This month, we will send our 2017 calendar to more than half a million Heritage members. This year’s calendar features photos from nine Heritage members who participated in our third annual photo contest.

These photos tell the story of what we love about America, the things we do outside of government in the cities and towns and countryside where we live, the things that make us the people we are.

Keep an eye on your mailbox the next week or two for your copy of the Heritage calendar!

Here are the photos selected:

Front Cover: Bill Jarvis–Hamilton, MT


Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon

January: Mary Paetow–Aurora, CO


Bison walking through a geyser basin in winter in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

March:  HB Mertz–Pittsburgh, PA


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

April: Benedict Volt–Ann Arbor, MI


The Bluebonnet festival in Ennis, Texas

May:  Bob Hamilton–Holbrook, NY


Memorial Day, Pinelawn National Cemetery, Long Island, New York

July:  Jeff Hall–Vienna, VA


U.S. Army Golden Knights Flag Jump, Andrews AFB Joint Services Open House and Air Show

August:  Ellen Svengalis–Guilford, CT


Newport Bridge and Rose Island Lighthouse at sunset, Newport, Rhode Island.

September:  Carol Savage–Juneau, AK


Bald Eagle–Juneau, Alaska

October:  Alex Zemek–Ellington, CT


Fall at the pumpkin patch and orchard at Jonny Appleseed’s Farm–Ellington, Connecticut


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Lasca Low - October 8, 2016

Beautiful pictures.

Patricha Fochs - October 8, 2016

Beautiful Photographs and talented people. Good choices!!

Shelly Johnson - October 8, 2016

I LOVE America!

Edward Plasek - October 8, 2016

Nice Photographs, fine job

Robert Neveux - October 8, 2016

I think instead of two photos from conn., I think I would have chosen another state for the second.

Erlinda Demeterio - October 8, 2016

Look forward to this 2017 Calendar.
Have as yet to obtain 2016 Calendar as promised.


Stroud - October 8, 2016


Charlene - October 8, 2016

AWESOME photos of what AMERICA stands for and it shows that we are the greatest FREEDOM country in the WORLD! THANK YOU for putting this together!

Nina Carelock - October 8, 2016

Beautiful pics. My favorites, Bluebonnets, Flags and our American Eagle. Can’t wait to receive my

Suzanne Dudy - October 8, 2016

What great photos – and how representative of this great country. I was especially pleased to see Oregon on the cover. Good choice!

Dwala M. Cargill - October 8, 2016

How beautiful a reflection of this “Nation Under God” and of the love for it. If all who call themselves “Americans” could comprehend the love of Almighty God intricately woven into the glorious skies and landscapes of our country, we would understand why we must never give up defending what is right and good. Thank you!
D. C.

Nicole Busler - October 8, 2016

This country is still great- let’s make
it greater!

sam porfido - October 8, 2016

We are so blessed in America.

Helen Tritt - October 8, 2016

These are Beautiful and Represents True American Traditions & Values. Beautiful & Exquisite!

Donna Varela - October 8, 2016

See how beautiful America is, amazing.

BEN JONES - October 8, 2016


Janyce Freund - October 8, 2016

I especially liked Horse shoe Bend in Ann Arbor Michigan!!

Virginia Mcmillan - October 8, 2016

God Bless America Land that I love Stand beside her and guide her Thru the night with a light from above

Gerald Dominick - October 8, 2016

I LOVE it. I would like to see more photos similar to these. They are GREAT!!!

Tom Marchant - October 8, 2016

The Army ‘flag jumg’ is great.

Semper Fi’ from Pawleys Island, SC

Mary Blackmer - October 8, 2016

Like the Calendar pictures a lot. Do More like this Need pictures of Wild life. Snowy pictures of Colorado too.

Gretchen London - October 8, 2016


Carol A. - October 8, 2016

Great photos. Sharing online would have been enough in my opinion. Why waste your funds on a calendar that few will likely use in this electronic age?

Anne R. Healy - October 8, 2016

Incredibly beautiful photos – thank you!

Beverly Isbell - October 8, 2016

What aweinspiring photos!!! That’s the
America we know and love! I’m eagerly
awaiting the calendar,

John Sinsabaugh - October 8, 2016

Great stuff from Heritage, as always. Tks.

Lucy Molinaro - October 8, 2016

What a variety of wonderful photos that look so professional!

Lorene Frischknecht - October 8, 2016

These photos are absolutely awesome and inspiring! Keep up the great work!

Connie CooperSmith - October 8, 2016

The pictures are gorgeous .

John Bouvier - October 8, 2016

Excellent “as usual”?!!

Katherine Rauch - October 8, 2016

What wonderful photographs of America. We are truly blessed to be citizens of this great nation!

Janet Scaruffi - October 8, 2016

All beautiful but May caught my breath.

Laurie Bluth - October 8, 2016

These are delightful/stunning. Recognized several locations. Now living in TX and missing some of these scenes – will love hanging them on my wall.

Sue Rothwell - October 8, 2016


Alberta wamsley - October 8, 2016

Liked August,America The Beautiful ,inspiring. Look forward to the calendar !

Henry Dokter - October 8, 2016

Just a wonderful assortment of pictures of the USA that we love and cherish.

Alices Steinbacher - October 8, 2016

Scenes of our great country, make me so full of love and thankfulness.

Sarah Graves Smila - October 8, 2016

So beautiful . . .

Barbara Vaughn - October 8, 2016

Love the photos please send me a copy of the Heritage calander

MJ. Burgess - October 8, 2016

Heritage is always number 1.

Charles Nicholson - October 8, 2016

The August picture of The AMERICAN FLAG and parachutist under a RED, WHITE, and BLUE canopy will be very good in a patriotic Power Point program ! THANK YOU!

STEVE RYAN - October 8, 2016


Ragnar Liljequist - October 8, 2016

Small wonder why the terrorists are so jealous of Americans,

Allison Webb - October 8, 2016

Beautiful photos. I remember when I lived in Aurora, CO, that day that I had seen my first bald eagle. They are very majestic looking birds!

Sandra Fernandez - October 8, 2016

Great reminders of the beauty of America. Well done!

Carlos A Augspach - October 8, 2016


Darlene Harris - October 8, 2016

I love the photos depicting our beautiful nation. May God continue to bless this special nation that we love. Thanks for all you do!!

Andrew Blake - October 8, 2016

God bless America.

JANIS E WILLIAMS - October 8, 2016

Looking forward to seeing these lovely photos theough the coming year!

Spiro Pappacostas - October 8, 2016

Thanks to all photographers that made the effort to capture the spirit and love of our country.

Edna Joss - October 8, 2016

Wow! Awesome!
It is so special to live in such a beautiful country. God bless the talented persons that took all the photos & God Bless America.

John Ekdahl - October 8, 2016

Thank you Heritage contributors for your eye for beauty and God’s rich blessing. May we be reminded of all that we owe to protect and honor what we have been given.

john w w taylor - October 8, 2016

Great photos folks. I am thinking I might do a couple of pastel painting’s from a couple of these photos. If I do I will send you photos of what I do. I liked the one of Newport R.I. as I have been there many times. I really liked the buffalo pict. Thank you, and Blessing’s to all, John T.

Glynnda White - October 8, 2016

FANTASTIC!!!! Cannot wait to see the full calendar!

David Lopez - October 8, 2016

Very nice pictures !!!!!

Judy Kildare - October 8, 2016

Some real photographis shown here. Wonderful.

Chaplain Daniel W Thew, USAF Ret. - October 8, 2016

The beauty and diversity of America is displayed in these Calendar pictures. It is awe inspiring to share them throughout the year. Thank you for the thoughtfulness you have shared with us. God bless America.

Gail Latta - October 8, 2016

Fabulous photos. Am so blessed to live at a time with such fantastic photographers who happen to be in the right spot at the right time and an eye for beauty. Anxious to get the calendar.

Maynard Eyestone - October 8, 2016


Charles Alexander - October 8, 2016

Very representative of our beloved country. Keep up the good work.
God Bless America

Natalie Johnson - October 8, 2016

beautiful photos,really awe inspiring ,let us be care takers of this gift God has given us.

Romen Nakhtigal - October 8, 2016

Great, Great, Great!! It shows how land of America is beautiful!! I love it and proud of it. It also shows how great is Heritage!!

Natalie Johnson - October 8, 2016

beautiful photos,let us be the care takers of this land God has given us.

Carole Dudley - October 8, 2016

America, the beautiful! These pictures remind all of us what we need to preserve…

Joel and Sharon Ellermeier - October 8, 2016

The America we know and love! Grateful for the pictures!

Norma - October 8, 2016

Just beautiful

bonnie Jones - October 8, 2016

Those are fabulous photos. Kudos to all those who took them!

wrchastain - October 8, 2016

There is still hope that the values of our country will remain strong and our children and grand children will enjoy the benefits of freedom and justice. We must fight to maintain what our forefathers gave us. Freedom is not free and I for one respect our flag and the Constitution and our national anthem.

Susan O’Rourke - October 8, 2016

These talented photographers illustrate what a beautiful country we live in!!! Thank you Heritage.

JOHN ASLIN - October 8, 2016


Larry Treffry - October 8, 2016

Beautiful! God Bless America & God Bless Heritage Foundation!

Nathan Clark - October 8, 2016

I vote for Pinelawn cemetary photo . #1 and Adrews A.F.B. #2

CHARLES MCRAE, SR. - October 8, 2016


John Miller - October 8, 2016

Loved them all. The photographers can be very proud of their work.
The Memorial Day photo brought tears to my eyes. What a powerful image of the price of freedom.
Well, well done.

Dana Clinkaberry - October 8, 2016

Thank you, Heritage. What a reminder of how beautiful our country is. God did bless this country and may He continue to bless us.

Barbara Johns - October 8, 2016

Fantastic photos of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. Do this again next year.. Such talent and a few from my home State of Connecticut!

eric mckeen - October 8, 2016

I thought about sending a couple pictures but they don’t measure up to these.
Very nice pictures.

H.Trattner - October 8, 2016

Interesting variety of photo’s.

Audrey Marshall - October 8, 2016

Lovely views of America the Beautiful!

Susan Shull - October 8, 2016

Breathtaking pictures! Thanks to the contributors.

Jenney Lymp - October 8, 2016

These are amazing to say the least. We live in an Amazing Beautiful country from the East coast to the West coast and of course all points in between.

John Ekdahl - October 8, 2016

These are all reminders of God’s gifts that he has entrusted to us and our heritage to share and care for reminders. Thank you Heritage contributors!

James C. Jocsing - October 8, 2016

God Bless America!
From the Mountains
To the Prairies
To the Oceans White with Foam
God Bless America; Our Home Sweet Home!

Nancy Wenlock - October 8, 2016

Fabulous photos!

Please correct the typo on the January caption before the calendar is printed.

Thanks for sharing the photos!!!

(this comment is not for publication)

Nora Jenae - October 8, 2016

An incredible collection of emotionally stirring photographs of our nation. Thank God for people who appreciate what God has given us.

Ann McIntyre - October 8, 2016

Just wonderful and so representative of our great country.

Ann Clark - October 8, 2016

Love the pictures they’re Beautiful.

Steve Knopf - October 8, 2016

Beautiful! God Bless them all. God Bless America!

Grier washam - October 8, 2016

An inspiring and beautiful reminder of our country, America, land that we love!

M. D’Souza - October 8, 2016

Awe-inspiring, beautiful pictures! The details in the August one by Ellen Svengalis, Guilford CT are exquisite.

Max Preti - October 8, 2016


Ed - October 8, 2016


Teresa Jones - October 8, 2016

Our US of A is the most beautiful country in the world. I just hope we can get it (governed well) together this November. You all did not say that–We citizens are thinking it though. We are expecting our government to go with our beautiful country.

David LaVergne - October 8, 2016

Being born and raised in TEXAS, I choose the bluebonnets!! They are all very good.

Rosalind - October 8, 2016

Wonderful and diverse photos

JoAnn Murray - October 8, 2016

Beautiful pictures!! Look like they were taken by pros.

Carol Essman - October 8, 2016

So representative of what the Heritage Foundation stands for. Thank you!

Anthony Perrella, Sr. - October 8, 2016

Excellent collection. Will not be able to throw it away at the end of the year.

Christine Palmer - October 8, 2016

Fabulous! Hope someday I’ll be able to send one in for consideration. I enjoy the calendars very much.

Shirley Willett - October 8, 2016

Nice pictures

Rodger K Shaffer - October 9, 2016

Great shown with pride for AMERICA> Thanks to all . Rodger Shaffer.

Elaine - October 9, 2016

Nice photos.

Mickey D Watson - October 9, 2016

Awesome pictures!!! They will look great in the calendar. Plus, you can save them for just future display. I always like to keep my favorite calendars, so that I can look at them again and again at my leisure. I also will frame some of my favorite calendar photos. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tom - October 9, 2016

Beautiful, but given heritage is about people, there are few examples of the people of America. Maybe next year? Hope the people are Americans, too.

Albert (Alberto) Castro Jr - October 9, 2016

The beauty of America never ceases to amaze me.

Nancy Ridge Gardner - October 9, 2016

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful scenes to behold about our wonderful America!

Peggy Panlener - October 9, 2016

NICE! That’s what we should be seeing and hearing about people in the NEW’S.

Lynette Preston - October 9, 2016

These are just beautiful. It was very uplifting to see such beauty. We have to remember the beauty God has created for all of us. Thanks to all who contributed.

James Panlener - October 9, 2016

These photo’s are great!!
I have a couple of photo ideas for next year, when do you start accepting photo’s for next year?

RENE R. BARRIOS - October 9, 2016


Edna reagan - October 9, 2016

Beautiful, reminds me of what America is. Keeps me in the fight to save our country from those that wish our culture and kindness to disappear.

Peggy Ping - October 9, 2016

The pictures are just beautiful. Thank you so much for showing them.

Anthony Landry - October 10, 2016

God has given us a beautiful country, look at these pictures. Let us keep it free and let the American people own it not some foreign country.

Thomas Sanders - October 10, 2016

Those are great pictures.

Josie Elliott - October 10, 2016

Wonderful photos!!!!

Mrs. G - October 11, 2016

Beautiful love all the pictures!

Anthony Perrella, Sr. - October 11, 2016

The flag photo will end up mounted on my wall!

Bobby - October 13, 2016

An elegant display of the power of a mighty Creator!

James A. Remington - October 13, 2016

Jim: Perfect photos of what we all love about our beautiful country, if we can keep it.

I hope there will be a way for me to order a few more copies for family and friends.

Faye - October 16, 2016

Beautiful pictures and yes they make me feel proud of the love of America that some of us still have.

David Fairburn - October 19, 2016

Excellent content and photo work.

Paul D’Aigle - October 21, 2016

Images do not necessarily have to be professionally made to be meaningful. These are wonderful for representing the makers’ love of life. Congratulations!

Joe Longmore - November 12, 2016

America the Beautiful.
It’s people are creative and willing to go the extra mile to protect this land of ours.

Thank God for our Military.

to all……: Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Free and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

Jan Waitulavich - November 17, 2016

These are beautiful pictures, especially the buffalo crossing the stream and the American eagle. I haven’t received the calendar yet and I am hoping I didn’t fall through the cracks. The email said they were to be sent out in October.

Joseph Rach - January 13, 2017

I didn’t receive my 2016 calendar, so I hope ya’ll won’t overlook me again this year. The photos look great.

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