As moviegoers hit the theaters this weekend to watch Meryl Streep portray former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, many will want to compare Streep’s portrayal to the real Iron Lady.

As Heritage’s Ted Bromund explained in Wednesday’s Morning Bell, there is no better resource than Lady Thachter’s own words.

A new video produced by Heritage’s Brandon Stewart highlights her important legacy.

As Stewart writes,

Like President Ronald Reagan, her political soulmate, she came to power at a desperate time in her country’s history, when real leadership and bold ideas were most needed. And by applying conservative principles to the challenges she faced, she was able to achieve real and lasting success. Then, as today, she faced an extraordinary set of challenges and a chorus of voices saying her country’s best days were behind it. Thatcher’s successes are a comforting reminder of the power of a bold, conservative vision at work.

Lady Thatcher is the Patron of The Heritage Foundation and helped establish the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at Heritage in 2005.

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Leon Lundquist - January 15, 2012

Capitalism is the only system ever in the History of the World to have defeated poverty. The fact Democrats attack Capitalism at every turn is proof they are our Domestic Enemy and not a Loyal Opposition Party. They have no intention of actually defeating poverty, rather Democrats wish to continue to exploit the poor for political gain. Says Daffy Duck, “You’re Dispicable!” I call them DINOs and the real Democrats have become Libertarians.

Jim Demetrakis - January 17, 2012

It brought tears to my eye’s, as I lived thru that period of turbulant times, where the “Giants of Democracy” ruled, O where are they now, The Reagans & The Thatchers
who brought one of the greatest evils of Communism to its knees and caused it to virtually disapear !

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