Lawmakers are adding the final touches to a gigantic $1 trillion “omnibus” spending bill that they are expected to release next week. The bill would spend vastly more than allowed under the sequestration spending caps.

Heritage Foundation budget expert Romina Boccia says lawmakers should

eliminate programs that are better suited for management at a state, local, or private level permanently. Doing so would save American taxpayers money in the long run and reduce the size and scope of the federal government—saving even more money, and reducing federal intervention in local government and market functions.

She lists ten such programs for a list of ten programs that, if eliminated, would save taxpayers $10.2 billion.

What other savings and cuts do you propose?

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Joyce - January 3, 2014

How about closing the EPA, IRS, DEA, DNR, not funding UN, not funding Mid-East countries that don’t like us, bring our people back from Afghanistan and putting them on the border to keep out illegals. Not giving money, food stamps, healthcare to illegals. Cuts to farm bill. Cutting out the waste and duplication. Lots of ways to cut back or eliminate.

George H Baccash - January 3, 2014

I would eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank, the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development Interior, and Labor. I would consolidate the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and Defense and Veterans’ Affairs. I would return the duties of those cancelled departments back to the states, and I would require each department to submit a plan on how to save money each year.

John Koch - January 3, 2014

!. Gut the EPA – too many unnecessary regulations.
2. Get the HRS out of the gun regulation business.
3. Stop Head Start program
4. Gut the IRS – initiate the Fair Tax.
5. Kill Obama Care
6. Allow interstate operation of insurance companies.
7. Govt to provide only ‘catastrophic’ health care policies.
8. Get the US out of the UN
9. Get the UN out of the US
10. Fire 1 out of every 4 govt. workers – starting at top.

robert e lee - January 3, 2014

NANCY PIGLOSI also claims every borrowed dollar of welfare and unemployment benefits produces [$!.60} in growth. what idiots are in our midst.

Pam Ziolkowski - January 3, 2014

I would cut:
*entitlements to all illegals
*welfare cards where we are sending folks to Mexico to sign up Mexican citizens
*President, senate, congressional, and appointed employees (by Obama) salaries and benefits
*muslim outreach (used to be the space program)
*money that goes to the new ACORN group
*planned parenthood money

James Glenn - January 3, 2014

Eliminate the Dept of Education and all of its funding. Education should be a state responsibility. Eliminate the Dept of Energy, except for the government laboratories and its nuclear function. Then cut 1% from actual spending each year until there is a surplus. Continue to have a surplus until the debt is reduced to 10% of GDP unless there is a national emergency declared by 2/3s of both Houses of Congress. Reduce the debt with any surpluses or return excess funds to taxpayers.

Dick Pettingill - January 3, 2014

Disappointed that the list only includes $10 B +.

I’d think with your eyes closed you could do better than just the 1% suggested.


John J. Sweetland - January 3, 2014

Great articles why not add: (1) disbanding the DOE completely; (2) Ethanol program when people are starving; (3) Money to countries who are run by tyrants and dictatorships who use that money to stay in power by their armies; (4) HHS should be cut in half; (5) paying farmers NOT to grow food, when so many are starving; (6) Pay no more than what we have to the UN, quit paying for other countries memberships in the UN; (7) NOT to go to any more Europeans problems like Kosovo, its time the Europeans start handling their own problems, and quit subsidizing them.

Donald Tharp - January 3, 2014

I own land that is used for farming, but I have never farmed a day in my life. I keep it as an investment.
Why should anyone subsidize my crop insurance?
Why should we subsidize any farmer’s crop insurance?
Eliminate the crop insurance subsidy and save $9 billion a year, every year.

Amy Seyler - January 3, 2014

It is past time to put every Federal Funded Program on the table, go down over the list and eliminate any program that doesn’t fall under the Federal Government’s responsibility as per the Constitution. Those that survive need evaluated for efficiency. All Federal property sitting unused or not needed and costing tax payers money for upkeep needs to be sold.

Paul Zahn - January 3, 2014

One item to cut that would save many, many Billions, much more than the 10 she mentioned, would be to eliminate all benefits to people in this Country Illegally.

Roger Cable - January 3, 2014

Eliminate the 1.2 billion dollars spent on cellphones for the so called needy.
Require drug tests for welfare recipients or cut them off.
Monitor much more closely the spending on the food stamp program and cut off permanently any recipients that use or sell them illegally.
Cut military bases in countries that should be able to provide their own military security.

Joan Jackson - January 3, 2014

Start balancing revenue and expenditures by first cutting waste, fraud and pork. Then, restructure entitlements to be financially sustainable.

Joan Jackson

Rita Kama-Kimura - January 3, 2014

We need to stop sending aid/money to other countries in the name of humanitarian support. The money never gets to the people who really need it. Many times we are aiding countries who hate us, are dealing behind our backs while taking our money, will betray or sell us out at the drop of a hat. (not that we are any more dependable or loyal as we have shown in recent years) These are countries or government that would stand by and let their people die or even worse kill their own people

We must help ourselves first before we look to sending any type of aid anywhere. Then we must be prudent when we do.

We need to invite the UN to move to another country. Somewhere that shares their values. We have been supporting these lazy corrupt backstabbing money grabbing parasites long enough. Let someone else support them. That would be a start!

From a simple person who still has some common sense left!

Betty - January 3, 2014

I would cut totally from the government the EPA, the TSA, the “Affordable” care act (Obamacare), just for starters. I would also have congress STOP all law making and only work in session long enough to pull a normal budget like everyone else has to work with, namely expenses and income type of budget and then go home to regular jobs. I would eliminate all the appointees of Obama since he took over the Whitehouse and I would restrict him to no more parties at tax payer expense. that should cut the government down by quite a bit.

Deborah McNally - January 4, 2014

Place one million dollars in a healthcare spending account for each American citizen and end any need for govt interference with our healthcare and the industry. Cost is less than 1600 new IRS agents, 136 new committees, a fake website for 426 million plus ? More millions for Michelle’s roommate in Canada, Sebelius’s salary and eventual one payer system. At least PROPOSE this just to show that conservatives have the right idea and really want to help people! Let the Dems go on record they are against giving each citizen a healthcare spending acct and take that info to the midterm elections. Also, the EPA has overstayed their usefulness together, tax reform can eliminate most of the IRS and the NIH has many pointless and cruel “research” that has NO benefit so cut them Big Time .

Eugene Jones - January 4, 2014

As a retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer, W4, I find it shameful that leadership is sorely lacking in Washington. We have a President who appears to run the country like a Chicago gangster. The left and right need to have members grow some backbone and make some hard choices and stop the darn wasteful spending, and knock off the fraud and abuse! Polititians need their pay cut, before military service members pay is negatively impacted. How is it fare when politions serve one term,and rec eive pay and benefits for life, the military does 20 to 30 years, and receives a pay cap because people like Congressman Ryan is selfish and a non supporter of the military!
Surely poloiticians can do better.

Dean Tillery - January 4, 2014

Your comments on the budget process needing change is on target. However, we must get rid of politics if we are to ever implement a truly budget process to eliminate all programs that should be managed by the states. Educational programs, EPA programs, and energy programs. We should stop funding UN membership and stop funding all support to muslim countries and any programs that fund the community organizations that are influential in the voter fraud that is rampant. Above all, change the tax code to a simple flat tax, get the feds out of our personal and business operations with their regulations that discourage companies from hiring. The purpose of the federal government is to provide National Defense. Not education, epa controls, energy decisions, farm subsidies, loan guarantees, student loans, welfare and food stamps, and support of illegal immigrants. Where do they cut spending, Nartional Defense!! We need to improve the management of all programs in every government department by reducing the people and their programs by at least 25% now. Bureaucrats get promoted by coming up with new regulations. It is called job security. That needs to stop and cut spending now. Start by removing the social security and medicare trust frund from the budget and live within those means left. This is a must. Congress should make things happen by a budget funding plan, not react to every crisis, plan to avoid most problems. We should not be the policeman of the world. Take care of our probems first, which we are not doing. Give me two years and I would have the budget balanced and the government reduced to stay out of peoples lives and business opportunities to truly reduce the unemployment problem. However, politics is causing our problem, not providing a solution.

Frank Leitnaker - January 4, 2014

Replacing the well-equipped, well maintained, beautiful and constantly upgraded Landstuhl Regional Medical Center with a completely new hospital adjacent to Ramstein Air Force Base is a huge waste of money. With the usual cost over-runs and all the ancillary capability at Landstuhl which is not planned for in he new location, the actual, eventual cost will be 5-10 times greater than that claimed by proponents.
Anther area to look at is the great inflation of housing allowances for military personnel including civilian component. My wife has rented a three bedroom, two story free-standing house to American personnel for about 20 years. In the early years, the renters were field-grade officers. Over the years, she constantly up-graded the house which is now in much better condition than it was then. The allowed rental fee has risen appropriately but not nearly to the extent of housing allowances so that the house is now well affordable by junior enlisted personnel. Currently, the tenant is a single, USAF E5. The situation may be even worse in other areas. We have been informed by a DA civilian GS 12 that his housing allowance in Wiesbaden is €3000 per month. We cannot verify this but it would appear that housing allowances are based on surveys in which the data are provided by the renters and are not necessarily accurate.

Gary Johnston - January 4, 2014

Most of the citizens in our country understand that our Federal government could prioritize, cut and balance our Federal spending but they refuse to do so. The corruption is so deeply embedded within D.C. that we really have only two options; either vote them all out continusly or through and armed revolution. The politicians simply have to be removed one way or another to even begin to fix our problems.

Carmen Wolfe - January 4, 2014

I propose that all legislative elected officials in the Federal government (starting with the president and the congress) should cut their pay by 1/3 to 1/2 if they are really concerned about how much money is owed and needs to be paid!!!
Stop passing the burden to every American who had nothing to do with the debt. When were we involved in all the goings on of how money was being spent. You could also pass the costs individually to the ones who benefited (people, companies, banks, unions, etc.) from the trillions of dollars spent.

Ken Williams RN - January 4, 2014

In the Department of Education.
1 Calculate the Dollars to be distributed the 50 states.
2 Establish a 2 or 3 person staff to perform this task.
3 Lay off or fire ALL other staff.
This will save a huge sum now and in the future and the states cant complain about loss of Education Dollars.
I am sure there are many other Departments in which this strategy would be effective. It simplifies the debate about the merits of the programs themselves.
How about EPA?

Bill - January 4, 2014

Eliminate Head Start!!! Savings of over 8 Billion per year. No Study has ever confirmed the claim that any positive educational effects are permanent or even long lasting. Any short term improvement in the mental capability of these children has been eliminated by the time they reach 6 or 7 years of age. This is simply another transfer of wealth in the form of babysitting children while mothers can do what??? The children are generally in attendance for 3 hours a day. So we are not even paying so the mothers can go to work!!! A major reason for the program’s existence and growth in spite of no educational benefits is the appeasement of the liberal/socialist educational establishment!! And don’t tell me “…its a program we could never cut or eliminate…” that’s simply not facing up to a very real and expensive giveaway!!!!

Allen Lambert - January 4, 2014

Resduce all congessional salaries and perks by 15%, in -ckydudbing office staffs.

John Coussoule - January 4, 2014

Outright elimination of the Dept’s of Education, Energy, Environmental Protection and Housing and Urban Devlopment.
Reduce the length of time lawmakers spend in Washington to 120-days per year and take care of only Constitutionally required items such as funding the military, establishing a balanced budget. If they do not get the job done in the allotted time, send them home with no pay. They spend too much time lollygaging around and wasting taxpayer dollars.

Wallace Reynolds - January 4, 2014

Received 2014 calendar. The calendar portion is almost useless. The dates are so “light’ one cannot see the dates from more than 2 feet away. It is not worth hanging on a wall for the purpose intended. Jan, Apr & Jun are out of place…… with people. The foundation does great work, but the 2014 calendar is not one of them.

Alma Engel - January 4, 2014

Eliminate the Department of Education in its entirety.
Get out of the United Nations.
Stop funding National Public Radio.
Eliminate the EPA, or take away its regulatory power.
Defund Planned Parenthood.
Get rid of ACORN in any form, by any and all of its names.
Have the Obamas pay for their own vacations to save $billions.
Most important, REPEAL OBAMACARE.

Harv. - January 4, 2014

The Dept. of Education should be abolished and let the states take care of it. Abolish the IRS and institute a flat tax. Abolish the Dept. of Agriculture, EPA and 90% of the rest of the agencies and worthless Dept’s

Holly Chapo - January 5, 2014

It is known, unequivocally, that waste, fraud and abuse total some billions of dollars annually. So why is Congress so unwilling to cut them? How about a 25% cut for all departments, agencies, etc. that are part of the administrative state but are NOT mandated in the Constitution? And start with the EPA and the NEA. The list goes on from here. What about all the duplicative services that probably aren’t needed in the first place? How about all of the ridiculous grants for projects that make no sense? Of, yes, and what ever happened to defunding the ACA? Cut all funding for Planned Parenthood and organizations with a clear left-wing agenda. Cut funding to countries that take our money and trash us or work against us. Cut funding to countries that have prosperity but depend on FREE military support fro the good old USA.
Well, that’s a starter list. I’m sure the creative Conservative minds can come up with a lot more cuts.

Frank Luarde - January 6, 2014

In spite of predictions that the government benefit programs and social security are failing, they are continuously tinkered with to no benefit. As with the idiotic extension of unemployment, there has been another .9 tax added to Medicaid for incomes over 250,000 to pay into Obamacare. Additionally, the COLA benefit for Social security has been increased. I know of no other pension that does that without it being figured into the program. My pension that I began in the 1980s pays the same amount monthly with no changes. I read in time magazine an article on Carl Ichan (richest man) who is a conservative, yet he supports Barak Obama’s policies, and does not vote!? We need to get into his mind and find out why.

Ronald - January 7, 2014

I agree with most of the cuts suggested in the comments section. Yes, EPA, TSA, Obamcare must be high on the list and must add – Education (Common Core -enough said), Commerce, Interior, SS COLA, 99 weeks of unemployment benefits and INS. Then to keep spending low in the future, starting this mid-term we must vote out all incumbents. It would be futile to propose spending cuts and re-elect all the big tax-and-spenders back into Congress.

Robert Weaver - January 7, 2014

How about abolishing or selling off all of the Gov’t Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs)? Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae, the Tennessee Valley Authority, most of the federally owned lands, and all of the government owned and leased office and warehouse space that is largely in disrepair and not currently utilized.

Michael Wilkinson - January 7, 2014

How about eliminating ALL Foreign Aid EXCEPT to the few friends the US really has (saving at least $30 billion). Also; how about eliminating the US Department of Education. MOST Federal Departments budgets could be cut by at least 20%-funding the most important things (the core reason the department was created to do-assuming you even want to keep that department), and eliminate the rest for a start.

Don DeHoff - January 9, 2014

All welfare, disability and food stamps authorizations should be handled at the county level, where every person is photo-ID and checked from time to time for continued eligibility and services. Ditto for those receiving Medicaid. . Also, each county should have an 8-member bi-partisan welfare committee, under control of a country employed MD. who authorizes payments. This committee members should have a two-year term with a “staggered” start-up system so that every year some members leave and new members come on board, There also should be “reward system” for citizens to ID fraudulent claims, with a payment of 10 percent of the fraudulent payments detected and stopped. There also should be serious penalties for all fraudulent claims including jail time for those who generate false claims for others. If so authorized, I suspect there would be full-time companies specializing in the detection of false claims.

Edwin W Grabau - June 12, 2015

Congress should not use the Omnibus Bill to pass everything at once. All it does is allow pork and over spending, the bills should be specific in nature and the alloted monies can only be used for that purpose.

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