Last week Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) made his mark on the House of Representatives when lawmakers did something notably absent in recent years: cut spending.

During the course of the week, lawmakers considered more than 100 amendments for the continuing resolution, working late into the night and cutting $61 billion from current spending levels. Now, as the March 4 deadline approaches for funding the government, all eyes are on Boehner.

In other words, YouTube picked an excellent time to put him in front of the camera to answer your questions. One month after President Obama answer questions from YouTube viewers, it’s now Boehner’s turn to hear what’s on the minds of Americans.

YouTube is gathering questions submitted by video through midnight Sunday. (Or via Twitter by using the hashtag #askthespeaker.) Boehner will answer them on March 1 during a sit-down interview with YouTube’s Steve Grove. Questioners are encouraged to keep their responses to 20 seconds and are welcome to be creative with props, charts and other information. (Heritage has several charts ready for use.)

With so many things to ask, you might have a look at Heritage’s Solutions for America checklist to come up with a question. A few suggestions:

* In the coming weeks and months, Congress will debate a debt limit increase and Republicans will release their budget. How much spending will you attempt to cut?

* What’s the next step the House can take to block key provisions and override regulations for Obamacare?

* Will you make permanent the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003?

* Do you support funding defense at an average of $720 billion per year, when adjusted for inflation, over the next five fiscal years?

* How can the House keep a check on the executive branch by rolling back recent government regulations and restricting bureaucrats’ rulemaking authority?

These are just a few of the questions facing the House over the coming months. Take this opportunity to ask Boehner what’s on your mind.

Once you submit your question to the Speaker, post it in the comments.

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