Lawmakers from the northeast, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Peter King (R-NY), are accusing Congress of being “selfish” for not holding a vote on a $60 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill before lawmakers adjourned for the last time.

But as The Heritage Foundation’s Amy Payne reminds us, the law wasn’t really about helping the hurricane’s victims:

The real “selfishness and duplicity,” however, comes from those who insist that this bill is meant for Sandy’s victims—when in reality, it is a special-interest money fest. This is a terrible way to treat storm victims, by piling on other projects and tying them to an emotional legislative vote.

The bill includes billions of dollars in extraneous funding not relevant to Sandy victims.

The estimate of insured losses from Sandy comes in around $20 billion—but the total aid package proposed is three times that amount. Roughly $28 billion of the request is marked for future disaster-mitigation projects. …

Other questionable items in the package, which have received wide media coverage, include money for fisheries in Alaska, free money for the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and repairs to the Smithsonian. Heritage’s Patrick Louis Knudsen adds that “there is the truly audacious $17 billion in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, an embarrassingly transparent slush fund.”

According to Heritage’s Matt Mayer, the administration’s spending request “reflects the President’s cavalier attitude toward spending and deficits.”

He intends to exploit loopholes in the Budget Control Act that allow this new spending, above existing spending limits, without offsets. In an era of chronic trillion-dollar deficits, this is an act of willful fiscal negligence.

Hurricane Sandy affected multiple states and millions of citizens. Do you think lawmakers should can find a fiscally responsible way to fund recovery efforts?

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Philip Babish and Paul Babish - January 3, 2013


My brother and I live in Florida. There is a national flood insurance which is starting to get out of hand. There should also be a national catastrophic fund which would be shared by all states as the national flood insurance is. We understand the reason for the need to help Sandy victims but feel that other states should receive help when needed as well. Thank you.

Phil and Paul babish

Donald Lockwood - January 3, 2013

Thanks you for the hour on the conference call. I just appreciate all Heritage does. The questions were well answered and I have confidence in the conservative movement during 2013 because of Heritage.

Judith Lorraine - January 3, 2013

Please get this to FUELNER. I awoke a few days ago with this enlightenment – Heritage Foundation, Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party, The Blaze with Glenn Beck, who owns his own TV Network, WND, and their WHISTLE BLOWER magazine, Campaign4Liberty, John Birch Society, Military,etc. MUST UNITE and combine all organizations efforts. WE ARE TOO SCATTERED – OUR EFFORTS ARE WEAK! Together these true Americans, Freedom Seekers, Constitutionalists AND Patriots can become ONE HUGE SLEDGE HAMMER!
All these backers have the same goal in mind. Do NOT forget that! With DeMint, Ron Paul, Rand Paul and all the combined years of experience they have, being in the trenches with these traitors – they surely should be able to LEAD WE THE PEOPLE and get our country back!
I am a 72 yr old retired woman living on SS and I love my country! PLEASE Include “JUDICIAL WATCH” – THEY ARE GREAT HEROES TOO –

[email protected] Lee - January 3, 2013

Before we give ANY money for Sandy, I would like know what the taxpayers had to spend on Hurricane Karina? If people want to live on or near the ocean than they will have to pay the price…thank you!

Dewey Switzer - January 3, 2013

Is there any way we can stop our Gov’t from buying votes with Taxpayer money ?
The $20 Billion is probably legit but the rest is Pork and a Slush fund for Obama???DS

Kenneth Salyer - January 3, 2013

The citizen must find out about the earmarks , the special interest funds. Everyone must understand how our nation is being run!!!!

Rhonda Tubbs - January 4, 2013

In answer to Judith Lorraine;
I too, after this week, are strongly with you! I am a truck driver and have listened to Conservative Talk Radio from Fargo, ND all the way to Tulsa, Ok, and over thru SD and Bismark.
People are angered, wroth is more appropriate with Republicans, swearing them off for good. And rightfully so!

It is now the time for all to come together and form and file OUR own party and ‘come out from among them (Repub.).
Help Heritage, help Unite all Conservitives and Constitutionalists, please.

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