The media are covering the announcement that Heritage will launch The Daily Signal next month to reach more Americans with a conservative message.

Here’s a roundup of some of the reporting:

  • Politico explains that Heritage “is planning to launch a new news service that will cater to a conservative audience.”
  • Bloomberg says The Daily Signal could help Heritage reach new audiences.
  • Poynter, a website about journalism, says The Daily Signal doesn’t have the limitations of many other news sites.
  • USA Today says Heritage is “hoping to assert itself as another influential voice in the conservative media.”
  • Mediate reports that The Daily Signal will be “free of ‘wild, liberal bias.'”
  • Capital New York offers a more skeptical take.
  • In the Capital notes that The Daily Signal is aiming to reach Millennials.
  • The Nation, a liberal magazine, says The Daily Signal is “(yet another) right wing news site.”
  • The Wall Street Journal says The Daily Signal “will aim to fill what its creators see as a void in American journalism. “
  • Gawker notes that the site will be free of advertising.
  • Free Speech TV says, tongue in cheek, that it “just can’t wait” for The Daily Signal.
  • The Washington Post includes the news about The Daily Signal in a daily roundup
  • The American Prospect, a left-wing magazine, says The Daily Signal is a sign of conservative desperation.
  • The Washington Times says The Daily Signal will be “an aggressive and straightforward news site created by the Heritage Foundation and aimed at the computers, tablets and mobile devices of an increasingly alarmed public.”
  • TPM reports that “The Heritage Foundation wants a piece of the digital news pie.”


Comments (11)

Curtis - May 14, 2014

Very informative – I love it – keep it going

Carol Roche - May 14, 2014

I am very glad to hear this. I think it’s long overdue!!
Good Luck! We need more of the truth from Repubs.
and Conservatives in the media.

Mary Dana Baird - May 14, 2014

Good! We need as many outlets to tell the truth of what is happening in our country and what we can do to stop it.

Emmett House - May 15, 2014

We need all of the valid and constuctive information we can get, to oppose the propsition that wishing for a better world is the same as earning it.


Congratulations and Good Luck in spreading a refreshing new truthful outlook in the news media. Most of us are so tired of the liberal bias.

Maureen Crost - May 31, 2016

I read the Daily Signal every day however, my computer doesn’t work with
videos and that’s all some of the stories
have. Could u please include a transcript or other written summary of the story and not just a video. I emailed
Kelsey previously about this but there
was no change.

Joe W Janick - October 29, 2016

Hell no to taxpayer funded PP (aka PU & hold ur nose). Hades for any believer is where these baby killers will percolate…

Wendy - January 24, 2017

Daily Signal is a sparkling publication!! Wonderful addition to supply we the people with the truth. LSM is fired. Even FOX just hired MARIE HARF!!!! They’re fired now. Dr. Michael Savage Breitbart and Daily Caller and now Signal our sources. Thanks!!!🇺🇸

Hamish Farquharson - May 24, 2017

The Daily Signal is great. Too much conservative news that emanates from America is, I’m afraid to say, wild-eyed and slightly crazy. It creates the impression that conservatism is “not all there” mentally. Conspiracy theories help no-one when the truth is far more frightening, yet overshadowed by lunacy. Good work, Heritage Foundation.

Author Steven Lawrence - May 24, 2017

Thank you, Hamish! We’re thankful for the work that the Daily Signal team does.

Carl - June 24, 2017

Thank you for your hard work and loyalty to our Nation

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