The Supreme Court heard arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare again today. The third and final hearing on this critical case is tomorrow.

It was an undeniably bad day for the Obama administration and its defense of the President’s health care law. Paul Clement and Michael Carvin, attorneys representing those challenging Obamacare, urged the Supreme Court to find the individual mandate in Obamacare unconstitutional.

Heritage Foundation legal scholar Todd Gaziano recaps the second day of arguments in a video:

What do you think of the the Supreme Court proceedings so far?

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Byron Grimmett - March 27, 2012

The comments in the video are very encouraging, though I am dismayed that this discussion must even take place. In my view, Obamacare is categorically unconstitutional and an egregious, even shameful, overstepping of Congress’ power, not to mention an in-your-face rejection of the clear will of the people. I am praying that this legislative monstrosity is struck down.

James E. Snowberger - March 27, 2012

So far I have been impressed with the Justices balance in their questioning. It appears they will have no choice but to, at least, say no to the mandate. Howwever, wilh all the confusion over what is actually mean by the law,by both the arguing lawyers and the justices, I should think the entire law should be struck down. For the democratic Congress to pass a law in order to find out what is in it is not law making. It is nothing more than the makings of tyranny.

Andrew Colon, Colonel, USAT-RET - March 27, 2012

I think the arguments presented thus far and the questions asked by the justices indicate that at least the mandate will be stricken. I beleive this would be the right decision; however, I am not getting my hopes up too high.

Carl J Johnson - March 27, 2012

By all accounts to this point, it appears the Justices are lining up in Political formation. Mr Obama, if re-elected, will certainly go about changing that formation if given the opportunity. Should the Justices not vote politically but vote according to the law of the land, our Constitution? What say you, yea or nay!! How about amen.

DC Walker - March 27, 2012

I do not understand why at least one justice did not recuse herself from hearing this case; Elena Kagan was a big PROponent of this law when she served Obama in his administration. Why should she now sit in judgment of any of this particularly bad piece of legislation? She should have had the decency to sit this one out, or at least she should have been told to step aside on this one.

Dr. Larry L. Mattox - March 27, 2012

This law is so egregious against individual and states’ rights it must be delared unconstitutional. If it isn’t we need to impeach the politically leaning justices. There will be no limit to consititutional attack in the future. This is the most important court decision in our life time.

Ralph Short - March 27, 2012

The Constitution plainly spells out the limits of all three sections of the Federal goverment. The court should use those provisions to weigh the lawfullness of Obamacare. Hope thy do !!

Ralph J. Padovano - March 27, 2012

If Justice Kennedy sides with the liberals this country witll be toast in a few years. There will be no stopping the Federal government from controlling every aspect of our lives.

audrey - March 27, 2012

the fact that four liberal justices are all lined up in favor is disturbing. It shows they are not thinking independently just voting politically. It is so obviously unconstitutional that there should be a huge majority against Obamacare.

Bruce C. Chapman - March 27, 2012

It is clear, that Obama has no regard for the Constitution. This law is a major example of that. This man just does as he pleases and Congress doesn’t have the stones to fight back. The fact that Justice Kagan has not recused herself from this case, is pretty solid evidence, that justice and the rule of law at the highest level, have been compromised.

Dan S. - March 27, 2012

If Obamacare is allowed to stand, where does the Federal powers stop? Obama has said, “It would be much easier to get things done as a dictator.” When are the moderate Democrats in this country going to wake up?

Paulette McElroy - March 27, 2012

I remain cautiously optimistic that the Constitutional intent will be upheld and this onerous attrocity will be defeated.

Gilbert Gervasi - March 27, 2012

I am encouraged so far by the proceedings. It appears that contrary to the norm, the justices seem to have gotten at the real heart of the matter; namely, the power of the state over its citizens. I am cautiously optimistic about a favorable outcome–the total rejection of the O’bama health plan. However, I am still leery that this decision, which is vital to the future of America as we know it, is apparently, in th hands of one person out of a citizenry of roughly 350 million, and that this single person’s decision shall have such a tremendous influence over the future lifes of all these citizens and, indeed, the future of this great and uique nation. I am doubly worried because this particular judge has chosen to weaver in some recent decisions in favor of the state over its citizens. May GOD give him the courage to chose the right path.

Donald Bernstein - March 27, 2012

Donald Henry Bernstein
Obama disregards the constitution just by pretending to be a president……God knows how he snuck into the White House, and God help him be removed from it. By force if necessary.

Diana - March 27, 2012

I think the Justices questions are well thought out. But attorneys for Obama are hard pressed to defend this egregious over-stepping of the constitution. This case holds the very future of our nation at the brink of socialism. If allowed to stand, our government is no longer limited! I also don’t understand why Justice Kagan hasn’t recused herself….where’s the outrage over that?

Ben Modica - March 28, 2012

Question, I always thought that the SC justices had to interpet the Constitution as written not as to their idology….So if the Constitution says that a mandate is UnConstitutional then how is it they have this much difficulty…It appears to me to be Cut and Dry…NO MANDATES

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