This week, as the nation mourned for the victims of the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Heritage Foundation scholar Ernest Istook spoke on his radio show, Istook Live, with several guests about this terrible tragedy:

  • Newtown’s Bishop Brett Keller talked about this heartbreaking loss in his community.
  • Bart Rossi, psychologist and author of The New-New American Life Style: Post September 11, 2001, A Psychologist’s Perspective, discussed the role of mental illness.
  • Breitbart reporter Kerry Pickett commented on the media’s coverage of the events.
  • Curt Lavarell of the School Safety Advocacy Council urged greater school safety.

Other guests included Colby May of the American Center for Law and Justice, who commented on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage vote, and Heritage’s Dani Doane, who discussed the appointment of Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) to replace Sen. Jim DeMint in the Senate.

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