With 14 million Americans unemployed, you’d think President Obama would be open to job creating solutions.

But the opposite seems to be true.

Last week, the Obama administration announced it would delay a decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline until after the 2012 elections–a $7 billion pipeline that would bring more than 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta, Canada to the Texas gulf coast.

Over the last several months, President Obama had been feeling the heat from radical environmentalists and Hollywood’s celebrity base to block the construction of the pipeline.  As The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Brownfield explains, the administration’s retreat on this issue shows “politics is more important than achieving true energy independence for the United States.”

Still touting his American Jobs Act, a new taxpayer-funded “stimulus,” the President fails to realize the Keystone pipeline would have been a jobs and revenue creator. By some predictions, tens of thousands of jobs would have been created to build the 3,204 miles of pipeline, all while generating $5.2 billion in property tax revenue for Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas.

And the best part?

Not a single taxpayer dollar would be spent to fund this. The project would be funded by private dollars.

This project should be a no brainer for the administration. Heritage’s Nick Loris explains,

Radical environmentalists act as if this is the first oil pipeline being built in the United States. We have 50,000 miles of oil pipeline in this country that have provided massive economic benefits with minimal environmental harm. In short, building the Keystone XL pipeline is nothing new, and it’s one of the most environmentally sensible ways to transport oil. Even the Obama Administration determined it to be safe when the State Department’s recent Environmental Impact Statement found that the pipeline would pose few environmental risks.

And not taking advantage of this project opens the door for other countries to capitalize on this oil.

Heritage’s David Kreutzer explains that the development of Canada’s oil sands will be slowed, thereby increasing its cost. And the oil will be processed and refined in other countries, like China, rather than in the U.S.

So, block the XL pipeline if you think the environment will be better served by shipping Canadian oil an extra 6,000 miles across the Pacific in oil-consuming super tankers and then refining it in less-regulated Chinese refineries. In addition, be aware that replacing the Canadian oil means the U.S. also must import more oil by tankers, which are less efficient than pipelines.

So while the President tables this job creator until after the 2012 elections, 14 million Americans remain without a job and America is no closer to energy independence.

What do you think? Is the President playing politics with the Keystone pipeline? Do you think the pipeline boosts America’s energy independence?

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Renny Maryland - November 15, 2011

This guy is distroying our country according the the “Alinsky Theory!!!” He knows exactly what he is doing! His first four years is distroying our country and the second four years will be establishing himself as KING over our country. “That is unless the Rapture comes!!” Why is everyone afraid to mention “Alinsky??”

Wm. W. Thompson - November 15, 2011

It’s obvious that re-election is more important to Obama than anything else. He can simply blame this situation on Bush or the Republican Congress. He will do whatever it takes to get the environmentalists to vote to keep him in the White House. I shudder to think of the devastation that four more years of this socialist would have on the US and its future.
There’s no way you could convince him, or the environmentalists, that we need the jobs and the retention of that nearby oil source for our immediate and long-term future.

A G McDee - November 15, 2011

It is my solemn belief that this president is intentionally trying to make a new America–another socialist state that uses central planning as it’s form of government. A new USSR, Venzuela, Cuba, etc.

A G McDee

Eileen M Spina - November 15, 2011

Just another reason to replace Obama next November!!!

Jerry D’Asto - November 15, 2011

The citizens of the US no longer have any power – our representatives in the Federal Government will not exercise the powers given them under the Constitution to hold in check abusive Executive and Judicial branches. Nor will the States exercise their rights under the US Constitution to halt infringement of the Federal Government on States rights.

It’s pathetic! Citizens, like sheep, whine and bleat as though radical socialist and their media accomplices, realizing that we will do nothing and that they are free to squeeze the last vestige of power that protects our freedoms, will really listening to us or care.

When will the citizens wake up and throw them out of office and shut down the media accomplices while there is still time to avoid using the last balance of power given in the Constitution!

Norma Williams - November 15, 2011

My message to Obama: “WHAT were you THINKING?!!”

Edward Sobus - November 15, 2011

I think Obama is afraid that Conservatives might get credit for this pipeline. We know his liberal mass did not back this proposal. He will not admit he is wrong.

Carol - November 15, 2011

This president is ALWAYS playing politics at the expense of the well-being of our country.

That is why he must’nt get 4 more years, no matter who runs against him!

Donna L. Rott - November 15, 2011

I don’t think there is any doubt that he is playing politics. His whole agenda is not for the benefit of the United States of America, but it seems he is out to destrioy it. I fear for our country if he is reelected, and I don’t doubt that with ACORN behind him, that he will, through dead people and illegal immigrants voting for him.

Stuart McLennan - November 15, 2011


This just goes to confirm the fact that Obama is intent on destroying the American economy one way or another so that he can rebuild it in his own vision of a European socialist state. How any true Americans, Republican, Democrat, or Independent can back Obama’s evil intent for this nation is way beyond my comprehension. He is a total disgrace to the Constitution he swore to support and defend. I pray that We, the People rise up in righteous indignation in the 2012 election and throw Obama and his entire entourage out on their traitorous butts. Defeat at the polls is the best I could wish for him. Otherwise, I would pray for widespread public humiliation and disgrace in the eyes of the world to show that America can learn from its mistakes and emerge again as the greatest beacon of freedom ever to exist.

William R. England - November 15, 2011

This pipeline would be a tremendous boon to the economy. There are already thousands of miles of pipeline and to the best of my knowledge there have been no problems Leave it up to environmental wackos and an absolutely clueless president to screw things up. I would not be afraid to have it go through my back yard and I have two wells that provide water for my family and 1000 head of dairy cattle.

Larry Templeton - November 15, 2011

Mr President we need the jobs and we need the fuel. Build the pipeline! Build it NOW, not later.

Tim Haile - November 15, 2011

President Obama commends and recommends only government jobs in his job speeches. While his decision regarding the Keystone pipeline is consistent with his overall ideology, it is nonetheless baffling to those of us who know that many good jobs will be lost as a result of his decision. It is in our nation’s best interest to obtain oil from friendly Canada, rather than from Arabian countries. Obama keeps proving my theory that he is deliberately working to undermine and weaken the US.

jim bonk - November 15, 2011

Obama is not interested in energy independence..only the power to control developing it and the freedom it allows us…What is the future of any country as rich in resources as the United States and deciding NOT to use them…that is as dumb as US Ag dept deciding NOT to raise crops because of potential soil erosion. This HAS to stop.

Gerri Reed - November 15, 2011

I have no question that the president’s lack of decision on the pipeline is a political one–he’s saving one job, his, while putting at risk thousands of jobs for Americans. I believe the pipeline would be a huge boost to our energy independence.

Glenn E Marshall - November 15, 2011

Delaying the pipeline is foolish, costly and an obvious pander to environmentalists who are more interested in their own power base than the welfare of our nation.

Shirley Niebanck - November 15, 2011

Of course he’s a job-killing president. Not that you would know that by listening to the public media. I know you’re getting the word out – thank you.

Robert & Carla Trutt - November 15, 2011

We feel that the President is playing politics with the Keystone pipeline because of the environmentalists.
We feel that the pipeline will definately boost America’s energy independence and create many jobs.

Sunny - November 15, 2011

Yes, of course obama is playing politics with the pipeline. Everything he does is for political gain and for the break down of America as we know it. He promised to reform America and to do that he must bring her down to his standards and his ideology. He is the enemy within. When will we wake up?

Mary Murphy - November 15, 2011

Why isn’t the congress stopping president obama or over-riding these decisions of president obama? Why isn’t the US House getting on the news everyday complaining about president obama making decisions without representation from the Am public? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Marie Barney - November 15, 2011

One reason this pipeline is being objected to is because of the Ogalala Aquifier that lies in the area that it would go through. Many, including myself, are fearful of leakage into the aquifier. If you are familiar with this water reserve, you know that it is the largest in our country. I believe it would be much safer (and there would be less objection) if the pipeline were to be above ground over this aquifier. Then if there were a leak, it would be observed before it could contaminate the water reserve.

Ronald Flury - November 15, 2011

The completion of the Keystone pipeline along with the lifting of off shore drilling regulations and red tape would be a big step toward our country achieving oil independence.

Paul Stahl - November 15, 2011

Of course Obama is playing politics with the Keystone XL pipeline, because he only cares about one thing…being re-elected. He has let the power/corruption of Green (money and the whacky enviromentalist) blind him to his constitutional duties and is short sighted, as are the greenies when it comes to the long term impact of his energy policies.

Margaret Jo Faxon - November 15, 2011

Absolutely! The president is playing politics. I would rather buy oil from Canada than from the middle east.

michael appleman - November 15, 2011

This ‘president’ has proven over and over that he neither hears nor care about the voice of the American people. he has and agenda and that is to do what he is told by the puppetmasters which include the environmentalists, the uniions, the hollywood liberals, the progressives who have put large amounts of money into him. If the right had any kahoonas they would impeach him now for his numerous violations of his constitutional duties.

Ron - November 15, 2011

Of course the President is playing politics with this issue. That’s all he’s done for the past year!

Anything that decreases our dependance on Mid-East oil increases our independence.

D. Payne - November 15, 2011

You made an assumption of what the President was doing by saying, “the President fails to realize the Keystone pipeline would have been a jobs and revenue creator” . He didn’t fail at anything, he has a plan and he does not need the environmentalists on his back, he will not lose their support. He does not need the noise the pipeline project would cause. Think about the trial of the 9/11 mastermind, after he is reelected he can do what he wants. God save America from its self.

phil e - November 15, 2011

this is typical of this empty-suit leader. you can’t believe anything he says, e.g. jobs is my #1 focus, my programs won’t cost you a single dime, keep your own medical coverage, I never heard my pastor say anything against America, etc, etc. You can believe his actions which are radical, lawless, and anti-capitalism.

Vern Drake - November 15, 2011

Of course, it’s politics as usual with Obama. This time he was caught between two competing constituents, big labor unions and environmentalists. Too bad that Obama puts his reelection ahead of jobs, the economy, and the country. This was clearly a “no brainer”, but politics prevails once again.

chuck - November 15, 2011

This president is a joke.

Tomtom - November 15, 2011

This sleezy president is playing politics with American lives !!
He must be impeached, NOW !!

Larry - November 15, 2011

Mr. Obama can get away with anything and no one is willing to challenge him especially Republicans. They give him a pass just like the news media. They either have no guts or are just plain lazy.

Linda McLaughlin - November 15, 2011

When does President Obama NOT play politics! Postponing the decision on this pipeline gives further proof of his machinations.

Wayne T. Ebeling - November 15, 2011

The establishment of the Dept of Energy was suppose to make us energy independent, but surprise, it didn’t happen. No, this president knows exactly what he is doing. His end game is to take America down. If it happens it’s because we have let him. God save the United States of America!!!!

Bud Adelhardt - November 15, 2011

This is typical of this arrogant________. He doesn’t care about America or putting Americans back to work. His only interests are in his re-election and pushing America further into debt and socialism.

Dean - November 15, 2011

This imposter President is really a jewel. Totally engaged in destroying this country.

Penny Fries - November 15, 2011

Obama gives Brazil our tax payers money to drill for oil and tells them we will buy it. Now our good neighbors Canada wants to offer us oil / jobs / tax money to come into our country and this Obama says NO. Why isn’t this a impeachable offence? Or at least the news media or Congress screaming to get this going for the US???

Mary - November 15, 2011

Of course this is just the President paying for his leftist votes. This pipe line would boost employment, improve the economy , and provide extra revenue for several states. This President only supports programs that help destroy this great country. Wishful thinking, but I keep praying for his impeachment for over stepping his authority again and again.

Randy Williams - November 15, 2011

I believe Obama is doing whatever he can to be re-elected. The fact that he tabled the Keystone pipeline till after the 2012 election, in my opinion, tells me that his decision is purely political.

I do believe pipeline is a step in the right direction towards energy dependence.

Obama does not want us to become energy dependent. He does not want us drilling anywhere. During his Campaign, the first one ( he is always campaigning), he told us that our energy prices were going to become extremely high. He is also trying to kill the coal industry.
What a great President!

Norma - November 15, 2011

No, I do not think Obama is playing politics in the usual sense. Nor does he care about the environment – at
least not with a global perspective. What he really cares about is the downfall of this country through higher and higher costs and deeper and deeper debt and victory to his friends. Can we figure out who they are?

Donald Wright - November 15, 2011

In delaying approval of the pipeline, the president is demonstrating once again (as if further proof were needed!) that he is, contrary to his assertions, a Left-wing ideologue and that he is more concerned about his re-election than he is about the American people. That is, he cares more about not offending his base of anti-Capitalist environmentalists than he does about creating American jobs and keeping our fuel costs low.

Joan H Facey - November 15, 2011

When are we all going to get it?
We see the enemy of the USA and he lives in the White House.

Pull out of Iraq and leave our brave Iraqi friends for the slaughter while destroying confidence in every siding with the USA.

Decimate the US military at every turn.

Makes us feel guilty about water boarding calling it torture.

Put the country in enormous debt and seek to do more of it,
Help! Let us all start speaking the Truth so others may start to think.

J G Callison - November 15, 2011

It would seem that Pres. Obama and his cohorts should be charged with treason!

William Person - November 15, 2011

THe President stated very clearly his goal upon entering the Presidencay was to fundamentally change the course of America.!! I think he is absolutely commtied to changing America beyond any semblance of whaty we have grown uip with. That is the most dynamic economy that has gioven the United Staes the highest standard of living the world has known. Why? Because he grew up with people who felt the country was unfair and discriminatory. Just look at the people he grew up with!! Look at the people he brought to his adult life. Anyone heard of Reverend Wright??

Leslie Lord - November 15, 2011

This issue is NOT so simple. There are pro-business, conservative Republicans in Nebraska who are all for the pipeline being built, but NOT on the currently proposed route. This route is located much too close to a natural underground aquifer. These people would strongly support the pipeline IF it were rerouted to one of the routes farther west and AWAY from the aquifer. The danger of polluting scarce underground water supplies is too great.

Jude Richardson - November 15, 2011

How can we, or what sense is there in/or continuing to comment on the non-sensical decision /non-decision making :ie, voting “present” when doing nothing serves best for re-election?

G. C. Sozio - November 15, 2011

Sorry, but I also worry about the environmental impact of an oil spill. Has an EIR been written and accepted by all the states involved. Why not refine the oil in Canada next to the oil fields and ship the products instead? Do the Americans and Canadians living next to all this development share in the profit or just the risk of spillage like the Gulf disaster? What reserves will be set aside and by whom to cover liability if a disaster occurs?

Jobs and the economy are important, of course, but what good is a job and wealth if the land that we live in is polluted and unlivable?

Kathryn - November 15, 2011

Of course, the decision by the Obama administration is political. He wants to say that government is the means to the jobless problem in the U.S., not private business.
He doesn’t really care what happens to the individuals in the country, just to what happens himself and his puppet-master. HIS ends justify any MEANS. God help us.

r. m. gangawer - November 15, 2011

of course he’s playing politics, he’s a politician first, a Socialist second, a Democrat third , and an American when it suits him!

Robert Neufeld - November 15, 2011

He Obama is not interested in the America People.
He has been the biggest lier of all the Presidents.
He said when he was running he was going to create
jobs. The only jobs is made was to put more people
that he wanted to work in the government.

J Paratore - November 15, 2011

Is this president blowing smoke or what? Guess if we get this oil we won ‘t need as much oil from Chile or his “friends” in the Middle East. Who s side is he on!!!

ood - November 15, 2011

Their goal, is to destroy middle class AMERICA. Its what the Marxists do, get the media , get the schools, destroy the economy, and when the people are on their knees, take over completely. Controlling every aspect of everyone’s life! Seen it before, read History!

natch - November 15, 2011

There is no reason for this cancellation. At least no logical reason. What does this bonehead of a POTUS think he is doing to help this country. Decisions like this makes one wonder.

J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. - November 16, 2011

One would think he is playing politics with this blocking of the pipeline. All at the behest of his environmentalist supporters, to insure their backing in the coming election. It also adds to the overall killing of the country and the economy. When it comes to jobs, this administration has no interest in creating any, nor letting anyone else do it either. The real goal here is total dependence on the government for most everything. If there is someone out there who does not see this as the overall goal of this administration, there head is in a very dark place. Enough with the nice play with the idiots in D.C., its past time to confront them at every opportunity. Must stop this madness.

Margaret - November 16, 2011

From what I am reading they are using Fracking as an excuse to oppose the pipeline. They are saying the chemicals used to extract the oil will pollute our water by seeping into our aquifers.
If this is not the case then yes, the president is playing politics as usual.
I have yet to hear a rebuttal to the pollution position.

Bj - November 16, 2011

As with any other indecision that the President has not made, this time as always, he relies on someone else to make his decisions for him. That often is called a puppet president. He is no more concerned about the American people and putting them to work than he is about his re-election. Should he fail in the 11-12 election, his action regarding the XLpipeline will be to shut it down and then blame someone else as he can not take any blame for anything.

Al Pori - November 16, 2011

We had better establish a better energy policy with natural gas and nuclear.

Just Questioning - November 16, 2011

Read what the neysayers object to: shipping crude to the Houston area will add CO2 to the Atmos. and therefore the P/L should be negated. Do you not believe this is utter BS? What next, the Greeners advovcate the slaughter of humankind becauuse they exahle CO2.

Robert Bretz - November 16, 2011

Obama is killing at least 20000 jobs by playing these Marxist games. Of course, he’s playing to his people on the far left but Obama doesn’t want people to be working. The more people unemployed the more the people depend on the government. He has set out to destroy our country the way we always were.

Lawrence Flint - November 16, 2011

He is our hipocrite in chief!

David C. - November 16, 2011

Not only du I think Mr Obama is playing games, It is evident that his only interest is to “Re-make the U. S. A.” as he himself has preached, unfortunately to turn us into a third world country in a matter of 4 to 12 years! He haters the constitution, and the freedoms we enjoy because it crimps his “Agenda”.
May God have mercy on him and Bless America without him!

mach37 - November 16, 2011

From what I read the pipeline has been already built as far as Oklahoma and Illinois. All that remains is the link from Oklahoma to Texas, and a short cut planned, for additional capacity, through Montana, S. Dakota and central Nebraska. I don’t understand all this jabber that makes it sound like no work has yet begun on the project.

Patrick O’Bryan - November 16, 2011

This person in the White House, I won’t say his name and President in the same sentence, does not want to do anything good for the U.S. His ultimate goal when he got elected was to destroy this country. The sad thing is we have alot of people here that believe everything he says. This man can’t spell the word truth. He doesn’t know what the word means,but he’s so brilliant. God help us.

T Bosgra - November 16, 2011

To this president only politics that are to his advantage matter. To put people back to work is very low priority to him, unless every one (like Cuba) works for the govt.
He & his admin must get out of the way & let the private sector fix the economy.
Unfortunately he will NEVER get it.

Sara Van Ormer - November 16, 2011

From all that I have heard from this person in our White House sure tells a lot of FALSE THINGS. He should NOT BE CONSIDERED to live there ANY MORE,because he has done nothing but LIE to WE THE PEOPLE and uses all of the thighs that belone to us without even saying THANK YOU. He is KILLING all JOBS for us and wants to give OUR COUNTRY AWAY to NON-AMERICANS. SPEAK ENGLISH FIRST before becoming a TRUE AMERICAN.

David Creel - November 16, 2011

Without question, the President’s decision do delay his decision to all the pipeline to built is political. Everything this President does is political. It’s time to remove the “empty suit” from the White House and elect someone who can do the job.

James Stinson - November 16, 2011

Can’t wait until November 2012!!!!

Joyce Swanson - November 16, 2011

Why does the Pres. have the sayso? Let’s get out there and do it! This president is killing America. We need the resources and the jobs. We need to be drilling all over America where there is oil, and we know it is plentiful.

Richard Meyer - November 16, 2011

I think this Admin is trying to make this country totally dependant on foriegn oil, and at a time when we can Least afford it , its not just the jobs, we are trillions of dollars in debt why send it to our ememies? why is BP the only one allowed to drill in the gulf, Why are we really pulling out of Irac, why did the republicans go along with this stupid debt reduction plan that could/will down grade our millitary ability. Their are allot of whys,and no one putting them together!

Nina B. - November 16, 2011

so sad…..the president is very short sighted and single minded in his approach. His supporters are elated over this. the president is asserting NO leadership in anything that will aid our country’s situation.

Wayne Delo - November 16, 2011

This administrations failure to recognize the pipeline’s beneficial impacts is the most striking evidence yet of their incompetence. It is absolutely anti American!

kay - November 16, 2011

everyone is afraid of the Chicago thug and his gang! That is why no one seriously opposes him or trys to impeach him.

Henry - November 16, 2011

How can he get away with this? Is there no recourse except to wait for another election?

chukker - November 16, 2011

Ms. Warren, In answer to your questions:
1) No, I don’t think the president is playing politics with the pipeline. He’s executing Cloward-Piven in toto; he hates America and Americans; he’s an elitist Marxist ideologue with a huge chip on his shoulder and is intent on giving America “what it deserves” for what he and his ilk have perceived as imperialism and exploitation.
2) Yes, the pipeline will boost America’s energy independence as will drilling in the gulf and Anwr, and fracking in northern Pennsylvania and elsewhere. I say, “Drill, Baby, drill,” and this comes from a farm-owning “nature-girl” AND a former offshore pumper for a major oil company. But, unfortunately, what I think will not change the mind of monumentally destructive ideologues and the lily-livered Republicans in Washington who steer policy . . .

JohnGaltTexas - November 16, 2011

Impeach-Prosecute-Imprison every single one of them for treason and sedition against the Constitution and the United States of America.

Kenneth Courtney - November 16, 2011

Obama has been campaigning since he was elected. For him re-election is job one; absolutely nothing else matters. He sees himself as king, not president. He is a blind fool, an idealogue bent on punishing America.

michael reif - November 16, 2011

Yes, the president is trying to keep his left wing base happy at the expense of energy independence, jobs, and China’s power grab. this is all about getting reelected and not what is best for America. The risk to the aquafer is only an excuse. He wants us off of hydrocarbon energy seemingly at any cost to us. What can we do to prevent this? MER

Rich - November 16, 2011

This Community Organizer/American Apologist/Addicted Campaigner/and occasional President claims that America has gone soft and no longer has the drive or ability to build things like the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam, yet is too ideologically driven to understand that those would be impossible to build in today’s overregulated America. What is missing from his narrative is that apparently there are approximately 2100 mi. of pipeline ALREADY BUILT AND IN SERVICE SINCE 2010 from Alberta to Cushing, OK.
Of course he’s playing politics.

Timothy Watkins - November 16, 2011

Wake up America!!!!! This President must be stopped! He must impeach him now!!!!!

J E Houser - November 16, 2011

Of course his is a political suggestion.

John R. Sans, Akron, Ohio - November 16, 2011

Obama never ever does anything without political purpose. He rabidly follows the green creed that fossil fuels are evil, and the world population must be reduced by 90%. It is no problem for him to let “little people” freeze in the dark.

J E Houser - November 16, 2011

The hardships of our present economy should not be limited to those who struggle for, or with, private employment. I urge that all those, from the President to the lowest paid, have there pay (federal income) be reduced by at least 10%. This should include the amounts put aside for benefits.
All of their post-employment benefits should be from social security. When I say “all,” I am including the president and the members of the Congress.

Joseph Powell - November 16, 2011

Just like every other decision this President has made, it’s political. He is more interested in getting reelected than whats in the best interest of America. It’s all about Obama and we as a country continue to fall behind other countries because of the decisions this Administration makes.

Cliff - November 16, 2011

Maybe Obma believes that he is going too loose and by going ahead an OK this proposal he will make it look better for the next Administration. So he is saving it to use only in case of his victory. Yes Politicis for the harm of our people. How many projects are just sitting waiting for someone to say yes? This is criminal in my mind!!!

Jeffrey Hallford - November 16, 2011

When we elect an anti-American politician who dispises capitalism, we get anti-American policies that undermine capitalism; by whatever means that are at his disposal. No surprises here.

Luisa - November 16, 2011

The President is more interested in his re-election than the American People getting back to work. We need someone in the WH that will reign in the DOE and focus on getting us energy independent.

Kay - November 16, 2011

Why don’t the republicans have a bill on the table TODAY to override the President and start the pipeline.
With jobs on the table, the democrats would be foolish to vote against it, especially if they get enough bad press about it. Iff the President vetoed it, they need to override it. This Republican congress sits in the background and lets this President call all the shots with no uproar. This has to stop!

Bill R. - November 16, 2011

With every passing day, the chances of a third party looms closer and closer. My own belief is that in the near future, the TEA PARTY will become the dominate members of both houses of congress. Then and only then will the “ship of state” be righted. We need more Marco Rubios, Rand Pauls,and Colonel Wests in congress!!!

Bettie Lorino - November 16, 2011

This decision breaks my heart. This president does not want to create jobs, become energy independent or uphold the principle of American freedom. His philosophy has already been defeated by other countries and he is trying to impose it on the U.S. He has no love for this country or its people. Sad!

James Lahrman - November 16, 2011

It’s a missed opportunity to create jobs and reduce our independence on foreign oil. It’s more than just politics. It is just another example of this administrations objective to fundamentally transform this country. Over the last several decades the Progressives have infiltrated our government and changed our policies and direction. We better wake up soon and clean house and get back on the path that our founding fathers layed out for us.

Frank Luarde - November 16, 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with Renny. The Trojan horse is inside and we are getting whaced. Keep your powder dry. My question is how do we let one man destroy what we have fought and died for? Where is congress in all of this? They too are more concerned with the election. I say remove and restore! All the talk in the world will not change this. You cannot talk to a liberal mided person. They will not talk or if you talk to them they do not hear, they are on pause until you are done, and then they continue as if you said nothing!

Merrit Johnson - November 16, 2011

Obama is more dangerous to this country and our freedoms than any of our foreign enemies. With his Marist theories, he will transform this country into a socialist/communist nation and we will become a third world nation with an enslaved populace that will not be able to break the shackles of government control. This man is extremely dangerous, and if most of the American people do not wake up and throw this bum out, we will lose our freedom.

Carol - November 16, 2011

I see that Obama’s plan is to keep his job, not concern for the welfare of others.
I don’t understand why congress is allowing him to do this. Congress is suppose to keep a check on him, where is it?

Chuck Edwards - November 16, 2011

All the “community organizer in chief” knows how to do is play politics. A golden jobs and energy opportunity has presented itself and his re-election is more important in his eyes. This is of course all by design as he plays to his base. We need to make sure the only votes he gets in ’12 is from his base only. That should secure his defeat.

Dallas Dagenais - November 16, 2011

This President is the most economically ignorant person elected to that job in my 77yrs. He is outright pandering to wealthy environmentalists with no thought for out of work American citizens and struggling American companies. Someone should introduce him to Hayek and Friedman and let him know the failures of John Maynard Keynes!

Darrell Weaver - November 16, 2011

To a thinking person it is obvious that the political environmentalists are overriding our energy needs, desperately needed jobs creations, and disastrous economic losses in America. To this end it is easy to see where the heart of this President lies. We can’t afford to allow these reckless actions to continue to the end of his present term. The American public must insist on changes to Obama’s economic attitude.

JJ - November 16, 2011

Unfortunately the evil aspects of humanity occupy the positions of power in a country founded on the exact opposite principles, that of goodness, with fairness as a prime objective for all. Fortunately the evil aspects are targeted as enemies of the state while we still have the power to remove them from delivering further damage. A united effort is underway to return the status quo of our beginnings.

Oil is the recycled remains of previous life forms available for use with solar energy still intact. This concept seems to be missed by the useful idiots intent on, as Jerome Corsi says, “participating in their own destruction.” And, I might add, ours.

Ron Ceres - November 16, 2011

This fraud of a president has only one agenda and that is to take down America. How this ghost was ever elected is beyond me and I am very fearful that there are enough free-loaders and useful idiots eligible to vote who will re-elect him.
Come next November we must have the largest voter turnout ever to send Obama to the trash can of American history.

Ted Cecil - November 16, 2011

It is amazing to me that the voters of this country can not see what is happening here. The President is Not honoring his obligation of working for the people. It just about getting re-elected God help us.

Richard Koehl - November 16, 2011

Our President, supposed to be our (all people of the USA) President seems to be a President for the few rather than the many is definately applying politics for his own good and the distruction of the nation. It is high time he, the democrats and the republicans work for the good of all people rather than for their own selfish reasons. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!!!

Pamela S Lee - November 16, 2011

Well, what else can you expect from a president who cancels the American National Day of Prayer (Christian) and then institutes one for the Muslems?

Can I institute a grass-roots effort to impeach our President or MUST I wait for our ‘Legislators’ to do so?

Just another reason to replace Obama next November? Y wait? Impeach NOW! THIS November!

REVOILT! Insist on what we want! The Congress/Senate/ House of Representatives works for US!
And here I THOUGHT the President was supposed to put the benefit of the United States first. ?Maybe he is ‘just’ confused? Let’s get him out of office. before he gets us ouit of the US.

God Bless America

We have only the rights we are willing to fight for; foreign and domestically speaking.

I am an American Veteran; a citizen of the United States of America. I was and am willing to do for my country what I need to do to keep US free

Sandra Yeoman - November 16, 2011

Obama will stop at nothing to acheive totally wrecking America and the citizens. He knows exactly what he is doing. The thugs he has in his administration should not be employed by the government. They should all be convicted for crimes against the country! I pray for our country that we survive this.

L. B. - November 16, 2011

Neither the President nor the environmentalists need any convincing. Their agenda is to breakdown this country then rebuild it in their own image. Everything they do is a deliberate plan against this country as we know it. Why are they constantly given the “benefit of the doubt”? They never seek to placate those opposed to that plan. Keep caving in to their agenda and we will all find ourselves in a newly minted USSR with Czar Obama on the throne.

Hoyt Elrod - November 16, 2011

A no-brainer you say but it fits neatly into Obamas plan to “Fundamentally Transform” our country. His goal is the destruction of our Capitalist/Free-Market system & replacing it with a Great Depression era Socialist/Crony-Capitalist system made up of an Elite (Ruling/Academic/Cronie-Capitalist) Class & the rest of us (Serfs/Slaves). It’s unfortunate that too few of our citizens understand what is happening or what is at stake & too many career politicans that are happy with their nest & will continue to feather it at all costs.

Were it not for a few strong Patriots, an independent Supreme Court (at that time) & the advent of WWII, FDR would have, as he nearly did, deatroy our economy.

w r wisenbaker - November 16, 2011

Obama is not a socialist. He is a Muslim who will not rest till America is brought to her kness financially. In my opinion George Soros and Muslim countrys are behind him financially. He, himself said in his book ‘The audacity of change’ that if it came that he had to make a choice he would stand with the Muslims. He advocated nothing but change and didn’t put forth one idea of what the change would be. Our chickens are coming home to roost now. Our country had never been in so much danger of bein destroyed. The general public is apathetic about this.

William Bigelow - November 16, 2011

I think the President is doing what he wants to do and that is destroy the country as currently constituted. In May 2012, both NATO and the G8 will hold meetings in Chicago and there are hundreds of anarchist organizations which have applied for and received protest permits. Chicago is training 13,000 riot control personal to handle the protestors. This will be a month long debacle and will represent the “practice” round for major protests in the summer and fall just before the elections. This will be bad for this election represents the 1960’s crowd’s last chance to take over the country. There will be major battles in the streets and Obama then has the chance to declare martial law and postpone the elections. Then the country will collapse financially as we default on our deb (probably before the end of 2013), the dollar will collapse, the Fed will print more fiat dollars, inflation will skyrocket, interest rates will spike and foreign investment will flee the country. Then the strongest, most prepared groups will vie for power. Who knows who will win.

Diane Winston - November 16, 2011

Every thing this Prsident does is designed to try and get him re-elected. He is more interested in his agenda than the preservation of our liberty. The Keystone pipeline would certainly boost our energy independence, as would offshore oil exploration off Virginia’s coast.

James - November 16, 2011

I don’t think that there is any doubt that this president has an agenda . Look at what has happened sense he has been in office. Starting with the little minnow in California. Because of this minnow he nearly destroyed the farmers and put thousands out of a job. Then there was the Gulf oil spill 90,000 jobs lost. and those are just a few of his job killing plans . now the oil pipe line . This man has one goal and one goal only and that is to totally destroy America as we know her and to bring her people under a socialist rule with him as the Chavese of North America. I don’t understand how he can get away with the things that he is doing.

Neal - November 16, 2011

Wake up America. REQUIRED READING Barack Hussein Obama – Blueprint – Culture of Corruption – Demonic – Obama Nation – Crimes Against Liberty – The Manchurian President – The Roots of Obama’s Rage – Revolt! – Control Freaks – Liberty and Tyranny – The Shadow Party – Obamanomics

John L Brigner - November 16, 2011

Of course it is political. Every move he has made since in office has been political. He cares nothing about the U. S. or the citizens of this country. All he wants to do is allow illegal aliens into this country to take away jobs. He is totally uncaring about jobs for the citizens of the U.S.A.

Pat Meierhenry - November 16, 2011

there is more to it than this; environmentalists have high jacked the real issue, that of the proposed pipeline route. You probably should check the facts with the state of NE on this one. Yes, he is obviously making a political choice, but the company has voluntarily decided to reroute, & that will happen. It will just take a bit longer.

John McCoy - November 17, 2011

Let me count the days until November 2012. If we don’t all work extra hard to throw this bum out, we will be to blame for the destructiion of our God-given rights and of a Country without equal. We’re not perfect, but we’re the closest thing to it this side of Heaven!!!

J. H. McCoy

Vincent Adamaitis - November 17, 2011

Obama is the worse President in modern history or possibly EVER! He is nothing but a Two Bit Political Hack member of the Daly Machine in Chicago. He is corrupt to the core, anti American and bent on destroying U.S.!

It amazes me that he has not been impeached which is a sad commentary on this Congress. He and his Party are the enemy of the American people.

dan - November 17, 2011

Most good people know what this guy is doing to this great country, and he contiues to talk with fork tung to all those who are brain dead. Everyone who can must get the word out with facts, and maybe then soom life can come back to those brain dead fools that voted for him. He’s got lots of money, so we need to do more to save this great country.

Gordon Lee - November 17, 2011

Obama is NOT incompetent. He is dangerous. Under the guise of trying to create jobs and promote programs that would supposedly benefit Americans, it is clear his underlying objective is to create “wealth distribution” and lead us down the path to Socialism. EVERY country that tried the Socialism experiment, eventually found it to fail. Sadly, many European countries have found it difficult to undo this political process. Witness the current conditions in Europe. BEWARE of Obama!

LeRoy W - November 17, 2011

NO, I don’t think its Politics, but I DO BELEIVE its part of Obama’s Plan involving the Destruction of the United States of America, ASAP!

Wm. Palermo - November 17, 2011

A G McDee, S McLennon and J D’Asto have nailed it. All comments are quite factual but replacing the two houses and the executive suite with the peoples representatives are very long over due. With Hillary and Obama rooting for One World order he see’s himself as THE WORLD LEADER. The U.N. is working with this administration to make us subservient with regard to tax, military, and gun control to mention a few. Our poor excuse or lack of a free media that should report these issues and run checks on administration abuses of power are instead in collusion. Kind of like the media in communist countries, they write the story line the rulers want published.

Margaret Dear - November 17, 2011

I totally agree with the last three entries, Renny, Wm., and A G. This president is out to destroy this great nation as we know it. It seems so obvious and yet where is the outrage?
In this month’s election in my district only 16% of the electorate came out to vote!

Joseph McKennan - November 17, 2011

I think Obama has an agenda for the future of the USA that has nothing to do with financial well-being, healthcare for all, redistribution of wealth, or any of the fancy catch phrases adored by all the popular culture adherents. I see a lot of the letters saying that he is doing this intentionally. My question to them– what took you so long to figure it out. I became very suspicious of the democratic party when Dukakis ran for president. I began to see that Dukakis wasn’t saying anything worthwhile but was trying to put up an IMAGE that he hoped would attract voters. It has been that way with every nut case liberal politician running for president ever since. IMAGE is what counts– not the truth. Their ultimate goal is to make this a communist state and are using a very well thought out PROPAGANDA machine directed against decency and common sense and are manipulating the idiotic press to further untruth.Using scare tactics like Gore and his environmental disaster sneaking up on us, the evil rich, the oil companies and on and on and on and on. John Kerry is one of the richest men in this country. Nancy Pelosi uses her position to engage in insider trading LEGALLY— but Martha Stewart was sent to prison. If a politician does it, its ok but if an average citizen does it it is a crime. Pelosi and Reid are the USA equivalent of J.Stalin but they haven;t solidified their power base yet.
Of course Obama doesn’t want to make the USA energy independent and create jobs, that doesn’t fit the agenda. If the press can keep attention on the OWS phenomena for 6-8 more months we will no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave. The government will tell us what to wear, what to eat, whether we can have children, what we can watch on television…..

Raymond Kujawa - November 17, 2011

Put in the pipeline and then drill bay drill besides.

C F Keltch - November 18, 2011

Its all about making US more dependent on BIG GOVERNMENT and taking away our freedoms.

JIM KELLER - November 18, 2011


Ernest R. Clark - November 18, 2011

Why is the Congressional Leadership not utilizing its Constitutional powers to keep in check this abuse of Executive Power? Amazing! Congressional leaders should be holding daily News Conferences to persuade the president to change his mind on holding up this economic boom to our economy. Where are the Governors of Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas? Amazing! Our representatives sit idly by while this president and his adminstration/czars continue to destroy our economy and our country! This pipeline from Canada would create 25,000 base jobs and bring into our country 700,000 barrels of oil per day! It would bring into the state coffers $ 5.2 Billion dollars of property taxes! What a disgrace. Just another note! It proves that Obama does not want the private sector to work, but he wants it to collaspe so his socialistic style of government can replace the free enterprise system that we all enjoy! Contact your congressmen and your governors and demand that this decision be changed!

Douglas Birmingham - November 18, 2011

This President has studied Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and is trying to destroy the American free enterprise system and take away our freedom. We have to vote out the President and the crooks in Congress. Also write and call your representatives, we have to make them accountable.

Jim Parks - November 18, 2011

God I thought Redford was dead – here he is still running his mouth about nothing.

Jim Parks - November 18, 2011

I thought Redford was dead – here he is still running his mouth.

Lydia - November 18, 2011

If it is not too late we need to do everything we can to stop this from being shelved. This is insane! this is the reason we have stopped being the greatest industrial nation in the world.

Marti - November 18, 2011

It seems as if EVERYTHING Obama does is for his political gain. He was between a rock and a hard place on this one involving 2 of his major supporters: unions and environmentalists. He doesn’t have the character to make a choice(decision), so once again, he punted.
Instead of helping Americans, he chose the Chinese instead.

Roberta Redmond - November 19, 2011

We pray that this man will be a one term president!!! He does all he can to “fundamentally change” America by destroying jobs and holding down oil, gas, and coal production!!

TERRY GATES - November 20, 2011


Betty D. - November 20, 2011

It would be wonderful to have this pipeline of Canadian oil but it still does not make us independent for we are not drilling for our own oil, or our own gas. those rigs need to come back into the gulf. and Canada will go somewhere else with their pipeline and that is a loss for everyone. if the rigs came back into the gulf it would take the pressure off the fracking industry. we wouldn’t need to get at that oil so much, as now.
we so need a whole group of people who put the nation of America above the personal interests of the unions and the washington establishment. I don’t remember a presidency so bent on the destruction of the nation. the people who live against the laws of God cannot run the country from their belaire mansions or palaces. God is still and always God. First. and His ways and statutes, laws, commandments, principles will always take precedence AND they will always be standing no matter who or what tries to beat them down.

Eddie, California - November 20, 2011

I do agree with Renny of Maryland. If this president gets reelected we are in for much more of the same but even worse. I think that alot of Republicans have there mind made up that this president must go and they think that there is no chance he could be reelected, but I am afraid that he just might. I do believe that he thinks he is the chosen one and nothing can stop him. Well this might just be what God’s plan is for this country of ours. We have taken God out of every thing and have chosen not to include him in any thing, and we wonder why our county is in such a mess. We need to get back to what the founding Fathers of this country established for us. I can not understad why he is able to get away with so much and nothing is done about it. It is time that we AMERICANS take a stand for what is right and let this president know we will not go along with him just because he says its a good idea.

Maineloon - November 20, 2011

I believe the premise in Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The Roots Of Obama’s Rage, that Obama is an anti-colonialist and is implementing regulations and blocking economic relief(jobs) purposely. I think Obama believe the United States is an imperialist nation and as the teachings of that train of though believe you have to use extreme measures to bring them down. Obama’s are both extreme and sneaky.

Andrew Colon - November 21, 2011

Obama is purposely destroying America and our way of life; however, this should not as a surprise to any who read his book ‘The Audacity of Hope’. In that book he clearly outlined his plan for America and we are at fault for not believing him. Now its time to re-direct our energies to elect someone who clearly believes in American exceptionalism and one who will help us re-gain our role of world leader.

kpeart - November 21, 2011

He is playing politics. The pipeline will boost America’s energy independence. I think it’s pathetic that the President of the United States basis his decision to halt the process of the pipeline on a relatively small group of peoples initiative (who refuse to acknowledge that the pipeline can be created and maintained without any environmental issues – companies have improved efficiencies overall; and they don’t want leaks / emissions anymore that the environmentalist do) instead of what will benefit the majority of this country as a whole. I think everyone is smart enough to understand this won’t solve future problems with running out of natural resources. It’s not benefitting Americans as a whole to deny what exists and works now (and is affordable) as these same small groups of people are trying to ram down our throats processes that are not even tried and true (solar energy, wind power, electric cars which is our future – let the process work naturally without Americans bearing the cost of the failures that new processes go through as they improve)

William M Snedden - November 22, 2011

I see no logic in delaying the pipeline EXCEPT political manuevering! Seems like the president thinks that all solutions begin in government! I can almost hear our founders rolling over in their graves over the crazy prioities of the current admisistration. Obama is tacking destructive actions while the congress continues to be asleep at the helm. Congress lack of a budget (Balanced or not) has allowed this mayhem to flourish! “I love my country, but I fear my government” Thank you Mr West.

William M Snedden - November 22, 2011

Your presentation of President Obama’s decision provides no clue as to the reasons for the decision. Some of the comments noted here suggest a potential major problem with the underground acquifer along the proposed route and whether the pipeline will be above or below ground. These are good discussion items before a decision BUT not good reasons to flatly delay ANY decision!

God help America when the REAL issues are looked at last. We need jobs, we need oil to become less depended on the far east AND we can get it done with private enterprise AND be helpful to our friends in Canada.

Linda Pope - November 30, 2011

I believe President Obama is too dangerous to be president and should be impeached and put in jail.

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