If you want more insight into Supreme Court confirmation process, or you want to know more about how the Kavanaugh hearing looks from the inside, Heritage provides valuable resources that help explain how the process is unfolding.

If you or someone you know wants to better understand the confirmation process, Heritage Explains just released a short article that lays it all out. It’s a great reference for those who aren’t familiar with the process, so please share it with others.

To help you make sense of what’s going on inside the Judiciary Committee right now, take a listen to the SCOTUS 101 podcast interview with Heritage legal scholar Thomas Jipping, below. He talks about the questions Brett Kavanaugh will likely have to handle during the hearings and how it will all pan out. Before coming to Heritage, Jipping worked for Sen. Orrin Hatch, R- Utah, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary committee. His insights are based on that valuable experience—and that’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re delighted to shed light on the confirmation process, whether you have seen it all before, or this is your first time. Thank you for giving us that chance.

What do you think Americans are learning about Judge Kavanaugh from the hearings?  

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Jen Raney - September 7, 2018

A brilliant mind. A stellar person

Yvonne Vance - September 7, 2018

The democrats are completely “OFF THE RAIL”. Anything and everything they say or espouse goes against everything I believe in. It is hard to believe Americans would line up with them.

George Letavay - September 7, 2018

A very capable and honest jurist

drake tsioutsias - September 7, 2018

I don’t believe I learned anything significant from the hearings. That is because Mr. Kavanaugh, along with Justice Gorsich are, I believe extraordinarily good choices for the Court or this POTUS would not have nominated them. What was telling and very disturbing was the level of incivility, pettiness, grandstanding and obfuscation of the intent of the hearings by the Democrat Party. Their conduct was disgraceful but did serve the GOP well in demonstrating how out of control the current left wing of politicians is. I cannot believe it will not sway at least some votes against the Democrats when voters weigh the depth of their perverted antics at this hearing.

David - September 7, 2018

Kavanaugh did a great job and remained poise and professional. Thanks to Heritage members who research falsehoods voiced by the opposition.

Bob Clayton - September 7, 2018

That the democrats are crazy and losing their minds and the judge is totally qualified. I watched it all unfold.

Steve Vogelfanger - September 7, 2018

He stays calm under fire. He won’t allow the Progressives to make him out to be a racist, against women, against the elderly, against all that is good and holy, and, he is not responsible for the end of the world.

Al Wunsch - September 7, 2018

I did not watch a lot of the hearings but think that one would come away with an admiration for the competence and composure of Judge Kavanaugh and a complete disgust for the democrat senators. For someone who believes in the Constitutional Republican form of government and the Judeo-Christian principles that underpin it, the behavior of the democrats and their protestors was disgusting – hard to watch.

Bruce Richardson - September 7, 2018

Democrats on the committee have been an embarrassment, rude and deplorable. They were so despicable, Kavanaugh’s children had to be escorted from the room.

Bernard Giroux - September 7, 2018

That Judge Kavanaugh is a principled, disciplined reader of the law and that the country can benefit by his knowledge and insight into the law and the Constitution.

Les Taylor - September 7, 2018

That he is a brilliant jurist and well worthy of s seat on the Supreme Court.

don byerley - September 7, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh is an excellent choice
for supreme court. the more I hear and see of the democrats, the more disgust for their childish behavior. They are a danger to our country.
Judge Kavanaugh is a principled person, which is so much needed right now and in the future. God bless him.

Don Balderrama - September 7, 2018

I didn’t learn anything except that the Democratic Party that I knew has disappear. They have really gone on the deep end; too bad as a two party system can be challenging and refreshing, in which different political ideas can be challenged not by name calling but with
facts as “without data, all anyone has is an opinion” Bill O’Reilly.

Chuck Norlin - September 7, 2018

I garnered several things from the Kavanaugh hearings, and while the take-ways were not necessarily surprising, they were enlightening.

First, as usual, the Democrats were clear in their unswaying determination to tarnish Judge Kavanaugh, regardless of whether or not their input was truthful or accurate. Second, the true and dignified quality and intellect of the Republicans shone through (as did the Democrats misguided use of their intelligence). Finally, Judge Kavanaugh was steadfast and stellar in his direct and accommodating answers given to both parties.

The Judge’s intellect and recall abilities are beyond measure, and paired with his calm and thoughtful approach in considering and answering the questions and scenarios presented him speaks volumes of his ability to handle himself in the most trying of situations.

The greater danger was certainly exposed in this hearing by the Democrats as they did all in their power to misalign, mislead, and mischaracterize Judge Kavanaugh in order to thoroughly discredit him as to his value as a judge, and as a person, which flows to their relentless effort to destroy the presidency of the United States.

ALL Americans should gravely consider the consequences of destroying a President in office as it speaks to absolute tyranny, and what then are we left with during their ongoing destructive work, and ultimately should they succeed in ending the Trump Presidency.

To date there is considerable proof that the President’s policies are working, and will work well in to the future, benefiting all Americans. Do you and I stand by and allow one of our governing parties to destroy another because they lost their power in OUR government.

We Americans are the victims in this tragedy, the good works that are being accomplished by this President are severely damaged by those Democrats bent on destroying a residency so they might return to power, and the progress that could be made, which benefits all Americans, is severely forestalled by members of our government.

And finally, what do we really know what is TRUTH, that which is proven, that is coming from the minds of the media people and the people of the destructive Democratic party? We know what “they” tell us, but the proof is in the results of this Presidency which speaks of the opposite.

What is the true point here? You and I are the victims, today and in the future. It is not about the President, it is about the future of America, and it is up to you and I to search out and know the truth, not the words of what “someone” is feeding us, it is our America, let us embrace it and protect it from those who would destroy it from within.

Tom Lanners - September 7, 2018

Nothing about Judge Kavanaugh. Rather they are getting a glimpse of just how evil the Democratic Party is. It’s about time!

F & F L - September 7, 2018

Americans should realize that liberalism is a mental disorder. Dems are totally unhinged!

Evan - September 8, 2018

That the democratic party has become the
attraction for the worst and most unhinged
elements of our society is on full display. They are a disgrace to our nation They have lost sense of integrity. Judge Kavanaugh is well qualified to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court.Eigby,

betty alm - September 8, 2018

He is a mentally sound man.
I am blown away by his knowledge.
He is a wonderful person.

Suzanne Russell - September 8, 2018

I think we are learning that Judge Kavanaugh is a stellar person and that we will be better off with him on the bench.

We are also learning how despicable and desperate the Dems are to stop anything that will better our country. They almost had us going under and they hate that we are being built up now.

Thank God for your organization and what you do. I am proud to be a part of it. You are here for such a time as this!

James Kelly - September 8, 2018

When Trump said he would not necessarily accept the Election Results he was shamed. Now who is not accepting the Election Results. After the election, Obama even said (they are from so many sources) that results can’t be changed. “God Bless Trump”

Mary Honecker - September 8, 2018

He is brilliant. He is confident in his views. He can reason when needed and graciously steer away from unfair questions and attacks or questions that require judgments. He is a true constitutional judge. He is always respectful; even under attack. All these are character attributes that all people should want and practice so he is an excellent role model for America.

Timothy R. Buttner - September 8, 2018

We learned that the Judge is a cool customer: I doubt I could have ever put up with the doofusses in the Senate w/o making some , uh, acerbic observations about their disrespectful and childish behaviors, as well as their incompetence in their own duties…

John Crews - September 8, 2018

I think they learned he was fair, courteous and thoughtful. He didn’t get flustered or angry; the kind of judge anyone should want to hear their case.
While the hearings were good entertainment (like a dog and pony show), I’m not sure this is the best format for selecting a member of the Supreme Court. Maybe Heritage could suggest a more effective way of selecting judges.

Joseph B Haggerty Sr. - September 8, 2018

I believe that Americans learned that Judge Kavanaugh is more than just a competent Judge, he is a humanitarian who really cares about people. When I learned that he works with the homeless, serving food and genuinely speaks with them, when I learned that he teaches under privileged children in an effort to make their lives better and is a coach for girls basketball. it brought tears to my eyes. That a Judge on the DC Appeals Court for DC would be taking his time away from the court to give to the community, just shows what kind of man he is. He is the kind of Judge every American should want.

Jim Christison - September 9, 2018

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation and others, I learned that Judge Kavanaugh is a perfect match to defend my beliefs in the rule of law and the Constitution. The Democrat Party, the party of hate, is so desperate to socialize the U.S. and cover up their illegal acts, during the 2016 election, they will say or do anything to keep this extremely qualified judge off the Supreme Court.

CLAIRE TERRANA - September 9, 2018

judge Cavanaugh is a good man and a very capable, smart person.

He will do Honor to the SUPREME COURT.

Mike Flynn - September 9, 2018

I didn’t doubt Kavanaugh’s qualifications before the hearing. I turned the hearing off shortly after the hearing started due to the behavior of the Democrats and the demonstrators. It was not a civilized discussion of important points of differnt perspectives.

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