Heritage's Ryan Anderson is profiled on the front page of Thursday's Washington Post.

Heritage’s Ryan Anderson is profiled on the front page of Thursday’s Washington Post.

Today’s Washington Post includes an in-depth front-page profile of Heritage’s Ryan Anderson, one of the nation’s leading proponents of traditional marriage:

Another day, another town. Ryan T. Anderson, the conservative movement’s fresh-faced, millennial, Ivy League-educated spokesman against same-sex marriage, has another busy schedule.

There is an interview with conservative talk radio, a debate with a liberal professor at the University of Colorado’s law school and, after that, a lecture to Catholic students eager to hear Anderson’s view that the Constitution does not require that marriage be “redefined” to include same-sex couples.

The Supreme Court will soon be deciding just that question. And Anderson, a 33-year-old scholar at the Heritage Foundation, has emerged as a leading voice for those who resent being labeled hopelessly old-fashioned — or, worse, bigoted — for believing that marriage should be only between a man and a woman.

“Gays and lesbians undoubtedly have been discriminated against,” Anderson says. “But marriage is not part of that discrimination.”

Be sure to read the whole article, which includes praise from the likes of Princeton’s Robert George and even his liberal sparring partners.

So why did the Post profile Anderson? Because his arguments are driving the debate:

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. cited his work twice in his dissent from the court’s opinion in United States v. Windsor, which struck down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Anderson is becoming a prominent face of the opposition in news media appearances.

Do you think conservatives need more young advocates like Anderson to sway more people to the conservative cause?

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MaryLou Kennedy - April 17, 2015

Agreed, we need more conservative youths to turn our country around.

Vera Light - April 17, 2015

Yes! We need more articulate, young spokespersons for marriage and the family!

Thanks for all your hard work!

Truman Trekell - April 17, 2015

Absolutely, we need more young conservatives.!

Scott McElroy - April 17, 2015

Yes definitely! Our need for young spokespersons with the skills of conveying the facts in a way that people can understand they have been duped and inspire them into action to dig deeper for the truth!
Thank you Father God for the Skills and Gifts you have given Ryan Anderson, please continue to give him the Guidance, Wisdom, Insight and Understanding he needs to stand courageously for your wonderful institution of Marriage, defined as one man and one women united for life till death do them part!

Barbara Walker - April 17, 2015

Absolutely! They are the future of our nation. Conservative youth are knowledgeable about the issues, articulate in speech, creative thinkers, and very capable researchers. We have a multitude of young Americans who want to be involved in shaping their futures. I truly appreciate all that Heritage is doing to promote young conservative leaders.

Louis Bowers - April 17, 2015

Ryan does not seem to try to beat down his opponent but rather states the case for his position clearly, graciously, convincingly and unapologetically. We could use more young men like him.

Richard McDonald - April 17, 2015

Definitely, YES! We need more young Constitutional conservatives as well as converting older ones. Just being a Republican is not enough, anymore. We must get more Bible believing, constitutional consertvatives throughout all state and national politics. We also need to get away from professional politicians and put in average citizens, who can honestly know and do the will of the people and carry out their wishes.

Julia - April 17, 2015

In spite of all the Liberal colleges and universities, we somehow manage to get some outstanding young conservatives. Imagine how many more we would have if the Liberals were more receptive to honest debate.

Robert Roark - April 17, 2015

Yes, obviously. Why have there been so few for the last 50 years? Was peer pressure that strong in America’s universities? I rejoice when a young, articulate conservative voice is heard in the land. Pray there will be many more.

Robert Hammons - April 17, 2015

I think it’s admirable this young man is not to be afraid to tell it like it is, and the way God intended it . Until we can instill
morals into more of our young, and old it
will have been for nothing.

Marion Daniels-Price - April 18, 2015

Most definitely YES. The young people today are at a total disadvantage due to the liberal leaning media & colleges/universities. More young conservatives like Ryan Anderson need to be heard by today’s youth as they will be the ones who will be electing our next president.

Don Volz - April 18, 2015

Absolutely we need more Ryan Andersons. His arguments are logical and delivered in a dispassionate but highly effective manner that registers with thoughtful young Americans. Heritage needs to give him more exposure, as the social issues are what drive people of faith to the polls.

Catherine Gollan - April 19, 2015

As a 59 yearold, I grew up with more influence from my traditoinal, Christian parents. I did not feel influenced by my instructors at OU to go left. But now with so many of the instructors trying to influence for the left and so much “this is normal” from homosexual community, we do need Ryan and other young Christian people to speak out.

Jane Gill - April 19, 2015

Yes, with all the liberal media they hear from they need to hear an educated conservative view and from younger conservatives. Too often they think their conservative grandparents are behind the times!

Otto E. Behunin - April 19, 2015


Richard Ford - April 19, 2015

Sorry, but what adults do in the privacy of their lives is their business only and no one has the right to deny the services they would provide to anyone else because of that relationship.
I find same sex relationships to be personally repugnant, but I don’t, on that account, get to extend my pugnacity to them.
This issue is a loser for Republicans and we stand to lose big on important issues such as national defense, the economy and education among others by clinging to it. The first amendment states that Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion. It is inimical to our way of life to deny services to anyone while practicing it.

janice lewis - April 21, 2015

We need more young college students to take up the conservative cause rather than be so easily swayed by the liberal professors who try so hard to influence them in all their ideals. It is sad to listen to today’s young people, they just don’t seem to care what is happening to our country.

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