Yesterday’s announcement from the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction that it would not be able to identify $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction comes as no surprise.

The root of the problem: a difference in views within the so-called Super Committee about the proper scope of government. Liberals on the committee favored tax rate increases while conservatives favored flatter taxes and more spending reforms.

Now an automatic process built into this summer’s debt-limit deal, known as sequestration, will trigger devastating defense cuts and leave America vulnerable to threats.

“Mindless across-the-board cuts to government spending — especially cuts that gut the nation’s defenses when America already faces a military readiness crisis — is not the way to proceed,” Heritage Foundation vice president David Addington explains. “Nor is a job-killing tax hike that grows the government instead of the economy.”

America is now $15 trillion in debt and counting. It is now up to Congress to stop the overspending.

Heritage experts have identified three pillars of reform (link in PDF) and the necessary steps Congress needs to take to reign in spending. Lawmakers should:

  • Drive down federal spending including making entitlement programs solvent;
  • Maintain our ability to protect America; and
  • Do so without raising taxes.

All this is drawn from Saving the American Dream, Heritage’s comprehensive plan to get America back on track.

What do you think? Can Congress take the necessary steps to get spending under control?

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Sandra Esterline - November 22, 2011

No. The GOP and Dems are too far apart ideologically. All are catering to their base, as they should. But the Democrats are too far left for the nation as a whole. Very few percentage of Americans really want what the present administration and has in mind. There would be more out cry if the majority knew what they really have in mind.

John W. Barlow - November 23, 2011

No increases in spending over last year in each of next 10 years, which will be rated at 10 Trillion Dollars plus or minus. Put in 20% cuts to each office, branch, department, Congress, the White House, the Justice and UN. Bring some of the home military bases around world, putting one on Southern Border. Cut back in Medicade and lock up Social Security. Cut back on unemployment after 6 months so a job at McDonalds looks good.

Allen D Niles - November 23, 2011

There was very fleeting smile on Obama’s face when he announced the failure of the Super Committee. That is what he wanted. Now he can campaign against the repubs as “do nothing.” (The MSM has not reported on any of the dozen or so bills for jobs pssed by the House that the Senate has refused to take up.) The notion that party partisans could agree to anything was doomed from the beginning. Worse, is that the DoD would be targeted for for crippling cuts. No one in their right mind could agree to that. We can only hope that the 2012 election will result in more responsible leaders.

David - November 23, 2011

The super committee was probably unconstitutional from the get go, but the reason they were formed had nothing to do with cutting costs. It was purely political. It was intended to fail. Anyone who couldn’t see that isn’t paying attention. The deal from the start was to destroy our military. The Democrats weren’t going to agree to anything. It also took the focus off the idiot in the White House.

David Whilden - November 23, 2011

As expected the “super-duds” failed and the perception being prescented to the American people via the liberal media is that it’s the Republicans fault! We have to make a better effort to change that perception! This is where the Republican party fails badly! Poll after liberal poll show “people” blame Republicans for the failer! We need to do better about getting the truth out!!!!!!!!

Dewey Switzer - November 23, 2011

The Senate and the House must be separated
With the current Democratic controlled Senate no solution is possible . That body will do as Obama prefers
With no solution, Obama has the campaign issue he wants.

fx gilbert - November 23, 2011

The ‘super commitee’ was a planned tax increase to expand the federal government. It is time, now, for Congress to bombard the Senate with Bill after Bill of spending reductions, forcing the Senate to “NOT’ bring them to the floor for an UP or DOWN vote. The Bills should be from the Bowls /Simpson report and starting with bipartisan agreeable topics.

Kemble Johnson - November 24, 2011

I wish someone would ask the candidates where they stand on the Second Amendment, Do they believe the Amendment gives individuals the right to keep and bear arms.

Chuck Walker - November 24, 2011

Our government is operating exactly as the founders intended when there is an almost even ideologically divide. It is deadlocked and fortunately the super committee did not “unlock” it. It is up to the people to decide which way the country will go by who we put in power in the 2012 election. That is the way it should be. Conservatives – let’s get to work.

Dennis Sullivan - November 25, 2011

The only surprise is that anybody thought it could work !
I think it is a major political coup for President Obama and the Democratic Party. It takes focus away from the failed policies of the liberals, and allows them, along with the main stream media, to give some of the blame to recalcitrant Republicans.

john uhrhammer - November 26, 2011

Who said that we would STOP sending cash to our non-friends? Who said that we would stop ALL subsidies?
None of them are for America – just what they can get for “serving”! O;bama is succeeding at the sabotage of our democratic republic and makes chaos and socialism much more probable. We cannot stop it unless we can screw up our political will sufficiently that sacrificing our current dependence on “BIG” government is the norm!

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