United States Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced at CPAC during an interview with Heritage President Kay Coles James that she supports Heritage’s plan that would allow military families to use federal funds as education savings accounts to pay for personalized schooling for their children.

The plan would allow over 126,000 military-connected families to use federal funds for the schooling of their choice.

Heritage education expert Lindsey Burke said:

In order to ensure that those who secure our nation are able to access education options that best serve them, policymakers should empower these families with education-choice options,” wrote Lindsey Burke, director of Heritage’s Education Policy Center, and former Heritage research assistant Anne Ryland in a report that is leading the way for lawmakers.

Thanks to your support, Heritage will continue to lead the way on education reform and allow parents to choose the best education option for their children.

Do you believe military families should have more school choices? What other education reforms do you think should be implemented?

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Josephine - March 9, 2018

Yes military families should have their choice of schools.

Anita Dragoo - March 9, 2018

Despite having worked for DoDDS for 20 yrs, I’m confused by your proposal. Is it for active duty dependents only? Your article implied use by non-active duty families. Where do the DDESS schools factor in? What about the IMPACT support given to schools near military communities? How is your proposal NOT just a duplication of support? Certainly, I agree that military dependents have unique needs but I’m not clear how this plan is any different from support overall for school choice.

Richard Brasket - March 9, 2018

i am surprised and disappointed that you
favor more “federal” (taxpayers) $ for
military-connected families education.
We need all the help we can get to
reduce/eliminate the national debt.

Dennis Puckett - March 9, 2018

Why support an illegal federal department that has taken over the State’s responsibility to educate???????????????????????????

Darla - March 9, 2018

I believe it is very important for military families to have ESA’s and better options for their children’s education.

Elmer M. Werth - March 9, 2018

I think every family should have the option of receiving a warrant not to exceed the per student cost at their local school to use at a school of their choice. Public schools would have some incentive to improve and have less time for political activity.

tomJwright - March 9, 2018

The problem today is not the teachers, it is the curriculum they are forced to teach. It would appear that implementing school choice would force schools to improve their curriculum, like teach children to think instead of just consume facts.

Tom Eaton - March 9, 2018

Every family should be able to apply the per student budgeted dollar amount toward the school of their choice. In Texas the constitution merely states that a “free education will be provided to all between the ages of 6 and 14,” it does not say they cannot chose the school they prefer.

Nancy - March 9, 2018

Yes, the military put their lives on the line for protecting its citizens. So it makes sense that we make their lives much easier. Let’s help them by providing the means to acquire this opportunity.

William Coates - March 9, 2018

Werth and Eaton have it right. Also, ‘school’ should include options like group home-schooling and neighborhood schools set up by parents and tutors.
The Janus case before the Supreme Court should be usable to give teachers the right-to-work option; they too are government employees, and the union contracts requiring them to pay dues is an involuntary compulsion by government.

Stephen Purdy - March 9, 2018

I have mixed feelings about providing special privileges or benefits to people who are not handicapped or disabled. However, I would encourage examining the educational curriculum at all levels to ensure that what is being taught meets appropriate truth standards and does not constitute brainwashing our youth with ideologies counter to biblical and constitutional principles.

BOBBY E. RICHARDSON - March 9, 2018


Jack Slimp - March 9, 2018

For a long time, the government controlled public school system has essentially had a monopoly on the schools. However, a basic problem that we now have with much of our schools’ curriculum, context, methodologies, discipline, and over-all philosophy is one of values. As President Theodore Roosevelt said, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Don’t the terrible school shootings confirm that?! And as President Regan said, “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.” Unfortunately, our public schools no longer use our nation’s proven Judeo-Christian principles to gird the foundation of teaching.
The government monopoly must be ended. Not easy, since the states do their own funding. The solution could be simple in principle, but the states would need the verve to implement it. The solution is (1) no more money from the federal government, (2) the states give a school voucher to parents for each student, (3) the parent gives the voucher to a school of choice, either public or private, and (4) all the schools, including the government schools, are funded only by the vouchers received. Result: true choice and end of government monopoly. Such a change would need to be phased in over time, but no change equals no solution.

helen - March 9, 2018

Yes. Something should be done about the indoctrination of our kids and the out of control colleges.

MAECRAWSHAW - March 9, 2018


Greg Fincher - March 9, 2018

We need to have our men and women to have incentive going into perilous conditions. The Service of any branch will teach our young to become adults and America strong. Vets love our country and become excellent in what ever they do.
Greg Fincher Vietnam Vet,Engineers

Jerry Metcalf - March 10, 2018

Get rid of common core or what ever each state calls it.

Janice Corsaut - March 10, 2018

I feel they give so much to our Country and they should be able to have choices for education of their children.

I also feel every family in America should have this choice for their children

The Waldburgers - March 10, 2018

A resounding YES! In addition, home schooling needs to be protected in this day of radicalized, progressive-thinking teachers. It’s even hard to find a history book these days, that teaches the true history of America. The “dumbing down” of our kids has reached crime proportions. We believe it is a crime to NOT teach truth.

Kenneth Bostrom - March 10, 2018

This isn’t to do with the veterans, but education. We live in Orland, CA, (Glenn County) where a grade school principal was just fired by the local school board for having Christian things in her office. We so hope that Betsy De Vos could do something to prevent this sort of thing!

Charles Jones - March 10, 2018

Why just military families? If it’s a good idea, let all families benefit. Our nation is developing a mindset that military service is less about sacrifice than a ticket for lifetime entitlement. Read about the great Roman citizen-soldier Cincinnatus. Even JFK’s words about serving are being turned upside down. Any benefit afforded to military should be available to all. So what’s the advantage of serving in the military? There isn’t supposed to be any. Read Cincinnatus

Eileen P. M. Campbell - March 11, 2018

Absolutely all parents must have Choice regarding the education of their children. I believe our schools at all levels (including under graduate degrees) are now beyond fixing. For decades “fringe” groups have determined which textbooks are used in public schools. We must ascertain that methods used for approving textbooks have not been highjacked by the plethora of special interest organizations (LGBTQ ?) who have negatively dominated all of our school systems for decades. We must get “real” educators back in the system, but I have great doubts that the current system can be fixed. Many thanks.

Beth Schlangen - March 12, 2018

Without a Biblical base we are failing our kids, need at home, school, everywhere we go. Parents make choice. Wish Betsy would take action ASAP, stop playing favorites.

Pauline Blanka - March 12, 2018

After listening to well-educated people, it is obvious that they have not been taught English grammar. The mistakes using pronouns is rampant. Most common, using “I” instead of “me”
I also strongly believe that our Christian history should be part of every curriculum.
And cursive writing should be taught again. How are people supposed to sign their names? More importantly, how can they read original documents.
I believe there are those who want to destroy this country and they’ve been working at it for a long time.

Bill Haskett - March 15, 2018

This constant multi-tiered education recommendation allows some citizens to escape the communist American K-12 education system (now permeating higher education). This always come at someone else’s expense. If we’re not a “favored” class (most of us are not) then we’re stuck sending our kids to these Communist educators for terrible education and Marxist indoctrination. We also are forced to pay massive amounts through property taxes for everybody else’s kids. The education system is Communist because it it “owned and operated” by government.

The solution is to force all gov’t to allocate education funding to the child (citizen), wherever that child goes to school. We must all quit accepting that gov’t now has the right to tell us “what” to do but “how” to do it. Break up their monopolies through competition and force judges to protect citizens instead of special interests (classes), including children of military, low-income children, etc.

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