Last week at the Pentagon, President Obama made the claim that the world is a safer place thanks to his efforts with the war on terror. In his speech, he declared victory over our enemies and paved the way for draconian cuts to the U.S. military.

In short, we’ve succeeded in defending our nation, taking the fight to our enemies, reducing the number of Americans in harm’s way, and we’ve restored America’s global leadership.  That makes us safer and it makes us stronger.  And that’s an achievement that every American — especially those Americans who are proud to wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces — should take great pride in.

This success has brought our nation, once more, to a moment of transition.  Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding.  Even as our forces prevail in today’s missions, we have the opportunity — and the responsibility — to look ahead to the force that we are going to need in the future.

Providing for “the force that we are going to need in the future,” however, does not mean cutting half a trillion dollar in defense funding, as the President proposes.

Writing in the New York Post, Heritage Foundation national security expert James Carafano explains why the United States is not in any kind of position to slash military funding, especially with things so volatile in the Middle East.

On the President’s claims regarding Iraq, Carafano writes:

Thanks to the imprudent total withdrawal of US forces, the fragile coalition trying to hold that country together may now fall apart — squandering a decade of effort to make the Middle East less of a threat to US interests.

On the President’s claims on pulling out of Afghanistan, Carafano writes:

[T]he coming US pullout from Afghanistan is rapidly looking like a replay of the Paris Peace Talks — the negotiations that set the stage for the collapse of South Vietnam. Apparently, all the president wants is for there to be enough of an interval after we leave that he’ll be able to argue that the next collapse into an orgy of violence and terrorism wasn’t his fault.

On the President’s claims regarding Osama bin Laden, Carafano writes:

He also trotted out the killing of Osama bin Laden — who even before Obama took office had been reduced to al Qaeda’s propagandist-in-chief. Are we to believe that half-a-trillion in defense dollars went to getting al Qaeda’s chief speechwriter?

In his speech, the President didn’t mention Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and its threats to cut off a quarter of the world’s oil supply. The President also didn’t mention North Korea’s new 28-year-old leader whose untested leadership and volatility puts America at risk. And the President didn’t mention China’s growing military might.

Read more of Carafano’s “Gutting defense — O’s lame claims that we’re safer at

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john uhrhammer - January 10, 2012

The world is NOT safer since O bama has continued to carry out his socialist agenda! He has hood=winked us on every count. WATCH OUT WORLD!
He has no integrity and has failed on all important promises.

Rob - January 10, 2012

I agree the ability of the Military should not be drastically reduced, however, my sense is that there is a lot of unaudit overspending being done. I believe that the Defense budget can be reduced if a long look was taken at how much overspending is being done. Make the Military as responsibly for the money they spend ans any business would be. I don’t want my tax dollars spent unaccountable for defense..

Mike - January 10, 2012

Nobody can begin to threaten the US because they know it is useless. We have 200,000 overseas military installations, big and small.
But the military, known for giant amounts of corruption, waste, and plain sloppiness, can’t cut 10% ? ( preferably 20%) Instead of being able to destroy the earth 11 times can’t we cut it down to, say, maybe 3 times? OK-4 times. As much as you’ve tried, you haven’t found a new boogieman.
Original Reagan Republican, or should we say Eisenhower repub?

dean - January 10, 2012

It is amazing how wonderful Obama thinks he is doing. Everything he says in this article is “spin”. He is just purposeful demilitarizing our country. He is totally out of touch. More LIES. He lied during his campaign and he has lied all through his 3 years in the Oval Office.

John - January 11, 2012

That’s a lib for ya.

I wonder what would happen if we had another 9/11? Knowing this guy, he would probably go on another ‘apology’ tour or something.

Lloyd Scallan - January 11, 2012

You still don’t understand what we are dealing with when
we deal with Obama. Obama, and his ilk, has and will continue to lie and deceive the American people until
they get their aganda down our throats. We must realize
just how dishonest and devious Obama is. He will destroy this nation as we know it untill we stop him.

Ken Carter - January 11, 2012

That man obviously lives with the rest of ” Those People ” he has surrounded himself with who intend on making the United States as vulnerable in as many operational theatres as possible so we will be unable to take any preemptive action for defensive purposes. We have yet to recover from the slash and burn done in the ’90’s as a result of the so called peace dividend and we have fought one major conflict in Iraq, prematurely ended, and a major world wide asymetrical conflict against Islamofascism in numerous countries. The major battle being in Afghanistan and now that man wants to make major branch and system cuts !! With this guy as commander and chief who needs enemies. He’s doing it for them. The Chi-Com’s must be lovin’ it and it shows in their boldness in the pacific. We now have Iran, China, North Korea, working directly with Hugo Chavez and the Gang of Five down there in south America. Hezbollah and Hamas have moved operational units into our country across our southern border and they are working with the drug cartels while the AG sells them big bore sniper rifles intentionally !!!!

Jackson TX - January 13, 2012

Breaking News: Bottom line here is the less he spends on the military the more he and MO have in their see the world on taxpayer’s nickel coffers.

Joseph Mckennan - January 13, 2012

What really bothers me is that Obama calls this ‘ our nation ‘. Who is he referring to? Rest assured he is not referring to me. I feel less safe now than I have felt in my entire life. I am almost 60. The shape of the world with issues like Iran, Venezuela, economic uncertainty inspires me to believe that we should BUILD UP our military…. not gut it. Cuts can be made in other areas of government such as all the CZARS. Big government is extremely wasteful, reduce waste. Cut regulation of citizens private lives, discontinue pension funds for elected officials, eliminate some departments in the executive branch or condense into fewer, smaller and more efficient departments. The list goes on and on. Put an end to costly class-action lawsuits most of which are the result of consumer stupidity and/or vanity.

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