Pulitzer Prize-winning political columnist Charles Krauthammer called The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector “the world expert on welfare reform” during an appearance yesterday on Fox News.
Krauthammer was discussing President Obama’s decision to unilaterally gut welfare reform with Juan Williams when he cited Rector’s work:

Pulitzer Prize winning political columnist, Charles Krauthammer, recently cited Heritage’s Robert Rector as the “world’s expert on welfare reform” in a recent interview.

Earlier this week, on Special Report Juan Williams and Krauthammer discussed welfare reform and Heritage’s impact on the national conversation.

Robert Rector of Heritage, who’s probably the world expert on this [welfare system], has pointed out that some governors and some states count as ‘work’ hula dancing, attending Weight Watchers and bed rest –among other examples.

If you want this [welfare reform] to succeed as it has succeeded, you have to say ‘work’ is work or rigorous job training, and nothing else. …

It’s a great social success. Liberals have always hated it. And here’s the administration acting what is essentially illegally in granting waivers [under] a bill that does not allow the granting of waivers under these circumstances.

Be sure to read Rector’s article in National Review Online about the consequences of undoing the successful welfare reforms. Rector helped author those Clinton-era reforms, which required welfare recipients to seek employment.


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Edward Sobus - August 10, 2012

Welfare recipients should have to work at keast 40 hours a week for the counties they live in. 20 hours is not enough. They could pick up litter, cut grass, shovel snow off parks, public sidewalks and for the elderly. Make them give back something to all the hard working taxpayers they steal their taxes from. Yes, I said steal because that is what they do.

Lula T Moehrbach - August 11, 2012

This is a big step backwards…not requiring real work in order to work yourself off welfare. There have been many success stories of those who eventually work themselves into a decent paying job and were very proud of their accomplishment of getting off the gov. dole.

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