Heritage President-Elect Jim DeMint at CPAC March 14. Via @JimDeMint Heritage President-Elect Jim DeMint at CPAC March 14. Via @JimDeMint

Conservatives can unite Americans around our principled ideas by demonstrating that our policies help them advance their dreams, Heritage Foundation President-Elect Jim DeMint said yesterday at CPAC.

“We must take control of our ideas and our message,” he said during his keynote address to the annual conservative conference. “We must win the hearts and minds of the American people — all of the American people. We must help Americans see the connection between their hopes and dreams and the public policies that will help them achieve their goals.”

DeMint outlined four important steps conservatives can take right now to advance freedom and rebuild America:

  1. Continue to battle Obamacare. “We cannot give up on repealing Obamacare. Accepting Obamacare is giving up on America.”
  2. Fix our immigration system to promote lawful entry. “We have to fix the system, but we cannot design our national immigration policies to accommodate those who broke our laws.”
  3. Balance the budget. “Conservatives must lead with a plan that balances the budget in the next decade without raising taxes.” Or we can balance the budget even sooner, he said, by not passing yet another increase in the debt limit.
  4. Strengthen families and other private institutions. “Economic and social conservatism go hand-in-hand. They’re natural allies. Strong families, churches and voluntary institutions build strong character and economic independence.”

Read his entire prepared speech.

What do you think of this four-point plan?

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Mike Haworth - March 15, 2013

We must also learn how to define and defend
capitalism so it is not a dirty word.

Thomas Berenson - March 15, 2013

Stupit question comments make sence

Wanda Coleman - March 15, 2013

Good start, but we have to STOP the welfare state that liberals have spent many decades creating. This is how they have gotten out the vote and gotten control of America. Unless and until the work ethic is returned and the massive giveaways are ended, we are on a road to nowhere.

William Chase - March 15, 2013

Good Plan. Need to free gas and oil and coal as a way to get economy going.

David H. Noah - March 15, 2013

Great ! Dont forget the second amendment>

Eufemio Cariaga - March 15, 2013

We must change the deadbeats (Both parties) in Congress. Those that have been there any lenght of time are the problem not the solution. Take the Ted Cruz approach in confronting issues and people head on to the point of exposing there hypocracy and lack of Constitutional knowledge.

Charles Muldrow - March 15, 2013

Conservatives must convince low income voters that free enterprise will help them advance economically by promoting jobs and raises with rising prosperity. Show them the justice of letting contributors keep most of what they earn. Tell them of Paul Ryan’s plan to provide better health care at less cost than Obama’s plan. Explain that we must reduce the increasing debt for the sake of our children.

Ruth - March 15, 2013

I like the 4-point plan BUT it’s past time to move the “usurper” out of the position he has stolen!! That should be point number 5!!

Shirley - March 15, 2013

We must align with the New Guard who believe in Constitutional Gov’t. The Old Guard still sells out to the highest bidder. Sen Rand Paul, Sen Mike Lee, Sen Ted Cruz are the future of the Republican Party. Time to get on board and help them.

In the House we have Rep Justin Amash, Congressman Huelskamp and Rep Jason Chaffetz. These three men are Constitutionalists and we must back them and their ideas. They are the face of the Republican Party going forward.

These are exciting times since the Republican Party can grow by standing with Sen DeMints 4 steps and with the New Guard elected to lead.

David - March 15, 2013

I appreciate Jim DeMint’s inclusion of Point #4. The prevailing logic in the mainstream Republican Party seems to be that “social issues are too controversial to be taken up by the Republican Party so let’s ignore them.” However, did we see the Democratic party hide from social issues in their 2012 platform? I believe that one reason Mitt Romney lost because his was a one-issue ticket – the ECONOMY. He lost because the economy is just too big a topic to unilaterally describe and the news has been skewed by mainstream media reports. Because the Republicans failed to draw a clear distinction in their platform around social issues, they were unable to harness the support of the Latino and black vote – many of them would have sided with the Republican party if the party had been strong advocates for traditional marriage and family values!

Shirley Lynn - March 15, 2013

I love it and most of all repeal Obamacare and the next things should be Impeach Obama

Gerald Key - March 15, 2013

Not much. The battle is being lost in the minds of our young. They are being taught that all conservatives are wrong. Taught to learn but not think. Taught that our history did not happen as Michele Obama said, “we must change our history, move to a new place”. Until that can be countered, we will lose.

Ron - March 15, 2013

At least 50% of the American people will not favor these steps. They can’t look beyond tomorrow what their destructive ideology is doing to America. It requires long term thinking and sacrifice and they are unwilling to do either. Now that the government feed bag is around their neck they will not put it aside.

Gail Stanart - March 15, 2013

This is not a plan; it’s a list of goals. Laudable as the goals are, as long as all we do is make a list, we’re not accomplishing anything.

jeff dover - March 15, 2013

DeMint’s plan is very good. It lacks an action plan however. Sen. DeMint — or anyone here at Heritage — should suggest a plan of action for each goal.
Regarding Obamacare, he should exhort readers to demand that John Boehner step down as Speaker. No one seems to have the courage to do this obvious, simpler thing. All our putative “leaders” seem to want to remain pristine and not dirty their hands. Those sensibilities are not helpful to our cause. We are in a war and those who would be our leaders should understand that wars are not won with good manners alone.
Sen. DeMint should also include, as a part of balancing the budget, exhortations to demand that government itself be pared back — that is, that agencies are downsized or eliminated, and I’m not talking about the Defense Dept. Without government employment itself being cut back, “balancing the budget” is only a meaningless phrase — and the conservatives are becoming more aware of that by the minute.

Marie Wolpers - March 15, 2013

add PS

Teach that capitalism was a huge success…..
the problem is corruption, another reason to vote for
upright and principled leaders. If we can’t find them maybe we need to step up……..you first

Will Smith - March 15, 2013

As a retired Sales Professional I can assure you that the best way to get someone to do as you want is to tell them what your proposition will do for them [it is known as “Selling the Dream”]. Simply tell them one of the features of your product/service and follow it thusly: “You know one of the advantages of voting to defund ObamaCare is that it will make the majority of voters in your district/state very proud of you, and what that means to you is that more and more of them will vote to keep you around … and that would be great, wouldn’t it?” Also say, ‘what that will do for you is …’; the advantage to you is …; what you’ll experience from that is …; what you’ll get from that is …; what you’ll enjoy as a result is … . I NEVER hear politicians talk that way and therefore FEW voters want to follow them. If you want someone to follow WILLINGLY tell them what your idea will do for them … say the words, never assume the listener will figure it out for himself because he might figure out something opposite of what you want. The advantage to Heritage Foundation of using this technique is that the politicians will gladly follow your suggestions for Improving this Nation, and that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Harry Reinhardt - March 15, 2013

Form a united front of conservative black leaders to meet with black community leaders and explain the benefits that could be achieved by joining Us. Explain to them how they can be free from the arrogance and falsehoods of the Jesse Jacksons and their ilk. Explain how they too can be a part of the American dream. Let them know that being a conservative is not being a bigot.

Jean Arp - March 15, 2013

Good plan. We need to do away with the restrictions our government has placed on almost everything we do. Have you noticed all of the little taxes the Feds put on things like your utility bills?

Linda Mclaughlin - March 15, 2013

The plan sounds great! Now how do we get it to succeed?There are many other issues that need to be addressed as well, particularly getting the Federal Gov’t out of our schools and reinforcing the Second amendment.

Michael Riendeau - March 15, 2013

As a President’s Club Member/Executive Member, I suggest that your #1-3 goals cannot be accomplished before #4. No relevant messages can be communicated without strong families and private institutions.

Ellen Elmore - March 15, 2013

I think this four point plan covers it all. Conservatives would be wise to listen to Senator DeMint. If they follow his advice we have a chance to take back this nation from the radical left that is now running rampant in DC.

James Snell - March 15, 2013

Use Obama’s/Dem;s Strengths against them. We need the four points but we also must fight to gain the upper hand. Use Boyd’s OODA theory. Obama is !

Larry Knowles - March 15, 2013

Action #3 alternative, not passing an increase in the debt limit, is not viable. It would imply we could reduce spending over 25% immediately and somehow not cause an economic disaster around the world. I am surprised the author would suggest this error. We will NOT balance the budget any time before the next 7 years, minimum. The annual spending reduction has to be modest… perhaps 5% or less to avoid economic failure at home and abroad..

cactusbob - March 15, 2013

Jim DeMint has the solution, as he has had for many years. The shame is that the leaders of his own Party aren’t backing him up. He moved from the Senate to Heritage because he thought he could have a greater impact in seeing the right solutions implemented by not limiting his impact to the Senate. He made a valiant attempt to change the people IN the Senate, and he had some notable successes, but his own party leaders fought him – shame on them. They need to go, but power in Congress has a way of perpetuating mediocracy and egos.

Dan Philips - March 15, 2013

I LIKE the plan. As others have already said, there are two other things we can do at the grassroots. (1) Demand that our legislators defend our right to keep and bear arms, and (2) demand that our legislators drill here and drill NOW. This kowtowing to environmentalists is killing our economy! Enough is enough.

Shelly Has - March 15, 2013

Im 47 years old, a Christian and I personally love the 4 point plan! My concern however is point #4. Social issues wedge the younger fiscal conservatives away from voting republican. The younger voters don’t like social issues mucking up and commingling with politics. If republicans would separate from the social issues we would attract those younger voters! This is a battle we will NOT otherwise win. Separation of church and state, in a sense.

Jacques Bakke - March 15, 2013

All four of these and more—will be helped measurably if the country will do two major things first:
Change DIRECT TAXATION to a CONSUMPTION TAX (One Tax and one tax only!)
Get rid of the Federal Reserve as we know it! One hundred percent banking by private banks not under the control of the misnomered Federal Reserve and International Bankers…
Their 100 th birthday (both Direct taxation and the Federal Reserve) is coming up this year and this Congressional Power must be returned to the people and Congress must follow the Constitution and resume control of the country’s money.

Don Hensarling - March 15, 2013

These Goals are very good, but they are goals. The Heritage Foundation should help the GOP put together a real Platform and, YES it has to include social conservatism. You must help them put together their Talking Points as they seem to be incapable of doing so. We, the true conservatives of the party, must find and elect conservatives to office and boot the RHINOs as quickly as possible.

Helen Kaufman - March 15, 2013

Those are very good points to start out with. We need to stop President Obama’s plan to buy more electric cars (green energy). I’ve heard there is problems with the electric cars. They don’t work as well in cold temperatures. Right?? We have plenty of natural gas. Why not invest in natural gas energy for cars?

Russ Boyer - March 15, 2013

All sound good but only the first 3 are within the power of elected officials. While strengthening families may be a worthwhile goal, the government has no role in private affairs and attempting to involve the government takes away from the first 3 objectives.

Marcella - March 15, 2013

That was the same plan four years ago. Look where
we are now. Seems we need to make some big changes
in the way we work in congress before we can complete any conservative plans.

Larry Robinson - March 15, 2013

One more step, join and help your local Tea Party to put more Constitutional Conservatives in the government to make this easier.

Jeff Lang - March 15, 2013

1. The House should defund O’bamacare.

2. Secure the boarders and cut the red tape in the naturalization process so it takes no more than six months.

3. The House should defund the EPA and balance the budget within six years with a new US energy program.

4. The House should defund Planned Parenthood and Overpopulation Programs, fund Abstinence Education and hole Eric Holder and Obama in contempt of Congress for not defending DOMA.

Jim Phend - March 16, 2013

The plan is good. Now, which of the spineless, cowering republicrats will act on it? Is there any hope that they’ll act before the world ends?

Larry CO - March 16, 2013

Focus on these four points! Many more to follow. The “left” understands the value of “nibble-nibble”. They have effectively used that strategy for 50 years. We must win the battles, then win the the culture war.
Most important next phase — energy!

Gary Smith - March 16, 2013

Look, one point “everyone” is missing is the fact that America is about “Freedom”. All the other points are window dressing. We need to emphasize that America is all about personal freedom, personal success, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ronald Reagan made it his base argument and then went from there. Freedom is the one thing that brings all races and creeds together and is the one thing that everyone can agree on. Reagan won twice, the second time a land slide because he talked up America and her legacy that personal success was to be celebrated, not denigrated as it is now.

DAVID HURLBUT - March 16, 2013

I think the 4 point plan is a very good step in the right direction. Something like the previous “Contract with America” would be in order. Key thing is to have all republican candidates on board with it.

Lori T Cramer - March 16, 2013

I pray that Mr. DeMint truly means what he says and does not cave into the idea that we have to give in to the current administration’s way of thinking in order to stay strong. It seems that nowadays so many of our leaders are going along with the program and we, the American people, are losing faith in them. We need to keep our beliefs strong and show people how catastrophic this administration’s current ways are destroying America, her hopes, her dreams, her values and her people. Hold firm to the Constitution and to the Bill of Rights. They are what we were built on and what we believe in. If you do that, we will stand with you.

Rick Cunningham - March 16, 2013

I wish Romney would have campaigned on Jim DeMint’s four point plan. It is focused and sensible. I do not agree with a hard line on Latin-American illegal aliens. Fixing immigration must be a fair and compassionate plan. Many of our neighbors from the south are here out of desperation and many more are here because they came as children. After the Civil War Lincoln gave amnesty to the confederate soldiers. After World War II we forgave the German’s, Italians and Japanese and rebuilt their countries. I think we can have a plan that is generous but fair that allows the people who came here for opportunity and freedom an easy path to citizenship without facing. Their values are based in conservatism, don’t let the liberals win them over.

Mike P - March 16, 2013

I believe each of these four “steps” needs to be re-written in the format of a specific, measurable, and time-constrained goal statement. Then, to begin achieving the four goals, you should: (1) recruit a goal leader to be responsible for the achievement of each specific goal; (2) develop the specific action tasks needed to help achieve each goal; (3) published the goal statements and names of the goal leaders on the Heritage website; and (4) recruit an elected conservative and several grass-roots conservatives to carry out each specific action task.

Terry Hanger - March 16, 2013

We agree, but it seems that only or elected conservatives can take on this task now.

Gerald Vaughan - March 16, 2013

I live in Texas and immigration is huge here; you cannot say I cannot accomodate those who broke the law, but you can say they owe society a debt and it must be paid BEFORE they can be considered for status as any sort of American!!!!!

William fieger - March 16, 2013

Excellent start. Suggest add ” be strong with a common answer. “NO” and mean No”

Alice Ward - March 16, 2013

Glad to know where your priorities are, and that you feel optimistic about accomplishing these things.

christine mcdirmid - March 16, 2013

we are always told to choose our battles. is the conservative party alienating possible votes by taking such a strong stand on gay marriage. We need to get a conservative in office; and, if a change in this policy is what it takes then do it.

Gerald E Clark - March 16, 2013

The objects of these four are good, but they should be stated in a way that non-conservative, ordinary people can relate to their own lives. Examples: improving their healthcare options at reasonable costs; immagration policies that will improve our economy and benefit consumers; Balance the nations budget so that taxes won’t have to be raised just to cover interest sosts of deficits; Strengthen families and other private institutions so that our nation can continue to be the most wealthy,and most free, country in the world.

Ray Zimmons - March 16, 2013

A first step is to get rid of Heir Apparent (to himself) John Boehner

Annette - March 16, 2013

I agree that this is a good start. I also agree with others’ comments: uphold the second amendment, stop the welfare and entitlement fiasco, and stick to our Constitution. Probably the most important action is to figure a way to get through to the younger generation. My kids were taught by liberal teachers who did not believe in Conservatism. There was more importance placed on learning multiculturalism than American history. My sons are now both in their 30’s and had the advantage of having a two-parent household and family dinners over which discussions about current events, politics, and morals happened almost every night. Almost everyone they interact with now thinks that Republicans are stodgy, mean, wealthy, overly religious old men, and place more interest in what happens in sports than what is happening to our country. We need to find a better way to get through to this group. We also need to get our educators to teach children to think for themselves rather than instilling our children with the educator’s own opinions.

Margaret Boeing - March 16, 2013

Loved It. We could do better than Paul Ryans approach. Let’s really get serious w/spending in Washington. Defund ObamaCare!!!

Lisa - March 16, 2013

Agree with all points. Problem is communicating a believable message to many uniformed citizens.
CPAP needs to gain credibility as an entity different than current “ineffective” political party’s by their actions not just words. For example Congress passed Obamacare but its members are exempt. So much has been said about government waste yet NO ONE appears to be doing anything about it. Also how can a president not issue a budget for 4 years and not have a consequence. Can CPAC come out with specific items that need to be corrected NOW to save significant taxpayer $ (Has to be over 100 million for anyone to notice). Biggest challenge–We are against masterful manipulators (media/establishment) and their deceit needs to brought into the light. God Bless America

jim biggs - March 16, 2013

Our foreign policy must be predicated on our military superiority, i.e. defense via overwhelming military might;return to Cold War deterrence via of nuclear warhead/delivery systems & advanced weaponry that are so preeminent/over-powering (coupled with the steel will and determination to protect our nation and its interests) that none dare challenge us. Our economy, our industry must again be capable of supporting such military preeminence. Defense is the FIRST obligation of, and reason for, government.
We need to address and reverse the current policy of intentionally dismantling and degrading our strength (e.g. 300 old nuclear warheads left; decommissioning present warships, planes, etc., while canceling current programs of building new-generation ships, planes, and other 21st century, state-of-the-art weapons systems that are in mid-production). Our alternate policy must be “Peace and Safety through Strength.”

R H Simonsen - March 16, 2013

Good as far as it goes. Need an energy focus and a stop to “O’s” picking green energy LOSER’s.

Need to re-establish the family, the work ethic and follow the US Constitution!

JoAnne Hodgson - March 16, 2013

Excellent points.
#4 is especially heartwarming. Families, churches, charities are the backbone of our great nation.

Jean Allen - March 16, 2013

sounds good how do we get any of these done when the current congress and administration don’t want to do that??

Henry Teja - March 16, 2013

The immigration issue will be the greatest issue that will determine if the GOP can gain control of both congressial houses & the Whitehouse. Enforcement on the border & at the workplace is key. Second are the creation biometric resident & work visas. Third is getting the 11-20 million illegal aliens to come forth, fines levied against each adult & deportation of multiple misdemeanors offenders & felons. Fourth is the path to citizenship with a 7 year delay ebfore they could apply for citizenship. Fifth is to make entry into the USA illegal a felony with automatic fines, reduction to foreign aid to countries that allow their people to enter USA sovereignty to force them to stop their own citizens from trying to enter the USA. Sixth is to finish the southern wall, even through private lands using public domain as the entity to build the wall on private property. Lastly is attach jail & prison time to emploers who hire illegals once an automated system of E-Verify is in place & working well!!

Shannon Roe - March 16, 2013

I would add one more:

5. Remove the stranglehold the government has on energy exploration and production.

Tommy & Kathryn Carter - March 16, 2013

We think his 4 points are well thought out, and we totally agree with him.

Jeanette R. Christie - March 16, 2013

Prove to the Conservative Republicans, who refused to vote in the last election, that there really is more than a “dimes worth of difference” between the Republican and Democrat Parties! Be openly proud to espouse conservative policies. Stand together firmly, cohesively on conservative principles. Don’t fall prey to so-called bipartisan Democrat back-room phony deals, or photo op dinners & lunches with Barack Obama. Recall that Democrats rarely keep their insincere grandstanding promises. Ignore the media bias – speak directly to the people – openly and without hesitation. Adopt the candidness and genuineness of Dr. Benjamin Carson in addressing “We The People.” Last but not least, always circle the wagons to stand up for and protect all conservative colleague that come under fire from whatever source. Democrats thrive and survive on such a policy. Defensive players never win games. We are currently engaged in the game of our lives. Fight back for us- to WIN. Jeanette Chritie

David Wade - March 16, 2013

Complying with these 4 steps alone would be huge for turning this country around. Obamacare needs to be stepped on right away before it gets too deeply ingrained.

Harry Elston - March 16, 2013

First, we have to remove the charlatan in the WH who is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing (search Fabians Window). Second, we must insist on closing the Department of Education and the Department of Energy. Third, we should get behind Doctor Ben Carson, a conservative who speaks the truth and an honest man and fourth, insist on honesty in the media, if there not can them.

Wes - March 16, 2013

GREAT! Emphasizes the positive on which there should be broad agreement. In particular, I like the emphasis on Point 3. It avoids Obama’s logical confusion when he uses deficit and debt interchangeably (probably to confuse the low-information voter). Obama is so proud that he has reduced the deficit, but he allows debt to continue increasing (?unpatriotically?) … So he proclaims progress while actually aggravating the real problem that stifles economic growth, our national debt. Only a Keynesian or a fool would think he’s doing a good job with our economy. Our Point 3 has it right … reduce the deficit to ZERO (i.e., balancing the budget), as the first step to reduce the debt. Spending at 18.5% of GDP looks like a good target.

Margaret Paddock - March 17, 2013

It is the same as what Rand Paul has been advocating for a long time. He has already presented legislation along those lines. It is a good plan and I only hope most will stay with it and not undermine it like three prominent, progressive GOP senators have done recently.
I also hope they will find a way to present it so that it is not undermined by the twisted words of the democrats. The GOP needs to really work on media releases and exposure.

field retterer - March 17, 2013

We need to add a fifth point-Strengthen our educational system by adopting minimum requirements to graduate. These would include proficiency in reading, writing, sciences(math).Without a strong education system we cannot accomplish anything over the long term.We must also emphacize as a separate goal the need for individual responsibility and accountability.

Holly Chapo - March 17, 2013

As a starting point, Sen/Pres. Elect DeMint’s plan is a good one. I particularly like #4 because it refers to the issues that are the bedrock of a healthy society. So much more needs to be done but without the first step, the journey will never start. Bravo Jim DeMint!! I look forward to your leadership.

Roger Kennedy - March 17, 2013


Vickie Cooper - March 17, 2013

There is one more point that is critical to our success as a nation. Impeach Obama and place someone in the people’s house that is qualified to manage foreign and military affairs of the world.

Mitch Considine - March 17, 2013

I like it. Go for it!

Enid M. Thoms - March 17, 2013

We all know what needs to be done! It’s the “HOW” that’s the problem. How do we reach the ignorant, low-info, government-dependent masses? How about a really APPEALING, SHORT AD on the TV programs we know they watch, promoting a website where they can learn how to become self-sufficient (How would you like to have more money to spend?”). Then work up a truly great site giving positive actions–give specifics in target areas–where they can find positive reinforcement to get them on the path to good citizenship (“street creds,” where they won’t be “dissed”). We’ve gotta STOP “PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!”

Harry Littleton - March 17, 2013

One of the most important things we can do is to quit printing money. We will soon no longer be the standard for payments in this world, then we will not be able print money. If this happens, we follow all the other nations that have tumbled from grace and into obscurity-Britain as an example.

We must reduce our debt, quit overspending, reduce corp tax rates to bring back and hold businesses and totally revamp our welfare system. In addition we need to rethink social security and medicare. Medicaid must have a complete overhaul. Obamacare must be defunded and finally repealed. The onerous regulations must be revised in all agencies and unnecessary agencies should be dismantled.

We must do it all now!

Susan Marriner - March 17, 2013

The four points are well taken, but until we put God first and seek His his face, our country and freedom are going to be memories.
Please wake up.

Anthony Landry - March 18, 2013

I love it, my only note is Family. You cannot rebuild the family life until you put God back into it. You cannot God back into it until you put God back into the schools. It took 40 years to take God out of our schools and in the process we replaced it with freebees and we are all equal. Some smart some not so smart, some leaders some followers.God made us this way, live with it. Our constutation was written by a group of people not by one man, therefore one man cannot change it. One man said take God out of public places and it was do. The right of the people were taken away and therefore the people should have voted on it not one person. God is the only person that can chang thing by himself, Hiliter tried it and he lost.

Rick Mac Donald - March 18, 2013

Good basic principles. Question is how do you sell this to “head-in-the-sand” on the street liberals who seem to nod yes to anything they hear from the “talking heads”. How do we convey SUBSTANCE?

C.Hoffman - March 18, 2013

We can make all the plans we want. The question is what is the plan Congress is implementing? It’s not the 4 points cited. We need to find a way to end the reign of the statist whose plans do not include us except for our labors and taxes. The government no longer serves the People.

Pearl Bruker - March 18, 2013

Fantastic. Simple and direct. I especially like “helping Americans seeing connection between achieving their dreams and public policy.” That is key. And we (conservatives) need to have the courage to reach out ourselves and educate/challenge those we know. Also, many Americans have lost a vision of what their lives could be.

Frank Adamich - March 18, 2013

I think the most pressing issue we face right now is this administration’s never ending battle to destroy our Constitution starting with the Second Amendment.
The focus has to be stopping the Administration and it’s right wing lapdogs from doing any more harm.
I think this supersedes all other efforts.

Jack Newlon - March 18, 2013

We must stop illegal immigrants from becoming citizens as amnesty would do that. The conservative way will be lost if 12 million illegals become citizens as they will vote liberal. No party can overcome that many additional Democrat votes. The nanny state will win.

richard streich - March 19, 2013

I think you are talking to the wrong people.
You should be talking to those that are not conservatives. Those are the ones we need to
win future elections.

James C. Scheuer - March 20, 2013

By avoiding extreme positions yet standing firm on conservative principles, the plan is very encouraging and should allow fringe conservatives to come together to create a solid base of power for 2014.

Donald Shimmel - March 22, 2013

I think anything that can be done to downsize government and let the American people take back control of their lives is a good thing. Government over reach and control is destroying our nation.

Karen Marincovich - March 22, 2013

I believe in the four-point plan. What concerns me over and above, is how to stop the social handouts in order
to promote a desire for independence, rather than that of dependence. Desired incentives aren’t of self-worth, but instead can be termed as replaced by ‘free things.’
What does a conservative offer in trade for that attitude
so to reshape our society at this point in time……

Patricia Politi - April 11, 2013

We really need this 4 point plan! QUICKLY! This is no longer America. I am ashamed of this country as it stands today. I am proud to be an American, A TRUE American. It is sad that we are where we are today!

Henry Vance - July 26, 2014

The control of illegal immigrants must begin with the requirement that all citizens and immigrants must have a government issued picture ID card. The picture should be part of the card – not attached by laminating.

The card should be renewed every five years with a new picture taken. The card should have only the last four numbers of citizens social security ID. The citizens address, telephone number, and date of birth should be shown. There should be a registration number for all immigrants and a status stating – green card or temporary card with an expiration date.

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