his appointment.

Robert Haag - February 1, 2013

I am not enthusiastic about John Kerry as Secretary of State (or any official position for that matter), I think he was the easy choice for Obama because the Senate would pass him on the Good Old Boy system because everyone in there is only working for their own welfare not the people of the US this is just another example of lack of leadership on every level.

Michael Faulkner - February 1, 2013

Kerry would not have been chosen if the Obama administration thought he’d be anything more than an echo of its ‘leading-from-behind-doctrine’.

Bev honchorek - February 1, 2013


Ben Babij - February 1, 2013

I believe that Kerry is a traitor to this country, along with Hanoi Jane Fonda. He is not good for this country.

eliot marshall - February 1, 2013

Another loser appointed–The Swift Vets were right!! and we will be stuck with unethical individual!!

alan winters - February 1, 2013

If kerry and obama think alike, kerry is also an enemy combatant and will make us weaker. However, I do not think kerry is an enemy like obama, just a fool who will follow obama’s instructions blindly.

Benny Mullinax - February 1, 2013

I am afraid that Sen. Kerry will make us much weaker and will not only be a patsy for Pres. Obama but all the neer-do-wells in the UN who hold no love for America and its freedoms.

Franklin W. Anderson - February 1, 2013

I strongly believe that SecState Kerry will be a moilstone around our neck. He is known for his lies and deceit. What else can be expect. It will be a give away of our rights to the sea and other climate changes along with treaties that will hurt our future. Franklin Anderson

David - February 1, 2013

Kerry will extend and enhance the disaster that is this administration.

Floyd Proctor - February 1, 2013

Sen Kerry did not display too much patriotism after Viet Nam.
Not a GOOD choice!!

James Sanders - February 1, 2013

John Kerry has proven himself as a lier, traitor, self centered, and unworthy of this or any position of trust. James Sanders, Colonel USAF ret.

DGSymmank - February 1, 2013

He will definitely make us weaker as has Obama. A solution to our current problems would be impeachment of Obama, but this is unlikely with the liberals in the Senate being in control.

Jim Rams - February 1, 2013

I can’t imagine anyone that threw his military service medals over the fence in front of the White House have his Country’s best interest at heart.
….and as Obama’s ideological twin I can only see a disaster for this Country taking shape.
The gutting of the military has already started and Obama hasn’t been sworn in 30 days yet! Lord help us!

Donald Randall - February 1, 2013

Kerry and the Obama administration will continue to weaken America worldwide. Kerry has a record of weak policies.

Richard Guthrie - February 1, 2013

Kerry is a Traitor. He will do everything in his power to cause the downfall of The United States!

Sharon Louk - February 1, 2013

It is a sad day in America when this dishonest person is placed into the Office of Secretary of State. He will only use the Office to further his own selfish interests.

Keith Underwood - February 1, 2013

There is no doubt that Kerry will weaken us.
Why was his nomination so overwhelmingly approved?
Another instance of lack of Republican backbone.

eedwards - February 1, 2013

Kerry is about as incompetant as any of the other Demoncrats up there on the Hill and will probably screw our foreign policy up worse than “I didn’t know anything about_________” Hillary, the so-called smartest woman in the world. As Rush would say, “Imagine Lurch being our number one in the State Dept and what he might present to the world as the ‘voice of the American people’ “. This guy is an abysmal liar and nothing more than a shill for the administration. He couldn’t even beat George W. in the election, even though George W has been put down forever by the Demoncrats as the worst President in history!!! We are in for big, big trouble in this country, and I cannot see our way out of this mess.

alma womack - February 1, 2013

How in the world could this cretin promote America now, when his whole career has been to denigrate and despise this former republic? As disgusted as I am knowing he is SoS, I am equally disgusted at the Senators who voted to confirm him. I am sick, sick, sick of all these elected charlatans………………….

Grace Tillinghast - February 1, 2013

Obamas’s twin will continue the same disgraceful foreign policy. I do not care for Hillary but I believe that deep down she loves the country but took marching orders from the WH. which houses a bunch of inept and arrogant folks.

George Goodwine - February 1, 2013

Kerry has the educational background and experience to be administratively competent unlike Hillary Clinton. However his philosophy could get the U.S. in trouble. History shows appeasement leads eventually to war. The fact he was confirmed practically unanimously either means congress knows something the rest of us don’t know or they are merely a gathering of 94 fools.
I am hoping he knows more about foreign policy than either Hillary or Obama. I don’t think Obama knows enough about foreign relations to have a doctrine.

Greg Wofford - February 1, 2013

If past judgement is any indicator of kerry’s judgement then the US is in for a very bad next four years. After all this is the man who was giving glowing reports on the direction that Syria was going just prior to the rebellion in that country.

Mike Brooks - February 1, 2013

John Kerry will be just another Obama puppet to accept any failures that the Obama agenda needs a scape goat to protect Obama’s failures as a leader. If he were a strong leader that Obama could not control, he would not have the job!

JOHN SHERFEY - February 1, 2013


Wayne Peterkin - February 1, 2013

Kerry will continue the same disastrous foreign policy as Clinton did, orchestrated by Obama. I have asked anyone to name those places in the world where America has more respect and influence than we had four years ago and am still waiting. The list of those places where we have less encompasses most of the world. Obama/Clinton have been a disaster, Obama/Kerry will be just as bad.

Margaret Winkle - February 1, 2013

We can expect from him what Obama has and will do, Obama Hates America and if we keep on with this, America will not be a Free Nation, our Freedoms will be gone.

Judi Schellenberg - February 1, 2013

He will help make us MUCH weaker. He shows me nothing. He has no personality, no redeaming features that I’m aware of, he’s just – DUH! He has earned his money by ‘marrying right’ not EARNING it. He lives in a world so out of touch with reality it’s sickening.

Why does Congress attrack such ‘nothings?’ But even more important: WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP RE-ELECTING THEM?

jack shanklin - February 1, 2013

I think he is far too much into himself and will enforce or attempt to enforce what his buddy the President wants. While not a H. Clinton fan I think her legacy as Sec. of State will end of being much greater than his.

Ray Stewart - February 1, 2013

I don’t believe he has the country’s best interests in mind. He was an enemy sympathizer during Vietnam and countinues speeking out against anything that is done in the interest of the United States. Being a Vietnam era military veteran (USN), I always felt he was a discrace to the military (like jane fonda ) and am apalled that he is now our Secretary of state. This is not the America I fought for. Wake Up America before its gone.

sui winn - February 1, 2013

Will Kerry ?? NO, He is a disgrace to USA and is almost as leftist as O. His ego – hugh, his attitude=contemp for USA, arrogant, old, never has a real job, women have always supported him, threw his (pretend metals away) truth is too far from facts – in his world. Disgrace.

Dean Newman - February 1, 2013

Kerry past record is basically anti-American (walk softly and carry no stick). No one with his beliefs and background should ever represent our country in any cacpacity.

Sharon - February 1, 2013

John Kerry will do EXACTLY as instructed by Barack Obama who gets his direction from the Iranian closest to him in the WH Valerie Jarrett. He is a puppet and not to be taken seriously any more than Hillary was.

When the truth is finally known, we will find Ms. Jarrett’s and Axelrod’s fingerprints all over the Benghazi false video story.

john depetris - February 1, 2013

i would give this a 50/50 chance as for women in US politics above a Mayors position it just makes no sence and is already showing its signs of no return I will finish with any time the our people and its constitution are fooled around with and theres no one to say anything to because council is gone, along with good will from a toddler to a senior citizen standpoint your not in America. I really like knowing there is still a chance to fight back wih organizations like Heritage people working together for whats right,Thank You,member john.

Paul Ackerman - February 1, 2013

Based on Mr.Kerry’s past behavior,and noted viewpoints on foreign affairs,his confirmation as Secretary of State is reprehensible. Expect to see him resurrect all the various UN sponsored treaties and activities that had been rejected in the past four years. He will attempt to destroy US sovereignty under the guise of Obama’s belief in collectivism via the UN. Absolute disaster for US foreign policy and the world.

Dan - February 1, 2013

What can you expect from a war hero like Senator Kerry. In November 2004, in a war museum at the old Cu-Chi Army base outside Saigon, Mr. Kerry’s picture was one of four in a display of “Heros from outside Vietnam”.
John Kerry, Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark were so honored.

Sharon DiPiazza - February 1, 2013

I think John Kerry is a traitor to this country and will not do anything to help us in foreign affairs.

George Warren - February 1, 2013

HOPE and PRAY to God, that John Kerry/Secretary of State will do his best, for United States of America.

Charlie Sicola - February 1, 2013

Kerry will makes our great country weaker. He does not believe in the America I grew up in any more than does BHO.

Carl DesLauriers - February 1, 2013

Yes he will uphold his interest. He’s not interested in us.

Joanne E. Langdon - February 1, 2013

Kerry is among the worst possible choices as Secretary of State. He will make us weaker.

Wes Evans - February 1, 2013

We will in all probability get more of the same. A redo of Jimmy Carter and Cyrus Vance, An appeasing non confrontational posture with the worlds dictators and the enemies of freedom and America.

PaulE - February 1, 2013

John Kerry will obediently and without question implement Obama’s foreign policy initiatives as Obama instructs him to. That’s why he was selected for the position, as were all the other Secretaries in Obama’s cabinet. None of these people act on their own initiative.

In a way, you’re asking the wrong question. Rather than asking whether John Kerry will do a better job of upholding American interests, you should be asking how does Obama plan, in his second term, to re-define what American interests means? That’s the much more important question.

Robert Craig - February 1, 2013

Kerry will do whatever he thinks the President wants. It will do nothing to improve the position of the United States in the world, in fact it will weaken our position.

John - February 1, 2013

Kerry will tag along behind Obama. He will take his movie camera along to show that he is a hero.

Kerry has always been very bad for US.

Gary White - February 1, 2013

Kerry is a traitor and a communist, he has proven it by his actions. This dufus gave himself purple hearts in Vietnam so he could escape a fragging by his own men. Whom he constantly put in danger by his stupid antics . Swift boat chronicles anyone. Then he came home and defecated on the honorable service of all of our men for political gain. He continues on his life mission all on the back of others. Using the wealth of a true American -John Heinz to elevate his stature. What a disgrace.

Dennis Sulkowski - February 1, 2013

Another Democratic conspiracy, headed by obama.

Lloyd R. Laycook - February 1, 2013

I believe John Kerry will not stand up for the True American Principles. I believe he is still a turn coat just like he was after his tour in Viet Nam when he joined Jane Fonda & told the many lies even about the heroics he claimed that were performed. I served two tours in Nam one during the time he was there & in the same area & might even have flown cover for him.
He will do more damage to this One Nation Under God than Hillary.

Lloyd R. Laycook. Col USAF ( Ret)

Michael J Stare - February 1, 2013

Let’s see isn’t this the same guy who was “against it” before he was “for it” or was it the other way around. Earlier in his life he was so outraged at the cosmic injustice of the Vietnam War this former US Navy went on an anti-war binge culminating in testimony before Congress largely made up of outright lies about atrocities supposedly committed in Vietnam by his fellow veterans. To think John Kerry is a man of “character” who has America’s interest foremost in his mind is a fiction for only the most delusional.

calvin parrish - February 1, 2013

My apologies to the Heritage folks, but with the constant attacks by the Left, always with their attitude dedicated to the destruction of Amercan values, I WILL NOT GIVE THEM ANY SORT OF RESPECT! Never again!

CarlenaJones - February 1, 2013

Of course Sec. Kerry will make the United States weaker!
This is why Pres.Obama nominated him.

Kent Lattig - February 1, 2013

I think that John Kerry will continue with POTUS Obama’s policies…which will continue to make the USA much weaker in the international arena. I don’t look for any change in the effectiveness of the Dept of State from what Hillary Clinton has done. God help America!

field retterer - February 1, 2013

Kerry is not a deep thinker, is very ideological in the mold of Barack Hussein Obama. Certainly, he will take some positions, approved by the administration, that will be in the country’s best interests. However, his tendency to appease will hurt the country and again cast doubt on our ability to lead. This man does not make good decisions grounded in sound principles.

Alan Underhill - February 1, 2013

Every time the Senate approves an Obama appointee we have another traitor to the Constitution in greater power. We are suffering for the RINO’s historically running the Repub party. It is difficult to beat the party of socialists with the party of socialists-lite.

Laurance Conti - February 1, 2013

I do not think John Kerry will be an approvement in our foreign affairs. He is an Obama yes man and even worse he is a phony Viet Nam war hero. Ask the men who served in Viet Nam with him. I hope I am wrong about him but time will probably prove me right.

Fiorella Weaver - February 1, 2013

He will make us weaker. He truly is Obama’s “ideological twin”!

LaVerne - February 1, 2013

I could not possibly endorse someone with the same ideological ideological disposition as our president. Sorry. I believe they and the entire group of Socialists are condemning us all to the fall of America. Only God can save us. They are brainwashing our young and those too uneducated to know what’s happening to them. How did we get here?

Enid M. Thoms - February 1, 2013

He will absolutely make a terrible foreign policy worse. We MUST carefully vet all condidates for election in 2014, and we MUST find and support the MOST CONSERVATIVE. Enid Thoms

Guy Smith - February 1, 2013

Kerry is a career politician who is only interested in #1. As a Vietnam vet I’ll never forget his putdown of the military. Thank goodness he is not SECDEF! I don’t trust him.

Lester Troxel - February 1, 2013

He lied to get his metals in the Service and anyone that low will not have our country in our best interest. He and Gore are not friends of Americans.

Donald - February 1, 2013

WEAKER, that’s what a Vietnam coward will do.

Horace Cook - February 1, 2013

Secretary Kerry will not advance american values, he loves the spot light toomuch and he is so self centered that President Obama will have trouble competing with him.

Michael Beckstrand - February 1, 2013

He will with out a doubt make us much weaker. I can not believe both my Utah Senators voted to confirm him. I am extreemly disappointed in them both.

NancyJ - February 1, 2013

As he has a history for lying, I don’t know how anyone would think he could do a even passable job.
He would be another shame for our country.

RICHARD TUCKER - February 1, 2013

Oh,? The Democratic controlled Senate approved Kerry as Secretary of State? There’s a real surprise. As former Attorney General Ed Meese commented: “Kerry should be tried and convicted of treason for providing aid and comfort to the enemy”. I agree. The Swift Boat patriots had it right……can him.

Barton L. Hartzell - February 1, 2013

Based on his pst statements and actions on
Vietnam, Sen. Kerry will make America weaker.

D. H. Springer - February 1, 2013

Back in the 1990’s, John Kerry was on the list of Green Leadership for the 90’s quoted by Holly Swanson in her book “Set Up and Sold Out.” He has been allied with Al Gore and the Clintons in his ideology and voting. He will be for global government, the U.N., and will not maintain America’s sovereignty. Soft on the Muslim world, this will endanger Africa and Middle East peace efforts and liberty for citizens.

Pat - February 1, 2013

I agree – Kerry is Obama’s ideological twin and America is in trouble.

Just when you think that Obama has hit the bottom of the barrel in his appointments, he lowers the bottom of the barrel a few more inches and finds more candidates…

Aleks - February 1, 2013


Mary Pierson - February 1, 2013

I do not believe John Kerry is interested in preserving America’s strong influence in the world. His position and comments from his days in Vietnam indicate a lack of understanding and dedication to basic American principles. He appears weak at a time when we need strength.

Nan - February 1, 2013

John Kerry was the most liberal progressive member of the Senate. As Secretary of State, I expect he will advance the president’s unspoken agenda of one world global government using the U.N. to pursue this and making the U.S. just one of many nations.

Rose Mulbery - February 1, 2013

Kerry will be as ineffective as secretary of state as he
Was as the Democractic candidate for president in 2004. I wonder how quickly he will schedule his first “apology tour”.

cheryl - February 1, 2013

Any person who throws his military medals over a fence is a disgrace to our Country.
To me he is not worthy of holding any office of importance in this Country.
It’s a complete embarrassment to America and no wonder other Countries are no longer worried about any repercussions to them for their actions.

R. K. Smith - February 1, 2013

Just another link in the chain around or necks !!!

De Ette Moon - February 1, 2013

Kerry will make us weaker! Conservatives, stand firm!

Frederick N. Evans - February 1, 2013

Weaker, by definition. (That’s his job…to support Obama.

Barry Teats - February 1, 2013

I do not trust either Obama or Kerry. Our nation’s defenses will weaken in the next 4 years along with the further decline of our country. I pray there will be a revival soon.

Albert P. Bushey - February 1, 2013

Hillary Clinton was a very weak secretary of state, carried out the Obama Doctrine of a weak America. I can’t see that John Kerry will be any better and will probably be worse, if that’s possible. He was a traitor during the Vietnam War. How can we expect him to uphold the status of the United States as a world power when he dos not respect his country’s proper position in the world. As a long-term senator, he did nothing to enhance his position as a country-wide leader.

John Marlin - February 1, 2013

As a former Naval Flight Officer with some 211 combat flights over NVN and holding the same rank as kerry once did , I am totally against him and his idelogy . Nobody and I mean nobody should be allowed to write his own decorations for whatever reason . He violated his oath pure and simple , God knows what evil the country is in for .

Stan Newman - February 2, 2013

Kerry was a traitor in the 70s and he remains a traitor today. He will continue Obama’s agenda as H.Clinton did and work to destroy our great country. No one believes Obama would allow someone who does not support his agenda to fill that vacancy. Hillery will move on to her next step up the latter in 2016 to finish up on the destruction of our country.

Pops LeBlanc - February 2, 2013

We will be weaker. Kerry is an empty suit and a hairdo picked to replace an empty dress and a bad hairdo. What is scary is that 94 senators voted for him. What planet do they inhabit? What scale are they using to measure ability? The vote clearly defines our problem. We send our worst to DC. Our best want nothing to do with that cesspool, its corruption and the collective incompetence of the White House and Congress. The problems we face are not the result of bad luck, bad alignment of stars, other countries or the bounces of a football. They are solely the result of the collective will of the individuals we elect.

[email protected] - February 2, 2013

Kerry is a joke and a puppet. We are in serious trouble.

Stephen Patterson - February 2, 2013

He needs to go also. These people that want to live in a communist nation need to move to Russia and see how they like it or move to Iran and see a few of their friends heads chopped off because they dissagree and maybee they will change their minds. When kids act out badly we send them to a prison to see how life really is when you go down that path. We need to do that to a few of our elected officials!

Douglas Nicholson - February 2, 2013

John Kerry will do an even worse job as SEC STATE than Hillary did. And THAT will take some doing!

Loren W. - February 2, 2013

John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) will be a puppet
for the Obama regime. The position will be a mere
sinecure for the President who will be pulling the strings.

Chuck - February 2, 2013

Kerry will be a disaster for America.

Lori - February 2, 2013

I do not believe that John Kerry will uphold the the Constitution of the United States now any more than he did when he served in Viet Nam. His interests do not lie with the people of this country or their rights. His interests lie with John Kerry and what best benefits him.

Barry Scharaga - February 2, 2013

He hasnt showed much change since thge statements he made about our GI’s both in Vetnam and the present conflict. Poor choice to lead our state department. Its going to be the president telling him what to do and just like a puppet he will repeat.

Tom - February 2, 2013

Since Kerry is a statist, like Obama and most of the so called “Democrat Party”, Kerry will uphold the interests of the STATE, no matter how much he has to lie and break the law and ignore our Constitution to do so. So, he may make the STATE stronger, he will make “we the people” weaker. AND of course the propaganda ministry-like media will facilitate it, and the takers among us will go along with ANYTHING to be taken care of at our expense! That’s where we stand! Are we going to defend ourselves or keep yapping about, and analyzing what they are doing?

Sheila - February 2, 2013

I fought for ten long years phoning, writing, and speaking against the Obama Regime. I fought against his election because I knew what he was, a Socialist bordering Communism. I knew he would do what he is doing and that is disarming our Constitution. He is the new world order. Anyone he appoints WILL follow his lead. We are under attack and I’m waiting for someone to give me good suggestions on how to fight them. Europe is trying to come our way and we are heading their way. I hope that this year we will find a new party because the GOP is lost. When they put up a candidate like Connie Mack and Sen. Jim DeMint supported him I lost faith in DeMint, and all the others who were pushing Mack. That’s only one example of many. I have resigned from the Republican Party and have become an Independent. I believe in Beck and Rush and that’s it. I no longer watch tv, I listen to classical music and I read. I used to be Jewish and am no longer for they should be ashamed of themselves for voting Obama in. I’m broke and should be “broker” by the end of the year. Because of business and regulations, our business is swirling down the drain. When making my phone calls all I heard was “Aw, Obama is a nice guy, we should give him another chance.” I converted on an average of three people a day to sanity on the phones, but it was hard. I think Hillary is going to be our next President, even after Benghazi!! Only one hope remains and I believe it is happening now, our beautiful America is going to sink into a deep depression and we will all lose heaven only knows what. But our leaders will be solvent!!! Not right!!! I believe something, a Phoenix, will spring out of the ashes and then I will roll up my sleeves and dive in again, if Obama Care doesn’t get me first for I am fast approaching the age where I will be judged on how much time I have in years. Plain and simple, I’m still a fighter but I’m going underground now just like the left is underground. I have time to wait it out and to educate our young ones and anyone who will listen to me. I have much to teach. I bet you my comments will not be published because they do not fit your ideals. Ask Sen. DeMint to look up all the emails I sent him when he was in power. S

Arlin R. Johnson, Jr. - February 2, 2013

The only thing I know about Mr Kerry is that he is pretty good on a wind surfer, and a side note, his very rich wife bought him a very large sail boat. This is where he should best spend his time NOT WORKING WITH OBAMA TO BRING DOWN THE USA. The swift boat guys he worked with in the military know what kind of guy he is, a fellow not to be trusted with anything important.

Richard L Jones - February 2, 2013

I believe that Mr. Kerry’s interests lie elsewhere.. He was in Paris at the Viet Nam Peace talks in uniform at the time. To me and as to what he says it is “anything but the United States”!

Denny Converse - February 2, 2013

Here’s another case of leading from behind! Just look at Syria, how effective was Kerry getting the cooperation of Assad during the Bush administration, or getting Iran to stop sending arms to Lebanon, and let’s not forget the situations in Libya and now Egypt. Just another debacle of an appointment, and don’t get me started on Hagel. Kerry wasn’t able to accomplish anything in an unofficial role as a senator, what an ego he has to think he can accomplish anything as Secretary of State.

Matt - February 2, 2013

I am currently reading Winston Churchill’s “The Gathering Storm” and there are some eerie similarities between those times and current times. Weak British and French administration policies may not have directly caused the outbreak of the Second World War, but they certainly ensured it would occur. I see Kerry and Obama in a similar role.

Robert Caccavalla - February 2, 2013

Like the executive office, and mainly throught much of the halls of congress. Kerry is a coward, a liar, and a fraud. So to answer the question. Yes I think he will continue the Progressive (failed) policy’s.

Robert H. Davidson - February 2, 2013

John Kerry’s ideology has always been left leaning, what can be expected from a glass vase you can easily see through in both domestic and now foreign? 94 – 3 says it all!

forrest maier - February 2, 2013

Kerry is another Obama

Richard Hanley - February 2, 2013

Kerry impresses me as a blowhard. He lies with a straight face, performs cowardly acts, and pretends to have the best interests of his constituents at heart. Kerry is for Kerry. It is anyones’s guess how he will perform as Sect’y of State but I suspect the his interest will come before the interests of the US

Suz - February 2, 2013

As the Koreans say, “We are in deep and serious kimchi!”
with John Kerry as our Sec’y of State, but then, Obama was counting on that, wasn’t he?!

Lloyd Scallan - February 2, 2013

Why are you asking the same question? Why don’t you
yet realize Kerry is not only a “deological twin” to Obama, he is one of his best lackeys and thus will do and say anything Obama instructs him to do. Obama will never allow anyone that is not an ideological lackey
hold any office in his administration.

Jimmy E. Baldree - February 2, 2013

According to the so-called historian, Douglas Brinkley, Kerry began his treasonous activity in “October 1969”. At that time Lt. (j.g.) John Kerry was still on active duty in the United States Navy and subject to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). He was stationed in Brooklyn, New York at the Military Sea Transportation Service Command U.S. Atlantic Fleet as an aide to Rear Admiral Walter F. Schlech Jr.\

In fact Brinkley tells us: “He was still enlisted, wearing a naval uniform, and working in Brooklyn at the behest of Admiral Schlech.”

There are irrefutable facts that Lt. (j.g.) John Kerry committed treason. His treasonous and dishonest testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Thursday, April 22, 1971 is indisputable; hundreds of millions of people saw it around the world. They saw it again when he ran for president in 2004. If he was under oath he also committed perjury.

We cannot comprehend why people continue to overlook this and cover up for him, we just do not understand. It stands to reason if he will sell out his country and the troops he served with one time he will do it again.

Myra Sweetland - February 2, 2013

John Kerry will be nothing more than a mouthpiece for Obama. He will not embrace and do what is best for the United States. Instead, he will do what is best for advancing their liberal anti-American agenda.

Our so-called leaders are on the wrong side of America. It is appalling and most of all disrespectful.

The one word that crosses my mind on a daily basis as how to describe our president is defiant.

Paul Stout - February 2, 2013

I believe the article is right on.

David - February 2, 2013

I was thinking that once Clinton was out of there, we might get someone with integrity, but his military service speaks to his integrity. How could I even pretend that Obama would want some one with any moral character. Take a look at the people he has in his cabinet, I do believe the lack of moral character was the first requirement. He has none himself- enough said.

John Huston - February 2, 2013

John Kerry will harm the interests of America, since he not only thinks like Obama but he will carry Obama’s ploicies without question. Also, I don’t trust Kerry because of his writings and testamony with regard to the Vietnam and Iraq wars. I have family ties to Iraq and know he was blowing smoke. Keep your eye on him and you will see.

Mary Pierson - February 2, 2013

I do not believe John Kerry is interested in preserving America’s strong influence in the world. His position and comments from his days in Vietnam indicate a lack of understanding and dedication to basic American principles. He appears weak at a time when we need strength.

Vic Hayes - February 2, 2013

John Kerry will be the tool of the guy who occupies Our White House and will continue the course to make America a weaker nation.
The occupier who would be king does not believe we should be the strongest country in the world and here are a few of the multitude of things he’s done in the last 4 years to accomplish that i.e. 1. Multiple violations of both his Oaths of Office 2. Multiple violations of Our Constitution 3. Transfer of wealth from businesses and individuals to the government 4. Giant intrusions into our private lives and businesses thru executive orders and government regulations 5. Backing the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt. Both are sworn enemies of the U.S. and Israel and they have vowed to destroy both of us 6. Now we’re giving Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood) Sixteen F-16s (4 F-16s left for Egypt on Jan. 22) and 200 Abrams tanks before the end of this year. (Ref.
How smart are we to arm any sworn enemy who has vowed to destroy us and Israel, our mid-east ally?? And on and on and on……
Don’t be surprised about anything the occupier does, or attempts to do, to weaken us within and in the world.
John Kerry will continue to be the tool to do anything and everything to make us weaker and weaker in the world!!

JJ - February 2, 2013

Kerry has shown his stripes numerous times and that is unlikely to change. He displays the same cowardly lying ability as he did during the Vietnam era and that does not well represent US interests abroad nor in the senate. Kerry and Clinton lack credibility, both representing a political philosophy of deceit, intent on transforming the United States from Liberty to tyranny. My answer is greatly weaken…

Bill - February 2, 2013

Kerry’s 50 years of being wrong on every issue is 50 years of experience.

CHARLES CHASE - February 2, 2013

Secretary Kerrey will serve the President well. He will be the mouthpiece for the President’s desires to diminish America around the World. When speaking for himself, we will hear far-out, nonsense statements such as he has regularly promulgated throughout his public life. There will be no leadership from him that will enhance America’s damaged status in the World caused by Mr. Obama — such matters as the return of the Churchill bust to 10 Downing Street and the abominable, demeaning behavior shown Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Donald DaCosta - February 2, 2013

While it was about 40 tears ago that Kerry falsely accused the American troops of unspeakable atrocities in Vietnam, that incident was an indicator to a basic weakness in Kerry’s character. A propensity to adopt political positions based on which way the political wind is blowing at any given point in time. Is he still that individual or has he matured into the principled, pro American, pro military, pro defense, apolitical stalwart this position requires? If he was that man would Obama nominate him for this post? Who knows for sure but there can be no doubts about the choice for this crucial cabinet post. That’s not the case with John Kerry. That he was approved by the Senate, 94 to 3 is troubling but not surprising.

Sherry - February 2, 2013

Kerry ‘s appointment will make us weaker, no doubt about it. I believe the whole point of “arms control, international treaties, and climate-change agreements” is to break America down so we are ready and willing to melt into a Global Community. A strong middle class means we do not need the government. It means they lose their power -money is secondary -power is primary- which is why, in my humble opinion, the Obama Administration is more than willing to destroy the economy and expand welfare programs – more people unable to even imagine they can take care of themselves, means more power for the government.

WALTER GERHARDT - February 2, 2013

john kerry was a over rated participant in the vietnam war.
his constituents sounded the alarm !!!!!!
he is promoted only because he can donate milllions to the cause.— typical washington insider

Gene C - February 2, 2013

You mean the guy that submitted himself for his Purple Hearts and BrzStar? Not a chance Kerry wil be a good Secretary of State, it’s not in his character!

Betty Lou Gayden - February 2, 2013

Senator Kerry, in my opinion, is a diddo of all the progressive actions we have inflected on us.already. Can we get him gone or rejected? Or does Obama have that in his pocket too?

William D JaCKSON - February 2, 2013

When will someone file for Impeachment of this Non-American , Constitution destoryer ? His First 4 years of Presidency Dug the Hole for America! The Next 4 years will Bury America and Our foundation, the Constitution we Stand on ? God have Mercy !

Meg - February 2, 2013


O. R. Dakan - February 2, 2013

Oboma will only have yes-men in his cabinet, no one that will buck him on anthing. Kerry will only help degrade America in accordance with Oboma’s wishes: bring the U.S. to its knees!

Edward Perry - February 2, 2013

Kerry will most definitely not work in this country’s interests. Birds of a feather flock together!

Bill Jewett - February 2, 2013

Kerry is only for Kerry and what little he knows about any thing will be carefully filtered by the likes of Obama, Reed, etc. The only reason he wanted it in the first place was to get the govenment to pay for his travel. He is like a fifth teat on a cow – a curiosity with no function.

Sally Vose - February 2, 2013

John Kerry will make the US weaker and he will enjoy doing so. He is another progressive from the same vein as Hilary and Obama, who got their training at the feet of Marxist Saul Alinsky and Eugenist Margaret Sanger.

David Belasco - February 2, 2013

Kerry’s completely cloutless

Robert - February 2, 2013

Yes, I feel He will continue to do the presidents bidding like a puppet. That why he’s there to do what the president instructs him to do.

John Fritz - February 2, 2013

No doubt, he will make us weaker. He is Obama’s pawn (I’m trying to use grownup words) who will do whatever he wants. Now…the million dollar question, why in the name of all that is holy and right did the senate, Republicans in particular, vote for this traitor? He is on record in the senate lyng about our troops in Viet Nam over and over again. His photo with a senior North Viet Nam official in their Museum of War Artifacts being thanks for his support of the North Vietnamese people (See Paul Kengor’s documentation in “Dupes”). This is the kind of person we want to represent the United States to the other countries of the world. I THINK NOT!

Louis G. Bosco - February 2, 2013

The rela secretary of State wilb Obama just as with H. Clinton. Kerry wil be Obama”s mouthpiece.The result will be the continused weakening of America”s world leadership. Our European alllies cannot get by without our miltary,whhose strength will erode quite fast under Hagel.

Holly Chapo - February 2, 2013

Do we not have the tapes of Kerry testifying after the Vietnam War? He was decidedly not pro-America nor pro the military. Leopards do not change their spots. He is a liberal and an endorser of the president’s policies no matter how destructive they are. In addition, he is a “useful idiot” who will do exactly what the president tells him to do. Thus, he will work to weaken the role of America on the world stage. Of course, if given any latitude to make his own decisions, we’ll almost undoubtedly find that “he was for it before he was against it” and maybe sort of for it after all – maybe.

Hauptman - February 2, 2013

That traitor will do everything he can to weaken the stature of the US and make us the laughing stock of the entire world. He needs to be tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead.

Richard Cancemi - February 2, 2013

Hillary Clinton did not accomplish anything worthwhile as Sec. State. I know Kerry won’t either.
He betrayed the USA during the Viet Nam War,years and betrayed the servicemen who fought and died there. Why should we expect anything other than more betrayal from him?
He and Hillary are ensconced Socialists and the common denominator for them is to undermine America.
We are inundated with people who would dance with glee the day they can hand over the USA to the UN.
What has happened to the American people who follow these ant Americans willingly?

marion - February 3, 2013

When Khrushchev said “We will bury you” in 1050, he spelled it wrong–should be “We will barry you

Cynthia - February 3, 2013

I believe that Kerry will promote the ideas of the president and the democrats and make the US weaker.

Linda Nash - February 3, 2013

I am certain that anyone who Obama hand picks will agree with his horrific agenda! I do not, will not trust John Kerry!

chris jasko - February 3, 2013

I think kerry is a bad choice. He is not a strong leader and will not use the strong leadership needed to be used in the decisions that will need to be used to protect our interests and safety in world matters.

Herbert Rowe - February 3, 2013

Sec. Kerry will weaken the USA as head of the State Dept. He ia a clone of the president.

Laurie Bluth - February 3, 2013

Another Obama flunky – period.

Ms Mike Acton - February 3, 2013

No he will not uphold the American beliefs in his new position. Sad to say, apparently no one remember how he lied about his own personal Military service. He is only going to carry out Obama’s sick policies and that will continue to hurt America.

Ron Dvorak - February 3, 2013

That obama is for him becoming the new secretary should be more than enough for anyone to veto his appointment. Considering Kerry’s (typical liberal) half-truths regarding his Vietnam fast-boat experiences (like Biden’s plagiarizing), his unbelieviably naive remarks regarding Iran’s nuclear goals and anti-Isreali remarks, I would assume you wouldn’t have to remotely consider voting for his nomination. However, I thought I heard that you had voted for it on todays news… hope I heard wrong. If I didn’t hear wrong, expect an explanation and rationale.

S. Newell - February 4, 2013

This man is BAD for U.S.A. the only intrerests he has is himself and his buddy OBAMA both don’t care about WE THE PEOPLE of America. He will make things around the world MUCH, MUCH weaker.

Bj - February 4, 2013

I believe taht Sen. Kerry is the worst choice for America. He will sel out this country with the blessings of Obama.

Ralph Litten - February 4, 2013

Without question Kerry will continue to make the USA weaker.

John Rich - February 4, 2013

My DOG could do a better job as Secretary State than Kerry will ever do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The USA is in deep trouble when we sink this low to find people like kerry for top government jobs.

Elizabeth - February 4, 2013

Kerry will be a disaster as SoS and the U.S. will be weaker because of his actions.

Betty and Jerry - February 5, 2013

I think he will be a mirror of his boss. Very sad development for America.

Michael Grahl - February 5, 2013

I think Kerry is a poor chice to represent our nation!

Richard Higley - February 6, 2013

after reading Agenda 21 I realize that there is little that anyone can do for this counry, even tho we all try. I am a true conservative american who believes that there has to be a new start to the process of liberty. You can’t do anything about this , and you know it. But this doesn’t stop you from trying. There will be no liberty for anyone in the future if Washington continues down a path of Imperialism. Our greatest threat is the IRS and on some level it will be called the Central Authority, how does that sound ? I feel helpless even tho there are organizations like yours that stand for Freedom and Liberty. You knock on the door , but no one is answering. MY wife is a member or your organization and I read all the material that you send us, and get dishearted as I am better informed about the current and future concerns that we all have for Freedom and Liberty, I truly believe that no matter what we do, short of rebellion, this idea of a centralized government will go forth and liberty will be lost forever. 2016 will define the direction of this country forever. Rand Paul or Marco Rubio could make the changes necessary for the liberty we all respect. Altho the lawmakers of this country are somewhat social rejects and they border on socialist ways. The marxist style of governing will continue until we all get mad and do something about it, and its coming to that…thanks.

Harry - February 6, 2013

Both Kerry and Obama are traitors. Kerry sold out his country during Vietnam and both he and Obama are selling it out now. If the laws were properly upheld, Kerry would have spent the last many years along with Jane Fonda in a federal prison. And Obama would have been convicted of high treason for circumventing the consitution and lying under oath when he swore to defend and protect the constitution from all enemies-foreign and domestic.

John Lee - February 7, 2013

John Kerry will unfortunately make us weaker. We need a
statesman in this position – instead we got a not too savvy
politician. A sad day for America!

joe otto - February 8, 2013

kerry is a lying, morally bankrupt brownnosing selfserving liberal. “nuff said”.

Dolores McDaniel - February 8, 2013

Imperial Commander Obama could not have found a more
appropriate playmate than John Kerry. We should be totally afraid
for our futures and that of our beloved Constitution, which they
“solemnly” swore to defend and uphold. Ha! Lord, help us

Ricardo J Duran - February 9, 2013


T.Evans - February 12, 2013

Kerry is the worst traitor in American history (even worse than Benedict Arnold); of course his intention is to make us weaker.

Don Woller - March 6, 2013

This man should never have been confirmed for the Sec. of State position. He will be a complete disaster for the U.S.

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