Ed Feulner

Ed Feulner

The following is adapted from remarks Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner delivered Wednesday to Heritage staff.

I imagine that, besieged and belittled on all sides, and confronted with such a formidable array of adversaries – in the White House, Congress, the media and the academy – all determined to undo the Reagan Revolution and establish the Obama Revolution in its stead, many of you may look around in despair and ask: “Where is the cavalry that can come galloping to our rescue and save us from disaster?”

But I have news for you: This time around, we at The Heritage Foundation are the cavalry.

We are the flagship conservative organization that carries on the Reagan legacy.

We are the people conservatives look to stop the Obama Revolution in its tracks.

In large measure, it’s up to us to nobly save, or meanly lose, this great American experiment in democratic self-government.

Looking back on the nearly four decades that have elapsed since The Heritage Foundation opened its doors, it seems to me that perhaps everything we have built up, slowly and painfully, has finally led us to this defining moment.

  • Our brilliant team of analysts;
  • Our unparalleled capacity to communicate with grassroots America;
  • Our ability to market our ideas;
  • Our superb contacts on Capitol Hill;
  • The huge clout we wield through our sister-organization, Heritage Action for America;
  • Our influential friends on talk-radio and generally, in the media;
  • Our hundreds of thousands of dedicated members; and
  • Our millions upon millions of friends and well-wishers — all these hard-won assets must now be brought into play as we wage the fight of our lives.

My friends, we too have many challenging days ahead of us.

But they can also be great days, provided we recognize that we conservatives have not lost the war.

We have merely lost a battle in an on-going struggle.

The main thing is not to play into the Left’s hands by giving up the struggle. That would be truly catastrophic.

So let us not be frightened or anxious or downcast.

Let us rather remind ourselves that we are immensely privileged to participate in a struggle that is much, much larger than ourselves.

We are well-armed — morally, intellectually, and materially — to carry on this struggle. And with God’s help, and in His own good time, we will take our country back.


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Diane Coddington - November 8, 2012

I came out of my hole after two days to find the sun was still shining and the elements of total disbelief consumed me. I feel asleep at the wheel as our country transformed itself from givers to takers. This percent of the takers vote will go on into perpetuity for the Democrats. Scared is not the word. What I had feared about Obama is coming to fruition and he will easily finish the job given 4 more!

John Wiener - November 8, 2012

It is time to concentrate on the swing states. Extra education efforts must be made in those areas. We have four years to swing those votes so we must flood those markets with our information. This should not be done through already conservative newspapers, radio, or TV but through mainstream and even liberal venues.
“Onward” to changes minds.

Thomas locastro - November 9, 2012

How can the Conservative voice ever expect to elect their leaders, when the nation’s constituants/voters have an ever increasing population of non-tax paying, liberal indoctrinated college students, and government dependant immigrants dominating any national and statewide elections, with the help of the liberal media?

Kerri - November 9, 2012

It’s hard not to be discouraged, that’s why I’m looking to you. Thank you for your belief and courage to continue to fight for our country. You gave me some hope that all is not lost.

Author Nathaniel Ward - November 12, 2012

We appreciate your support!

james horne - November 9, 2012

The increase in the recipients of food stamps AND the enormous increase in disability recipients won the election. Radio adds and churches were telling people how to get their entitlements.Why can’t the House stop this?

Lloyd Scallan - November 9, 2012

Mr. Feulner, nice words, but after Tuesday, only God can save us now. Words or ideas will not save America.
When more than half of this nation’s voters pick a in the open Marxist, you can’t expect to win with words. When we have a Republican Party that will not only not support a conservative, but actually attacks and destroys
anyone who is conservative, then it time to revert back
to more triditional means of winning a war.

Smith - November 9, 2012

What can we do to help?

Author Nathaniel Ward - November 12, 2012

In addition to continuing your support for conservative ideas, you might consider getting involved with our sister organization, Heritage Action for America. Heritage Action is building a grassroots activist army to directly lobby lawmakers, both in Washington and their home districts, on the policy ideas of The Heritage Foundation.

Alma Ruth Byrd - November 9, 2012

After the results of the election on Tuesday night I actually cried as I felt we were doomed. All hope was gone and I knew there would be no change from the last four years. Bless you for giving me hope!

Joan Rinard - November 9, 2012

May God Bless You…You already have my e-mail adddress and i’m 88 years old and and on a limited income and since California is already a welfare state , I don’t have much to contrbute….and when I do, I prefer to send it by mail. But it is comforting to know , you will be still in there trying to get our country back where all can live by the ten commandments . Sincerely, Mrs. Joan Rinard

Charlotte Hamilton - November 9, 2012

I have just read ” The American Spirit” and nothing I have ever read describes what America is with such clarity. I wish this book was taught in every civic, history and political science class in the United States.

Linna - November 11, 2012

Dear Heritage Foundation,

I knew I would come to your website for solace and, yes,
I found it.

I’m sure you’re aware of the computer programming fraud that is massive in this election. How can this be stopped?

We have a petition to Congress that is growing by the minute.

Governor Romney won this election and reports all over America as fraud. What can we all do?


Virginia - November 12, 2012

By the takers, you must mean the big corporations and businesses and rich individuals who have been squirreling away almost all of any prosperity gains in the last few years. The ones who are subsidized (like oil and gas) and those who are sending jobs overseas, or are buying up companies, closing them, firing employees, and profiting–sounds a lot like Romney, hmmm?
That’s why you guys lost.l
I hope you keep deluding yourselves–e.e. thomas locastro. about why you failed. That we are a bunch of non-taxpaying liberal and “indoctrinated college students” etc. etc.
Just stay in your fantasy land. You are increasingly irrelevant and we hope you stay there.

Ron Baklarz - November 12, 2012

This election result is an opportunity to pursue a broader education of the electorate with the message that people sink or swim by their own efforts. Governments provide social improvements effectively bankrupting the purse and the mind.

Ellen Hartman - November 14, 2012

I am from another generation and loved mylife back then, when America was Great. I am 74 and it is so sad
to see the change this country is coming to. I fear that Obama’s next 4 yrs with finish the job of America!
When is Congress going to STAND UP!
God Help Us!

Roger Schweikert - November 15, 2012

Thanks Ed and thanks for hosting Mark Levin today at Heritage, who also sounded Churchhillian in his “never surrender ” motivational speech on his radio show earlier this week. I have been shocked to learn how many of my own co-workers did not even vote this past week.What a shame, as was the number of neighbors who voted to re-elect our President and give him four more years to totally transform our nation,federal government, businesses and other religous, civic, public and private institutions in the process as well. So to mitigate Tuesdays results, take back the U.S. Senate and insure a different outcome in 2014 and 2016, why don’t we encourage each of the 30 Republican Governors to work with their state legislatures to subdivide their states into smaller states (at minimum along existing Congressional District lines or even further), so we can restore the power of the people to the people especially since it has been limited in the People’s House since 1941 by a federal statute rather than by a Constitutional Amendment that was never even submitted to the states for ratification (especially now with Puerto Rico and DC chomping at the bit for statehood ahead of us)? Also start taxing federal food stamps, housing subsidies, and earned income tax credits etc and even some disability payments in order to encourage those marginally above the qualfying limit to keep working and remain independent. Franklin believed that the best way to help the poor was to make it difficult to be poor.

Linna - November 15, 2012

Dear Mr. Feulner,

Your words did inspire hope, for a moment. For one, I am unwilling to concede that conservatives lost … this election was mired with fraud. Voters would vote for Romney and Obama’s name would appear. This stuxnet is very capable of being set to win. The pundits I respect that predicted a landslide were correct. Our supporters were mid america, NRA, 15% advantage with independents, 39% republican party (only declare by Gallup a few days for election), Tea Party who attributed to biggest landslide since 1935 in mid-terms, military (many votes were not counted). Exit polls showed a huge number of voters 70%, voted for small government. Michael Barone studied college campuses and students were not voting this year. The results make no sense.

George Warren - November 15, 2012

I do not want The United States of America to become a SOCIALISM / GOVERNMENT, now or in near future because of this FAR-LIFT 2nd term President Obama, so the question to ask President Obama: are you getting us into SOCIALISM / GOVERNMENT now or in the future, need this answered from PRESIDENT OBAMA in writing ?

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