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A Senate report released this week offers new evidence that the Obama administration had ample warnings that the security situation in Benghazi was going to escalate. “This attack was preventable,” argues the report, which includes new declassified testimony.

“This testimony indicates beyond any doubt that the narrative of the Benghazi tragedy was changed within the White House,” Heritage Foundation expert Helle Dale writes. “The question remains why and by whom.”

The Obama administration has been lambasted for misleading the public about what happened in Benghazi, and rightly so. They should have been truthful earlier, Heritage Foundation vice president James Carafano says:

“I suspected this when I first testified before Congress on the issue shortly after the attack — and listed it as one of the top issues that needed to be answered right away,” Carafano told The Foundry. “It’s tragic that it has taken this long to know the truth. We have to know what went wrong so shortfalls can be addressed. This is crucial information that folks need to thwart the next attack.

This bipartisan report should motivate more lawmakers to look seriously into the actions of the State Department and the White House, Dale adds.

“Today more than ever, Benghazi stands as the symbol of incompetence of the Obama administration,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said this week at Heritage’s Conversations with Conservatives.

Heritage’s Rob Bluey got the scoop in an exclusive interview with Bachmann. Watch the video here.

Do you think the Obama administration should have been more forthright about the Benghazi scandal? 

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JDLinn - January 17, 2014

Once again, revelations. We’ve had 5 years of OMG’s and assorted revelations of truth. But NOTHING happens. The lawlessness continues, and our outrage only grows while the likes of Dead End Darrell (Issa et al) talk and talk and talk about revelations, holding hearing after hearing. When is somebody going to be held ACCOUNTABLE? When will we see impeachment or jail time? No wonder the American Public is SICK of government. We donate to conservative funds, we vote…and all we get is more of the same. Benghazi is just another revelation. So now that we “officially know” (and how many if us already did.)….what will this new revelation do for us? I appreciate the information, but I don’t want more information. Thanks to Heritage, I am well-informed. What good is “more” exposure if there is no plan of action to hold people accountable?

Ellen Elmore - January 24, 2014

Of course the Obama administration should have been more forthright about the Benghazi scandal. But we will never know the truth because their main goal is to protect Hillary from being accountable for what happened. If we found out the truth Hillary’s chances of becoming president in 2016 would be gone.

O. - January 24, 2014

This administration is inherently incapable of being forthright about ANYTHING.

James Anderson - January 24, 2014

As someone who voted for Obama in 2008, I am heart-broken about the Obama presidency and it’s unfulfilled rhetorical promises, unconstitutional initiatives like Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA,, all things this president refers to as “Phony Scandals!” Benghazi was motivated by a USA video? Are you kidding me? I believe that history will rate him as our worst ever president, even below Jimmy Carter. How bad is that? Our government is SICK and needs a new, fresh leader and direction.

Vivien Wyse - January 24, 2014

We absolutely need to find out exactly what happened in Benghazi and bring all those responsible to justice. Our military needs to know we’re behind them 100% and that we’ll never let them down again. This cover-up has gone on for so long that I now believe both Obama and Hillary Clinton should be in jail.

MARY ELIZABETH KUCK - January 24, 2014

I cannot understand why the Benghaz disgrace has not lead to firings, and indictments for dereliction of duty by those at the top of the State Department.

Morris Norwood - January 25, 2014

Come on! Is the question about being forthright about the events in Benghazi supposed to be a trick question?

John Campbell - January 25, 2014

First of all, those people should have been better protected in a volatile area. Second, thing can even get out of hand with a big protective force but intelligence should have been aware to forewarn. This administration is so mislead and misguided, it is a wonder we aren’t attacked by some foreign power at anytime. Third, a truly great leader will admit his mistakes, tell the truth and not hide behind lies. Some folks lie so much they begin to believe themselves.

Robert F. Sanford - January 25, 2014

The administration lied to the American public about this matter numerous times to cover up their negligence in addressing this blunder.They lied about the cause and lied about our inability to respond, resulting in the death of four Americans.No one has been held accountanmble for this disgrace and tragedy,Why? Politics trumps what is right and in the best interest of our country.

Jack - January 25, 2014

Who in thier right mind with the evedence available would believe anything that comes from the White House or this administration? When have they ever told the truth?

Fred Clarke - January 25, 2014

Yes —– Forthright to ensure that trust and integrity of the office of the president is defended, and accountable for the demise of both for which they are either individually responsible or conspiratorially guilty. They should either be fired or criminally prosecuted. This is worse than Watergate, Lewinksky and Reagan arms deal combined

Holly Chapo - January 25, 2014

This administration has been forthright about nothing. There is no reason to expect or ask that he would have been so about Benghazi. If we are talking about “shoulds” then he should have done everything possible to protect and save our good citizens. Instead, he demonstrated what in the legal world have been regarded as criminally negligent homicide and depraved indifference – just to protect his ideology. This president is a disgrace and is not worthy of the office. He should be impeached.

DG Symmank - January 25, 2014

When is our Congress going to hold Obama accountable for his evil actions? His outright lying shoud be cause enough for his impeachment!

William Pierce - January 26, 2014

why is no one in jail

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