Heritage Foundation expert JD Foster testified yesterday before the House Ways and Means Committee about the debt limit.

Watch Foster’s testimony below, in which he answers questions from lawmakers:

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Michelle Kerr - January 23, 2013

The mostly non-existent audience is all but asleep. No disrespect to JD Foster, but he was not very passionate or exciting. Besides that this is not the group he needs to be talking to. Get some of the gung-ho young Congressmen & women and Senators OUT IN PUBLIC -town halls, shopping malls, PTA meetings, i.e., fly-over country, OUTSIDE WASHINGTON DC., and do it weekly if necessary. Everytime “they” come up with more stupid, UNCONSTITUTIONAL stuff.

I am mad as hell and our leaders don’t care what happens to any of us. They only want to hold on to their power and money.

Aloha, Mikie

Harry Elston - January 23, 2013

Telling this to these boobs is like talking to a wall.

What should be done is to explain what deficit spending
does and printing money in the extreme amounts done by this administration. And explain it to the people not to their
politicians. Once most of the people understand that this administration will create horrendous inflation you will be able to convince them to change it.

Rodney Lawmaster - January 24, 2013

I just received a message from Heritage foundation. They said that they hate to admit it but the Socialist regime’s think tank is better than ours, but please send money. Most of us non think tank people have known that for at least 4 years. I really am trying to tone it down here. This is FYI, we do not have much money, and it is going to be less as time goes on. What we have done, and will continue to do is send money to people that are standing up and doing something. For example Michelle Bachman got a few bucks from me for standing up today. Yesterday, it was Rand Paul.
After 911 George Bush said you people go shopping.
I say you people go to the Church of your choice and pray. And listen……. Rodney

dan naldrett - January 25, 2013

Thank You J D Foster for going before the House Ways and Means committee.
Our elected leadership in the Congress and Senate are bankrupt, mentally, morally, and spiritually. I expect nothing more out of them than what they are showing. Those that are qualified leaders are silenced by the Republicans who are in charge. It was Mitch McConnell’s turn to come out and announce, We Have Done The Best We Can, finishing in an ominous tone, it could have been a lot worse. WE saved you from Disaster. By the way, why did Sen. McCain, a liberal choose Sarah Palin, a conservative as his running mate?

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