Protests erupted across Egypt after its president decreed last Thursday that he was no longer subject to the law of his country — giving himself unchecked authority. This move has consequences for the security of both the United States and allies like Israel.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a loyal member of the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood, has taken Egypt on a very disturbing course since his arrival to power back in June, The Heritage Foundation’s James Phillips explains. Under his leadership, Egypt has distanced itself from Washington while building a new relationship with China, engaging in close relations with Iran, and violating its peace treaty with Israel.

Morsi has restricted media freedom and announced a few months ago that Egyptian journalists will face harsh consequences for “insults” to the president. In addition, he has improved Egypt’s relationship with Hamas, the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood that governs Gaza and is still very committed to continuing its attacks on Israel.

With Morsi clearly abusing his powers by putting himself above the law, the Obama administration still continues to support Egypt as a partner, even planning to forgive $1 billion in debt.

Phillips warns the administration not to lose sight of what’s most important:

The Obama Administration must not abandon America’s founding principles in supporting the rule of law, liberty, religious tolerance, and political freedom. It must push back against Morsi’s illegitimate assertion of unchecked power. This will encourage opposition leaders and perhaps even Egyptians who remain on the fence to vigorously reject Morsi’s aggressive power grab.

The people of Egypt and Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Judiciary have pushed back against Morsi’s power grab, though the armed forces may play the deciding role.

Do you think President Obama should rethink American support for the Egyptian regime?

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Dale Athanas - November 27, 2012

The bigger question is whether Obama is planning the same move for this country.

Lindbergh Hodges - November 27, 2012

Obama will not push back because Morsi’s plan is the same as his plan after 2016.

Wes - November 27, 2012

President Obama’s love for the Muslims is clouding his view of what’s in the best interests of the United States and democracy in the Middle East. He has repeatedly failed to defend our values in dealing with Muslims.

Not only do the people of Egypt deserve to hear that our President opposes a totalitarian government but so do we Americans.

robert mccarthy - November 27, 2012

We should not give Egypt another dime since no doubt at some point it will be used against the U.S. and/or Isreal!!!

Michael Beres - November 27, 2012

President Obama doesn’t act like the president of the United States of America. He acts like Egypt has no strings attached to the money we supply. I wish he would use the money to pressure Egypt to support Israel, and take away the strings attached to money supplied to the American states so it could be used more efficiently.

Donald DaCosta - November 27, 2012

The word “rethink” says it all. The West, that includes the United States, naively cheered when the Middle East erupted and, in a blatant demonstration of it’s foreign policy ignorance, declared the turmoil “The Arab Spring.” There is no thought, none, in the leap to that conclusion. It was obvious to any thinking person with a modicum of curiosity about those events to determine that involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood was, to put it mildly, troubling; troubling for the region, especially troubling for Israel and troubling for any movement towards peaceful coexistence and a mutual respect for western style democracy and individual freedom.

James Clapper, our Director of National Intelligence, put this in perspective when he said “the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization.” That represented the level of ignorance at the highest levels of the Washington establishment, an ignorance that has existed for decades and has persisted amidst discredited but knowledgeable voices from those routinely tagged as, “Islamophobes” and their prescient warnings, “hate speech.”

“Rethink?” There was never any initial deliberation and objective inquiry to begin with.

Elsie E Connelly - November 27, 2012

Impeach Obama now, before we become another tool in the Islamification of the entire globe. Islam is not a peaceful religion.

Hawkeye - November 27, 2012

Why would anyone expect obama to ask anything from morsi when he was responsible for placing him power?

Jude Richardson - November 27, 2012

Obama will not speak out on Morsi’s dictatorial power grab because that is exactly what he has in mind for us. Who is to stop him? His soldiers are those that can be bought. Idealogues, right and left, will be eliminated once his power is cemented. .

Jerry Smith - November 27, 2012

Cease all foreign aid to Egypt and give it to Israel instead for defensive purposes.

A FRYE - November 27, 2012

Morsi and obama have read the same sources on overthrowing governments and nations.

Robert Squire - November 27, 2012

Obama and Morsi are of the same cloth. Look at how Obama bypasses Congress.

Rich Urban - November 27, 2012

Those that elected him will see where his loyalty really lies. He has no love for this country and demonstrated that years ago, but the masses still voted for him.

Jean Smusz - November 27, 2012

Mr Athanas, Your thinking is exactly what I was thinking! Obama is sitting back and looking to see what direction this grab for power is going to take. I think that he is and has considered such a move himself. AND, his actions regarding the Muslims show that he has a more than average tendency to side with and defend the actions of the Muslims – even though he knows that their actions are threatening and erratic. He tends to equivocate the issues because he does not want to show his true self and more important than that, he does not want us to realize who he is and what he believes.

Lawrence Medow - November 27, 2012

Obamanation is not interested in the Egyptian people, the people of this country, or anything except his own power. And he will do anything to destroy the rule of law, uphold Islam, and Socialism.

John Hardwick - November 27, 2012

We have leverage to return Egyptian leaders to a path of democracy. Human events are not affected with leadership from behind. Our president needs to clearly and openly express his position relative to the Morsi’s power grab.

Victress Jenkins - November 27, 2012

Our president should be supportingthe Rule of Law for Egypt. We should rethink our monetary support for them and other countries.

Phiil - November 27, 2012

I am expecting Obama to do just what Morsi has done. Obama is a would be dictator himself.

L. Brad - November 27, 2012

Impeach Obama. He has the same plan for this country.
The fox is in the hen-house. Take action Congress before you are dissolved by “executive order”.

Jan - November 27, 2012

No money to Egypt…that’s a no-brainer. BUT Obama won’t rebuke Morsi. He’s too much like him and would probably love to do what Morsi has done. Wait for it….. wait for it…..

karl - November 27, 2012

Obama has no brain. How can anyone expect him to find a solution. Why don’t we finally find out from where he is coming? Being re-elected by the mob doesn’t preclude investigations about him and all of his shenanigans.

Blanton Cooper - November 27, 2012

Obama should release the christian that he had convicted.But that may upset the muslims. Cut off the money

Don Grind - November 27, 2012

Obama must stop all financial support and declare our constitutional values load and clear to the entire Muslim community.

rmadd - November 27, 2012

Obama is not going to push back at anyone because he is a coward, and he is probably thinking of doing the same thing himself.

Marie - November 27, 2012

Dale, that is exactly what I was thinking!!

JPW - November 27, 2012

Obama, the tyrant (as is Morsi) planning his next move. Egypt/others (w/Obama backing!) will attack Israel before end of year. Net.suspects this; QUICKLY taking-out one-after-one of their enimies – beginning WW III. Mark these words –

Marie - November 27, 2012

yes, impeach him – it should have been done long ago & his infractions keep multiplying.

Mary Jane Casablanca - November 27, 2012

I don’t believe Obama will push back because he’s in favor of Morsi’s moves and goals, and he wants to see Muslim rule advance everywhere in the world.

Gerry - November 27, 2012

President Obama should use all the leverage the United States has with Egypt to push back against Morsi’s power grab, including rethinking any loan forgiviness, and cutting off foreign aid. Many of us could see this coming a mile away. The President must make it clear to Morsi that our financial aid comes with strings attached.

Holly Chapo - November 27, 2012

He has problems with the thinking process to begin with so re-thinking is off the radar. He should act – no more funding for Egypt, no forgiveness of their debt – until they fall into line as a real ally, honor the treaty with Israel and work towards becoming a budding democracy. As if any of that will ever happen with this Islamic sympathizer and anti-American in the White House. God help this country and God jolt those who voted for him to open their eyes!!

Charles Roberts - November 27, 2012

I fully believe this is the same course that Obama has in store for us. The one thing that is daunting to a total takeover in America is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. With the takeover of healthcare, the groundwork for taking our arms has been laid. Through Obamacare they can say that owning firearms is a significant health risk and can force you to choose between exorbiant premiums or giving up our one protection our forefather’s granted us to be able to resist total tyranny. Obamacare will be used to totally control every aspect of our lives.

john - November 27, 2012

how could a president consider forgiving $1 billion in debt to a country that violates its principals when the person was elected. take it off of the table. no additional fuding to egypt until this clears. cutoff all supplies.

Rick Caston - November 27, 2012

He won’t push back because he is one of them. Its that simple.

Lou Oberman - November 27, 2012

ABSOLUTELY….NO FUNDS TO ANY COUNTRY with any hostile or potental hostility to the USA or our allies.

Dennis Sherwood - November 27, 2012

Impeach Obama. ASAP

Paul - November 27, 2012

Why should he… They are similar to his own…Copy cat of Hugo Chavez… a wantabee Moe Ta Sung

Virginia Vanden Bosch - November 27, 2012

As Obama weakens the U.S. both financially and defensively, he awaits the time that is right to announce that he too is above our country’s Constitution and our laws.

Obama has never had my trust…..he will make a run at becoming our dictator.

Joann Reitenour - November 27, 2012

Yes! He should cancel all financal assistance for Egypt.

James Duner - November 27, 2012

Obama is clearly a supporter of Islamic fundamenatlism. He has so stated in his autobiography. He stands with the Muslims. Yes, and at the expense of democracy. He sat on his hands & was silent during the Iranian uprising, a clearly democratic event & our best chance to achieve regime change there. He undermines Israel & clearly supports accommodation with violent Hamas & Gaza extremists. People need to wake up & see this man for who & what he is. And that is no friend of American interests or democracy.

Patricia Weldon - November 27, 2012

This is Obama’s plan.He wants the Muslims in power.
He has been helping them all along.

Frederick N. Evans - November 27, 2012

President Obama’s plan complements President Morsi’s plan. It will just take him a bit longer to get it done because we still have a few folks in America who believe in the Constitution. That will not stand in his way much longer.

Gmalaska - November 27, 2012

I believe that Obama will use Executive orders to give himself the power to stay in office a 3rd and 4th term. He, like Morsi, will protect his orders from Judicial Review. The 15 member Independent Board that takes effect in 2014 as part of Obamacare will have the authority to submit bills to Congress that will be almost impossible to defeat. There can be no Judicial Review to them. He has already set up his rise to Dictatorship. We have seen our last free election.

Steven Rankens - November 27, 2012

Obama and Morsi are carbon copies. Obama does not support the rule of law, has disdain for liberty, fosters religious in-fighting, and has no plan to have freedom of political choice. It’s hard for Obama to cast stones because he lives in a “glass house”. Egypt is Obama’s plan for the United States. He claims to say that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, but will not and has not been to Israel, or lift a finger to help them. When radical muslims attack, it’s work place violence or in response to you tube video. That may work with the people who surround the President, but the real American people know better. Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do and that is make America pay for it’s “colonial conquests, and being a bad influence around the world”.Obama is a wussy of a President he is to blame for everything that has happened or is happening in the middle east! Americans be prepared for a social – economic collapse or turmoil. It may be time for another revolution. It’s time to take our country back from this imperial President.

Sandy - November 27, 2012

Obama and Morsi are one and the same. They rule, dictate and control arrogantly and forcefully. The declaration of independence calls this abuse and usurpation.

Chris Lewis - November 27, 2012

What in the world makes anyone think that our President is going to do anything other than what he has always done. Done people get it? Why do you think he hasn’t taken a direct postion on this and other developments in the region? Follow the money people!!!

WestTexasDad - November 27, 2012

Looking at the EO’s Obama has written, it appears that he has put many things in order already; towards his declaration of “Supreme Leader”.

Gene - November 27, 2012

I was in Italy last year when the Arab spring began and I remember saying to my brother-in-law “the devil you know” is better than whatever may emerge from these uprisings. Only in August of this year did he finally say to me, Gene you were correct. I will never be convinced that the situation in either Libya or Egypt is currently better than it was at the beginning of 2011.

Ric - November 27, 2012

Support for any regime should remain tentative and totally dependent on its adherence to fundamental democratic principles. Especially here. Instead I think it more likely for this administration to first applaud and then try to mimic Morsi.

Tom Shaffrey - November 27, 2012


Mark Holmes - November 27, 2012

Don’t you get it, all this we’re reading about today is in God’s
timetable of prophecy. Think about it, Israel is being put in a position of being alone in an area that God alone will have to defend her! Read your Bible, in the book of Judges where God told Gideon that He’d have only 300 men. (Gideon’s 300)
Let’s let God show His power! God will not let this happen to the apple of His eye.(Israel) Folks, we don’t have anyone to defend us except Him!! Face it, we have a president who doesn’t know a twit about Bible prophecy, a news media that is socialist, a society that thinks the working folk owes them a living, so much corruption in Washington that makes the old devil proud, a celebrity that thinks Mr. Obama is Jesus himself. Be careful Mr. Jamie Foxx, there was a character in the Bible who tried to do this and he was eaten by worms aka; King Harod. Let’s let the Lord do our battles. Have faith in Him!!!

Ray Andrade - November 28, 2012

Our only hope is the House and that dosen’t look good, to stop giving Obama more money, look what he does with it. He bribed Morsi so that Hamas would stop bombing Israel for now.Obama walks around like he has nothing to worry about. I also believe he’s not wanting to leave when his term is up.

Randy Williams - November 28, 2012

Obama needs to push back, cut off all funding to Egypt and no forgiveness of debt. Obama needs to show stronger support for Israel. Obama is showing his true colors.

Mae C - November 28, 2012

Obama should condemn Morsi’s power grab and cut off all funding of any kind to Egypt. Our government is looked at as fools for continuing to feed money to the militant countries, and laugh at us all the way to the bank. Obama doesn’t push back because he sides with Morsi and his kind. Muslim philosophy allows lying if it is for Allah, hence all the lies from him. Unfortunately, the takers out voted the makers and destroyed a great opportunity to put people in office who would stand against the violence and terrorism. We have four years to regroup and take our country back.

Sonie - November 28, 2012

Obama will not push back and support freedom for Egypt, because he wishes he were Morsi! Hopefully, enough Americans with gumption in Congress will stand up to Obama and set us on the right track. Money should stop until Morsi stops the rule of a dictator.

Donald Steere - November 28, 2012

President Obama has already shown his lack of respect for our democratic form of government by his actions while in office. I fear that this will only worsen during his second term. His lack of concern for Israel shows us all where his real values lie in the Middle East situation, therefore I think that his thoughts may be more aligned with Morsi’s than with what he is leading us to believe. “Rethink” on Egypt is probably more of a “pipe dream” on Obama’s part than anything else. We should never support financially any regime that displays a dictatorship or totalitarian form of government, nor should we allow these practices to be performed by our elected officials here in our country.

Cheryl - November 28, 2012

We have never had a who claims to be a constitutional scholar and yet attempts to thwart its principles at every turn before. Why he has not been impeached, (or at least the attempt made) before now? It really saddens me that the citizens of this country have become so apathetic and tunnel-visioned that this is happening and very few people are even aware or care. HOW TO STOP IT? I am not really sure…but I do know that if we don’t we will be forced to worship ALLAH soon. I don’t know what religion you ar, but this country was founded on the preposition that you are free to worship as you choose…that is being threatened. Congress…not the president should decide not to fund Egypt or anyone else that does not at the least support the idea that people have the right to determine their own fate…not one man who thinks he is God.

Patricia Brophy - November 28, 2012

Let’s stop spreading our money all around the world to countries that hate us. We need the cash at home.

Ernie Cloutier - November 28, 2012

STOP trying to buy allies with OUR TAX DOLLARS , they just help some dictator pay his army to kill his own people >> How much do we give Libya and look how they protected 4 Americans . Till they need more of our TAX DOLLARS

Nancy Wright - November 28, 2012

Yes, we should rethink our foreign aid to Egypt, but keep our options open. At least their military is not wholly in favor of Morsi.

Frank Luarde - November 28, 2012

In my opinion, asking that question displays a juvenile approach to this situation. I ask you a question in response: why would Obama rethink this, when this is exactly what he intends?

Dennis Crouch - November 28, 2012

Yes, Obama should push back. And if he doesn’t, it signals his views on pursuing the same course for the United States.

With Egypt’s lastes dictorial approach, the President needs to cut off aid to Egypt. If he doesn’t, that sends a similar signal.

Lynn - November 28, 2012

Obama is an autocrat who is comfortable with the autocracies of this world. Obama foreign policy deliberately bows to the autocracies which he aspires to guide as an ensemble – – – because Obama is, after all, the chosen one – – – the first among equals.

Trudi Horning - November 28, 2012

Amen Mark Holmes from Nov 27th. What you said is the truth. Obama will be used (and I believe has been used)to bring all of this about. We have to look to God now!!

John Huston - November 28, 2012

I resent every dime given to Egypt and all the rest of the middle east. We have people here who need the money more. I resent give my tax money to Obama’s buddies knowing that this money is being used to buy bullets to fire at my soldiers. Wake up people, this is the real beginning of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and the UN program of AGENDA 21.

Carol Bartz - November 28, 2012

I wonder who is taking lessons from whom. Obama is already usurping the powers of our government through executive orders or through his departments, such as EPA. Our freedoms are being outrightly stolen from us.

Judi DeWitt - November 28, 2012

I find this more that “troubling”. I find this very scary – we are being led to a cliff like lemmings – and once we go over the ledge towards the Muslim religion, and sharia law – America as we know it will no longer exist.

john uhrhammer - November 28, 2012

We’re 16 trillion dollars in arears and he is still exporting more dollars?
Our president is a socialist without ethics; a VERY dangerous combination! He lies and hires others to lie for him, Rice and Carney for example

Victor Samuelson - November 28, 2012

Obama should not only rethink his policy toward Egypt, but should threaten withdrawal of US aid unless pre-Morsi decree conditions are promptly restored. This involves some risk, but we need to start standing up for our principles, not watching another dictatorship in the making.

Jack Litter - November 28, 2012

President Obama’s foreign policy has failed in Iran, Libya, Yemen and Egypt. I appreciate the Heritage Foundation for doing the research and letting us know about what is occurring in Egypt, and other parts of the world.

Richard C. Davis - November 28, 2012

The enclosed comments are correct. We should watchout for Obama and his actions and cut off any aid to Egypt. Don’t let Morsi blackmail us into thinking that if we give money, we will have some say in what he hees.

Mary Nina Adams - November 28, 2012

President Obama should not send any more of U.S. money to Egypt’s president!!

Mike Gray - November 28, 2012

It is truly refreshing to read all the comments of like-minded American. I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments written to date. You all are informed and sensible. We have a huge problem with the person elected, but the bigger problem is those who elected him. So stay strong in your convictions–we’ll be on top in the end. God bless all of you!

Connie - November 29, 2012

We should definitely rethink our position. We should not forgive their debt nor give one more dime. Use the money to develop our own oil. Jobs for us and let Egypt fend for itself.

Eugene kasten - November 29, 2012

Our President is part of this plan, he should be impeached.

Wayne Peterkin - November 29, 2012

In fledgling democracies, this is what sadly happens all too often. The people rebel against tyranny, then elect bad people who simply implement a new tyranny to replace the old one; a new tyranny that may ultimately prove worse than the one rebelled against. The U.S. should suspend all aid and support for Egypt at this point until we see what shakes out.

Marti - November 29, 2012

Enjoyed all the comments……informed voters who have done their homework.Who knows what obama has in store for us….probably hoping for a dictatorship himself. One thing scarier than obama is the people who voted for him.

Bill Snedden - December 2, 2012

How did Obama get to control foreign aid? Thomas Jefferson and MANY others have proven and stated that if the leader of a country also has power of the purse, that will lead to tyranny!!!

The congress is supposed to control the money through appropriations… THEY should be cutting off Egypt’s foreign aid AND NOT forgiving any debt they owe us (which is far more than the billion Obama is considering forgiving them). This scares the hell out of me that our great balance of powers has faultered since Obama was elected the first time; now it is about to get worse OH day of woe is coming! Or is it already here, just getting worse?

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