Every indication is that Obamcare will limit health care options for consumers, Heritage Foundation health care expert Ed Haislmaier told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto yesterday.

There has been a 29 percent reduction in the number of individual health insurance plans offered across the country under Obamacare, he explained. Some states saw far sharper declines. That means you’ll have a harder time finding a plan that meets your needs at an affordable price.

America needs a better health care system that puts consumers first. Heritage’s Obamacare alternative, based on free enterprise instead of big government, does just that.

Do you think Obamcare will improve America’s health care system? Watch the video and tell us in the comments.

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Dale Alber - December 5, 2013

I do not think Obamacare was ever meant to be accepted. It is only a delay for what is to come! This bill tries to cover many tgings not related to health care. Typical Obama methods. Needless to say we need a true American President. Not the fake and liar we now have.

Patricia - December 5, 2013

Of course it won’t help. That’s not what is meant to do. Those who still think so, are not paying attention.

Tronia Gibson - December 5, 2013

It’s my opinion that the ObamaCare is just another of his steps to destroy this country. Folks need to wake up. Instead of the website being call ‘Healthcare.Gov.’, it should be ‘Deathcare.Gov.’.

Billie Ann Taylor - December 5, 2013

How could anything go correctly with Obama at the helm??

I think it is a shame that we( the men in office in Washington) have let him get this far.

DWIGHT HOLM - December 5, 2013

OBAMACARE will not improve anything!!!

shahn wilburn - December 5, 2013

To force an American to buy health care is wrong. To have the government to run or be involved is worse. The cost is exploding the coverage is not as good and I’m paying for coverage I don’t need. Let me choose don’t choose for me!

Elizabeth Murray - December 5, 2013

Penalties, fees, mandates, and taxes! What do they have to do with your health?
Government run healthcare with IRS enforcement?
Well, that’s frightening!

Joh n Vercoglio - December 5, 2013

I still believe it is a planned program to destroy health care here in the USA. This is the only way the socialists can take over the country. Every move the socialists make distroys a piece of our constitutional system of government.

AF McSwain - December 5, 2013

Obamacare will definitely limit health care options for consumers because it is already happening. From the cost of name-brand medicines increasing to the point that one can no longer afford those that are absolutely necessary, to patients being denied cancer treatments, to patients’ insurance being canceled, to doctors choosing to no longer practice medicine, to people being forced to go on Medicare Advantage plans against their wishes, etc., this plan is a travesty to all Americans. The monies spent on this failing and flailing website could have provided insurance for millions who didn’t have insurance, while those who did have insurance that they were completely satisfied with, could have been left alone.

Dave - December 6, 2013

By requiring these exchanges to cover more benefits as well as pre existing conditions, the cost of private insurance will increase beyond what most will be able to pay.

Lloyd Scallan - December 6, 2013

Most of us know how bad ObamaCare is and how much damage it will, and has already done, to our American our way of life. We are getting sick of hearing this day after day with no one doing one damn thing to end this nightmare. So what’s the answer?

Steve - December 6, 2013

If you take a look back at the history of other entitlement programs, you’ll notice programs like Medicare & Social Security had a bi-partisan buy in from both political parties. You see no such thing with Obama care. So why should Conservatives be pressed for solutions to this healthcare mess when not one Republican voted for this thing to begin with.

hank - December 6, 2013

I think that obamacare is sucking out of America the free enterprise system. This is not what our forefathers set up for this country. He’s (Obama) already proved himself to be a liar. Big moneypockets must be using him as a puppet to get their ways.

Louise Strauss - December 6, 2013

Obama care is another government control of ever aspect of our lives without freedom, liberty or choice. He’s not upset about the website because the plan is for a single payer system. How’s that working in Canada and England?

robert mccarthy - December 6, 2013

the only way we will ever get rid of obamacare is to start by throwing Obama’s top “KAs” harry reid, chuck schumer, nancy Pelosi and all other democratic senators who voted in favor of obamacare (all of them), impeaching Obama and Biden and throwing out all of the cabinet and starting over from scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Bartley - December 6, 2013

I personally don’t think it will do anything but end up finally bankrupting the country, but isn’t that what the intention was any way. This thing was thought out and set in motion long before now. This is a set up for things to come. The American people need to wake up before it is too late.

Teresa Mills - December 6, 2013

Since family insurance plans are being cancelled across the country, doesn’t children under the age of 26, lose their healthcare under their parents plan?

Deborah McNally - December 7, 2013

If this was all about healthcare for the 30 million uninsured, it could have been easily solved with one million applied to each person in a health spending acct and be done quite inexpensively. This was always about the redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the newly defined “poor” so as to eliminate them and upward mobility and control of the people by the “ruling class” which stops all opposition to their rules, policies, and spending on themselves. You don’t really think it costs 426 million to build the website, do you. That was pocketed for a rainy day for Michelle’s college roommate and her friends, the Obamas.

Doug Reimel - December 7, 2013

The USA, the shinning City on the Hill is what is standing in the way of the Elites pushing their agenda to return us to the peasants that are dependent upon them. Freedom is a God given Right, no need for government permission. When you were a child, your parents were the only ones that could say to you, “I know what is best for you”. Then you became an Adult and can make those decisions for yourself.

Harvey N. Bailey - December 7, 2013

It’s already too late to change what has been set in motion. We have a government body of rich elite career politics that are in collusion to take down this country by any means. This has been building up for more than a century, little by little we have given up more and more of our freedom while those in power have lied about their intentions. We keep hearing that they will correct the injustices propagated by their predecessors but it ends up as lip service. We have a few new politicians that have not swallowed the Kool-Aid and have good ideas to correct the errors premeditated by this President. The only problem is they are butting their heads against hardliner’s of the party who don’t want change. Only time will tell if the dam brakes or if enough people stand up and say NOMORE, but then you can count on all hell breaking loose.

gordon - December 8, 2013

Obama’s objective is to redistribute your money to those that should be following the system, that is, WORKING to build their SS the same way we did for our retirement.
Anyone that would think he’s, obama, has done his job is delusional. He MUST be impeached immediately!

Neil Goeckerman - December 10, 2013

Obamacare is not about healthcare or health insurance. It is about control. Through pin headed government appointed employees, those folks that are supposed to work for everybody, they will dictate what is who and who is what, Soviet style. All the sheeple will see. I’m fortunate enough to have lived most of my life already. I pray for my posterity.

Holly Chapo - December 15, 2013

Is this a serious question? What has this president done that has improved anything in this country? David Limbaugh refers to him as the great destroyer – with good reason. Look at important sectors – employment, job creation, small businesses, education, food stamps, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the military, energy production, foreign relations. Are any of them better for anything this administration – lead by a committed Marxist – has done? Look at our national debt. It’s skyrocketing. Annual spending is in deficit mode and has been egregious since he took office. So, if someone can name something that has us better off, please do. Until then, I will stick with the view that this unfortunate choice in a president wants to crash our heath care system and institute single payer, total government control. That is un-American.

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