The New York Times ran a piece last week titled U.N. Envoy Draws From Playbook of an Aide Steeped in Conservative Ideology. The article states:

The American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, has candidly described herself as a newcomer to the world of international diplomacy.

For guidance, she has relied, in part, on an important adviser plucked from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank: Steven Groves.

Mr. Groves, who is Ms. Haley’s chief of staff, has described himself as a champion of American sovereignty and has written forcefully against international agreements.

One of the main issues that Ms. Haley has promised to tackle at the United Nations comes from the Heritage Foundation’s playbook: How to fix peacekeeping operations, the organization’s biggest, most costliest element.

Other Heritage Foundation priorities have already found their way into the ambassador’s own. She dismissed the Human Rights Council as “so corrupt,” echoing criticism from Heritage. And she invited the think tank to join her delegation to the annual Commission on the Status of Women. Whether she will withdraw American funding for the United Nations’ population agency, which Heritage has pressed for, remains to be seen.

You can read the full article to find out more about Mr. Groves’ work.

What do you believe Nikki Haley’s number one priority as U.S. Ambassador to the UN should be?

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S Tanksley - April 8, 2017

Do not give away our sovereignty through international tribunals.

Don L Zahnle - April 8, 2017

Withdrawal from the UN.

Robert Ludwikowski - April 8, 2017

Withdraw from the UN. Very unlikely! Stop funding UN.

Loretta Hill - April 8, 2017

Hit them in the pocketbook.

Eugene Petilli - April 8, 2017

We should cut funding to the radical UN.

Anthony Humphreys - April 8, 2017

Our UN Ambasador should stress improving Human Rights globally. We also need to decrease the US percentage of the UN budget and make sure we decrease the actual dollars spent on the UN.

Paul Cabler - April 8, 2017

Cut off all US funding to pro-abort organizations

Bob Elliott - April 8, 2017

I disagreed with then Gov Haley about her removing her states flag but, I was proud of the backbone she displayed at the U N. She didn’t back down!

JimDundee - April 8, 2017

Yes, cut off all funding pro-abort agencies.
Hold Putin accountable for helping Assad, & failing to adequately remove deadly gas from Syria.
Continue to expose all countries who contributed to these atrocities, by holding them accountable.
Possibly expunge from UN permanetly or temp?

Steve Heckman - April 8, 2017

Demand that all members pay their fair share for everything UN.

C. Marcello - April 8, 2017

Normally I would not watch C-Span to hear the babble of the United Nations Security Counsel. But for some reason my internal guidance said ” Lets see what the new cabinet appointments will bring to the semi-circle of indecision” What a pleasant surprise and turnaround for the UN politburo. Thank You Heritage….Ambassador/President Haley has been honed into what we have needed in this arena for years, a new face that talks straight at the problem!

Linda Lynn - April 8, 2017

She represents the USA and as such she is doing a great job already. I want her to keep her honest forthright approach to dealing with the UN and proudly tell it like it is never giving in to get along. Compromise has a place in dealing with other nations but not if it goes against the truth or undermines the goals of your own country. She does right to accept advise from folks like Heritage.

Dr. Bill Shade - April 8, 2017

Ambassador Haley has a full plate of problems left over from previous administrations. She must reverse the insane bias against Israel, stop funding UNPA and any organization that promotes abortion and force sterilization, oppose Iran as strongly as we do North Korea, block China’s ambitions in the S.China sea – and more.

Fern - April 8, 2017

Too many countries chose to send their incompetents to work at the UN or their ‘one world order ‘ enthusiasts. The UN needs a large dose of practicality and cost effectiveness.

William Perkins - April 8, 2017

In my humble opinion the UN is a really bad joke! The world would be a better place without it. Can’t recall positive contributions the UN has made. It reminds me of a college fraternity house.

Roger - April 8, 2017

To protect the rights and wealth of the citizens of the USA first, that will enable the ability for our country to equally share truth and compassion with others.
Hold evil accountable.

Timothy R. Buttner - April 8, 2017

The U.N. is European Corruption on a global scale. The less we are involved, the better for everyone. I know many folk will consider that short-sighted, but what, I ask, have they actually accomplished?

Maggie McMullan - April 8, 2017

Abolish it!

John Crews - April 8, 2017

I am very impressed with Nikki Haley’s forthrightness when addressing the UN.
She can be the new leader of the right thinking members of that organization. Her straight forward addresses will expose the wrong thinkers.
Her primary goal should be to make the UN effective and worthwhile. Otherwise, the US should consider dropping out and forming a world-wide organization of right thinkers that is effective.
I would hope that Ambassador Haley would emphasize effective peace keeping action over all other functions of the UN and drop the US’ s financial support of all ineffective functions.

Mette McDermott - April 8, 2017

Encouraging to watch Haley’s firm and unyielding comments. Reminds me of Margaret Thatcher, who was not known to mince words. Hope it continues.

Joline Tate - April 8, 2017

Stop contributing US taxpayer funds to UN and move it to Geneva. US foreign aid should not have to go through UN. The organizations funded through the UN are mostly immoral liberal slush funds that the US should have no part of.

Charles Fickling - April 8, 2017

She should ensure the UN we are are nation of peace but most of all a nation of strength. We are no longer the financier of the UN. If the other members wish the UN to remain, they had better loosen their purse strings. Although we are the minority, our Christian heritage will not be ignored.

Paul Ray - April 8, 2017

She is doing a great job—-make all countries give their fair share to solve any conflict 7 monies owed to the U>N>.
She has shown more backbone !!!!!!!!!!
She knows the right answers!!!!!!!!!!!! & she doesn’t back off !!!!!!!!!!

Clint Heinson - April 8, 2017

Nikki Haley needs to either get the UN off its useless money grabbing butt and do what it was designed to do. Or Inform them they need a new address

Clint Heinson - April 8, 2017

Nikki Haley needs to get the money grabbing U.N. off its arrogant butt and do something besides take up space , let them know a new address and a smaller bank balance is in their future at the rate they are going

Shirley Blazey - April 8, 2017

Get U S out of UN. Get U N out of U.S>
The Bible warns of One Worldism. We need to follow the Constitution and Rule of Law as originally intended by our Founding Fathers,Honor God and His principles.
Stand firm as One Nation under God.

Neil Norton - April 8, 2017

Abolish the UN, ot at least kick them out if the US and/or be the LAST country to provide any funding, and only when all others have paid their fair share. But abolition is still the best choice- why should we continue to endorse and enable such corruption and incompetence?

Toby Wintersteen - April 8, 2017

Can John Bolton become the planner and historian and “‘splainer” of US foreign policy like Newt Gingrich is for Trump and Trumpism? Perhaps Bolton could work with Gingrich.

John McDonough - April 8, 2017

The UN has become an inefficient, entitled organization that the US hosts, pays for, and is bitten by other members who do not shoulder their share of the expenses. Shut it down! Reconstruct it in Switzerland!

Chan Bailey - April 8, 2017

She is doing it. She has called out and all but stopped the relentless Israel bashing. She is forcing those who want to disagree with our actions to do so publicly instead of behind closed doors. She has put them on notice that we will not blindly follow. She has made it clear that we have the intestinal fortitude to do what we believe is right, whether they agree or not. I believe her priority should be to be who she is and keep up the good work.

J. Patrick - April 8, 2017

Close down the place by 2020!!!

Toby Wintersteen - April 8, 2017

I think the UN may need to become more a republic and less of a democracy, the bad actors are screwing it up.

If the UN cannot be saved, then perhaps some sort of restricted membership club like NATO, or an assortment of NATOs or Arab Leagues which could control their own areas and join together with the other NATOs when worldwide agreements are needed. This would need to have strong sovereignty protections to avoid world government which is dangerous and must be avoided. BREXIT and the difficulty and hostility for leaving has been quite a lesson! BREXIT could have soon become impossible! Go to youtube and search Farage as well as UKIP some day when you can spend it watching.

Sharon Pelletier - April 8, 2017

She’s doing an assessment … what needs to be augmented, what needs to be restructured, and where to cut back. I personally think the UN is a waste of time and money for Americans. Suggest move the entire operation to Africa, real close to Northern Africa and get a birds eye view of life.

Nancy Monts-Rayfield - April 8, 2017

Mrs. Haley would do well to expose the hypocrisy and corruption within the UN.
As a South Carolinian who supported her as governor, I am pleased to see her strength increase and resonate through her words and actions. Thank you, Heritage, for the education and assistance so that Mrs. Haley can whip the UN into shape.

Stella Milam - April 8, 2017

I totally agree with William Perkin’s thoughts on April 8, 2017. We must get out of the UN, or rather, the UN needs to be disbanded. The UN is totally for population control, including abortion, and that alone is a reason to get out.

Stella Milam

Patricia E, Gerty - April 8, 2017

Nikki Haley is acting with strength and conviction on all matters in the UN. She expresses an understanding of problems and their solutions in a forthright manner.
High praise for a job well done.

Sandy (Sandra) Elliot - April 8, 2017

UNAmbassador Haley should withhold funding from the guilty agencies of the UN — for a START. If further malfeasance is UN-exercised, removed the diplomatic immunities from those employed in those agencies. If that does not garner compliant response then withhold funding to the UN body itself until compliance is met.

James Paul - April 8, 2017

U.S. should withdraw from the U. N.

Mark Cathey - April 8, 2017

Unsigned the UNited Tates from the small arms treaty that John Kerry signed for Obama, God bless

Mark Cathey - April 8, 2017

Love spell correct, United States!

Richard Timberlake - April 8, 2017

Her primary task should be to get the U.S. (US) OUT of the U.N. There are so many reasons for this change that I need not spell them out.
Please, just get the United States OUT of the U.N.
This move would reflect the Founders’ priniciple of: “No entangling alliances.”

Lisa - April 8, 2017

I think the UN has turned into a world governing body. I think we (USA) are being taken advantage of, again. We pay the most and get the least. Move it to Geneva. We are in danger of the UN making policy decisions and the Catholic Church being the 1 world religion. It’s a left wing agenda with no borders, no US Bill of Rights, Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

T J Rogenski - April 8, 2017

Reduce funding for UN “peacekeepers”(blue helmets) by 90% or more. This reduction is in addition to existing US recommendations.

Dorthy Johnson - April 8, 2017

May God bless Nikki Haley! She is a wonderful Ambassador and it thrilled me to listen to her. She is what we have wanted and needed for so very long. A defender of Israel! Hallelujah!

Annemarie Maynard - April 8, 2017

In my mind for decades has been getting the US out of the UN and getting the UN out of the US. Let the UN find other real estate. With that strongly held belief, Nikki Haley should be working to end US association with, housing and financing of the UN, as her/our number one priority.

Jerry Metcalf - April 8, 2017

expose the UN for what it has become. Useless waste of our money.

D Dureno - April 8, 2017

Scrutinize the accounts or projects being funded at the UN and cut or remove funding if money is being wasted, not in the USA’s best interest, or conservative principles. Also make sure all UN members are paying their share not just the USA. Cut funding for abortion supported UN agencies. Keep the pressure on! Make the UN members accountable or get the USA out.

Gerald Bennett - April 8, 2017

Cut the USA funding to the UN by @ least 50%. The UN has become a useless organization .

William Vail - April 8, 2017

Ambassador Haley should concentrate on the un-american and anti democracy programs, activities, and agenda of the U.N. and see that they are publicized for all the world to see. She should continue this until we get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.

George Peabody - April 8, 2017

Gov. Haley’s number one priority should be to withdraw all USA funding to U.N.. Then she should arrest Barack Obama to prison for TREASON so he can not become U.N. Sec. General. Then, she should evict the U.N. from USA. Then, withdraw USA from the U.N.

Voni - April 8, 2017

We need to cut back on our involvement in the U.N. including cutting back on tax payer dollars supporting it. The U.N. has involved the U.S. in every war since WWII calling them “peace keeping” engagements. They have been anything but that. We have paid dearly in treasure of both our young and our finances and it has also robed us of much of our sovereignty. UN will make great condos.

William Dove - April 8, 2017

Trump has said it best: “America First!” There are so many issues out there and many are quite important: Terrorism; The Middle East countries imploding; Brexit and the EU; Potential government implosions affecting the world (i.e. another Greece style financial collapse in some country); IRAN containment; and other matters.
All of these issues should be addressed from an America First perspective!

Harlan McNew - April 8, 2017

Ms Haley is doing a great job at the UN. She needs to press forward in unmasking the the fraud the UN has become. The US should stop propping up the UN financially.
Time to scale back the UN and decrease funding.

Al Wunsch - April 8, 2017

She is doing a great job. Her attitude and responses have been consistent with American values. Her job, from my viewpoint, is to represent the U.S. it’s interests and the policies of the President. She has followed the president by being frank and constructive regarding the work(crap?) going on currently in the U.N. and holding the members to what is right and of common sense.

M. Barbara Rolston - April 8, 2017

The United Nations must live up to its commitments. Continuing to expose their failures publicly, and by name/country might begin to convince them of their duties. Perhaps issue fines or fees
to countries ignoring their responsibilities!
Why not expell them for being liars?

Fernando Carrizosa - April 8, 2017

congrats job well done. Now have everyone pay their way cut bureaucracies and stop subsidies for non good causes. Defnd democracy . Please defend Colombia and Venezuela , Ecuador from Castro Chavismo ir is urgent.

Bill Jones - April 8, 2017

Ms. Haley and the USA should match dollar for dollar what North Korea contributes to the UN and no more.

Bill Jones - April 8, 2017

Seriously, Ms. Haley should go after Syria for their illegal usage of gassing their own people.
On this same topic, it appears that Mr. Putin doesn’t think gassing is a problem; something to keep in mind when we have to deal with him on less friendlier terms.

Leonard Mather - April 8, 2017

It is imperative that we be aware that ISIS is purposefully creating chaos militarily to displace their own people and making them refugees seeking asylum. In so doing, ISIS can then insert Radicals in the process; all it takes is “one” to do the job of terrorism. The others refugees then become “de facto” Caliphate. Liberals and well meaning Good Samaritan Christians cannot figure this out and that weakness is what ISIS relies on. YES, refugees NEED help; YES, we should help them, but NOT here in our Western World! We should help the displaced refugees IN THEIR COUNTRIES, so that they can prosper, enjoy their culture, their religion and their customs.

Joan Cummins - April 8, 2017

Clearly articulate President Trump’s agenda
(and Heritage’s) with respect to human rights and the rule of law so the members will know America is back in a leadership role.

Dr Jessie Hummel - April 8, 2017

Ambassador Haley should continue to educate herself on diplomacy. Listening to her Chief of Staff in the intern will benefit her for a long time to come.

Richard Cope - April 8, 2017

Move the UN headquarters out of the United States

Richard Cope - April 8, 2017

Move the U.N. headquarters out of the United States.

Robert C. Biggio - April 8, 2017

I can’t remember the last thing the UN did to help the United States ! I think it’s just a money pit for tax-payers and we should just pull out ! But if we have to be involved I’m glad to see Nikki Halley there, refreshing change !

david mcdowell - April 8, 2017

Continue to promote American values. She is doing great! May God bless her with guidance.

Bruce Higgs - April 8, 2017

The UN has worked against the sovereignty of our nation. Democrats have bent over in obiesence to this body at the expense of our nation and have not hidden it. The blatant hypocrisy of their so called human rights enforcement has been a farce. The lack of Israeli support and the blind eye to their enemies is atrocious and disingenuous. Why do we put up with them. Their agenda is anti American and anti truth. Kick them out of New York. Yeah Nikki.

Donald O. Crawford - April 8, 2017

Heritage is the best information and talking principles for Niki Haley representing the US in the UN. She does not pull any punches and tells like it is as a true conservative. I like her straight talk as our Ambassador.

Marvin W Earle - April 8, 2017

Mrs Haley, keep on keeping on ! You are on right track !

William Ritchie - April 8, 2017

Ambassador Haley is doing a great job thus far; she is one tough cookie! I hope she will stand with Israel in front of the UN. She needs to pressure the UN to back off it’s war of words against Israel and start calling out the REAL bad actors…Syria, Iran, Korea, Hamas, Hezbollah, the so-called Palestinians…

Roger Murray - April 8, 2017

Ms Haley should help getting the USA out of the UN, and the UN out of New York. We do not need to participate further in this anti-American and anti-Human Rights organization. I would suggest moving their headquarters to Geneva or Zurich. The sooner the better!

Lenny - April 8, 2017

In my opinion, Ambassador Haley needs to make the U.N. people know with clarity that NOTICE IS GIVEN on the results we demand. They are USELESS, I have seen not a single thing the U.N. has done to HELP THE WORLD, in my 65 years of watching them. OVER PRICED, UNDER WORKED, NONE PRODUCTIVE!

Pat Anderson - April 9, 2017

The best thing she could do is get us out of the UN and get the UN out of the US. It would end her job but she could be used in so many other areas for her intelligence and boldness.

Live Free Or Die - April 9, 2017

I agree fully! This is a leftist New World Order coalition, for the most part, who thinks it has the right to tell us how to run our affairs. I say get it out of our country too, at the very least. Get it off of our budget. And get out of it.
Nikki Haley IS doing an outstanding job there, setting things straight, and speaking truth to fantasyland. FINALLY someone that stands UP for America. Thank you, Governor!

Walt Christen - April 9, 2017

I would like to see Ambassador Haley work to stop the genocide against Christians living in the Middle East and work to lower our total contributions to the UN to 1/193 of the costs–each country paying a small, equal amount.

Peter R. Mare - April 9, 2017

Her First Priority Is To Be True To Herself. Nikki Is A True Warrior, In The Mold Of Joan D;Arc. A True “Wonder Woman” Seeker & Speaker Of Truth. That Qualifies Her To Become POTUS January, 2025

Ananta Gopalan - April 9, 2017

Deliver an eulogy and close the door. UN has proven to be an useless organization wasting taxpayers’ money. No value for what we spend. Why should we spend lives of American soldiers and money to police the world and still pay the UN whose founding was supposed to perform that job?

Deb Leavitt - April 9, 2017

Hallelujah, I am excited with this pick. We will be heard

Cathy Kulig - April 9, 2017

I believe Ambassador Haley should promote a safe place for refugees near their homeland until they can safely return instead of resettling them here in the United States. This includes Somalia, Syria, and others. The current refugee resettlement is costly to the United States and the UN chooses who comes to the US. Many of the refugees are actually economic migrants. The turmoil in Europe is the future for other Western countries if this situation is not addressed.

Dorothy Woodworth - April 9, 2017

Get the U.S. out of the U.N. altogether. It is a worthless, corrupt, anti-American organization.

De Ette Moon - April 9, 2017

I would like to see the U.S. defund the United Nations.

Judi Fey - April 9, 2017

US should not be shouldering the financial burden of the UN. Either pay your share or be removed. Personally, I don’t think the UN is useful any longer.

Gale Champion - April 9, 2017

She is the first ambassador in quite some time that has “told it like it is.” She is doing a splendid job and must continue. The U.N. is corrupt never holding countries accountable when in the wrong. Keep up the great work, Haley.

Gary Howden, Sentinel - April 9, 2017

I believe the UN has greatly failed it’s usefulness as an instrument for the US to employ in bringing about peace among nations. In reality it is usually a barrier. It is time to stop wasting the taxpayers money in supporting what the UN is doing and give the UN an eviction notice.
Ambassador Haley should be a messenger to both the UN and Congress of this situation.

Teresita Manalo - April 9, 2017

She is the right person for the job.If UN continues to bully Israel, US should withdraw paying our due to UN. The name
United Nation is really a misnomer to me,doing the opposite of what the name signify. I believe we don’t need them,a waste of money.

Paul Lowery - April 9, 2017

We need to demand that the U.N. be supported at a much greater rate by everyone else rather than the USA. If not send them packing to another country! As one comment already stated, it is a bloated, unreliable, country club with no benefits! Close it down & go our own way.!

M G Dorin - April 10, 2017

Freeze all immigration to stop the threat of terrorism in this country and deport those who have overstayed their VISAs.

Lawrence W. Schaub - April 10, 2017

Cut U.S. funding of the UN.!!!! Corrupt organisation that just seems to bankrupt the U.S.A. I can’t say I have seen anything productive come out of the UN. in years!

Susan Sisneros - April 10, 2017

Her number one priority should first and foremost be to look out for the best interest of the United States of America, her sovereignty. We need to withdraw from any decisions that have been made in past administration’s that have, or may in the future threaten our sovereignty as a nation. Her litmus test for making any decisions should be whether or not they violate, in any way, our Constitution and our sovereignty as a Nation. If we continue going down the road of sacrificing our sovereignty as a Nation, we are selling our soul to the devil and will lose the greatest thing we have….Our freedom.

Randall L. Hummer - April 10, 2017

The only thing that the U.N. will understand is if the U.S. starts defunding it by huge numbers in dollars. I think Mr. Trump’s campaign promise to defund and/or make other countries pay their fair share must be followed through.

Harold Griggs - April 10, 2017

She should do all within her power to move the UN toward a productive org. that will help the World and the USA,and get it off o0f being what appears to be a do nothing fraternity

Jack Harper - April 10, 2017

Halt and end the Refugee Resettlement Program agreement with the UN. Do not allow the UN to select anyone coming to this country.

Michael Brown - April 10, 2017

Ms. Haley is doing a fine job in the new position she has been given.

Michael Brown - April 10, 2017

Not to give away American sovereignty to any international organizations or treaties. Stand for those such as Israel and others who are not able to stand in light of such international bias against them.

Dennis Eben - April 10, 2017

Thank you Heritage for your support of Ambassador Haley! She should focus on using the US influence to promote pro life groups and fighting evil wherever it resides.

Tom Grundy - April 10, 2017

Nikki Haley is right on with what she is saying. She was an excellent Governor, and she is continuing to speak directly (rather than the politically correct language of the weak people). It is a good ole boys club, and she is disrupting the old stale protocols! Ain’t it great?

C. LUTTRELL - April 11, 2017

EXPOSE the true nature of the UN, including the NWO, CUT our funding and WITHDRAW.

Ken Frazier - April 11, 2017

Ambassador Haley is a great American and is doing us proud in representing America.I feel that she will promote truth and justice for all of the people on earth not just the U.S. May God bless her.

Jan Nichols - April 11, 2017

Make sure that the US does NOT fund programs that are opposed to our Constitution and Conservative beliefs.

Michael Peppe - April 11, 2017

Please be staunch and undaunted is opposing the vast, despicable evils of Russia’s Putin, Syria’s Assad, Iran’s Khoumeni, North Korea’s Un, Bagbow and Zuma in Africa, Erdogan in Turkey, Morales and Chavismo in Venezuala, Duterte in the Phillipines, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Queda, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood and all the other dictators and terrorist groups who are threatening America’s security, democracy and very existence. Never forget: we are still at war….

James Elbon - April 12, 2017

America should defund and pull out of this anti-American organization.

Lisa Gauger - April 12, 2017

Get the UN out of the United States of America. Let some other sucker country foot the bill and harbor the criminals that member countries send here who have diplomatic immunity, so they get away with horrific crimes. Then we should rethink our membership.

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