A startling lack of accountability inside the IRS should make Americans reconsider the effects of a large and intrusive government. As The Heritage Foundation’s John Von Kannon writes, “even after the current scandal is cleaned up, the IRS’s built-in bureaucratic problems will remain.”

Revelations that the IRS unfairly targeted conservative organizations reveal a disturbing lack of accountability and oversight inside the agency. This takes on even greater significance given the expanded power the IRS was granted to implement and oversee key parts of Obamacare.

In a recent report, Heritage’s Christopher Jacobs points out that:

Obamacare contains what the Treasury’s inspector general called “the largest set of tax law changes in 20 years.” Obamacare is so complex that auditors cannot agree on how many provisions the IRS is charged with implementing. The GAO wrote that the IRS “has responsibilities in the implementation of 47” provisions, while the Treasury inspector general concluded that “at least 42 provisions of Obamacare add to or amend the Internal Revenue Code.” Regardless, the law’s massive changes led the IRS’s National Taxpayer Advocate to worry in 2010—well before the current scandal became public—that she was “concerned about [the IRS’s] ability to administer the new health care credits and penalty taxes in a fair and compassionate way.”

This concern is justified. The IRS has a lot of explaining to do. The scandal raises serious questions about the IRS’ ability to handle its additional powers under Obamacare. The tax code is already too complicated to fairly administer, and Obamacare will make these problems worse.

Do you think the IRS’ powers should be limited, or do you think they should be expanded as Obamacare requires?

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glynnda - May 31, 2013

I think the IRS should be shut down. The fairtax along with the repeal of the 16th amendment would do that. The discussion is not whether the IRS should be involved in O-Care implementation but rather the question should be how do we defund and subsequently completely repeal Obamacare.

glynnda - May 31, 2013

Next in line for such action…..EPA….it is no secret that they are also guilty of harassing those who oppose the current administration.

Marsha Davis - May 31, 2013

The IRS should be limited in this regard.
Also, the IRS needs to made smaller and less invasive in all areas.

Dwimby - May 31, 2013

Clearly, the time has come to begin to dismantle the IRS. It has become an American version of the KGB. The time is now.

cecil shuffler - May 31, 2013

IRS should not be involved in any manner with Obama Care.

Lea. Shepard - May 31, 2013

The IRS powers should not only be limited but the IRS should not have any enforcement powers over Obamacare. Repeal Obamacare.

Etelvina R. Patmas - May 31, 2013

Freeze Hiring
Remove Obamacare Control/Responsibility
TAX REFORM – Flat Tax to all earners

Chuck Dreyer - May 31, 2013

Whatever was in the mind of those who, even for a minute, thought that the IRS was the agency to impliment ObamaCare? Oh, never mind…

W. Roginski - May 31, 2013

Absolutely not! Last I heard they had over 125,000 persons auditing us and business. Let’s go to a flat tax and eliminate the IRS and also many other departments choking off Americas’s growth.

Ronald F. Meyer - May 31, 2013

I say a whole new tax code either by sales tax or a flat tax.
Than get rid of the IRS. Obama wants to turn the Obama Care program over to the IRS which will give him control of the government and insure he becomes our dictator.

Lawrence Spoljaric - May 31, 2013

The IRS should be abolished and a new method of smaller government funding/taxation instituted.

Virginia Vanden Bosch - May 31, 2013

No country that is free has, or should have, an “enforcer” arm that answers to no one. The IRS equals the administration’s personal destroyer. Please take this opportunity to push replacing our present tax system. Don’t get hung up fighting over flat tax or fair tax. Any system is better than the 76,000 page tax code we have now.

C.Hoffman - May 31, 2013

Repeal the 16th amendment. Repeal the affordable care act..

Richard Locke - May 31, 2013

Very scary to think they are the managers of Obamacare. It in it self is a bad bad bill. Maybe now we can drop the whole healthcare bill and start over….in 3 years with more thought involved than control people. Glynda is right, EPA next! Not only guilty of harrasment but guilty of not allowing us to be an economic power house we once were. ,

BettyD - May 31, 2013

First thing is to eliminate obamacare but that’s not going to happen in time to prevent implementation this coming October. I think the IRS should be overhauled – top to bottom. For how many decades has the IRS spread its tenacles until now it has become a monster, a political hatchet. Since the Supreme Court ruled that penalties under Obamacare are a tax I can see how the IRS was tapped for collecting insurance information. But for the IRS to have our tax and health information is chilling. A better way would have been to have a separate, independent agency track insurance information. What’s one more govenment agency?

Bill Starnes - May 31, 2013

We need to move decisively and quickly, but also with caution. Huge changes can bring many unseen complications. First, we need all those involved in the recent IRS scandal to be removed from their employment in any sector of government. Next, all of their supervisors should get the same treatment. Following that, a 15% reduction in all IRS employees every year until a better system can be implemented. No vacancies that occur for any reason should be filled. As to obamacare, the House should not pass funding for any portion of that monstrosity. I dont care what Judge Roberts, or anyone else, has to say, how is a tax on something I do not own, rent or purchase Constitutional?

Donn Gunter - May 31, 2013

Repeal Obama and Obamacare. They are both dangerous to our well being.

Valerie Contini - May 31, 2013

Do away with the IRS and go to a flat tax. Repeal or refuse to fund Obama Care.

Wanda Altom - May 31, 2013

After all that has happened with the IRS targeting conservative groups as well as other groups opposed to the present Administration, the IRS should not be trusted to enforce Obamacare. In fact, I think the IRS should be shut down completely, and Obamacare should be repealed!

Moraclavian - May 31, 2013

I think the IRS should be eliminated altogether in favor of a FAIR or a FLAT taxing system that would not require an oversight bureaucracy.
With respect to Obamacare, since they are still trying to find out what’s in it (and noone seems to know for sure), it should be entirely REPEALED and replaced with something organized by INTELLIGENT people (including health-care professionals). It should not be the largest tome on the planet and it should be able to be explained by its creators in simple, everyday language.
It should also NOT cover ‘illegals’ and people who are NOT U.S. citizens. It probably shouldn’t assume to cover EVERYONE unless there is a means of providing more doctors.

HENRY HANSEN - May 31, 2013

The IRS should not be connected in any way with Obamacare it should not be implemented at all. I would llike to see obamacare defunded and repealed

William Pfeifer - May 31, 2013

Get rid of the IRS, institute a simpler tax system, period.

L. C. - May 31, 2013

I think the IRS should be shut down. The Fair Tax plan along with the repeal of the 16th amendment would do that. We need to eliminate Obamacare that the President rammed down our throats with the people saying, no!

Dr. C. Muldrow - May 31, 2013

We need to defund the IRS from implementing Obamacare and biased bullying of conservative groups. A simplified tax code would reduce favoritism by political groups.

Since many states realize they cannot afford the exchanges, we should repeal obamacare. This abomination favors law beakers over retired people who have padi in to this system for decades.

Patrick Guire - May 31, 2013

The IRS certainly should not be trusted with additional responsibilities and authority, especially ObamaCare, under this President.
Thinking of the IRS, our Congress must be persuaded that retention of their job depends upon their radical revision of their “rotten” (excessively complicated and unfair) tax code. How about a Flat income tax; the Fair Tax seems unfair for retirees who have already paid income tax on the money they have saved for retirement spending.

Marie Padget - May 31, 2013

As I draw ever nearer to old age, it scares me to death that the IRS would have anything to do with health insurance. Get rid of Obamacare and start over Mr. President

Paul - May 31, 2013

Institute a reasonable National Sales Tax exempting groceries and prescriptions. Bingo, you’re done with the intrusive bully, the IRS.

Diane Winston - May 31, 2013

Give them more power!!! are you kidding?? They have entirely too much now.

James Pogue - May 31, 2013

I do not trust this administration, too many lies, criminal acts and corruption throughout. The liberal democrats are an infestation of socialism/Marxism.

Albert P. Bushey - May 31, 2013

The only difference between the IRS and Hitler’s Gestapo is the black uniforms worn by the Gestapo. The tactics and methodalogy are the same. Like many other bureaucracies of our federal government should GO!

J. Jones - May 31, 2013

Obamacare managed by the IRS? No way!! The question is, “who is going to jail?” after this last fiasco. Somebody should for them to even continue in their present role.


Kristine - May 31, 2013

It is time to abolish the IRS***and move on to take the power out of the hands of the regulatory agencies.

Don Peter - May 31, 2013

This entire thing is a disaster authored by those who are functionally incompetent and ideologically driven in a way that is grave threat to our Consitutional rights and the rule of law itself. When a government decides for itself which laws to enforce and which laws to not enforce then they have eviscerated the balance of power wisely instituted by our Founders. The IRS (and those who direct them) cannot be trusted to administer ObamaCare. But ObamaCare itself is a disaster

Sharilee Roper - May 31, 2013

IRS should be shut down altogether and states should administer the federal taxes on a very simple taxation table that stops illegals from collecting money for 23 children, most of which are in Mexico. ANYONE with a little common sense and training in economics and accounting could figure out a simple tax code and just how to administer it fairly, and definitely not the federal gov’t or its bureaucrats doing the program at all. We can’t trust IRS to be fair or even competent to handle their jobs, and they have no idea what to do with Obamacare’s million rules, so Congress needs to get rid of both.

cheryl - May 31, 2013

This Whitehouse has made a mockery of this Country and seems to think we are all idiots.
The IRS should stay out of all things and cut off from these programs. Obamacare is a joke.
We need to overturn what this President and his gang has done. Congress needs to do their job or lose them.
As Dwimby said “Clearly the time has come……”.

Betty Bohan - May 31, 2013

Repeal Obamacare, put Holder in jail and impeach Obama for Fast and Furious, Bengahzi, IRS Scandal, and the suppression of Media. We need to take back,our Country.


Ellen - May 31, 2013

The IRS should be abolished. It is so corrupt that shutting it down is the only remedy.

John Heil - May 31, 2013

why add responsibility (OBAMACARE) when the irs is unable to handle their task at hand. another department which will need more people without representation at the top. do the audit on the irs and really find out about all the other things that are incorrect.

marilynn - May 31, 2013

No IRS, No Obamacare. Period!!

Marcia Duren - May 31, 2013

Letting IRS handle our health care is like turning a fox loose in the hen house. LUDICROUS.
DUREN MAY 31, 2013

Shirley - May 31, 2013

Well we know this and what are we going to do Just talk about it.

Steven Rankens - May 31, 2013

Abolish the IRS! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Flat/Fair tax and term limits! Why on earth would we want the IRS in charge of Obutthead-care, when they were targeting conservatives, after the 2010 mid term elections. It’s very clear that Obuttwad and his cronies can’t handle anyone who opposses him. Congress has the power to strip, dismantle, or abolish the IRS. American’s have had enough lying and misleading from this administration, cut them off at the ankles!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Noble - May 31, 2013

Nothing short of abolishing the IRS will alleviate the its oppressive power and focused intimidation. Doing away with the current tax code and replacing it with a measure as direct at the “fair tax” may lower this nation’s “blood pressure.”

John Smith - May 31, 2013

The purpose of the IRS is supposed to be handling taxes, not health. The courts can call Obamacare a tax all they want, but I see a health care system that discriminates against political affiliation in the near future.

There is evidence that the IRS is corrupt since this scandal broke out. If the politicians in DC want to prove that they are ‘for the people’, they would take the IRS’s power away and threaten to impeach Obama if he refuses to repeal Obamacare.

Don’t forget, politicians! We are smart enough to know what you are doing and can take your power away if needed. Choose us or your ‘precious Obama’. He’ll be gone within a few years.

Rick - May 31, 2013

Abolish the IRS, EPA, Dept of Education.
Flat tax only.
Defund Obamacare at every turn.

Kathy S - May 31, 2013

The IRS must be abolished, along with the 16th Amendment! The development of the IRS was supposed to be a temporary measure following the Civil War as a means to pay war expenses – it was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1894, by Woodrow Wilson in 1913 with the addition of the 16th amendment….so it would stand up to Constitutional scrutiny. I have to agree with Glynnda – it is waaaay overdue for this country to go to a flat tax – 9% across the board for every single tax-payer & eliminate the IRS completely! Once everyone is paying a much lower tax rate, there will be no need for all the deductions everyone has become so attached to. The only tax deduction I can potentially see keeping is the one for charities, but even that is questionable in my mind.

Rhonda - May 31, 2013

The Irs needs to be done away with. Eveeryone of the idiots in the IRS are cooked, just like the WH. They give no money to the Federal Government so they need to be done away and just dissolve the IRS completley. We do not need them at all and they sure do not need to be over our health ins. These people are headed up by Obama and he will make them do anything and everything and he needs to be fired and all of them need to be put in jail.

Barb - May 31, 2013

The IRS should be eliminated. No department of the government should have so much power and free of any oversight, answering to no one. Throw out the existing tax law and replace with a simple one written in plain english that any one could read and understand. Obama Care should be repealed completely.

bewogen - May 31, 2013

I helped send the crowd to D.C. when we had thousands there protesting the signing of Obamacare. You see our illustrious Congressmen passed it anyway. Well they are just as likely to let the IRS police and enforce it now that we have it. It would be easier that, for Congress, and they could care less about us.

Donald Peters - May 31, 2013

America had one of the best health care systems in the world and Obama Care is destroying it and needs to be completely removed from our great country. The IRS would make Obama Care even worse for all Americans. America is now living under Tyranny from the Obama Administration. The IRS should be shut down and Obama should be Impeached before America is completely destroyed.

Jeanette R. Christie - May 31, 2013

The I.R.S. is clearly out of control and practicing tyranny. The I.R.S. is the very last organization in the USA that should have any connection whatsoever to Obamacare – which in itself must be overturned and abolished. The I.R.S. must also be abolished A.S.A.P. and replaced with a manageable Flat Tax Organization which has absolutely no political ties, and definitely no ties to the White House – no matter who is the President.

Jeanette – May 31, 2013

Agnes Tillerson - May 31, 2013

The IRS should never be allowed to have any voice/ collective power or enforcement in Obamacare. We are now seeing the invasion by this agency into personal lives/organizations based on religious preference, constitutional preference etc.Such invasion is despotic and must never be put into IRS job descriptions or in the agency By-Laws. If this agency cannot function as separate from the Executive Branch, then establish a Fair Tax and get rid of the IRS. Anyone who is suspected of biased/scandalous behavior should NEVER be allowed to collect benefits and pay while on ” administrative leave”.

Nancy Walle - May 31, 2013

I am a professional tax preparer who is an Enrolled Agent. I have been doing taxes for 29 years and, along with many, many others in my profession, agree strongly that this is the WORST IRS we have ever seen and dealt with in representing our clients. We are spending MANY extra working hours because of the delays and incompetence we have seen increase over the last 3 years. AND we don’t get paid for these hours either. We shudder to think that the worst is still yet to come. Our clients are very strongly expressing their FEAR about what is yet to come.

Charles Helm - May 31, 2013

As far as I’m concerned, it’s time for the current Administration, including IRS, to be turned upside down and turned inside out, the objective being to eliminate the current radicals and ex-criminals running this country like Chicago crime bosses. I can’t believe that they believe they can do anything that comes to mind without fearing any punitive repercussions. It’s time that they be removed.

Mark - May 31, 2013

The IRS and the Federal Reserve both need to be shut down since they are related. The IRS powers are unlimited in repossession, regulation, etc., and the Federal Reserve printing presses have destroyed the value of our dollar and manipulated markets with price fixing schemes. Talk about a Ponzi scheme. A fair tax system would be the way to go so long as it’s fair. In my own opinion the government should stay out of personal affairs such as health care, education, etc., these decisions should be handled by the states.

Paula - May 31, 2013

Iliminate the IRS. Tax reform is needed ASAP by implementing a flat tax for all, defund/repeal O’Care and insist on consequences for those who implemented the “policy” of targeting groups who don’t tow the progressive line. It’s about time this administration be held accountable. I feel I live in a dictatorship run country. And another thought……………. Is anyone looking into the EPA? They’re no different than the IRS. Time to shut them down and hold them accoutable for tying the hands of this country. I pray people wake up and recognize what’s happening and start demanding change!.

Nancy - May 31, 2013

Get the employee’s union out of the federal government.
Do not under estimate the impact of this cancerous organization.

Vera - May 31, 2013

The IRS must have extreme limited power and Should stay out of the health care business. There far reaching power has already put this country in danger of their 1st Amendment rights and infringed on the people 9th Amendment, the right not to interfere with their right to do business as I understand it.

Mary Sill - June 1, 2013

Why is there not firing and impeachment for the kind of power abuse that is typical of this administration? Our constitutional rights have been trampled and abused by the actions of this regime with the DOJ, IRS, and STATE DEPT. regarding answering and truth in the coverups and lies to insulate the pres. There is no way the IRS should in their bias and dishonesty have our very health and lives in their hands!!!

Ted & Sally Van Beek - June 1, 2013

Repealing Obama Care and replacing the tax codes with a flat tax would go a long way toward resolving the US fiscal problems.

Jules Gilpatrick - June 1, 2013

The IRS needs to be abolished and a new tax agency, administering a simple and completely revised tax code, (I personally favor a flat tax rate for all taxpaying entities)
that is as resistant to manipulation by those with the power to do so, put in its place. There is no excuse for 76,000 pages of tax regulations and no excuse for an agency of the government with such vast powers that may still be manipulated to the ends of the party in power. This entire fiasco exposes once and for all how useless and inefficient IRS has become except as a preeminent grand repository of unprecedented Jackbooted thugism. It must be eliminated for the good of America.

Jules Gilpatrick - June 1, 2013

The very concept of a health care program administered by any government is an abomination to a country such as ours. Health care is not in the purview of a government founded on the principles that its citizens possess the maximum freedom and liberty needed by them to provide for themselves. All the compassion needed by Americans is already well established in current law. Anyone in need of heath care in America will get it, even if they cannot pay for it.

The silly idea that a pauper deserves the same care as the wealthiest among us simply because he exists is beyond stupid. There are plenty of adequate entities already established to provide effective health care for anyone who needs it, regardless of income or ability to pay.

The final upshot of such schemes as Obamacare is not to provide health care but to enforce vast powers to control people. People who spend a lifetime indulging themselves in alcohol, tobacco, drugs and food and who suffer the physical consequences of doing so do not deserve any health care they cannot pay for themselves…not in America, anyway, which already protected their right to put themselves in the shape they are in.

The entire philosophy on which America was founded is ultimately dependent on personal responsibility for oneself, not on any requirement that the able and responsible provide for those who choose not to be able and responsible.

James. J. Pecora - June 1, 2013

First, the IRS must be defunded and shut down. The recent exposé of the corruption is and has been a systemic problem with this agency. Second, there is no “fixing” this gang of unaccountable and ruthless political hacks, hellbent on ruining the lives of American citizens. We would do better with a Fair or Flat tax than maintaining an agency bloated by corruption.

Randy Tucker - June 1, 2013

The IRS should be DOA tomorrow — at least by Flag Day, June 14th!!
Since the Federal income began 100 years ago it has been a major way of the socialists’ redistributing Americans’ wealth.
Congress, STOP IT NOW — please!!

John G. WElls - June 1, 2013

We need a flat tax for all taxpayers. No exceptions. Eliminate the IRS and Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). This is all about control. Heaalthcare will be diminished even more that it is now. We will be under the control of politicians and bureaucrats. This can never work to the benefit of the American people.

Mary K. Ferguson - June 1, 2013

I agree, Repeal Obamacare. Mary

Richard Hoeth - June 1, 2013

It’s obvious that the IRS and other government agencies have exceeded their authority, so why would we give them MORE power and enable them to have enforcement powers with respect to our healthcare?? Not only should steps be taken to keep that bureaucracy in line, ie. They were formed to serve the public, not vice-versa, but this is a crystal clear illustration of why we need tax reform….and not just a flat tax, but limitations on this and any other agency with the power to interfere with people’s rights (just because those in power at the time don’t happen to agree with their pledge to support, rather than deny, rights granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

field retterer - June 1, 2013

What do we need to do NOW to insure that the IRS does not attempt to implement Obamacare? How do we defund the IRS? I agree that the IRS must be dismantled. How do we do this short of violence against taxpayer paid employees? We know that Congress will not do it.

maria priebe - June 1, 2013

IRS,EPA, OBAMACARE should be shut down and defunded. The flat tax should be installed.

Frank - June 1, 2013

The IRS has no business in collecting Health Care payments and fines The Political system in our country is to corrupt which would allow favoritism to those who are politically correct. Honesty and efficiency are unknown words to those who are in charge of the many departments of state.

Anthony - June 1, 2013

The IRS is the policeman behind “Taxpayer voluntary Taxation”. In essence this is laudable; after all Fair is Fair, You do need a cop to make sure all are playing pretty. As humans, we tend to be less than perfect, even venal…The IRS is there to make sure all are paying their fair share and not cheating. Now, if the IRS loses the confidence of the the people by abusing its powers of impartiality, then the penalty for such transgression is clear. Lose confidence in IRS assigned mission, lose viability as an entity.

The IRS, by its own actions, has given cause to the proper authorities, the People, to eliminate the entity as a viable entity. The IRS MUST cease to exist because of its actions.

Ron Yowell - June 1, 2013

It must be stopped, any way that can be dreamed up.

Lori T Cramer - June 1, 2013

The IRS should NOT be allowed anywhere near Obamacare. I believe Obamacare should be abolished and if that cannot be accomplished, the IRS should not be allowed to be anywhere near or any part of it. I believe the entire IRS should be totally dismantled and abolished. No government agency should have the power that this agency has over the people in any free society.

Barbara Boyle - June 1, 2013

A flat tax or something similar should cut down the size of the IRS. Of course, repeal of Obamacare would keep the IRS from growing even bigger than it is now.

RG Schmidt - June 1, 2013

This is so typical of the mindset of bureaucrats; establish a need, create an agency to fulfill the artificial need, then expand that agency’s powers into areas in which it has never before been involved. The more duplication of “services” they can create, the larger the federal work force–and the greater the need for tax increases.

Jack Boone - June 1, 2013

Repeal the 16th amendment and Obamacare. Placing more power in the hands of the Gestapo would be a serious mistake – giving them control of your life as well as your money. Replacing the income tax with a consumption tax would permit the elimination of what is arguably our most intrusive and abusive government agency: the IRS.

Larry Cairns - June 1, 2013

Congress can & should cut IRS funding NOW. We must dump Obamacare also. Can you imagine whats going on in Amtrak, USPS,etc ?

Holly Chapo - June 1, 2013

The IRS scandal is exemplary of the corruption and abuses of big government and the arrant dishonesty of those who have been put in positions of power – both elected and unelected. While special interests always push hard to keep bureaucracies in place, it is long overdue for them to be overhauled, shut down or drastically defunded. Unquestionably, we, the American People, need a new tax code which should be either the fair tax or a flat tax. But the very organization that can do something about the problems – Congress – is overrun by cowards, the feckless, hard leftists and Republicans who allow the agenda to be set by the Democrats and who allow themselves to be defined by the left. Until they wake up and realize that they will never be loved or respected by the other side, this mess will continue. And until the American People become far better informed, the “representatives” who are elected will work for themselves and not for us. Our very liberty is at stake as is our republic.

Carol Layton - June 1, 2013

The revealing of the scandal at IRS may be timely to prevent them administrating Obamacare. It was such a frightening proposal even before the current news.

Beverly R - June 1, 2013

The IRS should have no powers other than collecting income tax (even that is questionable. The certainly should not be involved in Obamacare. Obamacare needs to be defunded and repealed.

Fred Wilson - June 1, 2013

I believe the current income tax should be eliminated along with 95% of the IRS and replaced with a simple consumption tax on the end user.

The Simple Consumption Tax

Proposed, an amendment

Section 1. The sixteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.
Section 2. A tax to be collected at the point of consumption{1}of all new{2} goods and services, except as exempt by this act, at a rate to be set by 2/3 vote of Congress as required, is hereby established. Items in the following classes shall be exempt; unprepared food{3}, drugs{4}, and medical treatment{5}.

The following is provided for regulatory guidance and does not constitute a part of the amendment:

1 The tax is on the end user or consumer. In this context end user or customer means the retail customer. While some might argue that a corporation or business is a consumer of office supplies, services, utilities and raw materials we treat them as the cost of doing business that is included in the cost of the end product. A case that requires special treatment is those items like motor fuel where the tax is usually included in the price at the pump. This can be handled in two ways. Businesses that pay at the point of purchase can apply for a rebate on the taxes paid. The preferred mechanism would be to issue special credit cards and have the clearing organization remove the taxes before charging the card holder’s account and crediting the vendor.

2 The restriction to new goods and services and the following exceptions is to lower the impact on lower income citizens who would be expected to purchase used items and spend a disproportionate portion of their income on the necessities of life.

3 Ingredients as would normally be purchased at a grocery store. Food purchased at at restaurant or catered meal would be taxed. For example an apple purchased at a grocery store is not taxed but if it is provided as a healthy choice menu item at a location where it is intended to be consumed on location or “to go” it is taxable.

4 We would assume that the term “drug” is restricted to those items that fall under the responsibility of the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

5 Those procedures and/or treatments performed and/or prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner.

Carol - June 1, 2013

The IRS has already exploded with power and corruption, when people become fearful and distrustful of the IRS in the present situation, giving it more power won’t be the USA as we knew it.

Lorena Steffen - June 1, 2013

I agree with Glynnda–adopt the fair tax, and shut down the IRS. They have proved themselves incapable. Plus, look how much money we would save on agents and accountants.

Steven Tomasko - June 1, 2013

The IRS has indulged in corrupt and criminal behavior. Would any reasonable person put the MAFIA in charge of their healthcare? All the alphabet soup agencies of the federal government should be shut down but especially the IRS and EPA.

Rebecca - June 1, 2013

Absolutely NOT. If they do, there must be some type of boycott or peaceful protest that we can implement.

Madman - June 1, 2013

Every Department in the Federal Goverment is out of control and you want me to pick one that will take my freedom away from me? Obamacare should never have been passed because everything about it is against our
Republic. You talk about the young people that voted for
Obama and I ask why besides them being brain washed
or don’t they understand he’s forcing them to buy Obama
Care then he raises the rates on obese and smokers that aside which are mostly younger people that are in good health and don’t require that much care. He’s buying them off by offering a break on college loans, little do they know they will be buried in tax increases
to pay for all the goodies in Obamacare when they find out they won’t like it. The whole Goverment needs to be smaller and that could be done right now by the house
if we had leadership there. I can’t figure out why you think more Republicans will do it when they aready have

Harry Young - June 1, 2013

The IRS should be abolished. There is no other way to clean up this mess. They are too arrogant and their “corporate culture” is to ingrained. It is not possible to re-program the IRS back to a Constitutional agency. Lois Learner is the IRS poster girl. A flat/fair tax must be implemented and the IRS replaced or the country will fall into a police state with the IRS and Homeland Security controlling us all. (Homeland Security showed up and monitored the peaceful Tea Party IRS protest in Anchorage Alaska a few Tuesdays ago. Rush Limbaugh reported that Homeland Security was also present at other Tea Party rallies that date.)

Gayle Villarreal - June 1, 2013

The IRS is already too powerful. It is an agency that causes fear in the most honest of citizens. It is dangerous and politically wrong to give them more power, especially in our private health life.

Jim Keller - June 1, 2013

No the IRS should not control ObamaCare. Congress should stop the IRS from any implementation of ObamaCare and develop a new tax code to replace the current tax code which is full of loopholes. We have had enough corruption in the IRS and White House. We do not trust either the IRS and the White House to be truthful or treat “We the people” with fairness.

Lane West - June 1, 2013

The IRS should not be involved. The 18 different ACA Taxes should be consolidated into a single national sales tax. The Progessives like to think they can fool us with their nickle and dime taxes. SIMPLY THE TAX CODE, then we do not have to worry about IRS harassment. Lets have real healthcare reform that actually controls and reduces costs. Thanks

don johnson - June 1, 2013

limit, limit, limit

Joseph McKennan - June 1, 2013

The IRS is a collection agency that has the power of the government behind it and tactics similar to a union labor thug who forces the will of the union leaders on those who are prone to resist. There is no difference. The resisters in this case are those who believe they have rights given to them by GOD and who are not criminals. the sad part is they have no rights in the eyes if the government. They don’t ‘play the game’— sell your soul to the government so they will leave you alone.

Ray Zimmons - June 1, 2013

I thuink its time for a flat tax, paid to the Stare Government. The States then give to the Feds what they need to operate (They can then control how they operate) instead of the money going to the Feds And then passed down as they want to

Rita Gordon - June 1, 2013

I think the IRS should be outlawed. Of course they should not be involved in Obamacare, which should also be repealed. Also EPA, Federal Reserve, and DEP just to start!!!

Steve Thomas - June 1, 2013

Obama, Obama Care, and the IRS need to take a hike down the road. America needs to look at a tax system where everyone pays taxes not just half the nation. One other mission we need to address is a congress for the people and not party lines only. Our government was meant to lead our country, if they can’t do that, we as Americans need to show them the door.

John Streit - June 1, 2013

If the thousands of pages of code were not enough reason, the additional thousands of pages brought on by Obamacare should be ample reason for our Congressional representatives to eliminate the intrusion of government bureaucracy by the IRS. It is absolutely absurd that anyone would think that the IRS would treat US citizens fairly given that their degree in line-dancing is now on par with their assumption of a medical degree in primary care. The IRS should be eliminated; sooner is better. Try making the tax code fair.

Kathleen Hill - June 1, 2013

After witnessing the extent of the IRS scandal, I think now is the time to abolish the KGB like Internal Revenue Service. Also, thousands upon thousands of IRS agents being hired to oversee Obamacare is a monstrous nightmare that this administration is orchestrating and Congress should defund Obamacare NOW.

pjr - June 1, 2013

Revoke, remove, repeal Obamacare. Shut down IRS and got to FLAT tax for all earners – then everyone has a stake in this country. We need less government control and less government overall, not more. While we are at reform, get rid of welfare, or at least limit to 2 years – that is enough time to gain skills to support yourself. I was raised in a household where you had to work for what you wanted, and no one owes you anything. Work hard and you will earn a living, use your brain and you can earn more. Cell phones, internet, TVs, cars, designer jeans – these are luxury items, not necessities, and as a tax payer I should not be paying for this stuff!

Sam Barlotta - June 1, 2013

The IRS has proved they cannot be trusted. The IRS should be disbanded immediately and a new system implemented.

ROBERT FLOURNOY - June 1, 2013

Close down IRS.They are corrupt and so is Congress.EPA should be closed.They are hurting business because I have been an Environmental Consultant for many industries and they have harsh regulations and are hurting our economy. Why do we need a Department of Education at the federal level?Education should be handled at the State level.We could save Mega Bucks by closing some Departments.

Edward Coburn - June 1, 2013

I think the IRS powers and responsibilities should be limited.

Robert E Cronan - June 2, 2013

The IRS should NOT be involved with Obama Care and their authority and methods constrained,in fact, I think after this scandal(s) they have become America’s KGB.

Terry Daniels - June 2, 2013

I agree 100% with all the previous comments.

Terry Finnicum - June 2, 2013

The IRS is guilty of braking the law and should not have anything to do with Obamacare. The IRS needs to be eliminated with a flat tax law. A lot of the IRS needs to be fired and the management of it needs to go to jail.

Pat - June 2, 2013

I also think it is time for the flat tax and shuttering the IRS. I certainly don’t want them to take over health care and am very upset that, as usual, the Obama administration has taken the approach of promoting some of the people tied to targeting conservative groups (he seems to take the last thing in the world a normal person would do and make that his first choice for action)

bob ryan - June 2, 2013

There is no question the IRS has become a danger to our Republic. The pattern of Shulman, Miller and Lerner may not be limited to their arrogance and lack of respect for law and rights. I doubt the agency will ever be dismantled but funding for more employees to help implement Obama care can be done.

Deborah Bradshaw - June 2, 2013

A. No Obamacare, period.
B. No government entity should be in charge of the nation’s health decisions. Look what a mess Medicare/Medicaid is!
C. If regulations were lifted and insurance companies were allowed to cross state lines, then there would be a healthy medical market competition. Oh wait…that’s too simple a solution.

Renee - June 2, 2013

The IRS has proven to be intrusive and is the ‘bully in everyone’s neighborhood’. We need to simplify the tax code, reduce the size and scope of the IRS and definitely, if we don’t get rid of Obamacare, get rid of the IRS involvement totally.

Jeanne Welch - June 3, 2013

A national sales tax can be begin at 1% with the agreement the states drop their sales tax 1 %. The feds then can reimburse the states as they will be collecting from everyone, illegals, the Americans who have never filed, & tourists to this country. This formula can be used until the IRS is disolved. The feds will have more money to waste but the illegals & those who have never filed will be paying their share & those who want to save by buying less will not be penalized. It is only the ones who pay taxes that are audited.

Slam Dunk - June 3, 2013

The IRS’s time has come and gone. Time to shut them down and rid our country of this cancer. They definitely need to keep their hands and evil prejudices out of our healthcare, but I am still praying that Obamacare will be repealed. It is so unconstitutional it makes my skin crawl!

deborah hunter - June 3, 2013

I believe the IRS beaurocracy is too corrupt to be repaired. Now is an excellent time to revisit the “Fair Tax” idea. It has been carefully vetted by many very
intelligent economists from every angle. The IRS needs to go away and be replaced with a simple & fair system that can be trusted by the American taxpayers.

William J.Parker - June 3, 2013

Do anything to reduce any power of the Federal government. Too many incompetent people in the Obama Administration!

Audrey Underdahl - June 3, 2013

ELIMINATE THE IRS!! A flat tax would be a huge improvement. The beaurocrats should have no power beyond the law and within the Constitution. The issue is fairness and trust. They have failed on both counts.

frank petsick - June 3, 2013

IRS great at doing its job by Chicago politics standards.

John - June 4, 2013

The IRS should be reduced to a minimum and only allowed to them to proceed on cases were fraud can be documented by computer programs period

Pam - June 4, 2013

Already we have seen a lack of compassion, fairness and integrity as well as an abuse of power in both the White House and the IRS. Before the President’s first election I had made the conscientious decision that I could not vote for Obama, if solely because of his position on the Born Alive Protection Acts. Today, as a senior with some serious health concerns, I cringe at the very thought of this tainted IRS being charged with administering the taxes and credits for our new “Affordable Care”. God help us.

Jack - June 5, 2013

Somebody should rein in the I.R.S. Just this morning I recieved a letter from them attempting to disallow my tax deductable contribution to the Heritage Foundation in 2011. Could this be an example of conservative harrassment?

clarence adair - June 6, 2013

President, the people have, will, done spoken that you are trying to destroy our country. Please leave while you have a little honour. In God do we trust not in Obama!

James J DePalo - June 7, 2013

We should do away with the IRS and implement a flat tax. The IRS has no reason to be involved in Obama care (which should be repealed) anyway.There should not be a mandate to make people buy health insurance.!

Dean Newman - June 14, 2013

The IRS has far too much power now and it is doubltful it has the know-how to be the Obamacare watchdog. Of course, no one does; soooo Obamacare must be repealed, deprived of financing, or whatever it takes to get it out of sight and behind us.

CancerFromIRS - October 6, 2013

IRS in our healthcare spells disaster!!!!

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