The terrorist bombings in Russia last month, allegedly perpetrated by Islamist militants from the Caucasus region, raise questions about whether next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will be secure.

While this may seem like a purely regional or local conflict, Americans can become targets, Heritage Foundation expert Peter Brooks reminds us.

Moreover, the attacks should remind us that President Putin’s stepped-up security efforts may not be successful. The targets are many, the country is vast, and the Russian security standards need improvement.

Heritage experts Ariel Cohen and Cassandra Lucaccioni recommend that Moscow look to outsiders for security assistance:

Moscow would be well served by expanding its security cooperation with countries that have a good track record of foiling terror attacks.

The Sochi 2014 Olympics will include 6,000 Olympic athletes and team members from 85 countries. Hosting such an event is a remarkable undertaking for any nation. Therefore, the U.S. should assist the Russian leadership and Olympic council to put in place comprehensive counterterrorism measures to protect the city of Sochi, the athletes, and the spectators while allowing an exciting and competitive global event to take place.

Do you think the United States should assist Russia with its counterterrorism efforts?

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Charles Neely - January 13, 2014

As a member of the foundation I try to support conservative causes by writing letter to the Editor of the Delaware County Daily Times which has a circulation of around 50K. These are frequently published and I’d be happy to share them with the Foundation for their use if you are interested. I’d be happy to suibmit samples if you are interested.
Charles Neely

JANIE ELLIOTT - January 15, 2014



Puangsri Suwankosai - January 15, 2014

Yes I think that we should help Russia fight against the common enemy but I don’t think Putin would trust Obama

Edward Sobus - January 15, 2014

I think the USA should extend all cooperation to the Russians. This war on Terrorism is global, not just local. We can learn from each other. The Russians have less tolerance for the terrorists and very effective control methods. The country giving Russia the attacks may have forgotten how brutal their opponents can be, but most of us have not. I think they had better reconsider who they are going against. The Russians will spare nothing when it comes to winning. Their former problems with airplane hijackers served as a chilling reminder.

Carlo Swanson - January 15, 2014

We should join up with Russia,assisting with comprehensive counterterrorism measures . A good bet, within 10 years, we will be strong allies!

Steve Adams - January 15, 2014

Yes I do think the U.S. should offer to help with security at the Olympics, Esp. U.S. competitors.

Heidi - January 16, 2014

Wouldn’t we be sending a security detail along with our athletes? I pretty sure that we can’t just “assist” Russia with its counterterrorism efforts without being asked for help. As it is, we never listen to the Russians when they warn us of a terrorism threat, even when they give us names! (Boston Marathon) I doubt we will be asked for help. Putin is too proud, and I believe he thinks Obama is a joke.

R. Chester - January 16, 2014


C. Hoffman - January 16, 2014

I’m with R. Chester. Absolutely not.

Donna - January 16, 2014

No, the United States should not help Russia. We can’t trust Obama or Putin to do the right thing.

Don - January 16, 2014

Maybe. If the Russians are willing to pay for our services.

Gertrude Houchens - January 17, 2014

Yes. I think the US should help any country who is sincerely and with good reason trying to prevent terrorism and that includes Russia.

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