“The truth is, there is a moral basis for free markets,” Heritage Foundation trustee Steve Forbes said earlier this month at a Heritage event in Dallas.

Free enterprise, he explained, creates wealth through voluntary exchange. This wealth creation, in turn, allows for the great philanthropic enterprises that have improved our lives: higher education, medical research and more.

“We have to find our voices and not be on defense” against those who attack free enterprise, he argued.

Watch the video of his full remarks:

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Betty Dotseth - November 30, 2010

EXCELLENT! I wish that Steve Forbes would have said that he’d run for President again. I made a big mistake not voting for him in the first place.

Chuck Zullo - December 1, 2010

I would really like to know more details on exactly how the U.S. Dollar would become the World Standard Currency in the next five years. What transitions would have to take place ? What happens to the price of Gold ? Do the other national currencies default ? What happens to the American standard of living ?

james reilly - December 1, 2010

too bad congress did not talk to steve forbes about ear marks before this lame duck congress met. clear the deck for the flat tax after congress votes to extend the bush tax program. dont bail out california .

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