Talk radio host Mark Levin spoke Wednesday at The Heritage Foundation about the election’s consequences for constitutional government.

Watch the video of his conversation with Heritage’s Ed Meese:

What did you take away from Levin’s talk?

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Priscilla Humphrey - November 16, 2012

Thank God for true Conservatives like Mark Levin. We are now great-grandparents. We do teach and influence our children and grandsons. They love their political science classes. They don’t always agree with us, but they know the importance of having the discussion and staying involved and, most importantly, they know where we stand on Christian moral principles. Being young, they don’t always shine in these areas, but they are definitely deciding to become more and more Conservative with each year. Elders must play a role. We owe it to the next generations.

Paula Piltz - November 16, 2012

Thank You Mark. Exactly what I have been saying. I will speak to that one liberal at our Thanksgiving table! Look forward to your next book encouraging the states to use their powers to reverse this insanity!!

katherine mastrocola - November 17, 2012

Mark Levin speaks for me. The Republican elites are totally out of touch with what America needs now. One wonders whether they are trying to please Americans or the international powers. The Democrat Party is lost. They have capitulated to the anti-American cause. If we don’t act as M. Levin outlined, we are lost as a Country.

jwbeck - November 17, 2012

What a rare and excellent meeting of two great people! I love both, and wish that our current administration could have ONE person of their caliber, if not more. But I’m sure if there were such a person, the others would quickly try to be rid of them.
Even if our country has rejected Conservatism, as a whole, we are still fortunate to have people who represent Ronald Reagan’s legacy, and who will continue to fight for Liberty–even if it means slowing the onslaught of inevitable tyranny.

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