Erick Erickson. Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Erick Erickson. Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Liberals have been trying for decades to discredit conservatives at The Heritage Foundation and elsewhere. But, as Heritage President Jim DeMint likes to remind us, “if you’re in D.C. and not being criticized, then you’re doing something wrong.”

A recent blog post helps to shed some light on why liberals have been so critical recently. founder Erick Erickson writes that it’s because Heritage is growing more influential. Their fear that conservatives might win is making them lash out, he argues.

Read the passage below and share the RedState post with  you friends and family!

[Heritage research] is exactly the kind of intellectual firepower that is critical to conservative success, and why Heritage has been pivotal to every serious conservative politician’s success since Ronald Reagan. And thanks to the great work of Heritage Action in promoting these conservative policies with grassroots and holding members accountable in Washington, conservatives are well poised for future victories.

Do you think it’s better to make waves in D.C. than sit by idly?

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Kay Szymanski - November 1, 2013

My husband and I are proud to support the Heritage Foundation. Your organization have shown over and over again, how this President, basically with all he has done, should be impeached. Our question is why is he still in office, and what can we do as citizens, to bring our country back, under God.

Dave - February 12, 2016

Liberals have a hard time with Liberty and independence. Many of them suffer from adult child syndrome (the disease of codependency) which forces them to constantly search for self-esteem in things outside of themselves (other people, objects, status etc.).

This can put a tremendous burden on those who are independent and responsible and or those whom are trying to move away from codependency and the unresolved emotional (and physiological, shock) trauma that drives it.

The simple dichotomy between healthy independent functioning and unhealthy codependent functioning reveals the root of the Leftist or Collectivist dysfunction:

Objects, people, and status (as above) can be good so long as they come from a place of genuine self-esteem and personal growth (Upward Spiral).

Codependency seeks to ‘obtain’ these things through attachment or immediate vice in order to fill the seemingly inescapable void of childhood trauma and or any other traumatic wound. (The Downward spiral).

It is the repetition compulsion (the unconscious attempt to resolve the past) of the modern Liberal or the Collectivist, of any political affiliation (within every area of society), that perpetuates the cycle of violence and trauma in our society. And it is the ignorance of what trauma is and how to resolve it, that keeps the problem in the dark.



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