Writing in Conservative Review, Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky explains that there’s little to stop the IRS from targeting conservatives again:

In a final warning that should scare all taxpayers, particularly conservatives, the court pointed out that even if the IRS had ceased its wrongful conduct with regard to these organizations, the IRS failed to show that there is no reasonable expectation that the conduct will reoccur. The IRS itself said that it had only “suspended” the use of BOLO lists “until further notice.” A “violation of a right that is ‘suspended until further notice’ has not become the subject of voluntary cessation, with no reasonable expectation of resumption.” At most, it is advising “the victim of a violation – ‘you’re alright for now, but there may be another shoe falling.’”

In other words, there are no real legal barriers in place to prevent the IRS — one the most powerful agencies in the federal government — from targeting Americans for their political viewpoints again.

Do you believe the IRS is being properly held accountable for unfairly targeting conservative groups?

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