During his State of the Union address this month, President Obama called for a universal preschool program. The idea is that widespread preschool will boost students’ educational achievements later in life.

The fact is, however, that universal preschool–which is on the books in Georgia and Oklahoma–is costly and has not been demonstrated to improve educational achievement.

The Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke explains that these programs don’t raise test scores as liberals suppose. “In fact, in Oklahoma, fourth-grade reading test scores have declined since 1998, when the state first implemented universal preschool,” Burke explains.

Despite the lack of educational benefit, a universal preschool program would be expensive–driving more debt, tax increases, or both. In Georgia, Burke reports, the state “spends heavily on early childhood education, over $355 million in 2011.” America can’t afford this kind of spending with nothing to show for it.

Burke concludes:

Georgia and Oklahoma should provide a cautionary note to proponents of government preschool. The experiences of these two states cast doubt that a federal universal preschool would yield the significant long-term benefits that supporters promise.

What is your take on universal preschool? Should Congress act to support a universal preschool system? Tell us in the comments below.

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jb80538 - February 22, 2013

it is a bad idea. It’s mostly a babysitting service for welfare moms. We’ve had headstart. for years and has proven that it is ineffective.

Mary Jane Casablanca - February 22, 2013

As a resident of GA I can tell you that universal pre-school doesn’t work and is nothing more than a glorified babysitting service. Studies have shown that students in pre-K do not out-perform, or even perform as well as, those children who have not had that experience. We don’t want MORE government spending, especially to brainwash our children at an even younger age!

Erd Johnson - February 22, 2013

Pre-school is not a good program. Improve regular school.

Dave Smith - February 22, 2013

We have fought this battle before in the 90’s vs Hillary in the “It takes a village” crapola. They want control & indoctrination above all. This would be a terrible blow to parental rights.

David Dernberger - February 22, 2013

Let’s not allow additional erosion of the family by mandating preschool. Granted we have lost the battle on one parent remaining at home to nurture young children, but the few families that choose to raise their own children until school age should not lose this option. No public institution can replace a loving parent during the formative years.

James Sanwick - February 22, 2013

Universal preschool is not only costly and ineffective, but starts the government indoctrination that much sooner, it takes responsibility form the parents that we desperately need and spends money we don’t even have to spend. I know of no one, on one, who is asking for this to be done, other than politicians looking to buy votes with yet another unnecessary program.

Robert Weaver - February 22, 2013

As a resident of Oklahoma, we do know that preschool has not improved education in this state. Giving the government schools another year with our children doesn’t help. We need charter schools and vouchers to introduce competition into the education industry and get innovation into the system.

Richard S. Shawkey - February 22, 2013

The preschool results for Georgia and Oklahoma echo the failure for Head Start. It seems no one wants to admit that the most important person in a child’s education is a caring, concerned, and engaged parent. It takes good parenting to make a success out of preschool. On the other hand, good parenting negates the need for preschool, the kids do just fine without preschool. In reality, preschool is just a backdoor way to get universal, government sponsored day care.

James Davoli - February 22, 2013

The country is in nearly $17 trillion in debt and the proposed program is not only costly but also ineffective. The US Government is the steward of our (the US Taxpayer) money. Please don’t waste it on programs like this. Pay down the debt!

Richard Hunter - February 22, 2013

This idea is just an under-handed way to get children under the influence of government and a means to begin political indoctrination into progressive thinking at a yet earlier age. It is no more or less than a part of the administration’s strategy to gain control of the nation’s young people while they are still pliable and can be brought up in the progressive mindset. This absolutely must be stopped before it gains any traction.

Paul - February 22, 2013

You have got to be kidding me, the government couldn’t run a successful playground sand box with out killing everybody within 50 square miles, costing 500 trillion dollars!

Mark Ursino - February 22, 2013

The only reason the Administration is pushing for preschool is because they know that liberals own the school system, and the earlier they can get kids into indoctrination, the better for “the cause”.

We need conservatives to take back the schools.

Russell Fulton - February 22, 2013

A bad idea–even a dangerous one. How ’bout we just take the babies from the wombs (the ones who aren’t aborted, anyway) and hand them over to the State. Isn’t that what this is all about–eventually?
When will we learn that more education does not necessarily equate to better education? –rf

Pam - February 22, 2013

I have been an educator in the field of Early Childhood Special Education for many years, am now retired, and teaching evening classes in this fine field I love at an area community college. When I was graduating in “Early Childhood Development” in 1969, all the talk was universal preschool. It is NOT a new idea. Each young child ought to have the chance to attend preschool, if the family desires it. It honestly is more about the social and language skills than it is any early jump on academics. Whoever thought we should have children attend preschool for academic prowess doesn’t know kids and doesn’t get the point at all. And parents need to able to choose the preschool they want from the many types out there based on their needs, philosophies and beliefs. Many children attend church sponsored preschools. They may not teach religion robustly(some don’t at all) but THEY DO PRAY, and teach that God is in our lives. And curriculums differ vastly. It needs to stay that way. I know exactly what Obama has up his sleeve here, don’t you? Altered curriculums, and more omitting God.

John Foell - February 22, 2013

So how soon does “universal free preschool” become “mandatory preschool” where they can begin the indoctrination process that much earlier?? – (so as to turn out good little liberals.)

Chris Smith - February 22, 2013

This is nothing more than another attempt to exploit the voters by offering another ‘freebie’ for the ones who pay little, whilst saddling the ones who pay a lot with more responsibility for an unconscionable debt that is like a NASA rocket lifting off and gaining exponential speed.
It is pandering to the takers.

Dan Castleberry - February 22, 2013

The need for and the value of “education” is rarely debated since it is a necessary part of maturation. However the US educational system, mainly the public school, has become the tool of liberal indoctrination. I have read many of the books used to educate the educators as far back as 1890. Over the period with increasing intensity education has been used to reshape America. The McGuffey reader was abandoned long ago. I am a graduate engineer from Purdue and proud of my education, but it was different then. I graduated in 1960.
This preschool proposition is another notch in the six gun of today’s inferior and pernicious system. It is not the cost; it is the consequences at issue here.

Var St. Jeor - February 22, 2013

I can tell you what I have been told by the Indiana School systems. I don’t think they realized, in our “dumb-down” state that we could fully read between the lines.
We were questioning why our students were receiving so much homework, enough to eat up 3 hours a night, 4 hours per night in some cases, for grade school kids? Then the answer eventually came back, and it nearly knocked us off our feet. “Parents have too much to do and cannot raise their children appropriately. Therefore, we need more of your kids time so that we (the school system and the government) can raise your kids the way they should be raised.” They also mentioned all of the extracurricular activities such as sports, cheer leading, band, orchestra, school clubs such as science club, debate club, and all the rest. This is designed specifically to keep parents and their kids separated as much as possible, all under the guise of fun, sports and educational activities (for which we must pay a lot of money).
We discussed our activities in church, programs such as boy scouts, and family activities and traditions. Their response was, “Oh, you will eventually not have time for any of that. We need to make sure all kids are raised in exactly the same way, learning the same things, so that all have an equal and fair start.”
Translation: We (the schools and government) need to raise your kids so they believe the way all good little socialists should believe, and know only the history the government wants them to know. Religious beliefs are a bad thing, boy scouts is a bad thing, family traditions are a bad thing. We need to teach your kids to be accepting of homosexuality, and to be dependent upon the government for supplying everything, raising brain-num robots.

George Cleveland - February 22, 2013

Adding another layer of bureaucracy is not the answer to improving education. At that age children will improve more with physical activity and interacting with non-family members in a little structured enviroment. The last thing needed is another government operated daycare center or babysitting service.

Si - February 22, 2013

Universal Preschool will benefit only the unions, NOT the children. Of course it’ll give the left much more time to indoctrinate the young minds with extreme distortions of the truth.

Steve Gilbertson - February 22, 2013

There should be a return on investment. The government is quick to set up programs and spend money without anaylizing the results. Business that fails to get a return on their investment eventually fail. If we try something and it fails – we quit, we change our direction. We don’t need pre-school, we need excellence in education, and test results and graduation rates indicate that we are failing in education and its time for a change in direction.

george edmundson - February 22, 2013

total waste of money. the money would be better spent on the debt

Tim Dressel - February 22, 2013

It’s all about cradle-to-grave government control over every aspect of our lives. I am 100% against it.

Thor A. Jackola - February 22, 2013

Universal Preschool is, in my opinion, something that should totally be a choice of the parents as to whether a child is ready to participate and very much as to who they are willing to trust, other than themselves, at this age to instruct their child. Encouraging good family stucture and values is a better place to put energy.

nancy markley - February 22, 2013

Georgia’s preschool is paid for by the lottery – at least that is my understanding. We do not need universal pre-K. It would be too costly with little results. Let the states manage their own system – the U. S. Government has already made havoc out of the school lunch program. Enough is enough!!!

Frankie Clark - February 22, 2013

We don’t need the Federal Government influencing our children any sooner than they already do. We can’t afford it. Let the local school districts deal with this if they want to.

Grace Tillinghast - February 22, 2013

The universal pre-k Obama wants is abother form of babysitting for thousands of children. There are not proven benefits that 3 and 4 year olds learn much or anything during those years prio to entering kindergarten. In fact, some 3 and 4 year olds are still in diapers.

Virginia Heyler - February 22, 2013

I also read a number of years ago that the Head Start program had been deemed a failure. If this was true and now the above has been proven re test scores, I am entirely in agreement with you that this $ should not be appropriated!

Richard Gund - February 22, 2013

We already know from numerous studies that Head Start has provided initial positive results but that in a very
short time the benefits seems to evaporate. Why would we commit any more money to “early education” when it’s long term benefits have been demonstrably non-existent. Incidentally, I’m 66 years old and grew up long before Operation Head Start as it was initially called. I have a law degree and a baccalaureate. Apparently the lack of “early education” didn’t handicap me. Good parenting undoubtedly did. Good parenting and a time where a “complete” family was the norm. Moreover, turning our children on a universal basis over to a system that indoctrinates rather than teaches seems somewhat unsound to begin with.

Bart Bartlett - February 22, 2013

This is yet another progressive step to a set up for indoctrination, without providing any benefit that will work. It may not be “PC” to say, but I’m old enough, and studiied it enough to recognize a familiar pattern used by Adolf Hitler.

Robert Craig - February 22, 2013

Need to fix the schools, not add more and increase the cost.

Mike Alexander - February 22, 2013

Absolutely not! It is just a move to gain control over the children with state ideology, and remove them from their parents. Under no circumstances should this happen as education is NOT the issue, control is!

Lindsay Cobb - February 22, 2013

Here’s a radical idea: How about a DIY solution? Parents who want pre-school for their children make the request, along with like-minded parents, at the LOCAL level. They figure out TOGETHER how to pay for it at the LOCAL level. Better still, prepare your children for school YOURSELF. Small children are willing “sponges.” Teaching them “readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic” is fun, especially if you do it in a positive way, and you will form a bond for life. (Hugs are free.) The problem is solved without government studies, without bureaucracy, without taxing your neighbors, and provide children with INVOLVED parents. Stop looking to someone else (the government) to solve your problems, figure it out yourself…you CAN do this!

Judy Edmunds - February 22, 2013

Don’t put pressure on 3 and 4 yr.old kids to pass tests to make some school look good so they will receive money. Let them be kids. They learn more from being with family, friends, grandparents, etc. They need to learn to communicate, develop personal skills by playing games that are physical and mental. I taught full day kdgn. and saw many children in tears when they couldn’t perform for an art, music or phy. ed. teacher because they weren’t developmentally ready. Some had stomach aches and didn’t attend school on the day of that class. Also, some classroom teachers didn’t have a clue about the age they were teaching. And once you start receiving govt. money, the govt. tells you what to teach and how…. NO NO NO to this idea of Nobama’s…

Kay Olson - February 22, 2013

I agree….Preschool for all is an additional expense and in most cases, children are not ready for the structure required in a classroom setting. Don’t force our children to school any earlier…studies show it doesn’t make a difference.

George Colombe - February 22, 2013

Congress should not support universal pre-school. The government should not be mandating any kind of education. The education department of the Federal Government already WASTES more money then most people can imagine. What if anything does the government do well? If universal pre-school is not working in Georgia and Oklahoma when it is run by a state the federal government surely will make the program more expensive and ineffective.

Virginia R. Lamb - February 22, 2013

The best pre-school is staffed with a mother and a father, and sometimes older siblings. All of my nieces and nephews learn to read, print, draw, and do sums before they enter Kindergarten. They become socialized within the family and the church. They are great youngsters.

Ralph Burgess Jr - February 22, 2013

I am totally against preschool because of the cost and lack of benefit to the kids or society. I’m also concerned that it would be used to indoctrinate the preschoolers into a government ideology that may not agree with what the parents want. This a time of life when the parents need to educate their children in all things affecting their lives, including their religion, character formation, family values, integrity, honesty and morality, with no external influence pulling them in another direction during these formative years. The money and effort could be better spent getting society as a whole to have both parents in the home an teaching parents how to be better parents and role models, with better morality, values and how drugs, alcohol and other temptations can mess up their lives.

Katherine Harms - February 22, 2013

The whole idea of universal preschool is just another way for liberals to separate children from their parents. They want to shape the child. If they don’t trust parents to know what to feed their children for lunch, they certainly won’t trust the parents to bring up a child in the way he should go.
My children are grown, but if I had small children, I would not send them off to preschool, private or public. Children need those early years in the care of their parents. They need time to be children. Obama and his political allies want the children in order to mold their minds. They want the children to love the state. I’ll be honest. I want to be the one who molds the minds of my children. I want my children to love me, and I want them to keep the state under control.

Francis Stoppelli - February 22, 2013

Children are primarily a parental responsibility. It is the parents right to decide whether or not their child is ready to begin school-not the state. Schools ought to remain a local issue, not a Federal issue. Federal universal pre school opens the door to a more universal propaganda campaign promoting the homosexual agenda, the Islamic agenda, The anti-American agenda and strangles parental rights. Anything not provided for in the Constitution is not an authorized action of the Federal Government. The Feds must get out of the marriage and education business and leave the education of our young to the parents and the schools.

Hiram Davis - February 22, 2013

The interest of those pushing this has nothing to do with educational achievement as we have always understood it. It is about educating young minds in the Socialist way. I don’t want to sound conspiratorial, but everyone knows what the intention is here. And as is typical with Liberals, an honest, straightforward discussion is impossible. Liberals prefer citizens to underachieve academically. That way, they can more easily impose their ideology. Look where we are now, thanks to the under-educated. They want to keep it that way. So, any talk about concern for academic achievement is more smoke and lies. Wake up, all of you who think they have our children’s educational welfare in mind.

C. Sadler - February 22, 2013

Those of us in the profession of teaching know how quickly an older child can be brought up to speed to the level of his or her peers. It is not a matter of early childhood learning that makes an accomplished student, but the quality of teaching and the quality of the content of the curriculum that helps the child to excel. What helps the pre-schooler the most is having a family that instills a love of learning and reading, and values education. We do not have, except in some private and charter schools, the intention of educating children to a level of proficiency that would make remedial courses in College a thing of the past. No amount of pre-school can help a system that keeps children ignorant, bored, and unable to think and perform at the higher levels.

Dianne Adams - February 22, 2013

I reject the idea of universal pre-school. We don’t need any more “universal” anything–can’t afford it and after birth to a welfare Mom, literally is the second step in developing a cradle to grave society.

David - February 22, 2013

We would be wise to return to biblical princibles. my mother only went to the 8th grade in a catholic school and is smarter than a lot of college graduates. A return to GODs ways would do wounders, Firm but loving discipline is needed to discourage bad behavior. But in the end times people will call good bad and bad good

James R.Love - February 22, 2013

Pre-school education should be a family responsibility.

Robert Robbins - February 22, 2013

It’s simple, start young enough; propaganda takes root, truth & logic are out the door. We’ve just created another generation of government dependents. Who just happen to vote the liberal agenda…Gee, go figure!
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what “Sick-Minded Liberals” are all about……Survival of their twisted belief system.

Jerald Morton - February 22, 2013

in 1969 “Follow Through” for 23 pre-school models was implemented. In 1983 the Department Of Education found “Direct Instruction” to be first on 18 of 19 tests. It was the most successful model. Dr Rosemary Wilson, Asst. Sec. of the Department of Education under Earnest Boyer decided to fund failed models Like “Cognitive Curriculum” also know as “High Scope”, later to be called Early Literacy. Anyway, it was a failure in 1969-1983, and is a failure today.
As typical of government, they funded the failed model in hopes more money would make it better. It never has. Please stop Pre-School as it is using a failed model and has been for 28 years.
Now if you go to “Direct Instruction” (i.e.; Reading Mastery, Distar Language, Distar Arithmetic, then keep the funding.
Every child will have a very good chance of reading by age five and speaking well.
I have been in education 42 years and watched this whole pre-school evolve from 1969-2013. The shame is government picked the wrong program for political reasons, rather than to help very young children learn.
How sad is that?
Emma Booker Elementary in Sarasota Florida is a great example of helping pre-school and inner city schools turn around without more money. It is all curriculum. George Bush recognized this and was celebrating this fact when 9/11 occurred. The media missed the educational impact of Emma Booker. Bush was right and the media was wrong as usual.
God help us!

Mike - February 22, 2013

Fix the economy. Then both parents wouldn’t have to work just to pay the bills.
What little kids this age need is to be home with a loving parent or parents. Not to be shuffled off to spend time with strangers.

Patti King - February 22, 2013

Absolutely not! This is not only worthless and a waste of money, it is another place to indoctrinate our children as so much of public education is.

Donna Rott - February 22, 2013

I think the idea of universal preschool, is to indoctrinate children, not for the benefit of better test scores.

John Hazeltine - February 22, 2013

1. This is terrific for teachers unions. Not so great for taxpayers.
2. This plan gets kids removed more from their families and further into the hands of the state. A nice socialist touch would be neck kerchiefs for the little ones. Red color is always in style for leaders yearning for the collective.

Sheila Ford - February 22, 2013

I had heard that students who’ve been to pre-school lose their “head start” by the third grade. Now Heritage confirms it. Could it be that kids who start school early get early burn-out? When you’re 12, 6 years is half your life. If you’ve been in school longer, it can look like forever! I remember that by jr. high, I was already looking forward to graduation. I bet if I’d already had 2 MORE years behind me, the end of the tunnel would have looked even farther.
Kids don’t have to be in school to learn. They absorb everything. All they need is attentive parents and good quality playthings and they can learn all the things they would in pre-school and more at home.

Sheila Ford - February 22, 2013

Trust the White House occupant to think of more ways to spend money when everyone working for OUR government ought to be finding things to CUT!

Barry Reade - February 22, 2013

Universal preschool is just another government program to brainwash and dumb down our kids. Kids need to be just kids for a while and pushing them has proven to retard them overall rather than accelerate them. Now there are exceptions but for most that is what it is.

Mary Dana Baird - February 22, 2013

Headstart didn’t improve school work. It was
just daycare without any educational benefits.
We don’t need to look for new things to spend
money on, we need to be cutting out non-essentials
until we get rid of our country’s debt.

Robert L. Spiers - February 22, 2013

This is another BIG GOV scam. Consider the source!
Barack Obama is not interested in education at all.
This is part of his “Transformation” of the USA. This is a really big chance to really grow a huge-Huge-HUGE government department expanding the workforce in Washington, DC by several thousand and creating satelllite centers in each state of more thousands and getting children by the millions and millions indoctrinated
and away from their parents at age 4 and 5. They won’t be learning anything but how wonderfull government is and how everything centers on collective and shared activities once they are approved by government agencies. Obama is constantly thinking-thinking-thinking; planning-planning-planning. Getting and Keeping America’s children in school for as long as possible helps the growth and habit of dependence and big, big government and destroys personal initiative -which he wants to achieve in everything. It will also fortify his planned future of lower employment and mega-taxation. If pre-school gets established, expect a plan for parents to be able to place their two and three year olds in Government Nursery School. A strong pitch to young women of all and any social situations would be made. This would complete the government annihilation of families and the concept of ‘home’.

Carol Baune - February 22, 2013

Government needs to get out of our lives. Another way to indocrinate our children with socialist communist views at even an younger age. Government does not run programs efficiently. No to universal preschool.

RayR - February 22, 2013

Universal anything makes me furious and makes my wallet hurt. If people want something for their kids, let them use THEIR money. What specific article of the constitution empowers the federal government to confiscate taxpayers’ property and dole out freebie preschool, daycare, etc.?

Kim Peacy - February 22, 2013

No, this is just another name for Headstart which we all know was extremely expensive and didnt accomplish anything except feeding low income children breakfast and then allowed them to do whatever they wanted the rest of the day. There was not any structure to the program and even with structure it wouldnt have worked. Children at the ages of 3 -4 dont have the attention span to sit and listen to a teacher try to teach a subject to them and they wind up being given pages to color that supposedly help teach the subject. It’s a waste of time and taxpayers dollars, Our children these ages are better off being taught by their parents.

Katherine - February 22, 2013

I am a retired Elementary Teacher. Universal Preschool – NO!
That is the parents responsibility. Home School, Parochial, Private. Parents need to be involved with their child’s education. Sometimes they are in the way concerning discipline (my child wouldn’t do that).
Some parents are school drop outs and can’t help their children. Still, they are responsible.
This Nation needs an educated populace, thus the beginning of Public Schools to educate all whether they can afford it or not. But, the youngest children need to be raised by their parents, including the basics of counting to 12 (the clock is based on 12), and identifying pictures and printed words, ABC’s.

Linda G. White - February 22, 2013

I do not see any value in universal preschool. I think it is a waste of money and only an indoctrination tool for the left. We can’t afford any other liberal program which does nothing good. Children should be home with their mother or fathers as much as possible, especially if they are teaching Christian and good family values.

David Boyd - February 22, 2013

Leave government out. Pre school education should be done by parents at home. This program would be just a babysitting service just like the Head Start program

E,W.Ferris,Jr. - February 22, 2013

The preschool programs are thinly veiled daycare gifts to get even more of the population hooked on govt. entitlements in return for votes, but no one has the courage to tell it like it is. This is just one more vote bribe.

jeanette benner - February 22, 2013

When I heard this proposal, my first thought was that it would be a way for the government to take over the training and endoctrination of children at an earlier age.

Dee - February 22, 2013

Socialism begins with academic indoctrination. Obama is following the Rules for Radicals program. He is attempting to provide just one more control factor in our lives. Parents should make the decision about pre-school, not government.

Philip Muir - February 22, 2013

Recent research has indicated that Head Start does not help attending children achieve better in school – so extending this failed government-run program – or similar ones for preschool children will likely not help.

Also, government intervention and indoctrination of preschool children can interrupt and even contradict the preparation for school including training in values held by parents that could and should be done by one or both parents, possibly with the assistance of a private preschool that the parents approve..America does not need this further governmental involvement in a child’s early growth and development.

Terry T - February 22, 2013

Again, this is about redistribution of wealth. Citizens who pay taxes will cover the babysitting costs of those who pay no taxes. Education will not be improved. And a side advantage will be to indoctrinate our young people even sooner.

Enid M. Thoms - February 22, 2013

No Child Left Behind has been a failure! Why would a pre-school mandate be any more successful? The Federal Government has made a mess out of public education, has turned our kids into anti-American, ignorant of American history and values socialists! Parental education is what’s needed along with local control & awareness of what’s being taught in their schools. Let’s cut spending by eliminating the Dept of Education!.

Mike Laughlin - February 22, 2013

I don’t know about public-funded, universal pre-school. I do know that the pre-school my grandchildren attended was highly effective, and they are both very successful public school students. However, 1. It was a church-run pre-school that cost the parents money, and, 2. their parents are very interested and involved in their reading, homework, etc. I suspect “public” pre-school success would depend on the dedication of the teachers and parents.

Harry Elston - February 22, 2013

My God; haven’t these people done enough damage to our children? I vote a resounding NO to any attempt of our government’s takeover of children’s minds. It is a fact that the mind is most pliable from the ages of 1 through 7 years old.

David - February 22, 2013

You are missing the point. They want to begin indoctrination of kids before they begin regular school. Look at how effective the overwhelming majority of college leftist professors has already been. It makes perfect sense to me. It is what I would do it I wanted to be sure an entire generation was thinking the way I wanted them to think!

David - February 22, 2013

Sorry – fingers moving too fast – meant to say … what I would do if I wanted …”

Gerald Eddy - February 22, 2013

Children under the age of six are still infants. They require the personal attention only a parent can provide, throughout the day. By the age of six they have to learn how to potty on their own, eat on their own, dress themselves, take general instruction, connect themselves socially with family and extended family as well as establishing the moral, safe and disciplinary behaviors that define them within their family and enable them to thrive with confidence outside the home. By the age of six they have pretty much developed their self esteem.

How is a parent going to make informed decisions regarding issues with their child in the ensuing developmental years if they haven’t personally spent the critical first six years with them? Some children take 8 or 9 years to reach this level. If parents outsourced their responsibility in the first six years then they are not going to recognize their late bloomer that the system tags as ADD or developmentally impaired or whatever. Sad, but it happens all too often.

No matter the level of care provided, Day care and Preschool cannot replace parenting in those formative first six years. Daycare, Preschool, bussing and the NEA all came into prominence in the early 1970’s. Overall Grade school and High School scores have been in decline since then so none of these “enhancements” to education has accomplished the positive outcome promised to us for our children and the nation.

Greg - February 22, 2013

I looked at the summary report regarding the Perry pre-school experiment referenced by President Obama.

1. The study only applies to “low income African American children who were assessed to be at high risk of school failure. You can’t apply this to the general population.
2. Almost all the benefit from this pre-school was significant reductions in overall arrests, violent arrests, property and drug crimes, and subsequent prison or jail sentences. You can’t apply this to the general population. There was little educational benefit.
3. Even in the Perry pre-school experiment, 93% of the benefit only applied to males. There was little benefit to females.

The Perry pre-school study only shows that intervention with African American males in dysfunctional families and communities is beneficial. How could this possibly be extended to the general population???

Robert - February 22, 2013

Adding another year of inadequate schooling to a program that can’t get the job done in K thru 12 sounds like another waste of rsources. Far better the child spends that time in day care or learns from siblings and parents than gets parked for another wasted year in our pathetic education system.

Ruth Teague - February 22, 2013

Government should not provide preschool. Just look at their record with the pathetic public education system and the ineffective Head Start program. We need less Government, not another wasteful Government venture!

Linda Bryan - February 22, 2013

No I don’t think the government should mandate universal preschool especially since it has been proven in two states that it doesn’t increase learning abilities. Of course, if the government knows it won’t be successful, they will probably try to do it.

Sharon Malueg - February 22, 2013

Universal preschool is only a Progressive tactic to insure more money to unions and control the minds of children. I’ve witnessed a decline of our government controlled education since the 1970s with a decline in students ability to read, write and comprehend math. Why are students in 8th grade who only read at 5th grade level allowed to have moved up to 8th grade? Students must be PROFICIENT I reading by third grad or their future is severely impacted. We need to get the Goverent completely out of education.

Eric Jones - February 22, 2013

First off, any government program using the term “Universal” should make anyone suspicious. Government involvement in education should be less, not more. Personally, I think that the programs Georgia and Oklahoma ran proves that individual states can learn from each other without the heavy hand of big brother trying to tell us what is best. Any state that may have been interested in trying such a program can now see actual results and try another approach. This is exactly how the Republic is supposed to work; helping our neighbor states and learning from each others mistakes.

Donna J. Dixon - February 22, 2013

No Federal intervention in preschool. I am for disbanding the Dept of Education. Leave the education of children to the county and state governments close to the children. For 40 years I’ve watched schools chase after the Federal dollars, when they could have spent their own money more wisely and not had so many rules and regulations to comply with. I worked in a Title One program as a school nurse. Even then I was scratching my head about the battle for the dollars.

eudene - February 22, 2013

I am a retired teacher in Oklahoma. We do send our four year olds to public schools. Everyone wants to address the problems in education by having standards increase, requiring more credits, and sending children to school at a younger and younger ages. No one wants to address the real problem, the parents of these students. Education levels will continue to decline until parents really becomne parents. The quality of parenting skills in this country is horrible. We have so many single mothers trying to raise little ones. Fathers that are completely missing. Grandparents that did a lously job of raising their children. Parents that are interested in drinking, drugs, and partying every weekend. Parents that leave children to fend for themselves, watch television, or play video games. Our children are not talked with, played with correctly, or read too. No school can overcome these problems. If you want education to improve get busy training parents. The department of human services adds to the problems. They pamper these young parents and never get to the real problem. Children cannot achieve and excel when parents are missing in action. We have a Parenting Problem, not an education problem. You can love a child and still be a bad parent. That’s the real situation education is in. A two parent home dedicated to raising children with love and care, putting the child’s needs above their own will make a major impact on the child’s success in school. Our 4 year old babies need time at home with a mother that gives them the needed skills to be successful. They need a father ready and willing to talk with, play with, and be the spiritual leader in their family that God called them to be. Judge a nation by the smiles and the laughter of its children.

knowsit - February 22, 2013

Universal, or limitedm Pre-scool programs have been a universal failure wherever implemented, a feel good for first time parents with too much time on their hand,
By third grade all benefits have been eroded.
It is simply free kindergarten at the expense of either younger or older tax payers.

John P. Hughes - February 23, 2013

Liberals are always wanting more money for education. My question, when it comes to education (all levels) starting with and particularly pre-school—Operative word;

WHAT is being taught?!!!

Marxist’s have had their finger prints on our educational systems for years now.

Vernal R Swenson - February 23, 2013

No I am opposed to universal government sponsored preschool. 1. The government is broke, fiscally and operationally. The federal government should not even be in our education system. Education should be run by the state and local government. 2. The two states you gave as examples already proves there is little if any benefit. That is the way the individual state experimental system is supposed to work. Keep the federal government out of it. 3. Studies show there is little if any benefit to the head start program, another one we can’t pay for.

Randal Peterson - February 23, 2013

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think this administration cares whether universal preschool would improve reading or not. They just want another year to indoctrinate these children with progressivism and political correctness. The younger they get them, the easier they are to indoctrinate.

Maynard Robinson - February 23, 2013

I am a father who raised 4 children (2Girls,2Boys) The first 3 children were well adjusted and although they were not the sharpest pencils in the box, they did well in school. They also did not have preschool. The youngest, a boy, had preschool and kindergarten. By the time he reached 3rd grade, he still could not read a Jim and Judy Book. Although he was deemed intelligent he had no learning skills. He could play and sing Jeramia Was A Bullfrog without missing a word, he didn’t have the basic learning skills as his siblings who started school in the first grade. He was lead to believe that school was a continious play ground and grew to manhood with the same ideas as when he was 4 and 5 years old. Preschool is a waste of money and doesn’t teach the students any responsibilties that they need to compete and grow in this world.

Will - February 23, 2013

I believe it just gives the Government one more year to indoctrinate children. Schools need to do a better job educating youths in the 12 plus years they have them. Amish one room schools, like ours a century ago, produce graduates able to run a business or persue a trade in only 8 yrs.

Roland Robertson - February 23, 2013

Emphatic NO to government preschool program!

Serena Rappa - February 23, 2013

It is my experience as a mother of three who sent her one child to 4 year old preschool. He was disenchanted with the school until he reached the second grade. Children need to mature before they are ready to learn. They need to interact with their piers in play first. Most parents today are rushing children into things too fast instead of letting them be children. When this happens they never grow up they are children all their lives. Meaning they don’t want to take responsibility for there own lives and actions.

Calvin Stewart - February 23, 2013

The constitution leaves education to the states. I think the President and all of congress are the ones that need an education.

Jean Bruhn - February 23, 2013

Do not let the govt take over our children.

Katherine McLeister - February 23, 2013

I think it would be a waste of our money! We shouldn’t pay for everyone’s babysitting. It should be up to cities and/or states!

Prefer not to state - February 23, 2013

I am a teacher in Oklahoma. The more I see that parents have turned over their children to the state (government-public schools) in the name of education, the less development I see in the children as competent citizens. I say no to universal preschool.

I also say no because more and more of our children, whose parents are not investing time educating them and encouraging them to learn, are being robbed of their futures. Parents– Wake up and do your job of encouraging learning of all kinds from the day your children are born. This is the way to a strong and innovative people.

A.Barbaro - February 23, 2013

Universal preschool? Scary. We are looking at another avenue to remove our children from the influence of their parents and into the hands of the government.

Leo Deas,111 - February 23, 2013

I don’t think Congress should support this or any other proposed new give away program. We have too many now. Spending is the problem now. Congress, especially Republicans, should stand firm on demanding spending cuts and no tax increases. The House holds the power ove this but I believe the leadership is WEAK. Compromising really is not going to buy votes from the “47%”.

K Foote - February 23, 2013

Lowering the required participation age of children to the new pre-school just gives the government more power to influence what information is taught to our children and removes the parents and their point of view from the children’s heads. What is next? Will the government want to take children from the parents upon birth so they have total control of all information that children learn? Are the American people so weak about our parenting skills that we just are ready to hand our small children over to the government? What happened to childhood and the family?

Timothy J O’Brien - February 23, 2013

A Federal Pre-school program is rediculous. Is this another indoctrination opportunity? The states should be soley responsible for education and let the Countys and districts tatke the primary role of education. We need less federal cgovernement, not more. Its mention is just another vote getting technique for dependant voters.

Michael Maus - February 23, 2013

I think it would be a waste, mostly babysitting. The problem with our education system is that the children of single parent families will underachieve. Children of intact families achieve as well as any nation’s do. We need to stay on message and be persistent about this.

Jerry - February 23, 2013

I believe that the preschool implementation is a direct path to a nanny state where there will be no direct impact on the learning capabilities of a child is impacted. I have read that 85% of the parent(s) have the most impact on the development of a child.

John G. Wells - February 23, 2013

This is just one more bureaucratic opportunity for mismanagement. Government should not be a baby sitter.
It is too expensive and does not enhance education.
Another opportunity for the teachers unions to steal and control.

Lorna Bussie - February 23, 2013

I am against universal preschool! It is another way for the government to indoctrinate our children at an earlier age! Plus it’s expensive and doesn’t work!

nesha - February 23, 2013

I believe that it just a way to control the next generation, taking children from the home at an earlier age teaching them the agenda they want, at the expense of tax payers. Parents are not raising children government is. If we are to recover our country and freedoms we must stop this.

Robert - February 23, 2013

Many Americans consider “pre-school” as a function known as “parenting”. This phenomena may be a concept missing in most of American’s inner-cities so Obama wants tax payers to cover; unfortunately, the inner-city folks are generally not tax payers. So, it’s more free stuff for Negroes.

MBAFBA - February 23, 2013

I don’t think that education is the true intent of this proposed program (nor the existing ones in GA and OK).
Rather it serves as a “free” child care program.
That might not be all bad if it frees up single moms to work. But, if that is the intent then the program needs to be defined as such and measures put in place to insure that it achieves it’s ends.

Ronald Sakowski - February 23, 2013

This is another means by which “the State” can have early access to the minds of our youth in order to promote leftist ideological objectives. Yet another example of how a superficial good has a hidden and sinister purpose.

Kenneth Bittle - February 23, 2013

Just another power grab. Your right it would costly for the American people in taxes. Every thing the goverment lays their hands on never works. My wife has been daycareing in our house for almost 20 year. She has a morning preschool for 1 hour in the morning, and has prepared her childern to enter school very well. the teachers just love her. They always commplement her on how well she does. Just think how it would be if it was goverment run, just THINK I dont even want to.

Fred Wilson - February 23, 2013

We have a lot of data on Head Start. Why would we assume this would have a different outcome? Why do liberals never admit they had a bad idea, their answer is always that we just didn’t spend enough or do enough.

Jean Ronan - February 23, 2013

It’s not Universal Pre-K that is the problem with pre-school – it is what they do in (any) Pre-K that matters. For example, ask Kindergarten teachers about how many errors their students learned in writing their letters there, for example, that they bring to Day 1 to Kindergarten. Instead of “clean slates” who don’t know a thing about writing, but are ready to learn, they bring in reversals, letters drawn bottom to top and right to left, and letters drawn “any which way” that are totally memorized and unreadable by the time they hit Kindergarten. Either teach them right or don’t encourage them to write their names and “stories” before they know ALL their letters correctly. In Fort Plain, NY, they use a writing program where the Universal Pre-K kids go along slowly but learn correctly – and at least don’t establish bad habits that teachers have to try to break in Kindergarten. And that’s just handwriting. Pre-K is only as good as what they do there – it’s never a panacea and kids left home for another year and never touch pen to paper are better off than being in a Pre-K where they encouraged to write their name and stories with improperly drawn letters and learn them to memory and enter Kindergarten saying “I already know how to make that” even though they are making bizarre forms. The devil is in the details. If a school is teaching them right in K, they don’t need Pre-K, and if they are in Pre-K and they are teaching them wrong, or letting them learn “on their own” being “creative” then they are BEHIND when they enter K and have a very long row to hoe, and frustration and poor attitudes develop for very good reasons. Pouring money in the idea that all Pre-K’s are both good and alike or even all “Universal Pre-K’s” are good and alike is ludicrous. All teachers are not the all-caring, all-knowledgeable conquering heroes that the press would make us believe. We all had teachers – let’s face it – some are uncaring and are ignorant of proper methods to teach children or to discipline them and do more harm than good – so some Pre-K teachers fit this profile too. Some teachers, including Pre-K teachers are caring and use proper methods and make Kindergarten teachers happy because few kids with memorized errors enter their Kindergarten and so they are well AHEAD of their peers who were left home with Mom. They enter prepared, ahead, confident and successful from their experience in Pre-K, HAPPY to be in school, confident they can tackle anything thrown at them. Once in a while we should look at the details to find out what is going wrong. Even in Kindergarten it has become the norm to have children start writing in a journal in September although they start teaching “letter of the week” so it won’t be for 26 weeks before they know all their letters. Sort of like the math teacher who allows a kid to memorize 2+2=7 because “I’ll be teaching him correctly later on.” Except this is 2+2=7 times 52 letter forms! Look at the standards – even in NY State, Preschoolers are tasked with knowing “some of their letters” but also tasked with writing passages (along with pictures) – how does anyone in their right mind think that is an intelligent challenge? If I took a course in Japanese writing and after learning a half-dozen letters, the professor told us to write a story about something in Japanese, I would burst out laughing at the ludicrousness of that request, but we do it every single day in almost every single school across this nation, and we wonder why children graduate “barely able to read or write.”

Jim Rowlett - February 23, 2013

Early Child Development, including Headstart, is clearly beneficial. Check the correlation with high school graduation rates and incarceration. Do I want a universal Federal Program? NO. But if money is to be allocated, let each state run their own program. Get off this kick of selective reporting of effectiveness of Headstart. You are wrong.

James W Fritschle - February 23, 2013

The “Head-Start Program” is a complete failure and waist of time, as is the majority of public education systems because they have thrown God out.

Bill Mason - February 23, 2013

Another government attempt to influence the fill their heads with liberal propaganda and find a place for more union teachers.

Karen Chionio - February 23, 2013

This may be one place budgets can be cut. Also look at research on Head Start!

James Wiese - February 23, 2013

NO!! We should NOT allow this universal preschool idea to be implemented. The wasteful spending to fund it may be the smallest thing about it to object to. There is more than sufficient evidence that it is very crucial these young children remain at home in the family environment. This is another in an ongoing series of attempts to destroy the family unit and in so doing allow liberal indoctrination at an even earlier age, furthering the decline of our moral fabric via the breakup of the family unit. The performance of our existing “government schools” is some of the best evidence we have that government doesn’t do much right. Let them stick to our national defense and get their nose out of our personal lives!

Michael Barbuck - February 23, 2013

No! Besides the cost with little or no benfits some people would view this as another entitlement and would use it as a baby sitting service. And how long would it take for the federal government to set rules so that they can start teaching their liberal ideas.

Vern Eaton - February 23, 2013

The real intent is to begin Progressive indoctrination earlier in our children’s lives. It should be opposed in every possible way.

Jim Thompson - February 23, 2013

Another example of liberal spending to enable parents to
shuck their responsibilities of raising children. Preparing them for school where they will be students.

Barb Hail - February 23, 2013

Since we have a 16 trillion dollar debt heading toward 20 if we do not stop the insane spending, borrowing, and printing of money, I strongly suggest we find ways to cut spending and please stop the huge WASTE in every department of the Federal Government.

George Warren - February 23, 2013

We don’t need Obama Government Universal Preschool. My wife and I sent (1978) our daughter to Private Preschool at a United Presbyterian Church when she was three-in-half, she loved going there, three times a-week and loved the Teachers. The cost to send her there was easy for us to handle $25.00 a MONTH.
My daughter was reading & writing by the time she got to Kindergarden Public School. I must say, that my wife and I did help her with her schooling too and supported her through Boston University and Brooklyn, New York Law… She is a Lawyer for a Law Firm in NYC and doing well. To the many thanks of many wonderful helpful people…
Sincerely Her Dad, George

Ronald Brown - February 23, 2013

Preschool is nothing more than indoctrination of our young impressionable children with the liberal agenda.

Sara Jane Cranston - February 23, 2013

Absolutely not! The federal government should not be involved with education at all. Give them our pre-schools
and that is just more government control of the minds of our children. It would also destroy the many church and
Christian preschools that exist around the country. We have far too may rules and regulations for our schools already. Not all children have the same ability; that is one reason “no child left behind” will never work.
A child’s education should be the responsibility of the parents.
Over 40 years ago I could see and read what was happening in public schools. Consequently, my husband and I helped to start a Christian so that our 5 children would not be influenced by the public school. ( I taught four years in public school before our first child was born.) Today all 5 are married with families and not one of our 19 grandchildren attended public school. Our whole family is still very conservative due the influence of the parents and grandparents.
I praise the Lord daily!

sam jones - February 23, 2013

I say no to this universal preschool system I say impeach this dam president and if congress acts to support this they should be thrown out office enough is enough already

Elisabeth Hall - February 23, 2013

I think free preschool is just another move toward free daycare, like full day kindergarten was. That taxes families with stay at home mothers to pay for someone else’s daycare.

Bev Kraft - February 23, 2013

I do not think we should pay for any child to go to pre-aschool. that is “parents” responsibility not the givernment!!! NO one helped me with a babysitter when I had to work nor did they help me pay for pre-school. It is absolutely terrible what this President is trying to do to “change” this country into socialism!

Jeff Yetter - February 23, 2013

Sure, why NOT help parents sub out more of their responsibilities to the nanny state? Why NOT allow further incursion of the federal beauracracy into our inmost existence?
And foremost, with an impeccable track record like the dept of ed, why not just hand over the newborn directly into their professional hands for complete programming, so that the last shred of potentially independant, deductive, and rational reasoning disappears forever?
The toal exsanguination of our country is in sight.

scott - February 23, 2013

Congress should stop funding the Dept. of Education and send that money to the states to use to their benefit and get cutting more waste out of my tax dollars! Dept. of Energy come to mind?

Holly Chapo - February 23, 2013

Pre-school programs as well as Head Start have not produced any ositive results. Ergo, they are a waste of money. Universal pres-school is one more government scheme that will weigh heavily on the taxpayers’ pocketbooks and is a power grab by an already overly large federal government. It is an example of a Marxist principle to strip the family of power and to indoctrinate the young into the belief system.
Congress needs to get a backbone and to reject any such plan.

Donald Larkin - February 23, 2013

Can we afford universal preschool ???

Lori T Cramer - February 23, 2013

this country does not have the financial capability to support a mandatory preschool system. This proposal reeks of a Hitler state where children are taken out of their homes at an early age and indoctrinated by government run schools. taking children from their parents at an early age when they need to learn love, respect, kindness, manners and the basics of family is a dangerous act. Children need to learn how to socialize and become caring, respectful persons before they are capable of institutionalized learning. Home needs to be the first classroom.

Education That Works - February 23, 2013

The Federal Government has no business in preschool education. It should be left to local public and private schoolboards. There are some programs proven to be succesful. These should be documented with best practices and available to all school boards to see what may apply to each schools situation. Keep the Federal bureaucrats out of preschool education. In fact it would be better to keep the Federal Government out of education period!

Peregrine - February 23, 2013

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Do we want that hand to be a socialist government or a parent?

Marilyn Wootton - February 23, 2013

I am opposed to government preschool as it is too much like Germany prior to World War II. Children are very pliable at an early age and should be parented to grow and learn by their parents. We do not need the government to indoctrinate our children.

Joan Hamblin - February 23, 2013

We absolutely should not establish a federal program for international preschool education. Education should be the responsibility of each state. Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given the right or responsibility to meddle in education. The second Bush was wrong in expanding that program. Obama is wrong in seeking to expand it.
I taught in a school in Texas where they did not even have Kindergarten, let along preschool! I had from 34 to 38 students in my class. They learned to read with a wonderful phonics program (and me).

Kimberly Pinckney - February 23, 2013

As a PreK- 4th grade certified teacher, I have seen the inside view and it is very expensive to operate a PreK classroom and the “regulations” on it are ridiculous. There isn’t any proof that it makes for a better student, and it is too early to “diagnose” and early learning problems. The kids just need to be kids and allowed to enjoy being young….not engaged too early to ” grow up”.

Kimberly Pinckney - February 23, 2013

No…Universal Head Start doesn’t work…it is free daycare for parents who do not want to take care of their kids, for the majority. Now..in some instances they get better treatment at Head Start than at home…but the govt. can’t fix that….we have some parents are just not taking responsiblity for their kids. You can’t “make” parents love or take care of their children. So…what do you with the parents? Can’t legislate that !!

Sharilee Roper - February 23, 2013

This sounds like the first steps to taking children away from parents and raising them in large facilities while indoctrinating them to believe in the government that brainwashes them. Hitler succeeded in a similar though faster moving endeavor while putting parents to work in war making factories as the reason kids had to be taken away from their homes. Need I say more? Then there is the large “volunteer youth corps” under Obama with claims of such innocent-sounding needs: to be prepared in emergency situations. . . . I don’t trust the present administration. I am over 75 and know from history to be wary. . .

Eric O - February 24, 2013

Thank God my wife is home-schooling our three boys.
They all have a great love of reading, and my four year-old has been reading exceptionally well since before he turned four, and now easily reads better than many eight or ten year-olds.
I encourage all parents who are able to consider home-schooling their children. I also encourage you to read the collective writings of John Taylor Gatto, especially “The Underground History of American Education” and “Dumbing Us Down”.

Gary Kanady - February 24, 2013

Let the states implement universal preschool if they want it. That is not, however an authorized function of the federal government under the U.S. Constitution.

Natalie Johnson - February 24, 2013

I do not believe children should be taken from their parents at such an early age.It would be one way for the government to control their thinking.
I also do not think it would increase their ability in learning.
It also would be too expensive especially since we as a country are deeply in debt and continue to borrow money to pay for outrageous programs and fund billions to foreign nations.

David Winter - February 24, 2013

Absolutely not! Public education is not doing a good job now, why expand it?

I believe the right fix is to implement a system of education that allows the money to follow the student with parents making the choice as to how their children get educated. Put education into a free market competition model. If parents want private school or church school or home school or online school for their kids, they should not be penalized.

Linda Nolan - February 24, 2013

Since it has been shown that gov’t funded preschool doesn’t improve educational outcomes (which should be the only reason for demanding universal preschool), one can only assume the reasons the gov’t wants to get involved in preschools is twofold: 1) It is a backdoor approach to gov’t funded daycare and 2) it becomes a vehicle whereby the gov’t. can start indoctrinating our children even earlier than Kindergarten. This is definitely not something we want the gov’t involved in, especially given the fact that the gov’t does so many things so poorly and at exorbitant costs. The taxpayers cannot afford this!

Henry Hansmann - February 24, 2013

Do not advocate Congress to support universal preschool. This is a very bad project that does nothing to help students and probably will hurt them with some liberal indoctrination. It will also add to Obama’s bulging government spending!

debbiebenoit - February 24, 2013

Do not support the pre K school…I worked as an RN for a new idea in the 60’s called Headstart..to give children an advantage for Kindergarten…It made no difference in their preparedness for school..what needs to be addressed is the parenting…these children are emotionally deprived..they do not have parent (s) who guide and help them…they live in the nether world….sad, sad…the single family is a loser for the most part..children need a mother and a father to help them become responsible adults…and that is lacking in our society today…cut out all the freebies..cut out the welfare programs..it does not work..debbie

james - February 24, 2013

NO! What business does the fed gov have in any education? they should stick to what they are supposed to do, foreign affairs, the military. they are way too big and controlling as it is and fed funding would mean fed control of what is taught, we all know the skewed idealogy of the left controlled school system, why give them any more opportunity to brainwash the population

Barb - February 24, 2013

I taught More at Four – free babysitting and meals, and the unfortunate circumstance that the kids go right back to their “disadvantaged” home. That means: kids have a single Mom with a bunch of kids, and/or no Dad in the picture, often in jail (plus they don’t get all the bennies if they are married), sometimes Mom is in jail, almost all minorities, many extreme behavior issues – and after all that NO educational benefit has been shown. Nonsense!

Marlene Stubler - February 24, 2013

Isn’t this universay preschool similar to what Hitler did to the children of Germany to gain control of their minds. It doesn’t even have a “positive” track record. It’s just another way to continue taking this country down the road to financial ruin.

Theresa - February 24, 2013

This is another BAD IDEA of President Obama’s. Kindergarten is early enough to start school. Statistics reveal that children who attend preschool fall behind their peers by the time they reach the third grade with some it is sooner than the third grade. This program is not for education, but for indoctrination of children at an earlier and earlier age.

Paula - February 24, 2013

My God, what is the matter with parents?? Why on earth would they throw their kids into the hands of strangers, trusting the government to form and mold and educate their dear children? I am blown away by this. I spent every day with my kids age 0-5 years. Yes, we found a 3-half-days/week preschool, but even the good ones are overrated. If you can’t afford it, skip it! Visualize reading to your kids yourself!! In my generation, no one attended preschool and we were smarter than kids today! Here’s an original idea–be with your children! Raise them! Have fun with them, love them, don’t miss it. It is pure magic! Kids learn more by being one-on-one with mom and siblings than they ever could in any preschool, but a government preschool is simply a vile idea. This is code for government day care. It’s sick.

Chris Denning - February 25, 2013

This is an example of abdicating our responsibilities to “experts” who are not experts at all and have no long term stakes in the outcome of children’s behavior, beliefs, or spiritual health. Universal preschool would make sending our two- to three-year-olds out of the home and parental direction an expected action just as sending them off to school is now. The government wants our children’s allegiance and we gullibly hand them right over.

Mark - February 25, 2013

This program is already set up in most states as the ” Headstart Program ” Turned out to be just a baby sitting service. Who knew ???!!!

Allen Johnson - February 25, 2013

Should be decided by states and local governments, not the federal government.

Stephen - February 25, 2013

Just ANOTHER idiotic idea to waste money.

Sylvia Wilson - February 25, 2013

I think Mary Jane is absolutely correct! I believe it is nothing but a baby sitting sevice that we cannot afford. We are giving too many handouts to people who don’t appreciate them, but expect them as their due.

Pamela Welsh - February 25, 2013

Absolutely not! I read the recent article on the abysmal failure of the 50 year Head Start Program. Why should this be any different? It’s will be a glorified nursery/daycare program of wealth-redistribution and indoctrination.

James Gillespie - February 25, 2013

WHERE, in The Constitution of The United States of America, is there ANY mention of “The People” providing “the people” ANY government mandated education?
I’m a citizen of Georgia. I hear, almost daily, how dismal the Georgia high school graduation rate is. The majority of successful students have one thing in common, parent(s) who are involved with their children. Can the government mandate parenting? Government mandated pre-school sort of relinquishes THAT responsibility, doesn’t it?

Linda - February 25, 2013

It’s a terrible idea on its own merit. But even if it were a great idea…how would we pay for it? “Those people” in Washington, DC need to STOP SPENDING MONEY!

peggy blackwelder - February 25, 2013

glorified babysitting, i agree and probably a new way to push government propaganda improve the schools we already have it should take less not more time for educating kids by 10th grade they could be doing technical training for certain jobs and graduate ready to work

Barb - February 25, 2013


First hand comparison between children attending “Head Start” program and children attending a private church run pre-school program- the kids from “Head Start” were further behind and barely met the standards (educational and social) to enter Kindergarten. The children that attended the private church run preschool were much more advance and more than met the standards (both educational and social) to enter kindergarten.

My personal opinion is that the teachers- if you could call them that, were nothing more than a babysitters that just watched the children and did not interact with them and very little interactions/involvement with the parents.

Three reasons for this not being successful – 1) most of the parents are not involved with their children’s education that attended the Head Start Program, there was no reinforcement or follow up with the teachers to hold them accountable. 2), as a parent and grand parent who was involved with their children’s education I found that any involvement from the parents/grandparents was not welcomed and it was difficult to ensure any accountability from the staff. 3) it is free- taken for granted and is expected as a hand out- entitlement- that leads the parents expectations that their child is being taught (and they don’t have to do it) at the same time a free babysitting service. So who is to blame?

Cy - February 25, 2013

We give them free breakfast,free lunch,free dinner,free this,free that–may as well give them free babysitting service too! Just wondering, do any of these kids have actual functioning parents?

Toni Baugher - February 26, 2013

Headstart has been a failure, full of corruption and misappropriation of funds and unqualified teachers. The impact on the young is minimal and I believe it only encourages irresponsibility in parents. Plus, liberals will brainwash young minds with their socialist ideology at the expense of citizens.

Tomie Knight - February 26, 2013

Absolutely not! We are trying to take childraising out of the home where it needs to be. Parents are the best ones to raise and nurture their children. Pre-school years are some of the most formative years for children…they need the loving guidance of parents and family members, not more time away from home where they may be indoctrinated with someone else’s values or lack of values. Funds would pretty much be wasted as well.

Devismes Lee - February 26, 2013

Having started & taught a pre-Kindergarten class this spending is ridiculous…It would be more beneficial to really zero in on 1st grade thur 3 rd grade…This is where a child learns basics….Reading, writing ( not texting ) and arithmetic…Forget pre-school!

Bill Sr - February 26, 2013

The evidence indicates that this is likely a new waste of taxpayer money! I think education is super important to our country BUT I also think we should NOT be starting new programs OR expanding existing ones until we get our fiscal house in order. Burying us in more debt is insane!

Lady Liberty - February 26, 2013

If we are to deny God and pursue a one world socialist government, then we need a universal, government controlled pre-school.

George Cleveland - February 27, 2013

The only thing a universal preschool would accomplish is an earlier indoctrination into liberalism.

Gin - March 2, 2013

Universal pre-school is just another liberal idea to start
indoctrinating our children at an earlier age. If we supposedly are
already short of money to run grades 1 through 12. Our children are
already falling short of acedemic knowledge compared to some other
countries. Do we need more federal government interference? The
price of a college education is out-of-sight. Pre-school would not
be a good program.

Don Etheredge - March 9, 2013

Universal pre-school is much more than babysitting. It is desired by socialists to teach socialism to young children. That is their only purpose. This has nothing to do with what we consider education…..but to a socialist, that is the only important education…..to plant the seed in children’s minds that they must serve the government all the days of their lives and ignore God.

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