Tucker Carlson wanted to know why the term “socialism” was catching on, when its failures and brutalism have been so evident over the last century. So he asked Heritage expert David Azerrad.

Azerrad, who directs Heritage’s Simon Center for Principles and Politics, had good news/bad news answer. The good news: the new “socialists” aren’t looking to copy the Soviet Union. The bad news: today’s socialism is a bolder, more aggressive version of the same liberalism that has already failed in America.

Heritage is able to attract some of the best minds in the conservative movement, thanks to our generous members. Please watch for yourself and see why even Tucker Carlson marveled at the clear way in which Azerrad explained an otherwise complicated subject. Thank you for making that possible.

Do you think the people who are calling for socialism just want big government, or something even more radical?

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Larry Killingsworth - August 27, 2018

I believe the young folks think it is a way to get free stuff from the “Government” they don’t realize that the Government has no money!

Arthur Crosby - August 27, 2018

Most if not All of these people are spoiled adult infants who have no idea how the world,or Life works.Go back Thousands of years,The world is Completely different,But in many ways the Same.With tribes of hunters and gatherers,Everyone had a job or duty to perform or the tribe would not exsist.One or two people doing all the work while the rest layed around all day,Wouldnt and Couldn’t work for any length of time.Many depending on the Few,Never works! Semper Fi,Arthur

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