Reporting for the Foundry, Heritage’s Jackie Anderson reviews yesterday’s Conservative Policy Summit, held yesterday by Heritage Action for America.

The event brought together nine lawmakers to help define and advance a principled, conservative reform agenda for 2014.

“We’re conservatives first and foremost,” Heritage President Jim DeMint said, so we should put our principles above partisan advantage.

What reforms do you think conservatives should push in 2014?

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D. Tyner Brown - February 12, 2014

I’m a member of The Foundation and am tired of the failure of the Rep. Party RHINOS. Why do you not attack them as failures as you do with their fellow Dems? Boehner is not a leader and doesn’t have a backbone. He caves at every opportunity consistently kicking down the road all needed decisions for remedial reforms and never fights for them. I’m reluctant to renew my membership until you tell him to resign for he is the problem!

chris - October 9, 2015


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