In 2009 the Obama administration signed the the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, an inefficient United Nations treaty that sacrifices American sovereignty without any benefit to the United States.

Now it is in the hands of the Senate to ratify or reject the treaty.

The United States has enacted extensive federal laws to end discrimination against persons with disabilities in the United States, Heritage Foundation expert Steve Groves told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last year.

CRPD would not improve on these laws. Instead, it would hand over US sovereignty to a UN governing body that would set legally binding standards and require routine compliance reviews.

“If the Senate gives its advice and consent and the Convention is ratified,” Groves testified, “it would become the supreme Law of the Land on par with federal statutes, including statutes relating to disability rights.”

Speaking last week on the Senate floor, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) laid out his argument for voting down the CRPD.

“I cannot support the CRPD because the cost to American sovereignty and self-government clearly outweighs any concrete benefit to Americans,” he explained.

Watch the video of Hatch’s speech below:

What do you think should be done with the treaty?

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Christel Shaffer - July 16, 2013

I recently received a letter by Senator Jim DeMint regarding the American Perception Initiative and the Board’s challenge to members.
I am puzzled by the whole thing. There is no explaining as to who is providing the matching funds to the members contributions? I am certain it’s not the Board of Trustees out of their own pockets.
I certainly would be interested in an answer to that question.

Don Peter - July 16, 2013

The Treaty is a disaster for the U.S. The Senate should reject it.

James H. Britton - July 16, 2013



Charles Hotchkiss - July 16, 2013

Do not ratify the treaty. Why would the Senate even consider surrendering US soverignty on this or any other international issue. The US must not be dominated or dictated to by the UN…..the thought is ludicrous.

Tom Shaffrey - July 16, 2013

Vote it down !

Jay Huminsky - July 16, 2013

We are the United States of America and by our Constitution, to be governed buy our elected representatives and the laws passed by them and NONE other.The value of the United Nations has steadly diminished since Post WWII and serves no benefit to our country or world peace any more.

Mary Hale - July 16, 2013

This terrible treaty should be revoked and trashed and never mentioned again with regard to the USA. We do not need or want it. Keep the UN out of our business.

FORREST BELMONT - July 16, 2013

I believe that the United States should never give up our sovereign rights to any world body when it comes to laws or regulations within our borders or territorial waters and airspace.

David Person - July 16, 2013

No reason for the US to sign any treaties. We do not want to be ruled by the UN. The never seems to accomplish anything except spend big bucks.

Bob - July 16, 2013

We have things covered fine with our own ADA laws and don’t need to give the UN authority over how we do things in our own country.

C. Ryan - July 16, 2013

The CRPD is just one more example of the Obama administration’s attempts to undermine our sovereignty through the use of treaties. Limiting the peoples ability to govern themselves, as was intended by the founders, is very much a theme of this administration. This treaty is another attempt to undermine the Constitution and further advances the Left’s goal of eventually rendering it meaningless.

Charles L. Richards - July 16, 2013

Kill the damn treaty. Get us the heck out of the UN. It’s a drain on our sick budget.

Manuel j Fernandez - July 16, 2013

Vote dowm the CRPD and maintain The Republic of the United States sovereignty.

William Gawlikowski - July 16, 2013

Treat “The Treaty” like so much toilet paper! harry can wipe his butt with it!

Charles Hager - July 16, 2013

Do not ratify this treaty! It accomplishes nothing for the people of the US escept to give away our sovreignity and complicate legalities.

Michael C. Viers - July 16, 2013

This treaty should be rejected! What is wrong with this President? Why aren’t you all working together to impeach this bozo. There is enough grounds and evidence to have him impeached for Bengazhi Libya! Impeach the President and the Vice President! Our Constitution is under attack by this president and his administration constantly. The President Of The United States first and foremost duty is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States at all cost! This bozo is destroying our country. What president gets personally involved in mass shootings and murder cases that the States are more then capable of handling and then goes out of his way to aggravate and incite the American people into rioting acts of violence. Name one President that has done what this idiot has done. What President goes out of his way to aide our enemies by rewarding them with money, tanks, and F-16 fighter jets??? Americans are getting fed up. I am not the only American who has been outspoken about these issues and others.

Peggy Stoler - July 16, 2013

Tear it up and throw it away. We’ve given up our bodies to HHS, our money to Cordray and now we’re giving up what’s left to the biggest crooks – the UN. The US is done for and the rest of the world will go with us. If there isn’t one strong country to keep order and virtue, the world is finished.

Jim O’Neill - July 16, 2013

Junk it! We cannot give up our sovereignty for any reason!

Gordon Dempsey - July 16, 2013

Any treaty from the U N is 99% guaranteed to be in the worst interests of the U S A and is just another attempt to install the U N as the World Government. This treaty is no exception and should be voted DOWN. Any Senator voting for it should be removed from the Senate at the next election — if not before.

Anthony Rasavage - July 16, 2013

I thnk that any American that would support these chabges should be charged with treason and but in jail. This is our country not the UN’s and we want it to stay our country. God Bless America!

Don ONeil - July 16, 2013

This is just another example of our elected Representatives being completely out of touch with their constituents. Signing of this treaty would not advance or bring anything meaningful above and beyond what is already in place. We must never give up are right to govern as a sovereign nation free of intervention by outside foreign political bodies.

Denis Boles - July 16, 2013

This Treaty should be rejected by the Senate

Mike Grattan - July 16, 2013

We should never be any part of any treaty with the United Nations. We should never give up our sovereignty to anyone.

Alan Bartley - July 16, 2013

Tear it up and throw it in the trash.

Walt - July 16, 2013

Deep six the treaty.

MARG MCCAUSLAND - July 16, 2013


David Ingalsbe - July 16, 2013

Kill this and all UN treaties that infringes on US sovereignty such as law of the seas and UN small arms treaty.

Floyd E. Ballard - July 16, 2013

Let’s hope that we have enough Senators and representatives that have enough guts to tell them what they can do with their treaty!

louisbrinkman - July 16, 2013

Do not give the UN authority over any function of the United States. The majority of the members dislike us, until they need something. We give everything without so much as a thank you. It is a dysfunctional organization and the sooner we are out of it the better we will be

Dennis Laman - July 16, 2013

I don’t believe in having any treaties with the UN. Indeed, I believe the UN as it stands today is detrimental to the sovereignty of the United States and of it’s people.

Virgil M. Jarrett - July 16, 2013

Get the U.S. out of the United Nations…..Period….

steve drew - July 16, 2013

this crazy end the un

Victress Jenkins - July 16, 2013

Reject the treaty!

I agree with Senator Hatch!! Keep the UN out of this and let our congress take care of our own disabled persons. If the other nations of the world want to help their own disabled, let them enact their own laws which they should if the citizens of those countries have need of real assistance of their disabled persons.

Richard Korth - July 16, 2013

Junk yet another attempt by the UN to impose its
worthless views on the United States. Let all those
dictators who share no freedom with us not
attempt to force us into something they themselves
will not allow in their own countries. No UN treaties
that affect our sovereignty.

matt moceri - July 16, 2013

Do not ratify any UN voted treaty. The UN does not pass anything that is “BENIFICIAL” to the U.S.A.

The Constitution of the United States is a SUPERIOR DOCUMENT to anything the UN (and its leftist, radical, socialistic) minions concocks and passes.

Get the United States of America out of the UN, and the UN out of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Nancy Nystrom - July 16, 2013

NO UN Treaties. Only the US should govern our country, not the UN. We have a constitution which must be respected. Only US laws must govern the US.
We have the best laws and the best constitution. Let us use it. No UN Treaties.

James Low - July 16, 2013

This treaty should be emphatically rejected by the U.S. Senate. Our President has demonstrated repeatedly that he rejects our heritage and by actions is diminishing our natural interests. To give our sovereignty over to the UN is totally unreasonable. The UN is doomed to failure due to its alignments and lack of genuine commitments.

Priscilla J. Kennedy - July 16, 2013

Vote NO on all UN treaties! Keep our sovereinty as a nation and keep us from being forced into the One World Order goal!

eleanor edmondson - July 16, 2013

We need to raise the UN building and ship those people to another country. We want no part of any of their World treaties and we certain could use the money we give them to fund their countries.

The Founding Fathers warned us about getting involved in Foreign countries. What brilliant gentlemen.

Don - July 16, 2013

Every UN proposal should be voted down unanimously. The UN should be removed from its US provided location and that facility be provided, rent free, to organizations working to expose and eliminate federal spending waste, fraud and duplication.

Eva - July 16, 2013

Secure American leadership and save US Sovereignty by defeating CRPD

Kay - July 16, 2013

Senator Hatch is absolutely right. The US Congress should NEVER approve any treaty/agreement with any international organization, entity, or nation that undermines our sovereignty. This agreement places too much power in the hands of an 18 member committee that would have unfettered rights and control over the more that 300 million Americans, our ways of government, and the laws of our land. The UN is and always has been an ineffectual body of nations, many of whom would like nothing better than to exercise an element of control over the USA and dish out some “come-uppance.” But this treaty would mean surrendering our God-given rights to a UN committee, of which we may not be a member, and likely be populated at least in part by national representatives whose cultural beliefs and legal mores are alien to ours. These nations will likely include those who deny women virtually all rights of self-determination, condone honor killings for those bringing perceived shame to the family, have legal systems that are totally integrated with their dominant religious beliefs, and loyally practice numerous other things that are light years away from this country’s way of life. We would surrender our sovereignty to a UN committee, many of its members unable to understand and accept the breadth and depth of ADA, and allow them oversee and evaluate our handling of persons with disabilities! This is a ludicrous proposition that infringes on our Constitutional rights. It MUST be rejected, as must any such UN oversight committee of the USA and our Constitutional rights.

Dougral - July 16, 2013

The US should not sign any treaties of this type. We are more than competent to govern ourselves and gain nothing by signing these agreements. All they do is provide the UN with a foothold to dictate its policies to the American people.

Donna Strull - July 16, 2013

The U.S. should not only refuse to become a party to any UN treaty, we should not fund them either! The Senate and Congress should fight for our freedom, sovereignty and not become encumbered with these destructive treaties!

Rachel Verdon - July 16, 2013

Would being an illegal alien constitute a “disability” under the United Nations panel of 18 experts? Would this justify a socialist Mexican annexation of California with UN backing?

Gerald Hewitt - July 16, 2013

We should vote no to any UN treaty. Their treaties are
designed to usurp US sovereignty and put us under their

Jacki Sorrentino - July 16, 2013

We are a separate unique nation and any treaty giving up the power of the American individual to a foreign body goes against the intent and the freedoms our Constitution intended. We are a sovereign nation and not a part to lose our liberty becoming part of the New World Order!

JOE LAROCCA - July 16, 2013


Joseph Warren - July 16, 2013

I believe the proposed treaty should be defeated. It is an overt attempt to transfer authority over the disability program, and related issues, to UN jurisdiction; this will produce unknown consequences. Clearly, the Obama administration supports it since it weakens U. S. sovereignty. That alone is a reason to reject the treaty.

Dee Gould - July 16, 2013

Stir the ashes well before flushing down the nearest toilet!

Steven Johns - July 16, 2013

I think the US should remain under Sovereign control on RPD laws, as well as when Congress decides it is necessary for the US to go to war. Treaties have there place when they are able to provide a mutual benefit between nations, but this RPD Treaty doesn’t give us anything we need in terms of a Westphalian benefit.

Mary-Lou Conway - July 16, 2013

KILL IT! Why are these people allowed to destroy our
sovereignty? why are we allowing Reid , Obama loose without congress ? Obama is giving us away without the voice of the people. Our representatives are not helping but hurting us…..

Don Merideth - July 16, 2013

This treaty, like most of the rubbish coming out of the UN should be ignored, scrapped and sent back ungratified. NEVER give up U. S. sovereignty.

Eric Denton - July 17, 2013

Do not sign the treaty. Keep th UN out of our country!

william hartman - July 17, 2013

I agree with Senator Orrin Hatch. In my opinion, this treaty needs to be voted down. We don’t need to answer to the U.N. for anything like this. Also in my opinion, without the supreme support of the United States the U.N. would most likely be bankrupt and would have been dissolved by now. This treaty sounds like another one of President Obama’s idea of “one world government”. Which appears to me that he would to be the leader of such a government.

Jude Richardson - July 17, 2013

Quit the UN. Kick them out of town.

John Smith - July 17, 2013

If it gives the UN any control over us, it should be thrown out. Our founders did not fight off the British just for us to give ourselves back to them.

Dry - July 17, 2013

Another in a long list of reasons to repeal the 17th Amendment.

Bill Dawson - July 17, 2013

The senate should not ratify this treaty.

Michael Johnson - July 17, 2013

We should tell the UN to shove it. This organization is an embarrassment and we should be distancing our country from these people. We should quit wasting tax payer money supporting them and kick the UN out of our country. We must maintain our sovereignty to ensure our national security. We can also, use the empty UN building for something useful like housing the homeless. Any elected official who believes this treaty is a good ideal should be force to leave the US and live in one of those countries. Any official who does not believe in US sovereignty is a traitor and should be posed in front of a firing squad and shot.

Denny Converse - July 17, 2013

Trash the treaty. The less we have to do with the U.N. the better we are.

Gail El-Ramey - July 17, 2013

Kill this ridiculous bill and get US out of the UN.

Blaine Crosby - July 17, 2013

Stop funding this dysfunctional gathering of nations, we are a sovereign country, we have our United States. Why are the liberals trying to put the UN in charge of us? Is there agenda a world order now? Of course it is.

Janice JuVette - July 17, 2013

We need to get out of the UN! Obama, Reid, etc. are taking away our freedom. throw out the Treaty and then we need to throw out the UN.

Jerry Summers - July 17, 2013

This and all UN treaties should not even be considered by our Senate. The only thing the Senate should consider is locating the UN in another country more suitable to UN ideology, like Zimbabwe or Eritrea. These UN concoctions are just creations of dysfunctional governments who covet our standard of living without working for it (redistribution).
Life, Liberty and and national Sovereignty are gifts from God, as our Founders understood. God separated “the nations” (by language), and refers to distinct nations from Genesis to Revelation. Do a search on your YouVersion app on .

Gordon Borner - July 17, 2013

This UN Treaty should be totally rejected instead of trading off our sovereignty.
There is a reason for individual sovereignty/countries – people have different values & beliefs.
The UN Treaty will only step on our constitutional rights as a country and as individuals. Individual rights are actually the more important of the two.

Loretta - July 17, 2013

If the Senators have a speck of respect for these United States of America they will NOT sign EVER!

Orlin - July 17, 2013

I see absolutely no possible reason for the US Congress to even have a discussion or debate on any UN treaties. It’s way past time for the U. S. to ” dump” the totally inept UN.

Dennis Briels - July 17, 2013

For 50 of my 70 years, I have felt that we should get out of the UN. No other member has the best interest of the U.S. at heart. And, sadly, the only representative that WE have sent (in many years) that represented our interests was John Bolton. Of course, they derailed him as soon as they could. We must resist, yet another attempt, to undermine our sovereignty and destroy our country from within.

Orlin Teed - July 17, 2013

Read my lips, ” No discussion, no debate, no treaty!!!

Joseph Krestan - July 17, 2013

Who gave them the authority to trash the Constitution! It should never have even been considered. Does the Obama administration know that the United States has a Constitution, and have they from the President and anyone acting under his direct authority read it? No one has the authority to commit Our Country, or subordinate any Treaty that will undermine The Constitution. I believe it is long over due for The UN to move to another country. The Treaty should never have even been considered!

Joseph Krestan

Marjorie Taylor - July 17, 2013

This treaty should be rejected. We should never give up our sovereignty.

Davalee Siders - July 17, 2013

We should not ever make any treaty that involves UN laws over US citizens. Stick with the US constitution. Do NOT ratify this one either.

Mary Johnson - July 17, 2013

Members of the Senate, reject the CRPD treaty. It is insane to even consider it. Vote it down. It is of no benefit to the United States.

Arlin R. Johnson, Jr. - July 17, 2013

1. Impeach the communist in the oval office B.H. Obama
2. Fire Holder
3. Fire all czars and all appointments make by the communist in the oval office.
4. Tell the UN to pack up and move to a country of their choice, but get the hell out of America.
5. With Obama out of office call Mitt Romney who came in second in the recent election and have him finis up the Obama term – Romney can getAmerica back on track.
Sounds great to me – Lets do it!
Arlin Rex Johnson, Jr.
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Burnell Alessi - July 17, 2013

Force the UN to move out of the United States and make NO treaties with the UN as they are controlled by either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. The majority of UN members hate the US and all that we stand for in this country!!!

Gary Morris - July 17, 2013

Any treaty that makes the U.S. subject to the whims and mandates of any outside group should be dismissed out of hand, especially if proposed or supported by the current socialist administration!

JOHN D. SEE - July 17, 2013


Steve - July 17, 2013

Take the treaty out to a shooting range and allow law abiding citizens to shoot it to pieces with their firearms. After that, douse it in kerosine and set it on fire.

Connie Lee - July 18, 2013

In no way should the United States of America turn over its sovereignty to the United Nations. Our country was established as one “of the people, for the people, and by the people” – not the United Nations.

Richard Todd - July 18, 2013

Reject the treaty and U S participation/funding of UN.
U N may have a presence in international relations but
should have no place on internal rule….enough 1 world
We are already bound by treaty on 401 k limits set years
Ago internationally–enough outside limits on internal issues

Bob Voris - July 18, 2013

Last I heard, the USA is still a sovereign nation, although obama and his willing compadres are trying hard to fundamental transform us. Why would any American in the Senate, or any place else, consider anything the UN, made up of human rights violators, thugs, ner do wells, degenerates and other undesirables, offers up? Anybody take note of the group of US haters in the senate who voted to ratify the UN small arms treaty? All liberal democrats. We need to clean house in the senate (with few exceptions like Cruz, Lee & Paul) and about 2/3 of the house.

Robert Madsen - July 18, 2013

Impeach Obama for signing the Treaty!
U.S. Senate: Do not ratify the Treaty!

W. Schjmidt - July 18, 2013

Only within the U.S. will our policies be followed as established by our congress, on a one by one vote.
We will not be told what to do by any foreign government.
God Bless America and it’s citizens !!!!!!

Lawrence S. Lasecki - July 18, 2013

The Treaty is not good for our country. Reject it.

Jim Coleman - July 19, 2013

Reject the treaty! Get us out of the UN. It is nothing but a useless money pit and does nothing to help the US.

Marcia Musselman - July 19, 2013

Anything that comes out of the UN should be circumspect and it usually is not for the good of this nation and our democratic principles.This particular treaty should be voted down and removed forever.

Peggy Stabler - July 19, 2013

Do not sign this treaty are the gun control treaty. The U.S. should not surrender it’s sovereignty to anyone.

It is my desire to get the U.N. out of the U.S. and stop funding it even a penny.

Donna Bullock - July 21, 2013

All proposed treaties with the UN should be rejected including this one. Obviously the UN does not consider the interests of the U.S. who pays the greater part of their bills. Matter of fact, U.S Government, GET OUT OF THE UN.

Leslie Feather - July 26, 2013

The United States of America should answer to no one, including the UN. This administration is an obamination
to our constititution and to our rule of law.

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