With news from Washington getting bleaker every day, it’s invigorating to learn about good news coming from the states.

Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore visited Chattanooga, TN a few weeks ago. His goal: to warn the fast-growing city not to follow in Detroit’s footsteps and allow unions a free hand.

And last week, workers at a Volkswagen plant there rejected a UAW unionization drive. Moore explains why:

When I traveled to Chattanooga and met with families who would be affected by the union presence, I heard multiple concerns. One was that unions would withhold money from worker paychecks with few corresponding benefits. Workers are paid well at the VW plant — $15 to $30 an hour (plus benefits) depending on skills — and there is high demand for these jobs. Another concern was that the higher plant costs associated with a union might mean that more assembly jobs would be outsourced to Mexico or China.

In fact, union power is eroding in right-to-work states that have been creating jobs at two to three times the pace of forced-union states. This is something to be proud of, Moore says. “We should all celebrate because the hope for America’s economic future is to make bankrupt Detroit more like prosperous Tennessee — not vice versa.”

Do you think the Volkswagen workers were right to reject Big Labor?

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Dennis Berger - February 20, 2014

The workers were absolutly correct in their vote the union bosses are only interested in power and money to fund left wing policy’s. The union is a money tree to the Democratic Party , it is a crying shame

KIM O. OWEN WHITE - February 20, 2014

All unions should be outlawed in America the helped workers 100 years ago but do nothing but increase costs for manufacturers today.. Vote them all out!

Larry E. Williams - February 20, 2014

All big labor unions have accomplished is to make fat cat union leaders, ruin our country’s competiveness, harm the worker that is willing to put in extra effort and supported political views that have ruined our sense of self reliance and freedom

Charles Walker - February 20, 2014

Absolutely there should be even more actions taken to take back All the freedoms we have lost recently or any time in the past.

Mike Bryant - February 20, 2014

The unions are giving billions to o’bama the comminist to take away our constitution . Shame
on them and him.

Laurel Higgins - February 20, 2014

Unions are like locusts. For 25 years I was forced to belong to the teacher’s union. I paid over one hundred dollars per month for dues for nothing. I’m so happy the workers in Tennessee rejected a union! They use the union dues to support everything I’m against.

Brad - February 20, 2014

Do you think the Volkswagen workers were right to reject Big Labor?

Not just yes, but HELL YES!

william - February 20, 2014

HIGH TEN!!! to tenn.

Mildred Wise - February 20, 2014

I do believe VW did the right thing. Between Obama , the ALCU, and the unions they will completely destroy our country.

Charles Walker - February 20, 2014

Thank you Heritage Foundation and all the Tea Parties and anybody else who is not a bunch of idiots.

Jack Markle - February 20, 2014

Hooray for the VW workers in TN. They did the right thing.

Julie Wolf - February 20, 2014

Yes. All you have to do is look at the demise of Detroit to see that the workers were right. Detroit is like a third world country in the midst of the USA.

Elva Fones - February 20, 2014

Congratulations to Volkswagon for not allowing Unions. t almost make me go out andSS buy a Volks. I do not think Unions are good for the US

Warren W. Spikes - February 20, 2014

Of course I think the Chattanooga people did right.
Until the Unions have to live by the same ruled as everyone else, we must fight them. Somehow they should be limited in spending their union dues on politics, at least until the members were actually accountable and by legitimate voting chose to support an individual.

pat cullen - February 20, 2014

I lived in the Detroit area, Livonia, novi, white lake, for 34 plus years and saw exactly what unions and democratic leadership did to a once amazing city. refusing the union is a very good idea. their original idea , to represent the worker and get him better treatment was all well and good. but , we all know where that unfortunately led.. power can be very tricky to handle. just be fair to start with and there is no need for unions and all their corruption. keep up the good work !!

David Russell - February 20, 2014

Yes since most unions ignore economic realities.

Jim Mason - February 20, 2014

Absolutely, the workers were correct in refusing the union.

El Gringo Viejo - February 20, 2014

I think the workers in Chattanooga should be free to do exactly as they please with regard to unionization. Apparently they have done so; now the UAW needs to go home to Detroit and shut up. There was a time whenstrong unions were an absolute necessity in our industrialized society; that time has long passed.

Roger Lindley - February 20, 2014

Unions are OK as long as they work hand in hand with the company and the workers are receiving a fair wage. The problem with Unions is that the company can’t get rid of the dead beats. I know I belonged to the AFL-CIO for 18 years. It didn’t seem like the union and company could ever get along. No one should be forced to belong to a union. Ra Ra for Scott Walker

Dell - February 20, 2014

I am so glad that people are seeing the corellation between unions and states in bad shape financially. It seems that non-right to work states which have become right to work states are doing much better now. Also those states have elected Republican leadership. How can any intelligent person see this and ever think about voting for unionization and Democ(rats).

Marie DeKnikker - February 20, 2014

We no longer need Unions. They have outlived their time.

Beverly Koehler - February 20, 2014

I am so pleased that the Volkswagon workers turned down the UAW. Our citizens MUST have the courage to stand up to liberal ideas in our country. It is so against the ideals of our wonderful country.

Judy - February 20, 2014

The VW workers were smart to vote against the UAW, which is a tool of the Democrat party and works against the average working American. Unions are a form of communism where everyone gets paid the same regardless of skill level.

mary Dana Baird - February 20, 2014

VW workers were smart to not go with labor unions. They have been robbing the workers for years to line their own pockets.

Candy - February 20, 2014

WTG The employees of VW did the right thing. Maybe just maybe we can reclaim our great country from the clutches of the Unions control over Washington.
This fall we should reclaim the Senate and make Obama a lame duck president. Then we need to impeach Obama over his destruction of our great country and our Constitution.

Dale - February 20, 2014

VW workers were correct to reject Big Labor. Look what it did for Detroit!

Douglas L Perle - February 20, 2014

Union, “To join for the good of the worker” once was the motto of big labor. It is now not the good of the worker but for the control of Congressmen and Senators who lay down there freedoms for under the table payoffs and favors. Unionism is just Communism control, cutting the throats of the tax payers, to fund a criminal control organization shackling the States and Federal government. Unions could care less about the workers as evidenced by the amount of money Obamantion is granting Unions allowing his brand of communism to leach America dry.

Doris Sanders - February 20, 2014

I definitely think the workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga were right in rejecting the union (Big Labor.)

Ellen Elmore - February 20, 2014

Three cheers for Volkswagen’s workers who rejected the Big Labor union in Tennessee. They were not only right to do this – they were smart!

Ronald Reenock - February 20, 2014

All Events: Protest marches, for any reason, should not be limited to D.C. but coordinated to include all cities. Elections are now moot because of computer hacking and other Hypocrat techniques. The streets are now the only option, short of revolution. to effectively protest because congress no longer represents us. Please listen or lose. Ret 74 yr old FedSpecialAgt

jerry - February 20, 2014

YES, unions have clearly outlived their usefulness in our country and society! If they stuck to the employee representation part of it, and, let it be ‘voluntary’ perhaps their role could be restored!

N Misasi - February 21, 2014

I think the vote at Volkswagen plant was great! Finally the stood up for their wages and not union bosses demands! One employee said if this had passed and unions moved in, he would have lost $3.00/hour!
There was a time unions truly helped the employee’s but now unions are all about rich union bosses and political power! Not the American dream, more like an American night mare!

Robert R. Cuminale - February 21, 2014

If that is what the workers wanted then I agree. The misgivings mentioned in the article were of concern but there was one not mentioned.
Thes people have integrity. In other articles I’d read of their concerns for where the union spends its money as in political contibutions. Nearly 100% goes to the Democrats, a party many here disagree with in principle. I recently read a newspaper from the CWA a union I had been forced to belong to yeats ago. I was shocked to see its partnerships with many Leftist organizations like Green Peace, The Sierra Club and the ACLU. Years ago I had objected to the links to the Democrats but they seem to have become more Leftist themselves. As for the promises of more money that was so typical. Northerners seem to think that voting is all about what one can get from the government. These auto workers still have the Protestant Work Ethic that made this country successful. I doubt few will be looking for a part time job so someone else can support them.

Lynn - February 21, 2014

I was holding my breath for that vote…. because of the way the unions operate as they try to take over a company I was very worried that the employees would lose. I am so happy for the employees and TN. The more the unions fail to unionize new companies the weaker they become and the less impact they have on our elections and in our government. We need to stay vigilant over the next few years as the unions are going to push hard and they play dirty. Way to go VW Workers!

Robert F. Sanford - February 21, 2014


Jack - February 21, 2014

They were absolutley right!!

Edward J. Maio, Sr - February 21, 2014

Yes, they were right to reject the Union, especially UAW.

wayne shearer - February 21, 2014

Unions were needed years ago but in todays world they have cause to many problems. The workers were absolutly correct in their volt. The unions are only chasing away company’s to other countries or closing down because of high cost on products made here in the USA!

Penni Mahieu - February 21, 2014

My father began working for a utility company at age 18. He was there for 45 yrs. He did not lose his job. during the Great Depression in the 30’s. In the late 40’s the union came in..my father was forced to join because the union declared a closed shop (join or lose your job). Gone were the wonderful company sponsored family picnics, Christmas parties (gift for every employee child) Thanksgiving turkeys, lower than wholesale prices on electrical appliances, raises every 6 mos., great health benefits,etc. What did they gain? Dues, strikes, workers producing less etc. I was only a little girl but I. Remember the effect it had on everyone.

David Hadley - February 21, 2014

I worked for Continental Airlines for 39 years and retired this past June. Our merge with United Airlines apparently scared a large percentage of us to join the Teamsters because United workers on the ground (ticket counter, ramp, cargo) have been unionized forever. I wanted no part of the union but found out that if you work for the airlines or railroad, you had no choice even though Texas is a Right To Work state. The best I could do was save a couple dollars a month on their dues for the political monies they spent each year. I was so, so disappointed. Oh yes, I forgot to say that United Airlines had been doing so well, being union and all, that my job was outsourced (just like all the United Airlines cargo offices system wide) and that’s when it was time to retire early, even though I did not want to. Unions protect jobs, huh? Last tidbit of info……guess who runs the Teamsters……James Hoffa….Jimmy Hoffa’s son!

Marlene Rone - February 22, 2014

I think the Unions are the reason why many municipalities and cities have gone broke. They no longer are doing good…just the opposite. They have become a dangerous detriment to the working majority.

Diane - February 22, 2014

Unions are only interested in themselves. Greed, and power..

Kenneth Sanguinetti - February 22, 2014

VW workers made the correct vote.

james sheffer - February 22, 2014

I’m proud of them for standing up for their choice to vote against union control!

chuck - February 23, 2014

Like Boeing, Tennessee VW employees wized up and voted correctly. The unions have lost their uselessness

Holly Chapo - February 28, 2014

Absolutely!!. Let’s see more of that around the country. Let’s get back to we the people not we the unions.

douglas babcook - June 19, 2014

Unions treat each person as being the same,we know that
each person is an unique individual and should be treated
as such!

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