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Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, goes into detail with what we should expect, according to the Constitution:

“The Constitution gives the “sole Power of Impeachment” to the House, which can approve articles of impeachment by a simple majority. As a practical matter, therefore, it might be said that the category of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” includes whatever the House says it does. But America’s founders took this phrase from English common law, where it had developed a definition. It is a narrow category of serious misconduct that requires removing the president now, rather than waiting for the next election.

Articles of impeachment approved by the House are similar to a criminal indictment by a grand jury: they are a list of unproven accusations. The House has adopted 19 of the more than 60 resolutions of impeachment introduced since our Founding. Fifteen of those have been for federal judges, including Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Chase in 1804. The last resolution of impeachment approved by the House concerned former U.S. District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. in 2009. He was accused of receiving gifts, cash payments and other valuable items from lawyers practicing before him.

The Senate has the “Sole Power to try all Impeachments,” although the Constitution does not explicitly require the Senate to act on the articles of impeachment or to hold a trial. Under congressional rules, members of the House who are designated as impeachment “managers” have the role of prosecutors. The impeachment trial of a president is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and held before the entire Senate. Impeachment trials of other officials (under rules established by the Senate) take place before an impeachment trial committee of senators. In these trials, Senators have a role that combines features of both judge and jury, with the authority to govern the conduct of the trial and decide any evidentiary issues that may arise.”

If the House votes to impeach, then the Senate will ultimately try the case against President Trump, and determine if he should be removed from office.

Read the full article at the National Interest here.

What do you think about Speaker Pelosi’s inquiry into the impeachment of President Trump?

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mike - September 27, 2019

Why in the heck don’t the Republicans start any investigations … This is stupid …

Jeff - September 27, 2019

Enforce the law; Disrespect of the Office of the Presidency.
Bypass the lamestream propaganda machine & paper/digital print actual info.

joe coffey - September 27, 2019

Looks like all of our politicians are providing great jobs for influence. Seems like democrats would not want this an issue anymore than the Republicans.

Hope Trump can keep the heat on.

Go get them and Republicans also.

Frank J McHugh - September 27, 2019

I’m disgusted with the pernicious dimocratc party who care about nothing but power, not the rule of law, Withot a full vote of the house, this should die, wher it belongs

David C Thurgood - September 27, 2019

I think it is completely bogus. The Left has been trying to change the outcome of the 2016 election ever since it happened and this is just one more attempt.

John Hebert - September 27, 2019

A total partisan circus. The Dems continue to search for relevance. The do nothing party continues it’s irrelevance. They have never been this close to self destruction

ALBERT SMITH - September 27, 2019

I agree with Hans von Spakovsky. Furthermore, Speaker Pelosi and her cadre of partisans cheapen our Constition by raising impeachment on such shallow grounds. It is she who is politicizing every word and move by the President of the United States. Yet, we ought not be surprised because Democrats do this all the time against any opponent or policy brought forth by the GOP.

Gary D Tapp - September 27, 2019

As is always The case with the Democrats, there finger-pointing at make-believe miss deeds of Republicans always illuminates their own corrupt activities. They should be held responsible for their corruption.

Jane Quill - September 27, 2019

OUTRAGEOUS….with NO basis…outright EVIL!

Stan J Vos - September 27, 2019

Speaker Pelosi does not have a leg to stand on President Trump has done NOTHING wrong her ONLY motive is hatred just pure HATRED it is so very sad.

Cynthia Ban - September 27, 2019

President Trump has done nothing wrong to be impeached. Since 2008 we have heard of multiple criminal events that occurred as a result of Washington, DC government personnel. No one has been held accountable. It is disgusting.

Timothy Burroughs - September 27, 2019

Where are senate republicans? As usual the swamp creatures remain silent. They should be opening investigations into Joe Biden and basically the entire Obama administration. No wrong doing there! Wow!

Virginia - September 27, 2019

I personally think is a disgrace what theCongress/Democrats are doing not only to the President but to our country! Speaker Pelosi & her party are taking us to a very dangerous place for now & for future Presidents. There hate is very sick.

Francis Clasby - September 27, 2019

I don’t Pelosi is very bright and is wasting a lot of time on something that’s not going to happen.

Wynette Sperling - September 27, 2019

Pres. Trump interrupted the liberal agenda to destroy our country as we know it, if they succeed , they will pick up where Obama left off. Note: my donations are made by phone once a year

Namcy - September 27, 2019

Democrat legislatures are intentionally undermining our constitutionally founded democracy.
They are creating so much division and must be stopped. Vote them out, but is the damage already done? They must be stopped

William J Keesling - September 27, 2019

This is a continuing attempt by the hate mongers to destroy our president and the conservative movement in our country. We must not let them succeed!

William Johnson - September 27, 2019

This impeachment is hate driven by malcontent Democrats. They are still groping for s “crime”. There are no end of lies and treachery employed by the Democrats. I am sick of the twisted evil exhibited.

Alex Landry - September 27, 2019

I think this is a witch hunt. And Pelosi is just trying to get everybody’s attention off the Election. I hope President can put her away.

Marlene Waldbauer - September 27, 2019

I don’t believe that President Trump would do something to get himself impeached. He has done so much good for our country but with all the democrats have done to stop him he needs to be elected for another 4 years so he can complete his agenda for Making America Great Again!!!

Tom Shackelford - September 27, 2019

I believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If I am pre- disposed to a decision I should not be a party to making a determination. I am not a Trump supporter but find this entire process to be distasteful and the particpants actions demeaning to their alledged roles as representatives of the people. Is it any wonder that people find politics so distasteful at this time.

K Hay - September 27, 2019

Where are all the powerful lawyers to get this stopped? Think we are all tired of the constant chaos by the left; yet no one has been sentenced for any crime related to Russia collusion, etc. When a non-govt person commits these type of crimes, they are tried, a reasonable time; usually not drug out. We need justice to happen ASAP so our country can move forward.

John Miller - September 27, 2019

Keep communication w/ public simple — i.e.:
what is happening is the political attack on a personality, progress, and policy. That’s all.

If I don’t like you, your policies, and the country’s progress — I will attack you with political lies, slander, innuendo, and legal manipulation — because power is more important to me than progress and party is more important to me than country.

Jim Boatman - September 27, 2019

I grew up in conservative West Texas and attended high school with 7 of my classmates. We were all patriots but got very little on the US Constitution. Now at the age of 78 I have enrolled in a class given by Hillsdale College. It is Constitution 101 and is free. We cannot allow the liberal (?) idiots to run roughshod over us. I personally think we should give them all the rope they need to hang themselves.

Colleen Kohler - September 27, 2019

Actions by the Democrats against Trump are entirely motivated by their desire to overturn a duly elected president. They have no respect for the constitution.

Spencer Wedlund - September 27, 2019

Hopefully this will put an end to the Special Prosecutor.

Deborah Rice - September 27, 2019

I’d like to comment but when I click on the full article link the site comes up attached to my print command. When I shut down the print command, the article disappears.

Sinclair B. Doggett - September 27, 2019

Democrats move from one stupid idea to another in their search for something to impeach Pres. Trump. If you look back at these ideas they all look the same and I’ll bet you’ll eventually find they are all coming from Mr. George Soros!! They don’t do the countries work they just waste our time and money!!

Jon Kvernmo - September 27, 2019

Pelosi, is entirely politically motivated, and has no real interest in the welfare of our country nor its individual citizens. Hearing that accusation, she would of course protest vehemently. President Trump has done nothing worthy of impeachment. He has, on occasion, said and may have done some ill-advised things that haunt him and his leadership, and are at times a cause for embarrassment for his supporters. I value his straightforward, no-nonsense style, his solid pro-life position, staunch support of the 2nd Amendment, and benefit from the vastly improved domestic economy since he took office.

Nancy S. - September 27, 2019

I am totally AGAINST impeachment – especially on such flimsy made up reasons. This has to stop – NOW.

Shanti - September 27, 2019

It is very unfortunate impeachment is being used as a tool to oust a President elected by the people for the sake of capturing power. This means, when
a Democrat is President he/she could be impeached for trivial reasons. If so, Can democracy survive?

Steven Brewster - September 27, 2019

Who could wish for the current Democratic Party to be in charge of every aspect of American’s lives, which is what they desire. They will turn every utterance into a crime, when advantageous.

Bill Grey - September 27, 2019

It is my humble opinion that the “Impeachment Inquiry” is a Witch Hunt by the Democrats in an attempt to cover up the real crime(s) committed by the former Vice President Joe Biden.
Everything the Democrats say Predident Trump has done has already been done and is still being done by the Democrats and all the other pigs in the swamp in Washington DC. What’s really interesting is that most everyday Joe Public sees this also. The election coming up in 2020, is going to be the biggest route of the Democrats and the “Never Trumper’s” that the swamp has ever seen.

Rich Chwaszczewski - September 27, 2019

I am disgusted and astonished at how fraudulent the Democrat Party has become. This is the classic tempest in a teapot. Similarly, I am angered and embarrassed at feckless, cowardly Republicans who fail to support the President.

Hames Nichols - September 27, 2019

The utter and absolute Hypocrisy of the Dems is beyond belief!!! Since when does an inexperienced son of a sitting VP successfully conclude separate business transactions worth $1.5Billion and hundreds of millions with the foreign governments of China and the Ukraine!!! And, Hillary; You should stay totally quiet, with your checkered history and the growing disclosures of the transactions you’ve had a hand in with the ‘uranium’ deal and your Foundation(?)!!!

John W Blake - September 27, 2019

I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never seen the Democratic Party as corrupt and out of touch with reality as it is now. Pres. Trump has done nothing remotely impeachable, but the Democrats (and the Deep State) are so desperate to get him out of office that they are trying anything they can find, no matter how ridiculous, to try and impeach him. They are a disgrace to this country and many of THEM should be impeached!

Elaine Webb - September 27, 2019

I think it’s a shame that Speaker Pelosi has nothing better to do than stir up more trouble for President Trump. She’s only shooting herself in the foot. He’s a good man and he will continue to prevail. God put him there and no man can change that.

Carl B. Pearlston - September 27, 2019

The Democrats are stoking a dangerous fire that can threaten to engulf the nation in partisan hatred. Pelosi et al should be very cautious in catering to the rabid leftists who welcome the fire.

Robert Dennerlein - September 27, 2019

Saul Alinsky would be proud! The Left and Democrats are executing his “playbook” flawlessly! Tell a lie or lies often enough and it becomes the truth! America is in the midst of a “Cold War”!

James Zajac - September 27, 2019

It makes you wonder about the democratic party. They sure don’t have any interest our country, only in their own power. Over the past 3 years they haven’t proposed one thing that this country can benefit from. The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels is bulls***. Anyone who believes this garbage is a moron and likewise to anyone who thinks Trump deserves impeachment.

COL (Ret) Richard Loesch - September 27, 2019

For the most part the current Democrats in Congress I consider to be duped, duplicitous, and disingenuous. They accomplish nothing for the common good nor for this nation’s general welfare. This whole impeachment fiasco is an act of childish partisan buffoonery. My sincere hope is the majority of American adults do too.

Edward Kropp - September 27, 2019

Pee brains running amok

Edith - September 27, 2019

Former legislatures were clearly not as power-crazed nor hate-filled as current house democrats. It is they, not President Trump who are the clear and present danger. They are inflating myths and rumors, distorting contexts and outright lying.

John - September 27, 2019

Only difficulty is Pelosi gets to control every facet of testimony & procedure in the House. HOWEVER, if it does get to the Senate floor, DJT et al get to call ANY & ALL defense witnesses, including the boat-load of Dems who have escaped “inquiries” and/or prosecution RE: their collabortive efforts to derail the President, and much worse! That could light a long overdue fire, and I’d love to see that flare up before 2020!

Jim Muhlenbruch - September 27, 2019

Why don’t Republicans issue Senate Subpoenas like the Democrats do in the House? There’s a ton of Leftists law breakers out there to fill hearing rooms and trial courts for decades. Start with the entire Obama Administration…including Barack Hussein.

Paul Ackerman - September 27, 2019

Having paid attention to politics since the Eisenhower era,and having lived within the bubble of DC recently enough to understand the vast difference between the attitudes there and rural America,it strikes me that the current Democrat Party has lost its collective mind. They are the party of lies and smears…that is all they do now. It is beyond appalling to listen to Sen. Adam Schiff outright fabricate a “quote” and ascribe it to President Trump—and no Republican leaps to their feet and yells”you are lying thru your teeth!” What is wrong with them?

Stephen H. Pulliam - September 27, 2019

Where are the Republicans to defend the leader of their party? In two instances of obsequious complaisance, Republicans have allowed Adam Schiff to compose a slanderous lie on the House floor about the President, letting Schiff completely finish before entering any objection; and they then allowed Nancy Pelosi to open a “Formal Impeachment Inquiry” w/o a floor vote, which is required by House Rules. Republicans are co-conspirators in this undisguised coup.

Joanne Miller - September 27, 2019

It is ridiculous!! Democrats are getting desperate.!! The media certainly seem to give the Democrats coverage. Pres Trump has to be thick skinned to take all of this garbage.

Wallace Hoffman - September 27, 2019

Today’s Daily Signal provides the best summary. First, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) told a fictitious, partisan, incorrect account of President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyv. Second, the whistleblower stated that his report was based on second-hand and third-hand evidence. In a criminal murder case (impeachment is a murder case of a person;s career) second-hand witness is considered circumstantial evidence and is not admitted in trial.

Gary Noerenberg - September 27, 2019

The whole process that Pelosi has initiated is worthless and a sham. At this point she ‘owns’ the impeachment because there has been no vote of the House. We do not know if the House is in favor or not; only Nancy and a few other “blue state” players. We need a vote taken and that should be based on the articles of impeachment that they will send to the Senate should they impeach.

Also, we need the Republicans to get involved and start executing an aggressive defense of our President and start putting pressure on the Democrats. Start with chairman Schiff who should be charged with ethics violation or something for his mockery of the House and the American people with his arrogant opening speech at the hearing this week. What an example of poor leadership.

Mike Kayes - September 27, 2019

Who has a better chance of defeating Warren, Pence or Trump? My sense is the answer is Pence. What do you think?

Peter j Palmer - September 27, 2019

I’m a republican but unfortunately I believe we have a president that makes decisions based on his personal interests and if they happen to correspond with national interests than we got lucky. His Ukraine call was wrong and follows a familiar pattern of personal interest behavior. I just wish we had another choice for republican leadership

William & Suzanne Yeager - September 27, 2019

wasting time and money on impeachment is ridiculous

Robert Hahn - September 27, 2019

Genevieve: Hello. to impeach the greatest POTUS in USA history…BOGUS political conspiracy by the demoncrats. What would be JUST, would be to place ALL demoncrats “sin-ators and house members” on RECALL in their states, thus impeaching THEM. Those demoncrats are NOT doing the job they were “elected to”…to legislate. They are using their positions SOLELY as political weapon pulpits and bashing Pres Trump and all associated with him and his Administration.

Roberto Luis Boselli - September 27, 2019

Hopefully Biden and his son will be duly prosecuted.
Thanks for the great article.

William Snyer - September 27, 2019

President Trump should be honored for his courage, follow through on his campaign promises and his dedication to the citizenry of this great country. This impeachment attempt is rife of politics and lacking any credibility at all! What a travesty to our country and a black page in the history of today.

Mike Wimbish - September 27, 2019

When this coup fails, charges should be forthcoming against all conspirators.

Barbara Ann Scherr - September 27, 2019

I feel the Dems are running scared because they believe that Trump will be reelected in 2020 unless they can impeach him. They fear that they can not defeat him at the poles. Impeach, cause confusion, muddy up his reputation – anything to get their power back and continue to destroy this country;

Dr. Jessie Hummel - September 27, 2019

Who is the whistleblower? Rush Limbaugh offered up a couple theories. Mainly that this complete effort is to erase VP Joe Biden from the race. Not to far fetched possibly. As for the Constitutionality of the Speaker of the House it appears to me to be GIGO.

Jerry Milby - September 27, 2019

Jesus once said that the accuser should
take the “beam” out of his eye before he
tries to take the “splinter” out of the accused person’s eye. We can clearly see
this truth relative to the Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen in their
efforts of accusing President Trump for
impeachment. This process we are currently seeing in the United States House of Representative’s Intelligence Committee is an exact example of Jesus’ instruction. Just look at Mr. Schiff’s fraudulent rewriting of the White House transcript of the telephone communication of Presidents Trump and Zelensky as he expressed in his opening remarks before the U.S. DNI on Sept 26, 2019 and in context to Vice President Biden’s Quid Pro Quo, Senator Martinez’s and Senator Durbin’s Quid Pro Quo and other Democratic Congressional members also identified in the media lately regarding their Quid Pro Quo efforts with the Ukraine government. Basically, we are continuing to see another “rerun” of the Democrats efforts in our nation to continue to deny and reject the lawful election in 2016, when President Trump was elected as our nation’s President. They continue to ignore and try to overthrow the lawful rights of the American Peoples who elected President Donald Trump. They seem to be becoming a National Security Risk in their continuous irrational and deceitful behavior and decisions, as their behavior and decisions are increasingly becoming more and more irrational and deceitful, regardless of the consequences for our

Bryce McIntyre - September 27, 2019

I do not understand what might be wrong with a President seeking to shine the light on bad/criminal behavior by a former official of the US federal government on the international scene. On the contrary, I think it would be great if everyone had good reason to be confident that any US government official who engaged in allegedly criminal behavior would certainly be investigated and prosecuted – based on sound evidence and not on hysteria. I want our international friends and our international enemies to have this understanding: that the US does NOT conduct business in underhanded ways, but reliably in ways that are above board.
The hostile assault against President Trump is unprincipled and dreadfully destructive of our country and our people.

roberta siegel - September 27, 2019

vindictiveness is a bad course of action sticking to facts would be more prudent partisanship is ignorant and non productie bad move democrats

Saundra L. Finleon - September 27, 2019

Where are all the women to comment, many like me who supported Mr Trump (because we hated Hillary the crook)? I am so sick of the liberal Democrats and I can’t believe all the Dems agree with Nancy and this further ridiculous move of the same plot to get rid of the duly elected head of the USA. The world is laughing at us and yet Mr Trump is still able to get some of the terrible “executive” acts, passed by the incumbent Mr.Obama, reversed. Congress still refuses to address immigration reform or to get any real, helpful legislation passed. No wonder we need someone to drain the “swamp”!

Cecil Houser - September 27, 2019

I think it is totally a bogus charge

Danilo Prado - September 27, 2019

Well, when we talk about Impeachment procedure or rules, it deals with “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, which simply mean, that a President or any body charged of impeachment, must have committed a ” BRIBERY, Robbery, Aiding and supporting our enemies to undermine the government of the United States. If we focus our attention on what former president Obama, he had committed many impeachable offense, like the IRAN GIVE away deal., the Uranium deal when his government sold 20% of our Uranium supply to Russia and many more violations that most Americans knew. According to records and reports, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya as he claimed it many times in the past.. Yet he was “not properly vetted and was allowed to run for president, despite the fact that he was a foreigner. Obama should have been impeached, but since he was not duly elected since he was not even ELIGIBLE go run, today, as a civilian, he MUST be prosecuted for being an IMPOSTOR. Now, going back to the caseof President Trump, to be applied on President Trump, Democrats, are abusing their power, since before President Trump was even inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. These Democrats, should be charged of rebellion, insurrection and sedition for they obstructed all the agenda of President Trump which are for the good of the people. Their plans are to shutdown President Trump and his government. They really abused their power and they do not respect the rule of law. Now even the Atty. General is being subpoenaed . The Supreme Court MUST intercede and STOP this violations of our Constitution. Thank you very much.

Sandra Gillhouse - September 27, 2019

To me it all just looks like politics. The whole reason We voted for Trump was because of this very thing. Good to see he still does what he promised in spite of it all.

emma macomber - September 27, 2019

I am beyond angry with the lies that Schiff read before the public. There should be recourse for his false statements. I stand with President Trump all the way. The demonic democrats are trying to bring down our Republic with lies.

michellem8082 - September 27, 2019

I would not have said this about previous Dem Party, but this one needs to be destroyed. Utterly frustrating that we’re stuck navigating and unwinding the vast octopi of corruption on the Left, while they’re on their hands and knees looking for every gnat and fly to “pile on” Trump, legit or not doesn’t matter, as long as the outrages are dramatized and adding up in the minds of their headline-reader base. GOP needs to waste no time gathering and hitting back hard on this one. Dems need to be cut down to nothing.

BARRY WICKSMAN - September 27, 2019

The Democrats have lost their moral compass and are a great danger to our republic. Conservatives have to be more proactive in getting their message out.

Gene Haberstock - September 27, 2019

It is ridiculous since the Treaty signed in 1999 signed by president Clinton covrers the president’s request.

Tom Windberg - September 27, 2019

This simply goes to prove that Mark Twain was right. “The only corruption native to America is Congress”.

Steve kalinsky - September 27, 2019

A high crime or misdemeanor Must be specifically and narrowly spelled out by chapter and verse of the violated statutes. It must be factual and verifiable and in my opinion also heinous not emotional and trivial. I believe the charges should be such that a reading of the allegations should fail to identify the political party of the accused or the accuser.
In sum if you can determine the Party charged or charging by reading the charges it is Political and not factual and should fail.

Douglas Arens - September 27, 2019

President Trump is already a Legendary president. He works tirelessly to represent the nation with his America first agenda. He has righted the ship, and accomplished so much for so many. It is ridiculous and baseless to discuss impeachment. He stepped away from his business in order to give back and make America Great. He has far succeeded expectations in his first term even with tremendous headwinds created by vicious entrenched Democrat politicians and media who just want power for their anti-American agenda.

Barbara Stockwell - September 27, 2019

I am sickened by our Congress. There has already been a vote to continue the farce. The Bidens are knee deep in guilt by threatening/ colluding with theUkraine.
Our President has been harassed since he was first nominated. Most appalling are the enemies within our once trusted DOD, CIA, NSA, etc. The President has dealt with obstruction this entire term. All of the bad press, the Muller investigation, and the impeachment nonsense is horribly embarrassing for our nation internationally.
In spite of this our Presidency always is appropriately dressed, has lifted the economy to amazing levels, reduced taxes and regulations which were stifling businesses, and interacted very well,successfully, with foreign leaders, even broken new ground with some countries. He also has it totally correct about trade. We can no longer afford to “give away the store”!
I fully support President Trump.r

chuck Picard - September 27, 2019

President Trump is trying to do the things he promised and what I voted for him to do.
The Republicans do not seem to stand up for Trump.
If I could wave a magic wand, I would take away all pay and benefits from especially Democrats for the last 3&1/2 years

Trudy Martin - September 27, 2019

I think “fancy Nancy” is grasping for straws and the whole group of them are pathetic and a national disgrace. I, too, am thoroughly disgusted with their behavior.

Cathy O’Brien - September 27, 2019

Unconstitutional! But will the spineless GOP hold her feet to the fire? That is the question.

William Steiner - September 27, 2019

First off, Pelosi has no authority to “impose” impeachment, this is a consideration requiring the whole body of the House to vote upon.. I have been telling people about the Bidens for over 2 yrs now, it’s nice that everyone is catching up.. thank you, sorry I don’t donate to political organizations.. its not in the Bible .. I donate to programs to help the poor widow & orphan children, who are repressed.

Rhonda Wheat - September 27, 2019

The Democrats have once again tried to set up President Trump. This is nothing but another attempted coup. Why are the Republicans not fighting this? They are once again being the get along party. No one is being proscuted for their crimes. We will lose our country while they sit on the sidelines.

Charles Krause - September 27, 2019

Where are all the Republican Congressmen who should be fighting back against these totally unfounded accusations and demanding the whistleblowers identity and investigations into Hunter and Joe Biden!

eugene blanch - September 27, 2019

d**n democrats have been doing nothing since trump was elected,wasted time on money and effort in protecting this country.everyone one of them needs to be removed from office they are destroying this country

cheryl karg - September 27, 2019

Trump is innocent. Everytime the dems open their mouth, they lie. I’m sick of how they behave and get away with it. Looks like Solomon (investigative journalist) has done some great investigating and has the documentation to prove that Biden is lying.

Tamara Heater - September 27, 2019

What a sham! Democrats want to tear down our institutions by accusing others of the very things they have done. They are doing a great job of it without any interference from the DOJ, What a horrible ham sandwich! Someone put sand in it!

Jon Sollars - September 27, 2019

Democrats are showing the American People just how stupid they are at grabbing
something that is not an impeachable act and trying to turn it into another way of removing a President that has done a Fantastic job. It is a witch Hunt and they have no one that can even come close to what his accomplishments are.

Tammy Moro - September 27, 2019

The impeachment attempts by the Democratic party are a complete waste of taxpayer money. It is beyond sickening.

Barry Rafferty - September 27, 2019

How about releasing all of Obama’s private communications with foreign countries…and Pelosi’s, Durbins, Leahy’s, Blumenthal’s. In fact, the Trump administration has been more transparent than any I can remember and I’ve been around for quite a few presidents. I hope that conservatives launch an equally resistant movement against any and all Democrats if/when they get the power they are willing to destroy the country over. Democrats better be careful because Karma is a “b***h”.

Stephen Mazzei - September 27, 2019

This will all go down the same drain as Russia Gate.

Dennis Smith - September 27, 2019

Democrats are wrong and do not understand the law or they don’t care. They are unhinged and evil.

Marcia Intorf - September 27, 2019

It is extremely irritating to me that they are putting words in that the President didn’t say. They are making it sound totally different than what I read in the document. That is totally dishonest!!! Makes me very angry!!!! I guess they have to make things up to get what they want!!

Mitch Barkett - September 27, 2019

I think democrats should be voted out everywhere. They don’t govern they just have endless investigations. Democrats=failure.

I. Loce - September 27, 2019

As a former patriotic veteran from the 82nd Airborne Division during WWII clearly stated: “More than 90% of Congressman should be immediately incarcerated.”
I wholeheartedly agree.

Rhonda Tyler - September 27, 2019

All of this is in God’s hands and He is fixing to bring to light the entire posse in the Swamp, the seditionist and traitors. Pres. Trump has not done anything that is impeachable. He will be re-elected and the Democrats will loose the House and their jobs. America has had enough of their foolishness and the world as well.

John Holtz - September 27, 2019

Schiff’s reading of the phone call transcript was a bald face to the American people and is a permanent part of the congressional record. Until Schiff and his minions are held accountable they will continue to hold us in contempt. Is there no procedure in the House or Senate to hold their members accountable?

Leslie Herrin - September 27, 2019

In my 84 years and many elections, I have never seen such anti-patriotism by this Democrat Party. If they had spent the past 3 yeas helping Make America Great Again, instead of lying and doing everything possible to stop progress, think where we would be now.

Marvin W Earle - September 27, 2019

Adam Schiff was just setting the stage of things to come. It’s time for real Republicans to stiffen their backbones and go back to there districts as a person of integrity! The same old, over & over is getting very stale. The whole debacle is staged. I still find it hard to believe that not one person called out Adam while spewing his crap. Those lies have been on all the news, to plant the seed.

Peter Seperack - September 27, 2019

Trump should be impeached! He has betrayed the trust of the American people. Trump attempted to have a foreign country influence our election. AG Barr should be fired. Mr Guliani should be prosecuted for any crimes he’s committed.

Charles C Currington - September 27, 2019

Personally I think some of Democrats should be tried for treason against our country they have ruined it for a lot of people. I thank God for President Trump and the great things that he has done.

w. June - September 27, 2019

Impeach or not impeach? That is the question. Depends on who it is it. The constitution appears to be simply a tool to be pulled out of their tool box as needed. Used for good or calling evil good. However there are a few good men who do know the meaning of the constitution and what it’s used for. It defends itself as these men stand up for it and us, Americans! They know the anvil out last the hammer!! MAGA!

David Holman - September 27, 2019

I’m an independent but the democrats have not only embarrassed themselves but also the the house of representatives shame on the especially Schiff reading the transcripts totally who does he think he is John Wayne get real fool.

Earl - September 27, 2019

The charges against President Trump seem to be by guess and by golly. Once again the DumbocRATS are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. With this type of running the Government IS costing the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS MILLIONS, MONEY THAT WOULD HELP SOCIAL SECURITY TO LAST LONGER.

Nancy Alloway - September 27, 2019

I am so sick of the Democrats costing tax payers money and wasting time trying to find a reason to impeach President Trump. They have been proven to be liars and a very divisive political party. I thank God for our strong President. This has proven how important it is for America to establish term limits.

Robert - September 27, 2019

If soliciting a foreign government to interfere in U.S. election, by withholding military aid, isn’t an impeachable offense, I don’t know what is.

Catherine D more - September 27, 2019

The Democrats are scared. They know Pres. Trump can’t be defeated especially
By those Dem characters running for President. All they care about is power and control. They should be working on passing bills instead of wasting tax payers money. Go Pres Trump!

E. Bush - September 27, 2019

I am sadden that once again that this is happening to President Trump. I pray that more will take a stand for him. He has done good for our country. I pray for his protection from evil.

Bill Engelbert - September 27, 2019

This whole thing is really stupid! Shouldn’t never happened. They been picking on the President Trump from day one. I guess we should have done that before when Obama got elected. I knew would happen two years ago. When Nasty Nancy Polosi got in. And brought her demo friends with her. Just makes our country look really bad.

George Childs - September 27, 2019

I am not convinced that Trump will be impeached. I have read the following article and believe this applies.

Dante - September 27, 2019

It’s a sad thing to have to go through but I think Trump is the only one who is fighting every day for the people of this country. Only a few Republicans have his back . I always knew that the Democrats were very corrupt but when the Republicans turned on the Tea party a few years ago I stopped donating and was going to leave the party. Now the same thing is going on with Trump. Whether it’s Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan and many others in the party it’s obvious that the hatred for Trump is more important than the love of the country.
So Washington will never go back to their club mentality as long as Trump is president.
It’s really sad but I feel that the swamp will never be drained. Thank God I am 80 years old and won’t have to be around when the greatest country in the world will be destroyed from within.
Feel sorry for my grandchildren, they will never know the how great this country was.
I pray every day for Trump, it’s all I can do.
God bless America

Shelly G. - September 27, 2019

Why isn’t Schumer going down for what he did. Why aren’t the Dems held accountable for their lies, leaks and illegal actions, ie., the fake dossier. We are so tired of this and so tired of all this presidential harassment.

Don Dutcher - September 27, 2019

Pelosi is keeping this entirely in the Dem field of jurisdiction by NOT asking for the requisite impeachment vote. She’s also protecting Dems from having to actually VOTE for or against &, then having to face election trouble back home. If there REALLY were an “impeachable offense” the vote should be taken and BOTH sides of the argument then get to bring their witnesses to the public. Without that, this is political theater with no integrity at all … buffoons marching to the tune of aggrandizing political power for a party, turning their back on truth & justice for the nation!

David Bergsma - September 27, 2019

The Democrat behavior and failure to serve the public is indicating to me that they are actually engaged in a revolution. a full blown takeover of our country, and we need to wake-up soon or it will be over, Trump may have just interrupted the process in 2016 and we are getting a lucky chance to stop something ugly. I hope the public can rise to save the country.

Eugene Davis - September 27, 2019

Lord please expose the democrats in this false impeachment proceeding; may the church begin to pray like never before while we still have a Republic!

Patricia Lynn Hubbell - September 27, 2019

What about the:


November 10, 1999.–Treaty was read the first time, and together with
the accompanying papers, referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations
and ordered to be printed for the use of the Senate.


79-118 WASHINGTON : 1999



The White House, November 10, 1999.
To the Senate of the United States:
With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the
Senate to ratification, I transmit herewith the Treaty Between
the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal
Assistance in Criminal Matters with Annex, signed at Kiev on
July 22, 1998. I transmit also, for the information of the
Senate, an exchange of notes which was signed on September 30,
1999, which provides for its provisional application, as well
as the report of the Department of State with respect to the
The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal
assistance treaties being negotiated by the United States in
order to counter criminal activities more effectively. The
Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution
of a wide variety of crimes, including drug trafficking
offenses. The Treaty is self-executing. It provides for a broad
range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance
available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or
statements of persons; providing documents, records, and
articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or
identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for
testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches
and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint,
confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection
of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by
the laws of the requested state.
I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable
consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to

William J. Clinton.


Department of State,
Washington, October 19, 1999.
The President,
The White House.
The President: I have the honor to submit to you the Treaty
Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual
Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters with Annex (“the
Treaty”), signed at Kiev on July 22, 1998. I recommend that
the Treaty be transmitted to the Senate for its advice and
consent to ratification.
Also enclosed, for the information of the Senate, is an
exchange of notes under which the Treaty is being provisionally
applied to the extent possible under our respective domestic
laws, in order to provide a basis for immediate mutual
assistance in criminal matters. Provisional application would
cease upon entry into force of the Treaty.
The Treaty covers mutual legal assistance in criminal
matters. In recent years, similar bilateral treaties have
entered into force with a number of other countries. The Treaty
with Ukraine contains all essential provisions sought by the
United States. It will enhance our ability to investigate and
prosecute a range of offenses. The Treaty is designed to be
self-executing and will not require new legislation.
Article 1 sets forth a non-exclusive list of the major
types of assistance to be provided under the Treaty, including
taking the testimony or statements of persons; providing
documents, records and other items of evidence; locating or
identifying persons or items; serving documents; transferring
persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing
requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings
related to immobilization and forfeiture of assets,
restitution, and collection of fines; and, rendering any other
form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the Requested
State. The scope of the Treaty includes not only criminal
offenses, but also proceedings related to criminal matters,
which may be civil or administrative in nature.
Article 1(3) states that assistance shall be provided
without regard to whether the conduct involved would constitute
an offense under the laws of the Requested State.
Article 1(4) states explicitly that the Treaty is not
intended to create rights in private parties to obtain,
suppress, or exclude any evidence, or to impede the execution
of a request.
Article 2 provides for the establishment of Central
Authorities and defines Central Authorities for purposes of the
Treaty. For the United States, the Central Authority shall be
the Attorney General or a person designated by the Attorney
General. For Ukraine, the Central Authority shall be the
Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Prosecutor General.
The article provides that the Central Authorities shall
communicate directly with one another for the purposes of the
Article 3 sets forth the circumstances under which a
Requested State’s Central Authority may deny assistance under
the Treaty. A request may be denied if it relates to a military
offense that would not be an offense under ordinary criminal
law. A further ground for denial is that the request relates to
a political offense (a term expected to be defined on the basis
of that term’s usage in extradition treaties). In addition, a
request may be denied if its execution would prejudice the
security or similar essential interests of the Requested State,
or if it is not made in conformity with the Treaty.
Before denying assistance under Article 3, the Central
Authority of the Requested State is required to consult with
its counterpart in the Requesting State to consider whether
assistance can be given subject to such conditions as the
Central Authority of the RequestedState deems necessary. If the
Requesting State accepts assistance subject to these conditions, it is
required to comply with the conditions. If the Central Authority of the
Requested State denies assistance, it is required to inform the Central
Authority of the Requesting State of the reasons for the denial.
Article 4 prescribes the form and content of written
requests under the Treaty, specifying in detail the information
required in each request. The article permits other forms of
requests in emergency situations but requires written
confirmation within ten days thereafter unless the Central
Authority of the Requested State agrees otherwise.
Article 5 requires the Central Authority of the Requested
State to execute the request promptly or to transmit it to the
authority having jurisdiction to do so. It provides that the
competent authorities of the Requested State shall do
everything in their power to execute a request, and that the
courts or other competent authorities of the Requested State
shall have authority to issue subpoenas, search and arrest
warrants, or other orders necessary to execute the request. The
Central Authority of the Requested State must make all
arrangements for representation of the Requesting State in any
proceedings arising out of an assistance request.
Under Article 5(3), requests are to be executed in
accordance with the laws of the Requested State except to the
extent that the Treaty provides otherwise. However, the method
of execution specified in the request is to be followed except
insofar as it is prohibited by the laws of the Requested State.
Article 5(4) provides that if the Central Authority of the
Requested State determines that execution of the request would
interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation, prosecution,
or proceeding in that State, it may postpone execution or,
after consulting with the Central Authority of the Requesting
State, impose conditions on execution. If the Requesting State
accepts assistance subject to the conditions, it shall comply
with such conditions.
Article 5(5) further requires the Requested State, if so
requested, to use its best efforts to keep confidential a
request and its contents, and to inform the Requesting State’s
Central Authority if the request cannot be executed without
breaching confidentiality. This provides the Requesting State
an opportunity to decide whether to pursue the request or to
withdraw it in order to maintain confidentiality.
This article additionally requires the Requested State’s
Central Authority to respond to reasonable inquiries by the
Requesting State’s Central Authority regarding the status of
the execution of a particular request; to report promptly to
the Requesting State’s Central Authority the outcome of its
execution; and, if the request is denied, to inform the
Requesting State’s Central Authority of the reasons for the
Article 6 apportions between the two States the costs
incurred in executing a request. It provides that the Request
State shall pay all costs, except for the following items to be
paid by the Requesting State: fees of expert witnesses, costs
of interpretation, translation and transcription, and
allowances and expenses related to travel of persons pursuant
to Articles 10 and 11. If during the execution of the request,
it becomes apparent that extraordinary expenses will be
entailed, the Central Authorities shall consult to determine
the terms and conditions under which execution may continue.
Article 7 requires the Requesting State to comply with any
request by the Central Authority of the Requested State that
information or evidence obtained under the Treaty not be used
for proceedings other than those described in the request
without its priorconsent. Further, if the Requested State’s
Central Authority asks that information or evidence furnished under
this Treaty be kept confidential or be used in accordance with
specified conditions, the Requesting State must use its best efforts to
comply with the conditions. Once information is made public in the
Requesting State in accordance with either or these provisions, no
further limitations on use apply. Nothing in the article prevents the
use or disclosure of information to the extent that there is an
obligation to do so under the Constitution of the Requesting State in a
criminal prosecution. The Requesting State is obliged to notify the
Requesting State in advance of any such proposed use or disclosure.
Article 8 provides that a person in the Requesting State
from whom testimony or evidence is requested pursuant to the
Treaty shall be compelled, if necessary, to appear and testify
or produce items, documents and records. The article requires
the Central Authority of the Requested State, upon request, to
furnish information in advance about the date and place of the
taking of testimony or evidence pursuant to this Article.
Article 8(3) further requires the Requested State to permit
the presence of persons specified in the request and to permit
them to question the person giving the testimony or evidence.
In the event that a person whose testimony or evidence is being
taken asserts a claim of immunity, incapacity, or privilege
under the laws of the Requesting State, Article 8(4) provides
that the testimony or evidence shall be taken and the claim
made known by written notification to the Central Authority of
the Requesting State for resolution by its competent
authorities. Finally, in order to ensure admissibility of
evidence in the Requesting State, Article 8(5) provides a
mechanism for authenticating evidence that is produced pursuant
to or that is the subject of testimony taken in the Requested
Article 9 requires that the Requested State provide the
Requesting State with copies of publicly available records in
the possession of government departments and agencies in the
Requesting State. The Requested State may further provide
copies of any documents, records or information in the
possession of a government department or agency, but not
publicly available, to the same extent and under the same
conditions as it would provide them to its own law enforcement
or judicial authorities. The Requested State has the discretion
to refuse to execute, entirely or in part, such requests for
records not publicly available. Article 9(3) provides that
records produced pursuant to this Article shall, upon request,
be certified by the appropriate form attached to the request.
Article 9(3) also provides that no further authentication shall
be necessary for admissibility into evidence in the Requesting
State of official records pursuant to this Article.
Article 10 provides a mechanism for the Requesting State to
invite the voluntary appearance in its territory of a person
located in the Requested State shall indicate the extent to
which the expenses will be paid. It also states that the
Central Authority of the Requesting State has discretion to
determine that a person appearing in the Requesting State
pursuant to this Article shall not be subject to service of
process or be detained or subjected to any restriction of
personal liberty by reason of any acts or convictions that
preceded his departure from the Requested State. Any safe
conduct provided for by this article ceases seven days after
the Central Authority of the Requesting State has notified the
Central Authority of the Requested State that the person’s
presence is no longer required, or if the person has left the
Requesting State and voluntarily returns to it.
Article 11 provides for temporary transfer of a person in
custody in the Requested State or in a third State to the
Requesting State for purposes of assistance under the Treaty
(for example, a witness incarcerated in the Requested State may
be transferred to have his deposition taken in the presence of
the defendant), provided that the person in question and the
Central Authorities of both States agree. The article also
provides for voluntary transfer of a person in the custody of
the Requesting State to the Requested State for purposes of
assistance under the Treaty (for example, a defendant in the
Requesting State may be transferred for purposes of attending a
witness deposition in the Requesting State), if the person
consents and if the Central Authorities of both States agree.
Article 11(3) further establishes both the express
authority and the obligation of the receiving State to maintain
the person transferred in custody unless otherwise agreed by
both Central Authorities. The return of the person transferred
is subject to terms and conditions agreed to by the Central
Authorities, and the sending State is not required to initiate
extradition proceedings for return of the person transferred.
The person transferred receives credit for time served in the
custody of the receiving State.
Article 12 establishes the authority of the Requested State
to authorize transit through its territory of a person held in
custody by a third State whose appearance has been requested by
the Requesting State. The Requested State further has the
authority and the obligation to keep the person in custody
during transit. The Parties retain discretion to refuse to
grant transit of their own nationals, however.
Article 13 requires the Requested State to use its best
efforts to ascertain the location or identity of persons or
items specified in a request.
Article 14 obligates the Requested State to use its best
efforts to effect service of any document relating, in whole or
in part, to any request for assistance under the Treaty. A
request for the service of a document requiring a person to
appear in the Requesting State must be transmitted a reasonable
time before the scheduled appearance. Proof of service is to be
provided in the manner specified in the request.
Article 15 obligates the Requested State to execute
requests for search, seizure, and delivery of any item to the
Requesting State if the request includes the information
justifying such action under the laws of theappropriate. The
Central Authority of the State receiving such information is required
to inform the Central Authority that provided the information of any
action taken.
Article 17 also obligates the Contracting States to assist
each other to the extent permitted by their respective laws in
proceedings relating to forfeiture of the proceeds and
instrumentalities of offenses, restitution to victims of crime,
and collection of fines imposed as sentences in criminal
prosecutions. This may include action to temporarily immobilize
the proceeds or instrumentalities pending further proceedings.
The Contracting State having custody over proceeds or
instrumentalities of offenses is required to dispose of them in
accordance with its laws. Either Contracting State may transfer
all or part of such assets, or the proceeds of their sale, to
the extent permitted by the transferring State’s laws and upon
such terms as it deems appropriate.
Article 18 states that assistance and procedures provided
in the Treaty shall not prevent either Contracting State from
granting assistance to the other Contracting State through the
provisions of other applicable international agreements or
through the provisions of its national law. The Contracting
States may also provide assistance pursuant to any bilateral
arrangement, agreement, or practice which may be applicable.
Article 19 provides that the Central Authorities of the
Contracting States shall consult, at times mutually agreed, to
promote the most effective use of the Treaty, and may agree
upon such practical measures as may be necessary to facilitate
the Treaty’s implementation.
Article 20 provides that the Treaty is subject to
ratification and the instruments shall be exchanged at
Washington as soon as possible. The Treaty enters into force
upon the exchange of instruments of ratification. Article 20
further provides that either Contracting State may terminate
the Treaty by written notice to the other Contracting State,
with termination to be effective six months following the date
of notification.
A Technical Analysis explaining in detail the provisions of
the Treaty is being prepared by the United States negotiating
delegation, consisting of representatives from the Departments
of Justice and State, and will be transmitted separately to the
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
The Department of Justice joins the Department of State in
favoring approval of this Treaty by the Senate as soon as
Respectfully submitted,
Strobe Talbott.

James - September 27, 2019

As I see what the democrats are doing to me and all the people i talk to believe that they are TRAITORS period

Gerald Janicke - September 27, 2019

This is what happens when people elect bartenders and others that have NO knowledge of the Constitution or government process to elected office. Return Civics to the classroom. What do we expect? We got a bunch of dummies making laws (if they ever get around to it) for this whole country. We also have single judges making decisions for the whole country. Crazy!! A lot of it is our fault.

Craig Hinger - September 27, 2019

Never in my life have I seen a party so desperate and pathetic as the Democrat party is in this point in history. It is beyond my comprehension how adult men and women can act as the Democrats are. They have absolutely no concern for the well being of America. They are so caught up in hate that they can’t function and it seems to me that they are on a course self destruction. I guess all I can say is more power to them.

John Bell - September 27, 2019

Republicans need to stand up and do more! Until they do, they are doomed! Only 3-4 strong Republicans defend Trump in public and the rest are hiding under their desks praying for re-election. I support Trump but not the Republicans until they get up their courage up!

C. B. Skelton, MD - September 27, 2019

My feelings are expressed in my recently published poem. CB Skelton, MD

An Unexpected Comparison of Life Events

No one contends, nor should it be implied
that President Donald Trump should be deified.
Yet, a high percentage of confessing Christians
contend he was sent by God to heal our nation.
For they believe the Scriptures that have said,
The powers that be are ordained of God (Romans 13:1)
and It is He… who removes kings and establishes kings. (Dan 2:21)

Jesus left Heaven where He sat on His own throne,
and had legions of angels who served Him alone.
He came to earth, and took the form of man,
then died to save sinners according to God’s plan.
Religious leaders abused their powers roughshod.
He came to give people the Kingdom of God. (Matt 23:3)

Donald Trump forsook a billionaire’s lifestyle
and came to Washington to serve his country for a while.
He saw the plight of America’s common man,
and thought he could better things, for he had a plan.
Political leaders used their powers for evil.
Trump came to restore the powers to the people.

Jesus did not come to kings and palaces.
He came to a lowly stable, of all places.
The announcement of His coming was not heard
in highest places, but by lowly shepherds.
This was not what religious leaders expected,
and their long-awaited Messiah was rejected.

Donald Trump was familiar with highest places,
and often dealt with those with powerful faces.
To “drain the political swamp,” he said was his plan,
and, thereby, to make America great again.
That did not set well with those in power,
and they set out to oppose him from the first hour.

His people hated Jesus without just cause,
and often tried to subvert Him by their laws.
Though He had a huge following, and went about doing good,
the religious leaders did not accept Him as they should.

Many people hate Donald Trump without just cause,
and often try to subvert him using our laws.
Though he has a huge following, and has done a lot of good,
the political leaders do not accept him as they should.

“You are a Samaritan who has a demon. (John 8:48)
Through Beelzebub, you cast out demons.” (John 12:24)
These and other like words they spoke about Jesus,
And He responded with words that sound unkind to us:
“You blind guides who swallow a camel and strain at a gnat. (Matt. 23:24)
You generation of vipers – you hypocrites.” (Matt. 23:33 & 25).
On being called words like “Russian spy,”, “traitor,”
“unfit to serve,” “dishonest,” “racist,” and “dictator,”
Trump’s words may not be politically correct
as he fights back hard our presidency to protect.
You may find these words that are not so sweet
in most of our president’s multiple daily tweets.

Donald J. Trump is, by no means, a God,
but these common tenets suggest he may have His nod.
That he won the election against massive odds
seems to fulfill the Scripture that leaders are placed by God.
The Scriptures tell us to pray for those who rule over us.
Join me in that prayer, and a God Bless America chorus
© 2019, cbs

Bill - September 27, 2019

The Democrats can not accept that they lost in 2016. They have wanted to impeach Trump from the day after he was elected in 2016. Don’t vote for Democrats for anything, ever.. If they are running for Dog Catche, vote for a dog before the Democrat.

Judith Rose - September 27, 2019

This supposed impeachment is nothing but a tragedy. I shows how far our country has gone in supporting partisan politics rather than the law when someone can be tried for impeachment before anything whatsoever has been proven.

Inga Litvinsky - September 27, 2019

It’s a serious threat to our republic and our entire democratic system of government. I am beyond appalled by the continuation of this three year attempted coup.

W.E. Selby - September 27, 2019

The entire thing is JUST for show. They have NO real violations to start such a thing. The Democrates will never accept this dully elected president and they are NOT doing their job of passing laws that will help the PEOPLE AND Should NOT be paid for this!

John Bell - September 27, 2019

Republicans need to stand up and do more! Until they do, they are doomed! Only 3-4 strong Republicans defend Trump in public and the rest are hiding under their desks praying for re-election. I support Trump but not the Republicans until they get their courage up!

Betty - September 27, 2019

I hate to think my taxes pay the salaries of people doing their utmost to undermine the country, not out of ignorance but pure malice aforethought.

Jimmy Haley - September 27, 2019

When are the liberal Democrats gonna learn that they cannot undo the last election and as far as I’m concerned they are only hurting themselves by being vindictive and petty. If the house doesn’t see that this is as bogus as a three dollar bill then we need to vote them out in the next election.

Robert Boyles - September 27, 2019

If this somehow actually happens, I’ll start the civil war myself. I’m more worried about the first and second amendments to the Constitution and how social media and other companies think they can disregard them.

Randy - September 27, 2019

This is serious rinky dink but my wife and I have great faith in Trump! We just wish he didn’t have to be a one man show! Republicans have always been cowardly when it comes to facing democrats! It needs to stop! I just wish one of Pelosi’s donors is a hardware store owner and could give her some good glue to hold her teeth in when she is mumbling and stumbling! Keep Faith! Never Give Up!

Brian G Valentine - September 27, 2019

This ruse will go no further than blowing up in Dumbocrat faces and cost them the 2020 election.

“Hoisted by their own petard”

Rod - September 27, 2019

I hope this comes back to bite the Dems in the butt.

James Dow - September 27, 2019

The fricken Democrats are out of their fricken minds !!! Barry Obama’s Legacy is a prime example of treasonous (and illegal) activity ..

Retina Shelton - September 27, 2019

So, our President Trump is guilty until someone proves he is innocent? That’s not fair or just.

Elaine O’Carroll - September 27, 2019

The Dems are sore losers. They don’t care about whose lives they destroy or how much taxpayer money they spend to get back at the American public for having the audacity to elect Donald Trump as President.

Sinnie Kemp - September 27, 2019

The democrats have overreach their power; if they went through with the impeachment of the President they will destroy their own institution as legislature. They create the law and they walk over it showing that they are above the law, and they are not. What a disgrace! They have no ethic and no shame.

Nancy J Miller - September 27, 2019

I’m sickened daily hearing ‘impeachment’ from the Demons, the Hollywoodites and the lamebrain lying BIAS MS. Why the Republicans don’t call for investigations, issuing subpoenas. I’ll never understand. The Ukraine situation is just a hoax, like the Russian hoax. They despise President Trump so much their brains are clouded with hatred. Someone better wake up in the Republican Party before it’s too late.

Joe Carrillo - September 27, 2019

Why as paying tax payers , and voters do we have to put up with the Democrats behavior, what can we do and don’t say you need money contributions , I’m sick of hearing this also , they need to be stripped of their positions and made to receive social security like most of retired people .

Rosalyn McKeithan - September 27, 2019

Where is the high crime or misdemeanor?
There is none. This Congress is making a mockery of the best and most unique form of government given to man. In addition, it is dishonoring the men and women ( from the American Revolution to current times) who gave their lives to secure our liberty.

Robert Gagliardi - September 27, 2019

It’s time to arrest all the cheating Dems put them in jail until proven innocent just the way they do !!!!!

Tom Hauck - September 27, 2019

I think we should consider that this “whistleblower” complaint was raised at this time by the previous Administration’s FBI and CIA leaders to completely overshadow the coming reports by the two Special Investigators. I expect both reports will have devastating news for Messrs. Brennan, Comey and that entire group.

Ann - September 27, 2019

Congress has many problems needing to be address for our country. This is not one of them. Democrats can not get pass loosing in 2016 they’re still in shock and mentally deranged as a result.
House Speaker, Pelosi is a fool on a fool’s errand. A disgrace to her constituents and our Country. Anyone with half a wit can see where this will end. Likely it’s intended as a double edge sword…discredit the president going in to the 2020 election and getting Joe Biden out of the way….then HC will be there to save the party!

Bill Pound - September 27, 2019

To the Moderator: I submitted a comment at a time when there were 11 comments showing. Now there are 120 but my comment is not among them.

I am a loyal reader of My Heritage and current national affairs are very important to me. So please respond to my email address as to the reason(s) my comments have not been included.

Thank you. I’m obviously not asking you to publish this comment.

William H. Pound, PhD

Dean Nichols - September 27, 2019

There does not appear to be any issue to show President Trump has done anything that would qualify to merit bringing articles of impeachment against him. He has had to act unilaterally in most instances in order to get anything accomplished. The congress should attend to the issues they were elected to address, and be done with the threat of impeachment!!

Marilyn Wick - September 27, 2019

President Trump has done nothing impeachable in his responsibilities to this nation. His offense in the eyes of Democrats is that he loves this nation: is taking actions to re-instate the moral rightness America as once heralded for; is kicking against the Democrat’s agenda, by trying to restore border security as it once was, and in doing so, is exposing the hypocrisy of the democrats, their apathy towards U.S. citizens, hundreds of thousands who are homeless, hungry and sick. We can’t even take care of our own, yet the Dems want to give anyone from other nations full access to our non effective, depleted system.

T. Lavrz - September 27, 2019

Why does Trump continue to ask foreign officials to investigate anything concerning our elections? I do not agree with the impeachment procedures as it will never really do anything…did it do anything to Clinton..No. However, this President continuously gives the Democrats every opportunity to rip at him. Stay off of Twitter Mr. President. With that being said, this is the only President actually doing what he said he was going to to in his election campaign. Lets leave it at that. Democrats, have you gotten ANYTHING done in office since you were elected other than the continuous witch hunts you have been on.

Sandra Watson - September 27, 2019

I am very tired of investigations, lies, & exaggerations. The Democrats only want to get rid of the president that we elected, regardless of the consequences. Since Obama, I no longer consider myself independent, & will probably never vote for a Democrat again, even local people who are known to be honest, & full of integrity.

Thomas Niekamp - September 27, 2019

I think it’s a waste of taxpayers money and everyone’s time. It has been determined that President Trump has not committed any impeachable act.
I think the ‘Dumocrats’ are acting like children, spoiled brats, who didn’t get their way in the election. They are proving they are not true patriots and Americans by not doing their jobs In Congress to introduce and pass bills that benefit America as a whole. I applaud President Trump for what he has accomplished without the help and support of Congress.

Angie - September 27, 2019

It is incredibly embarrassing and hypocritical how few Dims supported Clinton’s impeachment back in the 90s but are calling for Trump’s head as we speak. They will not stop until we get tired of their antics and give up, which I pray we never do, no matter how tiresome it is. I think these Dims are children that are hopped up on sugar and are up way past bedtime – they need a good whupping and time to think about how naughty they have been.

“When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”


Dale Sherman - September 27, 2019

I am for a new constitution to be written. The existing one has been misinterpreted and has become a laughable matter. Partisanship should be abolished. The document should be revised every 5 years after that. Lobbyists should be abolished. The only money to be spent should be an equal amount per candidate.

Katrin E. KURIGER - September 27, 2019

All this by the endless list of treasonous, corrupt criminals that have committed more treasonous acts against America and the oaths that they are in office for every single day and without limits, conscience, nor held accountable for all they continue to do.

Pat Yust - September 27, 2019

Republicans should start investing Biden, his Son and the Senators that issued the letter to the Ukrainian President to provide dirt on Paul Maniford and President Trump.

Norman Upson - September 27, 2019

I think pelosi is a wimpand a traitor! She should be investigated along with many other liberal wackos and then removed from office with jail time !

David - September 27, 2019

Against impeachment

Dennis Hand - September 27, 2019

I am so utterly disgusted with the democrats whose hypocrisy knows no bounds. I pray with all my heart that American citizens wake up and see the damage they are doing to our country because they insist on having things there way

Philip Lewis - September 27, 2019

There is a part of me that wants the radical left to continue doing what they are doing because I have a sense they are seriously over playing their hand. They have been hell bent on getting rid of a duly elected president from day one. In response, I hope the center left, and everyone right of center left will absolutely hammer the radical left at the ballot box. I talk to a lot of left and center left people who are not happy. Vote your unhappiness.

James Sciullo - September 27, 2019

No impeachment, the hidden aspect of his presidency have been aired. President Trump is business as usual. The Dems wanted to read the transcripts of a conversation involving a foreign government so President Trump complied. He allowed the transcripts to be public. I think President Trump is doing a great job as our president. The Dems are lost sheep that choose not to have a leader.

Robert Long - September 27, 2019

If the Progressives win, our country falls, and the UN rules the world. Sound Funny? Think about it for a while!!

ALLEN HILL - September 27, 2019

First there must be irrefutable proof of treason acts by President Trump, and to the best of my knowledge, there is none.

Now, on the other hand I don’t think it would be difficult to prove treasonous acts by many members of the Democrat Party.
I think it’s time to bring them to justice.

Andy Flores - September 27, 2019

I think the Democrats should be kicked out of the government. I was a long time libertarian, obummer converted me to republican

Terry - September 27, 2019

All democratic personal should be fired. Not one is diplomatic. President Trump is the best president since President Kennedy. Democrats need to go back to school. Take note they all want money and don’t know a thing about the Constitution. If I had my way the Democratic party would be fired and fined.

paul - September 27, 2019

I am glad i studuie poly-sci 101,202

Raymond Maynor - September 27, 2019

If they think they have the backing, I say go for it. But…if you try and fail, then shut up and leave our President alone and let him do the Nation’s work!

John Bradford - September 27, 2019

Why are the republicans sitting 0n their hands? I fear Trump is loosing their support as well.

Robert Arvanitis - September 27, 2019

It is clear everything the president has done is properly within his power. The Democrats clutch at the straw of “intent.” That, when Comey improperly added “intent” where it was not required for Hillary Clinton’s criminally negligent handling of classified information. Disturbing to see such liberties taken with justice, both ways.

Helen Haslam - September 27, 2019

Democrats have spent way to much of our money and time. They are a disgrace and have found nothing to impeach our President. They are just mad because they lost the 2016 election and have Hillary Clinton to blame
We need Trump for another 4 years

Jeff Fatheree - September 27, 2019

I think that this is all the deep state trying desperately to hang on to power and destroy our representative republic. I think Bill Barr should begin prosecutions and DOJ should find leaks and bring charges

j.slatz gaines - September 27, 2019

Tolorance is the last vertue that evil demands of us, and calls evil good and good evil.Our God will be the final judge!

Catherine Norman - September 27, 2019

I agree with those who think this impeachment threat is by those who are afraid President Trump will appoint a pro-life Supreme Court Judge to replace the ailing Judge Ginsberg.I think this is a cynical distraction by the enemies of the Right to Life embedded in our founding documents.

Donald Hampton - September 27, 2019

In 1917 and again 1933 something happened that is very similar, if not exactly like, what is happening now. The last two generations have been “re-educated”. To paraphrase George Orwell, “Every record will be destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue torn down and every street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History will stop. Nothing will exist except in an endless present in which the Party is always right.” Fortunately I will be dead before This happens. I hope.

Tom W Barrett - September 27, 2019

This is BS. Our politicians in DC are letting our country go to hell. It is time they worry about the people who voted them in and ot how much pay off’s they can get under the table. I am TRUMP all the way. He does need to think the 2nd time before he opens his mouth but is very out spoken. The speech he made the other morning came from his head he didn’t have to have no one to write notes from him. Oh don’t agree with all he does but he has my vote. About time the DC people go to work for the people. Tom

Roger Kuiken - September 27, 2019

As for the articles regarding impeachment, it seems today many sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States do more to reject it. More and more frequently these representatives are seeking to abandon the constitution disregarding their accountability to the ideals of the founding fathers. In such they are putting themselves above the law.

Candy Simms - September 27, 2019

This ‘impeachment inquiry’ sounds so much like that of Bill Clinton, except that the parties have been reversed. Ms. Pelosi’s comments that “Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton” in 1998 could be translated now to read “Democrats in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Trump”. So very sad!

Nancy Marts - September 27, 2019

The democrats have tried to do this one way or another from the very beginning and when that didn’t happen earlier… they decided to do this in a desperate attempt before the next election!

mike - September 27, 2019

hope the vast majority of Americans can see through this farce and vote Trump in for 2nd term by a landslide.

Garnie Ayers - September 27, 2019

Every accusation the democrats throw at our President is a cover-up of something they themselves are guilty of.

Harold Redman - September 27, 2019

All this is about is the hate for President Trump for winning the election in 2016.The Democratic Party is imploding

Shirley Wittig - September 27, 2019

Trump has been harassed by the democrats for three years. How about we the people demand investigations on the non American democrats that have done nothing to help americans.They have only fought the president out of pure ignorance.Enough is enough already!

Cindy - September 27, 2019

There is grounds for an impeachment inquiry in the current situation with the President asking for a favor from a foreign country to investigate corruption by a political rival and at the same time withholding aid from the same country. Let the process go forward.

kevin STEIGNER - September 27, 2019

They say the wheels of justice move slowly, Americans are now getting to the point that we think the wheels are not moving at all. The crimes committed first by Oboma then Clinton and the list goes on and on, Holder, Biden, Lynch being at the top of the list. It should be clear to all citizens of this country that the left wants you all to be subjects and not citizens and it is now clear that whenever the left accuses the right of anything, they are doing exactly the deed they are accusing the right of doing.

Richard H Black - September 27, 2019

Nothing but grandstanding. Pelosi knows that there is zero chance for conviction in the Senate. So why else do this?

Eugene - September 27, 2019

This entire mess is a sad commentary on just how low the other side will go. The president has done nothing to warrant these actions; however each party to this action in their own right could rightly be charged. Deep down I also think this, too, was planned in advance once the Mueller investigation (witch hunt) found nothing. Plus if the ‘whistle blower’ was indeed a CIA underling of Brennan’s then we have more proof of more conspiracy. Thanks for providing a great look at what the Framers intended.

Anthony Janicki - September 27, 2019

I would suggest that “Old Ms. Pelosi” and the rest of her democratic idiots get off the impeachment train and start to do what they were elected to do – solve problems and pass laws as appropriate and work with their republican counterparts to make some progress in running this country.

Lin - September 27, 2019

Republican politicians need to become more aggressive! These democrats are vicious and have no morals and are pretty much all crooks. They are trying to cover up all their crimes and the republicans are too meek! Disgusting.

Russ - September 27, 2019

This claptrap of an impeachment inquiry is all just more political theater. The democrats AND republicans don’t care one jot about the American people.

Frank Polacek - September 27, 2019

Those who would abuse the Constitutional powers of impeachment for the sole purpose of overturning a lawful election should be tried for treason.

JT - September 27, 2019

I am frustrated that our Justice department headed by AG Barr hasn’t investigated the people responsible for the witch-hunt against President Trump. From all the information that has been brought forth, it appears obvious that the leadership of all the justice department agencies under the Obama Administration are the ones that ought to be investigated for high crimes and misdemeanors that could lead to treason. And whoever gave the orders for them to carry out this witch-hunt needs to be investigated also. Justice should be served on anyone found guilty and severe punishment should be administered swiftly. It seems we have a two tiered justice system and anyone affiliated with the Democrat Party is above the law. It also appears that no one in the Republican Party has the courage or desire to fight for justice and see to it that investigations are conducted on the people that need to be investigated.

douglas gilstrap - September 27, 2019

I have seen no evidence that the president has done anything rising to impeachment…. I support him completely and have no confidence in anything the democrats say… They have been trying to over turn the election since 2016.

Lisa Ferrara - September 27, 2019

I believe this is just another attempt by the left to remove, or at least tarnish, the reputation of an otherwise successful president. I don’t believe there is an ounce of sincerity in the left’s belief that President Trump did anything wrong; they will do ANYTHING in their power to put a stain on his otherwise spectacular record of being true to the office and oath.

Alex - September 27, 2019

The Democrat Party is no longer viable. They are all leftists. Trump is working constantly to repair the damages caused by the true racist, Barak Hossein Obama.

chester haynes - September 27, 2019


Kathleen Migliaccio - September 27, 2019

I am totally disgusted with the way the Democrats and the news media continually lie and try to trash our president. I voted for him and will vote for him again. The American people need to protest against these people who are doing this

Wayne Toyomura - September 27, 2019

What a waste of time and our money! If the Democrats spent even half of the time they use to obstruct our President to finding cures for our country’s problems, they would be able to get rid of our major ones.

Kimberly Moses - September 27, 2019

I think the President has overstepped the limits of what is appropriate behaviour in office. Was it treason like the Democrats seem to be yelling? I doubt that! But definitely unethical – whether or not it is illegal. I wish our current Republicans were more like my father and Eisenhower, who abhorred even the appearance of unethical practice in business or in government.

T.F. - September 27, 2019

Yawn. If it wasn’t the phone call, it would be something else lame like his tie was the wrong color, or he didn’t like vegetables when he was a kid. Come on, Dems, this is getting SOOOO ridiculous!! He won! Trump is President! What a waste of time and money. Do something constructive.
Oh and by the way, Biden and his son need to be investigated. Start there you hypocrites.

Ray Briggs - September 27, 2019

I believed the Democrats have collectively lost their minds. They talk about impeachment, but never define the impeachable offenses. I personally have only voted for a democrat Once on a local city level, and even that convinced me that I should NEVER make that mistake again.

Peter G. Pollak - September 27, 2019

Did Pelosi have a copy of the complaint before it was released? If not, how could she have gone ahead with her “inquiry.” She needs to be investigated along with Adam Schiff.

Jeanne Mount - September 27, 2019

I think the Democrats are crazy. They have been champing at the bit to get rid of Trump from Day One. They can’t–or don’t dare–attack the people who elected him, so they’re using Trump as the whipping boy for the electorate that they can’t “whip”–except indirectly by going after Trump.

Leonard Barnett - September 27, 2019

I’m thinking Pelosi should be forced out,it is plain to see with her speech problem and her thought process,she is in real need of help.

MARILYN - September 27, 2019

According to the bible Matthew 13:33-42 It speaks of the eyes being closed because of their evilness,their hate causes them to not see and so they don’t understand goodness……to change they must turn to the Lord to see what they are doing….so sad. All I can do is call out to the Lord to turn their eyes to Him so they can see their evil ways.

GUedan Phil - September 27, 2019

This is ridiculous…and if Trump tried to get info on BIden and or his son its normal its to protect American interest….wth are the Bidens doing business with Ukraine what kind of legal business …kind of weird….anyway Dems have tried to get Trump ever since the first day he got in…go get Hillary with all those emails and secrets that have evaporated….naturally she has lobbies billionaires etc helping to sooth her problems and sorry but what about all the suicides …never heard that around Trump….this is outrageous leave the president do his job….the only thing I worry about is the climate…please Mr President review your thoughts on this matter, otherwise you’re doing a good job

Florence Boyer - September 27, 2019

This is pure hatefulness & inability to accept that the American People wanted President Trump. They are unconscionable, & are obviously willing to do anything to hurt our country. We need as a nation to pray everyday that God will Bless us.

Jerry - September 27, 2019

We are in a civil war right now. Corruption and power against individual freedom and the Truth.
This Nations first civil war was fought in part to end slavery. Over 600,000 people of all colors fought and died to gain freedom for all. ALL of us should be proud that although America didn’t create slavery, America ended slavery in our land. Thank you America!
This current civil war needs to be won to maintain our God given freedom for all. President Trump represents freedom and the Truth. EVERY SINGLE freedom loving, patriotic American needs to support him at the ballot box. We need to defeat this corruption, not compromise with it. Our Nation is at risk, let’s get started and stand up. Make sure you VOTE!

Arletta Amos - September 27, 2019

So petty. Just an excuse by the Democrats to impeach President Trump. Why don’t they concentrate on the country’s problems and let the President do his job.

Jamie Smith - September 27, 2019

I am totally fed-up with all the lies and accusations leveled against President Trump.
The Democratic Party is so corrupt. They are the very ones committing criminal offenses! Why are the Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, James Comey (so-called Republican) types getting away with it?
Enough! It has to stop!

Joseph W Moorehead - September 27, 2019

I would like to make one observation. It is NOT the “Democratic Party”, it is the Democrat Party. These days there is very little in the Democrat Party that has anything to do with the definition of the word “democratic”.

Ken - September 27, 2019

Looks like an old time western. Your hire a mean ornery S O B to clean up the town and pretty soon he’s hung a few of your drinking buddies and you want him gone. Trump’ take no prisoner approach is what we hired, let him do his job!

Brad - September 27, 2019

Majority has to realize our way of life is under relentless 24/7 assault by a Godless cadre of powerful people who will do anything to retain even increase their power. The Clintons are the tip of the spear. People dont let this non-stop media attack wear you down! Stay in the fight!

Alan Priven - September 27, 2019

I think the DEMs have been conducting an ‘impeachment inquiry’ since the day President Trump was elected. Pelosi’s premature comments before having the Whistleblower’s complaint is just another improper political ploy without any hope of impeachment. It’s a way of poisoning the ignorant part of our electorate before the coming 2020 election.

Bennie Sowers - September 27, 2019

I am waiting for the Republicans to come alive and act like the are not dead can’t they issue subpoenas and knock the hell out of these stupid criminals on the Democratic side of the aisle this is the most blatant crap I have ever witnessed. These democrats need to go to jail starting with Obama Durbin Clinton’s Adam shit Nancy Pelosi and all tf the rest of the criminals lying every time they open their mouths but I hav to say the Republicans are no where to b seen unless the dumb fucks are going against our President game over we need another term for President Trump Period!

Larry E Abbott - September 27, 2019

I truly believe that the majority of the American public is smarter than our Democratic House of Representatives. This is a sham and I hope justice prevails and our president is allowed to continue doing the work that he was elected to do.

jeff - September 27, 2019

We are living in a kakistocrasy. This will not change in 2020 no matter who wins. Sigh.

Tom Lanners - September 27, 2019

The impeachment inquiry is totally bogus.
It is based on hatred by the left of President Trump, and the fact that an outsider like him,
would have the audacity to run for President.
Having run for President, he beat the anointed one, Hillary Clinton, and the left can not accept that fact.
Impeachment will not go anywhere, and if it does go to the Senate for a trial, will be easily voted down.
Furthermore, President Trump will win reelection in a landslide, and the Republicans will retake the House.
You heard it here first!

Gerald O’Neill - September 27, 2019

Very encouraging to see how many bright comments to Heritage about this unjust attempt at impeachment. The Democratic Party has truly become the enemy; not just the opposition. The hatred at Hillary losing has made them incapable of acting rationally. The New York Times, Washington Post, AP, basically the entire main stream media act as the public relations arm of the Democratic Party; disgusting!

Michael Hudspeth - September 27, 2019

The glaring hypocrisy of the Democratic party should be obvious to and disgust every thinking American voter. Hillary’s campaign engaged a foreign spy to access his Russian connections to fabricate a disinformation campaign against Trump. When he was elected, must to the surprise of the Democrats, this segued into the Obama administration using the national security and intelligence apparatchik to remove a duly elected President. I believe the Republican party will benefit from an enraged and motivated conservative base and receive massive donations and voter turnout. I hope Trump’s next administration will take off the gloves and prosecute fully every crime committed during the eight years of the Obama presidency by past and present government employees, elected officials and their facilitators, and every crime intended to illegally depose this President, to include the rights violations and governmental overreach committed by the Mueller special counsel, that has taken place since.

Steve Stubblefield - September 27, 2019

I truly do not think that the Democrats comprehend the ramifications of impeaching President Trump. A civil war like no other in history will take place. There will be an outburst of anger that will be unimaginable.

Tom Hauck - September 27, 2019

I think we should consider that this “whistleblower” complaint was raised at this time by the previous Administration’s FBI and CIA leaders to completely overshadow the coming report by the two Special Investigators, Michael Horowitz and John Durham. I expect both reports will have devastating news for Messrs. Brennan, Comey and that entire group. This impeachment exercise is an effort to divert attention from the real corruption of the previous Administration.

coni - September 27, 2019

Where are the investigations from the Republicans? They are the ones who have the viable evidence, but continue to come back for one more punch to the face. I don’t get them at all. I wonder whose side they are on.

Dianne M. - September 27, 2019

The democrats decided to begin formal impeachment after their designated Whitehouse leaker could no longer leak first hand. The leaker has presented himself now as a whistleblower but is really a gossiper and no longer useful to the democrats. The democrats have acted ridiculously since the 2016 election. The media has spurred them on. President Trump has shown great strength and resilience. Hopefully this latest attempt by the democrats to overturn the election results will place them in a deserved and losing position for the 2020 election.

Marsha king - September 27, 2019

I think this is the dumbest thing the democratic (communist) party has every done.I think that Biden and his son should be investigated and if guilty and tried for treason. If we don’t put criminals in jail , the country is lost. This latest plan is orchestrated by the swamp and has to be sent to jail for a long time.

Charlie Davis - September 27, 2019

I hope the Democrats keep this up because they will lose,lose,lose in 2020. Normal people realize this is all fake and due to hatred of this President and his policies for which most Americans are grateful.

11th Generation American - September 27, 2019

I am so damned sick of observing the most disgustingly partisan Democrats in my 71 years, I have had to curtail my exposure to Fox News 90%, and I pray daily that 100% of the House Democrats are defeated by Republicans in the 2020 Election!

Carolyn Dorr - September 27, 2019

This Impeachment is completely wrong. It is just another way of trying to remove our President from office. The democrats are thinking that this will sway people away from him for the 2020 elections. That’s all this is about. They are wrong and it will blow up in their faces just as everything else they have tried. They are the party of hate. They have hated him and Americans since he won. They fear him because he is uncovering their plan for America. Instead of working with him and doing good for us, they have wasted time trying to bring him down.

Dennis Ford - September 27, 2019

This is the most ludicrous democrat psychosis I’ve ever witnessed. There is now or ever has been any reason to impeach this president! We are sick of the double standard in politics today.

Phil - September 27, 2019

If any impeachment is done it should be the entire Democratic House of Representatives who have done nothing since they took over. As taxpayers we should demand that they get on with the business of the country which is what they were elected to do. It really is time for “Term Limits”.

Charles Singletary Sr. - September 27, 2019

I Thank the republicans in congress should get some Backbone and stick together and go after these Democrats and go after them them HARD for the things they have been doing to this Country. All of this started with the Democrat Party when The Clintons got in the White House. They love the POWER and don’t won’t to give it up.

Georgia Spears - September 27, 2019

President Trump has done nothing to be impeached for. Joe Biden has made public announcement of doing exactly what the liberals are accusing Trump of doing. Where is his accountably?

Kenneth Miller - September 27, 2019

The Republican Party needs to stand up and support President Trump. The charges against the President have no basis for impeachment. This is nothing more than a power grab by the left. They do not have the guts to try and beat the President in the 2020 election so they want to try and remove him before the election.

Daniel - September 27, 2019

The Democrats are being led in the wrong direction, ever since Hillary lost the election, they hate President Trump because of this fact and continue to show their willingness to destroy him, regardless of many VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES that need congress’ action. Thank God that President Trump has the energy to keep accomplishing things like: the border wall, trade balance, judge approvals, successfully working for peace with many regimes, supporting anti-abortion.

Jeffrey L. Bigelow - September 27, 2019

In 1999 President Bill Clinton signed a treaty between the U.S. & the Ukraine where the presidents of both countries can request any & all assistance from each other in any attempts to address criminal activity between people in the respective countries. Only the presidents of the two countries can request the assistance not vice presidents, any other government officials or their designates.
Interestingly enough, Joe Biden was a Senator at the time. President Trump knew of the treaty in May of this year & had a copy of the treaty on his desk before & during the phone conversation in question with the Ukrainian President. President Trump not only did nothing wrong, he followed the treaty to the letter.

Also, there could have been no quid pro quo that has been alleged. The money to the Ukraine had been suspended a month before the phone call unbeknownst to the Ukrainian President.

Prorkba - September 27, 2019

Impeaching a President is serious business. Any Representative engaging in impeachment over an act they’ve made up out of thin air, lied about, falsely presented, parodied, or to advance their political agenda must be held accountable. Impeachment isn’t a game to be played by two-year-olds. Our entire system of government depends on the impeachment process not being abused.

Jay S. - September 27, 2019

Sad to say, but if the President really did threaten to withhold the money from Ukraine unless they did him this favor, he was acting like a New York mobster. It was a stupid thing to do, especially with Mayor Giuliani to advise him. Rudy sent a lot of mobsters to jail. Rudy should have know better.

Alan Harris - September 27, 2019

I want to see a roll-call vote in the House on whether to commence impeachment proceedings, so voters in each district will know their representatives voted on impeachment. That action may result in the Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives.

John Turner - September 27, 2019

The Democrats no they can not win in 2020. So they have to get down and dirty and use impeachment as a tool to victory. Not going to happen.

Jim Bicknell - September 27, 2019

Over three years ago then candidate Trump promised to drain the swamp in Washington. In the last couple of years we have learned how desperately the swamp did indeed need to be drained. Rather than a concern for the good of the country and for their fellowmen people who live in the swamp are concerned about keeping their jobs with the government, the lobby organizations,and other support businesses. They go to any length to keep their group in power or to get back in power. God help our country.

JC Pearce - September 27, 2019

Threatening an impeachment inquiry is not the same as actually launching one. The House has not voted to do so. Why? Because political theater is complicated and messy. Pelosi has 35 members of the House willing to vote for impeachment only if first they vote to change the rules so their votes can be kept secret. Those 35 are up for re-election, and politically astute voters can figure out who they are.
This will be important to republicans for winning in 2020. They (Dems) don’t want a rule change lest they create for themselves a future problem similar to Harry Reid’s famous filibuster rule change that blew up in their faces. I think that’s why we haven’t seen it hit the floor for a vote. They will likely end up with fewer votes as Democrats concerned about losing their seats will ultimately sit on their hands. That’s not to say they won’t get the simple majority they need, but it will be weak. Right now, the only thing Democrats have going in their favor is the ignorance of those who are willing to believe them.

Ray Gage - September 27, 2019

I think Trump has stirred the hornets nest, by bringing sunshine to the crooked ass Demorats who hate the right. The push and legacy to fundamentally transform America. The left is unhinged.

Debra Lee - September 27, 2019

What is the general consensus here, are we for or against impeachment? I am prejudiced. I believe we must support the lesser of the two evils, the Republican side. I can’t support killing babies nor allowing people to break our laws and abuse our welfare system nor anyone who believes we are bad for being the USA!

Sandra L Martin - September 27, 2019

It is very Sad Times, when Congress can Hate a President and cause so much Discourse with the American people. I wish They would just Let the President do his Job. Leave Him alone.

Mike Trainor - September 27, 2019

The Senate Republicans need to start their own investigations into the phony Ukrainian so called “whistle blower” AND into Adam Schiff’s fictitious narrative.
They also need to pursue investigation into the whole Biden and son/Ukrainian corruption.
Are you listening Mitch McConnell?

Carl Pepper - September 27, 2019

I think this impeachment thing is just another attempt by the left wing Democrats to try and get rid of President Trump by making something out of nothing.

David E. Burden - September 27, 2019

So now comes a group of people who owe the very existence of their jobs to the Constitution which created them. They refuse to abide by the constitution themselves, and in fact violate they it on a nearly daily basis. It would surely be more often were it not for the fact that they only “Work” part-time.
Now this body of Prestitutes thinks it Appropriate and Necessary to whine about someone from another of the three branches of the federal government violating the constitution?!?
It causes me to wonder if any of these people can so much as spell Hypocrite.
To me, they should be in compliance themselves before they start throwing around accusations about anyone else. If they refuse to abide by the constitution, they should be barred from using it as a weapon.

Samuel H. Shafer - September 27, 2019

It is the Democrats that don’t fully understand the implications of the impeachment process. If they did they wouldn’t be taking such action. The entire process is going to back fire in their face. The 2020 election was just won for Donald Trump with this move on their part.

JLG - September 27, 2019

Impeachment is totally bogus. The Democrats have no grounds and are only looking to displace President Trump. They should get to work rather than constantly try to grab power they don’t deserve.

Bill Bojan - September 27, 2019

It is We the People that must not tolerate this subversion of our Constitution and our Republic. President Trump is a modern day Cyrus, sent by God to stand against the evil being perpetrated in our culture. See Isaiah 45 and the parallels to America’s 45th President. President Trump has shown by his positions and convictions that he is contending for God’s will and Biblical Truth: Protection of Life, Sanctity of Marriage, Religious Liberty, Conscience Rights, Lawful Immigration, Elimination of Excessive Government Control in Favor of Self-Goverance by Free People, and the list goes on. My fellow Americans, stop waiting for politicians to save our country. It is OUR job to take it back with our prayers, our voices, our convictions, and our ACTIONS! What are you willing to sacrifice to save our Republic and the greatest country on Earth from destruction by evil-doers? You better start asking yourself that question. You may need to have an answer sooner than you think.

Hallstrom Harry - September 27, 2019

At first glance it sounds serious.
My immediate question is how can a unnamed person through second hand information even file a whistleblower complaint? It sounds more and more exactly like the false Russian collusion accusation.
Americans are fed up with the Democratic circus show in DC. Absolutely nothing of meaningful legislation is being done to advance our country.

Mike knotts - September 27, 2019

It also says I can personally file charges on those in government knowing violates esp mutable times that my civel rights are not and have not been defended but attacked by budy club system because the locals do not lead by example according to the letter of the law they chucked that book years back and now every last officer as far as I have dealt with abuses there power if they even know the law at all so not only have our government known about Obama who he is but dam well knew about the mass censhorip let’s do the math reported t f out of internet censhorip hood got. Cleared 11/11/2011 statement no special powers as in equal LAW and internet basicly fixed elections of 2012 revenge voting us the best irevenge shit almost got me f killed FBI has high speed chase ON VIDEO TAPE P!!!!! I was there that morning had death threats from Muslim brotherhood before I left whatever got to gulfport it all turned south and fast so I go to FBI agent comes down checks our the hood they were just out there before I came up stopped in center of rd two fingers to his eyes then me so agent says free speach and your not dead year have a nice day 145 mph all the way through but this is going no where just like all of it does the just like Seth rich hes what they use as death threats I want charges filed from my locals all the way up to Obama its leagle I am demanding it I can prove they knew so I am going to leave you with 2 dates both very important first is 2/4/2014. Scond is mar 3/22/2019 one of them is tied to the missing plain 870 751 3438 God bless Mike knotts

RICHARD MIHELITCH - September 27, 2019

Richard Mihelitch. I do know the democrats have turned socials. The Congress is corupted. President Trump has lowered our deffesit and made more jobs for we the pepole. Also the stock market and FORINGN relations have improved 10 x better. President Trump has made America great again. Trump in 2020!

JOAN Voce - September 27, 2019

There is still too much corruption in our government & It must be removed, all of them ! Our President has done so much for our country, even in the midst of too much turmoil from the left & some in congress, who wont stand up for our rights or the President…It is all about MONEY & POWER & CORRUPTION !!

Ethel - September 27, 2019

what puzzel’s me most about the impeachment is: that the President has done nothing wrong. How can the Democrats do this? Our President was duly elected by the majority of the people and he will be re-elected by an even larger majority, provided there is no fraud.
The President has done more in two years, than any President before him. Each they wear out one investigation, the Demos come back with another one. So far they have nothing they could make him resign for. I am at wits end and it makes me sad that we have people of little IQ that they have to cause trouble. I believe people are just plain fed up with the Democrats. I wished I had a more intelligent way of saying this.

Leanne - September 27, 2019

WE LOVE TRUMP AND PRAY DAILY FOR HIM AND FAMILY!!! The far left is like annoying flies. I believe with all my heart … give enough rope they will ( and are ) hanging themselves. RED HATS FOREVER!!!

Doug Key - September 27, 2019

I don’t think the dems can really make it happen. It will make them look even more stupid!

Barbara Cole - September 27, 2019

This is simply the Deep State raising its ugly head again! It is time for we the people to really roar!

George Mansour - September 27, 2019

Not all democrats are stupid and have no knowledge of the Constitution.They know its real intend but they ignore it as what it meant to be and translate to wha.t they wanted to be for their advantage. That’s what the liberal judges on the Supreme Court do.
They’re all ex lawyers and have studied the Constitution. When they become judges they interpret the
Constitution to suit their agenda, not what it really intended to be.
That’s what the democrats are doing to Trump. They want to impeach Him because they can’t beat Him at the ballot box.
There are six very stupid democrats in the house that started wanting to impeach Trump right after the election just because sleasy Hillary lost .

Ed - September 27, 2019

[EXTRAORDINARILY INFORMATIVE – What every American should know]

ONE MAN’S OPINION – The writer has a degree in Political Science, and is a card-carrying Libertarian.

I’ve been studying politics and political history for the past 30 years. My specialty is U.S. Presidents. That said, I hope that the House of Representatives impeaches Trump.

Let me tell you what will happen next.

1. The House can pass articles of impeachment over the objections of the Republicans, and refer to the Senate for trial.

2. The Senate will conduct a trial. There will be a vote, and the Republicans will vote unanimously, along with a small number of Democrats, to not convict the President. Legally, it will all be over at that point.

3. However, during the trial, and this is what no one is thinking about right now, the President’s attorneys will have the right to subpoena and question ANYONE THAT THEY WANT.. That is different than the special counsel investigation, which was very one-sided. So, during the impeachment trial, we will be hearing testimony from James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Donna Brazille, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a whole host of other participants in this whole sordid affair and the ensuing coverup activities.

A lot of dirt will be dug up; a lot of truth will be unveiled. Finger pointing will occur. Deals will start being made, and suddenly, a lot of Democrats will start being charged and going to prison. All this, because, remember, the President’s team will now, for the first time, have the RIGHT to question all of these people under oath – and they will turn on each other. That’s already starting.

4. Lastly, one more thing will happen – the Senate will not convict the President. Nothing will happen to Trump. Most Americans are clueless about political processes, the law, and the Constitution. Most Americans believe that being impeached results in removal from office. They don’t understand that phase 2 is a trial in and by the Senate, where he has zero chance of conviction. Remember, the Senate is controlled by Republicans; they will determine what testimony is allowed — and **everything** will be allowed, including: DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the election in favor of Hillary, the creation of the Trump dossier, the cover up and destruction of emails that very likely included incriminating information. They’ll incriminate each other for lying to the FISA court, for spying and wiretapping the Trump campaign, and for colluding with foreign political actors, especially George Soros..

After the Senate declines to convict the President, we will have an election, and Trump will win. It will be a backlash against democrat petulance, temper tantrums, hypocrisy and dishonesty. Even minorities wi ll vote for Trump, because, for the first time, they will see that democrats have spent 2+ years focused on maintaining their own power, and not doing anything at all about black murders in Chicago, homelessness, opioids, and other important issues that are actually killing people. And, we will spend the following four years listening to politicians and pundits claim that the whole impeachment was rigged somehow.

Pat Tebo - September 27, 2019

The Dems are counting on the American peoples’ acceptance of their every lie and insinuation without examination of the facts. Every one of those who push these fabrications should be ridden out of town on a rail.

Lynn Silvernale - September 27, 2019

I think this article makes it very clear that there is no reasonable basis for impeaching President Trump. It also seems very clear that the only basis for the present push for impeachment is hatred of President Trump and determination to find some way to remove him from office. How shameful for America!

Susan L Hill - September 27, 2019

I think opposition is desperate cause we still support our president. He doesn’t deserve to be impeached. Obama should’ve been and he survived 2 terms!!!

larry doudt - September 27, 2019

I am confident the impeachment process is going no where and the dems know it. They just want to keep show casing to keep it in front of the public. I expect Trump to win in 2020 and hopefully get the house back at the same time.

JC Pearce - September 27, 2019

One more thought…
Even if the House votes for and wins an impeachment inquiry, albeit by a narrow simple majority, the quote posted from the Constitution (above) suggests the Senate has the option to hold a trial or not. Since a trial would also involve the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, and we have witnessed first hand his liberal leanings, it would seem most prudent for the senate majority leader to put it all to rest by refusing to allow a trial. I believe he has that power. Someone please tell me if I am wrong.

Richard Ellerbrake - September 27, 2019

Responsible citizens put patriotism above politics, and that is why the impeachment inquiry is the only responsible way forward.

T. - September 27, 2019

why didn’t the GOP impeach obama for being an illegal alien?
there is an over abundant of evidence to prove this “man” was never ever legally able to be elected to the office of President of the U.S.
they should also go after that ugly daughter of his for fraud, concerning her food stamp issues.
obama has never been a U.S. citizen in his illegal life.

Gloria - September 27, 2019

The liberals have been searching for any excuse to get rid of the President from Day One. Ever since he announced his intention to “drain the swamp” they decided that he has to go. They do not care what the consequences are for our country.

Jamie - September 27, 2019

Please keep fighting. This is total corruption and the leftists are only trying to push an agenda based on lies and deceit. Thanks for all that you do.

Jill A. - September 27, 2019

I think for a Christian educational institution, you should be concerned with right and wrong, as well as upholding the law. However in the realm of political commentary, Heritage seems to put politics over Christian faith. What is going on with your institution? Why do you not support finding out the truth? Why predetermine to turn a blind eye to potential criminal behavior and definite breach of oath of office by the president? What’s the basis of your Christian faith? I ask this last question because you seem to infer that Christ is also politically partisan….

Caril - September 27, 2019

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. In any court of law, second hand information is thrown out. This “whistleblower” based his complaint on second hand information, and even admitted he didn’t have first hand knowledge of it. This should have never gotten as far as it has!

G Mason - September 27, 2019


Doug - September 27, 2019

It’s just another move by the Democrats to try to discredit President Trump ahead of the 2020 elections. They can’t beat him outright so they believe the only way is to create havoc and place doubt in voters. They spent around 30 million dollars on the Russian collusion scam. Just another desperate attempt and a waste of time. Democrats don’t care to do right by the American people. Just another power play. They want to control everything and only have their own selfish interest at heart .

Curtis Rowe - September 27, 2019

President Trump’s election and agenda are intolerable to those who propagate political correctness. This “Party Line,” is the antithesis of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These pace setters are convinced our rights come from them, not the Creator who endows us with them!

Stephen Topper - September 27, 2019

This whole show is political horse pucky. I have read the “whistle blower’s” complaint; I have read the transcript of the call in question. OK, some of the President’s wording was imprecise. Some was a tad inarticulate. But he was talking, not reading a prepared script. No pressure. No coercion. Just two heads of state talking.

Mike Biego - September 27, 2019

The Democrats have proven that they care nothing about the American people. Their hatred of Donald Trump is engrained so deep that they would walk through fire just to bring him down. They are a complete disgrace.

Zina Verhaal - September 27, 2019

How come the Republicans are so silent. Where is the outcry from them. Why are they not investigating the Clintons and Biden corruptions.The Social Democrat’s are changing the truth into lies and deceptive words and subverting our Constitution.

James Green - September 27, 2019

I think Pelosi and all the democrats are ridiculous. They do do so many things that are wrong and have no complaints. I hope Trump squashes them.

Norm Stephens - September 27, 2019

The Democrats don’t trust the electorate. They want power, and they want to control how they obtain it. The impeachment of President Trump is the delusional means to satisfy their hysterical obsession.

Mary Kelly - September 27, 2019

What say I?. “Bring it On”.
President Trump is a gift to this country. All American, loyal and all about the USA.

Gary Pillischafske - September 27, 2019

One word. Boondoggle. The personification of hypocrisy. Our Nation is better than this. We as a people need to get these people, like Pelosi, out of office. They are a disgrace to our system. President Trump is far from perfect, but he does what he sets out to do. Refreshing to say the least.

H. - September 27, 2019

From ignoring the science of climate change to backtracking on what had been the collective progress of the human condition, we should be glad that Trump is finally being charged with impeachable actions and will hopefully soon be removed from doing so much damage to humanity.

david - September 27, 2019

The sad thing about this is that half the country believe that the democrats really care about their needs and well being . when really all their concerned about is controlling the power and purse strings . We now have a President that is fighting for the very fabric of this country that makes it great .One that’s not afraid to say what everybody else is already thinking. One that isn’t afraid to take on the deep state head on and call them out for what they are .We need to make sure we vote the democrats out come election time . In the mean time talk to as many friends and family as you can to educate them on what’s really going on in this country .

Ron K - September 27, 2019

I agree why don’t the Republicans start any investigations, Ethics probes or call those three senators Leahy, Durbin and Menendez before the Senate to explain the threatening letter they wrote to the Ukraine

Edward Richardson - September 27, 2019

The Democrats are just a bunch of crybabies that can’t stand that they lost the last election and can’t find a good way to squirm around it. If it was up to me the party would at least be under investigation and the leaders removed. What will they do if people demand votes of no confidence proceedings or investigations of the politicians involved? Leave the President alone to do his job. Stop being a disgrace to US.

Perry “G” - September 27, 2019

There is little doubt that this is merely
politics after failing other schemes. The
talking points on the sitting President are hurting no matter the outcome.
The President is a lightening rod to his opponents and they along with the complicit Media will convict him in the court of public humiliation. That is their goal. Weaken him and beat him in 2020

Thomas Cassano Sr. - September 27, 2019

The best thing that can happen is for conservatives in districts held by liberal democrats to run against them and get them voted out of office in 2020. Having a full vote in the house on impeachment could go a long way to accomplishing this because then congressmen would have to vote for or against and then their would be a good reason for their constituents to look at their records and make an informed decision.

Jerry Bronson - September 27, 2019

Isn’t the House Leader third in line for the presidency? IE Pelosi HUMMMMM

Trump gone she becomes V.P?


Leroy Johnston - September 27, 2019

I read a Book Written By Carl Marx, and the DemonicRats are Following it, To A Tee. He said Accuse Your Political Opponent’s Of the Wrongs You Have Committed and They will Use their time Defending Themselves, instead of Exposing You. Exactly What The DemonicRats Practice. Drain the Swamp. You Have the Support of America. And if it Starts A Revolution, You Have our Support, there Too. Please Vote No on Any Gun Control Measures. We Have enough Laws Already. enforce them.

Georgianne Hanson - September 27, 2019

I think just like Trump has said, it is a witch hunt. It has been going on since he won the presidency. It has got to stop. It is a waste of taxpayers dollars. Dems have to get over themselves.

James Walker - September 27, 2019

I am worried that we have a political party that will out of nothing at all drum up charges against the only person in WA. D.C. that is actually trying to do his job.
He will then have a trial in front of the most cowardly stupid Republican Senate.
A frightening number of whom may have voted for Hillary. Probably an equal number who didn’t vote.
This Republic will not survive and removal of the best President in Forty years by the efforts of Schiff, Nadler, and Cummings, with the help of a useless Speaker.

Vince Kohlbecker - September 27, 2019

The Progressives have devolved into a mob in a state beyond logical thought; however, the worst thing is not to challenge their nonsense.

I’m stunned at the silence of our Congressmen & Senators – what a disgrace!. To stand idly by while Trump is vilified and harassed is unconscionable. What a bunch of spineless, feckless, self serving jerks. Primary, Primary. Primary.

Dr. Bill Smith - September 27, 2019

Shared article on the ARRA News Service. I am offended by the actions of the Dems pursuing a shakedown of both the president and the voters that elected President Trump. If the House Dems succeed in their efforts, I expect the Senate will not take up or delay a Senate trial of President Trump. I am not clairvoyant but I hope & expect President Trump to be re-elected.

Bruce Edquist - September 27, 2019

One would think there would be some sort of legal recrimination against these democrats. Our government is totally out of control and the republicans need to step up and preserve our republic.

MARILYN - September 27, 2019


David - September 27, 2019

By: Hyram F. Suddfluffel, PhD, (Political Science)

I have a degree in Political Science, and I am a card-carrying Libertarian. I’ve been studying politics and political history for the past 30 years. My specialty is U.S. Presidents. That said, I hope that the House of
Representatives impeaches Trump. Let me tell you what will happen next!
1. The House can pass articles of impeachment over the objections of the Republicans, and refer to the Senate for trial.
2. The Senate will conduct a trial. There will be a vote, and the Republicans will vote unanimously, along with a small number of Democrats, to not convict the President. Legally, it will all be over at that point.
3. However, during the trial, and this is what no one is thinking about right now, the President’s attorneys will have the right to subpoena and question ANYONE THEY WANT.. That is different than the special counsel investigation, which was very one-sided. So, during the impeachment trial, we will be hearing testimony from James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Donna Brazile, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a whole host of other participants in this whole sordid affair and the ensuing cover up activities. A lot of dirt will be dug up; a lot of truth will be unveiled. Finger pointing will occur. Deals will start being made, and suddenly, a lot of democrats will start being charged and going to prison. All this, because, remember, the President’s team will now, for the first time, have the RIGHT to question all of these people under oath – and they will turn on each other. That is already starting.
4. Lastly, one more thing will happen, the Senate will not convict the President. Nothing will happen to Trump. Most Americans are clueless about political processes, the law, and the Constitution. Most Americans believe that being impeached results in removal from office. They don’t understand that phase 2 is a trial in and by the Senate, where he has zero chance of conviction. Remember, the Senate is controlled by Republicans; they will determine what testimony is allowed — and **everything** will be allowed, including: DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the election in favor of Hillary, the creation of the Trump dossier, the cover up and destruction of emails that very likely included incriminating information. They will incriminate each other for lying to the FISA court, for spying and wiretapping the Trump campaign, and for colluding with foreign political actors, especially George Soros. After the Senate declines to convict the President, we will have an election, and Trump will win. It will be a backlash against democrat petulance, temper tantrums, hypocrisy and dishonesty. Even minorities will vote for Trump, because, for the first time, they will see that democrats have spent 2+ years focused on maintaining their own power, and not doing anything at all about black murders in Chicago, homelessness, opioids, and other important issues that are actually killing people. And, we will spend the following four years listening to politicians and pundits claim that the whole impeachment was rigged.
So let’s move on to impeachment.
Hyram F. Suddfluffel, PhD

Leman H WIlson - September 27, 2019

Will this nonsense ever end, what a joke the Democrats have become all because their specially selected CRIMINAL did not duly win their hoped for presidential position for which they can’t seem to accept reality so they developed a mental hatred for our best president in U.S. history and don’t seem to have the mentality to get over losing in 2016 so very sad

Sylvia Brooks - September 27, 2019

If I truly saw an equal and fair inquiry into democratic candidates who have functioned in the same way for years- then I would be more open. However, that is not the case- it is clear to me that all of their efforts are dishonest- and dangerous to our republic. The Republican Party needs to open inquires into Hilary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennen, Joe Biden, and the entire lynching mob that are destroying our country. I am proud of our president for having the courage to fight this. Someone had to come in and do this. The Democrats have been getting away with terrible things for years. It’s time to fight back!

Roger W. Johnson - September 27, 2019

They need something to keep telling they voters to keep them fired up against President Trump, so they don’t figure out that the Democratic Party isn’t the Democratic Party anymore. Compare what the Democratic Party now stands for to the Communist in President Kennedy’s time and what the Democratic stood for then

Robert Young - September 27, 2019

Pelosi and the Democratic Party appear to have been hijacked by the Deep State. Her (and the Dems’ and corporate media’s) charges that Trump committed “impeachable” offense by his phone call with the Pres. of Ukraine lack merit and, if successful, would constitute a “soft” coup d’etat against the American people. God help us if these “Bolsheviks” ever gain control of our federal government as they clearly do not support our Constitution or the liberties referenced therein. Kamala was heard in a rally threatening to “come after” all supporters of Trump once the Dems gain power, that they will “feel the vengeance of a nation,” tht “no stone will be left unturned as we seek you out in every corner of this great nation . . . For it is you who have betrayed us.” Scary. They will countenance NO opposition to their tyrannical agenda.

JC Pearce - September 27, 2019

God bless you, BILL BOJAN, for your wise comment. The radical left is not just trying to destroy President Trump. They’re trying to destroy this Country and everything our Constitution upholds. They’re trying to destroy ALL OF US!
This truly is a Biblical fight between good and evil.
Hopefully more people will see the big picture and not become mired in the intentional chaos.

Connie Winters - September 27, 2019

Today Rush replayed a speech given by Trump at a rally in October of 2016. This speech said it all in advance. He (Rush) didn’t say which rally so I can’t be exact with the reference.

Lisa Aldrich - September 27, 2019

Our country is weakened in the eyes of other countries by our partisan bickering and the Dems weak yet vengeful efforts to derail everything Republican and Trump is outright thuggery. The people of this country are tired of having dishonorable people who don’t even believe their own lies hampering and impeding the regular business in Washington. Donald Trump has been a breath of fresh air in Washington, just as he promised. We the people want him to be treated in an honorable manner. This impeachment effort is a sham just as the Russian Collusion Delusion was a ploy to derail this President and his administration. Most folks aren’t stupid and can see the devious nature of this effort to derail this President and the Republican administration – based on hearsay! And the false stories being propagated by some liberal news media is essentially libel!

Gerald Wayne Sullivan - September 27, 2019

I feel that the left is still mad because they lost the presidential election. They have done nothing for the people, but keep trying to find ways to belittle the elected president and block his agenda. Both sides on the hill are worried because President Trump cannot be bought off under the table and is threating their personnel p[ay offs.

Fred Durler - September 27, 2019

How do the Democrats believe they will prevail on the basis of hearsay evidence?
Just another case of stirring the pot.
Hopefully the American electorate will
eventually now see how devious the left
can be.

Mark P. - September 27, 2019

I am extremely concerned with the direction this country is heading. The Democrats and mainstream media were so shocked that they lost in 2016, they have lost all common sense. The partisanship of both parties is disgusting. All of you politicians were elected to do a job. Start doing it!! This impeachment move is another example of overreach by the far left. These quasi progressives need to be stopped. Republicans need to wake up as well. Support your President and get something done. While Trump is not perfect, he is our duly elected President. Get over it and start doing your jobs.

Penny priess - September 27, 2019

Another attempt to cover up the actions of a democratic illegal action, and to put President Trump on the hot seat.

Judy Skillicorn - September 27, 2019

I was firmly opposed to partisan politics until I heard the whistleblower accusation and the “partisan” actions taken by the White House, Guiliani, William Barr to block the letter from ever reaching the Congress as it is required to do. IF there is truth to the President of the United States asking a foreign leader to help him find dirt on any American to help his political cause, I find that definitely grounds for impeachment and totally support that action. I suppose even making our troops land in Scotland at the President’s resort so he benefits from that and foreign officials staying at his hotels to curry favor all smack of misdemeanors and are all worthy of impeachment. I got lost the last week in the stories and revelations of wrongdoing by the President who no longer has my support. Yes, I now support impeachment. The President has gone too far.

Robert - September 27, 2019

Nancy Pelosi has lost control. To begin an impeachment inquiry with a press conference BEFORE EVIDENCE WAS DISCLOSED, was only for theatrical effect. We must take back the house and control all 3 branches to DRAIN the SWAMP!!!

Helen Kaufman - September 27, 2019

President Donald Trump should not be impeached. He has helped our country a lot in so many ways. He has far exceeded expectations in his first term. The hatred of the Democrats and the media who want power for their anti-American agenda should be put out of office.

Shirley - September 27, 2019

Democrats are going down!! There will be a time these trouble making leaders will rejoice because they win but NOT NOW. But their term will be absolutely living HELL for each of them and they will be repaid for all the harm they have tried to cause. God will see to it.

Michael Thayne - September 27, 2019

They not only want to overturn the 2016 election, but don’t want Hillary and Joe’s misdeeds in the Ukraine investigated. They are between a rock and a hard place which is why they have blocked everything since 2016. If thet let up they are going to receive the black eye of the century.

Adriana - September 27, 2019

I do not think that there is a reason to impeach President Trump. I believe in his good intentions and patriotism. After decades of living in Romania and China, the democrats slogans are a matter of ” deja vu” for me.

Charles Steele - September 27, 2019

They wanted to impeach Trump the day after the election! How you you impeach someone who is not in office? Oh they didn’t like the results of the election. Tough! You can not impeach a president because you don’t like him.

Billy Z - September 27, 2019

The House Democrats Are Guilty Of Sedition & Insurrection !
They Are Blatantly Attacking Trump For Political Purposes Oniy. I Have Messaged The Attorney General To Indict Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff & Waters For The Above Crimes.

Terri Jones - September 27, 2019

We all should know from common knowledge about government now that we are about to go into 2020 and that all legislation that is going to be passed, has to go through the Senate. The Republicans control the Senate. The people of the U.S. elected our current president. So, figure it all out and if you cannot, take a government course and/or get a book from the library.

S Fryer - September 27, 2019

I think Pelosi is off her rocker. She’s the one, along with others in the Democratic Party, that needs to go!

Dave - September 27, 2019

The Left is now composed of little boys who
will never grow up to be Men as the term was once understood in our former civilization, and little girls who will never grow up to be Women likewise. Egomaniacal,
defiant, corrupt, spoiled children,
they have an infant’s lack of understanding of the basics of humanism, and civilized existence. Dangerous people in the extreme…!

Christine L Otto - September 27, 2019

She needs to be removed from head of the house of Representatives. She has lost it and letting those who shouldn’t have been voted in to the democratic party. We the people need to clean the house and congress out and get new in not that it will really make a difference. But we can hope. Trump has done nothing wrong they have been on him since he started running. And haven’t Quit so I’m Voting for him in 2020 And not voting the career politicians getting new blood in. Trump is the best President that we have had he lives on his money not the people’s Taxes. The Democrats has used alot of the Peoples Taxes doing everything to get rid of Trump.

Kevin B - September 27, 2019

The president of the United States asked the president of a foreign country to investigate the family of his political rival and assist the presidents personal attorney with said investigation. How can anyone’s think that this is acceptable?

Marilyn Smith - September 27, 2019

Nancy Pelosi said something to the effect of “personal electronic devices were used to receive and transmit highly sensitive governmental information that put the safety of the United States at jeopardy and the Trump administration was going to be held accountable for this serious breach of safety and conduct”. That is not verbatim but the idea is the same. HitLIARy Robem Clintax actually DID this while trying to SELL this country to the highest bidder, Russia being the recipient of our Uranium but she did NOTHING WRONG!! ALL these socialcommucRAT hypocrites should be tarred an feathered then impeached.

Stephen Moore - September 27, 2019

The hatred of Trump displayed by democrats is unfathomable to me. Disagreement fine, but what the dimms are doing looks like spoiled brats claiming entitlement to the presidency. Is this the legacy of Obama/Clinton? What happened to thoughtful, moderate democrats?

Fred Rutherford - September 27, 2019

I don’t think the Democrats are smart enough to understand the constitution to prove Trump did anything wrong.

Peter Wall - September 27, 2019

Madame Speaker Pelosi, is caving to the
radical communist fringe, now mainstream
of her Democratic Party. Speaker Pelosi is
shirking her responsibility to moderate her
Party’s rouge elements. This means that the Communists are running the show. President Trump is not a man without fault, but he has not committed any crime worthy impeachment.
The Democrats are a ship without a rudder or a Captain. A ship that has floundered on the political rocks of state.

Robert Lyons - September 27, 2019

The Democrat Party began to turn itself into a Clown Car on the morning of November 9, 2016; and the transition was completed on November 7, 2018. Every day I look to see which clown will emerge from the car first. For the last several days, this person has been Rep. Nancy Pelosi, perhaps the most despicable person on the planet after Hillary Clinton.

Ruth Radbill - September 27, 2019

We who no longer read our bibles forget that our leaders are put in office by our creator. We are admonished to pray for them not drum up false accusations against them. The deep state, Soros and the Clinton foundation heads up this witch hunt but I believe the Christians who believe in our leader will overcome the vile hatred of the Democrats toward our leader. Those Republicans who oppose their President need to be sent back to their constituents and indeed learn what their role should be. I like so many contributors am ashamed and appalled at the circus portrayed in our government. Like the saying goes Leave and “GET A JOB”!

Paul N Kroeger - September 27, 2019

Democrats have been foolish about crying ‘Impeachment” since the day Trump was inaugurated and hadn’t done anything yet.. It shows me they don’t understand the meaning of it. It is meaningless and ignorant in my view to do that.
Paul Kroeger- musician

Drury - September 27, 2019

I think that anything President Trump tries to do the democrats step in the way like a bunch of silly little girls. What are they so afraid of.

Clint Schubert - September 27, 2019

The democrats are simply operating under the principles of Alinsky and therefore have no intentions of operating as Representatives of our Country. Consequently most of these propaganda generating Representatives along with their kin folks in the main stream media will continue to spew this bile to the public until they are voted out and the MSM reporters are held accountable for their lies.

Randy - September 27, 2019

President Trump, please “drain the swamp” ASAP before these demon possessed Democrats destroy every semblance of law and order in our country.

Dan Murray - September 27, 2019

Oh. I thought the Heritage Foundation was an independent libertarian-leaning think tank. When did you become an adjunct for Fox News? As an Independent with strong Libertarian leanings, I think George Will has Trump pegged. The majority of the comments here seem to be written by Fox News trolls.

Barbara Sesrcy - September 27, 2019

The inmates are running the asylum!

The impeachment attempt is beyond absurdity.

Ralph Morera - September 27, 2019

I believe that we are now living in a new phase of the work of the progressive movement of the last fifty plus years ( Control the press, radicalize the institutions of higher learning, do not teach young people our history and values, make more people dependent on government etc ).
This is not about 2020, it is about the long term struggle to keep the AMERICA that the Founding Fathers created. Where our country ends so will the whole world

Alfred bell - September 27, 2019

All those that are on a witch hunt to remove the president should be removed from office . They have done nothing for 3 years now . they care nothing about the American people . They only want to show how intelligent they are , but show their ignorance instead,.

Fr. Richard - September 27, 2019

The demon-crats want to take the offensive in order to curtail the programs of the president. Republicans have to answer by
turning the tables on that whole criminal mob. There are plenty of opportunities to
expose their wrong-doing. I fear the
Republicans are in the same boat with
the demon-crats. They all want the USA
to become communistic.

Victor Jowsey - September 27, 2019

I am from New Zealand and thus my comments will not hold much sway. However, the following comment from a US friend could be of interest : – I might add, however, if the impeachment in the House of Rep. gets delayed until this time next year, and they and the faux news media throw enough junk out to the masses, there is the possibility that the under-informed populace could elect enough liberals to the Senate to give them control.

Sara - September 27, 2019

The Democrat leaders are proving the validity of the “Projection Principle.” A term used by psychologists to describe those who self righteously “see” their own failures in others. The hypocrisy of the democrat leaders defies all description. Are they converting Mitt Romney to their side? His lack of support for our President is a great disappointment for we who wasted a vote for him.

Bea - September 27, 2019

My prayers are with our President. God is in control, even over the extreme left who are mocking His name. We all need to realize the power of prayer, the necessity to read and know the Word, and the need to stand for what is right, true, and honorable.

De Ette Moon - September 27, 2019

I thing this is just another witch hunt.

James Thompson - September 27, 2019

This bogus attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election is disgusting! Lying Democrat leaders like Schiff should be removed from office. This impeachment sham is a travesty against the voters of the US who elected Trump. A large number of the Republicans are an embarrassment as well. Where are the Senates subpoenas? Where is Trumps cover?

Janet Fennert - September 27, 2019

It appears that the Democrats are on a mission to impeach the president just because they obviously hate him. They have been after him since he took office, and nothing sticks so they just keep trying. The whole impeachment inquiry is a farce. The Dems are trying to ruin our county and get rid of our constitution. Their agenda is scary!

Nelda Oakley - September 27, 2019

Nancy Pelosi has threatened impeachment since President Trump’s election. I believe she and most democratic are motivated by hate, vengeance, blindness and deception. Therefore I pray for all of them and knoe only God’s justice will see President Trump tbrough this and his next term. I pray the lies continue to be exposed!

Lucy Doil - September 27, 2019

I’m disgusted with the democrats on all levels, this is nothing more than a blatant conspiracy to protect all their crimes!

Bud Bromley - September 27, 2019

Imagine if impeachment of Trump ever reached the Senate for trial. It won’t but indulge this thought for a moment. Joe Biden and his son would be seriously investigated, depositioned under oath and called to testify before the U.S. Senate, followed by the sworn statements of the President and Attorney General of Ukraine. Biden and his son would be destroyed, probably indicted, tried and jailed. Next would be a serious investigation and deposition under oath of Hillary Clinton, then her sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate as to whether she or her campaign paid for the Steele Dossier, (already a known fact) followed by a dozen or more FBI agents and DOJ lawyers countering her statements with evidence. Questions and evidence about Clinton Foundation funding. Uranium One. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation would be destroyed, probably indicted, tried and jailed. Followed by more of the same interrogation of everyone involved in the attempted coup of President Trump, spying on candidate Trump and Americans, unmasking testimony from Susan Rice, etc all in a legal proceeding overseen by SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts, not in some House of Representatives hearing led by a Democrat political hack. Trump, as a defendant on trial, would have wide descretion in discovery of people and evidence. The GOP is in the majority in the Senate. I don’t think the Democrats have thought this through.

Ralph - September 27, 2019

For me, this whole debacle has become obvious since the war with Iraq. I watched Cristine Amenpeur(spelling?) make excuses as enemy fighters killed our soldiers. Then I put together what I saw in college in the early 70’s. While we in America fell asleep from the 50’s and forward, I realized that Communism didn’t. I realized then that our media and gov’t was infiltrated with Communists. The infiltration, it seems, has deepened even worse than my greatest fears. Now, we are all watching it play out. I hope the U.S. constitution prevails.

Tammy - September 27, 2019

I’m concerned for all the evil of our politicians. I feel we do not respect the process any more. If he did wrong we should investigate. So far no evidence has come out to show that.

Bettye Mercier - September 27, 2019

I am angry and sad to think that there continues a ‘double-standard’ of the law. If you are Rep you are subject to everything the Dem thinks you do wrong but everything they do is okay. The law is the law and the Constitution should be followed. Each and every person needs to atone for wrongness period.

William Lafferty - September 27, 2019

Isaiah 29:20&21 is in play here; the scorners & watchers for iniquity, those who make a man an offender FOR A WORD, who lay snares for him who reproves civil dishonesty and turn aside those who seek justice FOR NOTHING, preside among the Democrats.

S Nethers - September 27, 2019

Followers of Heritage can see the duplicity of the Democrats; however, the major media swamp the airwaves and print with whatever the left has to say, Unfortunately, this is believed by many in our country and will come through at the polls. Look at what is happening at our colleges and universities. I am frightened at the direction our country appears to be going under the leadership of the left.

Thomas M Dennison - September 27, 2019

?Impeachment…?! Bah!!!
This has nothing to do with anything, except toeing the party line (for Demol’craps).
The “Dem-standard-red-herring” / “Bait-and-switch” type tactic; blame the Republicans for being guilty of those things that WE (Dem’s) do!
They simply MUST protect old Joe (Biden), who bragged on Camera about having DONE that, which they must now accuse our President of having done, so as to take the heat off Joe. Pathetic as all get out!

Charlotte Frey - September 27, 2019

As far as I can tell this impeachment is for the benefit of the Democrats because of their dislike of President Trump and would be a good way as far as they are concerned to assure the Dems of a democratic win in the upcoming election. This President has been 100% for America, it’s people, our military, our economic status, our religion, our job welfare, and a wall to stop illegal immigration. We surely have been blessed in so many ways with this awesome President. He is against corruption and collusion! Vote Trump 2020!

Ruth Wagner - September 27, 2019

Amazing how insulated some folks can be when the really d on’t know history. Sorry you are in that category. Hitler was a beast but Trump isn’t even as smart.

virgil huntsinger - September 27, 2019

Biden is the criminal in this case.

Dan Murray - September 27, 2019

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano [argues]( that Trump’s July 25 telephone conversation with Zelenskiy could be construed as bribery: “When the president asks a foreign government—the head of a foreign government—to do something to help his campaign, when the president adds a condition to the receipt of foreign funds that Congress didn’t add, and when that condition benefits the president’s campaign and not American foreign policy, the president has arguably walked into the area of bribery.”

The federal bribery statute applies to U.S. officials, not foreign officials, so the relevant question is not whether Trump tried to bribe Zelenskiy with military aid but whether he solicited a bribe *from* Zelenskiy. Under [18 USC 201](, a federal official (such as Trump) commits a felony when “he directly or indirectly, corruptly demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally or for any other person or entity, in return for…an official act.”

In this case, the “official act” presumably would be delivering the military aid that Trump had blocked before his conversation with Zelenskiy (although Zelenskiy did not know about that decision at the time). The “thing of value” allegedly solicited by Trump would be compromising information about Biden, a leading contender to oppose him as the Democratic nominee in next year’s election.

As a Columbia Law School guide to federal statutes used in corruption cases [notes](, “federal courts have held that the term ‘anything of value’ in the federal bribery statute applies broadly to intangible as well as tangible payments.” Would dirt on Biden dug up by the Ukrainian government count as “anything of value”? Advocates of that interpretation, such as University of California, Irvine, law professor Rick Hasen, [note]( that political campaigns routinely pay for opposition research, which is essentially what Trump is accused of seeking.

Arthur P Wolinsky - September 27, 2019

I believe this impeachment is completely wrongheaded. It reminds me of the Kavanaugh hearings. My prayer is that the perpetrators will get caught up in their own net.

John D Somerville - September 27, 2019

I think this quote by Jon Kvernmo – September 27, 2019 sums up the entire process.
Pelosi, is entirely politically motivated, and has no real interest in the welfare of our country nor its individual citizens. Hearing that accusation, she would of course protest vehemently. President Trump has done nothing worthy of impeachment. He has, on occasion, said and may have done some ill-advised things that haunt him and his leadership, and are at times a cause for embarrassment for his supporters. I value his straightforward, no-nonsense style, his solid pro-life position, staunch support of the 2nd Amendment, and benefit from the vastly improved domestic economy since he took office.

Gregory Moser - September 27, 2019

The Democrats want a communist state and president Trump is in the way .

Andrea O. - September 27, 2019

I’ve not been paying attention to any of this nonsense, mainly because our economy is booming and so are businesses and jobs.

What did President Trump do this time according to the Dems?

They are literally the most incompitent group of children who are still mad that they lost an election. Get over it and get to work.

Paul Giffen - September 27, 2019

I know the Constitution and keep a copy on my night stand. This whole exercise is total B.S. on the part of the Democrats. A totally corrupt party & agenda that serves the enemies of this country.

Allen Edmonds - September 27, 2019

Over the past three years I have observed this political chess game evolve to the point of complete insanity. And we all know what that definition is. My question has been. Who is responsible for this mess our President and country is in? The truth is, it is us, “we the people”. We have become lazy and complacent to a point that most are comfortable to just elect someone else who is willing to deal with the political issues of the day. All I can say it’s time that we get off our “Blessed Assurance” and push back in the public square taking a bold stand for the truth, constitution and our founding principles. If we don’t, we are sure to lose everything this country stands for.
If every conservative voter would take a few extra moments, get involved and visit their congressional delegates office, call or email, it would send a phenomenal tsunami that would overwhelm D.C… With the numbers and a thunderous voice, we can wakeup the 116th Congress to the fact that we are beyond the point of no return with this corrupt insanity. And if it doesn’t change, then we are going to speak even louder by fixing it at the ballot box by electing those who will follow the constitution as it was written and legislate honorably.

Cheryl Short - September 27, 2019

When Pelosi says things like “Constitutional crisis” and acts like she cares about the Constitution it almost makes me ill! She wipes her rear on it like the rest of the Democrats then has the nerve to act like she wants to uphold it!!

Kennon McKee - September 27, 2019

The Republican Party has sold its soul to Trump. Where is the party of the values of our democracy? It is time to separate from Trump.

Deborah - September 27, 2019

I wish they would just leave him alone and let him do his job. That is why we voted for him but every minute he is being blamed for something. They have no ground of impeachment. Maybe Pelosi is the one that should be investigated. I left the Democrat party, I am ashamed of the way they are acting. I switched to the Republican party do not want to have anything to do with the things the Democrats are doing. He is the President stand by him and stop causing all of these problems

Betty Chapman - September 27, 2019

From what I understand about impeachment, I think there is no evidence of an impeachable offense. But the Democrats make the Constitution read like they want it too. They are the ones who are breaking the law, and they think that whatever they want to do is okay. I am fed up with them. They act like a bunch of children when they don’t get their own way,,
instead of adults. They should not get their own way when it is not constitutional. I wish the American people would bombard their emails and voice mails and social media, and tell them to start taking care of the peoples’ business, like border security, funding the military, balancing the budget, infrastructure, etc. We didn’t elect them to waste time and money on all these investigations.

William Dries - September 27, 2019

The pot continues to call the kettle black, all the while overlooking the finger that calls the real criminals in the Democrat party innocent. Nadler, and Clinton continue to be fair game. all the while escaping to the cloak of immunity by shouting “Trump” so loudly that the Republicans in the House are running scared. The swamp continues to need draining!!

Denise Hall - September 27, 2019

Honestly I am not in the least concerned. God is going to show the world who’s in power .

Phillip Preece - September 27, 2019

I think the goal of the Democratics is to overthrow the government. If they had something no one would pay attention because of the smoke and mirrors they have been doing since the president took office. I would like to Know why no charges have been filed against the members of the house for failure to back and follow the Constitution , basically failing to up hold their oath of office.

Cynthia Crapster - September 27, 2019

This whole thing has been a circus. Is there no sanity left. Perhaps it’s the drugs in the water. I for one, am very tired of the nonsense. The democrats should be impeached for their hatred of Americans.

Bernard Giroux - September 27, 2019

To paraphrase Mark Levin: When is the Senate going to open its mouth and stand behind the Constitution and investigate the Democrats for the lies, contempt and sedition which they are trying to ram down the throat of the citizens of the United States? When are they going to be held accountable for their actions?

Henry hussmann - September 27, 2019

Im amazed at those in our population who are drunk on the koolaid. We have a traitorous and justice-obstructing president who negotiated with a foreign government to trade support for fabricated lies on his political opponent. The Bidens have cooperated with their investigation and were fined innocent. This site is propaganda and hate-speech. And so very un- American

Kevin Young - September 27, 2019

I am so impressed with what our President has accomplished in spite off the derelict who oppose him. God Bless Our President and thank you for all you do.

Joann Cooper - September 27, 2019

This is so, so political! We know it is wrong but the problem is to get the correct story and facts to the public as the media tells the opposite and biased information.

GNDORN - September 27, 2019

Won’t happen. senate is republican. This is just more smoke screen. Democrats should be investigated. But remember they let Clinton ride out his term anyway.

Mark A Brown - September 27, 2019

As per usual, using the ignorance of the education programming to destroy our protections from the rest of the failing controlling government system. And anyone awake from this illusion should be cognizant that this is a global cabal to remove all of our protections set down in plain language. First item for any Marxist,communist…..society is to disarm but a couple generations of gov school is what we face now, totally ignorant of our past and what will be their futures under complete control over every aspect of their lives.

Antonetta Martinka - September 27, 2019

I have been following this unfortunate ;happening and doing research on what the constitution dictates regarding the process and reasons for calling Congress to stop all work and concentrate on disgracing the president to American citizens and other world leaders. It seems evident to me that members of Congress reed a refresher course on the Constitution. Do they really believe in its wisdom or are they making up their own version?

Sandra Owen - September 27, 2019

The more the democrats try to take Trump down, the more trouble they are bringing on themselves. If they had any sense they would just stop! All they are doing is showing their true colors even more. They are desperate, because they don’t want their evil plans revealed and destroyed.

Helen Volk - September 27, 2019

I hope it blows up in the Democrats faces. Nancy Pelosi has had to give in to the far left members of her party. They seem to be in charge!! They hate President Trump so much they will do or say anything to impeach him. They are doing everything in their power to make sure he isn’t elected in 2020 because the Democrats do not have a strong candidate. The really sad thing is that they are using children to march in protest about climate change.

LDF - September 27, 2019

I am soooo sick of all of this! And the corrupt media! Bring on TERM LIMITS and end any federal funding of educational entities who do NOT have 50/50 ratio of DEMs to Republican registered instructors and leaders.

David G. Peacock - September 27, 2019

I am ashamed to say I was once a democrat. I was younger then.
I cannot believe the HATRED, and ANIMOSITY in them today.
I Became a republican during Carter’s term.
“GOD please help us”

Estina Spencer - September 27, 2019

I heard that if it does go to impeachment, President Trump’s WH team can subpoena whoever they want to testify. That could really backfire on the Dems if true. Truly though America’s education, defense, border, vets, and poor could use the tax dollars we are paying out to government lawyers and politicians in DC. Maybe the DNC should be paid to pay for all legal fees for the loss of collusion proof. Every time the Dems & RINOs point their finger at President Trump saying guilty there are 3 fingers pointing back at themselves where they are 3x more guilty of the exact same type of crimes. So tired of the hypocrisy and want to see some politicians put in jail.

Thomas Shaw - September 27, 2019

Reasons for impeachment are serious acts of treason, bribery, serious crimes and misdemeanors . The Democrats are giving many reasons that are ridiculous. Some as ridiculous as “he needs to be, so that he cannot be re-elected, that he is immoral ( When they want babies killed in the womb and even after birth if they are not wanted ) . If President Trump is impeached and one of the current crop of Democrat hopefuls get into office we can all say goodbye to the USA as one Nation,under God ,indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Our Country will go broke, our military as we know it will be
gone , we will in the near future be under Marshal Law. . God save our President
and the USA. The Democrats just cannot get over losing the election.


Elizabeth Norling - September 27, 2019

We have copies of the Constitution. Please state where in it people can see for themselves what it says.

Jeffrey Duquette - September 27, 2019

There is still a lot of corruption in our government, specifically the FBI, DOJ, and the Courts. Until the corruption in those agencies are removed, we are going to be dealing with this BS for a long time. Trump and others are trying to expose our enemy. It should be the FBI’s top priority to investigate the entire Democratic party.

Rick Mendes - September 27, 2019

The left is so terrified Trump might win again they are trying anything to get him out before the next election.

BTW: Can we fire Adam Schiff? He is doing the same thing he did with the Russian investigation. Take some vague thing and turn it into a massive investigation that only looks at the facts through his biased eyes.

Louis Michael Zamora - September 27, 2019

Here we go again!!!!! What will they think of next ? Enough of the games time to jail these story teller’s for their own crimes !!!

Georgette Coffey - September 27, 2019

Interesting that Pelosi took up so much time on the TV “news” media on the same day President Trump gave his unprecidented powerful speech, speaking up for human rights before the U.N. No mention was made of this speech, however, on the same “news” broadcast.

Rodney Struhs - September 27, 2019

Donald J Trump has proven himself to be the most corrupt President in the history of our great nation. He is a clear and present danger to democracy and should be removed from office ASAP! Then he should be prosecuted to the fullness of law and order. Any Republican(s) that dissent should be removed from office and prosecuted also!

Randall P Harris - September 27, 2019

It sounds to me like Biden is guilty of what the Democrats are accusing Trump of doing.
The whistle-blower complaint is based on hearsay.
Where is the justice ?
It is time to investigate Biden, Hillary, and Obama.
Trump is doing the things he said he would. He has done more in two years to benefit our Country than Obama, Hillary and Bill together ever did. This makes the Democrats look bad to sensible people.
Continue to support President Trump, Barr and Kavanaugh.

Phyllis Eix - September 27, 2019

I believe it is another manifestation of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that the Liberal Left have been suffering since our duly elected President won the 2016 election. It will cause them more harm than good when all is said and done.

Frank - September 27, 2019

I keep hearing the Democrats calling for Trump to be impeached, but I’ve never heard any of them say why. They keep slandering the president and telling the ignorant people who listen to them, that he is such a horrible person. Yet, they can never tell you what he has done that was so horrible. It’s all just negative talking points to influence the public.

Jo - September 27, 2019

As it now stands, the president and the Republicans have been gagged and the entire House stripped of its right to vote for the people on this matter. And, where ARE the spineless Republicans?

Janey - September 27, 2019

Leaping to conclusions based on unfounded information is not only against our founding principles but, also, strikes at our moral compass.
It is unacceptable from either side of the isle.
Since his election, our President has been vilified on unfounded information several times. It is reprehensible and destructive to the principles on which this great Republic was founded.
Stop the madness!

Matt Martinez - September 27, 2019

I donated. I’m tired of the Democrats offering no solutions and just division, vice and problems.

JoAnn - September 27, 2019

I am disgusted at the countless resistance, hoax investigations, disrespect & now impeachment being hoisted on our GREAT President. My only fear is that the weak kneed Republican fakers will turn on him.
Still, it amazes me,in the middle of all this drama, Donald J Trump continues to stand strong & fight for all the things we elected him to do.
I pray that God will protect him & that he can carry on with the MAGA agenda.

Jeane Harvey - September 27, 2019

So far, the Democrats have been salivating for an issue to cause Impeachment for many months. Great power was initiated for them during the Obama administration and, of course, they want it back.
If there were reasons for Trump’s Impeachment, I would understand, but looking for the needle in the haystack?
This is so demeaning for us all.

kevin cook - September 27, 2019

This is an act of desperation by the democrats because they know they do not have a candidate who can win in the election against Trump. It is the continuance of the unending attacks on and lies about trump to do as much damage as possible even if they aren’t successful in proving any guilt. It is a mass coordinated effort at character defamation which is a sin just below murder.

BJ - September 27, 2019

The attempt to impeach President Trump is a coverup of Biden’s son’s illegal dealings with the Ukraine with an effort to get rid of a President hated by the leftists.

Dean Hunkele - September 27, 2019

This should fill in the blanks >

Alfred Mansour - September 27, 2019

Total political rubbish. 20 years ago Nancy Pelosi railed against the Republicans for the politicization of President Clinton’s impeachment inquiry, even though he perjured himself about his behavior in the Oval Office.

President Trump has not committed a crime. Since the day of his inauguration the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has wanted him impeached. They essentially want the people’s will subverted.

In America we have the right to vote people out of office not to railroad them out.

Dwight Fagothey - September 27, 2019

It’s pretty obvious that the Democratic led H of R have an agenda to try and remove President Trump in any way that they can. And, in the process, they are making a mockery of our Democratic system and the country is suffering because of it. I am disgusted by their blatant hatred and hypocrisy. Have they forgotten that they work for “us”, the American citizens?

Leonard Mares - September 27, 2019

I believe that the Democratic party is using this impeachment as a deflection on the real issues concerning Democratic corruption. The clock is ticking on statue of limitations on some of the crimes and this is keeping America from dealing with these crimes. The public have lost credibility in the “Rule of Law” and justice.

Nancy Somers - September 27, 2019

I already responded via separate email reply to your email, If I need to resubmit, let me know.

One comment I didn’t make earlier is I sure wish our Republicans in Congress would toughen up and better support our President for the sake of the future of the US even if they don’t like Trump.


Louis - September 27, 2019

To think outside the box we need to consider what the Democrats will do if they actually ban AR rifles.
[This, if course will be the day pigs fly]

Do you think that if the day comes when all firearms are confiscated that things will be “normal” again?

Do you think that Congress, especially the House of Representatives, will go back to business as usual as per pre President Trump election day?

Do you think that after they have the guns you will carry on as you did before, 9-5 job, 40 hour week, sports, vacation, home life as before?

•They have been pushing their anti-gun agenda especially hard these past several months.
•Part of it, I believe, is because they are not fielding anybody sane or with a shred of common sense and know they can not let an election take place if they know they can lose.
•I believe they will falsify the vote along with the help of the public media (The Department of Propaganda)
•I believe they will attempt to seize control of the White House.
•Their success to impeachment President Trump depends on a false accusation by the House of Representatives followed by the Senate backing up the false accusation.
The president has not done anything to be impeached over.
•Another scenario for the frantic push for gun confiscation, I believe, is that they have already set the next stage in motion.
•That stage is per the New World Order Agenda 2050, part of which is the urbanization of the United States.

▪︎Taking our guns away prevents us from being able to launch much of an opposition to their “laws” BUT it does not give them the power to “control” us.
▪︎To control us, they have to know where we are, they have to have us localized.
▪︎That is where the New World Order to urbanize us steps in.
▪︎I am sure they will want to control our movements, thus embedded chip I.D. locators, they will have forced immunizations, they will have “retraining” for those of us that are against their laws.
[This is where those enhanced background checks kick in]
▪︎Children of those being retrained will be raised (brainwashed) by the state.
▪︎▪︎They have to urbanize the population to be able to control, I.D., retrain, immunize
They can not do this if we are free to roam



Lee S. Motteler - September 27, 2019

Pelosi has caved to the far left elements of the Democratic Party. She doesn’t even know what “crime” or “high misdemeanor” President Trump has allegedly committed. The Democrats are following the playbook of the former Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels:
“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” And they are masters at it.

Jan Hood - September 27, 2019

I may be looking at this whole thing a little differently than those only seeing the political side. This is actually spiritual warfare right now. God put Trump in office because of the prayers of the faithful asking Him to intercede. We asked Him to save our nation. Trump is his man for a season. He is flawed as we all are but God uses the willing and Trump is that. Just watch and see what God does next. It will be fun

RICHARD E. LANDIN - September 27, 2019

The current two party system is destroying this Great Nation. Both parties are power hungry, and pay little attention to actually solving the major problems of this country.

Joe Dickerson - September 27, 2019

WTH……where is the justice for America concerning the Clintons, the Obummas, the Martha Stewarts, on and on? It seems to me that the conservatives (older generation, mostly) have been abandoned in lieu of the more “liberated” (mostly younger) and “let’s all do what we want” generation. We’ve been more and more “liberated” , to the point where America’s founding fathers would not recognize this country anymore.
God help us
…but then, you’d have to know Him, wouldn’t you?

William - September 27, 2019

It is completely bogus that the Republican party would let the call memo become public. What a self-owning mistake. Now everyone knows Trump’s crimes.

Kirk W. Fraser - September 27, 2019

There is no chance of impeachment if there are enough faithful Republicans in the Senate. And if not, Trump could get pardoned and reinstated by VP Pence.The big problem is anti-Christ Democrats. I hope Trump will preach Jesus’ Gospel to them.

John Kingsley - September 27, 2019

This game should be TIC FOR TAC where are our republican congressmen? No wonder approval is 15% get to work!!!

Tina holter - September 27, 2019

I disagree. I feel Trump should be impeached – not as a partisan act- but because I believe he has broken the law and has even admitted seeking help from a foreign country to help get dirt on his rival for 2020. If the Dixie Chicks was crucified for saying something about the President in a foreign country, I certainly believe the President should not be encouraging another country to dig dirt on his opponent when running a fair election. Totally disgusted with the President and his cronies who continually act above the law.

Dennis HAROLD Vereschagin - September 27, 2019

This PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP has done more for our country than any president ever, just think what and where our country could be if the dems worked with him. The dems must be voted out and Republicans MUST take the house back and keep control of the Senate. GOD B
less our great president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff MacConnell - September 27, 2019

For mahy years, conservatives of all stripes have hoped for a leader who is a BRAWLER! We finally have one as President, who takes on the Left but sadly, too many Republicans are made “uneasy”.
It would help the country immeasurably if Congressional republican would have some guts and give him more support.

proudmomoffive - September 27, 2019

The question at the end of the day is whether the can really impeach the President or if this is only another nothing burger. Looks like by what the article says, they really have no grounds whatsoever to try to impeach the President and I think they should know it. Even if the House votes on it, there is little chance the Senate would go along and that will definitely not fly with SCOTUS. Then the question arises: Why are the democrats pursuing a lost cause? And if they know it will get them nowhere, why are they even pushing it?

James Wattler - September 27, 2019

This is latest rush to judgment by means of impeachment is but one more skirmish in the battle in the war between We The People, our duly elected President, and “Them”…”Them” being identified as denizens of The Swamp.

Jeffrey Reimold - September 27, 2019

The only grounds they have for impeachment is the hate and bitterness toward a Good man who love his country and wants to give back for what this country has given him. All the hate, is because he interferred with their agenda, to make this country their own plan, for the use of the power they plan to keep, no matter what it takes. Lawful or unlawful. Control the government, and control the country. Control the country, the greatest country, and control the world. What they fail to realize is, if you change this country, built on our constitution, blessed by God. This country, Will not be the greatest country in the world, because you changed what made it great. Wake up and stop trying to be progressive, which will make us destructible and cause us to crumble within. Are you better than the GOD who blessed us with an inspired constitution.

Jenny Lopez - September 27, 2019

Donald Trump needs to get impeached. For all the wrong things he has been.

Darlene Jackson - September 27, 2019

The Impeachment strategy serves as a distraction for the upcoming exposure that Justice Ruth Ginsburg is DEAD and has been dead for a long time. Once the mock justice is uncover through fingerprints….the 2020 Presidential elections will be a total landslide for President Donald J. Trump.

Janice Moore - September 27, 2019

I wish he didn’t bring up the Biden issue. But it is not strong enough to impeach. 🙏🙏🙏 for our country.

Darlene Jackson - September 27, 2019

The Mulatto Agenda is being totally threaten by the Trump Administration and its America First agenda….According to the Mulattoes in Congress, he must be stopped immediately. For eight long years, the Obama Administration mastered the Mulatto Agenda only to be stymied by the incoming Trump Administration…The high IQ will WIN…

Cassandra Soucy - September 27, 2019

All Republicans need to stand up for President Trump and the people of this country that elected him and his policies. I’m sick of Repuclicans being such cowards. Do they not understand what will happen if we lose our President? The Democrats have gone insane. Our country is on the brink of losing its founding purpose. FREEDOM. President Trump needs to go on the offence and STOP playing defence. The Democrats are not investigating a crime. There investigating an innocent person to find a “crime” and that is not our American Justice system.

Caroline Geer - September 27, 2019

When did the House actually vote to start “impeachment inquiry”? I don’t believe they have, so all the questions that are being asked in all the committees are being asked illegally by House rules! Trump is getting close to uncovering the dirty secrets of the Clintons, so the negative pressure on him is getting hot.

Robert Odell - September 27, 2019

I have read the transcript. It seems that they have the cart before the horse. They have called for impeachment before the transcript was released. Does there not need to be a valid reason or crime committed before the House can cry to impeach? No logic because no sanity!

Elizabeth Tumlin - September 27, 2019

Evil hate filled Democrats are determined to regain power anyway possible

Ernie Durham - September 27, 2019

This is absolutely ridiculous! Trump is on the right tract and the democrats need to get a life!

John Haydt - September 28, 2019

Having read the so called whistle blower complaint and the transcript of the call, I cannot see how anyone with an ounce of sense doesn’t compare this with the antics of Clinton, Comey, McCabe et al and think “nothingburger”.

Donald Winders - September 28, 2019

Totally against impeachment of President Trump. If the Democrats tried to pull it off, then they should be recalled from office, or be reprimanded from Congress.Period! Because their actions do not justify the means.

Carol Hawes - September 28, 2019

I’m feeling disenfranchised – apparently my vote doesn’t count if I don’t vote the way democrats think I should vote. The democrats are trying to overturn an election, because It didn’t turn out the way they expected. I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’m disgusted with the Democrat party – JFK would not recognize this party.

Don Chambers - September 28, 2019

These Democrats all all above the law, time for them to step down , they have destroyed the laws of the land and our constitution! I hope Trump can drain this nasty swamp, or maybe the people, bikers, truckers, border patrol officers, and the military should drain it ….

Richard Broom - September 28, 2019

I really hope and pray that Trump is holding a trump card close to his vest and when the time is right he will whip it out and shoot down all the Democrat’s stupid charges and show the citizens of this country what fools they are. That is what I hope will happen. What I think will happen is that one or two people will get a slap on the hand and then…………nothing.

Don Chambers - September 28, 2019

These Democrats all all above the law, time for them to step down , they have destroyed the laws of the land and our constitution! I hope Trump can drain this nasty swamp, or maybe the people, bikers, truckers, border patrol officers, and the military should drain it ….*****

Don Chambers - September 28, 2019

These Democrats all are above the law, time for them to step down , they have destroyed our constitution! I hope Trump can drain this nasty swamp, or maybe the people, bikers, truckers, border patrol officers, and the military should drain it ….*****😡😡😡

William Steinmetz - September 28, 2019

I am a fourth generation Democrat who is ready for a change. What I see happening in the Congress of the United States is an attempt to ignore all reasonable sanity in dealing With this issue. It’s about time my party began to deal with the real issues that affect the American people. This Congress has totally lost perspective of the common people. Bill.

Allen Ockenhouse - September 28, 2019


Shelia - September 28, 2019

No President should be impeached for doing their job. The Dems have put their cards on the table and will push for impeachment. Maybe someone should brief the house speaker in regards to the reason why an impeachment should not be allowed to move forward, it constitutes a retalitory firing when it is becomes a political vendeta to punish the President for seeking justice against one of their own. The impeachment should be squelched for that reason alone.

Terry - September 28, 2019

It is correct that the American public should be educated. But when virtually all academia and virtually all media have been corrupted to only promote a one-sided view by redefining language, rewriting history, creating false analyses, and refusing open exchange of ideas—education becomes propagandized brainwashing. Sound familiar.

Daryce Cram - September 28, 2019

I don’t need to read the article. I think all Trump supporters should storm Washington and get all these stupid
Democrats out of office. President Trump has done a fantastic job of making America great again. If you do any traveling look at all the semis on the road. Economy best its been in years.

Deborah Uwa Sambo - September 28, 2019

We Follow Fox News- Hannity, Laura and Tucker closely; so are a bit informed about what is going on.
this looks like a last ditch attempt and smacks of desperation by the scared Dems/Nancy.
Goodluck Dems! Thanks for making it easy for the Rep/conservatives come 2020.

FREDERICK BEEHLER - September 28, 2019

populated state will have their say and we can all go fly a kite here!

Daphne Krueger - September 28, 2019

I’m told, what President Trump is charged with, is actually what Mr. Biden is guilty of. It still boils down to, they are jealous because Hillary didn’t win and they are showing such anger, which radiates to the population, causing so much hatred; they damage property and injure and murder.

Margaret Hess - September 28, 2019

We will continue to be subject to outrageous governance and attacks on our form of government until we return to the teaching of Civics and of our founding documents. We are largely ignorant and we are being ruled by those who understand power not governed by those who are guided by principles.
Time to up the donations to those who understand and respect our Constitution.

Charles Moran - September 28, 2019

Pelosi and her merry band of leftist malcontents are an embarrassment to our constitutional republic. The charges since the President has been inaugurated have been based on nothing, conspiracy of the Left and hearsay. I hope this political circus blows up in their faces for all to see and officially spell the demise of the Democrat Party for good.

safi Harnett - September 28, 2019

I understand the process–I want to know what are they accusing him of doing !!! I hear talk but have seen no list of what they are actual stating what they are using against him!! I remember the Clinton case and that went nowhere. Really tired of Congress on this subject –no other BIG valuable issues not being solved!!

michael - September 28, 2019

STOP THE WITCH HUNT ALREADY!!!! seems like the democrats love wasting tax payers money on time spent trying to find fault with the president instead of doing what they were elected for. i’m voting for trump.. again!

FREDERICK BEEHLER - September 28, 2019

The democrats can not win with their financially bankrupt ideas,so they try impeachment . Thank goodness we have the electoral collage otherwise the heavy populated states would run over the rest of us..The current democratic party does not represent the american taxpayer nor does it represent law abiding citizens.

Mike Walter - September 28, 2019

The current agitated rush to impeachment by the Democratic-controlled House is unwarranted, unjustified and wholly political. The Democrats cannot get over the fact that Donald Trump won the election instead of their assumed candidate, Hillary Clinton. Their overwhelming hatred of Trump outweighs their respect for the Constitution, the rule of law and the good of the American people. Sad. Unfortunately, their efforts won’t stop, even after Trump is reelected. As a remedy for future transgressions, every member of Congress — and every candidate for office — should be required to take and pass a (nonpartisan) course on the Constitution.

Curtis Wood - September 28, 2019

I have seen nothing remotely indicating that impeachment is appropriate. I have seen Democrats grasping at straws.

Ernesto - September 28, 2019

The leftist are the worst for the democracy and The liberty.

Karolyn Hall - September 28, 2019

This president doesn’t deserve this and the House has no reason to continue this saga. The Senate neds to take over and get it stopped. Thanks for the information.

Vince - September 28, 2019

Leftists are merely using every dirty trick they can come up with to attack Trump, to try and prevent his re-election, which they know is coming. Leftists want to attack all US citizens, but Trump currently stands in their way.

Karl Mecklenburg - September 28, 2019

When all of the facts come out then everyone who stood in solidarity with a criminal President is going to have to answer to why they took the primitive, tribal response rather than that of a mature Believer. The facts are very damning as we know them so far, so blaming Democrats and name calling, when in fact a criminal is in the White House, is embarrassing. Especially for anyone calling themselves a follower of Christ. Are you going to later make excuses why you supported him and his actions so blindly? Maybe using some excuse like “we didn’t know”? I encourage us all to be responsible. The children are watching!

Roger Davis - September 28, 2019

Apparently Bill Clinton when President signed a treaty with Ukraine in 1998 to allow Presidents to do exactly what President Trump did, Will that information get out or will the House quietly drop this issue and look for another one?

Isos - September 28, 2019

Get them Mr. President. Get all of the corrupt deep state.

Barbara - September 28, 2019

I find it very curious that before the 2016 election Hillary said if she won, Trump would not accept her win. Now the entire Dumbocrats won’t accept Trump’s win!
If they can’t win everything every time, they suck their thumbs and cry and like babies.They’re an angry mob! Surely people can see right through them.

Gary Gillespie - September 28, 2019

The Democrats have been planning to impeach Mr Trump since the 2016 election. As one Democrat opined: we must impeach him so he doesn’t win again. Should the House succeed in impeaching Trump, the American people should fully realize that this is also an attempt to disenfranchise the millions of Americans who voted for, and still believe in, his efforts to Make America Great Again, maintaining her as an exceptional, sovereign nation: his efforts, in spite of almost daily attacks, reflect his strength of purpose and love for our nation.

Paul Clancy - September 28, 2019

The Democrat party started talking impeachment two weeks after the election, two months before Trump took office. They care only about power. The corruption that Biden is suspected of in both the Ukraine and China is just the tip of the iceberg .So many politicians enter office with some what humble assets, get paid less than 200k a year and leave office with a fortune. I suspect foreign aid is a major factor. Kickbacks and bribes. After all, who is left to investigate them? The Clinton’s made almost a billion dollars from Foreigner’s money. The Chinese, Russian oligarchs etc. Trump, either wittingly or not, has exposed the US intelligence agencies as the corrupt cesspools that they’ve become and now, perhaps we’ll see the extent of career politicians graft. One can only hope and pray.

Lee - September 28, 2019

Ive been following this story. Ive read the transcript of the phone call in question, and of the ‘whistle blower’ complaint. It seems clear from both a legal and ethical stand point, that no type of crime has been committed. But, That will of course be left up to the elected officials of the House and Senate, to determine.

Anita Wallace - September 28, 2019

I havn’t heard any fact about why he should be impeached. All I hear is he should by impeached. WHY? This is quite rediculous.

Gilbert Houston - September 28, 2019

Looks to me that everybody is putting the cart in front of the horse. Speaker Pelosi is a skilled (though I think wrong headed) politician. She has corralled almost all of the people asking for articles of impeachment into a single group and asked them to investigate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this drag on for months without any conclusion. NOTHING can happen about impeachment UNTIL the ENTIRE HOUSE VOTES TO DO IT ! Having all the “weird” Dems in one group allows her to ride herd on them and keeps the pot boiling without any damage to her or even the Democratic party. If, as I believe, there is no basis for high crimes and misdemeanors there will never be a positive vote. Even if they cook something up there will likely be a severe backlash by the electorate and after the 2019/2020 elections they may even lose the house, certainly their super majority. Note that Justice RBG is getting older and appears to be getting more frail as the months go by. If she has to resign or dies there will be another conservative justice and a heavily right leaning Supreme Court. A Horrific nightmare for the progressives calling themselves Democrats!

Bob Nelms - September 28, 2019

The Democrats have sold out to the One World Government conspiracy to open all borders, bankrupt all nations, sow discord, reduce world population, disarm us, deindustrialize us, return world to the feudal state. Read “in the Shadows “ by Bob NELMS. Some Republican RINOs have also sold out, like Romney, Murkowsky, Snowe.

D Heiman - September 28, 2019

They must have compelling evidence. So far the transcript seems to not have that.

Scott Chase - September 28, 2019

I fully disagree with Speaker Pelosi. Just because she doesn’t like President Trump, does NOT give cause to Impeach him. She needs to reread the Constitution!

I can’t contribute – am on a very fixed income. I would like to!

Sam - September 28, 2019

Couldn’t open the link. I am totally against the impeachment.

Andrea Zug - September 28, 2019

The Pot calling the Kettle black comes to mind. No one should be impeached because he opposing party hates them, that is the scenario in this case. The whistleblower knows nothing personally, he is relating the feelings of others. Since when is hearsay a basis for impeachment?
If this becomes the basis then why wasn’t Joe Biden removed from office, he did much worse in Ukraine.

Thomas Law - September 28, 2019

The President just wanted to help the country. Trump ran for President because Trump cared for this country and her people. What the Democrats are doing to our President is disgusting and unnerving. Why not let President Donald Trump just do his job and the Liberals do theirs by bipartisan compromise. I am sick and tired of the Democratic House not doing their jobs the American people has elected them to do.
I believe Trump is not guilty of abuse of power like the Democrats are alleging.

Linann K Knodel-Duren - September 28, 2019

I am so TIRED of these people, duly elected, WASTING TAXPAYERS MONIES AND TIME on OVER THREE YEARS OF DISGRUNTLED BEHAVIOR INSTEAD OF WORKING FOR the Citizens of Our UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!! WHEN will those who voted these people in LEARN, and elect more rational individuals???
Just look at all the POSITIVES our President Trump has generated WITHOUT their SUPPORT! Lowered taxes, improved national security, HIGH EMPLOYMENT RATES, lowering dependency on the “dole”, high stock market rates. Imagine what could be accomplished WITHOUT ALL THIS DISTRUPTION AND HATE!
Praying to God… STILL.

Stan Wickman - September 28, 2019

Although I voted for Trump, when he made a point of contention out of a few remote, insignificant words in the remarks of the London’s Lord Mayor, I left the Trump camp and came to believe he should be removed from office before he did greater damage to the reputation of the USA. In my opinion, Trump is a wheeler-dealer. He sees markets in which, after his presidency, he might flourish. He had, or has business in Russia. He sees opportunity in North Korea. (I learned recently that he may have interests in Saudi Arabia.) In my mind, his defense of the characters of Putin and Un in spite of the fact that the US has seen the countries they lead as hostile to our interests is preparation for expanding Trump interests in those countries after his term in office. To me, Trump seems so poorly educated as to believe he was elected president of a Trump Corporation rather than of the government of the USA. I believe Trump should have been removed from the office some time ago. I believe he should be prohibited from transacting any business with or in North Korea or Russia or any other state whose interests are anathema.

Si Q. Phan - September 28, 2019

Where is the Republican Senatorial Majority and are they hanging on to waiting for an opportunity to get Trump, too??????????

Philip Kriser - September 28, 2019

The Witch is on the hunt. The Demoncrats know they cannot defeat Trump in 2020 so they are trying to get rid of him by another route. And they will not stop until we vote them all out of office. We the People are going to have to open up our pocketbooks and contribute to every request from every Republican candidate running anywhere in the US at any and all levels. I live on SSI but I will give $5 or more to every request I receive from today forward. I invite all Red, White and Blue Blooded Patriot Americans to do the same. It takes money to win elections. 60 million voters giving $5 will put $300 million dollars in someones war chest. Let’s do this American Patriots. WE MUST DO THIS!
Philip Kriser, Sacramento, CA
p.s. Tell the Senate to refuse to hear, hold court or even acknowledge the impeachment. The constitution does not require them to do so. It is up to them.

steve - September 28, 2019

There is a distinct possibility if it comes to a vote in the House we may have the most accurate indication to date of the potential results of the 2020 election. Democrats in mixed districts may not want to hang this act against the President around their necks. It is doubtful that Pelosi will put it to a vote unless she can be sure they have enough votes to win

Harry Frisch - September 28, 2019

The far left have been working ruthlessly, mostly covertly – but lately more and more overtly – for decades to destroy the last bastion that gives hope for an eventual planet of free men – working to destroy our constitutional republic.

I have observed that we are often a bit confused and careless in the perception of and description of who are our REAL enemies.

It would behoove us all to take a closer look -to reorient ourselves as to who is the REAL enemy !!

I have come to see It is a mistake to regard “The Democrats” or “The Liberals” (think of “Libertarians” when you think “Liberals” – you may be quite surprised when you look up the definition of the word “Liberal”) as “the enemy”. Most of them are very much like most of the Republicans and Independents – decent, spiritually oriented people with good will toward their fellow men.

The real enemy is the extremist! Both left and right. The extreme leftists – who are self-absorbed, ruthless subversives who see almost everyone as their enemy – an enemy who need to be subdued and then ruled over. As well as the extreme rightists – who are basically motivated by similar, irrational hatred.
These extremists are all retched, godless souls who have lost their way — and as godless souls have lost their sense of goodness and sense of conscience. Hatred is their stock and trade and they promote it at every opportunity.

On an immediate basis we need to get the fires put out that the extremists have ignited – do everything we can to expose the lies and evil misrepresentations fostered by the extremists – by all the extremists: those in office, those in the media, and those “behind the curtain” – the puppet masters who run these minions.

In the brilliant words of a very wise man: “When the criminal makes an accusation, you can be certain that he, himself has committed that crime.”

Let us get our brave leaders to get these real criminals investigated and exposed and brought to justice for their real crimes.

We need to keep supporting Trump and all of our other decent, dedicated, courageous leaders who display brilliance and foresight, who are primarily motivated by a sense of duty to serve their fellow citizens – for the greater good – as contrasted to the despicable, degraded creatures who have gotten into positions of power in order to serve themselves, at whatever cost to all others.

It will take eternal vigilance to expose and bring to justice the true criminals – the extremists, including their “behind the curtain”, masterminds, and their criminal media minions.

And in the longer run, if there is to be a bright future, we need to move with urgency and efficiency to take back control of our educational system – pre-school thru graduate school –take it back from the ruthless, extremist, control – into whose hands we have somehow allowed it to fall – in whose twisted hands our children have been getting indoctrinated into a tainted, godless, degraded view of life and a warped view of history – no longer understanding the very real threat of tyranny, the need for eternal vigilance against tyranny – that our founders understood and tried to protect us from by forging the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Its in our hands and we WILL do it.

Camille Tindall - September 28, 2019

This is not the same Democratic Party that we had when President Kennedy was President. What happened to a peaceful power of transition from President to President. I think that has become a thing of the past. Not only are the democrats being hateful but also some of the republicans. I won’t mention names but there is one from Utah. It’s time for term limits on congress and senators. No more getting rich in a government job. We need all conservatives to become involved and vote people in that will do the will of the people. We need to contact our friends from other states to vote for the best candidate in 2020. We need to volunteer and help get the truth out there. I think all career politicians should go. One party is crying hate and the other party has no backbone because they don’t want to lose their jobs. There needs to be a new party, with strong people that will uphold the constitution but also understand it. We new a “New American Party” and we need it soon, or we will all suffer the consequences of these lies and political bickering and nothing is getting done to help us, the people of The United States of America, whom all these politicians work for. It’s time to say “you’re fired” and do all we can to get strong American patriots, not politicians into office. Look in your states and find these people and support them with whatever means you have.

Edward Jensen - September 28, 2019

I appreciate your messages I get on my email.I wish more people would look at what the heritage foundation has to say about issues.With so much propaganda in our main stream media it is good that there are still avenues to get the conservative point of view to the public.

ROGER REINER - September 28, 2019

This is just another ridiculous waste of resources. Rather than de-polarize and work together to fix a few things, they only make things worse instead. Even if the House votes to impeach, it is highly unlikely that the Senate would approve and therefore it is all a waste of time and resources, unless they think that such a temporary derailment will prevent Presidential success in the meantime. That may happen, but the entire debacle is likely as not to backfire.

Impeachment will likely consolidate conservatives in such a fashion that the silent majority will re-elect the President de ja vu. Don’t we all just long for the days when everyone had the country’s best wishes at heart, even if from different paths? Now instead we have conservatives trying to repair our wounded nation and honor the
God-given constitution while the opposition could care less if they destroy the nation just because they want their childish ways instead. How do we make them understand? It is simply crazy!

All we can do is pray for the President and pray for our nation to come out on the other side in a functional state of wellness. The founding fathers must all be rolling in their graves by now. The democrats have forgotten what they are all about, and they are truly lost.

President Trump’s predecessor gave us many more reasons to be impeached, but we waited him out instead. The vote came and as usual the pendulum finally swung. Despite the onslaught, President Trump has far exceeded my expectations and proven time and again that he is good for our nation and the world. What an unexpected welcome treat! Pray for him, his family, and our nation to heal and go forward for the benefit of all future generations.


David Bella - September 28, 2019

It looks more like an inquisition than a serious congressional proceeding. The President has done nothing deserving of any kind of legal action. They are acting politically to tar President Trump in hopes that he won’t be able to win a second term. They should be the ones impeached!

Madge Johnson - September 28, 2019

I don’t understand so much hate for our God sent President , the hate is pass evil , the left say they love God and still hate, it’s from hell,
Our President has been open about everything, the left needs to get over it .

sclaus - September 28, 2019

Nothing wrong with impeaching him.
If he’s innocent of dealing with America’s enemies (besides grabbing women’s pussies) he’ll prove it. But first he has to give the American people his side of the story instead of trying to hide it.

Nigel Village - September 28, 2019

Trump for 2020 ! 🙂

john - September 28, 2019

I BELIEVE NANCY PELOSI IS THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE IMPEACHED. NOT TRUMP. To scream impeache at everything trump does just because they lost the election is insane. what happened to bipartisanship?
scooterdog mpls , minn.

dick bentley - September 28, 2019

The heritage foundation has no integrity.
They should present both sides of the story.

JON Oman - September 28, 2019

That the espoused inquiry is no different than the multiple investigations by committees of the house over the last two or three years not to mention the Mueller report.

Diana - September 28, 2019

The Democrat’s agenda is:
Dump Trump
Ruin the country!
When will they stop harassing Trump and start doing their jobs?

Blea - September 28, 2019

Dems have NO INTENTION to follow the constitution…they set up the latest sham all for political theater…
I am 72 and my public school education wasn’t INDOCTRINATION BY LEFTIES…we need to correct the education system AND the press because they all sound like Pravda to me!

Thomas Willoughby - September 28, 2019

Republicans start your own inquiries. There is enough wrong doing by Democrats to impeach every one of them. This is ridiculous.

Michael Clemens - September 28, 2019

This isn’t about any wrong doing by the President. It’s about ruining his reputation and not allowing him to accomplish anything good for America. For that reason, the democrat House of Reps. will never stop investigating Trump.

laura mccoy - September 28, 2019

That is all well and good however, can we trust ALL Republican Senators not to impeach? We already have Romney who is quite a big ? And a never Trumpet. How many more?

Kenneth Young - September 28, 2019

This is just one more attempt to remove a duly elected president AND invalidate the votes of all citizens who voted for that president. The democrats in Congress continue to grandstand for the media. They waste time, dollars and so many chances t enact meaningful legislation to improve our AMERICAN lives. They should be concentrating on reducing the budget, spending and needless duplication in government departments!

Donald Moosman - September 28, 2019

I’m a God Fearing American. And I believe in Justice for all. I don’t see this for President Trump. Do You?

Jeffrey Bedoll - September 28, 2019

Yes, the Democratic Party is quite a lame duck. As though they have nothing better to do than float in a murky pond and yak, yak, yak. If Trump does get another four years, and I hope he does, what are the democrats likely to do other than waste another four years on frivolous and plain, stupid, ideology.

John L Guess - September 28, 2019

I am praying that this little ploy will tremendously backfire on the left [swamp rats] causing them to become disgusting to the electorate of America so that all who voted for the articles of impeachment lose their seats in the 2020 election.

(in war, everyone would like to shoot the opposition’s general. The swamp rats are losing the war, so they are trying to shoot the greatest political general America may have ever had.)

Randall levangie - September 28, 2019

This is perfect, shift the focus from the 50k a month that Hunter Biden was getting and why and how he was getting, to Trump and his conversation with Ukrainian president

Joyce Johnson - September 28, 2019

The truth of the matter, there is NO evidence That the President has done anything that is perceived
as an impeachable offensive….
The Democrats are trying to destroy our Country from within …..It is time a STOP is put to all of this
nonsense! And for Goodness sake , this Great- Grandmother can NOT understand how the “ four “ in Congress are still there ! They are the ones that should be TERMINATED from their positions..,. In fact ALL of Congress have done nothing for the Security of our Country ! Flush them out, so the President can finish what he began….. Cleaning the Swamp in DC !

Dennis B Anderson - September 28, 2019

Do something besides bash Trump. You Dims have worn this out.

Stephen Betros - September 28, 2019

The Dems are just lacking any intelligence or basic common sense.
I would just like someone to come forward and ask the Dems one basic question.
Do you believe in Capitalism and if not what do you call that you do believe in and why do you take a salary and accumulate wealth.

Anne Reynolds - September 28, 2019

It is obvious that dems hate Trump more than they love America and I pray all America will remember all the tax money these people have wasted to destroy a man elected by the people! There revenge against this man is more important than serving those who elected them, when we are living in such chaos created by the democrats!! Vote rebulican in 2020!!! Let’s take our country back!!

Gayle Y Carmello - September 28, 2019

The House of Representatives has devolved into a partisan circus. This impeachment ploy has no merit. No high crimes or misdemeanors have been committed by President Trump.
Can a former VP be impeached for same, because Biden did commit those crimes.

Susan M - September 28, 2019

When reading the conversation transctipt, it is apparent (to the informed) that the references are to the already-past 2016 election. Dems cannot get over the fact that they lost, even while using devious means, like Crowdstrike, a Russian-owned and developed business. The Dems, DNC, and Clintons are the ones who did the actual collusion with Russia AND corrupt Ukrainian officials. And the reference to Bidens was about the investigation that was started before Trump became President. It was Joe Biden, as Obama VP, that threatened to withhold a billion dollars in military aid, if the Ukrainian Prosecutor was not fired, and called off the trail of his son. Joe BRAGGED about that, and the power he had.

Dems are depending on the American people to be so ignorant and apathetic, that none of the truth will even matter. Dems became insanely obsessed with getting President Trump out, by any means possible, because “we can’t let him get re-elected,” (quotes by Pelosi and Green), as he kept getting closer and closer to the truth about what the Dems were actually up to, as he pledged to drain the swamp creatures from their stranglehold on the people.

Dems have been accusing President Trump of what THEY THEMSELVES are actually doing. They deflect, blame, convolute, and outright lie, to protect their Agenda, America and our citizens be damned. The Statists, Elitists, Globalists, etc, are all a part of this cabal.

Waken, people, as an injured, cornered animal becomes very dangerous. You may find additional persons are suddenly ‘suicided’ or become fatal victims of ‘robbery,’ with nothing stolen. Dozens of bodies are already adding up, associated with high-profile individuals. They will stop at nothing, to achieve their Agenda, and, as Pelosi stated, “sometimes, a little collateral damage is necessary.” WE AMERICANS are her collateral damage.

Donna - September 28, 2019

I’m sick of the games the dems are playing to remove Trump. They haven’t passed one positive bill to improve life for Americans. They are fighting his every request and it’s amazing all that he has accomplished despite their hatred of him. I wish we could put all the dems out to pasture (without bennies) and start working toward all the goals Pres. Trump has promised.

E. George - September 28, 2019


Bob Stevens - September 28, 2019

no grounds for impeachment!

Nancy Bradshaw - September 28, 2019

Why aren’t Nancy Pelosi and her partners being impeached ?
Has the leaders of our country become so weak spiritually they can’t see or deal with evil.
This is more of a spiritual battle that is playing out in the natural .
I don’t believe that there is no one in Washington D.C. that doesn’t know or realize that we as the people are watching our nation fall under the power of communism
which has always put government over people instead of people over government.
But when a nation allows sin to rule it dies and our nation is dying because of sin and no repentance and the leaders of our churches is to blame because of all the false doctrines and traditions they have adopted and taught the people. The church was supposed to stand in the gap and it has become as corrupt as the world.
Is it that Nancy Pelosi wants to sit in the President’s seat , could this be the reason for impeachment?
It should seem to me that our agenda as the people of this country that we should HUMBLE ourselves before the KING OF THE UNIVERSE and ASK HIS FORGIVENESS and BEG FOR MERCY like NINEVEH did .

Sharon - September 28, 2019

Get Agressive Republicans! Where are your subpoenas? Counter their moves with the law and investigations. Hold the Left legally accountable for their corrupt actions, expose them. Unless we do they will continue, unbridled. Why do we let them destroy our country and hurt our people for their corrupt pursuit of power and money?

Mrs Dorothy - September 28, 2019


Nina Hostetler - September 28, 2019

I think there are more high crimes and misdemeanors on their side than ours, and I think they are wasting our time and resources – they don’t have a case.

Larry - September 28, 2019

Everything I have read on this suggests Pelosi doesn’t really want an impeachment to go forward. However , she is between a rock and a hard place, and so is walking a thin line between satisfying the rabid nuts on her side , while still appearing to be leading a serious inquiry into whether there’s really any there there, to , one , appease the 40 or so democrats who won in red districts carried by President Trump who don’t want to be on the record voting for a formal inquiry , and two, keeping this in the media spotlight as a way to harass the president , without really doing anything. A formal impeachment inquiry requires a vote . As long as she does not bring it to the House floor for a vote , she can call it anything she wants , but it isn’t binding. This will keep the uninformed satisfied , and they can proclaim it to be underway. She can take formal control of the committee’s who would be in charge of advancing a formal inquiry, generate breathless headlines about “investigations “ , while not really letting those committees advance any serious inquiries. She wins both ways.

Mr.Ellis Avrum Cohen - September 28, 2019

Many Americans are confused and disturbed by all the “hatred” coming from both the U.S. Congress and various media people. Thus, as an Independent, on behalf of many others who asked me to comment, we call for a new bi-partisan committee to be formed of both moderate right and left congressional members to be joined by a number of lay people to hold a week long public discussion to bring “ calm” back to the United States of America. Will The Heritage Foundation bond with a Left Group and act as sponsors? C-Span and/or PBS can air this important discussion. AMERICA must get a grip to once again stand for greatness and leadership in the world.

Dan Oldham - September 28, 2019

Seems like payback for what the GOP did to President Clinton. It all balances out in our great Republic in the long run. Funny, I have been thinking more about whom will follow President Trump in 2024.

Dollie - September 28, 2019

The statement above seems to be very vague about exactly what “misconduct” means and is worthy of impeachment. Isn’t there a clear definition of what is and is not impeachable behavior? Just what exactly is/are the “English Common Law” definition/s? A recent quote of our President “There aren’t after me, they’re after you. I’m just in there way.”

Deborah - September 28, 2019

This is outrageous and is unfounded. Just another witch hunt. He has done more for America than any other president. They cant beat him in an election so now trying to impeach him for doing his job. Trump 2020

Angela - September 28, 2019

so very tried of the left working to destroy America and it’s values of life. So bad they will kill babies at birth, they are doing this legally to seniors. The democrats must be held accountable for their actions. they sound like Hitler taking away guns to place them in gas chambers. History will repeat itself if they are not stopped. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Paul Horn - September 28, 2019

We support the president. We’re so tired of the Dems and media creating un-factual schemes in order to disrupt the president’s agenda. Even the current impeachment actions demean the very purpose of the use of impeachment. We are also tired of the extreme lack of action in addressing important issues to American in the House!

Georgina Maria Marty - September 28, 2019

This should be required reading in all of the highs schools and universities in the USA! Very informative and very different from what we hear on the major news networks and what we hear coming out of the Democrats on the hill!

C. Spencer van Gulick - September 28, 2019

When I heard Mr. Trump’s aim to “drain the swamp,” I thought, “Good luck!” Thanks to our bureaucracy, “the swamp” pits an endless reservoir against its singlular adversary. Mr. Trump seems almost alone, steadfast but exhaustible, needing reinforcements. If he loses, we lose—America exits history. At least the “swamp” is unmasked now, the threats are visible, the knives are out, the consequences predictably disasterous. God forgive and help us! Raise us up!

Greg R Smith - September 28, 2019

This is just plain wrong. We have full knowledge and actual facts of several Dem’s who should be under arrest for treason. Start with Clinton, move to Biden, and most likely even Obama. Where is Trump you ask, well all he has done is try to make things better, no wrong doing here. How about it Republicans, get off your backside and act in a responsible way and do the right thing!

bruce - September 28, 2019

“The Sedition Act: Certain Crimes Against the United States. It is impossible to conceal from ourselves or the world what has been before observed, that endeavors have been employed to foster and establish a division between the Government and people of the United States.” The House Democrats have clearly shown the are GUILTY and DISGUSTING!!!

The Sedition Act: Certain Crimes Against the United States ……

Josephus Knippenberg - September 28, 2019

High crimes and misdemeanors are in the eyes of the beholders and have nothing to do with justice. It is pure politics. If there ever was a clause in our Constitution that should be removed, one has to look no farther.

Tom Lalko - September 28, 2019

This comes as no surprise at all. The Democrats, NeverTrump Republicans and the complicit media have been looking for excuses to do this since the President took office, even before that. Does it have any merit? Not only no, but HELL NO, and I hope the Dems will pay the price eventually.

Albert Flores - September 28, 2019

The leftist Democraps are so enraged not only because they lost 2016, but mainly because The President keeps getting things done for the country without the help of Congress.

mary moss - September 28, 2019

I’m not for impeachment!! This is just another tool the Dems. are trying to use!!

Mike - September 28, 2019

The democrats have been attempting a coup d’état since President Trump took office! They are the ones guilty of subversion, treason and abuse of power.

Monika - September 28, 2019

First, thank you Heritage for your reporting. You are like a breath of fresh air in these stifling times.
It seems that Mrs Pelosi caved ( let’s look at impeachment ) to pressure (monetary, blackmail?) for some weird reason. Personally I don’t think this has anything to do with our president, but with an agenda. The president is only a convenient target b/c he stands for conservative values.
I am very sad that politics in this country has become nothing more than a circus performance where the loudest yeller (truth matters not) is the one we listen to.
We Christians in the audience need to seriously seek God before it is too late!

Michael Hinojosa - September 28, 2019

Our government is so out of control. Democrats want people to believe that everything they say is true. Unfortunately, those who follow this ideology are everywhere. Too bad they fail to see and understand the propaganda being presented by the Dems.

John C Quigley II - September 28, 2019

Hillsdale College has a wonderful and free class on the Constitution on their website. I recommend that anyone and everyone should take that course.
This House of Representatives seems to think that they can impeach this President just because he is not Hillary Clinton who really, they think, won the election in 2016.
Balderdash, this is nothing but political grandstanding and if there are enough people in our nation who know the truth of the Constitution then there will never be articles of impeachment against this President.

Stephen Manson - September 28, 2019

The house democrats have so embroiled the president in controversy that they hope it carries over to the next presidential election. What they have done is like a blind man shooting a gun hoping to hit an intruder even though there may not be one there.

Ken Walters - September 28, 2019

Nancy Pelosi pressures the House to indict
PRESIDENT TRUMP ON CHARGES OF CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION?! Hypocrite! She and her nescient cronies continue to turn congress into a circus while taking America to the brink of disaster

Constantino Torinese - September 28, 2019

We need to find a way to get these Dums out of office, is there a way to impeach them?

Jack Gibbs - September 28, 2019

The move to impeach President Trump is a disgrace to us all by the Democrats. Lord, help us, and God keep Trump.

RICK A. LITTLE - September 28, 2019

I’m ready to march on Washington. Enough is enough ! Where are the republicans to stand up against these Democrats? Adam Schiff should have been stopped in his opening speech . Where are hearings about the corrupted Kavanaugh allegations? Stand America and VOTE.

Conrad Massa - September 28, 2019

I am 91 years old and did learn American history. The House should first vote to hold a formal inquiry into whether Articles of Impeachment should be drawn up. If YES they are drawn up and then voted yes or no by the entire House. if the vote on the specific Articles is NO the matter is dropped.

rob rodman - September 28, 2019

this is the democrats third attempt to impeach a duly elected President. the democrats are making a mockery of the true intent of impeachment.

Valerie Reynolds - September 28, 2019

Since the democrat’s have no candidate that can beat Trump in the next election, they are trying anything they can to defeat him. They have attacked him since he took office on any grounds their evil brains can conjure up. He is a good man and they just can’t handle it.

Gary wILLIAMS - September 28, 2019

I UNDERSTAND THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS. Nothing is going to happen except to keep this in front of the voters thru 2020 election. This is a just a fund raising tactic plain and simple. To paraphrase Joshua 24:15, I have 5 members of my household who will serve Trump (and the lord)

Mike Early - September 28, 2019

Trump’s election is a major shift in American political posture. He is clearly not a politician, which is a quality upon which his base places high value. Trump has literally dazzled Americans by quickly putting in place a steadfast conservative agenda that has propelled economic prosperity unseen since Reagan while at the same time implementing religious freedom, immigration security, and honest foreign policy all designed to stop the erosion of America’s world leadership responsibility. Trump’s stunning advances with his conservative, Make America Great, philosophy is a major breakthrough for the U. S. A. and for the entire world. But no one should be surprised that the left (which includes the liberal ruling class, major media, the bulk of the entertainment industry, and the entire public education system) will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to remove Trump before he sustains so much prosperity, that only a fool would ever vote for a liberal again. The left knows their entire world of influence is at stake, their very livelihood, which is predicated on the opposite of American prosperity. So, we Americans are at a crossroad where we either stand up recognizing what’s at stake and do like our fore fathers did sacrificing whatever is necessary to preserve our foundation of goodness and well earned prosperity, or let it go because we don’t recognize what we are losing. Now is the time to understand and stand up. Should the left (which obviously includes many pseudo conservatives) win this battle, true American greatness which leads the world in goodness and prosperity will be gone.

Mr. Bear & Abigail Adams - September 28, 2019

What do we think about impeachment? RIDICULOUS! We don’t care what new “scandal” the DNC/Media Machine comes up with, WE SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP & WILL BE VOTING FOR HIM IN 2020!!!!!! It’s not just the DNC, but plenty of lily-livered, sell out republicans, also!!

David Donley - September 28, 2019

Biden is caught on video tape bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for looking into his son’s business activities in that country. In a public forum Biden was bragging of how he was in the Ukraine on official government business in his capacity as Vice President and threatened the Ukrainian President he would withhold U.S. foreign aid if he didn’t “fire” the prosecutor, which the Ukrainian President did. Wouldn’t President Trump be guilty of collusion if he heard that broadcast or knew of Biden’s extortion of a foreign President
and did nothing? DemocRATs constantly prove the proverb, “he who points a finger has three pointing back.” What we should all be asking is how it is that despite alll the established evidence that has demonstrated the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Peter Struck, Comey, Lisa Page,… so many others did Violate their oaths, the law, Constitution, to use the power of government to undermine a National election to enact their own biased personal agenda?

Judy - September 28, 2019

I always thought that the purpose of the House and the Senate was to better the life of the American people and to tackle problems in our country, not to spend their time and energy on impeachment.

tim m. - September 28, 2019

The left is grasping at another straw even though they want to ban straws. Just a political tactic that they’ll try to stretch out until the election so they can ask american voters… “why would you vote for a president who is under impeachment proceedings”. Today’s democrat party is despicable.

Ken - September 28, 2019

I think President Trump is doing the best he can to live up to his campaign promises, against all the trouble he’s faced at every turn by the Democrats. The Democratic Party has turned itself into a circus, and it appalls me by what they are trying to do by impeaching our President, just because they don’t like him. He is the first President in quite some time, to put America and it’s citizens FIRST!

Ken Cammenga - September 28, 2019

The People elected Donald Trump. The House Democrats are thumbing their noses at the People’s choice for President. The Democrats are unwilling to wait for the next election. It’s an American tragedy that is being played out before our eyes. Shame on the Democrats.

Don - September 28, 2019

This farce is a blatant miscarriage of justice. Impeachment hearings based on hearsay from someone spying in the Whiteholuse? And the hearsay is completely bogus, accusations of violations committed that are totally false.
Mitch McConnell needs to get his head out, too. He doesn’t have to hold a trial, yet he says that Trump, if impeached by the crooked, lying House democrats, will go to trial in the Senate? On “trumped up” charges.
This is insane- and Stalinist.

Mr. M - September 28, 2019

The House needs to be held for Treason!

Lee D. Anders - September 28, 2019

Impeachment inquiry

Saturday, September 28, 2019
7:34 AM

Would the Biden corruption in Ukraine and China have been given
as much attention otherwise? The mainstream media cannot ignore the
reporting of this now. Won’t the “whistleblower” have to, at some point,
reveal the sources for the accusations against President Trump? Will these
sources be as reticent as the sources for Christine Blasey-Ford accusation
about Judge Kavanaugh? President Trump knows this is food for the self-
consuming hatred of the Left. He could be fattening up the Demorates for
the kill.

Paul Hammer - September 28, 2019

Where are the Senate Republicans? The Obama administration officials who ran the coup, the Clinton crime family, the Democrat connection to foreign powers and much more needs to be investigated. Trump is the guy who turned on the lights in the kitchen and the cockroaches scattered. Democrat party stands for decay decline degeneration dependency defeatism deceit depravity dechristionization Detroit and destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Sandra Phinney - September 28, 2019

I fear for our country being torn apart by persons who want to destroy our Constitution, rule of law, for power over the world. The younger generations have not been taught history of how we have managed to survive 200 years since our independence was declared, and what a hard fight that has been. May God have mercy, and protect our Republic.

Dary Lewis - September 28, 2019

The left has tried everything to get rid of Trump even before he was elected. It’s plain to me that this is another one of their efforts to do so. It’s my opinion that they would do well to govern instead of wasting time and our dollars on another witch hunt. Trump 2020!!

Deann Turner - September 28, 2019

Don’t the Dems know any attempt to knock down this President is only lifting him up in the eyes of the people. Keep up the good work Dems, you are helping him get re-elected. After the election Trump should get rid of all that he can. And the whistleblower and all associated with it should be sent to prison because of high treason.

Nona Iobe - September 28, 2019

Does anyone remember how, back in 2016, Hillary said she would concede a loss and Trump did not say. The Dems thought that was awful. This is polite concession? It has been torment of one kind or the other since day 1.

Robert H - September 28, 2019

This is just too convenient. First it’s Russian collusion, then the Kavanaugh debacle, and now this from a second hand source. The script of the whistleblower’s allegation is just too perfect for me not to wonder who really wrote this. If this doesn’t work, what’s next?

Horace Bowers - September 28, 2019

Mitch, like with Garland, could choose to let the Dems impeachment bill due by not presenting it to the Senate.

Rick - September 28, 2019

Democrats are accusing Trump for doing what they already did. Hillary hired a Russian agent and had Ukraine working for her as well in 2016 to try and influence the election! That is a fact! Joe Biden threatened withholding $1 billion dollars in US aid money to Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating the Ukraine gas company that his son was getting paid $50,000 a month for a position he wasn’t qualified for. Joe Biden also got China to invest $1.5 billion dollars in an investment firm that his son was a part of as well. All documented. Trump did nothing wrong and they want to go on the word of a liberal spy who is reporting as a 3rd person on what he thinks was said on Trump’s call to Ukraine!

Jim - September 28, 2019

Adam Schiff is the one who S/B investigated. Jus another Democrat maneuver to take down Trump. Democrats are a party of tax and spend. Their party represents an organization of efficiency and no productivity.

Roger Mussell - September 28, 2019

Dems are out if common sense. Republicans do not investigate Democratic actions. . No moral outrage from common folk. Can no longer trust newspapers to present both sides of the story. People must educate themselves to look past all the false and miss leading news stories.

Linda Auvenshine - September 28, 2019

This is a sign of the times to come…the president needs to pray and seek God’s help along with other true believers…Franklin Graham…And many others.. who love this country and want the truth to win … we need a national prayer for the president campaign…please do not ignore this… to God be the Glory!!

John Cole - September 28, 2019

Congressman Nadler has known Trump for years prior to his presidency as both are from New York City. I suspect some personal motive for his continuing attempts to uncover dirt on the President. Additionally, American citizens should be skeptical of Congressman Schiffs’ credibility with respect to his motives. Time and time again, he has said things that simply aren’t true when compared to simple facts. He always says he has solid proof only for the American public to find out later that he never had proof. He is simply keeping himself before the cameras. He believes he is making a name for himself as the Defender of Freedom” when, in fact, he is seen for exactly what he is, a self-important individual who believes that if he continues to accuse the President of wrongdoing, something eventually stick to the wall. Reasonable individuals in the House of Representatives are trying to pass bills to resolve the current problems facing this country. Mr Nadler and Mr Schiff are doing all of us a disservice by keeping Congress from letting those bills move forward.

Victoria Brooks - September 28, 2019

If Trump deserves impeachment, then do it. If not, then the Dems need to stay silent about it and do what they were hired to do. I am tired of all the false alarms.

sandi weber - September 28, 2019

This is the most incredible thing we have ever heard. the Democrats have lost it, and hopefully, the House too come election time.

Marcella F Forton - September 28, 2019

My politics are based on the question, What would Jesus do? I find that many Democrats are willing, even eager, to support abortion, and euthanasia. Forty years ago abortion rights were itemized in the Democratic platform, so I personally will never trust any Democrat.
I support President Trump and usually agree him.

Cel Andelin - September 28, 2019

It is disgusting that this is even considered. The House has done nothing but waste the taxpayers money – billions of dollars down the drain!!

sandi weber - September 28, 2019

This is the most incredible thing we have ever heard. the Democrats have lost it, and hopefully, the House too come election time. The Republicans need to step up and take care of business.
They should not let Trump be a Star Quarterback with no defense which is what we have now.

Jim Baisden - September 28, 2019

The swamp stinks more every day! Wake up America our great country is in peril! Drain the stinking swamp!

MK - September 28, 2019

Listen to Mark Levin on 09/20/2019 where he explains WHY Trump encouraged Ukraine to reopen their investigation, it’ll make your mind boggle! Biden used $1B extortion to get the Ukrainian Attorney General fired (who was investigating his son’s company) and Biden admits to that on video!
“On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden obstructed justice by interfering with a Ukranian government investigation into his son’s business dealings and threatened to withhold foreign aid if the prosecutor wasn’t fired. The Wall Street Journal is still pushing the pseudo-event that the media has been pushing this week. The claim is that President Trump had a conversation with the Ukranian government about investigating potential wrongdoings by former Vice President Biden’s son Hunter and his involvement with a Ukranian gas company. Biden, of course, forced the hands of the Ukrainians to fire the Ukranian state prosecutor that was investigating a money trail that led to Hunter Biden.”

John Edwards - September 28, 2019

Interesting that Politics overpowers “Good Sense”. The fact that our legislators don’t know what impeachment covers shows a high level of ignorance . We know need to change our government so knowledgable people can do their jobs.

Don Goodrich - September 28, 2019

very informative, thanks for posting this for us

Jack - September 28, 2019

The Democratic party has been in Total self Destruct mode since President Trump took office. They refuse to work w/him,and continue w/false allegations against him. Also this Country was founded as a Constitutional Republic and is still a Constitutional Republic..

Wes - September 28, 2019

Aren’t the Democrats colluding to perform a coup of the administration and even conservative members of the Supreme Court? Isn’t such a coup attempt an act of treason?
Also, why don’t the Republicans file charges against those who actually committed the crimes which they accuse the Republicans of committing?
Republicans always let us down…

Mark Yonge - September 28, 2019

Pelosi and Shifty Schiff are a disgrace to our country! My guess is that any “Patriotic” Democrat shares the same disgust or disappointment in their actions. Schiff’s lying to Congress is all about playing the MSM. Sad when This President has done more good for our Country every day he has been in office. I pray that this impeachment effort ends in a total disgrace of the Democratic Party.

John Frost - September 28, 2019

I am so disgusted the Left and their false accusations. Adam Schiff should be impeached for how he lied at the hearing. This nothing but corrupt government officials/the Left trying to take over control of our government. President Trump is so correct when he says we need to drain the swamp.

Karin - September 28, 2019

I have lived through 2 prior impeachments. Nixon and Clinton. So i know about them. I also know that this is NOT impeachment, it is CYA for the Dems to fog up the ongoing investigation against them.
Strange that they have accused OUR PRESIDENT of what they are being investigated for???

C Lambert - September 28, 2019

The people who are in power in congress just cannot do the job they were elected to do. The democrats cannot move on because they lost the race ( it is appalling the way they are acting, like little children, it is a circus only a fool would vote for a Democrate) and the republicans do nothing. The only one who speaks out is Lindsey Graham. The democrates only want power, the perks, and the votes, they don’t care about this country. They should be tackling the budget and doing what they were hired to do.We need to set a definite retirement age (68) and limit terms, 6 years for a persident, 4 years for congress 8 yrs for senate. And let’s not forget they all love spending our hard earned money. Whether you like Trump or not he has has done a lot for this country.

George DeFelice - September 28, 2019

The president should demand formal articles of impeachment be voted for and a trial this will stop the side show that the Dems. are doing. And also puts everything on a level playing feild.

Stanley Horning - September 28, 2019

A political charade, led by vindictive clowns from the hijacked democratic party. They should be doing meaningful legislation for the good of all Americans, not selfish interest trying to undermine an accomplished President!

Alan J. Steinberg - September 28, 2019


Deb - September 28, 2019

I think Pelosi is full of crap I think she really has nothing on our President,if she was concentrating on her job as much as she is our President she would not have time for her STUDIPTY, I think it is personal

Ross Williams - September 28, 2019

I truly believe the Democrats are trying to replace the Pharisees that tried to (and finally did) get Jesus. The more they show and talk, the dumber they get and then try to prove it.

Jack Park - September 28, 2019

Their agenda and their fear was made very clear by Rep. Al Green back in may, when he said, “I.m concerned if we don’t impeach this president he will get reelected.” Couple that statement with the Democrats vow on election nigh: we will destroy him with whatever it takes!(paraphrased). It should be obvious to any ‘thinking’ American that the past two years (plus) has been a sham and a travesty foisted on America by the Democrats.

Carl Kumpf - September 28, 2019

I think the democrats ( rats) have lost their way.
All they want is the power and money that comes with the power.

chuck bigford - September 28, 2019

i have seen better behavior from 2 year old in the sand box.our republic is headed for the trash can if this continues

Richard S Rhodes - September 28, 2019

It’s shocking to witness the ignorance of such a large portion of our populace. If we, as a country do not do something soon, very soon, about our education system and educating our children in civics we will loose our liberty and our country.

Mary Wilson - September 28, 2019

If it were fair and just it would be one thing but it is not. They take facts and distort them to their own interpratations. A fact should not be interprative. When they are seeing things about the Dems they just refuse to acknowledge them. The Adam Schiff hearing the other day was so disgusting I just turned it off.

Joseph Doherty - September 28, 2019

The democrats will not stop until they find something that will remove Trump. He has had the worst presidency of all the presidents in my lifetime even before he took office all brought on by the democrats who still cry about their loss of the presidency by Clinton. The democrats are nothing but obstructionist. They have kept the government fro accomplishing anything since Trump took office.

James Edwards - September 28, 2019

Political posturing prevents effective legislating once again. Hopefully, there will be a significant price paid for this at the polls.

Stevphen C. Marter - September 28, 2019

I for one am sick and tired of our useless spineless gutless Republican leadership .Please man up and fight back for our constitution , our principles and the rule of law.

Patrick Simpson - September 28, 2019

One must keep in mind that complete dishonesty has become a character trait of the the democrats. Democrats saying that “no one is above the law” is an absolute joke. What about Hillary Clinton, James Comey, McCabe, Struck, Clapper, etc. The list is nearly endless.

Jo Hughes - September 28, 2019

I am a month away from being 90 and I am sick of a lifetime of democrats and their dirty politics. No one who disagrees with them has freedom of speech anymore. As for the impeachment of Trump I think it is a terrible shame the way he has been treated. There are no grounds for his impeachment. He is the one who has been following our Constitution. There are so many in the swamp that he should get rid of.

Douglas M Monsoor - September 28, 2019

Expressed graciously– Bovine feces!!!

Mike - September 28, 2019

I’ll agree with mike, why hasn’t the Senate opened investigations into HIllary’s servers, what happened to the Democrat IT family and their connections to Wasserman-Schultz, lastly why are all these Obama holdovers not been sent packing?

Philip Comparetto - September 28, 2019

I think this is going to backfire . I think the dumbocrats are going to go into shock when they find out what they have done.

Martin Cazan - September 28, 2019

I feel as if this is completely motivated by politics. The use of impeachment is a last resort to remove a person who has committed serious crimes in abuse of power. Our country is weakened by this smear campaign and divided even more.

AL Behren - September 28, 2019


ELMyers - September 28, 2019

President Trump has done more to re-instate respect from the rest of the world than any president since Reagan! The Left can not stand this, it weakens their hold on power. If Trump can hold out the Dems will self destruct. We can only hope!!!! This dog and pony show will NOT end well for the Dumbocrats.

David Weaver - September 28, 2019

I know that the Democratic party is trying to get rid of the President because he is of the Republican party. They can’t stand it that their candidate lost! If they had read the constitution they would know that they couldn’t impeach the President that a whem. This turns a lot of people to be Present Trump supporters! Maybe the speaker of the house and some of the Democratic party should be impeached!

Jim Cain - September 28, 2019

President Trump is our chief executive who is required to investigate any and all wrong doing and law breaking.
Joe Biden, in his own words, said he was willing to hold back money from The Ukraine government for his own gain, thus committing a crime. President Trump was asking for help just like the law enforcement agencies ask foreign government to help solve a crime.
The Democrats have twisted this that the President was going after Biden because he is The President’s political opponent instead of a criminal. It’s time to change the narrative back to the criminal actions of Biden and accuse the Democrats of protecting a criminal, They are also using their offices against their political opponent, President Trump.
If the House rules say the House must vote to open an impeachment inquiry, the House Republicans need to require the vote and the President should not give the House committees anything until the vote is taken. This is another attempt by the Democrats at undermine their own rules. Speaker Pelosi does not have the authority to opening this investigation without a formal House vote. Make the Democrats standup and be recognized and counted.
Time to go on the offense.

David Weaver - September 28, 2019

I know that the Democratic party is trying to get rid of the President because he is of the Republican party. They can’t stand it that their candidate lost! If they had read the constitution they would know that they couldn’t impeach the President that a whem. This turns a lot of people to be Present Trump supporters! Maybe the speaker of the house and some of the Democratic party should be impeached! Maybe we should drain the swamp!

Loren Cheek - September 28, 2019

Looks like all the democrats need is a little crack in anything written in our constitution to get in and try to change something they know they can’t if it was read and understood?

Bryant Reed - September 28, 2019

The leftists are desperate, willing to do anything to destroy our president. No crime has been committed.

Lynn - September 28, 2019

Nancy Pelosi is a shameful representation for Speaker of the House. The Republicans better ban together or the election and our nation will be going to hell in a hand-basket as the saying goes. We can’t let them win. Get a backbone Republicans

J Lambert - September 28, 2019

Going through with impeachment will paralyze this country for a long time.
The Dems need to grow up and move on and do the job they elected to do.
Stop already

Donald Turner - September 28, 2019

It seems to me that the current Democratic leadership, just can’t acacept they lost. I do not like a lot of the tweets Trump makes,and the language and name calling confrontational attitude, but what he stands for, I basically agree with.

Donal McNally - September 28, 2019

I regret to say that the Democrat Party seems composed of and only of people for whom any stick is good enough to beat President Trump. They are unable to come to terms with the fact that he was properly elected and they pursue any avenue, however ridiculous, to nullify that election. In the process, many have shot themselves in the foot. Whatever Mr, Trump’s failings – and they are many – he has significant achievements to his credit. I do not believe his behavior in the Ukraine matter rises at all to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”

Robert E van Voorst - September 28, 2019

I am damn sick and tired of the farce the dems. are trying to to use because they didn’t get their candidate in . There is no other way of saying it is a bunch of political Bulls**t. The dems are nothing but sore losers.

ronald dean stanley - September 28, 2019

I think they sould impeach Pelosi
we all know what happened in Waco
she is nothing but a trouble maker
I don’t know any good she has done
for america

James Hargraves - September 28, 2019

A tempest in a teapot. Schiff and his cronies have been spoiling for impeachment since President Trump was elected. Let the charade begin and watch the Dems embarassed themselves to the point that they lose the House in 2020. Maybe then Pelosi will retire and tyake the “Squad” with her.

Peggy Fong - September 28, 2019

I would like to point out that even though the law-makers like to legislate to their constituents’ desires, there are provisions within our Constitution that they need to examine. I would like to see a move by our government’s leaders to study, in depth, the Constitution they are sworn to uphold and defend. Perhaps studying this should be a requirement prior to running for office.

I would like to add that we belong to one race, the human race. And when we explode in verbal sewage, allowing emotions to take over, we are not helping things. Sure, it’s hard to stand on the outside and see the abuse of power, the deceptions, the unjustified attacks, the selling off of our rights. But I must remind us all that freedom is not free. We, as Americans, have our own work to do. It’s time to awaken our brothers and sisters to pray for our leaders. We would also benefit from a refresher course in history.

In Nehemiah, the Word of God was found (the Law) and the first 5 books of the OT was read aloud as the people stood and listened. The priests were there to interpret and answer questions. Although I am sure this is not a popular thought, I would like to propose daily reading of God’s word, not just the NT, but the whole thing. The Bible was paramount in the writing of our founding documents. The removal of the Bible, and prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance from the school system has removed the awareness of our civic duties from an early age. Personally, I believe there has been an intentional neglect over decades to open our country up to offenses such as we are seeing happen today.

Jay Bower - September 28, 2019

The biggest issue here that no one raised is that the 2018 mid-term elections were stolen by the democrats by keeping this nonsense stirring. The prize was control of congress. That’s what they are trying to do for 2020 because they’ve seen that it works and nothing has been done about the Congress in eternal delay tactics. People should be outraged! Someone should start an online petition or something. Maybe Heritage could take this idea and make some headway…..

Thomas Pichla - September 28, 2019

It’s so obvious how desperate these Dems are. First it was Stormy, then it was Russian collusion etc. How is it they can just keep making stuff up to try to unseat this president? It’s ridiculous! Should we do this to every president from now on? Just because we don’t like who got elected, doesn’t mean they committed high treason. It’s very sad!

Theo - September 28, 2019

I think Congress need s to get to work on something that benefits our nation! Let the man do his job! If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him! But until then, let him do what we put him in office to do! I find it amazing what he has accomplished with his hands tied behind his back (and a noose astound his neck)!

Dave - September 28, 2019

Personally, I think this impeachment stuff is nothing but a front to keep something going. They throw something against the wall and hope it sticks. This has been going on way to long, costing tax payers a lot of money, and getting nothing done. This whole ordeal makes me sick to watch these politicians make a fool of themselves. They are like a bunch of sheep that will follow the leader over the cliff. There is to much unfinished business that needs taking care of to let this circus keep happening.

Joan Dearborn - September 28, 2019

Our great president has done NOTHING to warrant impeachment. I believe him to be the greatest president in my lifetime. This charge for impeachment is a complete farce by the hate-filled far left lunatics.

Stan Dillard - September 28, 2019

Action by the House is likely. Conviction by the Senate, much less so. Either way, this great experiment in Freedom called “America” has just about run its course, short of genuine blood-letting. The animosity is too strong. Asking conservatives, of whom I am foremost, and liberals to live together will be as likely successful as asking Israel and Iran to be bosom buddies. Those conservatives left in Congress had better develop a backbone and a gruesome relentlessness or the ship will sink. I stopped equating the GOP with conservatism back in the 90s when the GOP had the numbers, but not the “guts” to do what needed to be done.

Eleanor - September 28, 2019

I “get it” that most people are not educated on the topic of Impeachment Issues, therefore, the Democrats are counting on people’s ignorance…just as I have been saying for a while they and the media have also constantly done on the topic of Security because they know that is an area very few have been exposed to.

Daryl France - September 28, 2019

So, a vice-president admits that he threatened to withhold aid to a foreign country if they do not stop an investigation of his son. Now, they want to impeach a president because he pressured that same country to reopen an investigation.

sHIRLEY - September 28, 2019

I will NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT AGAIN! This is the lust of POWER. We can’t beat Pres. Trump so we have to impeach him. And spending our tax money for this!!!

Stan Dillard - September 28, 2019

I submit this as an addition to an already submitted comment. Make no mistake, the left does not merely want to remove the President from office. In the unlikely event that they are successful, rest assured that they will then seek to invalidate EVERY appointment he has made and impeach EVERY Federal judge approved under his presidency! “Outlandish” you say? The leftists in congress have been saying far more outlandish things than that. If you don’t believe that is a part of their plans then we are doomed.

D Scott - September 28, 2019

Too many criminals are being left unaccountable for the wrong they are doing. My hope is that the things the democratic have actually done are charged against them to really start draining the swamp. The idea that they are trying to push the blame onto President Trump when they have been the real perpetrator is unnerving and hypocritical. If we don’t prosecute these criminals after Trump wins the next election, the country will fall into total anarchy. Where will people be able to look for Justus?

Linda Lavelle - September 28, 2019

Nancy Pelosi and comrades have violated their own House rules for starting an impeachment investigation by not holding a full vote on the issue. She is afraid voters will not re-elect members who vote for impeachment proceedings. This tells us that 1) this is a political investigation 2) they know voters do not approve of impeaching President Trump and 3) their hatred of the president is more important than running a lawful government. Pelosi, Schiff, Murphy (for starters) have lied to us and should be removed from the committee at the very least. If one reads the transcript of the phone call in question, there is nothing untoward in it, so this is, again, another hoax. My question: Where the Hell are the Republicans?

Mary Magathan - September 28, 2019

The Democrats are drawing nice compensation from us as taxpayers but instead of moving ahead to resolve America’s problems, they focus on meaningless petty arguments. They are a disgrace to politics, wasting time & taxpayer money.

Bart Peacher - September 28, 2019

John Adams Quote:
“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.
Now we can clearly see what John Adams meant. To the degree that we try to drive out God (of the Bible), that is the degree that the nation falls from Grace.
Civics and true history (world and American) need to be placed back in our education systems. After Trump is reelected, his administration should push for some type of Constitutional Amendment that would prevent an evil and insane congress from engaging in slander and corruption and that could remove members for their crimes.
We must get back to teaching truth and HONOR GOD AGAIN AS A NATION !

Roland McCarthy - September 28, 2019

The demo, critic party has always been such; demolish anything that doesn’t agree with their elitist selfish agendas. It’s never changed and they’ve always counted upon the ignorance of the people to inflict their skewed agendas. If you really read history they have NEVER solved one problem such that THEY weren’t benefited almost solely by its “resolution”. There is a higher court coming and ALL this nonsense & satanic corruption shall fall. Sad so many choose the gilded pile of crap rather than solid brick foundations and so sad that so many aren’t satisfied with their means and want what someone else has and constantly plot to take it under the guise of “doing good”. God bless President Trump and ALL those working for the good of the nation at great expense to themselves!

William Archer - September 28, 2019

Let’s have ever democrat investigated,for sure Warren, Sanders, Biden, Shuler, and the rest of the liars and trouble maker’s.
Why was Clinton punished for her selling out the white house so to speak, How about obama. can the people ask for a Investigation on the dumcrats.
I am a registered democrat that will never vote for another democrat again.

Richard Kauffman - September 28, 2019

It’s just raw politics on the past of the Democrats.

Arthur Melanson - September 28, 2019

Is it possible for a president of the United States to be impeached, found guilty of a high crime or misbehavior, removed from office, and be reelected president in a subsequent election?

Matt Talansky - September 28, 2019

i think it’s time we stop standing with this corrupt person. he is clearly putting his own personal interests ahead of the interests of our country. and he doesn’t give a hoot about the constitution or conservative principles. he will drag us all down with him. time to cut bait.

Bonnie Sargeant - September 28, 2019

I’m greatly frustrated by the silence of some of our elected Republicans regarding the purposeful, consistent and constant assault of our elected Republican president. Its obvious that Democrats will do anything to get rid of President Trump. Especially one who has accomplished so much more that the Republicans ever conceived of doing.Help him and stand up to Democrats NOW!!!!

Chuck Chadwick - September 28, 2019

Can’t win at the ballot box, so….

Randall Amyx - September 28, 2019

The federal government is corrupt and has been for decades. No Justice and no accountability. Just “Just Us”. It is a Coup attempt and nothing more.

Stephen Neely - September 28, 2019

Impeachment is a preemptive strike by Democrats who fear Barr May do his job and begin indicting deserving miscreants from the Obama Administration including Hillary, Clapper, McCabe, Rice and perhaps Biden and the Big O himself.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that their fears are warranted and time is getting short.

NickP - September 28, 2019

The lib lack of knowledge about Impeachment is appalling. Did any of them ever take Civics?

Randy - September 28, 2019

He has committed treason in my opinion. The President of the United States has now twice involved foreign governments in the affairs of the U.S. He is likely also guilty of obstruction of justice. He needs to be impeached AND removed from office. This has nothing to do with party lines. He is a criminal.

Gladys Fortenberry - September 28, 2019

I won’t even listen any more. They have cried wolf so often that even if he actually did something wrong now I wouldn’t believe them. I pray it dumps them out of office and everyone has the sense to see it is all lies and politics. Maybe we can get some people into office who actually know the law.

Shirley Burgess - September 28, 2019

Despite all their protestations this is so obviously political. They don’t like Trump and cannot abide that he’s doing a fantastic job – best president since Kennedy. I’m baffled why Republicans aren’t supporting him and fighting back. The democrats are using lies and innuendoes – Republicans have FACTS on their side. Are they equally as afraid of a president who won’t take bribes, who knows his own mind, has a business plan for America and isn’t afraid of a fight? Trump was sent to us by our God who saw the hurt and His plan was for this man (not a perfect man by any means) to correct and heal. But before healing comes the eruptions when all the infection, dirt and evil spews out – and that’s what we’re seeing now. Getting the wounds clean and cauterized, and a landslide victory for Trump in 2020 will lead America upward and onward.

Shirley Burgess - September 28, 2019

Despite all their protestations this is so obviously political. They don’t like Trump and cannot abide that he’s doing a fantastic job. I’m baffled why Republicans aren’t supporting him and fighting back. The democrats are using lies and innuendoes – Republicans have FACTS on their side. Are they equally as afraid of a president who won’t take bribes, who knows his own mind, has a business plan for America and isn’t afraid of a fight? Trump was sent to us by our God who saw the hurt and His plan was for this man (not a perfect man by any means) to correct and heal. But before healing comes the eruptions when all the infection, dirt and evil spews out – and that’s what we’re seeing now. Getting the wounds clean and cauterized, and a landslide victory for Trump in 2020 will lead America upward and onward.

Mike Poirier - September 28, 2019

I am not sure why everyone is so surprised by these actions. First the Democrat’s promised pay back (this very action) if the Republicans pursued impeachment proceedings on President Clinton. Second, the hatred for President Trump is unparalleled and they (Dem’s) will do anything to regain power even sacrifice the people the are elected to represent. Third man is born inherently evil Ecclesiastes 9:3, in this depraved state we can not and should not expect them to do what is right for others (the country as a whole).

george bernhard - September 28, 2019

The Dems would rather investigate than legislate. they have done nothing for the country to try and improve our situation, It is amazing how stupid there ideas are.

LISA LAWSON - September 28, 2019

It’s obvious they are using their full ability of creativity to attempt to make this hearsay “whistleblower” information a “high crime and misdemeanour” even when it does not align with facts. The timing is curious as Schiff had the letter, that appears in legalese format, since mid August. I don’t think they thought the full transcript of the call would be released and then had to rush to start the inquiry that is still “in name only”. If nothing else, this will in some way debilitate future calls between the President and other heads of state and in that way they win even if this charade goes nowhere. Sad.

Mark Tyma - September 28, 2019

My understanding is the President was within his powers to call the President of Ukraine and did nothing wrong in that conversation. This election has really exposed the Democratic leadership for what they are, communists. They’ve been trying to usurp the constitution and the will of the people for decades to gain power. Joe Biden makes a phone call to Ukraine as vice president and gets an investigation into his son stopped under threat of withholding money and a Ukrainian attorney general fired and Biden gets a free pass. The Democrats truly are despicable, corrupt people. They are divided among themselves so I’m not too concerned. “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

MaryLee Hornberger - September 28, 2019

I think they are afraid that Pres. Trump will do what he said he would do: drain the swamp. He has already done a lot of good with the economy, giving tax breaks to American businesses which have in turn given ALL Americans more jobs. He stopped the Obamacare Mandate for health care and we now have the best oil production in the world. When America prospers the politicians lose their control and they don’t like it. By keeping Americans ignorant and angry about stupid collusion and dumb comments Trump tweets,etc, they think they can win that way. If they were really connected with what majority of Americans want, they would understand why we elected Trump: we are tired of business as usual where everyone makes promises but no one keeps them. We are tired of being ashamed of our country—we want to be proud of it again. We want to “be the good” and not tear each other down. We want more power to the states and less government control. We want to be United again.

Larry Burrows - September 28, 2019

I cannot adequately convey the dismay and anger I feel toward those who would corrupt the Constitution, only to further establish their own power and greed. Tragically, political manipulation has become the norm, and statesmanship no longer exists. It is hard for me to believe that the Democrats truly believe they will be successful in this effort, but I am convinced it is a political ploy to create doubt in voters minds for the 2020 elections. They aren’t stupid, just corrupt. Sadly, Republicans, who are equally a part of “The Swamp,” make it possible for this travesty to continue. More sadly, each of these opportunists was duly elected by what appears to be an increasingly ignorant and self-centered electorate.

Morton W Thomson - September 28, 2019

This is exactly why we exist at The Constitution Club. To teach people what the Constitution says and what the founders intended by also including lessons from the Federalist Papers, etc. All of your members should also be ours. We should join forces.

Virginia Trotta - September 28, 2019

They know he’s done nothing impeachable, but if they keep up their cries for it, many people will think it must be so and will vote against him in the next election.

Pamela Ean - September 28, 2019

This whole thing is a big sham. The whole federal government needs an overhaul, and be brought down to only its constitutional authority. It has become arbitrary, as our Founders would say. Where are the investigations into what activities were done during Obama’s administration? I do not believe President Trump is a constitutionalist, but he must be doing something that has the deep state on edge.

BMS. God bless America! - September 28, 2019

It’s time to join together to work to solve
America’s problems rather than waste time and money to destroy each other.
Americans also need to realize that everything can’t be free. Someone has to pay for goods and services. Government by the people and for the people doesn’t promise a free ride. Americans need to think more about helping each other. We seem to have become too much of a “me” society.
I think President Trump has done a lot of good
under very difficult circumstances. I do wish he
would “watch his mouth” on Twitter.
I love the USA and I’m glad to have been born and raised in America!

Constance Langton - September 28, 2019

I believe that this is an insult to all Americans. He has not done anything wrong. The Democrats are lying to the people! It is all based on the fact that they can’t control our President. They want the power and because he has it they HATE him. I have seen now how many SICK Democrats are in the congress and I hope that the Americans that are in those districts are smart enough to vote them out!

Sharron Nelson - September 28, 2019

It is a complete farce on the Democrats part and it is all about power, which they lost. Why aren’t the Republicans doing something about all the corruption the Democrats have done. I am disgusted and upset about there lack of back bone.

Colin Sorhus - September 28, 2019

The root of this investigation and all others associated with Pres Trump, I think stems from the fact the he is an outsider meaning that he is not beholding to any organizations within the government for additional power, control or revenue. Personal extra income to members of Congress being the most important. I think most of them are being paid by unelected agencies and administrative officials. They are in essence, puppets to these agencies and move when the right strings are pulled. Pres Trump on the other hand is not only beholding to them but is threatening to upset their power but also upset the Apple cart of many members of Congress who received monies from them. I am referring to agencies such as the FBI, CIA, CFR, Homeland security, the military complex, Dept of education, etc, etc., all of whom pay to stay in business. It is my contention that all this wrangling is about money. It was reported that John McCain received $699.000 a year from the FBI in addition to his salary. I, as one of the deplorable, would like to know if I am paying for that too. Further I would like to have some ferenzic auditing done to see if that is indeed happening and all getting paid to play as Hillary puts it is actually being paid to do these organizations bidding. To me, this is bribery and I believe is punishable. Beside a personal hatred of Pres Trump is the fear that he will uncover this secret and expose it for what it has become. I fear the Constitution is in danger not because Pres Trump is violationing any of the articles but is peeling back the onion that many will be exposed. Please tell me that this is not so and that I have nothing to fear about losing this great experiment due to deep corruption in the deep state.

Bernard Warthan - September 28, 2019

Trump should have gotten the investigation going concerning Biden by justice department without risking leaks about calls. I wish he would think before he speaks. I see no impeachment because of what he said, just wrong timing. I support him by what is is accomplished and I wish all Republicans who supported him come out collectively and take a stand now. This nonsense needs to be stopped from the Democrats.

Ramona Grooms - September 28, 2019

False charges that are going to cost a ridiculous amount of tax-payers money.

John Henry Melton - September 28, 2019

I read all the correspondence from Heritage however I am unable to make any financial donations. I am 84 years old and live on a very fixed income. I have voted Republican ever time since Reagan days. This should tell you that the democratic party has moved to far left and Nancy Pelosi is a joke. I don’t know why the Republicans have not started some investigations. GO TRUMP

Brenda Frye - September 28, 2019

The Democrats know there is a big investigation coming down the pike that is going to show who did what in the 2016 election interference and they are trying to get ahead of it. If you watch Fox News, you will know exactly what is coming in on a daily basis. The Democrats are scared. President Trump has done a great job for America and he will be re-elected and the Republicans will take back the house and keep the Senate !!

Mike MC - September 28, 2019

Pelosi or Shumer will undoubtedly think they should assume the role of judge and will forget the Chief Justice!

Carlos Miranda - September 28, 2019

There are several crimes being committed, and it is not by the President of the United States. The president has the authority to speak to other foreign heads of state. The conversations whether they are of high security or of non security issues are to be treated in the highest of confidence to keep the integrity of the office of the presidency in order to conduct business of the country. The personnel listening to the conversation are supposedly have a high level security clearance in order to qualify for their position. By speaking to someone not authorized to be listening to a conversation of heads of state. They have violated the integrity of their oath of public service and have become a domestic enemy of the United States of America; There is a deep swamp and they are very shrewd. Even before President Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President the left has been colluding for his impeachment. This president has been stalked every minute 24 hours a day seven days a week trying to find something for impeachment. congressman adam schiff has twisted and lied to the American people from the beginning that he had evidence of colluding with the Russians and obstructing justice. This disqualifies adam schiff to be House Intelligence Committee Chair and must resign this position. Out right lieying to the American people and the people that hold office either by votes or appointment that have been colluding to remove our dully elected president must be arrested and tried as domestic enemies of the United States of America.
What is keeping the justice department from doing so, when it is plain to see, these are corrupt individuals trying to pass themselves as protectors of the Constitution and keep trying to regulate weapons when we all know that a well regulated militia is formed by the people and if called to defend the country, cannot defend the country because the weapons that some of us can barely afford are being infringed of being enhance for better fire power in order to defeat an enemy that may have more fire power than the citizens of the militia. These are the true enemy of The United States of America !!!

Julie - September 28, 2019

Our children’s education is seriously lacking in understanding the Constitution and in other areas. We, as Christ followers have also not done what we should in helping those who have no understanding in truth to know anything about our faith. Our political situation should be no surprise. So, how do we go forward is the question we need to address. And to understand that life is more than making sure I’m “happy.”

Joyce - September 28, 2019

Let them keep trying – people will get tired of hearing the same old, same old, especially when there is no “there” there. Biden will come out looking bad from this, too. Hope Barr keeps probing the Fisa warrents, fbi.

Gerald Adamson - September 28, 2019

I think it’s sad what Democrats are doing. I guess they can’t handle success in our country. With our education system it won’t e long where can control everything. And it will not be MAMGA.

Patty Moncus - September 28, 2019

Why is it not okay for President Trump to find out if a former member of the Obama administration was involved in a scandal of corruption and not okay for Hillary Clinton to pay for information on her opponent? Which information turned out to be unproven but she used it anyhow. She has never been indicted for her actions of criminal behavior. Yet, Trump is being investigate for something much less. Biden used the power of our country’s financial aid to another country and bragged about doing it. Yet, Democrats don’t want to find out the truth of Biden’s actions. SHAMEFUL.

Doug Moon - September 28, 2019

I really don’t have any insights or opinions that haven’t been articulated, clearly and repeatedly, some 300 times above. I will reference Mike Early’s comments , as he captured most of my thoughts and expressed them well. My final comment would be that the rights and privileges that we enjoy in this country, and that set us apart from so many other nations, we have because we recognize that they come not from man but from a loving and gracious Heavenly Father. It is that acknowledgement that sets the United States apart from the rest of the world, not some specialness that we inherently own. We can only continue walking in that freedom as long as we recognize its source. The minute that someone starts thinking that they are all that you start seeing the attitudes, rationalization and behavior that are being exhibited by the left.

Alan M. Stevenson - September 28, 2019

We are not fighting flesh and blood.
“The longer I live the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, that God governs the affairs of men.” Ben Franklin

Linda Berry - September 28, 2019

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are going to far with all this impeachment. Every day it’s Trump did or said this let’s impeach him now so we can screw the Americans be their Dictators!

GILBERT Uribe - September 28, 2019

The Democrats have spent 3 years trying to find a crime; have reverted again to creating a mock crime; all the while overtly breaking the law & violating the constitution. When & where will the Republicans stand up? Pres. Trump may not be perfect but at least he is a man of his word & will not lie down & himper.

Darlene - September 28, 2019

The Lord commanded us to bless those that appose us.Open their eyes Lord. May the Lord Bless Trump and the servants He has in the government with wisdom,courage,and strength to stand up for truth! Stand up for the constitution. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Doing what the Lord commanded us to do. Believing He will have His way

John Sullivan - September 28, 2019


Mary - September 28, 2019

If we could stop the left’s theatrics and just hear the truth it would help. Unfortunately the driving force of the left is to remove our President from office and to come into power again. It seems lying, half truths and misrepresentation aren’t a hindrance anymore.

Judith Kerns - September 28, 2019

This is a Witch-hunt and Nancy P is the Witch . The Jealousy and Pride is beyond belief. PRIDE goes before destruction I and destruction before the FALL! We all need to humble and pray . Seek HIS face .. then HE will hear our prayers and heal our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14. No one ever chocked to death from swallowing his PRIDE! Get on your knees !🎚🙏

Richard Cronin - September 28, 2019

Trump once again is the only Non Politician, doesn’t need any of this B.S. …yet stays on historic track in correcting our American challenges, day in and day out, …especially well served and again with results.
Yet constantly in the middle of false Chos generated from Dem’s, Press, Deep State and distract from our core foundation. God Bless America.. Now more than ever!

Jim Schneider - September 28, 2019

If Joe Biden was not running for President, would the call, as transcribed verbatim, been in the public’s interest? Absolutely. There is an open DOJ case (Federal Prosecutor John Durham) along those lines and President Trump presides over DOJ. So then, how can Trump be guilty of performing his Constitutional Duty?

CHRISTINE M - September 28, 2019

No longer a Republican since the face of the Repulican Party neither embraces or embodies values that previously were the fabric of Conservatism. The loud, obnoxious selfishness on either end, Left and Right is drowning out the voice of the real majority middle, disgusted with the state of Politics today. Christianity was built on Faith, service and sacrifice for others, not blind ignorance, fear mongering, or the hate-laced discrimination we see on both sides. The use of Christianity as a shield to hide behind while throwing stones at others is so disturbing and so many have turned away from Christianity because of it. As far as impeachment goes, there is no excuse for any impeachment to even being occurring right now if all of the people we elected were doing the jobs they were hired for instead of grandstanding and occupying their time with powerstruggles like toddlers. The President has brought on all of his own consequences by the choices of his speech and actions daily and thus should suffer those consequences. Maybe it means it is time for him to start being honest to himself and recognize when enough is enough. The entire phone conversation by two world leaders was both embarrassing and the saddest display of conversational skills I have ever been witnessed to. At no time was any of the conversation relavent to his current priorities: foriegn policy, immigration, healthcare, abortion, coal. These items have been on his plate and have not moved since his election.

Ken - September 28, 2019


john campbell - September 28, 2019

I am disgusted with politics in general, but
especially with republicans like Flake (and
he is) also Romney.
I do appreciate Heritage..

Todd - September 28, 2019

This is a serious abuse of power. The Democratic Party doesn’t care about the law. All they want to do is take back 2016 and take back my constitutional rights. I teach high school civics and the dems are perfect examples of how not to act with respect to the law. The recent charge to impeachment without gathering facts first shows that dems don’t care about getting the law correct, just getting rid of our President.

Ray - September 28, 2019

It is way past time for the so-called “democratic” party to be outlawed and membership in this communist organization made a felony.
The democratic party is the party of:
1: The Trail of Tears.
2: Slavery. Not a single Republican “owned” another human being at the time of the Civil War. Just the democrats who fought tooth and nail to keep slavery.
3: The Civil War.
4: WWIl internment camps for Japanese Americans.
5: All the Jim Crow laws from 1865 on.
6: The Klu Klux Klan. Created by the democrats in the post civil war era to attack blacks, Republicans, Catholics and others. Senator Byrd of the Democratic party, so admired by Ted Kennedy, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, was the Grand Klegal of the KKK; the head recruiter!
7: The democrats as a unified group 100% opposed EVERY equal rights law ever proposed or enacted in Washington.
8: The American communist party stopped running presidential candidates because in their own words the democratic party covered the vast majority of the communist party’s campaign issues!
9: Untill taken down, the communist party website contained a list of members who just happened to also be members of Congress in the democratic party. It was a substantial list.
10: Unanimous opposition to voter ID. A picture ID is required for NEARLY ANY and EVERY thing you do in ANY country; from flying to opening a bank account. Except to vote early and often for a Democrat. They have perpetrated massive voter fraud in each and every election we have had. They literally stole the Kennedy election from Nixon who then declined to sue because he didn’t want to put the country thru that turmoil. Didn’t stop Gore or Hillary from raising hell… then they destroyed Nixon like they tried to destroy Ronald Reagan, both Bush Presidents, and now President Trump.
10: ANTIFA. A Soviet invention to oppose Hitler and destroyed by Hiller but recreated by the democrats and George soros to create violent chaos in America’s streets.
Speaking of soros, the big bank of the democrats, he himself was a Nazi colaborator with his father. His father denounced Jews to Hitler’s SS and then they confiscated Jewish property. He is unapoligetic. He is under death sentence for currency manipulation in several Countries with the intent to destabilize those governments. He bankrolls the radical left in the US for the same reason.
Is it a coincidence that the names of SO MANY of the world’s communist governments contain the word “democratic”?
The so called independent press is nothing but a wholly owned extention of the Democrat pary. They should collectively change their names to “Pravda”.
It is time and way past time to decertify the Democrat party. They are and have always been a criminal organization like the Mafia under color of political party.

Ian Nolan - September 28, 2019

I am so sick of all of this there’s so much evidence of the Democrats wrongdoing but they just keep getting a pass there’s no evidence of Trumps wrongdoing but they keep going after him our government is such a crock of corrupt s***

Elsie Landry - September 28, 2019

How can a president be impeached for doing an excellent job in office. President Trump is the best President in history, to my knowldege. His whole family is working to make America secure for all CITIZENS .

Mel - September 28, 2019

God Bless President Trump and
the God Bless the U.S.A.!!!
The House Democrats better watch out….with the measure of lies, deceptions, and evil plots they measure out against President Trump, it will be measured back to them, multiplied many times over, in like manner.
They will be swept out of the House like an unexpected wave rages against a beach and washes unwanted debris out to sea….
Watch and see.

Leeann - September 28, 2019

Democrats are clowns performing for laughs. Don’t they realize that after all the brouhaha they have created they now look like buffoons.

Rochelle - September 28, 2019

Thank you! This is extremely helpful in better understanding. I am outraged at all of this, and find this an insult to the office of the President of the United States and to the American people. We pay dearly for our government to represent the people, and they are not doing their jobs.

Richard Parker - September 28, 2019

The Dems actions are outrageous. The Republicans must continue calling out their lies and voice support for the President. But as you say, since “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” means — whatever the Democrat’s say it means then let them call for a vote in the House so it can move on to the Senate. He will be shown as innocent and we can move on.

Tom Walton - September 28, 2019

As with everything else the radical left has tried since 2016, this is simply part of a continued effort to distract the ill-informed general public from an all-out attempt to seize full control of our government and country. It is most disheartening to see Trump’s efforts to actually effect substantial improvements being thwarted at every turn, and realizing that the further this insanity goes, the more likely that the only solution will be civil conflict on a large scale. With Antifa as a precursor, and extremists like Beto O’Rourke openly advocating disarming the population, it seems highly likely that the conflict would be violent. George Orwell saw this day coming very clearly. This all started in the 60’s with an ever-increasing decline in education, dismissal of God from the public square, and a complete breakdown of ethical and moral standards that keep a civilization intact.

Millard Berry - September 28, 2019

This is just another attempt to delegitimize
a duly elected president by the democrats
because he is succeeding in his quest to drain the swamp in Washington where so many politicians are getting rich off of the contents of that swamp at the expense of the American people.

noel fanta - September 28, 2019

This is not surprising. The Dems have been trying to impeach D.T. for 3 years and now they are accusing him of doing the same thing that Biden has done (Ukraine). The main stream media is doing a disservice to our country by siding with the Dems. I hope the voters can see that.

Robert Reese - September 28, 2019

Question: Is it true that during a senate impeachment trial, the senate can question anyone involved with the articles of impeachment?

Robert Spence - September 28, 2019

I am disgusted by the far left Dems and the so called Republicans who support them

Chris - September 28, 2019

This government has got completely out of hand, it is now a struggle for power rather than a government whose responsibility is to protect our country and its citizens. The majority of the Republicans seem to follow the constitution and what it represents and why it was established in the first place. This government has lasted longer than any other despite any flaws or conflicts in which this country has been able to overcome. Because the people of this or any country are not perfect, government is necessary, and our government was set up through the moral foundation of the constitution and the decoration of independence to protect our rights, safety and happiness.
Apparently the democrats are trying to sabotage the constitution to take away those rights to have power to run the government in a manner not fitting to the constitution. We the American citizens need to unite to protect our rights given to us through the constitution!

Jerry Rowe - September 28, 2019

It’s the left trying a last ditch effort to regain power. It’s total BS. Drain the Stinking Swamp starting with Nancy Chuck Maxine Jerry what a bunch of disgraceful Aholes

STAN BEACHY - September 28, 2019

The Democrats and the left realize that President Trump is the biggest threat at this point in time to their efforts to forever change this country and the values upon which it was founded. Hence their extreme hatred of him and all of those of us who voted for him and will vote to reelect him in 2020. They know their only hope is to get him thrown out of office before that election and will use any lies and innuendoes to accomplish that (e.g. Rep. Schiff’s “parody”).

Linda Bounds - September 28, 2019

Where are the Republicans and the Conservatives?!? Do they feel no impulse to support our President? Everything the Democrats have accused President Trump of doing has actually been done by the Democrats. Where is the rule of law? Whose job is it to move against the corruption? We voted you in. Do your job!

Richard Dirks - September 28, 2019

Well. Well, here we go again. The foolish Democrats running the house up to their usual BS. Attempting to find an actual crime where none exists. Biggest circus clown act ever. They have spent the last 3 years holding bogus hearings instead of doing what they were elected to which is to represent the people.

jeanie - September 28, 2019

Volitile and disfunctional at best should not describe totality of our system while policy change disruptive to society is touted as proof of democracy its instead practicing hypocrisy and instigating instability around the world .

Lee Samuel Kontibon - September 28, 2019

Republican law makers are so weak , there so many Democrats who have committed big crimes when Republicans are in control but those Democrats never indicted, for example, when no one was charged for the crimes that was committed of targeting Tea Party or organization related to Republican Party when Obama was the President,

Adam - September 28, 2019

This is a pure political stunt, to try and undue the 2016 election. The Democratic Representatives have lost their party and are operating on pure hatred for a sitting President.

Mary Hopson - September 28, 2019

In my opinion, I think the President is doing a great job. Since Trump has been in office, the economy has gotten better. I have reignited my career. My children and families have gotten great paying jobs/careers. When Barack was in office no jobs was available not even at the Employment office, which was unbelievable. With the Democrats everything shuts down without compassion for the American people and our livelihood. But since President Trump has been elected, slowly there is hope for everyone to progress and not just a few. I say let the American people decide the fate of our President at the polls. After all, voting is the American way.

Ruby McBride - September 28, 2019

Excellent article. I am impressed with the comments that followed the article.

Colleen Waugh - September 28, 2019

I think it’s despicable that our far left House is more worried about removing our President because they hate him and the fact that won the 2016 election than they are about helping our country with good policy. Now the House will waste more time and tax payers money chasing the tail of the dog, rather than working for the good of the country. This is a sad time in our country and our Democratic party. The democrats are all about power and not the Constitution, not the rule of law!

Edmund Freedom - September 28, 2019

Enough! I have tried to read through the comments and am totally disgusted. There is no indication of independent thinking; Democrats are evil, filled with hate, anti-American. Republicans are Patriots, loyal, stand for the country, etc. The animosity of the Democrats is only equaled by the animosity of the Republicans. I am a Democrat by choice. Do I agree in all their policies, absolutely not! Do I automatically vote the party line or support all the party policy, of course not. I am an educated individual with a Masters degree in geopolitics.
When I hear an accusation, I want to see if there is truth in it or not. I don’t want to hear about motives or personal feelings, I want to know if there is any truth in the accusation. Truth is funny, it doesn’t care whether you like it or agree with it. It doesn’t reside with one party or the other or one person or the other. Let’s stop the name calling. Let’s stop the partisanship name calling and seek the truth. That’s all I ask.

Jane Behan - September 28, 2019

I am disgusted with the waste of time spent by elected officials who can’t accept the American people’s duly elected president… is there any way to impeach these elitist hypocrites who are not doing their job?? They need to have even half of the work ethic that President Trump has had since the day he became president- and even before!! We the people are sick and tired of watching important things not getting done and all the time being wasted on this foolishness. I really believe they need to be replaced with fresh sincere people who are not so hung up on their leftist agenda.

Bernard Gogel - September 28, 2019

The country needs an honest media. You need to expose the distortions and lies that are spread. Expose the times and circumstances that the Democrats did the same thing (or worse) than they accuse president Trump of doing.

John Humiston - September 28, 2019

It was not good that President Trump mentioned involving William Barr’s services. That was not appropriate. It is good that neither Barr or anyone else acted on it.
I pray that Pres. Trump will be preserved in office.

Becky Anne Rosiere - September 28, 2019

Read a forwarded article by a Professor of Constitutional Law. What I took away, is that should it come to a trial in the Senate, ALL doors are open. President’s Lawyers would be able to subpoena anyone! This could be anyone connected to any past investigation, including Clinton’s and their cohorts. It was a very interesting read, and I hope it was correct. Sure would stir things up even more than now!

Jerry Welch - September 28, 2019

It is without any foundation of law. It is merely political diversion from dealing with a duly elected executive.

Karen and Robert - September 28, 2019

We are appalled that our votes for president matter nothing to the Democrats and are furious over their next game to destroy our president and this country. Our rights are being violated constantly by Democrats in our current House and Senate. There are so many members of the House and Senate that are completely embarrassing and have done so many things worthy of their own impeachments!

Janet Hair - September 28, 2019

Personally, I do believe that President Donald Trump has NOT done anything wrong to deserve an impeachment. To me all this business going on now is just trying to get rid of the president of this nation from those who oppose him.

Randy Lawence - September 28, 2019

After reading the phone call’s transcript, there was no mention of withholding aid or any quid pro quo. VP Biden did commit this “impeachable” act, but really, impeach a sitting president because of a phone call that was leaked by a Clinton CIA operative? Democrats are trying to open up Pandora’s box and will regret this in 2020. And the Swamp will further be drained of the Washington Establishment and Deep State.

Barbara Budd - September 28, 2019

This is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do to our President. He has done no wrong. I feel he is doing all that he can for the good of our nation. The democrats still can’t accept the fact that they lost the election. We, the people voted for Donald Trump to be our President.

Marjorie Drayton - September 28, 2019

As is always The case with the Democrats, there finger-pointing at make-believe miss deeds of Republicans always illuminates their own corrupt activities. They should be held responsible for their corruption.
Republicans in Congress need to step up & END this NOW!!

Merrill Gildersleeve - September 28, 2019

This seems to be a totally partisan issue and is based on animus against this president . The liberal and leftist democrats and press as well as imbedded holdover justice department figures and intelligence department figures have manufactured “crimes” and are parlaying them to an uneducated or deluded public. Their goal is to take down an effective executive who is not advancing their agenda. It seems that facts are not of importance to them. At times we seem like sheep led to the slaughter but we must resist this debacle. Keep America great. The “resistance ” does not seem to love America or they have a skewed view of our country.

cordelia - September 28, 2019

Democrats and especially Nancy P.,
Trump was elected president so get over it and realize it. You have done harm to our country by spending un necessary money and time trying to stop his progress.

Kathleen - September 28, 2019

Republicans are the majority in the U.S. Senate and hold positions on many committees. One of them should start an investigation into the Ukraine/Joe Biden/Hunter Biden activities.

Irene ChavezMurphy - September 28, 2019

The Dems will not give up. Sickening what they are doing to our wonderful country. All their doing is dividing us so that the evil power hungry self absorbed deep state can take over. What will they do after we elect Trump again…?

Olivia Bunegar - September 28, 2019

Why would you kill the Golden Goose. Our prosperity clearly defined by all that Trump has accomplished will come to a complete halt. How sad!

Edward Abbot - September 28, 2019

It all smacks of political theater. Unproven, unsubstantiated allegations of ‘something’ that seems not to have happened. The democrats just want to keep negative news, true or not, flowing via their media consorts in order to try and influence the 2020 elections.

Verl E. Fleenor - September 28, 2019

The democrat party has been working overtime ever since Trump was elected to get him out of office. I am an ex-democrat and am ashamed to have ever been associated with the democrat party. There are many more like me too. Trump has done more for the US than any of the last 3 presidents!

Laurie Jacob - September 28, 2019

The democrats, whom I used to respect somewhat, remind me of pouty tantrum-oriented family members that try to get their way by screaming and lying. I am even more supportive than ever for President Trump.

Barbara House - September 28, 2019

I disagree with the Democratic’s desire to impeach my President. How does the Treaty between the US and Ukraine by Bill Clinton come into play? It covers open communication about crimes and corruption between the leaders of these two countries? My study tells me President Trump is protected in this Treaty.

Sandra Panek - September 28, 2019

The Cabal wants to impeach Trump because he is uncovering the dirty truth about Iran, Guns for Drugs and child trafficking.

Debra - September 28, 2019

On our knees 🙏🏻📖 & at the ballot box 🗳
We didn’t elect a priest or preacher, but a man that God allowed in office to show us & help us! Get behind him in 🙏🏻 And lift up our Country & and Nations to turn this Country back to God!
Thank you Me.President, Vice President, Melania & Karen & the whole Team!!!
In God we STILL TRUST!!🙏🏻📖✝️🎺🇺🇸

Ian Perkins - September 28, 2019

If Bush could get away with Iraq, and Obama with Libya, both of which were arguably war crimes that achieved much death and destruction for no discernible benefit, I fail to see why Trump should be in any trouble at all.

Emil - September 28, 2019

This is a crisis that has been coming on since the 2nd. WW. Many men and women have lost there lives in an attempt to interrupt the spread of communism in the world and in the USA we elect to have it take over in our schools and government.
The more propaganda that is leveled against President Trump, the more is covered up on their crimes. The congress should uphold their sworn oath to protect the Constitution.

Wazhma Flanigan - September 28, 2019

Republicans, Democrats, Americans, or anyone with a shred of respect for the laws and foundations of our amazing nation, we need to stand up. We are the silent majority but with our country spinning into chaos from the childish antics of Pelosi and her supporters, we must all come out and show our support for Trump. The entire country is being tricked and corrupted into believeing the left is ethical and Trump and the rest of us are plain wrong. Time to protest and be seen and heard for all the world to see. We need not only support Trump but preserve our amazing nation!

Delores crouch - September 28, 2019

The insanity of the extreme hatred of President Trump,is poisoning every aspect of our founding fathers fight for our freedoms. Term limits a must if we ever intend to put goverment back in the hands of we the people.👍🏻🇺🇸

Ed - September 28, 2019

Trump profoundly understands one antidote to complicit media’s hypocrisy is illuminated transparency. He’s a very cool, honest and tough enough individual willing to endure the slings and arrows knowing the desperate left machine will march in lock step dragging their most crazed and seriously flawed comrades with them into the abyss, hopefully allowing the more righteous among them to hit the reset button and restore civility.

mary robson - September 28, 2019

Who is going to start an investigation on Biden, Clinton and Obama?

We PAY the House their salaries and they have done NOTHING but obstruct.


Bill - September 28, 2019

Speaker Pelosi’s credo is decide before deliberate. The ACA was to be passed without deliberation and only then, when passed, would the American People be able to see what was in it. So now, we should Impeach before we know what we’re accusing the President of. Her Party lost the election, and now by accusation, innuendo, rumor and conjecture we are supposed to take HER word and declare the President guilty before deliberation. Every American deserves to be considered innocent until proven guilty, even, I daresay, the President of the United States. The American Left is like a spoiled child. It accuses someone in loud voice and keeps repeating in fits of mis-temper with the hope it can drown out any sane, careful discussion…after all, that would inevitably show the world what Liberalism is all about…TYRANNY.

Marina Boubion - September 28, 2019

Corruption at is best.

Jerri Lea Ware - September 28, 2019

Our Congress has truly lost my respect and the respect of the American people in their continued efforts to destabilize the USA and to impeach and disrupt our duly elected President Donald J. Trump. Our country deserves better from them. May they come to their senses and fight for the betterment of our country and embrace the decision of the millions of Americans that elected President Trump. They do not stand for my vote, they do not represent my wishes or will.

LeAnne Tillar - September 28, 2019

I think it is a lost cause for Ms. Nancy Pelosi. We The People need to pray for our nation–again–for God to bless us and lead us out of this pernicious, crazy, ridiculous shame. This, too, shall die, and the Dum-Dems will move on to another jab at President Trump trying to negate his election. I think there will be many, many more voters who are fed up with the Dem’s shenanigans. Most voters are not stupid. And those who are not educated about our Constitution will mostly NOT vote.

Evelyn Mahoney - September 28, 2019

Obviously the last resort of a desperate leftist cabal whose previous schemes failed. Too bad these traitors aren’t being treated as they deserve with handcuffs & criminal charges. Unless trying to overthrow the President is no longer considered treasonable! Disgraceful
betrayal by these.vipers!

Steve Finnery - September 28, 2019

When will the Republican Party stand up for there elected President. It is disgusting to see them cowering under the Liberal Witch hunt.
Stand up and do your job which is to help your elected President do the things the American people put you and him in office for.

Edward Asseff - September 28, 2019

I think it would be ironic when President Trump wins for a second term, that the shoe would be on democrats, and they will undergo investigation for all the things Mr. Trump has had to put up with for the last 3 years. In fact that’s what should happen.

Thomas Jones - September 28, 2019

Where are our supposed conservative representatives in the house? Why aren’t they raising hell with these street thug democrats and supporting our duly elected President. It’s past time to get off your powdered and perfumed rear ends and do what you were sent there to do!

JOSEPH PLAVEC - September 28, 2019

The Republicans are so scared of the Democrats! They won’t start investigation of any type. Plus Rhinos within the ranks, in my opinion are Democrats in Republican suit. I guess it was okay for Joe Biden to arrange attorney general from foreign country get fired and then brag about it. Why was that not investigated??

ken mcclellan - September 28, 2019

Starting with the one who lost a vice presidential debate to Joe Biden and then did nothing as speaker of the house, and continuing through Lindsay Graham, if there are no consequences, the attempts will continue unabated. If the liar and bully keep getting away with the behavior, why would they change tactics ?

Deborah Ramsey - September 28, 2019

I cannot stand the fact that the Dems cannot get over the fact that HILLARY lost. Drives me crazy

Thomas L Wilgus - September 28, 2019

Is this action by Pelosi and other Dem members of the House purely based on hatred of President Trump and/or pay back for the impeachment of Clinton? What has President Trump done wrong? He’s been harried and harassed by the Dems in concert with the left leaning main stream media since he took office. How does this serve the American people that elected him? What justice does this serve? What a waste of taxpayers money !

William King - September 28, 2019

Fools from both sides of the aisle are trying to destroy our nation from the inside. This must stop.

Steve Thayer - September 28, 2019

It pains me to see the degradation of a political party, willing to do anything to try and remove a duly elected president who has done his best to fulfill promises he made during his campaign. This is frivolous and disgusting and is setting a bad precedent. Drain the swamp.

Richard Cloud - September 28, 2019

Adam Shift, the demo from California should be removed from office based on his diatribe/parody given at the opening of the House hearing. Talk about not telling the truth, with made up facts that he has dreamed up. I can’t believe that we have such stupid people in the legislature.

Ronald K Reuse - September 28, 2019

The Democrats still don’t believe they Lost the election and will do all they can to get him out.

It is a sad day for our country things that need to be done or not being done we need to have more gun control we need to have a red flag rules we need to have an immigration bill I need to pass an appropriate and build it last longer than three months we need to can you be praying for our country

Mike Guinn - September 28, 2019

It appears that the Dims are attemting to throw President Trump under the bus since it has finally come to light about Biden’s son Hunter getting favors on his father’s threats. Furthermore, it also appears that one of Mitt Romney’s top advisors, Mr. Joseph Cofer Black, a former CIA agent is also on the same board as Hunter Biden. DC is actually a swamp and certain members of both parties have the desire to keep it that way, while our sitting, duly elected President wants to drain it. We need it drained, it’s past due.

Glenda - September 28, 2019

Adam Schiff should be impeached and or resign. He is a disgrace to our country. Praying for our great President and Vice President.

J Brown - September 28, 2019

1. If there is hard evidence that President Trump violated the law, he should be tried. No one is above the law – except Hillary.
2. Impeachment is an expensive proposition. If President Trump is proved not guilty, the Democratic party should pay for the cost of the proceedings. We the public should not have to pay for frivolous law suits that are politically motivated, cost time and money, and divert our attention from truly dire problems – like immigration, term limits, and a balanced budget.

Judith Ann Pemberton - September 28, 2019

This whole agenda to remove Trump is so transparent – he is draining the swamp- and the swamp creatures are determined to devour him. I am fearful of what may happen in this country if this evil should somehow succeed in removing him from the Presidency.

Boyd B. Richardson - September 28, 2019

This is about the 5,000th time that the “boy has cried wolf” with regard to Trump. I suspect that if we had transcripts of every conversation that President Obama had with foreign leaders, we would find at least as much basis for impeachment as with Trump (but I suspect that the “whistleblowers” WORSHIPPED Obama).

David W. New, Esq. - September 28, 2019

Pelosi is using Impeachment as a campaign strategy for 2020. That is not its purpose.
Pelosi did not conduct a House vote by all members for fear the Democrats who oppose Impeachment would embarrass her.
The Senate Watergate hearings had been in session for a year before the House began Impeachment hearings. John Dean had already testified before the Senate Committee and VP Agnew had already resigned.
Pelosi would never have started this Impeachment inquiry if she had strong Democrat candidates for 2020. She knows they are too far left and she has calculated Trump might win. To give her cover if Trump wins, she began this Impeachment inquiry to escape blame.
Pelosi is allowing the existing House committees to conduct the inquiry. That is a big mistake. Adam Schiff and Nadler have little or no credibility with the public. She should have started a new committee with a new leader. Thankfully, I think she will fail. I think the public will see this as more of a political attack than a judicial inquiry. I hope President Trump is re-elected!!

Marian Williams - September 28, 2019

I believe we are looking at the end of a republic! We must stand up against this stuff. Lie’s all of it. and no accountability. This could turn into a civil war if were not careful. Trump needs to remove all government lifers out of the white house and only use the people he knows. No more leaks

Deb - September 28, 2019

We as conservatives need to step up and fight back. Being passive doesn’t work anymore as they just fight dirtier.

kent - September 28, 2019

Dems know they can’t win in 2020 and are desperate to try anything to get Trump out

Jesse C. Jones - September 28, 2019

We seem to be in the same shape that Israel was when the kingdom of God was taken from them and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof (Matthew 21:43). Without doubt that nation was America, and we have turned our back on Him just like Israel did. I would recommend the DVD “God in the Constitution”, and an article entitled “America, No Longer God Fearing” by Jesse Jones, available at no cost from SCRIBD.

Burt Quick - September 28, 2019

It’s a bunch of garbage that the left wants people to believe, so that “We the People” can be distracted from the accomplishments that are President has achieved, which also include the current D.O.J. investigations of the Obama administration and the 2016 election.
The dems are worried, The’re very very worried!

Barry - September 28, 2019

This is a smoke screen to cover how president Brock O. and Joe broke the laws while they were in office.If the press told me it was day light outside I would go to the window and look.

Loren Schwenk - September 28, 2019

Public ignorance is the main reason impeachment talk is popular. When I was in school I had to pass a 100 plus question Constitution test just to enter high school/.. 26 years ago I started asking teens where the quote comes from, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” The answer I most frequently received was, “The Constitution.” I knew then we were in deep trouble since I was quoting Karl Marx.

w. June - September 28, 2019

Summing up what I’ve read here, impeached or not President Trump Will be reelected in 2020! Then the powers that be can start all over again! Won’t that be fun.

n. - September 28, 2019

One more try by the Nuthouse Circus to bring our president down. The more they try, the more crazy and insane they appear to be. So, lets sit back and enjoy the next episode of their insanity spiraling down.

Elaine Liming - September 28, 2019

Americans are not as stupid as politicians think we are. We see the hatred for our duly elected President and we also are witnessing the worst Corruption in our country’s history. Now we know more about the Deep State characters and their need for power, status, and money. We demand that Justice be done, The treasonable acts and lack of respect for our Constitution and the rule of law must stopped. It is time for good men and women to act and put an end to this threat to our Constitutional Republic and our way of life, our values, and to pray to our God for deliverance.

Elizabeth Morowati - September 28, 2019

The democrat party and their supporters have been sore loosers since Mr. Trump won the election. They have been speaking about impeaching this man even before he took office. The witch hunt has been an endeavor to undo a duly elected president. This is a political witch hunt and nothing to do with any wrong doing whatsoever on the part of Mr. Trump.

Jane - September 28, 2019

This is what happens when there are no term limits on all politicians & they remain in office a lifetime. This is what our founding fathers were trying to avoid!! All this causes greed and the need for more power!!!
Pelosi and the Democrats have ruined California as an example. I have watched it happen the last 70 years!

Maria M - September 28, 2019

What democrats are doing to POTUS45, have been doing for three years, is disgraceful. They have no credibility when after every breath the left yells impeach and Tlaib is selling t-shirts saying impeach the mother—-
Pelosi lost control of the House, follows orders from the squad.

Ralph morera - September 28, 2019

I guess my comment did not get approved

Raymond Pavlik - September 28, 2019

Noing it was going to be something else before the election the left would come up with I hope it was foreseen.

Sandra Gabbert - September 28, 2019

I read your messages most of the time AND my husband and I pray. So here is a Suggestion that has been heavy on my heart for you “The Heritage Foundation”. PLEASE! INCLUDE A PRAYER EVERY TIME in EVERY ARTICLE you send to us. PLEASE address the SAME issues in that prayer to our SOVEREIGN ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD! That all who believe can get on their knees and pray the same prayer UNTIL the prayer is answered! See Luke chapter 18 in the New Testament of the Holy Bible to know that a woman received the correct answer from an earthly judge. That way we can all be “on the same page”.

Diana Erickson - September 28, 2019

I’m very concerned that governing “officials” are continually wasting valuable time and resources dreaming up their next odyssey instead of doing their real jobs, whatever that may be? Don’t these people have any job descriptions and performance evaluations that are unrelated to the media?

I’m dumbfounded that this never ends!

Lynn Caterina - September 28, 2019

I stand with President Trump. The hatred against him is incomprehensible. I think the Democrats would go to any lengths to manufacture charges against him. May their actions come back on their own heads as their own misdeeds come to light. Praying the truth and the constitution win the day.

William hume - September 28, 2019

Why are they not concerned about Biden having to Ukraine prosecutor removed tied to a billion dollar aid package. That was truly criminal.

Elise - September 28, 2019

This whole thing is nuts. I abhore what’s been done to our education system to devalue patriotism, civics learning, altering truth about American history. The loudmouth media that isn’t honest as well as the loudmouths mostly in the democrat party and all who are globalist- its Nuts! Our citizens need so much to hear truth and we need those on our side who have prominent voices to find their way into the mainstream ears of our citizens. I pray and am so bothered and deeply concerned for our country. I’m so thankful P Trump is fighting “the swamp” and for every freedom fighter such as Heritage and many others. Please fight this unjust, lying impeachment effort.

mike - September 28, 2019

It`s all a great big nothing burger for Trump. This will blow up in the Democrats – with a Ukraine investigation – Biden will be thrown out (he`s become a liability for the Democrats) and the Democrats will be fighting the negative publicity of a false Trump impeachment process. I dont think Pelosi really wants this going into 2020

Pat Carter - September 28, 2019

Every time you turn around there is a new witch hunt. President Trump has worked hard to fulfill his promises. The government is in God’s hands and He is watching the injustice towards our president and our country. Pres. Trump has not done anything that is impeachable. He will be re-elected and the Democrats will loose the House and their jobs. America has had enough of their foolishness.

Phil Devlin - September 28, 2019

President Trump has done nothing wrong and the issue should be droped.

Brenda Hill - September 28, 2019

I am so tired of the Liberals and their hatred toward the President. All this money they’re spending should be spent on what’s really important to keep us safe. They lost the 2016 election. Get on with what’s really important. President Trump has done a Great Job without their help.

Sarah DelMonte - September 28, 2019

Impeachment of President Trump is utterly ridiculous in my opinion and the whole circus of current affairs surrounding the matter is a complete waste of time and resources which should be put to work in appropriate ways to manage and improve pressing issues of our government and country. Nancy Pelosi should be impeached for her destruction and division of our country. What about all of the compromising conversations held by past Presidents who were Democrats? Let’s go back and impeach them.

James Dixon Gardner - September 28, 2019

I hope that the methods of the democratic politicians builds distrust of these people to the degree that we will have a major effort on the side of those who want responsible leaders who respect our constitution and commitment to freedom of choice that we will have record breaking voting in the next election by those who are reasonable.

Joanne Housh - September 28, 2019

I think it’s time for Speaker Pelosi to retire. This charade is a rush to judgement from a so-called whistleblower complaint, which isn’t a legal one because it’s second-hand information. The democrats agenda is to remove President Trump from office; it isn’t their first try and it won’t be their last–all for political gain.

TS - September 28, 2019

In my opinion President Trump has not done wrong, comparing to Obama, Hillar y, Pelossi Schummet they are the traitors,the Democrats want to destroy America all they do is investigations which are waste of money and time.
Why? don’t the perscute Hillary, O cassio etc.
They are supposed to work for the People , they work for themselves and their their pockets. All of them should be removed from Congress

Cynthia Green - September 28, 2019

The Democrats have tried to get rid of Trump right along. This tells me that he is doing everything for the better of the country. The Democrats want to same old give away programs and taxes. I hope we can stand together and help Trump through this.

Elmer Dreyer - September 28, 2019

Based on what I have read, there are no grounds for impeachment and Congress is using this as another excuse to further harass President Trump and will work against the Democrats in the 2020 Presidential election.

Jo Quintiliano - September 28, 2019

President Trump has been the best President in our lifetime. Look at all he has done….mostly alone. The Democrats are useless and should be replaced. They continue to do nothing for our Country. God Bless President Trump! Trump 2020!

Rod James - September 28, 2019

This is obviously another case of guilt by accusation promoted by the left. One doesn’t have to prove anything, one can manufacture a spurious charge out of nebulous evidence and make one’ point without the strictures of judicial rigor.

Joseph Picard - September 28, 2019

What has happened to the Democrat Party? Dr. Savage said it all in his book titled “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder”.

cfgotter - September 28, 2019

I would suggest that we take the cost of this impeachment scam out of the congressional travel budget! We could tell all of our voters just how much and when and where these frauds went on our tax money!

Michael Amowitz - September 28, 2019

This Dem effort requires insanity and hatred. The media playing along is sickening. The country following along would be the end of the country.

Larry Tucker - September 28, 2019

First, what are the charges? Can they just trump up some charges? Pun intended!

Charlotte Graham - September 28, 2019

Keep the faith. Support our President. Do what you can to educate everyone you know. Live an honest and good life. Don’t get discouraged.

Charles - September 28, 2019


Clare - September 28, 2019

The Democrats are filled with such hate for our President and terrified of being exposed by this administration for their criminality against the American People and their criminal associations. They are a truly despicable group and have lost the ability to cooperate with our President to lead this country into a prosperous and bright future for everyone. They have lost all integrity in my eyes and have no focus in the House except to bring our President down. The Deep State has no future and they have done it too themselves!

Roger D Ramey - September 28, 2019

Just another attempt at trying to destroy a great President.The Democrats have been talking impeachment since before President Trump was inaugurated.They will try everything in the medicine cabinet to get rid of him.They will fail.

Kim Schwicardi - September 28, 2019

This is just a continuation of the Mueller fiasco. These clowns are absolutely desperate for anything to make a case out of ! I can’t believe that we pay salaries to people who do nothing but wage war against our president !!

bill hals - September 28, 2019

impeachment in and of it self is NOT condemnation or a conviction
it is a list of “crimes” for which a trail is to ne held!

William Drake - September 28, 2019

Let the good times keep rolling! It just proves even more that we are in the END TIMES with all of the lawlesness. God has given this nation a window to repent by exposing the left of who they are and what they stand for.thtough President Trump.

William R - September 28, 2019

The left will do anything short of murder to get rid of the President. Heck if they could make it look like a suicide they probably would try it.

Joan - September 28, 2019

What a bogus was of time!! I will be voting for President Trump for a second term, so he can make his promise to “drain the swamp”. Both parties need to redefine their purpose in office & remember who put them there!!

Sharon - September 28, 2019

The Democratic party has not given up since the election of President Trump and it gets more disgusting all the time. Can you imagine what the media would say if Republicans had treated an elected Democratic president the way democrats have treated President Trump. It is no question they put their hatred of Trump above their concern for America! I wonder if they even care about our country or just about their power!

Rudy Roehrich - September 28, 2019

I personally feel Pelosi isn’t fit for office and should retire before she makes a fool out the entire House. This exceeds her comment about reading a law after you vote for it. Now we should impeach the President without evidence or political bias? She needs to retire and we need term limits on Congress!!!!!!

sandy - September 28, 2019

I think Americans are becoming fed up with the doings of the Democrats who, clearly, do not have the best interests of the citizens in mind. I believe the Democrats need to held accountable for their disregard for the law and acts of corruption. We have a nation of young people and citizens who are the educational product of the liberal agenda of the left. This needs to change to get to the root of our current problems.

John McCauley - September 28, 2019

Sad, unfortunate, and purely political. The House needs to be working for the betterment of America, doing its job as defined by the Constitution. Instead it is driven by hatred of the President.

Robert S Kibling - September 28, 2019

This is a case of bitterness, hate and constant harassment of the GREATEST PRESIDENT this country has ever had. They should be going after the real crooks and murder’s that have and are still trying to put our country under. If Trump is impeached our country will be in a civil war within 6 months. We can not let this happen. I want to see Obama,Clintons,Palosi,Nader and others behind bars for treason before Trump leaves office.

Judi Culy - September 28, 2019

We need Republicans to open investigations on Obama and Kilary! Let everyone know what crimes against America’s they have committed. Judicial Watch can’t do it all alone.

Susan J. Hennaman - September 28, 2019

DEM-RATS are starting another WITCH HUNT against our President. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!

Sophia Winnett - September 28, 2019

Trump is guilty of high crimes and should be impeached with the GOP that have covered up for him. He thinks he is above the law and shame on the Republicans that keep putting Trump and themselves first before the people of USA. Presidents is suppose to service the people not himself. Has spend the tax payers money on golf and taking vacations on our tax money while the America people struggle. He is a traitor. IMPEACH TRUMP.

Anthony P. Di Perna - September 28, 2019

We are seeing the future of American politics. Impeachment will be the first
step the House will take when it wishes to
weaken the President of another party.
That will guarantee bitter divisions in the
country probably in perpetuity.

Jim Pusateri - September 28, 2019

The inquiry is ridiculous. It was initiated on hearsay before the actual conversation was even seen. Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy for use of cocaine. Within a few months he was made a board member of Burisma, a Ukrainian company to be paid $50,000.00 per month.. The company was being investigated for corruption. Joe Biden was V.P.during this time period and has admitted that he threatened that the U.S. would withhold billions from the Ukraine if Victor Shokin, chief prosecutor in the Ukraine who was in charge of the Burisma investigation was not fired. Biden admitted this at a C.F.R. meeting. President Clinton signed a treaty with the Ukraine in the 1990’s that seemingly allows just what President Trump mentioned during his conversation with the President of the Ukraine, who said he was not pressured by Trump. I do not see an impeachable offense here.

Loretta Ruhl - September 28, 2019

This whole whistleblower crap is a setup orchestrated by the Democrats & I believe, Sue Gordon who was passed over for the Director of the DNI. She left on August 8th & the 12th we are to believe someone for the first time gave a second hand whistleblower information. I think she helped changed the form before she left & then had Democrat staffers help her do a whistleblower complaint. Just an idea…

Sandy H - September 28, 2019

Another “inquiry”? Smoke & mirrors. *SMH* Waste of time and tax dollars!!

Janice Norris - September 28, 2019

Nancy Pelosi needs to get right with God or spend an eternity in Hell forever. When a person votes to fund Planned Parenthood what will they reply to God on judgment Day when He asks “Why did you vote to murder a baby I created in the wound. President Trump got into office by a miracle from God. I told him in a prayer card that he was put in as President by a miracle from God and as long as he doesn’t take credit for his accomplishment but gives the credit to God, all these God haters liberals like Soros and Bezo, Clintons and Oboma can never take him out. We evangelicals must always cover our President with our [prayers.

Michael Moore (not the film-maker) - September 28, 2019

The Leftists can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they are trying to impeach him. Our last landslide election was in 1980. I’m ready for another! How about you?

Christine Manselle - September 28, 2019

The left has lost it’s mind. They are hypocritical and doing just hat they accuse the right of doing. Not only do they disrespect the rule of law, but they continue to try to take down supporters of the law. I wish more Republicans were backing Trump.
Thank you for this informative article.

Margaret Walden - September 28, 2019

This is hearsay of hearsay. There is every reason to investigate Hunter Biden. Did he pay income taxes on his windfall?

Beverly Neasbitt - September 28, 2019

Strictly a disgusting political move by democrats who have harassed and obstructed our duly elected president. I am 86 and have never seen such hatred and meanness ever!

Linda Fenske - September 28, 2019

getting rid of Nancy P. , the witch hunt for not doing her job here. wich based on the Biblical principles long time ago.

Mark - September 28, 2019

It is dismaying to see how far the nation has fallen when impeachment is turned into nothing more than another partisan weapon, courtesy of the left. The media apparently want to provoke ever greater polarization. We are beginning to resemble what I’ve read about the 1850s. It’s not a good look. Yes, the late 1960s and early 70s were a very divided time also, but what’s going on now seems nastier, scarier.

Laurie Moore - September 28, 2019

Trump merely asked that an investigation that had been opened by the Ukraine government proceed and come to a conclusion – “get to the bottom of it.”
He wasn’t asking that for a particular result from the investigation. I would think that we’d all be interested in having as much infuriation as possible about our presidential candidates next year – and that includes knowing whether Biden’s son or his company acted improperly.
It also includes knowing whether Biden acted to obstruct justice when he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine in 2015.
Why doesn’t the Senate begin an investigation into Biden’s actions? That’s the real quid pro quo that we should be concerned about – talk about corruption.

Dean Duffield - September 28, 2019

It seems the Democratic leadership is desperate to take away attention to the fact that for the first time in years we have a president that works for the people. I think this constant attacking of a sitting president will backfire in 2020!

Ben Calderoni - September 28, 2019

These House members have lost all credibility. It is time to vote on “Term Limits” and remove most of them.
We need the AG to charge them with lying and trying to remove a great President.. The Rule of Law has to act swiftly, go after them, arrest them, and put them in jail.

Carolan La Vallee-Rahman - September 28, 2019

Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, and other enemies all pose a threat to America but the most serious threat is coming from the Democrat Party as they are tearing this country apart.

So who are they really working for?

Olmec - September 28, 2019

Every Politician should be investigated to the same degree that Dumocratics have assaulted Pres. Trump with. Fact is, the corruption runs so deep none of them would survive! They are stealing America! Our Nation is lost! The experiment is over! If able get out while you can!!

Hunt Georgilakis - September 28, 2019

We have to do more than talk. We need to fight fire with fire. I wonder how many people know what we are dealing with. We living in a slow quicksand and if we don’t wake up it will be to late

Gail Ruppelius - September 29, 2019

My thoughts on Impeachment…..
It’s a great tool when used legitimately.
What Pelosi and the House Dems are doing is totally illegitimate and farce. A great case of “Fraud & Abuse” of taxpayers’ $s. An insult to our dully elected President, the Constitution, and American’s Intelligence!

Ralph E Wall Sr - September 29, 2019

This absolutely stupid our lovely President has done nothing wrong and as someone said it should die right there in Congress. Mitch has already said the Senate would not do anything.

Bobbie R - September 29, 2019

The hearings for impeachment are 1) a big waste of time and our taxpayer money; 2) fanning the flames of division promoted by the Dems and the mainstream media that a large population listen to/watch/believe–as a result of many lies, confusion, and lack of knowledge of the Constitution; and 3) might be countered, as Mike and Timothy remarked, by the Senate holding hearings on many, many violations by the previous administration and its personnel, whether now still in, or out, of their federal service (remember Lois?) On the other hand, Senate investigations might also waste time and money. But some of these violations I believe are being quietly investigated by our intelligence community, spurred by legislators’ referrals… How else can we work toward rule of law, and not away from it?

Robert Pickett - September 29, 2019

Do the Democrats understand how this makes us as a country look to the rest of the world?
Being deployed many times I know what some countries think of this type of behavior.
They have told me that we look we and not as strong as some would think we are.

Ken Jones - September 29, 2019

One fabricated scandal after another. Who’s funding all this???

Richard Palmer - September 29, 2019

The dems have lost their responsibility to use valid charges against our President. The lefties in the Dem party have lost the TRUTH and Facts to impeach our President; to date they only have false and contrived charges that will lead to a loosing actions. How a person can understand their current direction is beyond comprehension. There is only one solution: vote them all out of office in 2020 and allow Trump to lead this Country with his current focus on continuing to make this Country even GREATER !!

Debbie - September 29, 2019

People are frustrated and losing hope bc justice has become a one way street. This continual harassment of our President must stop, but it won’t stop until the Republicans stop it with their own investigations. It’s just that simple. But instead, they’ll allow this to continue until it’s too late. If they’re waiting for the 2020 elections by hoping this will all go away, it’ll be too late and we’ll lose this country. After the Mueller charade, the American people have lost faith in the GOP in these situations.

Mike T - September 29, 2019

I think articles of impeachment will be filed. I also think that the senate will not convict. The people will respond in another Forum, Coming elections. my concern is that A great deal of this is very much self inflicted by the president and his advisors. If we continue to. Be focused only on fighting the past wars, we are liable to lose our future. The Democratic controlled house is over-reaching on a monumental scale. Sadly, the republican Party has not taken charge with a consistent message, when it was possible and they are now playing Catch-up! As inept as the previous Administration was, the Trump administration is. That, AND, so seemingly, oblivious on so many fronts! The democratic. Party OWNS the message, and the “defense” is getting tired. I urge all with a conservative view to become educated and clear on conservative values and goals, KNOW and speak, clearly, factually, and temperately! The soul of the nation is held in the hands of the non-aligned 10 to 15% of the lectorate. Bring these folks aboard, don’t chase them away. PARTICIPATE

Charles E Neuf - September 29, 2019

Disappointing to those who “Had Faith in Their Government!”
Confusing the house starts this process and the Senate finish’s it?
No requirements on house, opposing members no say?

JIM GREIG - September 29, 2019

The Constitution is the law of the land written to guide our country throughout the years. Revere it and follow it! The word “tolerance” doesn’t exist anymore in the left’s book. They just attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Facts don’t matter anymore to the left. Truth doesn’t matter either to them. God is still in control and always will be despite what believers and non-believers think.

Kevin Hoyt - September 29, 2019

Same old song and dance. It’s not enough that most conservatives know this information and believe that the articles the Democrats are siting as grounds for impeachment are completely bogus, we need the GOP to stand up, straighten up and fight back!!! Calling them and complaining does nothing. We need the GOP to develop a counter-strategy with teeth and not be afraid to implement it.

Lisa - September 29, 2019

This is a sad time for America. We have a dual justice system. When will those who have actually committed crimes (Hillary Clinton, James Comey,..the list goes on and on) be held accountable. Where are the Republicans in this battle; they are weasels, not standing up for the President and truth.

Jan Bowen - September 29, 2019

With the Dems spotlighted with our President trying to drain the swamp like he said he would do, they have a hard time with business as usual. They should think before they continue this because We the People are watching & we will remember come their re-election time. We are tired of them not getting anything at all done & if they can’t do their jobs they need to go not the President, he’s doing his.

Kurt Crandell - September 29, 2019

If our President is guilty of such things is one thing. But it seems to me “if” there was a crime committed that the Democratic Party would want to have the proof in hand before making the accusations. Especially since they already tried it once before.

James DeNisco - September 29, 2019

Love what Trump has has done, USA is back on track.

Hate the spineless so called Republican
Party for doing, NOTHING, to help….
A flock of RINO’s, dump them all.

Carlo Severo - September 29, 2019

Evidently only Hillary is above the law! How come?

Marilyn Hodgell - September 29, 2019

The sad part is their lies that they make up and the biased press adds some more lies.
The hate that has been created against our president is unequal to any l have seen. If we could get our education system back from the Democrats it would help. If the Dems win America will “crash and burn” and we will be their slaves.. We must cry out to God. Thank you.

Marilyn Hodgell - September 29, 2019

The sad part is their lies that they make up and the biased press adds some more lies.
The hate that has been created against our president is unequal to any l have seen. If we could get our education system back from the Democrats it would help. If the Dems win, America will “crash and burn” and we will be their slaves.. We must cry out to God. Thank you.

Jeff - September 29, 2019

I believe it’s just a witch hunt. The Dems know that they don’t have anyone to beat President Trump in 2020 so they want him removed from office before the 2020 election. The American people are not stupid as apparently the Dems believe.

Pat Gisler - September 29, 2019

Outrageous! I am disgusted by the whole circus. How ridiculous this whole thing has become. All of Washington politics is corrupt, and the dems are over the rail crazy,

Kevin - September 29, 2019

This current “politically driving” initiative by the entrenched progressives in spite of the real meaning of the Constitution is the best example yet of why there needs to be term limits. These influence accepting peddlers of dark money couldn’t get a real job so they rely on the misguided populous to continue to re-elect them. Throw them out!

Deborah Williams - September 29, 2019

First it is Russia Russia. Russia. Now Ukraine Ukraine. Ukraine. This is sick and twisted of the democrats. I have seen so many democrats in dirty deeds yet get unpunished , and yet the dems go after the republicans for the same thing they are doing and walking away. I say the GOP better get their heads out of the sand and start fighting back. But as always the the republicans sit with their hands behind their backs. And some of the republicans are turncoats. They go with the dems and the only thing I can think of is the democrats have gotten dirt on the republican turncoats. .

Ronald Palmieri - September 29, 2019

I feel the Democratic party is self destructing and have not a clue or care what their responsibilities are as representatives of the people. I am totally disgusted with these misfits!

Albert Schultz - September 29, 2019

I have seen nothing so far that would justify impeachment. So what is this about? Hating Trump and disruption… nothing more.

George Frederick Grieninger - September 29, 2019


David R. Van Ahn - September 29, 2019

It is apparent that the Democratic party and their overboard “leftist” members are totally blind to the sustainability of a democracy in this country. Should they be successful in this “impeachment” endeavor, the rule of law will forever be “guilty until proven innocent” if you are a member of the opposition, be it Republican or Independent. The Greatest Generation must be rolling over in their graves. God Bless the U.S.

Doris - September 29, 2019

It is truly sad what we have allowed this country to become. I may not like how Trump tends to deal with things but no one should question that what he is trying to accomplish is for the good of the American people. The Democrats have done nothing but criticize this president and block everything he has tried to get done for us. The unbelievable amount of the tax payers dollars that have been wasted on a continuous basis in the last 2 years or so just on these “inquiries” is mind boggling. And they don’t stop. It is almost scary the way it just keeps continuing. We should truly all contact our representatives and tell them enough is enough.

Monte Ferrell Crooks - September 29, 2019

Please understand People (as in We the) elections have consequences. First, We elected our President. Then, We returned that real piece of work, Pelosi to the Speakership. Now, We must watch the results. That President Trump has incredible accomplishments, especially compared to Presidents since Reagan, and the House, under Pelosi’s lack of leadership, has accomplished absolutely nothing, We should be able to see the errors of our ways. If the House wants only juvenile tantrums, We correct it in 2020. If We want continued prosperity, re-elect Trump. Regardless, quit your itchin’ (with a B)!

Pearl Clark - September 29, 2019

I feel that the Republicans should all see it for what this is. Democrats have been and are trying to interfere with our election process. They are so afraid that President Trump will win re-election that now the are throwing this frivolous attempt. He as the president has the power to negotiate or ask for a favor as he see fit as long as he is not making a deal as Biden did (Look up President Clinton’s treaty with Ukraine). They have tried one thing after another, example: Russia collusion that got them nowhere and will not let it go. They are at this point messing with our election process by not wanting President Trump to be re-elected. This is nothing more than a legislative civil war. We as citizens must stand up and protect our President. Contact your senators and congressmen and let them know that this must stop.

Gistav - September 29, 2019

At what point do the citizens of the United States say enough is enough. To me it seems that Speaker Polosi and Chuck Schummer should be penalized for dereliction of duty to those who elected them; these two fanatics along with Schiff should be held accountable to the electorate. How much of their time is spent on coming up with schemes to jeopardize the success of President Trump; who by the way has done more to fulfill his promises than any other president in recent history. Oh, and what about Clinton’s security breaches does she get to just go free from being penalized, for what others have gone to jail for. Legal Equality

John - September 29, 2019

This is a continuation of the witch hunt. I believe the words spoken by President are similar to many other presidents in the course of their presidencies. Impeachment cannot be based on hearsay of anyone especially a detractor of the accused president .

Max - September 29, 2019

This bogus impeachment is outrageous! Trump has committed no crime and is the most pro-America president in modern history. Meanwhile, the Clinton’s and Obama have committed treason and are walking around freely. And wealthy. UNACCEPTABLE!

Norma Wells - September 29, 2019

Pelosi is wrong. Afraid the scum will lose their jobs. Been there way too long.

Steven L Preston - September 29, 2019

Our congress is still a swamp with many self serving people who care more about themselves and their party than they do about the United States.

Donald Wiseman - September 29, 2019

Speaker Pelosi is giving into the pressure of left wing members of the party to satisfy their hatred of the president, The left does not care if it is legal. There goal is nullify a legal election and cause disruption of the
constitutional process to elect.

Angie Whitney - September 29, 2019

Am so sick of the way Dems have been behaving. It’s totally transparent that they can’t let go…wanting POWER and only that! Praying that the voters can see through this ridiculous ploy. Career politicians are more afraid of their necks than the good of this country.

Katherine Wood - September 29, 2019

It sure seems to me that the Opposition Party is accusing this President of crimes and misdeeds they have committed. Why can the Republicans not go after them for this unless they are complicit in attempting his removal because he is a threat to them too!?

mary - September 29, 2019

Why don’t we wait and see the evidence shows before having a conclusion with little knowledge of the facts.

Robert - September 29, 2019

Though the democrats have done nothing except to go against common sense, the blame belongs to their continuance. Also, the Republicans that, now, see Trump as the culprit, have taken the knee to the Democrats.

Mary Ann Allen - September 29, 2019

The democrats are trying every way possible to get President Trump out of office ever since he got in. Practically everything the President wants to do for the people has been blocked by them. It hurts my heart to see what they are doing to him and to this nation.

Thomas J Loeffler - September 29, 2019

Our complete system of working for the good of the country and it’s citizens is broken. Today the Dems are only interested in themselves, not the good of the country.
We must elect people who put the country first, not the party.

Mike Kevitt - September 29, 2019

We need to bring out the narrow common law definition of high crimes and misdemeanors, specifically. I think treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemy (possible only during actual war) falls into that definition. We can’t let impeachment be political. If it’s a charge of criminal action, the House prosecutor files charges with the Senate, which then DOES convene to try the defendant on the charges, just like a county prosecutor files charges, then the judge DOES convene his court for a trial. But, if this impeachment is only a political action, the Senate can refuse to convene a trial, since the Constitution doesn’t specifically require it to convene one. My only question is: If it’s a trial for actual crimes and not just political, what would actually require the Senate to convene a trial? This, incidentally, makes me ask what requires a county judge to convene for a trial.

Judith - September 29, 2019

I think the Democrats are solely trying to divert attention from their own inadequacies by getting the media to back them up on impeachment of President Trump. I think the Democrats are trying to further split this country in the hopes they will have a presidential candidate that could run against President Trump and win. Democrats will never have my vote.

Susan - September 29, 2019

I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is serious about impeachment. It’s just another ploy to distract the American people for another year or so from discovering all the Left’s intentionally harmful acts of commission and omission. It’s to divert our attention from looking into their own misdeeds. It leads me to think that there is a lot we haven’t uncovered yet, and they’re scared to death.

SYLVIA - September 29, 2019

This is just another ploy by the left Democrats to take down Pres. Trump with the hopes of taking over our country.
God help us and HE WILL.

We need to pray and stand strong!!
Pray for the entire Trump family and all those trying to make our country great again and under GOD.

Clive Louden - September 29, 2019

Pelosi is third in line for Presidency. Haven’t heard that yet? God bless America and its Constitutional Republic. James Madison forgive us for electing lawyers to ruin America. Ben Franklin you were right when the lady asked what kind of government do we now have? “A Republic if we can keep it!” HISTORY!

Robert - September 29, 2019

Democrats will try anything in order to keep stoking the fires clean up to the election. So what else is new? Everything they have tried to-date has failed.

Michael Kildall - September 29, 2019

Nancy Pelosi just stated that the loss of the House due to impeachment actions doesn’t matter. This shows just how much the left hates Pres. Trump and the right. They will stop at nothing to hijack this administration using every lie they can manufacture,

Daisy Hess - September 29, 2019

I don’t often watch the “news”, as so much of it to me is garbage. I depend on The Daily Signal to tell the truth. Mr. Schiff should not have “portrayed” what the President id alleged to have said, That gave Mr. Schiff the opportunity to “put words in the President’s mouth”, so it wasn’t and actual repeat of Mr. Trump’s words. Would that have been admissable in a court of law? As well as the whistleblower using hearsay for his accusation – would any judge accept that kind of testimony?

Marliese Denton - September 29, 2019

Impeaching our president is ridiculous, and just another ruse that the left is trying. I believe it will backfire on the Dems if they persist.
We are praying for President Trump and our country. Carry on, be stalwart!

Jacqueline Heyneman - September 29, 2019

I think that this is in preparation for the 20 election. =Meant to prejudice those who do not follow real news delivered accurately. That can work as there such a large percentage of this group.

Fred - September 29, 2019

TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome

Carolyn Jones - September 29, 2019

Job description president. The president is the head of the executive branch, as well as the commander in chief of the armed forces. The president is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress, and appointing the heads of the federal agencies and the Cabinet.or President
“The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”.

Jay - September 29, 2019

Our tax dollars are being spent on trying to defame our President for pure political purposes. Our elected members of the House need to go to work on the important issues this nation faces and stop wasting our money.

Osborne J. Dykes, III - September 29, 2019

Joe Biden required the Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor who was about to interview Joe Biden’s son as part of a criminal investigation. Circumstantially, it appears that Biden abused his office to protect his son, not to further any interest of the United States. At a minimum Biden acted despite an obvious conflict of interest. Investigation into Biden’s actions clearly was (and is) warranted, and President Trump was justified in calling for such an investigation and asking for the Ukraine’s assistance. President Trump’s telephone call with the Ukrainean president furnishes no legitimate basis for impeachment. The current impeachment push can only be understood as resulting from rank politics, hatred, and hysteria.

KH Moon - September 29, 2019

1. They wish it were not Trump 1 2016. As always, they are inclined to depend on wish and hope than to study what is reality.
2. They are trying to connect the name of Trump with the word of impeachment, when they know well impeachment is impossible in the end.
3. They are afraid of many facts that will be exposed while Trump is in the Office.

Ted Dunevant - September 29, 2019

Not finding anything surprising about how the left operates, continually reminds me of kindergarten, first grade etc. Not getting what they want and throwing a fit! Then they grew up…..only in age, not in intelligence or common sense! They lost in 2016, and it’s been one fit after another! Their main problem is not realizing how much more support president Trump garners from their spoiled ways! I’m 68 years young, and yes, I actually remember some of those incidents in early childhood! Can’t wait for 2020 elections, the looney left will again be flushed back into their own sewage where they belong!! Geez, where’s the aspirin?!

Charlie - September 29, 2019

To bad the left can’t work on real problems instead of obstructing the real progress that Trump is making

Lori Kinney - September 29, 2019

So tired of all of this. The democrats need to get to their jobs and stop all of this nonsense!!

WILLIAM WHEELER - September 29, 2019

Does the Senate have investigative power to go into the Biden/Ukraine fiasco?

LaVonne Zirnstein - September 30, 2019

Pres. Trump is one of our best presidents for a long time! He is a Christian, a good family man with respect for women and family, a good business man, with experience, that we need!

BRU/KER Consultants - September 30, 2019

Repeal the constitutional amendments dated 1913 #s XVI & XVII. After this issue is studied the understanding of the Marxist Sal Alinsky movement is underway with the deep state actions.

David M Scott - September 30, 2019

As long as the noise level is kept high, the public is kept busy while the true offenses committed by rogue deep state operatives within the federal government go on without investigation. And the noise level covers the true crimes committed by progressives in both parties. They have to keep up the noise or they will become the targets.

Diane Carliner - September 30, 2019

Trump is one of the best and most courageous presidents we ever had in spite of some of his inappropriate comments. Many of these leftist evil ideas come from college professors at our most prestigious and expensive universities. Perhaps parents should think about sending their kids elsewhere.

Mark A Citrone III - September 30, 2019

The two party system is dysfunctional. The framers did an excellent job creating the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Every four or eight years both parties take turns beating each other up at the expense of the American Citizen. My recommendation is to disassociate from the Democratic Party until civility can be restored.

Patty - September 30, 2019

A tragedy! If the Dems would put forth their energies into working for the American people I would be impressed. Politics and politicians have ruined our country! We need to take back our nation!!

Peter Appolo - September 30, 2019

I think that is brilliant way to go as long as Constitutional rights is not violated.

John Foell - September 30, 2019

This will backfire on the Dems. In 2020 Trump should announce a goal and plan to cut the federal govt. by 1/3 or 1/2 whilst strengthening the military. He will win in a landslide.

Karl McGaugh - September 30, 2019

With Chief Justice John Roberts Presiding over the senate trial Trump will be railroaded to a conviction. Roberts is the justice that made up the idea of “the tax” for the unconstitutional Obamacare. Judge Roberts will over rule (cover up) anything that will shed light on the Democrat crimes and allow Democrats to push their hypocrisy into a conviction.
Impeachment is a dangerous turn of events if John Roberts is allowed to preside.

Karl McGaugh - September 30, 2019

If Trump is impeached can he still run for President in 2020??

Mike from CA. - September 30, 2019

This is another example of the extreme left is trying to break our constitutional system; which is the bigger picture. Same with the homeless problem in California, making and inflaming the problem to break the system so the government has to step in raise taxes and create an agenda.

Bella - September 30, 2019

I’m sorry but i think Americans anger and/or disgust with left Dems is clouding their perception of what’s really happening. The whole world is getting lazy, wants one person to make the decisions … it’s been documented democracy is on the decline world wide! Allowing Trump to ignore subpoenas no matter how ridiculous he thinks they are, makes us closer to joining those countries. i don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect my president to be ethical, truthful, respectful of the law and our military (we are not for hire to the Saudis!) …. somebody i’d like my grandsons to emulate. i grew up hearing Trump news for 50 years living in the Manhattan area …. EVERYTHING he does is self serving …. find another Republican candidate, PLEASE

Carl - September 30, 2019

Please note that it is The Chief Justice of the United States, not The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. And, like any trial judge, he can dismiss indictments without a trial as insufficient to claim a valid offense, can exclude witnesses and testimony if hearsay or lacking qualifications. If the House Democrats actually impeach Trump for seeking Ukranian help to uncover corruption by Vice President Biden, then I expect the Chief Justice will dismiss the indictment (i.e., impeachment) for failure to allege a “High Crime or Misdemeanor”.

Ron Davis - September 30, 2019

I find if frustrating that the democrats always take an extreme no holds barred approach, whether it’s a $30M investigation, proclaiming a war on whatever, or going as far as trying to impeach a president on rumors, while the republicans always appear weak and defensive. Apparently, the Dems believe a good offense is the best defense. When the hell are the republicans going to go on the offense?

Greg Troska - September 30, 2019

Politically motivated.

Kari Gunhus - September 30, 2019

This latest impeachment inquiry is 100% partisan, and not based in any form of reality. These people are delusional, deranged, unhinged and dangerous. They desire power by ANY MEANS, and will go outside the law and common decency to get power and money and to keep their own crimes hidden.

Randy Hagood - September 30, 2019

All the bleeding heart illegal congress people should return to their country of origin. Pelosi should be fired from her position and Schumer should retire. Congress and all the idiots serving need to be eliminated from our government. They are killing this country!!!!!!!

David Brollier - September 30, 2019

Seems like everyone cringes at the word Impeachment. Not me. First off, as mentioned, while the Representatives can call for impeachment, that’s only like getting called to court. It’s up to the Senate and the Supreme court to decide guilt or innocence. I have no problem with that. Furthermore, Trump was explicitly placed in office by God. No one can remove him but God.

David Acuna - September 30, 2019

The Democrat party and its attempts to discredit and vilify our President Trump has only solidified my support. I have yet to read any specific impeachable charge presented by the Democrats. It has been a parade of unsubstantiated charges. I fear for my country should any of the Democrat candidates gain the presidential office. Having said that some Republicans have also not been without blame. When they had the House and the Senate why did they not reform our immigration laws?

John - September 30, 2019

I think it is a total waste of time and the Dems should pay for it out of their own pockets. Pelosi only shows her true colors being two faced.

Jeff Hopkins - September 30, 2019

Great work!

patrick Rowan - September 30, 2019

If you have a good case present it otherwise shut up and do the country’s business as you were hired to do.

Rev. F.D. Wells - September 30, 2019

Without prosecution of law breakers, we are inviting “ding-bat diplomacy.” Republicans have nearly failed to prosecute the law because they don’t have the stomach for it.
“Melt down” will happen, when you don’t enforce the law!

David Carrier - September 30, 2019

The left, Democrats if you will, have been trying to un-rail the Trump Presidency since the beginning. They had everything set up and even had the bad players in the top law-enforcement agencies. FBI agent Peter Strozyk said it when he said “The Insurance Policy”. The Russian collusion didn’t work now they are trying to convince the world that Joe Biden didn’t “Extort” the Ukraine President but that President Trump did. The Media in this country are Evil and working in tandem with the Dems and Deep State to completely destroy any rule of law in this country. Hillary set it up by selling 20% of our uranium assets to Russia and providing Red China with unfettered access to her computer that we, the United States would become the 3rd world country she wanted and she would be hailed a hero in China, the new super-power. The Democrats are desperate knowing if they fail, all will be exposed and all of them will be indicted for high crimes and misdemeanors themselves.

Diane - September 30, 2019

I am so sick of them all focusing on Trump! Stop wasting our money and do yours jobs! I am embarrassed that they are even a part of our Government! I wish they would stop disrespecting the president and start respecting! They need to be impeached not Trump!!!

Glenn - September 30, 2019

What I think is, democrats are committing political suicide, but should be instead, indicted with a coup, or, act of treason, based on no evidence, and what was brought out has been disproven in at least five occasions. I believe the allegation was concocted, probably by Schiff and company, and they should also be indicted with treason. This process is not a game, and MUST NEVER be used for political agenda, but that is EXACTLY what they are doing in the House, and they should be arrested for it. They are egging on a civil war, and they better remember that.

Roger Malone - September 30, 2019

I think that the House Democrats should get a grip. From my perspective they are going to damage – perhaps irreversibly – their chances at a Presidency and maybe even cost them some seats in the House and Senate. Hopefully so.
This impeachment is just a waste of my time since they are doing little or nothing for their constituency in the meantime.

MA - September 30, 2019

It is a pity that such good president is facing such political miseries. If the impeachment will be proved as without base, so, it will be interpreted as an attack to the presidential office, as un-legitimate pressure to weaken the presidential institution, to obstruct the legitimate way of working of the presidential institution and as attack to the person of the candidate (Trump). Trump can demand to Constitutional Court to observe the Congress procedure and initiative as nonlegal, abusive impeachment, as attempt to presidential institution security, and image, and to the person of a presidential candidate. At the end of this game, if Trump will prove that he was victim of unjustified political impeachment, he will be perceived as victim and this will be a political point of advantage.

Gloria R Winton - September 30, 2019

This action seems to be completely unwarranted and without basis, a total waste of time and money. The House of Representatives should be working on what is good for the nation not grandstanding for a particular wing of the Democrat Party. I only hope this comes back to bite them.

Janene Dufy - September 30, 2019

Why is the Republican Party sitting back on this Illegal Impeachment Power Grab. The Democrats are leading this Country to a state of destruction. I feel the Republicans don’t care. Greed has overtaken Politics. The People no longer matter unless they “need” them. Than it’s lies and manipulation.

Sandra Fife - September 30, 2019

I think it is disgraceful for what they are doing to the President and the country, just because they hate the President. The hate is unreal. Don’t know how many of these people live with themselves. I don’t know how the President can put up with all the negative news day-in-and-day-out. He must be a very strong man. I pray for him and our country that right will prevail.

Penny Keras - September 30, 2019

The House members are afraid to wait for the next election because they know Trump has a good chance to win. They are afraid that their own corruption will be exposed. Many of the Republican Senators are also afraid their own corruption will be exposed too. We need term limits, but the corrupt politicians will never allow that.

Rollyn Eckholm, Sr. - September 30, 2019

Testimony by unknown individuals should be not be legal. If they have the facts they should be held accountable for their testimony.

Pepper Ottman - September 30, 2019

How long and how many dollars will it take to run out of jobs for the attorneys that are chasing the bus. These courtroom tactics to facilitate time wasted until the election is totally against the good of our nation. Are we not protected against All enemies, ALL threats, foreign and DOMESTIC? This is bogus and nothing but stalling progress for our nation.

Naomi B. Babcock - September 30, 2019

My husband & I hate this whole attitude. We love & respect our president, & this is the first time in our lifetime that a president has been treated so badly. Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer are playing God with our national government. They should be put on a Navy ship, steamed out to mid atlantic & made to walk the plank. Maybe we could get rid of their awful lies if they were good. This is the worst thing to happen to our country. God bless President Trump & keep him strong. We are retired, in our 70’s, large family, & not much to live on.

Bob Allesch, Jr. - September 30, 2019

I understand a vote in the House should occur so the House can move forward with an inquiry. The votes should go on record, but it appears Pelosi doesn’t want people to know who’s voting for it. Is there a way to freeze this action in the courts, because it’s pretty obvious this is purely political, and the claims are frivilous…they just changed rules so second hand information is allowed to press forward with this. If the Dems are pursuing justice, then Biden and son have to be investigated, but I don’t hear anybody asking the right questions (for the most part), even Fox News, to shift this to Biden/son, even though an excuse has been thrown out, and everybody is going with it.

Leeann Boyd - September 30, 2019

Hope the democrats destroy their own party. My question – besides $ and voting how can the public help. Feel like our interests and hands are tied.

PATRICIA LIGHT - September 30, 2019


Ann DeBaufre - September 30, 2019

Nancy has no back bone and is obviously AFRAID of the 4 stooges that have hijacked Nancy and the House.

I’m donating to the republican that is running against AOC …she needs to GO. I absolutely cannot understand why everyone is following her lead…she is a total nut case dumb as a horses ass a complete embarrassment to our country that someone so uninformed, so Anti America, anti Capitalism has garnered So Much POWER in so little time…mind boggling

Lucille Loman - September 30, 2019

My life is almost over and I can’t remember any Democrats being indicted for their wrong doing. Nixon was humiliated while these same Democrats still continue to commit crimes so much worse.

Why are these people still in office. They should be charged with treason and deported.

gene Meeuwenberg - October 1, 2019

DT is the best that has happened to USA. he has opened minds to the political aristocracy of both parties. Control of money and power are their only objective.
Dems are obsessed and crazy over our 45th pres. DT will be the best 2020 pres. He will have 4 more years to shake the chaff from our Gov. What the H… has the dems in the house done in the last 2 years to help our country? And what
will Dems in power do for us? They will start spending on the next election and not on ‘ Make America Great’.

Doris - October 1, 2019

I think this statement from Heritage Foundation e-mail is accurate: “With the decline in civics education, the number of people who understand how the Constitution is supposed to work is much too small and may explain why the left has advocated impeachment of every right-of-center president since the 1970’s.”

I an woefully ignorant. I went to public school. Now, I think that having a PUBLIC educational system FUNDED BY TAX DOLLARS is getting near the root cause of our difficulty.

However, the breakdown of home family life precedes.

And why has family life broken down? Because a compelling reason for human existence has been lost. And that can only be found through the ultimate source of TRUTH.

And what is that ultimate source of TRUTH? Please think on it. I think you know. Hint: Romans 1:19.

Thaddeus Poll - October 1, 2019

President Trump did not understand, or did not care, that the duties and responsibilities of the US Attorney General did NOT include also serving as the attorney for the President and Members of the President’s staff. Jeff Sessions did resign his U.S. Senate seat to take the Position of US Attorney General. President Trump very frequently and very publicly berated Jeff Sessions’ intelligence, and job performance as Attorney General as well as Sessions’ fitness for the position. Coincidentally, Jeff Sessions’ seat in the US Senate was filled by a Democrat when “Judge” Roy Moore was officially annointed by the state’s Republican hierarchy to be their officially approved/endorsed and annointed replacement Republican candidate. Democrat Party candidate Doug Jones Won the election to fill Sessions’ vacant seat.

Ra - October 1, 2019

He who thinks impeachment is taken too lightly isn’t paying attention to the words or actions of this out-of-control executive (office). If anyone has EARNED the distrust and disgust of the American people is THIS crime family (small “d”) don. He invites disrespect for the office, and Republics/conservatives who tie their fortunes to this runaway train should pay the price for their abject stupidity.

Bill Geer - October 1, 2019

Let’s see if the liberal left has a leg to stand on. Also let’s hope there are some common sense democrats that will block this if the accusations are weak. One thing that any impeachment will have is getting a conviction from the senate.

Elaine - October 1, 2019

Power is all these people care about…not our country, and certainly not “we the people”. President Trump should have ‘pink slips’ delivered to all who pre-existed him. It’s been done before. They first got rid of Gen. Flynn and brought in McMasters and he brought in ‘his own people’. This has all been ‘the Trojan Horse’ brought into the White House/Administration to destroy from within. “BE COURTEOUS TO ALL BUT INTIMATE WITH FEW, AND LET THOSE FEW BE ‘WELL-TRIED’ BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM YOUR CONFIDENCE.” (*GEORGE WASHINGTON)…”ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO ABOUND IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING.”
*I believe God put Donald Trump in the office of President of the U.S. “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS”. Like our Founders, he is fighting for ‘we the people’…”for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He’s is fighting for FREEDOM…”Liberty vs Tyranny”.

James Kendall - October 1, 2019

this impeachment inquiry is a smoke screen to divert attention away from the democratic party, the OBAMA administration, the Clinton attempted crab for power and the continual lies and deceptions for their own power crab of Pelosi and her gang.

Chuck Damschen - October 1, 2019

It would appear that their is a much better case for bringing charges against Obama, Biden and H. Clinton than impeaching Pres. Trump. I see nothing that he has done that comes even close to the treasonous acts of Obama & company.

around here - October 1, 2019


thanks for the information
I haven’t heard much about the impeachment of any presidents..
I’ve missed to much information due to left wing business to start with just thankful I get some information….

Sherry Correnti - October 1, 2019

Everyone in the House needs to be recalled and fired, tired of this circus of the Demorat party, any of them that disrespect our President should resign NOW they all need to stop getting pay when they leave office for the house, congress and presidents, they should have to get jobs when they leave,

Kenneth W Sommerville - October 1, 2019

I am concerned on several levels. Impeachment is meant to be for serious misdeeds. Nancy Pelosi jumped to impeachment before there even a review of the phone conversation that is now released and shows no wrong doing. Second, impeachment is supposed to be supported by a large number of bipartisan members of the House. Nancy P has not called for a vote or even reviewed the evidence. This is an outrage and dangerous abuse of her office.

Dixean Grimes - October 1, 2019

I think it’s time to be on the offensive.
Every time the democrats accuse the President of something he needs to point the accusations right back at them. They always accuse of the same thing they are guilty of! Enough with drowning in defense. Change up the game !

Rhodella Divelbiss - October 1, 2019

This is all very exhausting. If the two parties would work together and do what is best for the country (instead of fighting against one another) it could allow us to go forward. This impeach is wrong on all accounts. I am so very sorry there are people who cannot accept the election results, but crying over it does nothing. The Democrat’s should hang their head in shame.

Paul T Cunningham - October 1, 2019

I want to know why they haven’t investigated the demoncrats before now. It seems to me that there has been more laws broken by the demoncrats since 2016 or even before than any Republican party member. I’m not saying the Republican party hasn’t broken the law, but I think the demoncrats have been breaking laws since Clinton was in office.

Brad Omick - October 1, 2019

I cannot believe they are seriously considering this. It is a simple matter of distraction for the Dems and they have all the power of the media to promote it and make it sound like what it is not. I only hope they do not succeed in stopping Barr from his investigation.

Kathy Wallace - October 1, 2019

If we cannot hold the left off our country is finished. We all need a break from all of this hypocrisy. I personally just want some since of normalcy. Please I pray to God for some relief for the nation and the POTUS AND HIS FAMILY.

Howard Brown - October 1, 2019

Democrats are doing what they do best. Putting into practice the Saul Alinsky doctrine of the end justifies the means. But an investigation may very well backfire on them and place their own, Biden, Obama and Clinton in the spotlight. “What is in the dark shall truly come to the light.”

Thomas M Honka - October 2, 2019

The Democrats have little regard for the rule of law and threaten to destroy our country. They are so hell bent on power, having the corrupt media on their side, having commandeered the educational system, they believe they can march on with impunity. It is time for all conservatives to become activists for the truth, the rule of law, and freedom before it is too late. The history of the world is one group destroying another for their own gain. The Constitution has prevented this for 200 years now, but must be reinstated to keep doing its job. Only we can reinstate it by educating our neighbors, our children, and our friends.

Hazel Diamond - October 2, 2019

the dems want nothing but hatred to keep going in our country. why would anyone ever vote for any of these ignorant people?

William Reid - October 2, 2019

Article II powers allow for the president to conduct diplomacy with foreign heads of state. No ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ could be found in Trump’s conversations with Ukrainian president Zelensky. Shifty Schiff had to create his own version. Investigations by Barr, Durham and Horowitz are hitting a nerve of the Dems collusion narrative, which explains their rush job of impeachment.

Philip Reich - October 2, 2019

I don’t pay or donate through media. Please mail or e-mail me an address to send my donations.’

Greg Johnson - October 2, 2019

A blatant attempt to remove a duly elected president. Does the word TREASON come to anyone else’s mind.
Why have the Republicans rolled over, Again. I know that we not only have to battle the democrats, the media, and the deep state, but why do we do it so quietly, if at all???.
I think President Trump has done wonderful things for this country.
He has fulfilled more campaign promises than any president. The list is to long to recite.
Reaganesque he is not. Donald Trump he is and I for one, think that’s GREAT

Marleen Laska - October 3, 2019

Unfortunately, Dems are taking impeachment protections completely out of context of impeachment’s intent, however fortunately the genius of the Founding Fathers saw this potential & gave the Senate the job to have the final say…Voters will see through this farce…

Marleen Laska - October 3, 2019

Unfortunately, Dems are taking impeachment protections completely out of context of impeachment’s intent, however fortunately the genius of the Founding Fathers saw this potential & gave the Senate the job to have the final say…Voters will see through this farce…

Marleen Laska - October 3, 2019

Unfortunately, Dems are taking impeachment protections completely out of context of impeachment’s intent, however fortunately the genius of the Founding Fathers saw this potential & gave the Senate the job to have the final say…Voters will see through this farce…

Mark - October 3, 2019

President Trump loves this country and has been doing everything he can to keep America great even though he has had opposition from the Democrats and even some Republicans. Every move he makes, every word he says is scrutinized. I think this impeachment hearing is totally ridiculous, let the man do his job that he was elected to do.

JOHN SULLIVAN - October 3, 2019


Mavis L Prins - October 3, 2019

How can they be so bold and confident, and lie and with no hard evidence, and have this take up time and our money to do this nonsense. A Disgrace!!!!

Lane Baseley - October 3, 2019

Does a blow job rise to the level of a “High Crime and Misdemeanor” ??

Joseph Meyers - October 3, 2019

I believe every democrat who favors impeachment of President Trump should be voted out of office. They have spent the past 24 months trying to defame a duly elected President instead of doing the work of the people.and working on issues of health, national economy and military security.

Michael Carr - October 3, 2019

AG Barr needs to take the facts about the Biden Ukraine issue AND the “resistance” or coup issue behind the 2016 election to a good Grand Jury very soon to stop the democrat party’s nonsense so the country can “move on”. President Trump needs to assist above by ordering the release of relevant memos without redaction on these issues.

Gary Cartright - October 4, 2019

I stand with Trump, and believe if the Dems can come up with something;.. let’s get it on and get back to letting him run the country as he is the only one that can get us on track and keep us there. In one term he has done so much more than the previous president.Pres. Trump understands what America is all about and will lead us there.

Ed Ries - October 5, 2019


John Osborne - October 6, 2019

I think that Nancy Pelosi and here constituents are Going Fishing on the Trump administration. They are casting a line hoping to catch something and they don’t even have a hook on the end of the line. I believe that some form of punishment should come to Pelosi and her constituents for obstructing congressional duties to the public just because of their political biased agenda.

Diana McGuire - October 6, 2019

The entire matter is an American embarrassment. It should never be happening. If any one needs impeached, it’s the House and most of its members for obstruction, lies, harassment, and mostly for not doing the job they were elected to do since their election. They should also be made to repay the government for all the wages, benefits, fees, entitlements and anything else they’ve received during this time of NO WORK DONE for America. Shameful! Disgusting! Disrespectful of all Americans!

Linda Johnson - October 9, 2019

I think Pelosi should be impeached with all her minions!

Patrick McKelvey - October 10, 2019

This is what happens when a civilian attempts to invade the cushion of government. President Trump has a desire to answer every nit-picking comment from anyone and, as a result, says things that occur to him at the moment. He is the epitome of being politically incorrect and incites the shame assigned to such individuals who aren’t party to the cabal that is the bureaucracy of those who spend their days spending other peoples’ money,. What he does is not subject to the definition of high crimes and mis-demeanors, for which impeachment is considered. Let him go and re-elect him for what he has accomplished,.

Hathor G Woods - October 24, 2019

How may Republicans and Demoicrats each sit on the House impeachment committee?

Daphne Krueger - October 29, 2019

It is out of hatred because Hillary wasn’t elected. She weeps because she had the popular vote. It is disrespectful to the office of president.for impeachment The Democrats don’t seem to realize that their hatred passed on to others and to the purpose of the young people. They beat people for wearing the red hat. I wish I could put my arms around our president and comfort him. I hope he is reelected to the presidency and the Dems receive very little votes.

Donna - November 21, 2019

Given the bias displayed by the Democratic Party before and throughout these investigations, I can no longer respect this party. I have been a life-long democrat and I have worked in a real court system for almost 7 years. I am now seriously considering registering as a Republican.

Bud miller - December 11, 2019

The democrats will pay at polls in 2020 for wasting america’s time and money on this circus they say is necessary to save us from trump!

Bud miller - December 11, 2019

Pelosi and the rest of her band of idiots should all lose their jobs over wasting america’s time and money on this impeachment fiasco.

J. A. Church - December 13, 2019

To witch hunters of The House Of Representatives Its time to remember why you were elected and that you work for US. The American people do not want your time and our money wasted on your personal sour grapes about loosing the White House, Get on with what We want you to do or loose your jobs! AMERICANS, VOTE THEM OUT!

Bugs Bunny - January 11, 2020

I’m not anti-American but everybody’s talking about what Trump laws have been broken ain’t nobody talking about the laws that were broken way before Trump ever moseyed into office thought you had Newsom Pelosi whatever the f*** that name is okay you know I mean look at the governor of California he is a man of his word your everybody likes to have their best friend’s wife did I say that the devil made me say that you know she takes a trip to South America for what he don’t do s*** here he went on a publicity stunt that is all it is take nice pictures and then go sightseeing he probably went to a couple of male prostitutes to just between me and you I think she’s a little fruity

James Sesame - January 15, 2020

I have ignored politics all my 72 years as a cess pool of chaos & confusion, monstrosity & psychopathy.
I began to follow some online information sources last year especially & finally now I’m registered Republican. That DC is a “Swamp” is not news to me in the least. What is news is there is America First & Drain the Swamp. I’m all in. It’s that or a all out Leftist French style Reign of Terror (mistaken for a revolution by leftists) and Islamist takeover, both already well advanced.
The black fog of leftist indoctrination is thankfully finally lifted from my mind & heart & I’m beginning to see the real joy & hope of living in what I finally see really is the greatest country on earth.
President Donald Trump is truly a top notch role model for all of us as opposed to any of his lying detractors & accusers. If he is not a top notch exemplar of a man & President, no one is.

Granny - January 20, 2020

It is soooo simple. She is power hungry obviously. She wants to be president by ousting Trump, go after Pennce and SHE will become president. She thinks, then, in Nov the Dummies will elect HER for 2020. We have ALL seen this coming.

Ann Worden - February 7, 2020

why aren’t these people being tried and convicted of treason; they are running a coup to over the duly elected government. How can it get much more treasonous and seditious then this.

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