For the second year in a row, Heritage was ranked as having the most significant impact on public policy in the entire world. This is according to the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Go-To Think Tank Index Report, which also found Heritage to rank first in the category of “Best Use of the Internet.”

Not only that, but many members of Congress clearly consider The Heritage Foundation as a “must follow” on social media. While we use social media in the hopes of reaching policy makers of all parties, the Huffington Post reports that @Heritage is the sixth most followed Twitter account by House Republicans – just behind @FoxNews and @realDonaldTrump.

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How can Heritage best use our influence to advocate for you and conservative policies? 


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Tab Diehl - February 2, 2019

Take a proactive stance on infanticide.
Acceptance of convenience abortion will be followed by geriatricide and eventually genocide of the deplorables

Susan Malone - February 2, 2019

Doubled down efforts to have more K-12 school choices with a classical bent would be welcomed by parents like us who feel trapped in public schools with indoctrination that passes as education and low quality subjects such as common core math. Education is the belly of the beast; more reform sooner desperately needs to happen.

James Oakley, Sr. - February 3, 2019

President Trump, IMHO, is making a serious and possibly career ending mistake by supporting a ban on bump stocks as well as his support for Red Flag laws I may be wrong but both stand in opposition to the 2nd and 4th amendments of the Constitution. If he continues on this path, I for one, will not continue to support his candidacy for 2020. The man needs to uphold his oath and support our 2nd Amendment especially now as well as the entire Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thanks for the ear.

Colin Gallagher - February 3, 2019

The answer to this question is simple. Heritage needs to press President Trump to make 100 more judicial nominations at minimum. Over 50 judicial nominations have recently been made, but these will likely take months to get approved in the extremely slow Senate even though Republicans currently have a Senate majority and are not currently facing judicial filibustering.

Yet a “judicial emergency” remains for the vacancies in the U.S. federal courts – over 120 such vacancies at last count. We need Constitutional originalists and conservatives to be nominated to pack the courts. Otherwise, laws like those of California, and legislators from such states, which treat federal immigration laws as a nothing and the U.S. Constitution as a thing to be ignored and discarded, will end up enforcing their will across all states within the influence and jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit – and beyond. Having nominated a couple somewhat conservative judges to the 9th Circus recently, Pres. Trump is far from being done. Heritage must urge Pres. Trump to complete the job by packing the courts – now – before 2020 arrives and everyone’s in election mode again. It is truly now or never.

Reverend Mark A Lester - February 3, 2019

we if do not stop them now people outside the US who are evil like obama who really is an islamist will destroy our country from within I tried to tell people but he still got elected but i believe it was through corruption you arrest Hillary clinton and obama for their corruption people like them will think twice before trying to destroy us from within and abortion should be abolished forever from the USA and never brought to court again show your strength not our weakness.

Robert - February 3, 2019

Without a dough Heritage holds the patrizem and pulse of the American People . Further they resort to Constitutional decisions not radical unconstitutional conclusions . We as American’s have a responsibility to a line our selves to the Alegance of this Country , it’s flag and our Gods Grace . The
Constitution and it’s laws are the only laws that can exsists It is clearly stated .

James F. Wadford - February 3, 2019

With another possible government shut down, might I suggest that Congress & The Senate members be the ones who should not get paid. Our elected officials are not working for the public, they are working for themselves. Maybe president Trump should with hold their salaries and tell them to get to work!

James Rust - February 3, 2019

Perhaps a hammer should be a new instrument in medical doctor’s medicine bag. The hammer can be used to kill new born babies.

David Maki - February 3, 2019

Your position and successes are well documented in America. I’m retired and very thankful to now have the opportunity travel the world. It has been shocking for me to learn what the rest of the world thinks Americans are and what we believe. My only suggestion would be to expand your communications internationally to help overcome the leftist propaganda. Keep up the great work!

Pauline Blanka - February 3, 2019

I am upset about Paul Manaford being kept in solitary confinement. No prosecutor should have that kind of power – to destroy people. Terrorists at Gitmo are treated better – humanely.
Watch Mark Levin last night.

Michael James LaPierre - February 3, 2019

You need to do a much better job of pushing and highlighting the release time agenda a.k.a. Clauson vs. Zurich Supreme Court decision (1952) to allow public school students to go off site for religious study. Why is this flying under the radar screen? Please step up

Robert Gianino - February 3, 2019

If Heritage wants to get its message out to more people, its going to have to get into the mass media game and set up a weekly or, ideally, a daily news feed on cable and the internet regarding public policy issues. Something like CSPAN or Firing Line with opinion and commentary as well as a clear presentation of facts.

Kurt Pratt - February 3, 2019

Defunding Planned Parenthood is needed ! They have profited more last year and received more government funding . Than they donate to the Demacrat party . That means your taxes go to fond demacrats.

Ther’ese clarke - February 3, 2019

Dear Sir ,
Two things ,one disappointed me ,was the failure to recognize, the anniversary of Roe- wade .A law that made planned parenthood.
The other ,in within weeks a bill H57 Is going to most likly to be passed ,very similar or worst thsn in Ny law abortion – birth ..Othef than prayer
and contacting my local sen.2 are pro – life ,one pro death den.
You talk about working with our congressional ,Sen. VAnd. Rep,,How do I do this with, the only Republican in N.E., ,pro death Sen Sue Thomas, though she voted for justice Brett Cavanaugh .Thus Mayne their is hope for her .
If you recall the HHS Mandate , Leahy and Sanders and Welch responded ,telling me about the” accommodation, .How the employer did not have to pay for the contraception .That was a joke ,because the employer had to pay the insurance premiums ,This was difficult, for those employers whose moral conscience , could not allow that. This is a sentenel ,jow can i make a difference in Vt. When all. my reps ,are on the other side .
I appreciate all you stand for ,
I am greatful to God To be a sentinel .
But, I need advice ,to make a positive difference in Vt.
Thank you
There’se Clarke

James Slaughter - February 4, 2019

Thank you Heritage for your very competent development of and support of policies based on sound constitutional principles that help make America the greatest country in the world. The only area where you disappoint me is your failure to support President Trump and his efforts to some measure of fairness to our trade relationship with China. Please try to see the big picture. Stop being swayed by the short term interest of certain special interest industries.

Elisabeth Culp - February 4, 2019

Study carefully and thoroughly every aspect of border security that needs to be adapted. The wall for sure, and every additional safety measure needed.
The decision in New York and now being considered in Virginia to abort a newborn baby is nothing short of vile. This is the nazi mentality. Prayer is essential in fighting this evil.

Jody Traywick - February 7, 2019

We MUST have limits on all public office terms!!!!!

William Coates - February 14, 2019

I believe we are being poorly served by many Republican officeholders. They should be shamed into either resignation or action. Most multi-term members of Congress have lost whatever principles they started with. Here are some points you should raise with them:
The quest for power is an addictive thing. Re-election is a symptom.

Many Republicans also seek such power, and are weakened by it.

Principled newcomers are generally corrupted by lobbyist money and the quest for re-election.

Those who collect the most contributions tend to be re-elected.

Those who are longest in office tend to become committee chairmen, and control what is done.

The campaign funds donated for re-election are truly attempts to buy services or favors.

Consecutive terms are wrong – return to an honest job, run again later if they served well.

Congressional pensions are a moral hazard, encouraging people to keep problems around so they can use them in re-election advertising instead of solving them.

Service is a good thing, don’t hog it for multiple terms; let others serve too!

Political parties are lazy, wish to avoid the work of finding good new candidates.

Most current members of Congress are useless time-servers, who are there because they have name-recognition and like the money and privilege they get for doing very little. Many hate Trump because he’s an outsider who is rocking their boat.

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