Heritage’s Romina Boccia previews the new taxes and spending in President Obama’s forthcoming 2015 budget plan on Fox Business:

“This president has presided over the largest peacetime deficits in U.S. history,” Boccia told Gerri Willis. And based on early reports, the new budget would pile on more spending and debt while imposing new taxes.

Do you think the budget should increase taxes and spending?

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Kenneth J Hiemenz - February 27, 2014

No X@* way.

Ron Gregory - February 27, 2014

The president is still determined to destroy this country without the aid of any foreign country. I am amazed that he even proposed a budget for 2015. If Congress doesn’t stop this guy, our country will never survive him. The Senate is responsible for allowing him to destroy everything this country has stood for all these years. Remember that at the next election but remember to keep the GOP in charge of the House of Representatives.

Peter Hebert - February 27, 2014

Obama needs to be impeached and then put in jail for the rest of his life for tyranny against the American people and our constitution

Mary - February 27, 2014

Absolutely NOT!

Daniel Elliott - February 27, 2014

You did not include tax deductions for property, and you should eliminate tax on social security. The recent 1.5% COLA is an insult to all retirees who have built this nation and paid their way. The 2014 COLA is quickly erased by higher Medicare Parts B, C, and D and Social Security taxes, and the actual cost of living increases on property taxes, food, gasoline. You (Heritage) are living in the past. America needs more jobs. Not just from retailers, but from new industries, of which you know little. It would be worth your while to contact me to learn more about the game changing new paradigms of what America needs to do for sustainable new jobs. You (Heritage) are re-structuring what has already failed.
About the simplest example for you is the Cash for Clunkers fiasco. If that money was spent to upgrade the average SEER rating of air-condition systems, you would have created many new sustainable jobs, cut electricity usage, and given more income to home owners.
Believe me, that this is the simplest of examples. There are dozens of larger, more productive opportunities in America that can be done by private investment if the government would stop getting in the way of progress.
If you got this far, thank you for listening. Why not listen to everyone that has ideas. DC doesn’t know everything.

Charles - February 27, 2014

What kind of a question is should spending be increased and more stiffling taxes added? The only question in most peoples mind is when are the Republicans going to come out of their Coma? We have now had over a decade of this nonsense starting with the Bush Rinos can anyone name a Republican win on anything? Or when they expect to join the battle? And not on the opposition side on Amnesty and more spending as was the Bush gift, which is still giving to the Democrats. None of this means a thing with no team on the field these same questions are asked over and over the results are still zero. As Boehner & McConnell zero in on an Amnesty bill the liberals lick their chops knowing this will finish the GOP. Infuriating the few people left who might vote for them. A true ship of fools.

Gary Harper - February 27, 2014

Keynes must be smiling in his grave! The best budget plan would slash federal payroll and benefits, beginning with congressional members and their bloated staffs. The government could also begin selling some of its assets, especially the “wilderness areas” and use those savings to balance a budget that needs to be smaller year-over-year until only essential federal functions are served by the bureaucracy. We have a spending problem in Washington; not a revenue problem. Fix the spending and the revenue will easily come from increased economic activity!

Anne Laudig - February 27, 2014

What is he thinking?
He is socializing us and should be impeached.

Donald Randall - February 27, 2014

Obama is destroying our constitution and our nation. We already have more debt than we can ever repay.

Gary Green - February 27, 2014

I support a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment. And wording that prohibits governments at all levels from spending more than the tax revenues collected. This forces careful prioritization and tough scrutinizing of budgets. When your out of funds, the program stops.This also stops government borrowing.

Jonathan Bradshaw - February 27, 2014

NO new taxes or increases of existing requirements!
Reduce levels of existing taxations and eliminate the estate tax (death tax)
NO new spending without an equal reduction from an annotated budget that also eliminates all wasteful expenditures not legitimately authorized by the Constitution. All bills for either expense and/or legislation shall be grounded by a strict application of the letter of our founding within its original meaning.
As I create my own budgets for my business, I must include debt and it’s cost as a real expenditure as much as any that appear as regular day to day outlays (as in for labor and materials and taxation), I cannot believe any ongoing concern to survive if it does not consider at least some break-even point. I don’t mind making a long term investment when I believe that there will be a reward, bills paid timely at discount for prompt payment and a surplus, that some label… Profit. That is my reward and therefore my income by my efforts and I built it, by myself. Government never helped, it has only become an increased problem to comply with or overcome, now it is at least equal to or more of a problem than either labor or material. I started 50 years ago and there was then a minimum wage, I complied and I had no problem getting and keeping labor. I permitted and encouraged laborers to become journeyman mechanics. I suffered their shortfalls and profited from their learnings of the trade and they were then paid more as they became proficient. I thought that this was how it was supposed to work. I learned too, and my losses are my education, none of which were offset by Government anywhere or at anytime except on a tax form somehow…. But I had to survive the real cash flow with real money on Friday (unlike the present govt, which seems to just print more paper with no regard for what I consider a basic responsibility .

Janice Brown - February 27, 2014

We NEED to cut spending, but NOT on the military. If I remember my history and the constitution, the MOST IMPORTANT part of the government is to keep us safe, NOT give out money to others.

Holly Chapo - February 28, 2014

Taxes and spending both need to be reduced significantly. Do you hear that Congress? Get with the program the American people want. Has Congress become so besotted with power that they can’t do the people’s work? Are they so afraid of this atrocious president that they are paralyzed? I hope the American people pay close attention to the 2014 elections and start ousting the useless.

Mary Johnson - February 28, 2014

We pay for his excessive white house parties, vacations, and fund-raising trips to support union friends and democrats, and he still does not have enough money to spend. His pay is more than mine, yet he dares talks of income inequality. When did this country get a lazy king whose job is only to play golf?

Deborah McNally - March 21, 2014

The Only way to stop the spending and government takeover is to amend the Constitution to require a Balanced Budget , period ! This can be done By the People of the states by calling for an Amendment Convention ( it’s IN the Constitution) .all we need is 37 states to call the convention ( we already have 30 Republican Governors) . All we need to do is turn the purple states to red ( rep) at a grass roots beginning in your own towns and cities, pay attention and for gosh sakes, open your mouth to spread the word about freedoms and our liberties that are being eroded by this administration and simple greed by our congress.

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