Opposition to the Internet sales tax is not limited to conservatives. Watch the video above to hear the words of the Democratic lawmakers who oppose this tax.

The Heritage Foundation’s T. Elliot Gaiser outlines 10 reasons these Democrats oppose the Internet sales tax. 

  1. It will hobble the Internet economy and constrain online commerce.
  2. It forces small businesses to jump through new bureaucratic hoops.
  3. The bill erodes state sovereignty.
  4. It is full of unintended consequences.
  5. It will take the Internet down a dark path.
  6. It forces small businesses to become tax collectors for other states.
  7. It unleashes all the nation’s tax collectors on small businesses.
  8. How does this bill create jobs? It doesn’t.
  9. It violates the “do no harm” principle.
  10. It forces businesses to track thousands of different tax codes.

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