The media wait for the Hobby Lobby lawyers to make their first public statement in front of the Supreme Court. Photo credit: Kayla Toth

In their ruling Monday in the Hobby Lobby case, the Supreme Court struck a blow against Obamacare’s coercive contraceptive mandate.

“The government can’t compel a ‘closely held’  business such as the Hobby Lobby chain to cover abortion-inducing drugs or devices in employee health plans if doing so would violate the employer’s moral and religious beliefs,” Heritage’s Kelsey Harkness explains.

Heritage experts Sarah Torre and Elizabeth Slattery explain what this ruling means:

To be clear, the decision today applies only to the Obamacare rule that was threatening the religious freedom of the Greens’ and Hahns’ family businesses. Other claims for religious exemptions by closely held family businesses from other laws will have to be litigated on a case-by-case basis. RFRA doesn’t provide a blank check for religious believers to do whatever they want in the name of religion and neither does today’s decision.

With today’s ruling, the Greens’ and Hahns’ family businesses will be able to continue offering their employees generous healthcare plans (which cover most forms of contraception) without fear of government penalties. And the women who work for Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood remain free – like all women – to make their own decisions about these four drugs and devices (as well as other birth control) and to purchase or find insurance coverage for them. But the government cannot coerce these family businesses to participate in those decisions in violation of their beliefs.

Do you think the court made the right call in the Hobby Lobby case?

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Carolyn S. Partlow - October 3, 2014

Yes. Our religious freedom needs to be protected as well as Christian businesses and their workers.

Richard Davis - November 13, 2015

I believe the members of the court have too narrow an educational, and regional base to adequately rule on cultural matters. At the very least, they should come from different appeals court districts. This could be made law without a constitional amendment.

vroberts - February 7, 2017

No, I think it was outrageous – particularly as Hobby Lobby obtains most of it’s merchandise from China-a country that legally requires/forces women to undergo abortions if they ‘go over the limit’ of government decided number of children allowed in a family – if Hobby Lobby is so sensitive religiously/spiritually about abortion as they state —– Hobby Lobby used our judicial system in a hypocritical unethical and immoral manner – all for greed of money

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