President Obama’s liberal policies are piling on debt that America cannot afford, conservative commentator Karl Rove said yesterday at a Heritage Foundation event in St. Louis.

The President and his liberal allies have disguised this spending spree by “using gimmicks and tricks that sent [Ponzi schemer] Bernie Madoff to jail for 155 years,” Rove told the audience of several hundred conservatives.

The former presidential adviser also chastised the White House for trying to lay the blame for runaway spending on President Bush while not offering a real solution to the problem.

Rove’s remarks begin 20 minutes into the video below.

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Allan Sheppard - July 19, 2011

As a member on this date I received a letter from President Fuelner dated July 1, 2011. The AMERICAN DREAM attachment showed a plan that included raising the debt limit. Any plan that would allow Obama to add more debt takes away our only hold on him. Obama would use it in ways assuring his reelection. His plan is to destroy USA but this would force him to take public actions now. Republican leaders have no spine – help replace them with conservatives. Obama and Dems never want to compromise, only lie!

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