Heritage’s newest “Federal Budget in Pictures” provides charts that illustrate current levels of government spending, taxes, budgets, debt, and entitlements.

This week, the House passed a $1 trillion spending bill; one that would not only prevent the shifting of Department of Defense funding to construct a border wall – it would also block President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The spending bill will likely not pass in the Senate.

“Year after year, the federal government passes spending bills so riddled with wasteful spending, crony handouts, and thoughtless debt accumulation that it’s pretty much like a massive car crash,” says Romina Boccia, director of our Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, and her co-author Benjamin Paris, a member of Heritage’s Young Leaders Program. In an article in The Daily Signal, Boccia and Paris say the budget process is “… so awful to watch that you can’t even look away.”

Read this article by Boccia and Paris: Averting the Next Fiscal Train Wreck

With national debt already in excess of $22 trillion, it is dangerously negligent for Congress to blithely dismiss, year after year, the issues of spending, taxes, and debt. To help citizens understand this issue, Heritage’s Hermann Center released the 2019 edition of www.federalbudgetinpictures.com, which features a series of charts that illustrate in easy-to-understand ways how vital it is that lawmakers take responsibility and fix America’s spending problem.

How can conservatives better communicate the fiscal challenges we now face?

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patricia hebert - June 21, 2019

How about demanding Congress take a PAY CUT!!!

Michael P Loffredo - June 21, 2019

This is a sin!!!!!

William Coates - June 21, 2019

The attitude of Congress seems to be: fiscal challenge? what do you mean? we can print more money!
That’s the most enjoyable part of their job.

James Paul - June 22, 2019

Spending on entitlement programs should be frozen at current levels on each individual receiving them. Large corps. do this on retirement plans and it works. Each individual has to adjust a little each year to accommodate the purchasing power of what is received.. This is not a hardship and spreads the participation on debt reduction across all in the programs.

Hal brown - June 22, 2019

Until we have term limits on all branches of government ( supreme court included ) we are doomed. Some how we have got have a convention of states and enact legislation

Rita McGauvran - June 22, 2019

Have them clearly outline all the benefits and exemptions that Congress and elected officials get that the regular citizens do not; not so much class envy as an expose of elitism; ie health insurance, pensions, travel reimbursements, lobbying after elected office, income from foreign interests, etc. Thank you!

Robert Lupient - June 22, 2019

PLEASE, Someone needs to tell Congress that American citizens are terrified of the continued deficit spending. They (Pelosi et.al.) spend us down the gutter so they can be re-elected. Hopefully, someone from Heritage can address the House and explain what they are doing to our grand children!

Al Wunsch - June 22, 2019

It’s clear that congress (both parties) is not interested in taking the pain of addressing the debt/budget spending deficit. The people, even those who are worried, find the issue overwhelming and don’t know how to push their representatives. We probably need a concerted national add campaign type effort to explain what is needed to bring us back to responsible spending. Big enough to rally people and pressure congress to the point they will overcome their fear of doing what’s right and losing their reelection. Simple but understandable and defendable.

GEORGE FROMME - June 22, 2019

create a national website which has the info and examples-pictures of the credit issue
and proposals to trim the budget. easy to access and download the data. update at least monthly

Robert Martin - June 23, 2019

Immediately provide for a mandatory 10% reduction in all government spending to the current budget proposal and a plan to eliminate the total existing debt during the next 5 years. Enact a balanced budget amendment.
Invoke term limits on the House and Senate.

Chris Milord - June 24, 2019

Conservative business leaders, folks in the media, government officials at all levels and the voters need to convey the fact that no entity can live beyond its means forever. There will be a reckoning when debt accumulates, especially when the economy goes south. In government, revenue usually is not the problem, rather it is rising expenditures that generate deficits. Indeed, as spending goes up, inefficiencies and redundant programs seem to multiply. Let’s not forget that the debt will be passed on to future generations of taxpayers.

The way to tackle massive spending is by passing a balanced budget amendment which most states already have. Indeed, it is important to strive for surplus budgets in case of disasters and economic downturns. The voters ought to elect representatives who are serious about solving the debt crisis. Congress can stop raising the debt ceiling and cap it instead. Most non-national security agencies could streamline their budgets by at least 5% to eliminate duplication and fraud. When the economy is good, don’t create any more programs and that could reduce the debt over time. In lean times, wasteful programs could be trimmed to efficient levels. Most entitlement programs are riddled with waste, so they could also be streamlined. Government needs to be more accountable and responsive to the realities that most people have to live by, and voters need to keep their representatives feet to the fire. The federal government’s role is to protect our liberties and maintain national security, period. All other functions are better handled by businesses, communities and families.

Sharon Fry - July 13, 2019

My friends and family are sure that putting all of us – 50 million plus Trump supporters into one electronically reachable place would help in so many ways. Most importantly we become a real Trump family with our total numbers known to each of us. We can recruit and watch our numbers grow and feel bonded and loyal to each other. We also could receive important info and we could respond with a support button to all sorts of needed information. We think a valuable asset – us – is being overlooked. We are very concerned about the future of our country.

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