When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker decided to rein in union power and return the state’s budget to balance, his political opponents shut down the state government. The Democrats in the State House have hidden out in Illinois to avoid voting on the issue. Meanwhile, pro-union protesters from across Wisconsin — including many teachers who called in sick to protest benefit changes for public workers —now occupy the state capitol building.

Heritage went to action immediately, and sent a reporter and a film crew to cover the action. Watch what our team found below the jump.

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John Houser - February 22, 2011

Why are government employees allowed to unionize?

They are already overpaid!

Sandra - February 22, 2011

this is a teacher – I would think that a teacher would have some common sense – These people are actually teaching our kids!!!!! Think about it

Robert Caccavalla - February 22, 2011

I gues these people believe that Taxpayers should not have any barganing alternative. Only the union should. How many more decades must tax payers be told what they have to pay, and not how much it’s worth. Or how much the state can afford. Tipical of liberals. They view things thru the eyes of the union. (Their big COLLECTIVE sugar daddy.) everything may have a price. But it is only worth so much.

Mary Anne Elmore - February 22, 2011

I hope Gov. Walker remains steadfast in his position-

JW Culbertson - February 22, 2011

I am assuming that some of the folks interviewed are “teachers” and am appauled at their unwillingness to understand or their ignorance of the true gravity of the fiscal situation in this country. Actually after seeing this I believe Walmart or Disney either one would be better role models for our children then these “teachers”. The comparison to Pre Nazi Germany could not have been a better description of the complete lack of understanding these people have.

Andrew - February 22, 2011

These people think we can’t see that what they really want is the power to take from the rest of us whatever they please on a whim. Deguello!

Bob - February 22, 2011

From what I saw, I’d rather have Disney and Walmart teaching kids other than these liars

Feather Thompson - February 22, 2011

We thought it was a good video and balanced. Thank you!

clayton aspseter - February 22, 2011

I am in total support of Gov. Walker, thats why i voted for him. Relay the message that everyone i know is also in support of him, DON”T BACK DOWN!

David Erickson - February 22, 2011

Like many government workers they seem to believe that we work for them and not that they work for us…the taxpayer…

Andrea - February 22, 2011

Show me the evidence that shows that more money poured into education produces better students. We have SO dumbed down the standards so that teachers don’t look dumb, yet they are being paid more and more. My tax money pays for my retirement and theirs, it pays for my pension and theirs. Enough is enough. And now the NY state teachers’ union will be spending more than $1mill on an advertisement campaign against Gov. Cuomo’s cuts to school aid. Hmmm, have they nothing better to do with $1.1 million? Teacher unions need to be dismantled. They are way too greedy.

James R. White - February 22, 2011

I support the governor position on this matter.

I recently lost a lot of money holding GM bonds.

The U.S. Government kicked investors to the curb.
At the same time they shared approx 16% of stock to
the union members. The U.S. Goverment own 62% of
stock. Many other states are in the same trouble with
teacher & state employees unions. California is one of them. Inserting a third party(union) is not a good thing
to do.

Russell buckley - February 22, 2011

Public employee unions have too much power. They can harm our children by not teaching – as they do now in Wisconsin. They can withhold other vital public services. The bargaining and legislative processes are terribly tilted in favor of unions – that is how they have been able to win the outrageous salaries and benefits – particularly pensions – they enjoy in my State (California). The State and most of its municipalities have been brought to their knees financially. Let the marketplace be the guide for salaries and benefits!

Robert - February 22, 2011

Government employees do not need to belong to a union
when dealing with local and state employees.
The unions have already gained twice the pay of non-union employees.

C. Reed - February 22, 2011

I am sick and tired of the greedy unions and the selfish people who support them. EVERYONE must sacrifice for the sake of America. These people are clueless. We need to get rid of at least half of the government employees…..they are deadwood.

Michael Grow - February 22, 2011

I’ve been in the work force in Minnesota for 40 years.
In 1982 I took a 25% pay cut that lasted for 2 years.
In 2008 the company I worked for lost 40 % of the previous years sales. We sold one third of our fleet of trucks, There was a wage and hiring freeze, longtime employees lost vacation benefits. Some lost their job. We had to adjust our size in order to remain profitable. There is no business if there is no profit. I do not understand and will not accept this notion that public employees never adjust to economic times.

David Karwoski - February 22, 2011

This goes to show how absolutely ignorant, greedy, public employees unions are. They make twice as much as the average private sector employee yet demand the private sector employee pay ever increasing salaries, lifetime health insurance and pension similiar to their monthly salaries for life. People of WI are fed up with this and the polls show it. Here is a concept for the public employees start paying for your own retirement, healthcare like the private sector does also get paid a salary that is NO higher than a private sector employee.
What a sham these union teacher and administrator have pulled on the people of WI. Here is a thought until you raise the % of students who graduate to 98 you must have a pay cut equal to the % of graduating students from your current salary

Darren Waddell - February 22, 2011

As a teacher I am embarrassed by the behavior and the clear lack of understanding of the situation. I’m in Texas and I can see why it’s an obvious thing to do as a government. I wish my salary was as high!

Jim Albertson - February 22, 2011

If Wisconsin doesn’t remove collective bargaining from state employees and settles for a few give backs now, the state will have the same problem in 2-4 years.

Walker is right and needs support. When he eliminates the union mess and uses the strong state workers right laws the state workers can be like the rest of us. For Wisconsin they will have lower taxes, better education, more company startups and new companies relocating to state and thus more good jobs.

walter johnson - February 22, 2011

Keep up the pressure on the unions, you can’t give up because you’ll not get this kind of support again because no one will trust your word. I support all of you and what you are doing for your state as well as states across all of America, this is the time and moment to stay strong in your convictions. God bless you all.

Richard W. Gorski, M.D. - February 22, 2011

Do what Pres. Ronald Reagan did…since they are endangering the public welfare….FIRE THEM ALL …at once. Good luck finding a job. You and your union are a joke.

Stan Huie - February 22, 2011

And these people teach our kids !!!!!!!!!! No wonder our education system is in such a terrible mess. Thank you Heritage for your work on behalf of our nation.

Todd - February 22, 2011

Public sector unions should not exist. It’s bad enough to work for an employer that has no competition, but then to also have collective bargaining rights and the ability to go on strike? This is insanity. It has to stop – at some point you run out of other people’s money!

Robert Reid - February 22, 2011

I have heard on some program that the protesters carry many posters but there were no American flags seen. I watched the video and that was true. I feel that they have been offered more than a fair reduction in their benefits and that they should be happy with what they were offered. Should they shut down the schools any more, they should be fired, particularly in that they have used false medical statements to claim sick leave. The physicians should be required to prove that they examined the “patients” that received their excuses.

Stewart Rivall - February 22, 2011

Great video – Pretty revealing – The protesters are oblivious to what is happening all around them, especially in the private sector – It’s a childlike denial of reality.

M Passannante - February 22, 2011

its the 180 dy year, the layered bureaucracy, the extra overtime in the three years before retirement to jack up their retirement pay. Everyone says the govt should pay,we are the govt. so, therefore, we will pay for them. Regular workders have no one to back them up.

John R. Maravich - February 22, 2011

It is freshing to see a government that is attempting to live within its means. I applaud the Wisconsin governor for living up to his campaign promises. I hope that this will serve as the example for my state of PA and also for the federal government. I am tired, the same as most Americans, of the Dems pandering to the unions. With taxpayer money.

John Hazeltine - February 22, 2011

Congratulations on the video. Next, please show examples of eager, spirited and effective younger teaches who may be displaced in favor of tenured but less effective teachers due to LIFO – if the governor has to choose layoffs for fiscal reasons. Also, please consider a video which discusses costs & benefits of privatization of state run K-12 schools, including relationships between declining educational outcomes and citizens’ standard of living.

Christine - February 22, 2011

I support Gov. Walker. The Unions can use all the smoke and mirrors to hide the real facts that they are the problem and Gov. Walker’s proposals are the solution. They should go one step further and for all new hires there will be no more govt. funded pensions.

Rob - February 22, 2011

I am a state worker in New Jersey, and I am also a Tea Party Patriot. State workers are going to have to contribute more for our Health Care and our Pensions. Governor Christie’s proposals that he made today ARE REASONABLE! What part of “the State is broke” don’t the Unions comprehend??!

Herb - February 22, 2011

Outlaw ALL unions!

Lloyd in California - February 22, 2011

I thought teacher were supposed to be smart; just not in economics or banking account balancing. When the money runs out because of the prior demands made by their union they want to squeeze the Taxpayer even more. It is not about the kids or they would have protested on their own time and not penalized their students. Where did all the union workers come from off those buses? Do they even know how much their Union Bosses are paid from their dues? I say get rid of all government unions and if they do not go back to work fire them and hire the unemployed.

Mike G. - February 22, 2011

These are teachers? Were in trouble…
I would say fire em all however the replacement pool would be no better. Show em a flow chart of the problem
with cures of said problem. Then explane to them this is
problem solving pure and simple logic as a computer
would solve it. Greed plays no role!

RICHARD PALMER - February 22, 2011

My hats off to Wisconsin for trying to balance their budget. We here in California now what the Unions have done to us and are continuing to do to us, which is why we are in deep financial trouble. Gov. Brown will not recognize the problem and never has; because he has total support of the Unions.
So to you Wisconsinites, don’t cave into the Unions or you too will become another California.

Jan - February 22, 2011

I hope Gov. Walker remains steadfast and strong on this issue. Unions just want to keep the power that President Obama wants them to have because he receives a lot of money from the Unions for election purposes.

james - February 22, 2011

My father fought in the korean war, he was a fireman for the city of springfield. he would turn over in his grave if he could see what the (his) union is doing to our country.
God Bless America and down with the socialistic unions

Rick Roffler - February 22, 2011

This is the beginning of cutting out Government waste. I have recently retired. I have worked all my live. Loved God, country and family.I have worked and saved for the nest egg we have which should be enough. I am sick and tired of non essential govt jobs that are a waste of tax payer monies and the people in them demanding more and more compensation and benefits for them and not producing anything. Teachers may not be paid enough for teaching but not for teaching liberalism and Godlessness to the children. Ronald Reagan was exactly right and so is Governor Walker.

JD - February 22, 2011

I have no choice in what I will pay for my health care. Every year the costs go up. If I do not like what they tell me what my part will be I can always quit. Ask the average American worker how much they contribute to their health care plan? They will tell you it is more like 25% or more. Then ask them who puts money into their 401K? They will tell you if they do not contribute neither will their employer. Then ask what age will you be when you can retire? The answer will be, 62 if I am lucky. Probably 65 or older. Now ask a government worker these same questions. Listen to their answers. There is no comparison. It is so out of balance it isn’t even close.

Peter Boonstra - February 22, 2011

Anyone who is not with Governor Walker has got a screw lose. The Democrats are extremely stupid. But make no
mistake there is a lot more war coming in America concerning necessary budget cutting. The teacher shutting
down schools are morons.

Harry Livermore - February 22, 2011

interesting how many of them have memorized the mantra: “This is not about the budget. This is about busting the unions.” or words to that effect.

Lockstep like little marionettes on a string.

Bob Theialcker - February 22, 2011

My plan to solve the problem: NO UNIONS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR!!!!! – All public employees will be paid based on average private sector for equivalent job (if salaries goes down/up so does theirs – just like the private sector). All public employees will contribute the average percentage that private sector pays for their health plans. All public employees will be part of Social Security and they can have IRA’s and invest just like the private sector does. If the private sector has to reduce employment by 5% (for example) then public employment will be reduced by the same percentage. If public employees want to join a union, they can go work in the private sector. Does this sound harsh??? then GO WORK IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR – that will be their choice. Last point: ALL FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERMENT MUST BE REDUCED AND MORE POWER GIVEN TO LOCAL COMMUNITIES. It will only happen when WE THE PEOPLE SPEAK UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!! Gov. Walker – DO NOT GIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!

William Lambert - February 22, 2011

I fully appreciate Gov. Walker who fully understands the gravity of the fiscal situation in Wis. and our country and his courage and common sense need for true leadership. As a college student in an automotive plant in Detroit and union member in 1950 I saw the negative impact of the union and wondered how long a company could be produce a good product at reasonable cost and stay in business providing jobs and make a profit.We now know, i.e. GM and Chrysler. Union’s hiearchy power must be contained.

Gregory H Swift - February 22, 2011

Ronaldus Magnus, the great one, has already provided direction on dealing with the unions> warn them once, warn them twice, then fire and replace the whole bloody lot of them – remember PATCO? There are plenty of out-of-work qualified people to replace these people. If they wind up out of work, they have no one to blame but themselves. Go for it Gov. Walker! Stand fast. If the Dems don’t come back to the table, start planning recall elections.

ChuckD - February 22, 2011

Elections have consequences, and there’s always next time. This Governor is trying to carry out his campaign promise, and if it turns out that The People realize that they made a mistake, they can correct it next time. THAT is the essential difference between these protests and protests elsewhere in the world, and in history. These protesters aren’t demanding a free election; they’re unhappy with the result of a free election. Elections matter. That’s our Heritage.

Lance Houser - February 22, 2011

Why is there even such thing as Gov Unions??? and if they are allowed to exist then a reform of law needs to be put in place to give equalization to the public and private, to much political pull (due to gov unions) favors only one part of the populous and causes ramifications to the private sector, we all lose then.

Dave Chesak - February 22, 2011

It’s hard to believe these people are teachers. Their conception of how the economy works, and where it’s at today is like that of the children they supposedly teach. I say bust the unions all across the country. They need to join the rest of the workers. I taught high school for three years, and did not join a union, as I think the union did served it’s purpose years ago when it helped establish better working conditions. But for years unions have only hurt this country, and brainwashed the union members in the process. I urge all Governors to hang tough and send Obama a message.

Barry Muldrey Sr - February 22, 2011

Govenor Walker and responsible Wisconsin State Representatives:

YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING! FOR THE SAKE OF ALL AMERICANS, PLEASE KEEP TO YOUR PRINCIPLES AND CHOSEN PATH. Please don’t give in to the selfish, greedy opposition. Do not let the media blitz of falsehoods, or the Obama administration’s unconstitutional and impeachable interference, or union obstructionism dissuade you. We, the American people passionately support you, for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren!

Debbie Smith - February 22, 2011

Teachers should be able to understand that when the bank is empty … there is nothing left to give. Walker’s not taking EVERYTHING away, but if they aren’t willing to give up what he is demanding, there will be NOTHING to give them at all. When a company goes broke, they close up shop. That’s what’s happening in WI and all around the country because of UNIONS wanting it all at OUR expense.

Craig Smith - February 22, 2011

Don’t cave Gov. Walker. You and people of Wisconsin can real help yourself and the rest on the country be remaining steadfast on this.

Henry - February 22, 2011

I’m a member. I pray Gov. Walker does not back down. Why don’t they pass the nonspending portion with a simple majority? 65% of 8th graders below avg. in reading & 78K/ 180 days? This equates ti 100K+/ yr.

Joe Kaufman - February 22, 2011

Public employee unions (and Wisconsin democratic senators) want to circumvent representative government and nullify the outcome of the 2010 elections. Union leaders have instilled an entitlement culture that’s clearly made many union members unable or unwilling to look beyond self interest and grasp financial realities.

Nancy - February 22, 2011

Governor Walker is EXACTLY RIGHT. He and the Republicans in the Wisconsin House & Senate are just fulfilling CAMPAIGN PROMISES they made to the people of WISCONSIN! The teachers and other protesters are lying. Why SHOULDN’T they pay for their own health insurance like most everyone else does? Down with the unions, because they’ve been taken over by Obama and his “sheeple”. That’s NOT the AMERICAN WAY. More power to Gov. Walker & those in the House & Senate who are trying to govern the RIGHT WAY, as they promised! Busloads of OUTSIDERS have no right to be there. The teachers who are among them have lied in order to get out of their jobs to be there. I’m a teacher (AND a TAXPAYER) in another state; and I totally disagree with the “buttinsky go along with the crowd” actions of those teachers and others. THEY NEED TO GO BACK HOME AND MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS! It’s also beneath the “dignity” of a U. S. President to butt in a STATE’S governing process, as well…but consider “the source” in this case. No OTHER president would get involved in the “business” of the STATES. It’s neither his job, nor his business. He’s only involved because he’s “looking out for” the UNIONS he’s taken over!

Gary Milstead - February 22, 2011

When I looked at this videio it reminded me of the 60’s and early 70’s. I saw in the back ground a plackard of Obama. This has to do with left wing polotics. To me [and I am 59] this reminds me of how the commies years ago cordinated protest. If I were the legeslators I would pass this bill with or without the 14 Dems. And if I were Gov. Walker they would go back to work within an reasonal ammount of time or be fired. There are plenty of teachers out of work that would just love to have those jobs. With all those people there, all these days, they should be working,something stinks about this whole debacle. The people voted for this on Nov.2nd. with many,many people out of work in this country,in this economy don’t bitch about making small saccrifices when you are making that much money as a teacher. As many people and myself believe,they think only other peole who pay taxes and are not union should make saccrifices,not them. Well wake up,we no longer have the money. A lot of it is Obama’s fault. We all know that .It’s just the left that are not willing to admit it.

Joan Hamblin - February 22, 2011

Hang in there, Governor Walker. More of us throughout the United States support your pragmatic stand. What are these people thinking of? I’m a current public school teacher and a former school board member and a strike breaker when I can be.

Arthur W Hericks - February 22, 2011

A comparison of school teachers in Caledonia, MN school system to La Crosse, WI found that the MN teachers were getting about a thousand more dollars a year but were paying 13,000 dollars a year for their healthcare benefits while WI teachers paid in only 2,000. Also MN teachers pay into their retirement where as WI teachers do not. Scott Walker needs to stand fast on this. He should be like Reagan when he fired the Air Traffic Contorller that went on strike. Federal workers cannot strike so why should state workers. Go Scott go.

David Lee - February 22, 2011

I commend Gov. Walker for his stand to take his state back. The elections of last Nov. were a mandate by the people to fix the problem and he and the Republican majority are at work to do this. It is too bad that the federal government cannot have this kind of backbone to begin the same process. If we the people do not demand this kind of governing our Republic is doomed.
David Lee Feb. 22, 2011

CiaoGino - February 22, 2011

I believe the unions have agreed to increased contributions to their health and retirement plans. My understanding is that they take issue with the restrictions on collective bargaining. It would do the thinking American public a great service if Heritage would outline some of the bizarre results that can and have come from collective bargaining. I noted on the film that the last effort took 18 months. I am also aware that the state negotiator represents the state but these workers are employees of the citizens.

Barb - February 22, 2011

I know SO many people who would LOVE to move to WI to teach who live in Minnesota, but the market is so saturated here. (I could name five within the next 10 seconds). I bet they’d jump at the chance at these protesting teachers’ jobs if they were fired. Life sucks when a little of your gravy train is taken away; doesn’t it? It’s funny, my husband hasn’t had even a mention of a raise in the last five years. These public employees get COLA’s just about every year! They don’t know how good they have it!

John Hall - February 22, 2011

I don’t want our children educated via the “Union” corporation. I think Wal-Mart would do a much better job of education than what we have today . . . the job would be done well and teachers would be paid competitively – with their retirement based on the success of the corporation rather than just a handout sucked directly from the taxpayer’s pocket. Home-schooling and private education look like better options all the time! These people are UN-american.

Rachel Zahn - February 23, 2011

I can not believe what is going on in MY State House. It should close at 6: P.M. We have let people sleep there & trash it for 8 days & nights. Enough. Teachers have had the run of anything they want for years. Our tax is mostly for the schools. I am ashamed of the ” union people” in Wi. Not acting like they have a degree in any thing but “YOU OWE ME!” God bless Gov. Walker

Cauthon - February 23, 2011

Bob said, “From what I saw, I’d rather have Disney and Walmart teaching kids other than these liars”

That’s an unfair comparison: of course a dream team like that would do a better job:-) I suppose a private industry fanatic like Bob would also want to add Microsoft and Apple to that list, and Rosetta Stone and probably a few others I haven’t thought of. Maybe if we had a really enthusiastic voucher program we could bring in the expertise of companies like that to be used wherever their methods could improve education.

Cauthon - February 23, 2011

Several people have commented that there are plenty of people who would gladly take jobs as teachers for less money and bennies than the WI teachers get, but there is not a free market that would let them have the jobs. Some years ago someone wrote a book about unions, “Organized Against Whom?” We usually think of management as being the adversary of the union, but their real enemy against whom they are organized is the person who wants to work and must be kept out of the job by an agreement in restraint of trade.

Keith Helmer - February 23, 2011

Wisconsin is lucky to have a governor with Walker’s insight and courage. Public service employment has always been voluntary and those that didn’t like working for the public could quit.

Ann Verblaauw - February 23, 2011

Let’s say someone’s parents fall on hard times, can’t pay their bills, will likely lose their home. Their adult child rages against the parents and their decision to cut down on the amount of Christmas presents they can afford to give. How is that any different from what the teachers in Wisconsin are doing?

Cauthon - February 23, 2011

And if you look at private schools, one big difference you will see is more reliance on computer-aided education. Teachers fear that kind of competition and like to focus on the allegation (probably true at least to some extent) that some students will not do as well with the computer as in a standard classroom; fine, if we let the rest of the students have a computer and do better than they have been doing, then the teacher will be free to focus on the ones who need them the most. The computer is a personal tutor for each student; we cannot afford a 1:1 ratio of live teachers for all students, but we can afford a computer for each student, and we should have them. We will never achieve the best schools as long as we let the unions make the rules.

R. A. Roberts - February 23, 2011

I currently put 10% of my gross pay into my 401k which has become very gross. My employer matches only 5% and I pay handsomely for my healthcare. The ‘Public Servants’ only pay what for their benefits? And they think I as well as you can continue to pay even more for them? Really? I say fire those that have called in sick to protest and hire some real teachers. ‘It for our kids’

Dennis Brenner - February 23, 2011

Dennis Brenner
I just wish I could send you funding, but I know you are not about money,yet you will need it. However, you are doing the very heavy lifting for this great nation. Keep cool, stay like the the hounds on a trail and get as much coverage out as you can. Tlhanks again

John Mulhall - February 23, 2011

Reminds me of a teacher I met who spent 20 minutes complaining about “George Bush’s” “No Child Left Behind” law. When I finally got really tired of her mouthing off, I asked if she knew who did write the bill that Bush signed. Her union hadn’t told her Teddy Kennedy was the author and prime sponsor. She shut up and left the gathering within 15 minutes.

Kate - February 23, 2011

It’s demoralizing to see how many people do not understand why we have unions, or why they are NECESSARY. You know we do have videos on the subject. Unions are especially necessary for teachers. Truly, governments wouldn’t be able to attract good, competent, enthusiastic teachers if there weren’t the perks of health & pension benefits. Think about this: a truck driver with only a few months schooling typically makes twice as much as a teacher does, and he/she is not responsible for the next generation! A teacher has a minimum of 5 years college, basically the equivolent of a masters degree. Often a teacher grades hundreds of papers at home, and has to come up with new and exciting lesson plans. Also, the average teacher spends $700 of their own money on educational materials for YOUR children. BTW, the video is pure propaganda–googling Wisconsin teacher salaries showed they make $49,000 not $78,000, and that teacher salaries have came down almost 7% over the last dozen years. If the govt really wants to cut spending, then how about those $40-50 an hour road workers?

Patrick Wells - February 23, 2011

Maybe having Walmart in charge of education is a good idea. At least kids would learn how to be productive, successful members of society rather than entitlement burdens on the tax payers. At least Walmart is a successful business and not an utter and complete failure like our current educational system.

Chris - February 23, 2011

Liberals are truly delusional as well as arrogant snobs who truly believe themselves to be of higher intelligence than the rest of us, well, you know…Walmart types. I’d love to see the parking lot where their cars are parked…standing around drinking Starbucks coffee…oh no, it’s not about money. They have no idea what non-union working people have gone through these past two years. Well, I have to shop at Walmart. No one ever even mentions the millions of self-employed people like me who are basically unemployed and entitled to zero. Bringing up Nazis always works. My mother survived Nazi Germany and she is a staunch republican…living in California…paying for millions of illegals. Here’s an idea for all those fools carrying around signs that say “Tax the Rich” Whatever threshold for “rich” they want to use, I’ll bet half of the “rich” in this country, at least, are democrats. Why don’t they just volunteer to pay those higher taxes. That should fix half the problem, right?

John Magin/ New York - February 23, 2011

I support Mr walker. It has to happen all over America if we are to survive. Why should I, a sole proprietor pay for someone”s retirement I can barely pay into my own!!!

John Charles Bossolt - February 23, 2011

These “protesters” are the same lock-step socialists who will vote again for their Hawaiian union buddy in 2012. Is it too much to have them understand that the taxpayers of Wisconsin are the “bosses” who are paying for their excessive salaries, lavish benefits, and outrageous pensions?

One needs to catch only a few seconds of Trumka’s road show to appreciate the extent of this union disease that threatens to bring down the Republic. And Dickie and Andy Stern have the President’s frequent and slobbering attention. November 2012 can’t get here soon enough. We can only hope something is left of America by then.

Jim Hauck - February 23, 2011

By Executive Order, JFK allowed public employees to unionize and we are now seeing the sad results. Fifty years ago, the cost of education in public schools versus private (parochial) schools was on a par. My parents worked long hours at multiple jobs to put seven kids through private school. Since that time the cost of education in the public schools has nearly tripled what it is in the private schools. Just look at the explosion in school taxes. Once you’re done paying the crushing school taxes, there isn’t anything left to pay for private school for your kids. Look up how many private schools have closed their doors in the last fifty years.

It is all the result of unionized education. We now rank 30th in the world in science education, 20th in math and 17th in reading. Our education system is now on a par with many third world countries and it’s all because of teacher’s unions. They are protectors of incompetence and guarantors of mediocrity and failure. Past president of the American Federation of Teachers, Albert Shanker, put it this way:

“A lot of people who have been hired as teachers are basically not competent”

“When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

That is the essence of the philosophy of the teachers unions. Squeeze everything you can from the taxpayer and care not a whit about responsibility to the job.

Get rid of the unions and the education system will automatically improve.

Ellen Dimmitt - February 23, 2011

This is about nothing but the money! They are being played like puppets! As a consumer, when I’m not getting my money’s worth for a product, I don’t buy that product any more, but with the unions in power I am forced to buy what I don’t want! Does that sound like good business to any intelligent person?

Tom - February 23, 2011

Since we’re paying for these “public servants” we as taxpayers need to have our voices heard as well. We agree with Governor Scott Walker!

Patricia Reichardt, Wildwood, Missouiri - February 23, 2011

It is really a sad commentary to see so many so called “educated” people being hoodwinked so easily by union bosses and out and out deception. Like Sandra said: …and these people are teaching our kids!!!

Stephen M. Johnson - February 23, 2011

The democrats left the state so they wouldn’t have to work on this problem. If they’re using a state credit card. Don’t pay them and don’t pay their credit card bills.
Until they come back to work. Why is the state paying them not to work.

Judy - February 23, 2011

It is about time that something is done about government employees making so much more than the private sector and not having to pay for their health care and pension plans. Why should the private sector subsidize the government workers!!!

mvsanders - February 23, 2011

Fire all the teachers that walked out on the students to support their union. What a bunch of morons. Maybe it’s good that they walked out.

MaryAnn Desso - February 23, 2011

Union members are being duped by their leadership to think that this isn’t about money. The members are feeling increases in their taxes, but can’t connect the dots…. Their pay and benefits come directly from taxes that they and their neighbors pay.
Protection of the union bosses, to continue to confiscate funds from members, (who cannot “opt out”), and use those funds to pay off their government supporters is their priority. Why don’t the bosses take cuts? Why not ask for decreased union dues to offset the increased contributions if their members? The citizens of Wisconsin will all benefit from holding the line on taxes- even union members! And, if they are allowed to stop contributing to the union via dues, it won’t hurt a bit. That’s why they’re being told”it’s not about the money”. At least this time, they’re not saying it’s all about the children!

Truman C. Trekell - February 23, 2011

I have to agree with Sandra. These protesters are acting like a bunch of middle easterners, Just look at the similarity of the current uprisings and the situation at the Wisconsin capitol building. Most of these protestors are Obama droids. The Democratic party owes its allegiance to UNIONS. Taxpayers must have the same rights as recipients of those taxes.

Gwen - February 23, 2011

This was a great video. Unfortunately, this is a necessary cut and to get our country stronger this is just a start of what we will have to do. Our forefathers sacrificed for us. Now it’s our turn.

Bob Neese - February 23, 2011

Those interviewed were not belligerant, not ranting and raving, but composed and speaking very calmly and sincerely, and that’s what’s really troubling. Very nice people who have no understanding of history, no appreciation for the grim realities and the out of control, break the taxpaying public’s back unions.
They probably have no clue that there are ‘working people’ like myself, who have no guaranteed income, who work longer hours than they, who make less, and who pay 100% of our insurance and medical expense and retirement plan.

Carl - February 23, 2011

The unions conveniently leave out the fact that the majority of their $$ goes toward political action for Democratic candidates. If people of WI actually get a choice about joining a union, these monies may dry up and then we will just have the vote of the people to decide elections. OMG that is so scary!

Bonnie - February 23, 2011

It’s about time public sector union employees live in the real world where everyone else gets a job, retains a job and is compensated for their job based on their skills and dedication to that job. No job and its benefits are guaranteed – just ask the folks down here around NASA where we are awaiting another round of layoffs due to cuts in longstanding programs. When people start seeing their jobs as a privilege instead of an entitlement their attitudes will change. These union workers must not have enough confidence in their individual work performance to merit keeping their jobs and very generous benefits packages. They have to have the heavy-handed union leadership barter for them. Their own work should speak to their worth as an employee.

Mike Sorge - February 23, 2011

Rather than demanding a higher level of pay and benefits than the private sector who employs them, I believe “public employees” should receive a comparably reflective level of pay and benefits, and be held accountable to a measurable level of job expectancy and performance that honors, respects and best serves the private citizens they work for. Furthermore, and vitally important, all public employees should have a firm grasp and keen understanding of the principles our country was founded on.

DAVID - February 23, 2011

I am a WI resident and I want Gov. Walker to stay strong. You can not give in to these kinds of people. They have plundered our treasure. I have a business that puts me in bars, restaurants and other businesses. I want Gov. Walker to know that I have never heard this kind of support for a politician in this state. We are behind you Gov. Walker. Please let him see this.

Steve Dillon - February 23, 2011

Drawing a moral equivalency to pre WWII history of the Jews and Germany shows how ignorant these so-called teachers really are. It’s disgusting.

Jim Muhlenbruch - February 23, 2011

I just love the “clown music” in the background.

Certainly, they all have the same talking points and don’t make the distinction between Public Sector Unions (which shouldn’t even exist) and Private Sector Unions.


John Mazzoli - February 23, 2011

I like this. Teachers are not doing the job.

Lisa - February 23, 2011

The ignorance evident when the people (“teachers”?)in the video opened their mouths is appaulling. No wonder reading test scores in that state are so low. I am totally for Gov. Walker and hope he doesn’t back down. I would love to see him tell the absent Senators that they can’t use their state credit cards while hiding out-like Gov. Perry from Texas did a couple of years ago.

BLAVO - February 23, 2011

I have no compassion for union public sector employees for which my tax dollars pay salaries, health care, retirement, sickdays, 180 day work year, etc. including all the bailouts unions have received across this country from the government. It’s hard enough for a self employed small business owner without a retirement plan to pay my own insurances, health care, operational expenses and then hope there’s some left for a salary in today’s economy. Governor Walker, DONT BACK DOWN!

Bob Leuthy - February 23, 2011

Teacher unions have destroyed primary and secondary education in the US. We may have the highest cost/pupil and the lowest performance of any industrialized country; yet teacher unions keep screaming “more money is the answer”. Well, sure they would say that, because teachers, not our kids are their constituency. Gov Walker is doing the right thing, returning management and control of government operations to the managers.

JAMES C. BENSON - February 23, 2011

The public unions crossed the line and now it caught up to them because taxpayers have had enough and suddently realized it last November. If the unions, specifically their bosses, had been reasonable they would not be facing the consequences they are now. They will end up paying more than they would have because they can’t be trusted to deal in good faith. Notice how quickly they’re now willing to give in on the financials; too late!

Trish - February 23, 2011

I admire the Gov.for his tough decisions. He is a real
leader. Go Gov.!

David Rider - February 23, 2011

I’m not part of a union never have been. I’ve worked in private industry for 35 years. I’ve watched my company provided benefits shrink from full retirement, full medical coverage to no retirement and far reduced medical benefits which I contribute 30% of the premium. Medical deductibles have increased from $100 to $3000 and I fund my own retirement. These cry babies need to suck it up and get a grip on reality. Private sector workers are not privy to the union gravy train these government workers have come to expect. It’s time for them to sacrifice just like the rest us have over the past 10 years.

Bob Emig - February 23, 2011

What is it that they do not get…..the country is broke, the state is broke, the private industry is in trouble, unemploment is really closer to 20% and the future is in trouble. What did they learn from their education, it certainly was not “smarts”…..and they are teaching our children. It is obvious, it is not about the kids it is about power and money! It is time for America to make a stand and tell these socialist thieves to get a life. “UNION”….the purest form of “SOCIALISM,,,,,don’t they get it?

Robert Goble - February 23, 2011

I support what Gov. Walker is doing. The cost of doing business with the unions is too high.
Politicians beholding to unions for $ do not put the tax payers interests first.
Joining a union should be optional not mandatory.

D Ferguson - February 23, 2011

If they really want to “tax the rich” to balance the budget, every state should create a new tax that targets these benefits at a very high rate! After all, it is income! I’ll bet they don’t like the tax when THEY are the “Rich”! It’s always easy to say the money should come from someone else.

Charlotte Guyaux - February 23, 2011

I live in California! That should tell you something! Greed has taken the place of quality teaching while student’s suffer!

I support Governor Walker in HIS need to balance Wisconsin’s state budget! There has to be a starting point and now is the time NATIONWIDE! Be firm and hold tight! Continue to do what you were elected to do as you follow the law. The Nation’s thoughts and prayers are with you!

Charlotte Guyaux

Bob Meldrim - February 23, 2011

Public employees should never have been given collective bargaining. It is a conflict of interest since they vote for their bosses. Tax payers pay the bills. They are hoping we forget that they get more pay on average than private sector employees and pay far less for their benefits. This is one small step toward fairness and equity.

Susan Hoffert - February 23, 2011

I support Gov. Walker and the legislature. I hope that they will remain steadfast and where they can, bypass the legislators that have abandoned their job.

The tax payer should not have to pay the pensions and insurance of union members. Collective bargaining ties the hands of those who represent the tax payers because unions hold out until they get their way. It is a breaking proposition for government and business.

What these teachers are teaching children is not healthy for the republic.

gunther winkel - February 23, 2011

One of the more outstanding Presidents in our nation once said: “Ask not what this nation* can do for you, but ask what can I do for this nation?”
* I think he may have said government instead of nation – but that wouldn’t change the truth of this statement. No, it wasn’t Reagan, it was JFK (a democrat)!

Ron - February 23, 2011

What they are really demonstrating against, is having a responsible, solvent, state government. Don’t these clueless people understand, getting what they want, will be economic suicide? When the State goes bankrupt, who will they collect pay & benefits from? Wake up people!!

Dale Vodak - February 23, 2011

I grew up in Wisconsin and absolutely support the people’s right to protest and bring their concerns to their elected officials, However, what has become of the rule of law? If I leave my post as a public servant here in Texas and put people under my care at risk then I will be fired. If I knowingly submit false paperwork to the government I stand the risk of going to jail.

Those teachers which illegally took their students out of the schools to the protests should be immediately fired. Any teachers submitting sick slips so they could attend these protests should not be paid for those days. Any doctors walking around the Wisconsin State Capital handing out “sick” slips to union members should be prosecuted for fraud.

Maggieb - February 23, 2011

These teachers are all about Money , not kids , no govt employee should be allowed to unionize. They can’t even spell correctly on these signs. They are a Disgrace to the teacher profession.

Patti - February 23, 2011

The union’s power grab (contributions) of our politicians has been going on far to long in this country. I am completely in agreement with Walker’s entire budget repair bill. It’s about time our state, Wi., gets back on track on balancing our budget. The most important part of the bill at the moment is changes to the union’s collective bargaining. It would be interesting to see how quickly the political scene would change by way of removing the collective bargaining from the unions. Lastly, no matter what the teachers are paid, they will always demand more, but without an increase in positive results from our students. Numbers don’t lie.

Dale - February 23, 2011

Don’t want these idiots teaching my kids ANYTHING! How selfish can you get? They say it’s not about the budget. I say for these so-called “teachers” it’s not about the children-obviously! The only thing they are teaching the kids by doing this is the way they did it; by lying to their bosses by getting a fake “doctor’s note” and not showing up for work-yet still getting paid for it! What a scam! Way to teach the kids about integrity and work ethics! And they say they are the ones getting hurt by these cutbacks? They are fleecing the taxpayers! If it were me over there in Wisconsin, I would petition the governor to have these teachers fired for what they are doing! If they want to go protest in their own spare time, fine. I have no problem with that. But when they deliberately “skip school” with a fake “doctor’s note” in order to go fulfill their leftist desires of having a protest at the children’s expense, then they have gone too far! They aren’t going to die with the proposed cuts the governor is going to make! I’m with Governor Walker!! He is doing the right thing, no matter what these idiots say!

Gail - February 23, 2011

Thank you, Heritage, for being there for us. The truth will set us free. I encourage prayers for Gov. Walker to stand firm against these incredible selfish unions.

Robert - February 23, 2011

The founders of this nation said that “Taxation without representation is tyrany”. It seems that these self-indulgent unions and democrats should take note of that fact and remeber what real patriots did in 1776 to stop the tyrany of King George. We did stopped his despotism then and we can stop the tyrants today! ARE YOU LISENTING DEMOCRATS !!!

Nancy - February 23, 2011

This video clearly shows that it’s selfishness, greed of power and money that are driving these unions. Now “after they lost in the November elections, they want to “sit down and negotiate?” As the Governor said, repeatedly, there is no more time! The unions want to open negotiations now to buy time and votes for the “next election” and push the can down the road. All while they get more and more from the taxpayers, to fill their pockets and the politicians!!
I say “GO Gov. Walker” and do the right thing, solve these fiscal problems now and let the unions learn to live within the “taxpayer’s budgets.” Time the people get to tell the union leaders and membership what we can afford and what we can’t.
Union leaders fear this because they will “rightfully” lose their power, money and control of our money and rights! Each day they carry on this protest, lying about the facts, the greater the numbers of taxpayers that are turning against them. They just need to face reality… “We the People” our taking our rights and country back!!

Joe Prillwitz - February 24, 2011

Help! As a Wisconsin educator I am trapped in a union from which I cannot withdraw. I detest what is happening in Madison and e-mailed the union members in my school district about my moral objections to us as teachers participating in an illegal strike and having school canceled because so many teachers “called in sick.” We the union, threw the children and their parents “under the bus” when it is supposed to be all about the children. I have requested to be withdrawn from the union as of this month and have the rest of my almost $1000 annual union dues sent to a local food pantry … but alas, I work in a closed shop state and have no right to withdraw. Who will stand up for my rights? Gee, maybe it is Governor Walker. I view what is happening in Madison as an angry mob trying to overthrow a legitimately elected government in Wisconsin; they are trying to cancel my vote. Don’t kill the bill, kill the union stranglehold on my career and state! Thank you for listening. Respectfully submitted: Joe Prillwitz

Allan Cope - February 24, 2011

I think more elected officials need to have the courage to stand up as Gov. Walker is currently doing. I applaud him for his efforts. The union, management and members, need to come down to earth and smell the roses. I can understand the union members plight. They have a standard of living that they have become accustomed to and now it is being threatened. Of course they are going to do whatever they can to prevent any changes.

Bob - February 24, 2011

First- Why is an organization that’s so erudite MISUSING the word “reign” when the word should be “rein?” I’m a retired teacher who doesn’t like what’s going on in Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest. These folks are breaking the law!! The hidden curriculum demonstrated here is that if you yell loud enough, you can get what you want. WRONG!! The voters of Wisconsin, the EMPLOYERS of these teachers (and the Democrat senators who ran away), chose to do something about the state’s runaway spending.
I have been a union member for most of my adult life and I would not be part of a demonstration that broke the law. My students DID come first!

Maureen O’Malley - February 24, 2011

Walker is right. He is the first governor in a long time who has brass ones. I lived in WI my entire life until a year ago and have watched as both parties have bent over for the unions. State employees (and I was one) should not have bargaining rights. Both their salaries and benefits are well above similar jobs in the private sector, and their retirement benefits are incredibly generous. The Republicans’ bill does not affect union rights for the private sector in any way.

Laura - February 24, 2011

I wonder how many of these union members know where their dues are being spent.

The union members talk about all of the “cuts” they’ve had to absorb – what about all of the rest of us in the private sector? We’ve seen little or no raises, many of us have lost our jobs and yet taxes/fees keep going up and up.

It’s about time that the benefits for the union members are brought more in line with what the rest of us get.

Mark - February 24, 2011

Civil servants are inherently “unionized” and thus should NOT be able to collectively bargain or join another union.

We need to take these discussions to the next level … TERMINATION, and SHUTTERING. Entire Departments should be shut down and thousands of personnel should be sent packing.

dianneyarbrough - February 24, 2011

These employees should be fired with out rehiring rights just like Regan fired the air traffic controllers. They should lose their pensions for breaking their contract to teache and should not receive any pay for time missed note or not. This is about robbing the citizens of the state, not about fairness. They have better benefits than the people who pay them. It is the rich (teachers) robbing the average taxpayer. We are broke. We are with your governor Walker and all governors who stand against these theives. Our children’s scores show that they are not doing their jobs. We need fresh leg, fresh minds and less greedy individuals to teach our children. I do not want these people teaching my grandchilren, look what they have taught them already, Don’t earn your way in life just take it from someone else.

Dale Ball - February 24, 2011

I was forced to pay dues to SEIU if I wanted to work in SoCal at a particular county hospital. When I found out that this union – that I DID NOT want to join – gave my dues to the Obama campaign, I was furious! I was never given a choice. Why didn’t I get to bargain? Once unions were for the employees; now they are just about power and money.
Time for them to go!

William (Bill) Rider - February 25, 2011

Untangle the spin! Transformational Leadership is a new term, I think by Randy Dobbs, but is precisely what is needed. There should be no government workers. They should all be temporary workers currently working for the government. This would place them part of us instead of a government mandated conflict. As a retired member of two unions that I was forced to join, dues must be voluntary. The government (employer) should not take it away. A step further:
Rethink Government! Every agency, every policy, every program, every activity, should be confronted with these questions:
1. What is your mission?
2. Is it still the right mission?
3. Is it still worth doing?
4. If we were not already doing this, would we now go into it?
(Peter F. Drucker)

Earnest Eachus - February 25, 2011

Who asked the general Public if it was O K to even Unionize any Government entity? I don’t recall being asked if it was in my best interest to allow any Elected Government “EMPLOYEE to have collective Union Bargaining.

John Owen - February 25, 2011

Collective bargaining is not a right under the Constitution of the US or the State of Wisconsin. The public unions of Wisconsin were given that right by their state government in the 1950’s. What the state government gives as a right may taken away through the democratic process. Stand strong Gov. Walker.

Gerald [email protected] - February 25, 2011

I am a retired school district superintendent, and I can tell you for sure that the teachers union is a huge obstacle to education improvement and innovation. I fully support what Governor Walker is trying to do. Teachers need protection from arbitrary dismissals and harassment due to the sensitivity of their jobs when their students have powerful parents etc., but the unions are not the means to that end. My experience with negotiating over many years is that unions are interested in only three things – more money, less work days and more benefits. Union leaders are interested in only one thing – power (money). I never had a union come to me and say, Let’s talk about how to improve our student achievement. Major reform in public employee representation is needed.

Linda Freitas - February 25, 2011

The union that they counted on won’t help them if their state is bankrupt. If there is no money for pay they won’t be paid. If there is no money for their free medical, they won’t have medical, if there is no retirement fund left they will have no retirement pay. What will be left for them to do? Work at a private school or daycare at a wage the market will bear? Pay their own medical? Save their own money for retirement? Wait a minute, that’s what everyone else has had to do. If we are lucky enough to have a job, industry by industry we have all had to make adjustments to what the market will bear. What they want is the freedom to negotiate? How about the freedom to work for what you earn and struggle hard to have medical and retirement. The market can no longer bear special treatment. I understand being in a special class is hard to give up, but we are tired of paying it for you. Come join us and join fairness for all. Teachers are not paid enough for what they do? Who is paid enough for what they do? Rethink your cushy situation and give in to paying part.

Herrmann Glockler - February 25, 2011

These teacher pretend to love teaching the kids in their class room, but the statistics say that only 34 % of them read at what is called “proficient” level,
That means that nearly 2/3rd ot the kids “graduating” from K-12 can not read, have experienced “social promotions” to push them out of the schools, will never accomplish their best, And these ‘teachers” have the guts to now say they do not want “Walmart Education” for the kids in Wisconsin!!
These kids should be so lucky and get a Walmart education, which would be hands down far better than the crime perpetrated on them in their tax payer funded schools.
As long as there is no competition in education, America will continue to pay the highest cost, but remain at the lowest ranking amongst the developed nations.

Baruch Rosen - February 25, 2011


David Kochanski - February 25, 2011

I was born and raised in Wisconsin…now I know why I moved away from that state in 1994 down to Alabama! My prayers are for Gov. Walker and those elected officials that are doing what the taxpaying people of Wisconsin elected them to do. Public employees are there to SERVE the people of the state…not the state serve them every want and desire that they have. That’s what happens when you take the cocaine from an addict…they say anything to justify their actions!!! The public teachers are truly setting a bad example but it’s no surprise to me! My support is for the true contributors to society…those in the free enterprise system that make this country great!!! The risk-takers! That’s where the sky’s the limit….!!!

Jim - February 26, 2011

Government employees shouldn’t be allowed to unionize. Unions and the politicians they support feed off each other, and the citizens are the ones who have to pay for the bloated government and fringe benefits that result from this symbiotic relationship between government unions and politicians.

Mike - February 26, 2011

Kate (February 23): You seem like a nice individual that probably has personal experience teaching our children. If you’re using Google (what site?) to fact-check numbers and didn’t use actual government documents, you are grossly misled. If you are encouraging students to use that data in their research, then you are misleading the next generation into believing that what they read on the web is “accurate.” Those “$40-50 an hour road workers” that you complain about are likely in a private sector UNION as well. By the way, you misspelled “equivolent.”

mike - February 26, 2011

The only way to accurately compare teacher salary with a private sector, salaried worker is to consider this: Assume the actual salaried worker gets 10 days of vacation and 10 holidays/year; So, (52 weeks x 5 workdays/week)-20 days=240 work days/yr; A teacher works 180 days per year (2 months less than the salaried worker); Therefore, to arrive at “pay equivalency”, you must calculate the correction factor of how many days the private sector, salaried employee works vs. the teacher, if the teacher worked the same number of days: 240days/yr ÷ 180 days/yr= 1.33. So take any teacher salary and multiply by 1.33 to arrive at the equivalent salary for apples-to-apples comparison purposes (Example: A teacher that earns $50K/yr x 1.33= $66.5K/yr). Now add health and retirement benefits that the (teacher or private sector) worker doesn’t pay for, and you get a “total compensation” picture that you can effectively compare. An “underpaid” private sector teacher taught me this simple math in grade school. Now tell me a sob story about having every summer off from work.

Ken S - February 26, 2011

Gov.Walker is making the right decision I agree 100%
make these people pay there way like the rest of us
they’ve been on the take too long and shouldn’t have the
right to decide how much there paid by the taxpayer, the teachers that left the schools to strike need to be fired today! it just goe’s to show you how ignorant and greedy these people really are, hopefully they read the comments people are giving, there not to popular right now, and could care less about there state,hope this happens in Minnesota also so we can rein them in here too

Edward Kent - February 26, 2011

You must give a more thorough explanation of what “COLLECTIVE BARGAINING” really is! Most people don’t comprehend its ramifications!

Joan Knoertzer - February 26, 2011

These people are teachers? I thought teachers were in the business of stating the facts, coming to logical conclusions and inspiring students to learn more. I am shocked at the cavalier and self-serving attitude of these teachers. They have no respect for their students or the rest of us who are paying for their health care and salaries. They are filled with hatred toward all of us, and this is clouding what little judgment they have. 180 days – $78,000? I taught for 35 years and never got close to that amount of money, but then I wasn’t in it for the money. I wanted to teach subject matter. I wanted kids to love to learn. I wanted them to do their best — excellence was my goal for each and every child. No wonder we can’t raise scores. The kids are absorbing the hatred and vitriol of their teachers and end up hating education themselves. I can’t believe I am supporting these “pretend” teachers with my taxes, and I am helpless to do anything about it.

Paul Taylor - February 26, 2011

Unions early on did a great service in helping deal with abuses, ie,child labor,etc. Now, unfortunately they have become the abusers. Corruption at the head, along with the idea with too many members that I do not need to excell, live up to my God given ability for the union will take care of me has turned what could be good into what is an organization concerned only with themselves. A country cannot stand when groups of people no longer care about the whole. It is time to do what is good for the future. Thanks to the statesmen( not politicians) who are willing to stand up and tell the truth and deal with reality.

Joseph Blasi Sr. - February 26, 2011

First of all, I don’t see the teachers reasoning that this is not about money it’s about Union busting! My first thought is teachers are way over paid in salary with respect to the actual number of days they are required to work period.
Where else in the private sector can you earn on average $75,000 plus a year,for showing up a total of 180 days?This is about $416 per day for the 36 weeks they are required to work and that’s excluding their benefits altogether.
I would like to know the dollar figure annually for the benefit package each of these so called “put upon”
teachers receive.I believe the combined total is
substantially more than that for a worker in the private sector required to work on average forty eight weeks.
Why would any taxpayer not want to see this obvious
waste of taxpayer money remedied?

Alex Simic - February 26, 2011

Do these people have any idea of what happened in Nazi Germany? Among other things, Wisconsin needs to review it’s hiring standards. After viewing this video, I am having a difficult time finding my jaw after it dropped to the floor. I wouldn’t mind their high salaries and benifits packages if it wasn’t for the fact that they are completely incompetent.

Max Binkley - February 28, 2011

The union women and men are ignorant, or stupid, and if they are union you can’t fix stupid. Asking them to come out in the light from under the rock they live in is useless, and too time-consuming. Lay them off.

David R Frazier - March 1, 2011

I support Gov, Walker in what he is doing. To long have these union people held our cjhildern as hostages. They strke when they feel like it with no consideration for our childerns education. These unions spend millions upon million of the tax payers money not there money to support these democrats who would rather serconvent our constitution. It is time for we the people to back these Govennors who are trying hard to get there states back to a solid financial state. I say, lets help these Govenors to stop these unions from destorying the true AMERICAN WAY. Unions are to blame for all the companies who have left this great country because they can no longer compete in the market because of these DAM UNIONS!!!!!!!! It is time to take back our country from these unions an make our coutry a place where we can compete in the world market again. I say GOD BLESS GOVENOR WALKER AND ALL THE OTHER GOVENORS WHO ARE TRYING TO GET BACK CONTROL. DOWN WITH THE UNIONS!!!!!

Judy Augustson - March 1, 2011

Who are these teachers?? As a former teacher of 28 years I am embarrassed by the comments of these teachers!!!!! I hope Gov. Walker stands strong in his position!!!

Joanne - March 4, 2011

Public union members keep saying it’s about their “rights”. That is a totally ridiculous comment. Where in the constitution does it say government workers have a right to unionize? Their “right” to unionize takes away my “right” not to have be unfairly taxed for their luxury benefits and high wages. Public unions should be outlawed…taxpayers should not be forced to pay for them!

Joanne - March 4, 2011

Oh, by the way, remember teachers in my district (and probably many union employees across the country) get paid for their lunch break. How many private employees get paid for their lunch break? The deeper you look into what they get, the more corruption you see.

Travis Brown - March 5, 2011

In the public sector collective bargaining game the only loser is YOU “The Tax Payer”. Every Body else wins. We need to let vouchers and school reign supreme. That is the only way we are going to fix the education(indoctrination) system.

Don malloy - March 5, 2011

Looks like the “party” is about to be over for the unions !

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