No matter what President Obama said last night, it’s not Washington that has the solutions to America’s problems.

Lasting solutions can instead be found in communities across America. That’s the message of Falling in Love with America Again, the new book by Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation.

In story after story, DeMint and leaders across America give firsthand accounts of overcoming obstacles in education, health care, and other concerns Washington has failed to solve. It’s an inspiring journey, with solid research insights contributed by Heritage experts.

Pre-order your copy of Falling in Love with America Again today.

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Jack Palmer - January 30, 2014

A Canadian watching your country being torn apart by socialist much like my country in the 50’s. It boggles the mind to watch your elite, (RIGHT AND LEFT) destroy your children’s future. I’m sure you understand this power struggle for power will ultimately end in disaster.

Susan Fountain - January 31, 2014

The sleeping giant has awakened. The young millenials who voted for Obama have no figured out that health care is not free, and that he has eroded so many of our liberties. I am ecstatic that the Republicans have been able to block as much damage as they have without getting anything to the Senate for a vote. Keep telling people that the House and Republican Senate are slowing the damage down as much as possible. Vote Straight Ticket Republican in November and take our country back! This will be the turning point!

Jean Cooper - January 31, 2014

I agree the Republican House and some senators have slowed Obama’s agenda. They haven’t done all they could because they have managed to split the Republican Party. We do some republicans that have lost their way or gotten too comfortable in the Washington scene that they have lost touch with the citizens. I agree we need to keep control of the house and get control of the senate but we need to vett our candidates better. Don’t take what these people are seeing at face value. Research and see if they stand for basic conservative principals. As conservatives/republicans/independents we have some issues that we don’t all agree on but I believe we all agree on the basic principles of our constitution and bill of rights. We can’t fix all that has been broken over the last decade or so but we can make great strides if we unite. Unite as one to get the votes out. Over 2/3 of registered Americans were either discouraged, mad or just didn’t vote. To fight the corruption in our voting system we need everyone to stand up and be counted. It took a long time to get here and we can’t fix it immediately but we can start solving our problems and reuniting our citizens regardless of color or religion on vote at a time. Get involved and once you get involved stay involved. We can do this together

Allen Maxwell - February 1, 2014

This is so simple and true. Jim DeMint is an American hero. The Federal Government since the Great Society started has focused on creating and rewading the irresponsible ,unaccountable and non productive part of our Society, bringing all of us down day by, as we punish the responsible, accountable and productive.

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