Time and again, President Obama has stretched the limits of his executive powers, and the media has turned a blind eye.

To keep the public informed, Heritage Foundation experts have compiled a fact sheet listing his top ten most abusive executive actions.

The list includes unilateral Obamacare “fixes,” giving preferential treatment┬áto illegal immigrants, side-stepping Senate approval when making appointments, and suspending welfare-to-work rules.

Find out what else is on the list.

Do you think the executive branch ought to be able to abuse the system in this way?

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Olli Silander - March 6, 2014

Sue Obama for abuse of power and corruption. If GOP gains control of the Senate then assign a special prosecutor to launch an investigation that should include potential impeachment.

James A. Remington - March 7, 2014

Until the Republican Party has a majority in the Senate and maintains it control of the House, all else is a waist of time and energy. All efforts and resources should be directed at gaining control of the Senate.


Truthseeker - March 7, 2014

It’s not so much whether I think the executive branch ought to be able to abuse the system in this way, but what is the rationale that those who condone it want to say. Let me guess: Would it start with “Well, Saul Alinsky says…”

William Pierce - March 7, 2014

should include prison time we are still a rule of law system if we have anyone in leadership

Glenn Guyott - March 8, 2014

I have seen many presidents come and go in my lifetime but I have never seen anyone misuse our constitution like our current president. From using the IRS to go after his enemies, lying about Bengazi, covering up Fast and Furious and illegally changing the Obamacare law so many times you can’t even keep track anymore. He should be impeached ASAP in my opinion.

Holly Chapo - March 9, 2014

NO!! And who is going to stop him? Our feckless, cowardly Republican establishment? The Republican members of the Congress? Even if every center right American contacted his/her representatives, would they even listen? They haven’t been paying much attention up until now. Time to throw them out and elect REAL conservatives.

Bree - March 11, 2014

I truly believe in a class action lawsuit by “We the People” would find proof of the harm he has caused the American people by laws under the R.I.C.O. act. Outside counsel would have to be initiated to show the burden of proof. I see to much money go missing on things and no one seems to find it. Pull out the pockets in the room. Someone has a marked bill. This to would lead to an impeachment for his great Ponzi scheme! A lot of people are making money off this presidential setup! It started before his election and who where the players. I believe Hillary running for president was a diversion tactic. There is a paper trail. Criminal behavior doesn’t go unnoticed by a criminal profiler. Finding someone to take this cause would be significant and appreciated. Reward, our freedom, our country, our values that worked. President is not working.

Michael Barbuck - March 11, 2014

My creed is God, family, and country.
No one is above the law, especially the president.
This president takes away our freedon to worship.
He could have stopped “The Hobby Lobby” case
by obeying the constituation.

Don - March 20, 2014

Imperative for Republicans and Conservatives to stop bickering and collectively focus upon keeping the House and winning the Senate. Only then can we begin to rein in this out-of-control administration. House leaders state they can’t confront the President because they have no standing in his Executive Orders, this principle must be reviewed and changed.

Gerald Bordic - March 21, 2014

Of course not. But until something is done to stop the abuse as stated by James A. Remington all else is a waste of resources. What is Heritage doing to defeat vulnerable Senate Democrats in 2014 elections? What is Heritage doing to bolster the moral resolve of the GOP establishment to do something about the many scandals as stated by Glen Guycott? I think most of us want to know in fairly simple bullet point terms the Heritage plan of action. Keep it to one page.

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