Opposition to the Internet sales tax is not limited to conservatives. Watch the video above to hear the words of the Democratic lawmakers who oppose this tax.

The Heritage Foundation’s T. Elliot Gaiser outlines 10 reasons these Democrats oppose the Internet sales tax. 

  1. It will hobble the Internet economy and constrain online commerce.
  2. It forces small businesses to jump through new bureaucratic hoops.
  3. The bill erodes state sovereignty.
  4. It is full of unintended consequences.
  5. It will take the Internet down a dark path.
  6. It forces small businesses to become tax collectors for other states.
  7. It unleashes all the nation’s tax collectors on small businesses.
  8. How does this bill create jobs? It doesn’t.
  9. It violates the “do no harm” principle.
  10. It forces businesses to track thousands of different tax codes.

What do you think about the Internet sales tax? Tell us in the comments below.

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richard deckard - April 30, 2013

Question: Does the HF have a number on how much the federal Common Core Standards is and will cost the taxpayer….e.g. 1965 start of Medicare…projected cost by 1990…of seven (7) billion…actual cost by 1990 was sixty-seven billion dollars (67)…Please…when will the American taxpayer think and vote accordingly?

W R Jackson Jr - May 1, 2013


Just an old Retread - May 1, 2013

It will drive many small businesses out of the market. This will reduce the competition that exists to keep prices at reasonable levels. I expect big businesses will love this option as it will significantly increase their income to the detriment of the purchasers. Is it not the time to consider the purchaser, giving them the freedom where they can get the best deal that they can afford. It more or less comes down to who this ‘country’ feels is more important – a. big business, or b. the citizens of this grand country.

Sylvia Sykes - July 3, 2014

No internet sales tax! Creates massive operational problems for the businesses and will hinder buyers from being able to find needed products without travelling great distances.

Kathy Smith - July 4, 2014

It is not pro growth and will end up adversely affecting the low income consumer when costs will be ppassed down to them.

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