In the wake of the recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria by President Assad’s regime there is an increased need to counter this barbaric aggression.

Heritage expert James Phillips in a piece this week has more below:

…but the United States must do more than just condemn the attacks. It must drive up the diplomatic, political, economic, and potential military costs to the Assad regime of using illegal chemical weapons.

This means conducting a thorough investigation of the matter and holding regime officials accountable for any confirmed war crimes. Sanctions should be ratcheted up on the regime to penalize its unacceptable behavior.

Washington should balk at any further diplomatic understandings with Putin on Syria, until he has taken effective action to address the violations of the 2013 agreement. The Trump administration should not repeat its predecessor’s mistake of trusting Russia to enforce agreements.

In a more detailed report last month, Phillips explains how President Trump can improve U.S. Syrian policy.

His key takeaways are that:

  1. We must keep the Syrian conflict contained within Syrian borders to protect our allies in the region
  2. Neither Russia nor Iran are useful allies
  3. We should ask our allies to provide more military support in Syria

Update: Since this article was posted President Donald Trump has ordered air strikes against Syria that fired dozens of missiles at Syrian military bases.

The Daily Signal’s White House correspondent Fred Lucas has more on these attacks.

What actions do you believe the Trump administration should take to address the Syrian conflict?


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Curtis Robinson - April 8, 2017

Now repeat with China
about North Korea.
Send China back to the Stone Age
economically if they don’t
reign in North Korea.

Curtis Robinson - April 8, 2017

Warn Russia that we won’t
tolerate Syria’s atrocities any longer
and that a full investigation
for provable facts will be done
and Sanctions on Russia
are possible if they don’t reign in Assad.

Pat Ewers - April 8, 2017

I think a priority is to establish safe ares with water and decent soil for freugees and to help them settle there in the mideast but providing support and safety. Camps are not the answer as Christians are not accepted. Perhaps for now, we will have to set up separate places for Christians and Muslims to avoid more conflict.

Curtis Robinson - April 8, 2017

Wage economic war on Russia
if they don’t prove they are a reliable
partner on the world scene.

Trudy Slater - April 8, 2017

I believe Mr. Phillips is quite correct in his suggestions. The process is otherwise called OVERCORRECTION coupled with nations’ pressure and support of our stance. President Trump is trustworthy and the whiners amongst us need to stop crying about “another war looming” in the ME. A resolved message is what he gave.

Rbecca Buccini - April 8, 2017

Keep up sanctions and increase them, if possible.
So pleased with the work Ambassador Haley is doing at the United Nations. It is about time we have a strong voice there. Lying Rice was a disaster in every ways.

JimDundee - April 8, 2017

I support all of your talking points! Personally, it made me feel proud. That’s what America stands for!

David Shultz - April 8, 2017

Take out the Syrian planes. Set up a safe zone for the Syrian citizens and warn Assad not to wage war or lose their capitol. Bring this situation to the UN and demand they stop their religious/genocide war. It is time for the middle east to solve their own conflicts.

Kerry Haenes - April 8, 2017

1. By asking all our presumed allies to to limit all economic ties to Russia and Syria it offers a stronger negotiation position for the U.S.. 2. Make sure of the proper and on going communication with the public in all regions outlining what the Assad regime has and is doing and how Russia is complicit. With supportive public opinion of the situation, it makes political actions more acceptable.

Toby Wintersteen - April 8, 2017

Saddam and Assad and the Shah, for that matter, have taught us that despots are experts at keeping their countries under control, and that their opposition may be as bad or worse than them. Like ridding ourselves of Saddam, or Assad, or Obamacare, we need to be sure the replacement is a sure improvement and not just Obamacare light.

Dr. Arthur Brown - April 8, 2017

It is extremely necessary for President Trump to physically project American power, while letting foreign powers know that recent, weak liberal policies no longer apply. Name one agreement with violent middle eastern states has ever succeeded without military enforcement. It is what they understand. Obamas policies have so damaged American credibility, it will take time to restore, but retaliation for WMD use is a goof start.

Patricia L. - April 8, 2017

With the strikes on Syria, President Trump has set the tone that America stands with the vulnerable. He did not have to warn of the pending bombings, but did so to protect lives. Next step is to demand the enforcement of the previously signed agreements against chemical warfare. If said agreement is ignored, the consequences fall on those who do not comply.

Charles Fickling - April 8, 2017

We should be the continuing force against the inhuman treatment of Assad’s people even as the rest of the world is complacent.

John Lloyd - April 8, 2017

Trump cares more about human life than Obama does. He tanks action.

I wish those backstabbing Freedom caucus members would help him transform America. Instead they vote with Nancy Pelosi to preserve the status quo.

Federico Villegas - April 8, 2017

The President should open a dialogue with the Russian Government. The Russian Government must be made to understand that since Russia has taken Syria “under its wing” that Russia must acknowledge the failing. In short, the US must compel Russia to clean up its mess. That should minimize US involvement, but increase our international influence. The same must be done with China, with regards to North Korea.

Nancy Shaffer - April 8, 2017

I believe these suggestions are very favorable and we can pray that the appropriate people in the government will read and act appropriately also.

Dorothy Ingram - April 8, 2017

Every time there has been any attack any where it seems to my memory; that nothing was done if democrats were in office. When a Republican is in, there is action taken and people complain that our military should stay out of it and countries solve their own fights. I know I sound harsh, but, when children suffer; it really angers me and I feel that more action on the part of free countries should be taken to keep things from growing worse; as Syria has. If appropriate military involvement to defend the helpless was taken in the first place; lives would’ve been saved and we wouldn’t see the refugee situation we now have to deal with. It is all about humanity and our enemy could care much less about innocent victims. Syria breaks my heart. I deal with out of country clients on my job and I treat every one equally not knowing which ones are legitament. Now that Obooma has allowed every one over there to come over here, we are facing bedlam.!!!!! Let’s trust the president who some how made it to the White House, and given the fact that so far nothing else seems to have worked; get over how he made it to the oval office and let him have a chance at doing some thing for a change.!!!!!It will not take a president to start world war 3. That will come under the control of the Almighty!!!!!Sorry I cannot donate, I just pray for you people and your work, keep it up even tho’ the enemy will try to stop you, keep up.

Joline Tate - April 8, 2017

The President’s response to Syria was measured and appropriate. I oppose the notion of regime change. The alternative to Assad could be much worse. We’ve seen what can happen with that going all the way back to Cuba and Iran and more recently Libya and Iraq. Our priority in Syria should remain the defeat of ISIS. Assad can be controlled and should not be forced out!!

Toby Wintersteen - April 8, 2017

A surprising account of the post WW II Marshall Plan I read was that the US asked the plan recipients what it was that they needed and I suppose, where and when, rather than planning in a vacuum, so to speak. It would not be a bad idea to meet with Assad, and hear what he has to say about past, present, and future, and his and Syria’s place in them, and what he and his people want in that picture. In his own way he is a patriot, perhaps we can find common ground and harness his patriotism to common ends. Trump just spoke with Jordan and Egypt who are leading the modernization of the ME as Dr Gorka explains in his book. We need to work with the Arab League and see where everyone wants to go in the future.

DIANA ROBINSON - April 8, 2017

Just what he is doing. Standing up and showing the world we are back.

Sharon Pelletier - April 8, 2017

I believe the Trump Administration should proceed cautiously and determine what countries in that region truly want to eradicate the terror cells. Our country should support those countries that have an interest in maintaining economic stability in that region as well as getting those people who fled their country back into their country. This Obama Undercurrent lingering within the branches of government need to be eradicated also.

Richard Buchanan - April 8, 2017

Trump’s response was as close to perfect as it could be given the circumstances. Focused fire from above should be the penalty everytime Assad commits an atrocity, and the focus should be on military and government targets, taking utmost care to avoid injury to the poor suffering people of Syria. If the location of Assad can be determined, fire should be focused on that location in hopes of ridding the world of the demon!

Bill Harrison - April 8, 2017

The U.S. intelligence community should positively identify the plant(s) where the chemical weapons are made, inform President Trump, then systematically destroy them with unmanned ordinance. The same should be applied to any warehousing for chemical weapons!
Remove Assad’s capability for further use of chemical weapons.

Edward J McCarthy - April 8, 2017

The use of chemical weapons is inhuman and the people use them are the same. So bravo President Trump for having the guts and human feelings to do something about them. The Obama Hussein gang is all smoke and mirrors. They didn’t have the guts or morality to do such a thing. Their plan was go to congress,knowing they would shut it down. Then say I would if i could.

Samuel W. Baugh - April 8, 2017

While the gas attacks, supposed, are indeed deplorable: The US should take a firm but cautious approach in reacting to this type of hostility. I believe the POTUS got suckered into this decisión by both a false flag event and then his Security Council. Not a wise decision as it seems a bit hasty. To the POTUS – Cautious with Wisdom – Walk softly….

Montie Shelton - April 8, 2017

If the airstrike was a measured response to a breach of the Geneva Convention which outlawed chemical warfare, then so be it. However, Muslim countries will never be free democracies because Sharia law is a political system that opposes democracy. Therefore, depose one tyrant and you get another, perhaps worse. If Assad is toppled, it will create another opening for ISIS to take over. “Regime Change” is a policy that has left chaos and misery in its wake and created a flood of refugees..

Ross Schriftman - April 8, 2017

Forceful talk only goes so far. Actions like those the President took to prevent more of these chemical air strikes is the correct response. Each time Assad does this we must respond with similar actions.

Reverend Lydia Lynne Fuller - April 8, 2017

Take out Asaad, now!!!

Dorthy Johnson - April 8, 2017

I am so thankful we have a President who will rapidly in a measured way to denounce this and other possible actions of despots like Assad. Any other pressures, economic sanctions, etc that will convince Assad like President Reagan did in Libya will be greatly supported and effect. Qadaffi has been ever so quiet since then.

Dana Ehlen - April 8, 2017

We should not use military force against any other country unless there is a “Clear and Present Danger” to the U.S. That was not the case in this situation. We can not make foreign policy based on heart tugs. Regardless of much we want to help those in need. That should be personal not policy. Pray, send money or aid but not military action.

Annemarie Maynard - April 8, 2017

As Ann Coulter pointed pout the other day–we need me time. I couldn’t agree more. That said, it’s my belief that the Trump administrations should maintain his focus to “Make America Great Again.” Optimally that means staying out of other nations business and intrigues as much as we possibly can.

Jerry Metcalf - April 8, 2017

Something to think about. The juhadist groups are setting up Assad so Trump will bomb Syria and our spy teams all full of Obama loyalists saying Assad did it, so they can impeach Trump. Think about it.

Patrick Ealem CPM (State of Texas), BAAS, USA(Ret) - April 8, 2017

More “unannounced ” ( by media or leaks) wake up calls to indicate the resolve WE the American people have to reject barbaric tyrannical actions encouraged by foreign State Support that have ravage both Christian & muslim innocents. This would also bolster the message that WE will no longer tolerate such atrocities and will respond.

Beatrice A. Wagner - April 8, 2017

I am delighted to see our President act like a President. What he did to Syria is what Obummer SHOULD have done long ago!! The Donald is on the right track- trust his military advisers & ACT ACCORDINGLY!! Most of the World seems to be cheering his actions- keep it coming.
Also- Repeal & replace Obamacare with the RIGHT health care- not Obamalite!! Get back to work, Congress- shorten your Easter break!! You have the work of the people to do!! Also, chastise all members who fail to stand w/ hand over heart for our Anthem!! Those who don’t do not belong in OUR HOUSES!!
Wish I could donate- but can’t. Besides, for what- they must work!!

Peter Gissing - April 8, 2017

The Obama administration put us in the middle of this quagmire in Syria. Getting it resolved will be hugely difficult. If we continue to support the rebels, we will also be supporting the terrorist groups, like ISIS, who are also trying to take over Syria and are fighting against the government. And, the brutality of ISIS against the Syrian people equals or surpasses Assad’s brutality against his opposition. There are no winners here. If we are successful in destroying the Assad regime, who or what replaces it? Radical Islam? How does that improve the lot of the Syrian people? Eight years ago, our role should have been that of a referee in a tag team wrestling match, insuring only two parties were in the ring at any one time. Instead, we had to pick sides and enter the ring. Then others picked sides and entered the ring. Now, no one will leave the ring until the total destruction of the other side, and Syria, is complete.

Jim Griffin - April 8, 2017

President Trump needs to consult with many of our Middle East experts and establish a new policy that will include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and The EU to share in the building of a “new Syria”. Do NOT include the Iranians or Russians in this approach. An policy that will include the division geographically of the Sunni and Shia and also allow a place for the Kurds, Assyrians, Druze and Turkmen. This will take time and a consolidated effort by all of the above to move towards a more stable Middle East.

Lee Sherwood - April 8, 2017

As the earth’s most important nation, the US and her people should project
the fact that we are a country whose
people are destined to be in control.
We are “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.
And thus we control, under God, our own place in history, in current events, and our own nation. Let’s project that fact as we earn our place
in world history. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Alan Metcalfe - April 8, 2017

Did we see verifiable proof that al-Assad gassed his own people? If he is removed, what entity fills the vacuum in Damascus? Didn’t enclaves of Christians, Jews and Muslims (other than Alawites) live peacefully inside Syria just a few years ago? Why did this structure of fairly peaceful tolerance fall apart? What specifically are we trying to accomplish in Damascus with al-Assad considering Syria’s connections with Russia and Iran?

Jackie Chantler - April 8, 2017

Let us be cautious and find out WHO is behind the gas attack. Learn from history, replacing leaders such as Hussein , Mubarak will leave a void and who will replace them ? usually worse people then the previous leaders. At least they were able to control ,to some degree, their populations and some of them were “friendly” towards us.
Using gas to kill your own population is outrageous , and I think President Trump was correct in taking the action he did. It will give a warning to some of these regimes.

Dr. W. R. Anderson - April 8, 2017

As a 7 year resident, mostly in Eastern Lebanon among Shia muslims, I became familiar with the strong animosity between the Sunni and Shia sects. I also heard on the news a couple of years ago, that ISIS had captured an unspecified amount of Asaad’s nerve gas. When I saw the picture in the news of the father of twin victims, I recognized his Shia name. Asaad has not appeared to have conflict with the Shia, but to the Sunnis, all of them are regarded as infidels, and worthy of Jihadist retribution. I was greatly disturbed by the apparent immediate reaction blaming Asaad for that which could have been a clever Shia use of the gas and the knee-jerk decision to place the blame without a more thoughtful consideration of the possible source. I do know that the Asaad tribe (of Alowites) of about 10% of the population is very pragramatic about not inciting Israel to retalite against Syria, and has been since Hafez Assad (the father) took over the country. If Isis (the sunnis) could control syria, Israel would be totally hemmed in by Sunni-dominated regimes. Bad for them and us. Russia may have been inadvertanly (or perhaps knowlingly) preventing that to happen, since they are well aware of the danger to them of Sunni Jihadists.

Larry and Carol - April 8, 2017

We believe President Trump should talk to people in Washington D.C. that know what the real situation in Syria is. He can talk to Mr. William Murray of The Religious Freedom Coalition or Mr. Frank Gaffney. They are the experts. After talking with William Murray and visiting with a Pastor that lives in Ariel, Israel, we know that President al-Assad would Not knowingly gas his own people.

We have heard from the Syrian Christians that have come to the U.S. to testify before our Congress that Christians and the Jewish people have never lived in a such peace as they have under Pres. al-Assad and his father’s leadership. It was just when ISIS and others (including the U.S.) started their attacks against the Syrian people that the Syrians have experienced such unrest and war in their country.

Bill Coates - April 8, 2017

Keeping it bottled up inside Syria is the best we can hope for, but the killing will continue. Islam is so fragmented that no moderate government will survive, and the other ‘nations’ in the area will not be able to decide which rebel groups to support and which to fight.

Edward A. Panui - April 8, 2017

As a reader of the daily news from various sources, I’m beginning to think my opinion is just a formation based on the tidbits of news I read from these sources. These days with so many fake news, biases, propaganda, etc.and my trying to siphon through the preliminary rhetoric from these sources, I have decided to assess the actual deeds (even though they’re after the fact) to get the facts/truth. Hind sight (which is 100% – “God’s Will”) establishes the creditability of the source/s. Ex-President Obama legacy speaks for itself. Althougt the jury is still out on President Donald Turmp’s legacy, some of his deeds are already starting to take form. His decision to bomb Syria is one of them. I personally believe we should pray and support him and his administration.

Ed - April 8, 2017

The next action for the US depends on the action of the opposing parties. When confronting an adversary/enemy we must be prepared to counter any action they may try.

Ed - April 8, 2017

As stated by Jackie Chantler – April 8, 2017 — By taking out Quadafy, Hussein, and Mubarak we screwed up badly and left a void filled by ISIS, it was rather stupid, even France urged we leave them in power.

Robert Williamson - April 8, 2017

Four years ago lethal gas was used and Assad was blamed. But his generals were phoning “where is this gas coming from?”
The globalists wanted a war on which they could blame the coming financial collapse due to our huge debt and unfunded entitlements. I question if this occasion also isn’t a false flag.

Asad is one of only two Muslim leaders who, over time, have treated Christians with decency and respect. Now Asad is made to look like a monster.

Al Wunsch - April 8, 2017

The president’s action was appropriate and swift. That needed to be done as Pres O took away any notion on the part of hostile parties that we intended to carry and/or use the big stick. I would like to see the U.S. put together a coalition of our ME allies, identify the strategy and then fund and support the considered action(s). We might be able to put pressure on the Russians to rid Syria of Assad, set up a no fly zone and then work to put in place a new Syrian gov’t. It will require the coalition to be ready to go to war if necessary, to wipe out ISIS and insist on a credible Syrian (new) gov’t. Unfortunately, it will not rid us of Russia in the ME (thanks to Pres O) but we might be able to force an end to military operations in Syria.

Jean M. Donovan - April 8, 2017

Continue to get help from our Allies to help us deal with Syria.

Shelly Johnson - April 8, 2017

Stay out of Syria. They’ve been fighting in the Middle East for 1000’s of years and we aren’t going to change anything. The cultures are very different and their “leaders” need to deal with them as they see fit. I realize it sounds harsh when there are children involved, but it’s really not our problem. We have problems of our own. BUT, I’m sure POTUS had some intel we don’t, so I’ll just pray for our country and for God to guide.

Beth Dorant - April 8, 2017

President Trump has acted much as Israel has in protecting themselves by hitting the specific threat. We need to keep in mind that Assad is not murdering his own people, but the Sunnis and Shia’s. His people are the Alawites. His solution is to wipe out all others and take control of the artificial borders of ‘Syria’ for himself. If he is removed, Russia will fill the vacuum and the remaining elements in the area will continue their warring until no one is left to fight. We will be consumed if we try to sort it all out and choose winners and losers. It is all out religious war, something the US has denied for decades and may never really understand.

Clare L Bromley - April 8, 2017

Stay out of the middle east. This is not our fight. Bring our troops home and close bases there, including in Turkey. Stop selling or giving weapons, money or training to middle eastern Muslim countries. Reject Muslim refugees and immigrants and remove them from the U.S. unless they have a verifiable history of acting to reform Islam. Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR should be designated terrorist organizations and prohibited. Mosques in the U.S. should be actively monitored for sedition. Define and publicly announce America’s anti-jihadist and anti-Islamic strategies and policies, as the U.S. once defined its anti-communist and anti-nazi positions. Formally reject civilization and cultural jihad and Sharia. Reject the two state solution in Israel. Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Support Israel as a full ally. Reduce support of the UN to bare minimum membership. Strengthen U.S. defenses of the homeland and people so that they are second to none.

Alfred Grunwell - April 8, 2017

I pray that this attack is sufficient to put the UN on notice that since they are totally ineffective at handling world problems the sovereign Republic of the United States of America will let the Assads of the world know that they are being watched by and they will be dealt with for their stupidity and inhumane actions against their own people.

Richard Rogers - April 8, 2017

At this stage, the President should consider an aggressive strategy to CONFIRM Assad will and has eliminated all chemical weapons; not just claim it has happened.

Pauline Malofiy - April 8, 2017

I do not thing U S best interest is to middle in other countries politically

G. Allan Barnes - April 8, 2017

First, let’s remember, there hasn’t been peace in that area and the middle east for 4500 – 5000 years. Caution should be used in any involvement in that region. However, when a “message” is to be sent, send B-52’s, en mass, in the “Rolling Thunder/Linebacker II motif, to rattle their cage to get their attention. Anyone who knows what that is like, will know that WILL get their attention and/or compliance.

Fiorella Weaver - April 8, 2017

Before ISIS invaded the region (with U.S. backing), Assad was well known for protecting Christians. During the 2013 Sarin gas event, Syrian generals were surprised by the attack and asked Assad about it. It doesn’t make sense to pin this latest episode on Assad. He refused responsibility both times. Do we dare trust our “intelligence”?

John Diehlmann - April 8, 2017

The United States, through the United Nations, should pressure Russia to finish removing all deadly gas supplies from Syria
as they promised to do. This would make Russia responsible for the action we took.

Lenny - April 8, 2017

After 25 years in Special Operations and being in many different 3rd world countries, I believe the strike was more than necessary. But we must keep in mind that it was not a “first strike” option. Do not make it something it is not, was not!
we MUST stop being the world’s police force.
Most countries do not want us there, trying to make them become like us!
Help, yes! By all and any means necessary, but HELP, not control.
We are not the “great white savior” as some of us wish to be.
Help those, who ARE helping themselves.
As many stated here, the Mid East is, what it is! They have been around a lot longer than the U.S.
This situation is exactly why the U.N. was formed. However, never in my 65 years have I seen that over priced, under worked unit do anything “for the world”
Providing abortions is not doing something for the world.
They suck up MASSIVE amounts of money and produce VERY LITTLE in return. We MUST get out, stop funding, get them out of the country!
The very nice, very big complex could be useful in so many ways. Retirement home for veterans, home for homeless people, condos (which would produce wonder returns) or etc etc etc. One could keep on with the uses of that complex.
Just my humble opinion after 25 years of roaming the world.
Thank you

LINDA TANNER - April 8, 2017

There are some major prophecies in Ezekiel. Check out Joel Rosenberg’s books–like Damascus ? and The Ezekiel Option
cannot remember the exact title on Damascus, but I know God said there will come a time when Damascus will be totally wiped off the map.

Jon Stout - April 9, 2017

I applaud the President’s decision to take the high ground in dealing with ultimately The Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against innocent children and civilians. He immediately followed through by unleashing a punishment to let the Syrian, Russian, Iranian regimes (and others) get the idea that there are consequences to their immoral actions. I’m sure Syria and it’s advisor nation’s complaints will sound hollow, in dealing with a decisive United States President and U.N. Ambassador. The President has a lot going for him now!

Peter R. Mare - April 9, 2017

Establish Safe Zone In “Kurdistan” Nation Building Starts With Recognizing Kurdistan As An Independent Country. Enforce Recognition By Standing Up To Turkey Islamists Who Hated Us In WWII & Are Playing Russia & Us For Suckers. Sign Military Treaty With Kurdistan & Accept All Refugees In Kurdistan That Reject Women Hating Sharia Law Satanic Religion. The Final Crusade Against Sharia Law Jihadizm Started On January 20th 2017. We Have To Finish What They Started, In The Only Way, They Understand

Blair Law - April 9, 2017

I belong in the camp of “WE DON’T BELONG in other countries” believers. Yes, the Assad and Saddam rulers are/were.. wrong, and yes their people are badly treated, wronged, and suffering…
Nonetheless, that’s really their own problem to solve, like we Americans have done for ourselves many times. There will ALWAYS be wrong-doing leaders throughout the world.. and it’s an impossible dream to think that one-by-one we Americans can systematically eliminate or even have a major effect on all that. We should stay out of it completely, and mind our own business. Why should we borrow a trillion dollars/year just so we can run around the world jousting windmills? Why not spend that kind of money on solving our own problems at home? In doing truly good work right at home we could truly “Make America Great Again”, and be a great example of right thinking to the world. Otherwise we are joining the ranks of fools -captives of the Military/industrial establishment which thrives on keeping wars going .. Let’s get smart , fellow Americans.. We can be truly leaders of the free world if we do smart things, rather than petty things..

Royal A. Brown III - April 9, 2017

Syrian jets flew out of bases attacked withing 2 days after expending 57 precious T-Hawk missiles at cost of over $200M. Do we know it was Syrian govt who used Sarin gas – could it not have been Syrian Rebels who are basically Al Queda? I do not trust the highly politicized CIA to tell us the truth nor the neo-cons like McCain & Graham. POTUS Trump needs to show strength but only if the use or our limited resources will have a positive impact – here it appears it did not !

Edward M Tonry - April 9, 2017

President Trump is taking the appropriate action against Syria in response to the gas attack on it’s own people. What President Trump is doing should not have to be. I am extremely disappointed with the United Nations in this matter. Where the hell have they been for the last 6+ years? The UN should have declared Syria a failed state long ago, and assembled a coalition of nations under the UN flag to go into Syria and kick Assad out along with all the other opportunistic players there, and have the legitimate Syrian people set up a new government of their choosing. A remnant UN force would remain in country until Syria got back on it’s feet. As of now, there are too many independent players in Syria….Syria is like a bar with a bunch of drunks in it just waiting for a bar brawl to break out. You know it’s going to happen soon. All the sober people would be heading for the exits about right now. So…Come on UN and step up to the plate and take some responsibility. Get a coalition of nations together and solve this problem before it’s too late. There ain’t nothing we can’t do if we all work together.

De Ette Moon - April 9, 2017

I agree with Trump’s strikes against Assad for his using chemical warfare when Assad had agreed not to do so. Now Trump needs to work with Congress to determine what else the U.S. should do. Congress should be totally against inhuman treatment of Assad’s people.

Judi Fey - April 9, 2017

Hold them accountable, bankrupt them, continue to remove terror cells. They operate by a code that is not acceptable to reasonable humans. Trump was right in the immediate response!

ROBERT BURNS sr - April 9, 2017


Kara Chorenziak - April 9, 2017

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Thank you President Trump for being a good man. I pray for your continued determination and direction to lead and govern the United States in what is good, right, and just; that the U.S. stands apart from the world as a beacon of Truth in a crooked and perverse generation; that you and those in authority with you will seek wise counsel from God and not be swayed by the fickle and shameless mass media who seem to look for ways to divide Americans instead of unite us; and I pray for God’s armor over you, your family, those in authority with you, and the United States military.
2 Chronicles 7:14

Robert Williamson - April 10, 2017

I am intrigued that my email which was originally #20 on this list (following 2 Ed’s) only now appears on my ipad but on none of the ipads of my family and friends to whom it was forwarded.

Michael Brown - April 10, 2017

The President did the right thing and now the free world has spoken out against the tragedy of genocide in Syria to which Russia has done nothing about.

Patricia Talbott - April 10, 2017

I am not convinced this wasn’t a set-up to trick President Trump by his own people with false information.

Edward - April 10, 2017

Leadership is necessary to develop accomplishments with positive results.
This is not a one country endeavor nor can just one country budget the cost of such a huge tasking. This needs to be a team effort for mankind to survive and that includes Syria, Russia and the Middle East
nations to include even Iran!

lnastro - April 11, 2017

If we remove Assad we potentially have another Iraq or Libya.

Tell Haley to back down.

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