The farm bill is responsible for the dramatic increase and expansion of many subsidy programs. Worse, the debate over its renewal is often confused by unrelated programs tacked onto the legislation, Heritage Action for America CEO Mike Needham and Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) wrote last week in the Wall Street Journal.

Heritage Action is a sister organization of The Heritage Foundation.

The bill funds policies such as farm subsidies, crop insurance, and commodity quotas. But 80 percent of what has been marketed as a farm bill actually goes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps.

Needham and Stutzman urge lawmakers to consider these different programs separately:

Instead of combining farm policy, food stamps, telecommunications, energy, forestry and conservation into a single legislative vehicle, we must begin advancing one issue at a time. Even Americans with differing views on the role of the federal government in U.S. agriculture should agree that any farm bill passed by Congress be a farm-only bill. Only by breaking this massive bill into manageable, understandable pieces can we begin to make meaningful reforms.

Do you think farm policy should be considered separately from food stamps and other programs?

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Gordon T. Ray - August 7, 2012

Food stamps should NOT be part of any farm bill!

Iliamna Weisgerber - August 7, 2012

Keep these bills addressing one thing at a time! It sure makes it a lot less confusing. We don’t need anymore programs for the farms or food stamps!

Don Poole - August 7, 2012

I definitely believe it should be seperate as should other items that are in this bill.
I also believe that subsidies should be eleinated also. I personaly know farmers here in Iowa who absoutely do not need subsidies.

Charles Dewald - August 7, 2012

I recall during my days on the farm back in South Dakota in the 1950’s that my father talked about the farm bill and how it would help with price supprots for the grain we grew on our small family farm. Now, the farm bill is so watered down that the bill cost is mostly for food stamps issued automatically to some folks who intentionally don’t work.

What a sad state of affairs our politicians have created all for the purpose of buying votes with free handouts.

Let’s us restore the role of the federal government as a protector of our nation and its people. States can more capably take care of their people.

Jeanne - August 7, 2012

Isn’t adding other issues to the Farm Bill concerns similar to porkulus bills. Trying to make legislators vote for something they don’t want to get something that is needed?

Stuart Neal - August 7, 2012

All bills should be done separately. There should never be anything tacked on to any bill, other than what that bill is about. This would be the first step to any transparency, and to cleaning up pork barrel spending!

krazykat_randi - August 7, 2012

Yes, the bill should be separated out from food stamp. And in fact I believe farm subsidies should be ended all together.

mary - August 7, 2012

Farm policy should be considered separately from food stamps; it should be farm – only bills.

Stephanie Mason - August 7, 2012

Yes, I do.

Fred Sebly - August 7, 2012

Food stamps should not be a part of the farm bill.

Adrienne Hartman - August 7, 2012

I believe it should be separated out. In fact, I think every bill should be a stand alone one with nothing attached unless it is an amendment that is directly associated with the bill.

john - August 7, 2012

yes, it should be separate. of course the congress likes to get their pet projects under this name, which really hurts the farmers. what does communications have to do with food. I have never eaten communications, maybe with a little salt.

Edward Sobus - August 7, 2012

Yes I do think these two programs should be considered seperate subjects. I would like to see the farmers that feed us finally turn a profit. They have been working too long with little to show for all the hard work they do. For what they pay for the products they bring to us, is actually an insult in my book. We can’t expect them to continue down this road to ruin. With the advent of the heat and drought last 2 years, it makes it even less profitable for them to operate. We need to give back to the people that keep us fed. On the SNAP situation, the Federal Government needs to issue them to people that are actual citizens. We have enough problems paying for our own. We can no longer pay for all the illegals as well. We are broke and need to admit it.

M Hart - August 7, 2012

don’t print name either. I don’t trust all the on line hackers and thieves one hears about. Thanks

Sandra McGowan - August 7, 2012

Not only should food stamps be considered separately from other agricultural programs, food stamps should be moved to Health and Human Services. It is a welfare expenditure and all welfare programs should be considered together so total expenditures are known. However, I believe each agricultural issue should be addressed separately. We should return to a free market for farmers; farm subsidies should be ended. Other farm issues, e.g., forestry, conservation, etc. should be returned to the states to allow for state differences.

Daniel P. McCarty - August 7, 2012

I definitely think that food stamps should be taken out of the farm bill and only items relating to actual farming should be in the bill. This is a convenient place to hide the enormous amount we again waste on hand outs like food stamps. As long as we supply everything to people here they will not stand up on their own two legs and take care of themselves. The government is doing more harm to these folks than they are helping them as they are taking away all their motivation and personal initiative to accomplish anything on their own that would in turn build their character and self worth….way to go, Barry Obummer.

M Hart - August 7, 2012

PS do seperate farm from all the other do gooders programs.
Some one should be watching the demos on the election. They would resurrect the dead to vote if they could.

Russell L.Brown - August 7, 2012

I have followed the “Farm Bill” since the 40’s. It’s amazing how when something gets on the political agenda, it not only stays, but as often happens, grows out of control. I am particularly upset over the food stamp issue. I don’t believe I have to go into details about the abuses of this program. Food stamps are being used as a bargaining instrument to make purchases of other items which are too often illegal. The program is so typical of Federal programs, i.e., unsupervised.It is a perfect example of why we need LESS central government.

Ray Phillipson - August 7, 2012

It’s just like a Congressman to tack on a main bill some
riders that really don’t have anything really connected to
the main bill.

I think these two “side” subjects should be deleted off the
Farm Bill, and voted on by themselves. Good luck to the
individual that gets away with that.

Don Stuber - August 7, 2012

Food stamps should DEFINITELY be considered separately from the farm bill.

Greg Portman - August 7, 2012

How about we get the government out of ALL programs. I think Harry Reid need to be on food stamps and off the payroll.

Pete Stevens - August 7, 2012

Among the numerous departments and thousands of agencies which should be eliminated is the Department of Agriculture. Read Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, please.

Rick - August 7, 2012


Donald Baker - August 7, 2012

Just another underhanded entitlement program which is the hallmark of the obama fiasco.

ron morrison - August 7, 2012

No way should food stamps be a part of any farm bill!!!!

Dennis Robinett - August 7, 2012

Why limit the process of breaking up the farm bill into it’s pieces to just the farm bill? This approach should be applicable to all those bills that Congress passes.

DGSymmank - August 7, 2012

The food stamp program should be revamped completely. If USDA is to be left in charge they should only be allowed to distribute garden seeds with instructions on how to plant and raise vegtables and how to raise rabits and process them. No food stamps!

Rick - August 7, 2012

Food stamps have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the farm bill. They are welfare pure and simple and should be part of HEW. The farm bill (beyond food stamps) is just corporate welfare to big donors and does very little for the family farms it was originally created to assist

Tom L’Esperance - August 7, 2012

Farm policy should not be lumped in with food stamps. Also, extraneous Earmarks should not be allowed to be tacked on to prooposed legislation.

Bob Leavitt - August 7, 2012

Spend Farm money marked for efficiency of food production on Providing food for those who need help ? Two different tasks !

Janice Bennett - August 7, 2012

I think tacking on unrelated amendments to any bill should be completely outlawed. Makes no sense whatsoever. What are they trying to hide??

Salty33 - August 7, 2012

Anyone with half an ounce of brains knows that all these subjects should be separated for action. Mushing them together obfuscates the situation beyond belief. Many of the programs are duplicative and wasteful, but may be passed by riding on the back of worthy programs.

Jim Rowlett - August 7, 2012

Absolutely, the Farm Bill should be separate from Food Stamps.Farm subsidies should be dramatically cut and qualification for Food Assistance reviewed.

Linda Hobden - August 7, 2012

One of the reasons our country is burried under heavy debt is the common procedure of tacking on and hiding unrelated subsidies and programs to totally unrelated legislation. Until this is stopped it will continue to be extremely difficult for cuts to be made in the out-of-control spending our government continues to engage in.

Ronald Brown - August 7, 2012

Yes I believe it would help a lot if all programs would be considered separately.

Brian - August 7, 2012

For a law to be valid any citizen should be able to understand it. All these megabills should be broken into their component parts and addressed seperately. Didn’t the House say they wouldn’t consider bills unless their Constitutional basis was established? What part, if any, of the farm bill is constitutional?

Allen Buikema - August 7, 2012

Food stamp program should be separate from farm bill.

Mark Morton - August 7, 2012

Absolutely; this would shed light on the fact that the so-called “Farm Bill” is mostly government giveaways i.e. Food Stamps! Make the politicians vote for the billions in handouts in a bill titled as suchrather than being able to hide the handouts in the “Farm Bill.”

samnjoeysgrama - August 7, 2012

Of course it makes sense that bills should only deal with one issue. Those of us who are just the “unwashed masses” find this too simple for debate.
We have, for years, suffered from the last minute, unrelated, sneaky amendments to bills which benefit some special interest group and are simply a vote buying trick for politicians. They are rarely voted down because the politicians fear voting against a huge encumbered bill with a friendly name…like the Farm Bill.

Paul Hooper - August 7, 2012

Of course it should be seperate. Food stamps occurred because our farmers are so productive we can have the program. It is nothing but welfare and should be sown that way. My wife and I live on our SS and withdrawls from savings. We qualify for food stamps and we are middle class. Paul Hooper

Loren Hansen - August 7, 2012

Only agriculture should be considered in the farm bill. I understand that a new hospital in Orange ity, Iowa, was built by the dept. of agriculture. True or false ?

Cliff Roach - August 7, 2012

Farm Bills AND Food stamps should most defffinitly be
keep separate!!! Would like to see ALL!! bills past or
not based on there own merits, NO Bundling!!!

Sally Jardon - August 7, 2012

Combining several different issues in a single bill is one of the ways our legislators have been able to grant favors to lobbiest because it obscures the full content and scope from the public, requiring individuals to read massive documents to get all the information. This needs to stop.

John and Juanita Cobb - August 7, 2012

Absolutely! We are very aware of the government’s attempt to grow food stamps as we are volunteers at a local food pantry and have had people come to the pantry from our local food bank to sign clients up for the S.N.A.P. program.

Dewey Switzer - August 7, 2012

The Farm Bill should be simply about farms.
Attaching other subjects(Food Stamps) is just a scheme to pass something that otherwise would fail on its own merits.
It is done frequently in Washington and must stop.

Del and Patricia Gartner - August 7, 2012

This is the problem in Washington..tacking on unfavorable items to necessary bills …Food Stamps do not belong in a farm bill and this program needs a complete overhaul. before passage..there is no oversight on who uses them or how they are used..and it is making our Nation into a Nanny state!

Lee Burns - August 7, 2012

Separate legislative action is a must on major expenditures like the farm bill. There are many other such boondoggles on the taxpayers. When you buy groceries, you don’t price them by the bag or cart full, you make your purchase decision based on individual units. The present system must be changed.

eldon - August 7, 2012

I think we should end farm subsidies and phase out food stamps. If we grow business and employment we will not need subsidies for people to make a living. They will be able to do it on there own.
Let us stop taking from the people that work and giving to the people that are to lazy to work.

donald young - August 7, 2012

The farm bill should be separate from all other subsidized programs especially food stamps. Don

John Martin - August 7, 2012

Social issues should be separate from farm or agricultural. We have a very difficult time trying to monitor and implement programs for social issues and that just takes away time and monies from farmers who need assistance when we have a year like we are having this year. Isn’t this supposed to be a type of business atmosphere where we have some sort of accountability for where the monies go? If not, we need to start doing that in government agencies. Putting funds into a loss such as food stamps, snap, free food programs, etc. in this agriculture department is ludicrous. Same old stupid federal governmental thought process. Those governmental officials that dis this ought to go to jail.

colette - August 7, 2012

ABSOLUTELY I think that the farm policy should be considered separately from FOOD STAMPS and other programs. I bet hardly anyone knows that FARM POLICY means FOOD STAMPS! PLEASE help to STOP this nonsense going on in the Congress and with our President!

Elena - August 7, 2012

Yes, I definitely think that farm policy should be considered separately from food stamps and other program. Many congressional representatives attach separate items to get a bill passed (think it is called a rider) and this is deceptive and dishonest and has to be curtailed.

William R, England - August 7, 2012

Yes. There is no relationship between agriculture and food stamps which is a welfare program.

When considering farm programs, there should be no confusion with unrelated programs.

Ronald Kirkland - August 7, 2012

Food stamp program is nothing but scandal. Often providing money for people who just don’t want to work.
Food stamps should stand on their own without any affect on the farm bill. We need to help farmers who want to work their farms. We shouldn’t help people who want to get food stamps by scamming the system.

Louise - August 7, 2012

I think all bills should be about one thing and should have a limit on the number of pages. This add on stuff for special interests is disgusting. No wonder the American people are fed up with Washington.

richard champey - August 7, 2012

the Agriculure Department should be broken up into the individual elements and CLOSELY monitored for efficiency and cost effectiveness. The SNAP program must be either a separate program OR added to the other wellfare budgets. In addition, we need to REDUCE government employment/employees. Outlaw and abolish the Government UNIONS. Reagan did it and it worked very well.

Rease Seales - August 7, 2012

The government should not be in the farm business in any shape fashion or form. Because of government interference our system cannot work in a healthy manner. The government supports weakness and bolsters it. That is one reason we have such products as government supported programs like ethanol and environmental spending like wind farms and solar industries that our money is spent for and they are not responsible to anyone except their large money supporters. If Wind Farms are feasible then let the entrepreneurs loose from government regulations. If we a re a government “Of the People, For the People and By the People”, then lets get on with being a true conservative instead of just saying so for political power.

Melinda Colvin - August 7, 2012

Definitely food stamps should be separate from the farm bill. Although they both pertain to food, they are not in the same category. I am also against agricultural subsidies, believe it increases the price of our food.

Sgt Sluggo - August 7, 2012

Our gummint plutocraps do well hiding their continuing efforts to give away our tax dollars to buy votes for their efforts to communize our Nation. It is time to dump their Agenda 21 plans for all the world’s people in to the toxic garbage dump and their operatives should also be buried under their plans,

Interested - August 7, 2012


This poison rider crap has *GOT* to stop.
No more transportation bills with healthcare mandates tucked in.
No more forestry bills with nation defense stuff tucked in.
No more cybersecurity bills with attacks on 2nd ammendment tucked in.

Robert C Ohlendorf - August 7, 2012

In the interest of balancing the federal budget, legislation should be as single issue as possible.

Willmen Hesler - August 7, 2012

The farm bill should only include farm provisions. All other programs that are now iin the bill should have to stand alone.

Larry Hayden - August 7, 2012

Can’t Congress do anything right. The Farm Bill ought to be about farming not welfare. I wish we had term limits to get those idiots out of office. I guess Americans get what they vote for when they keep reelecting this scum.

Margaret Boeing - August 7, 2012

Yes, the Farm Bill should concern Farm issues only. I am getting tired of our representatives piling on unrelated programs to our Bills. Just a means to get their agenda sneaked through!!!!!

J B Bachman - August 7, 2012

This is the same low-down tactic used by Congress, along with opting out of Soc. Sec., Healthcare, 401(k), etc, etc. Quite certain founding fathers would be in agreement. Food Stamps should be all by themselves so we can really see what is going on….

Scott Sigle - August 7, 2012

As a farmer it is disgusting to me to be told by the media and those that don’t have a clue that farmers receive all of these billions of dollars in support when 80% goes for welfare, and that is rarely noted and all budget cuts come from the smaller AG side of the equation.

John Snyder - August 7, 2012

Absolutely the items should be separated. If the Congress worked a normal work week, they could get these itmes taken care of separately. Unfortunately, Liar Reid thinks everything is a game and he has no intention of taking care of the countries business. No farm bill that included all the supplemental crap should be passed.

Les Thompson - August 7, 2012

Yes, the farm bill and food stamps should be separate.

ROBERT GREENBERG - August 7, 2012

Matters relating to food production, world trade, food safety,and nutrition research are distinct from Welfare support. Of course government culture has to first be addressed for logic and right to prevail over quid pro quo and politics.

Rita Gordon - August 7, 2012

I think farm policy should be considered separately from food stamps and other programs!

Roy Callahan - August 7, 2012

I personally think we shouldn’t have a farm bill. There’s nothing in Article 1, Section 8, that allows it. The only reason for the big pot of money to waste on stuff like this is passage of the 16th Amendment.

Susan Williams - August 7, 2012

Yes, the farm policy should be considered separately from food stamps and other programs. The farmer feeds the people. Food stamps enable the people to be dependant on the government. Help farmers, don’t enable dependance.

marvin ratcliff - August 7, 2012

most definitely should be considered separately

Nelson Whipple - August 7, 2012

Free markets is the best answer and the Constitutional answer. Federal farm programs should be abolished along with food stamp programs. If states want them,, they can legislate them. If the Congressional failures wish tokeep such things they should consider them one program at a time.

A. R. Johnson - August 7, 2012

Congress has become the fox using hidden methods to fool the public as they hone their chicken eating skills.

cheryl - August 7, 2012

The Farm Bill should NOT be associated with welfare programs. It should be a bill for farmers and nothing else. Welfare has already gone way beyond what it was intended for and I am sick of using tax payers money that is hidden in other bills for welfare.

Susan Boyette - August 7, 2012

I believe the food stamp program needs to be in the health and welfare area of the budgets, not in the farm bill.

joseph waid - August 8, 2012

No, food stamp program funding should be a separate funding bill!

Rex Talmage - August 8, 2012

YES! Two things need to be done:
First, separate the farm bill into a separate entity, and then require those who administer it to PUBLICLY justify the expenditure ofevery dime.
Second: Separate EVERY such subsidization of a business, a person, or agroup of persons be so separated and PUBLICLY scrutinized.
AND on no longer than a quarterly basis. We have the computerized/technological capability to do it — all we need are persons of character and integrity to monitor it!
By doing so, we can:
1. Quickly eliminate AND PENALIZE the gross error of duplicated payments to those unworthy of their FIRST un-deserved payment;
2. Eliminate “padding” of prices for equipment and services.;
3. Eliminate duplicated payments bydifferent entities to the same businesses and/or persons;
AND, I hope
4.Eliminate a bloated bureaucracy whose sole purpose in life is to line their own pockets with other-peoples money.
NOTE: This is NOT to say that one federal bureau could not handle more than one program — just so they diligently keep meticulously accurate records.
AN ADDED NOTE: I happen to have Power Of Attorney responsibility over another persons property. I am required — by law — to keep meticulous records of every dime I spend on their behalf, and of every expense, and to justify every hour I invest in their services, and, then to report all such to ajudge in court. IF that is required of me, for a few hundreds of dollars/month, why should it not be much more required of those who spend our billions?

Jacque Foreman - August 8, 2012

Yes, I’d like to see each and every bill that goes through the congress handle a single subject. In fact, I have stated to those who might listen that I believe each bill should be no longer than the equivalent of 10 pages, single side, double spaced, with 1-inch margins all around and the type being the equivalent of 12-pitch courier. And no one should be allowed to vote on a bill that he or she has not personally read. This should slow things down a bit, and would have the effect of not having bills rammed through congress that have lots of non-related, extraneous stuff added on. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Sandra Driscoll - August 8, 2012

Food stamps should not be included in the Farm Bill. They should be included separately in entitlements and give a more accurate picture of the entitlements given.

R. A. McWhorter - August 8, 2012

I fully concur with the separation of entitlements/welfare policies from the farm bills, but subsidizing farmers (especially corporate farms) has become a bit of an entitlement/welfare program all it’s own. Incentives is one thing far removed from subsidies.

Michael S Sadich - August 8, 2012

All BILLS –Should be SINGLE ENTITY BILLS–then no crap gets added- I have been advocating this to all of my elected representatives. Everyone should should be DEMANDING the same.


M. Lee Beckermann - August 8, 2012

Hodge Podge is never the best way to discuss important bills I am all for keeping these things separate so everyone can understand .

Capt. Jerry Batchelder - August 8, 2012

Why politicians can no longer be trusted!

Look too at the Ethanol issues with the EPA … Another regressive tax!,

Donna - August 8, 2012

Just kill the entire bill. No mas.

henry martin - August 8, 2012

Food stamps have absolutely nothing to do with farming unless you want to qualify it as people milking the system. If you want to be up front and honest about food stamps, they should be listed under welfare or by themselves. That’s as bad as them wanting to list women’s birth control as college subsidies.

Camille Hald - August 8, 2012

The leviathan food stamp program should be exposed for what it truly is : bloated and overfed! Hence make it a separate from the farm bill immediately.

Margaret - August 8, 2012

I believe all bills should stand on their own.

If it is not good enough to do that then it should either be reworked or dropped. The idea of riders on any bill is a bad idea especially if it pertains to another matter. To many times bad legislation is passed because of this.

Joe Daigneault - August 8, 2012

The Food Stamp Program should NOT be part of the Farm Bill ! Furthermore the Farm Bill must institute more controls/ requirements governing who is eligible for such support.

James R. Lansford - August 8, 2012

Therre should be absolutely no connection between the needs of the agricultural needs of those in that endeaver and such things as food stamps. Of course, the party in power is socialistic and believes that everything should be an arm of government.

Robert C. Vinson - August 8, 2012

you have it exactly right,seperate the issues,no more hiding pork add ons.

irish1919 - August 8, 2012

I think all bills should be passed without added on pork and dishonest attachments. We should not send any member to Congress who does not sign on to passing bills on their own merits. No add-ons to farm bills or any other bill ie. defense. It is disgusting and quite frankly un-constitutional.

irish1919 - August 8, 2012

No way. keep all bills specific to their intent. No add ons. Send no one to Congress who does not abide by this. Defense, agriculture, energy and all bills should refer only to that particular field. I am sick of our elected members adding everything to a bill which is both irresponsible and irreprehensible.

Gary Callaghan - August 8, 2012

All bills should be passed on specifices not dependent on add-ons. It is totally irrehensible and insulting to American electorate.

Gary Callaghan - August 8, 2012

In order to eliminate these unethical add ons to legislative bills, I say that the author needs to be called out on the floor and forced to take anything which does not particularly adhere to policy. I really believe our members of Congress should be paid less than our lowest ranked member of the armed forces, then only getting a wage increase when they balance and reduce the federal budget. We the electorate should demand it. Also when they leave their term(s) in office they get a pension only equivalent to 30% of their best five year average. No health benefit either unless it is Obamacare like the rest of us receive. I am sick of these politicians feeding off of the citizenry. Let us make it “We the people” and determine what their pay and benefits should be, not what they legislate for themselves.

Bruce & Marjorie Drayton - August 8, 2012


Craig Chaput - August 8, 2012

The “Food Stamp” program is a welfare program, and hiding it in the Farm Bill is deceiving to the tax payer. After all who does not want to help our farmers to keep us fed.

Jack Leishear - August 8, 2012

Food stamps and farm support are nothing alike, and should be separate, or otherwise , the name should be changed to the food stamp bill. This is nothing more than a scam by the politicians to get one group to support the other and thereby buy more votes with our tax money.

J.G. Lockwood - August 8, 2012

The farm bill is nothing more than a symptom of the disease, that ongoing criminal enterprise known as the Obama administration. This bill in combination with taking the work requirement out of the welfare program is intended to create a permanent, dependent underclass of voters to keep people like Obama and his supporters in power. They all have to go and November may be our last chance!

joe naujokas - August 8, 2012

Food stamps should NOT be part of any farm bill!
Each policy should be seperate and voted on likewise.

Beverly Williams - August 8, 2012

I don’t believe the Fed should have any farm bill at all. These fed programs always encompass unrelated items and taking more control. Subsidies create a false market with false supply and demand. The farmer should be independent. Farmers were once self reliant, more than many other industries, as food is always a valuable commodity no matter where you are in the world. Government programs seldom help anyone, the gov’t is not a charity and all the programs are about control not help. We have been indoctrinated to believe we can’t live without big brother looking after us. We did and we can. American people were once fiercely independent and self-reliant. We give up more of our liberty with every Federal program. Government protection from ourselves is tantamount to total enslavement. More regulations creates less personal responsibility, less personal responsibility creates dependence, dependence creates less reason. Less knowledge equals less invention, less humanity, less community, less honor, less of all that is good. It is the end of liberty.

M. Tracy - August 8, 2012

What an outrage! What in the world do food stamps have to do with farming? We need to do away with ALL subsidies. They’re just another government ‘hook.’

Lynn Lewis - August 8, 2012

Absolutely seperate! I hate the tacking of stuff on bills the have nothing to do with what a bill is about! That should be done away with. Farm assistance should be given only when national disasters occur.

M Carol Nelson - August 8, 2012

It should be separated. Bills should address one thing at a time. It is confusing to the public and agriculture should not be the fall guy for all the welfare programs. Ag would get along ok, if government would get out of control and regulation and let supply and demand take care of things.

Richard Warnock - August 8, 2012

Food stamps are intended to assist folks in need. Include food stamps with other welfare expenditures.
The farm bill provides subsidies to many large farms and related companies. Separate the two programs and begin eliminating the farm subsidies.

Elizabeth Turner - August 8, 2012

Absolutely, the food stamp benefit should be separate from the other parts of the farm bill. It shouldn’t be buried in a massive piece of legislation such as the farm bill.
Where’s the transparency that Mr. President touted at the beginning of his term?

Alan Pugh - August 8, 2012

I think any farm bill should stand alone

J. Marshall Saye - August 8, 2012

Just another way to hide “entitlements”.

Al Whitson - August 8, 2012

Of course they should be separate. All bills should stand on their own. This will make them easier to understand and would be the first step in controlling spending. Most of these things should be handled on a state level rather than trying to use a one size fits all Federal aproach.

Glenda Alley - August 8, 2012

We do not need more farm subsidies OR food stamp programs. And–the bills need to be kept simple: one subject only rather than adding other things and the whole bill being deceptive!!!

Ellen Schreyer - August 8, 2012


bill heft - August 8, 2012

The fraud in our govt. is unbelievable. Farm bill,and food stamps must be seperate. Get rid of ethanol is has poor btu’ and takes to much water to process. As far as govt. texas along with many other states has a gasoline tax which is supposed to be used for highways,but a lot of it is spent on many other items.duh.

Roger Pazul - August 8, 2012

these “Christmas Tree” appropriation bills are just that. Like this so called Farm bill, these omnibus bills contain all kinds of perks, political payoffs, and freebies most of which have not the slightest connection to the main topic of the bill. It is clearly evident that Congress has no respect for taxpayer dollars and has lost any control over Govt. spending.

Dennis - August 8, 2012

Yes it should be seperate. All bills should pertain to only one issue.

Renee Klodzinski - August 8, 2012

Food stamps should not be included in any other bill. Each item should have its own bill which would eliminate a lot of waste and hidden agendas.

Skip Streber - August 9, 2012

In any logical consideration, how are food stamps related to a farm bill? Welfare is welfare – and all welfare expenditures should be in one place to allow fair and equitable consideration.(I forgot that logic is absent in Washington) The larger issue is – when will entitlement expansion end? As most of our leaders don’t have the courage (political or otherwise) to control their willingness to trade our money for their votes, the expansion of programs, and resultant debt continues!

Rita McGuffin - August 9, 2012

Yes these all should be looked at individually. We could examine each one on it’s own merits and vote accordingly.

Elise Whitworth - August 9, 2012

Food stamps and other welfare programs should not be attached to unrelated bills such as the farm bill. It is time to end farm subsidies.

Chester M. Edsall - August 9, 2012

I believe the farm subsidy bill should be separate from the nutrition program. Programs hsould be aimed to aid farn=mers in dire need only for crop losses due to weather related disasters. All other items/programs should be approved as indivual separate legislation!

ed havran - August 10, 2012

As a 91 yr old I plowed up the first row of cotton and watched cattle being slaughterer under FDR. Yes farm subsidies are being blamed on farmers. however policians use the program to get votes and feed “non workers” etc to fool the voters. Tell The Truth

Harry T. Lee - August 10, 2012

I can’t see any relationship between the two. I alway thought the farm price supports/land bank was to offset lost farm income because of surplus staples, such as wheat and corn.

Gregg Coldsnow - August 10, 2012

No way should the farm bill be tied to food stamps or welfare of any sort.

Pam - August 11, 2012

I heartily agree with most other discussions. Bills should
be judged and voted on separately from other entries. One bill at a time not several other items thrown into the original bill. This seems very dishonest and slight of hand to me.

Wes Edwards - August 11, 2012

I fail to see any logical connection between welfare (food stamps) and a farm bill that should ensure the viability of our farmers in the case of disaters. Let’s fix it so we “don’t have to pass the bill to know what is in it”

Separate the items into different bills.

K. Hunter - August 12, 2012

There should be no “farm” bill and government ought to be driven out of charity entirely. Charity occurs when you put your hand into your pocket to give to someone whom you think to be in need. What the government does on the other hand is allow others to put their hands into your pockets regardless of your own views. To me that is the very difinition of theft and is intended not so much to help the needy as the politicians seeking re-election through bribery.

Neal Boortz tells of a system in which there are essentially three types of participants. The first are the producers, people who work every day to help produce wealth within the private economy. Second are what he calls the moochers, those who prefer to depend upon someone else rather than make their own way. Third are the looters, whom I call professional politicians, who provide access to the treasury, ie, the wealth of the producers, in exchange for votes. So long as moochers are allowed to perpetuate this system by voting producers will suffer because professional politicians value the votes that continue their careers over the good of those who actually pay their salaries.

Ron Baklarz - August 13, 2012

Foodstamps part of an ?entitlement? program…..

Farm bill part of an agricultural sustainability program

Vernon Kist - August 22, 2012

I agree with Gordon Ray.
Food stamps should not be a part of farm bill.
All bills that are presented to congress should be line item,no tacking on.

Brad Browne - April 10, 2015

No amendment should be added to any bill that does not exclusively pertain to the subject of the bill. The Farm Bill is an excellent example. Food stamps have nothing to do with farming.

jane - July 16, 2015

end farm subsidies!

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