Heritage experts have been covering the developments in the North Korean missile program since the beginning.

This week was no different as they took to the media to give a conservative perspective on the latest North Korean missile test.

North Korea’s actions have made it a rogue nation and should be treated as such.

Watch these news clips of Heritage experts for more details:

James Carafano on CNN’s Headline News:

Bruce Klingner on Fox News Special:

Steve Moore on CNN’s New Day:

Bruce Klingner on Fox News:

What should the U.S. response to the North Korean threat be?

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Michael Feeney - September 8, 2017

The threat is being handled just right by the Trump Administration. North Korea needs to be watched and not Cowed Down too. A united show of force must be shown to this bully to the extent of a regime change.

Timothy R. Buttner - September 8, 2017

Cut off the banking privileges of anyone who trades with NoKo. It’s time for the ChiComs to put up…

Timothy R Eby - September 8, 2017

Shoot down the next missile launch by NOKO right off the pad. No questions, no apologies.

Michael Combs - September 8, 2017

South Koreans near the DMZ should all begin their vacations in the south. Defenses near Seoul should be greatly strengthened and US warships with attack and defense capabilities should be brought within range to inflict maximum damage to North Korean armaments near Seoul as rapidly as possible. Let the North invade everywhere but near Seoul, exposing their forces and supply lines to devastating air attack. Don'[t invade North Korea, just use air and naval superiority to destroy military targets along the DMZ and rocket facilities further north. Nasty work, but waiting will only make it worse, as it already has.

Elliott - September 8, 2017

By all means, use every diplomatic and economic tool in the shed to bring some shred of common sense to Bowl Cut Jr. BUT, at the same time, US and allied military assets should be placed within 15 minutes flight time such that North Korea can be wiped from the face of the Earth immediately upon their first act of aggression.

ROBERT MCWAIN - September 8, 2017

The North Korea problem is designed to test Trump,plus to take over South Korea.

Bob Greeno - September 8, 2017

Get military missle defense weapons ready in positions to shoot down any more missles that might be the real thing. Not a good idea to wait until a real one kills innocent people. NK has already threatened to send the US a gift, and he doesn’t appear to be anything but a tyrant and serious about achieving his objectives of power through force.

Alexander - September 8, 2017

I agree fully with Timothy W Eby !

Trudy Slater - September 8, 2017

Both Timothy Buttner and Timothy Eby have it correct!

Hank Raehn - September 8, 2017

Use North Korea’s future launches as test targets for US missiles to knock them down enroute while in the air. Also, do whatever is possible to diminish Iran’s involvement with North Korea’s missile development program. Work with allies to cut off banking of any country or person who interacts directly or indirectly with North Korea. Too many American companies have their goods manufactured in China; that would instantly stop if Congress enacted and the president signed FairTax legislation!

Lee Pawlukewich - September 8, 2017

Any Missile fired towards your air space or territory must be destroyed.
I agree with Bob Greeno.

G. ALLAN BARNES - September 8, 2017

The last time a similar question was asked, I stated the US should cut off their access to world banks, and bury them in sanctions ’till the cows come home.
Furthermore, they should be surrounded by anti-missile, and nuclear armed ships so if we detect anything brighter than a flashlight coming from N Korea, it’ll be reduced to ashes and glow in the dark for eternity.
The Neville Chamberlains of the world will end up getting a lot of people killed because of their “peace in our time” mentality.

Glenn Sheridan - September 8, 2017

Shoot the next test missile down while still over NOKO airspace.

Joe Thornton - September 8, 2017

Agree with Timothy. Issue Warning to North Korea simpleton.—Dismantle all missele sites or the US of A will! We are tired of this constant Act of aggression. Include Iran in the bombing!

Rodney Huff - September 8, 2017

I spent 38 years serving our country in peace and war; and I believe this is the first time comments to Heritage are more hawkish than mine.
First and foremost: protect U.S. assets and our allies with both missile defense and tactical nuclear, as required. This means arming Japan and South Korea with nukes. China will hate this step but it could help them decide to rein in Un. Secondly, pull out all stops on sanctions. The leadership will not miss a meal but the subjects of NK will starve. Sadly, there is no other way for the effects to be felt. Thirdly, put China on notice that we intend to defend U.S. territory and our allies to the maximum extent possible. They can ill afford to lose trillions in trade by stepping on our feet. We can expect them to aid NK with intelligence and material support. If they’re intelligent about things, it will end there. I doubt Putin would do anything outlandish at this juncture, but he may want a deal cut in Eastern Europe for his support on NK. Depending on the price, that could be paletable. Finally, notify everyone watching that the next launch that leaves NK airspace and crosses any other country’s border will be considered an overt act of war and will be responded to without hesitation.

Esther Wolfson - September 8, 2017

If any of their missiles hit America or our allies, immediate military response.

William Coates - September 8, 2017

Previous administrations have created a real problem here. We can deny them any test results, just by intercepting all their launches before they go far. Their helpers (China, Russia, Iran) cannot be trusted in an embargo. Not likely to stop their nuclear program without major casualties. This one’s up to God.

Mark Davis - September 8, 2017

It is completely irrational to continue sending money or anything of value to N. Korea as we have done for years. Detach and let their fellow communist nations support them. Not one American life is worth an engagement with N. Korean unless they attack us or our allies. If they do so, the head of the snake should be removed. Semper Fidelis

LaVonne Howard - September 8, 2017

The Government from Switzerland has
offered to be an intermedium of the USA.
Since they are known for neutrality, I would
think, this would be a good beginning
place for President Trump.
Also, the North Koreans have been
wanting to talk with the USA from the
beginning. Now is certainly the time!

Amy Van Buskirk - September 8, 2017

Shoot down their misslles.

Cut off banking privileges for those who trade with North Korea.

Barbara Tunget - September 9, 2017

Any missiles that come towards us or our allies shoot them down immediately. . If NK continues to “practice” w/their missiles we will “practice” shooting them down. Cut off all sanctions w/them.

Donald Hollowaty - September 9, 2017

NOKO is like a poisonous snake, that we need to cut off the head.

Dee - September 9, 2017

Knock down anything that doesn’t look right coming out of NK. Cut off all funds and those that help them be it friend, frienenies or foe.

CLAIRE TERRANA - September 9, 2017


Sylvia - September 9, 2017

We need to get the threatened world to stand with us, and then be ready to bomb NK back to the stone age. They have to know we can and will do it, and nobody will help them.
But the rest of the world has to be afraid of them.

EricWallin - September 9, 2017

Cut off trade with any nations that do business with N. Korea. Shoot down any missiles launched from N. Korea when they first leave the ground (easiest to target that way). Prepare for massive pre-emptive strike.

otis hindbaugh - September 9, 2017

Next missile that flies over Japan, we wait till it’s far enough out over the ocean and we shoot it out of the sky!!!

Deryl Travis Jr. - September 9, 2017

The US may eventually have to physically confront NK. Shooting down a missle may be the right level of confrontation. The US has suffered from repeated false bravado during the Obama years and may have to earn back the respect that’s been lost.

Jerry Metcalf - September 9, 2017

Crispy critters for all of them.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - September 11, 2017


Larry Farnell - October 10, 2017

The President should blockade No Korea from sea & air. We should ensure that no shipping, supplies, food, natural resources, military equipment, electronics, visitors or returning citizens, etc. get into the country. We should enlist the support of our allies in the area to enforce this embargo.

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