National Affairs coverThe current issue of the policy journal National Affairs features two separate articles written by Heritage Foundation experts.

In the first article, Heritage expert Stuart Butler argues that economic mobility and the American Dream are best promoted not by an expanded welfare state but by empowering the poorest to benefit from the opportunities that our country offers.

The answer to our concerns about inequality and mobility is to foster a broad commitment to strengthening the institutions of civil society, particularly the family. It requires local and national leaders to call for a reaffirmation of the virtues of industriousness, honesty, marriage, and religiosity in the communities from which they have been disappearing. The best, and indeed the only fruitful, way for government to participate in this effort is to remove the obstacles and perverse incentives of its own making — and to foster an environment in which our charitable and social institutions are free to form citizens of the high character a great nation demands.

In a second article, Heritage’s Jennifer Marshall and Robert Rector paper explain why the Obama administration directive to remove the work requirement from welfare recipients must be reversed. They argue that lawmakers should build on the success of the 1996 reforms by expanding work requirements to all welfare programs, including food stamps; reining in welfare spending; and promoting strong families.

In an effort to promote conservative ideas to the wider American public, Heritage experts routinely work to get their policy recommendations published in outside periodicals.

Do you agree with these articles? Why?

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